Prebendaries: Hinton

Pages 41-42

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 8, Hereford. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2002.

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Hinton is not mentioned by name in Domesday but may well have been part of the manor of Bertune held by the church of Hereford in the 11th cent., on which 4 clks, held 4½ hides in 1086 (DB I 181c; for discussion, see J. Barrow, 'A Lotharingian in Hereford' p. 37; for location, see B. Coplestone-Crow, Herefordshire Place-Names p. 101). The preb. of Hinton is stated in the mid 13thcent. cath. statutes to owe 10 trugs of wheat and 20 of oats to the common fund (LS II 55). In c. 1291 the holding of can. Pontius at Hynyton, consisting of a car., some rents, and pleas and perquisites, was assessed in the taxation of pope Nicholas at £5 6s 8d (Taxatio p. 169b); in 1294 the preb. of Hynetone was assessed at 12m in a list entered into bp. Swinfield's register (Reg. Swinfield p. 305). Valor III 10 assessed the preb. at £7 17s 8½d gross, £7 9s l0d net.


Hugh of Moûtiers (fn. 1)

Can. by 24 June 1273 (see cans. with unident. prebs., list 36). D. during the night of 13/14 May 1290, after which his preb., specified as Hinton, was given to John de Shelvinge, but then taken by Pontius de Cors (Reg. Swinfield pp. 238, 528).

John de Shelvinge

Still a minor 12 Apr. 1287 (Reg. Swinfield p. 526), but pr. by 14 May 1290 when he was coll. to the preb. of Hinton vacated by the d. of Hugh of Moûtiers (ibid. p. 528). However, Pontius de Cors took the preb. instead and on 31 May John was coll. to Pion (see Piona Parva, list 27).

M. Pontius de Cors (fn. 2)

Intruded himself by papal prov. into preb. of Hinton vac. by the d. of Hugh of Moûtiers, 14 May 1290 (Reg. Swinfield p. 528); was coll. to the preb. of Hinton by bp. Swinfield 8 Jan. 1291 (ibid. pp. 248, 528). Occ. holding preb. of Hynyton c. 1291 (Taxatio p. 169). Occ. without surname, as resident can., preb. unspecified, 29 Sept. 1295 (Capes, Charters p. 169). Prob. identifiable with the M. Pontius de Salino (fn. 3) who received papal prov. to become can. of Lincoln 6 March 1292, who was stated already to be a can. of Hereford (CPL I 557), and who occ. 2 March and 14 Apr. 1297 as preb. of Hyneton (Cal. Chanc. Rolls 1277-1326 pp. 26, 29). Obtained archdcnry. of Oxford late in 1297 or early 1298 (before 21 Feb.), but res. on papal mand. of 24 Nov. 1298 (1 Fasti III 38-9). Had vacated preb. of Hinton by 14 Oct. 1297 (Reg. Swinfield p. 531).

M. John de Bestan

Coll. to the preb. of Hinton by papal prov. and notwithstanding the installation of John de Shelvinge, 3 Feb. 1295 (Reg. Swinfield p. 529). However, this coll. seems to have been void, as Pontius de Cors was still in control of the preb. in 1297. In Aug. 1295 John de Bestan had been coll. to the preb. of Huntington (list 20). Previously archdcn. of Shropshire (res. 1289 (list 7); and see also list 36).

Richard de Swinfield

Coll. to the preb. of Hinton, vac. by Pontius de Cors, 14 Oct. 1297 (Reg. Swinfield p. 531). Coll. to the preb. of Bartonsham 4 Aug. 1299 (list 8), and at the same time M. Roger of Canterbury was coll. to the preb. of Hinton.

M. Roger of Canterbury

Archdcn. of Shropshire; coll. 4 Aug. 1299 (Reg. Swinfield p. 531; list 7); is almost certainly the unnamed clk. who was coll. to the preb. of Preston 12 Nov. 1299 (Reg. Swinfield p. 531; see list 30, and 2 Fasti II 26).

M. Thomas de Lugoure (fn. 4)

D. in this preb. by 3 Nov. 1313 (Reg. Swinfield p. 542; 2 Fasti II 26). Also can. and chanc. of Wells (1 Fasti VII 104-5, 2 Fasti VIII 7).


  • 1. Moûtiers, dép. Savoie, ar. Albertville, chef-lieu du canton.
  • 2. Nephew of Aimeric of Aigueblanche (see list 5).
  • 3. Salins, dép. Savoie. ar. Albertville, canton Moûtiers.
  • 4. D.C.L. (Biog. Ox. II 1174-5). For his career, and occurrences of variant forms of the name Lugore, see ibid., and W. G. Clark-Maxwell and A. Hamilton Thompson, 'The college of St Mary Magdalene' p. 61.