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Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: Volume 1, Lincoln Diocese. Originally published by Institute of Historical Research, London, 1962.

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The following abbreviations are given in lower case or in capitals as required

abp. archbishop
adm. admit, admitted
archdcn. archdeacon archdcnry archdeaconry
bp. bishop
bpc. bishopric
c. circa
can. canon
card. cardinal
certif. certificate
ch., chh. church, churches
chanc. chancellor
chap. chapel
chapn. chaplain
chapt. chapter
co. county
coll. collation, collated
comm. commission
conf. confirmation, confirmed
cons. consecration, consecrated
ct. court
d. death, died
d. & c. dean and chapter
dcn. deacon
dn. dean
depriv. deprived
dioc. diocese
ed. edition, edited by
el. election
exch. exchange, exchanged
excomm. excommunication, excommunicated
expect. expectation, expectative
f. folio
gr. grant, granted
instal. installed
judgt. judgement
Lamb. Lambeth
lic. licence
lic. el. licence to elect
M. magister
mand. mandate
mand. adm. mandate to admit
n.d. no date
occ. occurrence, occurs
pr. priest
preb. prebendary, prebend
prohibn. prohibition
prov. provision, provided
Reg. Register
res. resignation, resigned
reservn. reservation
s. a. sub anno
temps. temporalities
trans. translation
vac. vacancy