Prebendaries: Hunderton

Pages 43-44

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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Hunderton, in Clehonger, is not mentioned in the Domesday survey and did not form part of the estates of the church of Hereford in the 11th cent. (for the location, see B. Coplestone-Crow, Herefordshire Place-Names p. 54), Land at Hunderton is purported to have been gr. by earl Roger to bp. Gilbert Foliot 1148 × 1155, but this ch. is spurious (D. Walker, 'Charters of the earldom of Hereford', in Camden Miscellany xxii (Camden 4th series i, 1964) p. 22). On the other hand it is quite possible that land at Hunderton was acquired by Gilbert, since he was trying to increase the number of prebendal endowments after the alienations made by his predecessor Robert de Béthune. By c. 1291, when the preb. of Hundriton was assessed for the taxation of pope Nicholas IV, it was endowed with a car. of land and some rents and assessed at £5 8s (Taxatio p. 169). In 1294 it was assessed at 100s in a list entered into the register of bp. Swinfield (Reg. Swinfield p. 305: Hundretone). Valor III 10 assessed the preb. at £6 14s 4½d gross, £6 7s 8½d net; its endowments included demesne and rent from free tenants in Nupton (Nupton cannot be identified, unless it is perhaps represented by Newton on the outskirts of Hereford).


Edmund de Mortimer

Previously preb. of Huntington (list 20); preb. of Hunderton before 7 Dec. 1282, by which date he had res. an unnamed preb. which Edward I gr. to Geoffrey de Neubaud (CPR 1281-92 p, 52), which is prob. identifiable with Hunderton (see next two entries). Can. of Salisbury and York; treas. of York (1 Fasti IV 84, VI 25-6, 109); presumably res. when inherited family estates 24 Nov. 1282 (Comp. Peer. IX 281-3; and see list 36).

Geoffrey de Neubaud

Clk. of William de Valence by March 1270 (CPR 1266-72 p. 413); active in service of Edward I in 1270s; chanc. of the exchequer, as which occ. 28 Apr. 1279 and 10 June 1280 (CPR 1272-81 pp. 311, 381); received gr. of deanery of St Martin le Grand, London, 20 Jan. 1280 (ibid. p. 360); received royal gr. of preb. res. by Edmund de Mortimer before 7 Dec. 1282 (CPR 1281-92 p. 52); d. by 30 Jan. 1283 when the deanery of St Martin le Grand was given to M. William of Louth (ibid. p. 54); is referred to 24 March 1283 as having held preb. now held by M. Robert of Gloucester (Reg. Swinfield pp. 5-6). This may have been Hunderton in which M. Robert of Gloucester occ. 1291 and afterwards.

M. Robert of Gloucester (fn. 1)

Can. of Hereford, preb. unspecified, but not this one, 1277 × 1282 (Hereford ch. no. 1412; list 36) and 26 Dec. 1279 (Reg. Cantilupe p. 244); had been coll. in the preb. previously held by Geoffrey de Neubaud by 24 March 1283 (Reg. Swinfield pp. 5-6); occ. as residentiary can. 28 Feb. 1289 (Reg. Swinfield p. 214) and 29 Sept. 1295 (Capes, Charters p. 169); occ. in this preb. c. 1291 (Taxatio p. 169: Hundriton) and 1297 (Cal. Chanc. Rolls 1277-1326 p. 25, cited by 2 Fasti II 28); chanc., coll. 16 Sept. 1299 (list 5); coll. to preb. of Huntington 31 Aug. 1304 (Reg. Swinfield p. 536; 2 Fasti II 28).


  • 1. Robert le Wyse.