Appendix 2: The chapter list of 1284

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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The chapter list of May-June 1284

Liber Evidentiarum C no. 517 is a list of the members of the chapter of Salisbury, with their prebends. They are arranged in three groups - priests, deacons and subdeacons - according to the classification of their prebends: this classification was conventional, and does not correspond with the orders held by the individuals named. The list belongs to the documentation of the election of M. Walter Scammel as bishop on 26 June 1284, (fn. 1) for which licence was granted on 23 May (fn. 2) and letters of summons were sent out 28-30 May. (fn. 3) The last name on the list is added in another hand (cf. above list 42). The names of the three French abbots - of Le Bec-Hellouin, Montebourg and SaintWandrille - are wrong, the explanation probably being that they were copied from earlier, out-of-date records.

Since the document has never appeared in print, (fn. 4) its text is given below as it appears in the manuscript, with the numbers of the appropriate lists above added in round brackets.


Dominus presul Potterne (1, 47)
Decanus Hegthredebur' (2, 35)
Thomas de Bridep' Remmesbur' (49)
Radulfus de Eboraco Horton' (37)
Henricus archidiaconus (fn. 5) Cerministr' (7, 26)
Thesaurarius Kalne (5, 24)
Willelmus de Corner' Worth (36)
Cantor Graham (3, 33)
Willelmus de Stok' Graham (32)
Aynulfus Button' (21)
Lodowycus Blebur' (22)
Willelmus de la Wyle Teynton' (57)
Rogerus de Fromton' Scypton' (53)
Thomas archidiaconus (fn. 6) Bedewind' (9, 17)
Iohannes abbas Scyreborn' (52)
Stephanus de la Wile Stratton' (56)
Willelmus penitenciarius Prima pars altaris (41)
Galfridus de Lylle Chesingebur' (27)
Cancellarius Brikelesworth' (4, 23)
Robertus abbas (fn. 7) Beccensis (fn. 8) (46)
Petrus abbas (fn. 9) Montisburg' (fn. 10) (39)
Willelmus abbas (fn. 11) Wandragesili (fn. 12) (59)
Thomas de Ripton' Beyministr' ja (18)
Radulfus archidiaconus (fn. 13) Wrytelinton' (10, 31)
Willelmus de Ewell' Beyministr' ija (19)
Rogerus Barat Awelton' Sancti Pancratii (13)
Robertus de Strode Grimstone (34)
Albertus Netherbur' in terra (45)
Hugo Lavent' Torleton' (58)
Wymundus Awelton' (14)
Willelmus subdecanus Bissopeston' (11, 20)
Thydisius Yeteministr' (63)
Hugo de Penn' Netherhaven' (43)
Blasius Romanus Netherbur' ecclesia (44)
Ricardus Clifford Rotefen (50)
Iohannes de Leycestr' Burbach' (38)
Berardus de Neap' Durneford (29)
Willelmus Dacus Sclepe (54)
Matheus de Cara Wodeford (61)
Willelmus Burnel Radeclive (16)
Iohannes medicus Werministr' (60)
Ricardus de Coleshull Yeteministr' (64)
Galfridus de Meleborn' Cumbe (28)
Henricus de Esse Cerdestok' (25)
Robertus de Waye Stratford (55)
Laurentius de Hak'born' Rotescomb (51)
Iohannes de Kirkeby Preston' (48)
Iohannes Derby Axeford (15)
Ancherus Farendon' (30)
Iohannes succentor Yetesbur' (12, 62)
Iordanus Lym (40)
Willelmus de Marchia Secunda pars altaris (fn. 14) (42)

Note: Every prebend was occupied at the time the list was drawn up, and yet none of the men named is known to have been archdcn. of Berks. If the archdcnry. of Berks. was vacant at this time, it would follow that the (unidentified) prebend of the previous archdcn., M. Stephen of Newbury, had been filled, cf. list 8. The next archdcn., William de Berges, succeeded M. John de Burton, precentor, who appears in the above list, in the prebend of Grantham Borealis, list 33.


  • 1. The election document itself, C. 537, is pd. Sar. Chs. pp. 361-4.
  • 2. CPR 1281-92 p. 121.
  • 3. C. 523-4.
  • 4. It is referred to in Sar. Chs. p. 361 n. 6 as a 'list of canons to whom the citation was sent'.
  • 5. Dorset.
  • 6. Salisbury.
  • 7. The abbot of Bec in 1284 was Ymer de Saint-Ymer. 'Robert' prob. refers to an earlier abbot, Robert de Clairbec, 1247-65, list 46.
  • 8. 'Okeborn", added in another contemporary hand after this word.
  • 9. The abbot of Montebourg in 1284 was Richard. 'Peter' prob. refers to an earlier abbot, Peter de Crientiis, who occ. 1246 to 1263 or later, list 39.
  • 10. 'Vphauen' added, erroneously, in another contemporary hand after this word, but should correctly have been added to the following entry.
  • 11. The abbot of Saint-Wandrille in 1284 was Geoffrey de Naytot. 'William' prob. refers to an earlier abbot, William de Braio, 1219-35, list 59.
  • 12. 'Lodr" added, erroneously, in another contemporary hand after this word, but should correctly have been added to the previous entry.
  • 13. Wilts.
  • 14. The name of the prebend is written in the same hand as all the others, but the name of this prebendary is added, in a second but contemporary hand, in the blank space opposite the name of the prebend.