Archdeacons: Llandaff

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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 9, the Welsh Cathedrals (Bangor, Llandaff, St Asaph, St Davids). Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 2003.

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Although the known archdcns. are arranged below in a single list, it is possible that there were two archdcns. in the dioc. in the 11th cent.; the evidence, however, is inconclusive (Llandaff Acta p. xix n. 35; Brooke, Church and Welsh Border p. 73).


Church of Llancarfan (S. Glam.) attached to archdcnry. (below). (fn. 1) Farms and pensions in Merthyr Mawr, Drenewydd yn Notais (Newton Nottage) (both Mid Glam.) etc. (Valor IV 345a).

Dcn.-preb. (LL p. 326).

Valuations 1254 in solidum £12 (Val. Norw. p. 318); 1291 land at Llandaff £3 2s. 6d. (Taxatio p. 280a; Denton and Taylor p. 150). Cf. LL p. 329: archdcn. with portion of church of Newton £2 1s. 4d.



Occ. as son of bp. Herewald, archdcn. of Llandaff and magister of Llancarfan 1071 x 75, together with Abraham archdcn. 'of Gwent' (LL p. 274). Also occ. as archdcn. 1066 x 94 (ibid. p. 271); not called archdcn. 1072 x 74 (ibid. p. 273). Perhaps Lifris of Llancarfan, author of 'Life of St Cadog' (see Brooke, Church and Welsh Border pp. 70-94).


Occ. as archdcn. 'of Gwent' 1071 x 75, together with Leofric archdcn. (LL p. 274). Also occ. as archdcn. 1059 x 1104 (ibid. p. 270). Cf. Abraham pr. who occ. holding two vills in Gwent in 1086 (Domesday Book (1783) I 162a).

Urban I

Described as pr. of church of Worcester in petition to abp. announcing his el. as bp. (Cartae I 41-2). Archdcn. of Llandaff, presum. before d. of bp. Herewald 6 March 1104 (LL p. 280). Archdcn. when el. bp. of Llandaff, cons. 11 Aug. 1107 (above, list 9).


First occ. as archdcn. of Llandaff 1126/7 (Earldom of Gloucester Chs. no. 109). Accompanied bp. Urban to papal Curia [1130] (LL p. 60), and occ. as archdcn. in bp.'s company at his d. in Rome, on or shortly before 9 Oct. [1134] (Cartae I 90- 1). Bp. of Llandaff, cons. early 1140 (above, list 9).

Urban II

Not yet archdcn. when occ. in bp.'s company at his d. in Rome, on or shortly before 9 Oct. [1134] (Cartae I 90-1). Occ. as archdcn. of Llandaff temp. bp. Urban, 1140 x 48 (Cartae VI 2265-7).


Perhaps to be identified with Ralph of Llancarfan, who occ. without title 1148 x 66 (Llandaff Acta no. 8). First occ. as archdcn. of Llandaff c. 1154 x 1159 (JS Epp. I no. 57). As archdcn. took possession of church of Llancarfan March 1163 x Nov. 1164 or 1174 x 79 (Llandaff Acta no. 16). Royal envoy to Curia in Becket controversy, 1164 and 1169-70 (Corresp. of Becket I nos. 29, 30, II nos. 187, 204, 208 etc.). Kg.'s representative at council of Cashel Nov. 1171 (Gesta Hen. II I 28). Last occ. perhaps after 1174 (Llandaff Acta no. 16; GFL no. 373). If he was sole archdcn. and was succeeded by William, he was out of office before 1179 (below).

William (fn. 2)

Perhaps to be identified with William who occ. as can. of Llandaff temp. bp. Nicholas (1148-83) (Llandaff Acta no. 24). Occ. as archdcn. of Llandaff three times: 1165 x 79 (ibid. no. 21); 1172 x 79, when he delivered church of Llancarfan to Gloucester abbey (ibid. no. 17); and temp. Gunnilda and Roger Sturmi (Cartae I 140-1).

Urban III (Wrgan) (fn. 3)

First occ. as archdcn. of Llandaff 1172 x 79, receiving church of Llancarfan from Gloucester abbey (Llandaff Acta no. 18). Renounced Llancarfan 1172 x 83 (ibid. no. 19). Occ. frequently. Last occ. 1214 x 23 Feb. 1216 (Earldom of Gloucester Chs. nos. 139, 140), and c. 1217 (ibid. no. 149). Father of M. Maurice, his successor in archdcnry. (Llandaff Acta no. 49; below).

M. Maurice

Not yet archdcn. when occ. 1190 x 98 (Cartae I 206-7), 1199/1200 (Llandaff Acta no. 44) and 1193 x 1218 (ibid. nos. 47-8). First occ. as archdcn. of Llandaff Nov. 1217 x 1218 (Cartae IV 1223), (fn. 4) and before Oct. 1219, prob. not later than Jan. (Hist. MSS Commission, Cal. of MSS of Dean and Chapter of Wells (2 vols., 1907-14) I 40). (fn. 5) Also occ. 1220/1 (Llandaff Acta no. 61). Occ. frequently. Bp.-el. of Llandaff 1240 (above, list 9). Last occ. Sept. 1242 (Ann. Tewkes. p. 126, cf. ibid. p. 125). D. as archdcn. 14 Dec. 1242 (ibid. p. 128). Son of Urban [III] archdcn. of Llandaff (Llandaff Acta no. 49; above). His brother M. Henry of Llancarfan can. of Llandaff (Llandaff Acta nos. 61, 80; below, list 17). Two other brothers, Rhys and Gruffudd, occ. in his company (Cartae II 572-3, VI 2302), and he had a nephew Maurice (Ann. Tewkes. pp. 128-9).

M. Ralph of Newcastle (fn. 6)

Can. of Llandaff (below, list 19). Appd. archdcn. of Llandaff by Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester, s.v., and occ. 13 March 1243, but forced to res. when kg. claimed temps. and appd. Thomas (Ann. Tewkes. pp. 131, 133; below). (fn. 7)

Thomas, the king's chaplain

Chanc. of Hereford, first occ. 13 May 1241, last 24 Feb. 1243 (1 Fasti VIII 22). Royal gr. of archdcnry. and annexed preb., s.v., 26 March 1243 (CPR 1232- 47 p. 370; cf. ibid. 1281-92 p. 393). Occ. 29 March 1244 (ibid. 1232-47 p. 422) and 10 July 1244 (ibid. p. 431). Commem. at Hereford as archdcn. of Llandaff 1 May (1 Fasti VIII 22, 119).


Occ. as archdcn. of Llandaff 29 Sept. 1260 (Gloucester Dean and Chapter Bound Deeds vol. 9 fo. 5, cited in Llandaff Acta p. xx).

An unnamed archdcn. of Llandaff appd. papal judge-delegate Sept. 1261 (Chs. and Records of Hereford Cath., ed. W. W. Capes (Hereford, 1908) p. 116), and reported judgement in case 31 July 1264 (ibid. p. 120).

M. Simon of Radnor

Can. of Llandaff, occ. 29 Sept. 1260 (below, list 19). Occ. as archdcn. of Llandaff temp. William de Briouze lord of Gower (Cartae II 478-9) and 1269 x 72 (Reg. Ricardi de Swinfield episcopi Herefordensis, ed. W. W. Capes (CYS vi, 1909) p. 322). (fn. 8) Also can. of Hereford by 24 June 1273 (1 Fasti VIII 89), and can. of St Davids by 12 Nov. 1259 (below, list 46). Had been succeeded as archdcn. by 10 July 1287 (below). Brother of M. William of Radnor (the younger), can. of Llandaff, with whom he was commem. as benefactor at Hereford 1 Sept. (1 Fasti VIII 139; for M. William, see below, list 19).

Robert de Briouze

Robert archdcn. of Llandaff occ. as one of electors of M. Philip de Stanton as bp. of Llandaff 1287 (CPL I 519; above, list 9). Occ. with full name and title 10 July 1287 (PRO C 84/9/9). An unnamed archdcn. of Llandaff occ. 1 Feb. and 7 June 1288 (Reg. of John Pecham, Abp. of Canterbury, ed. F. N. Davis, D. L. Douie et al. (2 vols., CYS lxiv-lxv, 1968-9) I 69, II 6).

M. Henry de Cranburn (fn. 9)

Not yet archdcn. 13 Apr. 1289, when occ. as clerk of earl of Gloucester (Cartae V 1685). Obtained archdcnry. of Llandaff and other benefices without disp. before 13 Dec. 1289, when at request of Benedict, cardinal-dcn. of S Nicola in Carcere Tulliano, he was prov. and disp. (CPL I 508). Presum. the unnamed archdcn. addressed in papal mandate 13 Sept. 1291 (ibid. p. 542). Occ. several times. Last occ. 24 Apr. 1306, going overseas (CPR 1301-7 p. 432).


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