Sussex Fines: 26-30 Henry VI

An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509. Originally published by Sussex Record Society, Lewes, 1916.

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, 'Sussex Fines: 26-30 Henry VI', in An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509, (Lewes, 1916) pp. 260-264. British History Online [accessed 30 May 2024].

. "Sussex Fines: 26-30 Henry VI", in An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509, (Lewes, 1916) 260-264. British History Online, accessed May 30, 2024,

. "Sussex Fines: 26-30 Henry VI", An Abstract of Feet of Fines For the County of Sussex: Vol. 3, 1308-1509, (Lewes, 1916). 260-264. British History Online. Web. 30 May 2024,

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26 Henry VI.

3086. William Ponte and John Swan v. William Constable and Margery his wife; a moiety of 60 acres of land and 2 acres of wood in Warbulton; to William and John and heirs of John. (File 90. No. 1.)

3087. Thomas Pounde, Thomas Vuedale, Thomas Marchall, clerk, William Vuedale the younger and Richard Neuport v. John Styward, knight, and Alice his wife; manors of Wyltyng and Holyngton; to Thomas Pounde, etc., and his heirs; John and Alice and heirs of Alice to warrant the manors against Edmund, Abbot of Westminster, and his successors. (File 90. No. 2.)

3088. Thomas Frankwell v. Thomas Posyngworth and Alice his wife; a messuage and 50 acres in Estbourne, Esthodelegh and Waldern; to Thomas Frankwell. (File 90. No. 3.)

3089. William Sydney and Edmund Mille v. John Benfeld, esquire; manor of Hunston and 11 messuages, 68 acres of land, 26 acres of pasture, 17 acres of wood, 44s. 10d. rent and rent of a pound of wax in Northmundham, Pageham, Brydham and Ichenore; to William and Edmund and heirs of Edmund. (File 90. No. 4.)

3090. John Broke and William Tukton v. William Budde and Agnes his wife; 9 acres of marsh in Pesemerssh; to John and William and heirs of John. (File 90. No. 5.)

3091. John, Archbishop of Canterbury, William, Marquess of Suffolk, Marmaduke, Bishop of Carlisle, Adam, Bishop of Chichester, Ralph Cromwell, knight, John Duddeley, knight, John Vampage the elder, William Sydeney the elder, Thomas Baret and William Ernele v. William, Earl of Arundel; castle, vill, manor and lordship of Clon, castle, vill, manor and lordship of Oswaldestre, castle and manor of Shrewardyn, manors of Ruyton, Bukkenell, Clombury, Dodyngton, Hyntes, Stretton, Lyddeley, Conde, Acton, Ronde, Wroxcestre, Upton, Dalleley, Westehop, Heythe, Ercall, Tyberton and Clompton, and hundred of Posselowe in Shropshire, manors of Bygenere, Leuemynstre, Cokkyng, Wappeham, Offeham, Storgheton, Preston, Stansted, Esthamptonet, Westhamptonet, Wolbedyng, Pynkeherst, Wouwroth (sic), Oldshorham, Stopham, Cudlawe, Barrecourt, Wylbrugge, Almodyngton, Lynche, Overfeld, Legh, Cleyland, Rotteslond, Polyng, Upmerden and Wollauyngton, and two-thirds of the sheriff's tourn with reasonable aid of the same in le Ropes (sic) of Arundell and Chichestre, and advowsons of college of Holy Trinity in Arundell, and hospital of Arundell in Sussex, manors of Lymyngton, Stoketrystre, Coklyngton, Dayford, Legh, Spertegrove, Somerford Mautravers, and office of warden of forest of Selewod in Somerset, manors of Lordes, Byngeham, Langton, Wollecombe, Hamme, Preston, Phipiston, Upwymburne, Frome, Whittesfeld, Longton, Lordes, Wodton, Lichet Mautrauers, Estmerdon, Wroth, Wotton FitzPayn, Remmesbury, Lodery, Wollecombe Mautrauers and Stapulford in Dorset, manors of Wodchestre, Kyngestanley, Stonehous, Shirdyngton and Archades in Gloucestershire, manors of Bukkelond and Colley in Surrey, castle, vill and manor of Castellacre, manors of Mylleham, Buston by Mylleham and Flokkethorp, and advowsons of priory of Castellacre and church of Buston by Sea in Norfolk, manors of Knyghton, Kyvele, Wynterburnestoke, Boyton and Hyldeverell, and half manor of Bulkyndon by Kyvele in Wilts, manor of Eyneho and advowson of hospital of St. James and St. John of Eyneho in Northants, manor of Grandesden in Hunts, manor of Crokesden in Cambridgeshire, manor of Postelyng in Kent; to the demandants to hold of the King. (D.C.: File 71. No. 330.)

3092. Thomas Hoo the younger and Bartholomew Bolne v. Thomas Dacre, knight, and Elizabeth his wife; manor of Horsford, Burgh Seyntmargaretes and Great Hautboys, and advowsons of Abbey of Langle and priories of St. Faith and Petriston in Norfolk, manors of Northales, Cove, Bewflory, Thoryngton, Burgh by Groundesburgh, Wrentham, Beneacre and Henstede, and advowsons of abbey of Sybton and priory of Blyburgh in Suffolk, manors of Herstperpount, Westmeston, Nouyngton, Smythwyke, Standen and Goldbrigge in Sussex, advowson of church of St. Michael of Mustowe in Norwich; to Thomas Dacre and Elizabeth for life, then (a) the advowsons, the manors in Norfolk and Northales, Cove and Bewflory to remain to Richard Fenys, esquire, and Joan his wife, one of their daughters, and heirs of body of Joan, contingent remainder to Robert Fenys, esquire, and Philippa his wife, their other daughter, heirs of her body, or right heirs of Elizabeth, (b) the other manors to remain to Robert and Philippa, heirs of her body, contingent remainders to Richard and Joan, heirs of body of Joan, or right heirs of Elizabeth. (D.C.: File 71. No. 332.)

27 Henry VI.

3093. Edmund Mille, Thomas Hoo and John Dragon v. John Knyvet, esquire; manor of Walderton; to Edmund, etc., and his heirs. (File 90. No. 6.)

3094. Richard Waller, William Est and Stephen Marchaunt v. Robert Marchaunt, citizen and clothier of London, and Alice his wife; a windmill, 160 acres of land, 20 acres of wood, 40 acres of pasture, 24 acres of heath in the parishes of Iden, Playden and Rye; to Stephen, etc., and his heirs. (File 90. No. 7.)

3095. John Olney, Thomas Broun, esquire, William Cantlowe, William Baron and William Benet v. Richard, Duke of York, and Cecily his wife; manor of Eryth in Kent, manor of Drayton in Sussex; to Thomas, etc. (D.C.: File 71. No. 344.)

28 Henry VI.

3096. John Wodye the elder and John Wodye the younger v. Robert Gelyot and Alice his wife; 35 acres in Plompton; to John and John and heirs of John the elder. (File 90. No. 8.)

3097. John Hochekyn, Gilbert Skynner, John Bexherst and William Lamkyn v. John Weuer and Sara his wife; 2 tofts, 60 acres of land, 24 acres of wood, 10d. rent in Wadeherst; to John Hochekyn, etc., and his heirs. (File 90. No. 9.)

3098. Thomas Drewe and John Burstowe v. John Bryt and Joan his wife; a messuage, a quarter of a mill, 36 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 2 acres of wood, 4s. 6d. rent in Estgrensted; to Thomas and John and heirs of Thomas. (File 90. No. 10.)

3099. Thomas Esshyng v. John Hull and Joan his wife; 4 messuages, 2 tofts, 13 acres of land, 6½ acres of meadow in Arundell, Ofham, and Southstoke; to Thomas. (File 90. No. 11.)

3100. Simon Holford and Richard atte Lee v. Richard atte Mille and Florence his wife and Simon Carde and Agnes his wife; a messuage, 20 acres of land, 2s. 5d. rent in Flecchyng and Isfeld; to Simon and Richard and heirs of Simon. (File 90. No. 12.)

29 Henry VI.

3101. Robert Drynkewater v. John Drayton and Cristine his wife; a messuage in Chechestre; to Robert. (File 90. No. 13.)

3102. Robert Oxenbrygge, John Wakeherst, Martin Oxenbrygge and Adam Levelord v. Elias Breggeham and Julian his wife; a messuage, 1 carucate of land, 20 acres of meadow, 60 acres of wood, 6s. rent in Northhiamme; to Adam, etc., and his heirs. (File 90. No. 14.)

3103. John Jane and Margery his wife v. John Goodman and Margaret his wife; a messuage, 40 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow, 2 acres of wood in Whythiam; to John Jane and Margery. (File 90. No. 15.)

30 Henry VI.

3104. Robert Andrewe and Emma his wife v. William Tysherst of Assheburnham and Julian his wife; a messuage and 5 acres in Westfeld; to Robert and Emma. (File 90. No. 16.)

3105. John Hert and John Stanford v. Richard Engholond of Lewes and Alice his wife; a messuage in Lewes; to John and John and heirs of John Stanford. (File 90. No. 17.)

3106. James Costidell v. Richard Costidell; a messuage, 140 acres of land, 7 acres of meadow in Bolne, Cokefeld and Shyrmanbury; to James. (File 90. No. 18.)

3107. Edmund Mille, Bartholomew Bolne, Humfrey Heuster, Thomas Best and William Fagger the younger v. John Graunt, Robert Daunser, clerk, and John atte Toune; manor of Oram; to John Graunt and Alice for life, remainder to William Fagger and heirs of his body, contingent remainder to right heirs of said William. (File 90. No. 19.)

3108. William Thwaytes, Gilbert Homwode and John Furby v. Edmund Apryse and Agnes his wife; a messuage, 112 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow, 4 acres of wood, 6 acres of marsh in Cokefeld; to William, etc., and his heirs; Edmund and Agnes and heirs of Agnes to warrant against John Danyell, Prior of Lewes, and his successors. (File 90. No. 20.)

3109. Edmund Mille v. Henry Husee, knight, son and heir of Henry Husee, late of Hertyng in Sussex, knight; manor of Pulberwe and advowson of church of said manor; to Edmund. (File 90. No. 21.)

3110. Bartholomew Bolne, William Thwaytes and John James v. William atte Dowen and Agnes his wife; 2 messuages, 19 acres of land, 8 acres of meadow, 11s. rent and pasture for 150 sheep in Estbourne; to John, etc., and his heirs. (File 90. No. 22.)