Prebendaries: Eigne

Pages 35-36

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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The preb. of Eigne may have been endowed with some of the land around the gate ('circa portam') of Hereford, belonging to the church of Hereford in the 11th cent., some of which was held by two episcopal chapls. from the church (DB I 182d). The episcopal chapls. prob. served bp. Robert the Lotharingian's chapel, and since this was not endowed separately from the cath. they prob. formed part of the cath. community (cf. J. Barrow, 'A Lotharingian in Hereford' p. 35). In c. 1291 rents at Eigne and Aylstone with half an acre of meadow were valued at £2 18s 6d for pope Nicholas's taxation (Taxatio p. 169a: Ynyne and Aylyneston') and in 1294 at 10s in the list entered into bp. Swinfield's register (Reg. Swinfield p. 305: Yegne). Valor III 12 assessed Eigne at 74s 9½d gross, 69s 5½d net.


M. Thomas of St-Omer (fn. 1)

Can. of Hereford, preb. unspecified, by 8 Dec. 1277 (Reg. Cantilupe p. 154); occ. as residentiary can. 28 Feb. 1289 (Reg. Swinfield p. 214); held revenues at Eigne and Aylstone and therefore preb. of Eigne 1291 (Taxatio p. 169a); occ. as resident can., preb. not stated, 29 Sept. 1295 (Capes, Charters p. 168); occ. in this preb. 2 March 1297 and 8 Apr. 1297 (Cal. Chanc. Rolls 1277-1326 p. 25; CPR 1292-1301 p. 278) and as can. 23 March 1297 (ibid. p. 278, cited 2 Fasti II 20). Official of Llandaff (Reg. Pecham II 6). The next person mentioned holding this preb. is M. Thomas Chandos who received it from Edward II 31 May 1317 (2 Fasti II 20).


  • 1. St-Omer, dép. Pas-de-Calais.