Sussex Fines: 21-25 Henry VI

Pages 255-260

An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509. Originally published by Sussex Record Society, Lewes, 1916.

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21 Henry VI.

3052. Richard Burle and Joan his wife v. Simon Shipherd and Elizabeth his wife; a messuage, a garden and 40 acres in Worthe; to Richard and Joan. (File 89. No. 1.)

3053. Richard Roper and Edward Turnaunt and Marion his wife; a messuage, 130 acres of land, 1½ acres of wood, 9d. rent and rent of a pound of pepper in Cicestr', Ovyng and Rombaldeswyk; to Richard. (File 89. No. 2.)

3054. William Lullyngden, Roger Lullyngden and William Sonde v. Nicholas Joop and Elizabeth his wife; 2 messuages, 60½ acres of land, 8½ acres of meadow in Hertfeld; to William Lullyngden, etc., and his heirs. (File 89. No. 3.)

3055. William Webbe and Margery his wife v. John Frenshe and Joan his wife; 14 acres in Retherfeld; to William and Margery. (File 89. No. 4.)

3056. John Wryther and Amice his wife v. Thomas Bust of Ryngmere and Alice his wife; a messuage and a garden in Clivu by Lewys; to John and Amice. (File 89. No. 5.)

3057. Thomas Drewe and Joan his wife v. Roger Whale and Joan his wife; a messuage, 16 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 4s. 6¼d. rent, quarter of a water-mill and a quarter of 5 acres of land in Estgrensted; to Thomas and Joan, paying for life of Roger and Joan 20s. yearly. (File 89. No. 6.)

3058. John Cook and Thomas May v. John Colyer and Joan his wife; a messuage and a garden in Estgrensted; to John and Thomas and heirs of John Cook. (File 89. No. 7.)

3059. Walter Eston, clerk, William Sydney, Richard Daunuer and John Topclif v. William Houell and Margaret his wife; 14s. rent in Bridham; to Walter, etc., and his heirs. (File 89. No. 8.)

3060. Richard Waller, Thomas Uuedale, John Thornebury, William Port, Thomas Batayle and John Monke v. Walter Moyle and Margaret his wife; 4 messuages, 12 tofts, a pigeonhouse, 292 acres of land, 30 acres of meadow, 300 acres of pasture, 30 acres of wood, 12 acres of heath, 12 acres of rushes (juncarie) in Wodyton and Okkele in Surrey, 8 acres of land in Wernham and Ruggewyke in Sussex; to Richard, etc.; Walter and Margaret and heirs of Margaret to warrant against Edmund, Abbot of Westminster, and his successors. (D.C.: File 70. No. 268.)

22 Henry VI.

3061. William Clouser of Warnham v. Thomas Fulmere and Agnes his wife, and John Roo and Agnes his wife; a messuage, 54 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow, 2 acres of wood in Warnham; to William. (File 89. No. 9.)

3062. Richard Daunuer v. Margaret Fromond; a quarter of a messuage, a shop and 42 acres in New Shorham and Old Shorham; to Richard. (File 89. No. 10.)

3063. Walter Okyngden and Isabel his wife v. James Turgys of Coufolde and Pauline his wife; 20 acres of land, 2 roods and half an acre of meadow and half an acre of wood in Coufolde; to Walter and Isabel. (File 89. No. 11.)

3064. John Mychelgrove v. Thomas Harry and Joan his wife; 16 acres in Boseham; to John. (File 89. No. 12.)

3065. Richard Mille and Robert Mille v. John Lowys and Alice his wife; 4 messuages, 160 acres of land, 28 acres of meadow, 10 acres of pasture in Wrotlyng, Mankesey, Peuensee and Westhamme; to Richard and Robert and heirs of Richard. (File 89. No. 13.)

3066. John Stokker, Thomas Thonder the elder, William Brokton, Robert Bertyn and Richard Broun v. Godard Pulham of Wynchelsee; 8 messuages, 400 acres of land, 50 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 40 acres of wood, 10s. 6d. rent in Playden, Pette, Farlegh, Ore, Gestlyng, Westfeld, Seddelescombe, Ikelesham, Brede and Odymere, which John Godray and Joan his wife holds for life; to Robert, etc., and his heirs. (File 89. No. 14.)

3067. John Carpenter and Stephen Widgere v. John Lowys and Alice his wife; a messuage, 36 acres of land, 4 acres of wood in Wortlyng; to John and Stephen and heirs of John Carpenter. (File 89. No. 15.)

3068. Richard de Lye, Richard Bulnore and Simon Holford v. William Tylfote and Joan his wife; a messuage and 2 acres in Flecchyng; to Richard de Lye, etc., and his heirs. (File 89. No. 16.)

3069. William Walshe and John Bereworth v. John Donstall and Agnes his wife; a messuage, 36 acres of land, 7d. rent in Warbylton; to William and John and heirs of William. (File 89. No. 17.)

3070. Maud, Abbess of the Monastery of the Holy Saviour and SS. Mary the Virgin and Bridget of Syon of the Order of St. Augustine called St. Saviour's v. Edmund, Bishop of Exeter, late Bishop of Hereford; vills of Brede and Stenynges and manors of Brede, Stenynges, Cherlton, Wormynghurst, Wygenholt, Ecclesdon, Bassettesfee, Angmeryng, Soumtynge, Langenhurst, Bargham, Wyke and Billynghurst, and advowsons of churches of Stenynges, Angemeryng and Asshurst in Sussex, manors and hundreds of Cheltenham, Salmondesbury and Sloughtre in Gloucestershire, which John Cornewaill, knight, holds for life; to the Abbess and her successors in frank almoigne; for this the Abbess gave the Bishop a sore sparrow-hawk. This fine was made by order of the King. (D.C.: File 70. No. 284.)

3071. John Pelham, knight, and Edmund Mille v. John Bremshet, esquire; manors of Gatcombe and Bremshet and advowsons of churches of same manors in Hants, manor of Tordewyk and advowson of church of same manor in Sussex, manor of Crossheton in Wilts; manor and advowson of Gatcombe to John Bremshet for life, remainder to Katherine, daughter of said John Pelham and the heirs male of her body by John Bremshet, contingent remainder to right heirs of John Bremshet,—the other manors and advowsons to John Bremshet and Katherine for life of Joan, late the wife of William Bremshet, mother of said John, with remainder to right heirs of John Bremshet. (D.C.: File 70. No. 291.)

23 Henry VI.

3072. John Feyrhale v. Robert Lachemer and Joan his wife; 30 acres in Cokefeld; to John. (File 89. No. 18.)

3073. John Michelgrove, John Sherere and Humfrey Heuster v. William Sydeney of Kyngesham; manor of Kyngesham and 8 messuages, 50 acres of land, 12 acres of meadow, 100 acres of pasture, 30 acres of wood, 40s. rent in Hunston, Northmundeham, Bridham, Ovyng, West Wyghtryng and Selsey; to William and his heirs male by Isabel Seyntion late his wife, contingent remainder to right heirs of William. (File 89. No. 19.)

3074. John Hoget and Richard atte Wode v. John Keneward of Mafeld and Julian his wife; a messuage, 40 acres of land, 20 acres of pasture in Mafeld; to John and Richard and heirs of John Hoget. (File 89. No. 20.)

3075. Richard Profyt and William Thwaytes v. William Stephens of Bercompe and Asselina his wife; a messuage, 46 acres of land, 26 acres of meadow, 5 acres of wood in Bercompe; to William and Asselina and heirs of Asselina. (File 89, No. 21.)

24 Henry VI.

3076. The Provost and Royal College of the Blessed Mary of Eton by Wyndesor v. Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, and Eleanor his wife, Henry Percy, knight, and Thomas Percy, knight, their sons; 1 acre of land in Petteworth, parcel of the manor of Petteworth in Sussex, and advowson of church of Blessed Mary of Petteworth, appurtenant to the said manor and acre of land; to the Provost and College in frank almoigne. (File 89. No. 23.)

3077. Edmund Mille, John Michelgrove and Thomas Grene v. Richard Hayne, otherwise called Richard Grasyer, of Cicestre and Clemence his wife; 3 messuages, 5 cottages, 2 shops, 12 acres of land, 4 acres of wood in Horsham and Roghey; to Edmund, John, Thomas and heirs of Edmund. (File 89. No. 24.)

3078. William Turke and Joan his wife v. Thomas Stelde and Isabel his wife; a messuage and 160 acres in Wadehurst; to William and Joan. (File 89. No. 25.)

3079. Hamon Bele, William Sedenore and Robert Wulueryche v. Robert Shereue and Elizabeth his wife; a moiety of a messuage, a toft, 100 acres of land, 100 acres of pasture, 21 acres of wood, 21d. rent in Bekle and Pesmershe; to Hamon, etc., and his heirs. (File 89. No. 26.)

3080. William Staynford and Alice his wife v. Ralph Swetecok, citizen and bowier of London, and John Dawe, citizen and draper of London; a messuage, 100 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 6 acres of wood, 12 acres of pasture, 2s. rent in Warneham, which Richard Carter and Alice his wife hold for life of Alice; to William and Alice. (File 89. No. 27.)

3081. Henry Frelove and Giles Wodefold v. Robert Ogere and Joan his wife; a messuage, a garden and half a well (fontis) in Lewes; to Henry and Giles and heirs of Henry. (File 89. No. 28.)

3082. William Westbury, Robert Joce, Walter Moyle, Richard Corner, rector of church of Bradewater, Robert Shorter, rector of church of Ponyngges, John More, Richard Jay, John Foche, rector of church of Westdene, John Multon, John Bokyswelle and John Norton v. Robert Ponyngges, knight; manors of Twynem, Lynde and Westmoston (sic), two-thirds of manor of Threule, 3 messuages, 300 acres of land, 200 acres of wood, 200 acres of heath, 40s. rent and pasture for 200 sheep in Southwyke by Shorham, Crawley, Ifeld, Shille, Slaghham, Bolne and Twynem in Sussex, manor of Wylton Hokwold by Brandon Ferry and advowson of church of Wilton Hokwold, 2 messuages, 200 acres of land, 10 acres of meadow, 100s. rent in Wilton Hokwold in Norfolk; to John Foche, etc. (D.C.: File 71. No. 303.)

25 Henry VI.

3083. Richard Jay, William Isle, Thomas Hoo, John Burdevyle, John Ledes, Richard Profet, Robert Burstowe, Thomas Knovyle and William Penbregge v. William Gaynesford, Thomas Eton, Bartholomew Bolne and Eleanor his wife and William Hystede of London and Alice his wife; a moiety of manor of Wykham in Stenyng and advowson of half the chantry of Blessed Virgin Mary in church of Stenyng; to Richard Jay, etc., and his heirs. (File 89. No. 29.)

3084. William Thomas and Joan his wife and Thomas Thomas v. Thomas Levesle and Joan his wife; 42 acres of land, 6 acres of meadow in Rype and Laghton; to William, Joan, Thomas and heirs of William. (File 89. No. 30.)

3085. Thomas White, Richard Warner and Peter Bonet v. Robert Langeregge and Julian his wife; a messuage, a toft, a garden, 90 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow, 6 acres of wood, 2d. rent in Westhodelegh; to Thomas, etc., and his heirs. (File 89. No. 31.)