Prebendaries: Cublington (Madley)

Pages 34-35

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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Madley formed part of the estates of the church of Hereford in the 11th cent. and in 1086 was the bp.'s barton or home farm (DB I 181c). Cublington lies a mile to the west of Madley. In c. 1291 the preb. of Madley, endowed with one car., rents, customary labour services, an acre of meadow, a garden, a dovecote and revenue in milk and cheese, was assessed at £6 19s for pope Nicholas's taxation (Taxatio p. 169a: Middele) and in 1294 at 18m in a list entered into bp. Swinfield's register (Reg. Swinfield p. 305: Maddeley). Valor III 11 assessed the preb. of Cublington at £12 13s 4d gross, £12 6s 8d net; the income was made up of rents from free and customary tenants, revenue from demesne, and a share of the small commons.



First occ. as treas. and as preb. of Hereford in a ch. recording a settlement between him and the chapter over tithes from his preb. of Madley, 1187 x 27 March 1215, prob. c. 1200 × 1208 (Hereford ch. no. 724; for date, see EEA VII no. 306; for William as treas., see list 4).

M. James of Aigueblanche

Can. by 1246, since he received two papal disps. to hold other benefices in addition to his canonry at Hereford (preb. unspecified), 11 Oct. 1246 and 15 May 1247 (CPL I 229, 232). Archdcn. of Shropshire by 30 Oct. 1253 (list 7). Held preb. of Madley 23 June 1256 (Hereford ch. no. 2046). Prob. identifiable with the James who occ. without title or surname as absent can. 24 June 1273 (Capes, Charters p. 138). Deprived of his benefices Apr. 1280, with order to sequestrate the fruits 'in grangia et in terra existentes' of his preb. 'dicte de castro' in the church of Hereford 30 Apr. 1280 (ibid. pp. 241-2). This is another name for the preb. of Madley alias Cublington, and he prob. held Cublington continuously from 1256 (see next entry).

M. Roger of Sevenoaks

First occ. as can. of Hereford 1277 x 1282 (Hereford ch. no. 1412) and 4 March 1278 (Reg. Cantilupe p. 171), but holding an unidentifiable preb. Coll. to preb. previously held by M. James of Aigueblanche 17 Apr. 1280 (Reg. Cantilupe p. 63); held preb. of Middele 1291 (Taxatio 169); still holding this preb. 2 March 1297 (Cal. Chanc. Rolls 1277-1326 p. 25) and still preb. 8 Apr. 1297 (CPR 1292- 1301 p. 279); d. by 15 Jan. 1300 (Reg. Swinfield pp. 531-2; 2 Fasti II 19). Briefly archdcn. of Hereford in 1287 (list 6), and treas. from 1294 (list 4).

William de Mortimer

Previously preb. of Gorwell and Overbury (list 16); coll. 15 Jan. 1300 to preb. of Madley, vac. by the d. of M. Roger of Sevenoaks (Reg. Swinfield p. 531; 2 Fasti II 19). D. by 15 Sept. 1316 when his preb. of Madley was vac. (Reg. Swinfield p. 544; 2 Fasti II 19).