List 24: Prebendaries, Dunnington

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1999.

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'List 24: Prebendaries, Dunnington', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York, (London, 1999) pp. 68-70. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]

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Dunnington (E.R., near York): cans. held 4 car. and William de Percy 5 car. 6 bov. in 1086 (Yorks. DB fos. 302v, 322v, 373, 381v). Grimston (par. Dunnington): William de Percy 1 car. (ibid. fo. 322v). Bridge Hewick (W.R.): abp. 7 car. Copt Hewick: abp. 3 car. (ibid. fos. 303v, 380).

Preb. first mentioned Apr. 1175, in portion of honour of Percy assigned to Jocelin of Louvain (EYC XI 16-17, and no. 89 pp. 87, 89). Advowson of preb. claimed by Richard de Percy 1218-19 against abp. (Rolls of Justices, Yorks. no. 1120; Curia Regis Rolls VIII 183; Sayers, Papal Govt. p. 141; Letters of Guala no. 101); settlement in final concord of 20 Jan. 1225, in which preb. acknowledged as abp.'s right and advowson of church of Dunnington quitclaimed to Richard (Yorks. Fines 1218-31 p. 57). Gr. to preb. by Maud de Flammaville of a homage and service in Marton (W.R.) 1233 × 40 (YMF I no. 25); not mentioned in c. 1295. Houses of the preb. in York assigned to use of schools 26 Dec. 1289, the current holder being non-resident (Reg. Romeyn I 381).

In c. 1295 preb. had land and a windmill in Dunnington, land in Grimston and Hewick, and a hall in York (Extents pp. 7-8).


1291 £10 (Taxatio p. 297a).


John de Morwick

Predecessor of M. William Testard in this preb., before 1191 × 94 (YMF I no. 23).

M. William Testard

Occ. as can. of chapel of St Mary and Holy Angels, not can. of York Minster, 10 Aug. 1189 × 17 Aug. 1191 (ULL Fuller Collection II/17/1, temp. Geoffrey abp.-el. and Geoffrey archdcn. of Cleveland). Not can. 1189 × 94 (EYC VI no. 135; cf. II no. 986 of before 1189). Archdcn. of Nottingham from before 1194 until became dean, nom. 20 Sept. 1214 (lists 12, 2). This preb., formerly held by John de Morwick, acquired canonically by Testard, who was inst. by abp. on pres. of dame Agnes de Percy, 1191 × 94 (YMF I no. 23).

John son of Robert

Occ. as can. and this preb., making gift of land in [? Bridge] Hewick, 1222 × 27 (YMF I no. 24).

M. Gilbert de Tywa (fn. 157)

Pres. by Sir John de Tywa to church of Watton-at-Stone (Herts.) 1221 × 22 (Rot. Welles III 40). Occ. as sacrist of chapel of St Mary and Holy Angels 14 March 1236 (Reg. Gray p. 74). First occ. as can. 22 March 1242 (ibid. pp. 191, 195). Occ. as this preb. 2 Oct. 1255 (Cal. Charter Rolls I 450). Still alive 4 May 1258 (HCY III 175). D. as preb. by 18 Feb. 1266 (CPR 1258-66 p. 557). Prob. a relative of M. John de Tywa, preb. unident. (list 51) and of Hugh de Tywa (brother of John de Tywa) the murderer in 1245 of M. Laurence of Lincoln, archdcn. of York (list 9).

M. Godfrey Giffard

First occ. as can. 1 Apr. 1260 (Lincoln Archives Office, A/1/7 no. 219). Royal coll. to preb. in succession to M. Gilbert de Tywa, s.v., 18 Feb. 1266 (CPR 1258-66 p. 557). Archdcn. of York, abp.'s coll. 28 Apr. 1267; also occ. as archdcn. 29 Dec. 1267; became bp. of Worcester, el. between 2 May and 24 May 1268, temps. 24 May, cons. 23 Sept. (list 9).

Albert of Lavagna (fn. 158)

Occ. as this preb., being non-resident, 26 Dec. 1289 (Reg. Romeyn I 381). Occ. as can., staying overseas, 15 July 1293 (CPR 1291-1301 p. 27). Also preb. of Lincoln and Salisbury (1 Fasti III 73, IV 86). D. 11 May 1308 (Lincoln Archives Office, A/2/22 fo. 11r), but perhaps res. this preb. by 3 June 1307 (Reg. Greenfield I 19). His successor in this preb., Robert de Barlby, had royal coll. 16 Oct. 1305 (CPR 1301-07 p. 381), but not effective until after 24 Sept. 1307 (Reg. Greenfield I 19). Presum. related to M. Percival (Fieschi) of Lavagna, preb. Wistow (list 49) and therefore to cardinal Ottobono, and so likely to have been gr. this preb. during Ottobono's legation in England, Oct. 1265-July 1268 (Councils & Synods II 725). Presum. also related to M. Henry of Lavagna, preb. Ampleforth (list 14).


  • 157. Presum. Tew, Oxon. Cf. Ernisius de Tywa, prec. of Chichester: 1 Fasti V 13 and n.
  • 158. A member of the Fieschi family from Lavagna, near Genoa, Italy.