List 26: Prebendaries, Fridaythorpe

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1999.

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'List 26: Prebendaries, Fridaythorpe ', in Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6, York, (London, 1999) pp. 73-76. British History Online [accessed 14 April 2024]

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Abp. held 6 car. 3 bov. in Fridaythorpe and 4 car. in Goodmanham (both E.R.) in 1086 (Yorks. DB fos. 302v, 381v, 382).

Preb. created by abp. Thomas I or II (1070 × 1100 or 1109 × 14) (EEA V no. 8), consisting of land in Goodmanham, Fridaythorpe, near Tang Hall in York, and 'Suchon'.

Preb. in existence by c. 1197 × c. 1210, when Nicholas de Lutton quitclaimed all the land in Fridaythorpe which he had claimed by a writ of novel disseisin against M. John, then preb. (YMF I no. 28). Preb. held 4 car. in Goodmanham in 1222 (Yorks. Fines 1218-31 p. 44; cf. YMF I no. 29) and a capital messuage and 51/2 car. in Fridaythorpe. Moiety of church of St Maurice, Monkgate, York, transf. from this preb. to preb. Fenton 1233 × 40 (list 25), and lands in York (including tenancies in Newbiggin and Monkgate) gr. in compensation (for Newbiggin, cf. Curia Regis Rolls VIII p. xii). Preb. also included interests in Layerthorpe and Tang, par. Osbaldwick (N.R.) by 1221 (Yorks. Fines 1218-31 p. 38; cf. Reg. Gray p. 18, Chs. Vicar Choral nos. 270, 275-6). Monkgate (Chs. Vicars Choral nos. 336-7). Also YMF II 30-1.

Preb. not included in Extents of c. 1295.


1291 £40 (Taxatio p. 297a).



Archdcn. by 1093, prob. to after 1109 (list 8). Held land of this preb. at creation of preb. (EEA V no. 8).]

M. John

Occ. as this preb. c. 1197 × c. 1210 (YMF I no. 28).

M. Robert of Winchester

First occ. as can. 27 Jan. 1217 (Pat. Rolls 1216-25 p. 28). Occ. as this preb. 1218/19 (Rolls of Justices, Yorks. no. 278), 20 Feb. 1220 (YMF I no. 29) and 17 Apr. 1222 (Yorks. Fines 1218-31 p. 44). Transf. to preb. Fenton by 24 Oct. 1230 (list 25).

M. William of Laneham

Preb. Bole, last occ. 1230, res. by Michaelmas 1231 (list 18). Archdcn. of Durham by 28 Jan. 1224 to d. (1 Fasti II 38-9). Occ. this preb. once only, 1233 × 40 (Reg. Gray p. 185, temp. M. Robert of Winchester, prec., list 3). Commem. 17 Apr. (YMLA VC 6/2/5 (Vicars Choral rent roll), cited in Chs. Vicars Choral p. 97). D. before 8 Oct. 1243, when some men were imprisoned at York under suspicion of being concerned in his d. (Close Rolls 1242-7 p. 48; cf. p. 258 for a perambulation of his land, presum. after his d.). (fn. 161) For his seal, see Durham Seals no. 3254.

John Caetani degli Orsini

Cardinal-dcn. of S. Nicola in Carcere Tulliano, created May 1244 (Eubel I 52). Immediate predecessor of M. Thomas de Hedon, first occ. as this preb. 1250 × 53 (Yorks. Inquisitions I, ed. W. Brown (YRS xii, 1892) no. 111; Cal. Inquisitions Miscellaneous I (1916) no. 1156). Occ. as can. 1 Sept. 1271 (Close Rolls 1268-72 p. 428) and 27 Apr. 1277 (CCR 1272-9 p. 378; cf. Reg. Giffard p. 159). Became pope Nicholas III, el. 25 Nov. 1277, cons. 26 Dec. Brother of Jordan Orsini, preb. Fenton (list 25); uncle of Napoleo Orsini, preb. South Cave (list 22) and of Matteo Rosso Orsini, preb. Fenton (list 25).

Papal mandate to dean of Lincoln and two others to confer on a fit person the canonry and preb. of York held by the pope when a cardinal, dated 5 Feb. 1278 (CPL I 456 = Reg. Nic. III no. 215).

M. Thomas de Hedon (fn. 162)

First occ. as can. 7 May 1279 (CPR 1271-81 p. 314). Voted for M. Thomas of Corbridge in el. to abpric. of York [22 June] 1279 (Reg. Nic. III no. 559, cal. CPL I 459). Occ. as successor to John Orsini in this preb. 30 June 1279 (Yorks. Inquisitions I no. 111; Cal. Inquisitions Misc. I no. 1156). Held land in Monkgate, York (Chs. Vicars Choral no. 339). Also occ. as this preb. 1284 (Yorks. Inquisitions II, ed. W. Brown (YRS xxiii, 1898) no. 20) and 23 May 1289, lic. for occasional absence (Reg. Nic. IV no. 1123, cal. CPL I 499-500). Last occ. 24 March and 23 Apr. 1291 (Misc. Reg. fos. 2v-3r). D. before 17 Aug. 1291, when administration gr. to his executors (ibid. fo. 3r).

M. Walter de Langeton (fn. 163)

Royal clerk, papal chapl., pluralist; papal prov., at kg.'s request, to a preb. of York 8 March 1291 (CPL I 529 = Reg. Nic. IV nos. 4552-3; cf. CPL I 559 = Reg. Bon. VIII no. 415); still expectative 12 Feb. 1292 (CPL I 550 = Reg. Nic. IV nos. 4552-3). Occ. as can., prob. preb., 6 Dec. 1293 (Reg. Romeyn I 134). Immediate predecessor of John de Langeton, therefore this preb. (CPR 1292-1301 p. 223; below). Also master of St Leonard's hosp., York, and can. of Chichester (1 Fasti V 72), Lichfield, London, Salisbury (ibid. I 55, IV 135), Wells, Dublin, Bishop Auckland and Lanchester. Wardrobe clerk, keeper of the wardrobe 1290-5, treas. of exchequer 1295-1307 (Tout, Chapters II 15-16). Bp. of Coventry and Lichfield, el. 20 Feb. 1296, temps. 16 June, cons. 23 Dec.

M. John de Langeton the younger (fn. 164)

Kg.'s clerk and royal chanc., royal coll. to this preb. in succession to M. Walter de Langeton, s.v., 3 Dec. 1296 (CPR 1292-1301 p. 223). Occ. as this preb. 8 Oct. 1298 (ibid. p. 382; Chs. Vicars Choral p. 151), 18 or 25 Feb. 1299 and 25 Jan. 1300 (Chs. Vicars Choral nos. 275-6). Subdcn., disp. for plurality, at kg.'s request, 21 Apr. 1299 (CPL I 581 = Reg. Bon. VIII no. 3005). Also treas. of Wells, archdcn. of Canterbury, bp.-el. of Ely, can. of Chichester, Lichfield, Lincoln, Salisbury (1 Fasti II 15, 47, III 66, IV 43-4, V 61), Dublin and Lanchester. Royal chanc. 17 Dec. 1292 - 12 Aug. 1302 (Tout, Chapters VI 6). Bp. of Chichester, el. 5 Apr. 1305, temps. 16 July, cons. 19 Sept. (2 Fasti VII 1).


  • 161. In 1 Fasti II 39, following YMF II 9, too little weight was put on the significance of this evidence of his murder and too much on the perambulation, as if he were alive. Chs. Vicars Choral pp. 97-8 also follows YMF.
  • 162. For a note on his career, see Biog. Ox. II 901.
  • 163. For his career, see DNB; also A. H. Thompson, 'Pluralism in the mediaeval Church', Reports and Papers ... of the Architectural Societies xxxiii (1915-16) 35-73, at pp. 57-9. Clay doubted if all the references to Walter de Langeton collected by Thompson were to the same person (YMF II 33). Clay also pointed out that Walter was not nephew of William de Langeton, dean of York (list 2), as stated in DNB (ibid. I 8, II 33). For some of his livings, see CPL I 550 = Reg. Nic. IV no. 6653, and CPL I 559 = Reg. Bon. VIII no. 415.
  • 164. For his career, see Biog. Ox. II 1099-1100; DNB. There seems to be no evidence of kinship to his predecessor.