Prebendaries: Sutton-in-Marisco

Pages 114-115

Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 1, Lincoln Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1962.

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Sutton-in-Marisco, formerly a parish church, was attached to the chancellorship to augment its revenues in 1379 and was thenceforth to count as a preb. (CPR. 1377-1381 p. 354). The papal bull of 2 Dec. 1379, approving the new arrangement, shows that Sutton-in-Marisco had been a parish church before that date (Lamb., Reg. Sudbury f. 63b). The new preb. was held by the chancellors till 1458.

In 1458, when the chancellor Hugh Tapton obtained preb. Stoke, Sutton-inMarisco was separated from the chancellorship. New arrangement approved by king 13 Nov. 1458 (CPR. 1452-1461 pp. 463-4) and by pope 25 March 1459 (CPL. XI 525).

M. William Faldingworth 1458-1486.

Bp's mand. adm. 29 Dec. 1458 (A.C. A2/35 f. 79b). Res. by 20 Oct. 1486 (Reg. XXII f. 277).

M. John Cutler or Cutter 1486-1502.

Coll. 20 Oct. 1486 (Reg. XXII f. 277). Instal. 25 Nov. (A.C. A3/1 f. 43). Preb. of Leicester St. Margaret 1502.

M. Thomas Hill 1502.

Coll. 28 March 1502 (Reg. XXIII f. 18b). Instal. 30 March (A.C. A3/1 f. 199). D. by 15 July (Reg. XXIII f. 19b).

M. John Thwayts 1502-1504.

Coll. 15 July 1502 (Reg. XXIII f. 19b). Instal. 23 July (A.C. A3/2 f. 38b). Preb. vacant by 6 May 1504 (ibid. f. 96). (fn. 1)

M. Edmund Hanson D.Th. 1504-1507.

Instal. 11 May 1504 (A.C. A3/2 f. 96). Instal. as preb. of Welton Ryval 21 Sept., occ. in lists as holding both prebs. Sept. 1505-Sept. 1506 and Sept. 1506-Sept. 1507 (Linc. Accounts Bj/3/3 lists, s.a.). Preb. of Empingham 1507.

M. John Thwayts (again) 1507-?

Occ. Sept. 1507-Sept. 1508 and Sept. 1508-Sept. 1509. There are no more lists till Sept. 1513-Sept. 1514, when this preb. is marked as vacant (Linc. Accounts Bj/3/3 lists, s.a.).

The next known preb. is

M. Edward Powell D.Th. 1525-1535.

Coll. 18 Oct. 1525 (Reg. XXVII f. 4). (fn. 2) Instal. 31 Oct. (Chapter Acts 1520-1536 pp. 68-9). Deprived and imprisoned 1535 for refusing act of Supremacy (Emden, Reg. Ox. 111 1510).

M. William Moore B.Cn.L. 1535-1541.

Coll. 3 Jan. 1535 (Reg. XXVII f. 10b). Instal. 6 March (Chapter Acts 1520-1536 p. 190). D. by 19 Feb. 1541 (Reg. XXVII f. 14b).


  • 1. 'Item ad inquirendum pro vacacione prebende de Sutton in marisco' is on the agenda for the chapt. meeting of 6 May 1504 (A.C. A3/2 f. 96).
  • 2. 'Per mortem naturalem vltimi canonici et prebendarii eorundem vacantes.'