Appendix 1: The valuation of 1226/27

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 4, Salisbury. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1991.

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The valuation of October 1226 × February 1227

The 'Register of St Osmund' contains a series of documents relating to the clerical subsidy of one-sixteenth which was granted at the council of London on 14 October 1226. (fn. 1) Among these records is a valuation of the dignities and prebends, with the names of their incumbents, a key document for the early history of the chapter of Salisbury. It must have been drawn up within the space of a few months at the end of 1226 and the beginning of 1227: that is, after October 1226, when the subsidy was granted and letters to the bishop of Salisbury were issued by both archbishop and king, (fn. 2) and before 2 February 1227, when the dean and chapter were required to collect the first half of the payment, the remainder falling due on 6 June. (fn. 3) Even if the values assigned to the dignities and prebends were based on an earlier valuation, the names attached are all fully consistent with a date of Oct. 1226 × Feb. 1227. (fn. 4) Because of its importance for the Fasti, the titles and personal names are given below, in modern forms and re-arranged to correspond with the order in which the dignities and prebends are listed in this volume. The numbers of the lists above are given in round brackets. Square brackets indicate material supplied by the editor. The values of the prebends given in the document will be found beside '1226' under the heading Valuations in the introductory notes to each prebend in the lists above.


Dean (2) W[illiam de Waude], preb. Heytesbury
Precentor (3) G[eoffrey], preb. Highworth
Chancellor (4) [M.] R[obert de Hertford], preb. Wilsford
Treasurer (5) [M.] E[dmund of Abingdon], preb. Calne
Archdeacon Dorset (7) [M.] Humphrey, preb. Alton Borealis
Archdeacon Berkshire (8) [M.] W[illiam de Merton], preb. Faringdon
Archdeacon Salisbury (9) Humphrey [of Bassingbourn], preb. Netherbury in Ecclesia
Archdeacon Wiltshire (10) [Stephen of Tisbury, preb. Axford]
Subdean (11) [M.] Th[omas of Chobham], preb. Charminster
Succentor (12) A[nastasius], preb. Stratford
Alton Australis (13) Gilbert de Axminstre
Alton Borealis (14) [M.] Humphrey, archdcn. Dorset
Axford (15) S[tephen] (fn. 5) of Tisbury [archdcn. Wilts.]
Bedminster & Redclyffe (16) G[ilbert] de Lacy
Bedwyn (17) Herbert [of Bedwyn]
Beminster I (18) [M.] R[oger] de Worth
Beminster II (19) Valentine
Bishopstone (20) M. H[enry] of Bishopstone
Bitton (21) [M.] R[ichard] de Bremble
Blewbury (22) Luke
Brixworth (23) M. A[dam] de Essebi
Calne (24) [M.] E[dmund of Abingdon], treas.
Chardstock (25) G[ilbert] de Sandford
Charminster & Bere (26) [M.] Th[omas of Chobham], subdean
Chisenbury & Chute (27) [M.] Martin de Summis
Coombe & Harnham (28) M. Luke of Winchester
Durnford (29) M. H[enry] Tessun
Faringdon (30) [M.] W[illiam de Merton], archdcn. Berks.
Fordington & Writhlington (31) M. Laurence [de Sancto Nicholao]
Grantham Australis (32) Bartholomew de Kemesey
Grantham Borealis (33) W[illiam] of Ingoldsby
Grimston (34) R[ichard] de Maupudre
Heytesbury (35) W[illiam de Waude], dean
Highworth (36) G[eoffrey], precentor
Horton (37) bishop [M. Richard Poore]
Hurstbourne & Burbage (38) [M. Bartholomew des Roches], archdcn. Winchester
Loders (39) abbot of Montebourg
Lyme & Halstock (40) S[tephen] Romanus [de Normandis]
Major Pars Altaris (41) Reginald Sinibaldi
Minor Pars Altaris (42) M. H[enry] de Sancto Edmundo
Netheravon (43) M. Roger [of Salisbury]
Netherbury in Ecclesia ('Beministr") (44) Humphrey [of Bassingbourn], archdcn. Salisbury
Netherbury in Terra (45) [M.] R[obert] Scot
Ogbourne (46) abbot of Le Bec-Hellouin
Potterne (47) [M.] Elias of Dereham
Preston (48) M. James [of Vercelli]
Ramsbury (49) Robert Coterel
Ratfyn (50) [M.] Th[omas] of Ebbesbourne
Ruscombe Southbury (51) M. Stephen [of Ecton]
Sherborne (52) abbot of Sherborne
Shipton (53) Elias Ridel
Slape (54) M. R[obert] de Bingham
Stratford (55) A[nastasius], succentor
Stratton (56) Daniel [de Longo Campo]
Teinton Regis (57) Martin of Pattishall
Torleton (58) M. G[eoffrey] of Devon
Upavon (59) abbot of Saint-Wandrille
Warminster (60) P[eter] Picot
Wilsford & Woodford (61) [M.] Robert de Hertford], chanc.
Yatesbury (62) [Hugh of Wells,] archdcn. Bath
Yetminster I (63) M. W[illiam] de Lenn
Yetminster II (64) [M.] Tancred


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  • 2. RSO II 66-8; Langton's letter is also pd. Acta Stephani Langton, ed. K. Major (CYS 1, 1950) no. 94, and bears the date Oct. 1226; Henry III's letter is dated 20 Oct. 1226, cf. Pat. R. 1226-32 p. 64.
  • 3. See also bp. Richard Poore's letter to the dean, and the dean and chapter's letter to the canons, pd. RSO II 68-70.
  • 4. W. E. Lunt, The Valuation of Norwich (Oxford, 1926) pp. 525-6 placed the date of the valuation as 1217, and this dating was followed by K. Edwards in VCH Wilts. III 160. But see, e.g., Geoffrey precentor, whose predecessor occ. Aug. 1222 and successor occ. July 1227 (list 3), M. Humphrey archdcn. of Dorset, whose predecessor occ. 1225/6 (list 7), Anastasius succentor, whose successor occ. Oct. 1227 (list 12).
  • 5. 'S. de Tissebur", in MS, pd. as 'A. de Tissebar.' in RSO II 73.