Extracts from the records: 1595

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1595', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, (Edinburgh, 1914) pp. 159-175. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp159-175 [accessed 22 April 2024]

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18 January 1594–5.

Meill mercatt.

In presens of William Conynghame and Robert Rowatt, bailleis, Andro Baillie [and fourteen others,] counsaleouris, being present for remeid to be putt to the greitt derthe of the meill, partele throw the regraitting and foirstalling of sik persounes quha hes circuit thame selffis and duellis rownd about the mele mercate sted, presentle in the Blakfreir kirkyarde, and thai to pas throw the cuntrey and byis the victuall quhilk haldis wpe the derth; and thairfor thinkis that the meil marcat wald be alterit and putt to sum vther place for ane certane space, referrand this alwayes to the provest and remanent counsale and deikines.

Conynghame, College.

Robert Rowat, baillie, Hectour Steuarte, and Thomeis Muir ar appointit be the bailleis and counsall to speik the Principall at the requeist of James Forrett and his mother in favouris of thame concerning the actioune betuixt thame, and to reporte thair ansuer wpoun Weddinsdaye nixt efter the preiching.

College compte.

Item, to remember about the college compt, to vrge the same and to advys betuix and the nixt conventioune.

31 January 1594–5.

Parker, burgess, gratis.

Andro Parker, cordiner, is maid burges and freman of the burgh and citie of Glasgw, and hes gevin his ayth of fidelitie as effeirit, quhais fynes ar remittit to him be the bailleis and counsale at the desyre of Patrik Leinzeis, cordiner, for his travellis labouris and expenssis maid be him in the townes effaires in Edinburgh, in transporting letteres of the townes thairto and ansueris agane thairof, debursing of syluer in the townes effaires that wes necessar gevin instantly, and for continewing thairin in tyme cumyng.

Commoun procuratour, new kirk yardes.

The bailleis and counsale, onderstanding that thai have sundry actiounes to persew againes the occupearis of the new kirk yairdes, bothe for byirvnes and remoiving fra the same, conforme to the warnyng, and for vtheris superplus landis of the commounetie that ar tane furthe thairof be nychtbouris of the toune by and attour the boundis of thair infeftmentis, and for penalties of breking of thair mercheis, quhilk mon be preserwit be sum speciall man as procuratour in that parte for the towneschip, withe all diligence to stand and defend in the same, be advyis of the provest bailleis and counsale, tharfor thai have electit and choisin Dauid Hall to be procuratour in that parte, and to continew thairinto quhill Witsoundaye nixtocum, for the quhilk he salbe satisfeitt be sicht of the provest, bailleis, and counsale according to his diligence, and ordanes the said Dauid to be warnit to Tyisdaye nixtocum for acceptatioune of the said office.

7 February 1594–5.

Commoune procuratour, new kirk yardes.

Anent the actioune of remoiving persewitt be Dauid Hall, commoune procuratour, aganes the tennentis of the new kirk yardes, comperit Mergrat Watsoune and allegeit hir and hir vmquhill husband to have few of the twa yardes, and as to the thrid yarde scho, with John Herbertsone of quhome scho hes tak, desyrit ane terme to gif in reasones, quhilk wes grantit, and thairto assignit the xiiij day of Februar.


Robert Young, baxter, is decernit to paye xiij s. iiij d. for the dewty of the yarde occupeit be him in the new kirk yardes this xxvj yeris bigane.

8 February 1594–5.

New kirk yardes.

In presens of [the bailies and council,] Robert Young, baxter, being persewitt and decernit at the commoune procuratouris instance to that effect for xxvj merkis money for the dewty of ane yarde in the new kirk yarde thir xxvj yeris bygane, is decernit, be compositioune, to paye to the commoune procuratour tuenty merkis money betuix and Witsoundaye for releiff of ane parte of the tua hunder merkis awand to William Flemyng and James Flemingis barnes.

And siclyik, Jonett Reid, being persewitt for xij libris for the dewty of the yairde occupeitt be hir, is decernit, be compositioune of the bailleis and counsale, to paye to Dauid Hall, commoune procuratour, viij libris to the effect foirsaid.


The bailleis and counsale, respectand the service maid be John Buchquhane in the new kirk, with his scholleris, in singing and reiding thairin, and of the greit derthe presentle in the cuntrey, quhairby he maye nocht be sufficientlie furnisit be his stipend, thairfor hes ordanit Walter Bowez, thesaurer, to paye to him the sovme of xx merkis money quhilk salbe allowitt to him in his comptis, and that for his better support this yeir, but ony preparative in tyme cuming of the lyik.

14 February 1594–5.

Stokwoll woll.

Dauid Wilsonne [and ten others] all fund in the wrang for trubling of the woll in the Stokwoll gaite with cartis and carris, and thairfor ordanit Hectour Steuarte [and four others] to visie the same, quhairthrow thai maye repair the said woll. And Dauid Wilsonne and Williame Lowthiane souerteyis for the persounes decernit.

19 February 1594–5.

Communitas, Liddell, lymman.

It is appointit betuix the provest, bailleis, and counsale, on the ane parte, and Johnne Liddell, lymman, on the vther parte, anentis the setting downe of the price of the lyme that he wynes on the commountie to be sauld to the burgessis and inhabitantis of the towne, the said Johne hes consentit with the provest, bailleis, and counsale to tak for every chalder xxxiiij s. viij d., quhilk makis ilk boll xxvj d. allanerly, and that for the spaice of ane yeir nixtocum efter the date heirof, and the mesour thairof to be

conforme to the stand of the towne to be gevin to him be the maister of work and markitt with the townes mark.

22 February 1594–5.

Kinloch, burges, gratis.

William Kinloch, littister, is maid burges and frieman of the burgh and citie of Glasgw, and hes gevin his ayth of fidelite as efferitt, quhais fynes ar remittit to him gratis be the provest, bailleis, and counsale, conforme to the warrand subscryvitt be the provest and bailleis of the date the xvij daye off Februar 1592, inrespect of his cunnyng craft and remanyng in the towne eftir his heir cumyng, and Williame Sympsone is cautioune for the said William for repaying of xx merkis gevin to him be the towne in caice of his non remanyng in the towne, and the said William to releve his cautioner, quhilk act and warrandice the said William Sympsoune hes in his awin handis.

1 March 1594–5.

Act, Roxburgh.

James Roxburgh, allegeing him to be borne in Lowdoun, being tane and apprehendit and putt in prissoune for the tuilyeing, fechting, and drinking in the nicht in ane John Riches hous, and suspect of theft and pyikrey, and ane vagabound, haveand na occupatioune nor craft, is be his awin consent decernit to be banist and absent himself furth of burgh and barony, and gif he beis apprehendit heireftir within the same, but ane maister quhomewith he is feitt fra terme to terme in honest service, in that caice he is content to be hangit to the deid, but ane assyis, and to departe out of the towne incontinent.


It is statute and ordanit that thair be na deirer aill sauld nor xiiij d. the pynt, onder the paine of fyve li. sa oft as thai contraveine the same, and ordanes the drum to pas throw the towne to that effect.

8 March 1594–5.


The bailleis and counsale ordanit Robert Rowatt, baillie, and James Bell to pas to Edinburgh to the conventioune of burrowis to be haldin the xj daye of Merche instant, and to the parliament to be haldin the xvij daye of Merche, and ordanit ane commissione to be gevin to thame, and ordanit the thesaurer to paye to thame thair waidgeis, viz., to the baillie dayele xxvj s. viij d. and to the said James xx s. money ilk daye sa lang as thai remaine afeild.

22 March 1594–5.

Statute of the waitche.

In presens of [the provost, baillies, and council.] It is statute and ordanit, for staincheing of nycht walkeris misvseand the towne, that na persounes may repair peceablie to do thair lesum bissines in the same, that thair be ane prevey waitche keipitt in the towne, viz., be aucht persounes nychtlie, tua at the Wyndheid, tua at the Blakfreris, tua at the Croce, and tua at the Nether Barrasyett, and to gang wpe and downe the streittis of the towne; with power to thame to tak and apprehend the nycht walkeris and bring thame to the tolbuyth, and that ane of the officeris nychtlie aboute pas with thame, and ilk baillie within thair quarter have power to cheis ane maister of the aucht within thair quarter, and to caus chairge thair persounes, and gif thai being chairgeitt absent thame fra keiping thairof ilk persoune sall paye xx s. of wnlaw, to be payitt to the maister of waitche and his companey that nicht that thai faillie; with power to the waitch to sers houssis suspect, and gif thai refuis to oppin the durris to brek the same, and thai ather to gang togidder or ellis sindry as thai think best, and the watche to begyn on Maununday nixt at ix houris atteyne, and remane quhill thre houris in the mornyng, or langer as salbe thocht guid, and the waitcheis to put thame selffis in armour sufficientlie, and gif ony of the waitcheis disobeyis the command of the maister of waitche to paye of vnlaw xx s., to be payitt and bestowitt on the companey, and farder as the provest, bailleis, and counsall sall appoynt.

29 March 1595.


It is condiscendit that thair salbe ane of the counsale send to Lanerk to sie gif thai will insist in the actioune about the laidle with ane missive to be namit this daye aucht dayes.


Item, ane lettir to Dimbartane and ane to Renfrew about the gadge, to meitt in this towne the xxiiij of Aprile, conforme to John Boydes letter.


The bailleis and counsale hes appointit John Andersone, William Symmer, and James Temple to serche furthe vnfremenis guidis, and to reporte thame to the bailleis, that the same maye be fensit and arreistit within the towne.

New kirk.

Donald M'Kynne is decernit to paye to the collectouris of the New Kirk xiij s. iiij d. for his extent, als James Woddrope to paye ten s. and Normant M'Kyne to paye xl s. for his extent, and that incontinent.

8 April 1595.


Jonett Williamesoune is decernit to delyver to James Traquair ane hagbutte, he delyverand to hir ane pistolat quhilk pertenis to hir, with xl d. expenssis, to be payitt within xv dayes.

30 April 1595.


The bailleis and counsale ordanes ane letter to be send to Lynlythgow for the firlot, 1 pint and half pint, with diligence, conforme to the generall act of burrowis.


James Bell is appoyntit to ryd to Lanerk and to bring thair ansuer concernyng the caus of the neiffull of woll before the haill burrowis, and ordanit the thesaurer to gif him four li. for his expenssis.


Thomas Pettigrew and Henry Spreull, deikin of the cowperis, ar appointit to be visitouris for ane yeir nixtocum to mark the hogheidis and barrellis.

6 May 1595.

Chirnesyde thesaurer.

[The bailies and council] ordanit the thesaurer to gif and paye to Robert Chirnesyde, baillie, for his expenssis maid on the gift obtenyng to the provest and balleis for vptaking of the penalteis, the sovme of xx li., and als to paye to himselff for his awin expenssis and travellis in remanyng in Edinburgh viij dayes to that effect the sovme of ten li. money.

24 May 1595.

Brigend, communitas.

The provest, bailleis, counsale and deikins, immediatle efter the sichting and viseing of the new bigging of ane lytle hous on the east syde of the south syde of the brig over Clyde, all in ane voce fand the bigging thairof to be greitimlie hurtfull and preiudiciall to the towne and libertie thairoff for mony respecttis, first that the brig end and land stalis thairof suld be frie, and gif the samyn wer biggit na frie passage sufficient mycht be had thairto nor waye, and thai in possessioune (fn. 1) to the bigging past memor of man, and in tyme of weir mycht end as (fn. 1), and wtheris mony ma wayes, and thairfor thai ordanit and concluditt to caus discharge the said worke bothe be the officeris of the towne and be the officeris of the barony, and to caus tak the same downe, and incaice thai will nocht staye nor obey the arreistment and command the provest bailleis and counsale with deikines to cast downe the same thame selffis.

28 May 1595.

Counpter clayth.

It is statute and ordanit that thair salbe coft sa meikle greyn clayth as to be ane counpter clayth to cover the counsalehous buirde.

7 June 1595.


It is ordanit that William Stobo, officer, be send to Lanerk for summouneing of the proveist, bailleis, and counsale thairof, to compeir in the conventioune of burrois, and to that effect hes appoyntit Wadinsdaye nixttocum.


Arthour Allan is ordanit to produce the act betuix him and the towne concernying the bell bringing hame, and thairto appointit Weddinsdaye nixt efter the preiching.

New kirk.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanes Dauid Hall, commoune procuratour, to paye to Williame Fleyming and Margrat Fleyming, his spous, the sovme of ane hundreth markis money for redemptioune of thair pairt of the New Kirk quhilk wes goittin of the New Kirk yardes of byrovne dewties and entres syluer fra Andro Kilpatrik, Robert Young and Jonet Reid, relict of vmquhill James Wallace.

10 June 1595.

Act of deikines.

Christopher Allexander, mercheant, is becum cautioune for Johnne Hamiltoune, deikin of the hammirmen, [and others are become caution for each of the following crafts, viz.:—Cordineris, tailyeouris, baxteris, cowperis, fleschouris, wobsteris, wrichtis, masounes, bonnet makeris, and skinneris], that the saidis deikines sall compeir againe befor the provest, bailleis, and counsale, to ansuer for accusatiounes laid to thair charge for contraventioune of thair craftis, and vtherwayes, wpone xxiiij houris warnyng, and als to gif wpe every ane of thair craftis respectiue that salhappin to be insolent and trubleris of the quiyetnes of the towne, ilk persoune onder the paine of fyve hunderth li., and ilk ane of thame ar decernit to releve thair cautioneris. It is statute and ordanit be the provest, bailleis, counsale and deikines, respectand the apperand multitude of the incumeris to be frie in the towne, and that be reasonabilnes of thair fynes that hes beine in tymes bygane, it is statute and ordanit that ilk outtintownes burges sall paye for thair fynes in tyme cumyng na les nor the sovme of xx li. to be payitt to the thesaurer, always the priuilegeis of burges barnes to be obseruit and keipit, conforme to the aith maid thairanent of befoir, and ordanes the same to be roipitt wpoun the Symmerhill quha will gif maist thairfor yeirle wpone sic conditiounes as salbe sett downe.

Brig, ladle.

[The casualties of the bridge set for £48, and the casualties of the ladle for £400; the eister and wester mills set for three years for £500 yearly.]

Treasurer, etc.

[From a leet of six, Johnne Bornes chosen treasurer; from a leet of five, Thomas Glen chosen maister of work. Minstrels:—Archibald Boreland, Archibald Glen.

13 June 1595.

Wrang, Glen.

William Glen, baxter, is content that incaice he transport ony staines throw the greyn to St. Tinewis brig in tyme cumyng, or truble the passage vtherwayes nor ane futte rod, to paye ten li. in tyme cuming.

St. Tinewis well.

The baillies ordanes the maister of work to repair the brig at St. Tinewis well besyde the Greyn to be ane futte rod in tyme cumying.

14 June 1595.

Rowane, burges gratis.

In presens of [the bailleis and council.] James Rowane, skinner, is maid burges and freman of the burgh and citie of Glasgw, and hes gevin his ayth of fidelitie as efferitt, quhais fynes ar remittit be the bailleis and counsale to Robert Chirnesyde, baillie, for purchessing of the gift of the privie seale concernying the penalteis of the Kirk, and als for buiking and delyvering of the decreit betuix the bischope of Glasgw and the towne, quhilk vmquhill George Elphinstoune gat furth of the counsale hous.

Clerk, brig.

Johnne Clerk, cordiner, being accusit for the taking of ane penny for ilk beist passand enlangis the brig, bothe east and west, out of fair tymes thir xij yeiris bygane, quhilk propirlie apperteines to the towne be vertew of the gift grantit to the towne for wphalding of the brig, and for defrauding of the same fra the towne to that vse, being vnknawin to the towne quhill now, quha comperand grantit he wptuik the same thir xij yeris bygane, as haveand tak thairof be Mathow Boyde and John Hammiltoune for ten merkis yeirlie; and thairfor thai have dischargeitt him in taking ony farder thairof in tyme cumyng out of fair tyme, and to decist and ceis thairfra, bot to suffer the townes taxman to wptak the same in tyme cumyng, and as to byganes continewit his persewing for the same to new warnyng.

Wrang, carteris, wrangis done to the brig.

Robert Brovne [and four others,] carteris, ar decernit in the wrang, the said Robert Brovne and John Philp in laying of staines of cartis wpoun the brig, and siclyik thai and the remanent ar fund all in the wrang for leiding of staines wpoun karris dayelie inlangis the brig, and is decernit to paye ilk ane of thame xx s. of penaltie, and to remane in warde during the bailleis will, and to absteyne in tyme cumyng onder the payne of ten li.


Memorandum. The decreitt betuix the bischope of Glasgw and the towne is putt in the almery to be keippitt in tyme cumyng.


The bailleis and counsale ordanes the haill deikines and certane honest men of the mercheantis to conveine with the bailleis in counsale hous wpone Weddinsdaye eftir the preiching concernyng the hospitall.

18 June 1595.

Fleyming, Communitas.

Compeirit Williame Fleyming and producit ane few chartour maid be the provest, bailleis, and counsale to Sir John Steuarte of Mynto, knycht, his airis and assignais of ane peice land of the commounetie extending to the Balgraye dyikis on the north to the greitt hill on the south, the hie gate to the Bischoppis brigis on the west and to the lytill commoune mos on the east partis.

Dunbar, burges, gratis.

Johnne Duncan, smyth, is maid burges and freman of the burgh and citie of Glasgw, and hes gevin his ayth of fidelite as efferit as ane burges barne, quhais fynes ar remittit to him gratis be the bailleis and counsale the requeist of Williame Watterstoune, deikin, for his travellis and paynes susteinit be him in bringing of the glaid tydens of the Princeis birth and bruseing of his hors thairthrow, conforme to the warrand.

19 June 1595.


In presens of the bailleis and counsale, Robert Adame and James Tempill ar appointit commissioneris to the conventioune of burrois to be haldin at Perth the xxvj day of Junii instant, and thairfor ordanit ane commissioune to be gevin to thame, and the thesaurer to gif ilk ane of thame xxvj s. viij d. ilk daye during thair remanyng afeild.

28 June 1595.

Hallis, burgessis gratis.

James Hall, elder, James Hall, younger, breither, ar maid burgesses and fremen . . . quhais fynes ar remittit to the provest for his tua burgessis, and that for this yeir quhilk hes bein in vse thairof of befoir.


It is condiscendit that sex of the craftis and sex of the mercheantis sall conveine with tua ministeris in the Blakfreiris wpoun Frydaye nixtocum efter the preiching, to confer anent the hospitell, and for the mercheantis Alexander Baillie [and five others] and James Steuarte, baillie, and for the craftis James Craufurde [and five others] with Robert Rowat, baille, or ellis John Andersone in his absence.


The provest, bailleis, counsale, and dekines, all in ane voice, hes ratefeitt and appreivit the appoyntment maid betuix thame on the ane parte and Arthour Allan on the vther pairt anent the hame bringing of the bell to the Hie Kirk, of the date the first of October, and wes content to paye him for the same bell sa sone as he brocht hir hame.

1 July 1595.

Wrang, Walker.

Thomas Walker is fund in the wrang, be his awin confessioune, for breking of the lok of the porte of Bothuell, and thairfor hes fund Thomas Cook cautioune for him that he sall enter on Maunoundaye on the Croce of Glasgw to confes his falt and ask the bailleis of Hammiltoune forgifnes, onder the paine of xx li. in caice he failley thairintill.

12 July 1595.


Robert Adame and James Tempill, last commissioneris to the burrouis, comperit and producit and reportit thair ansuer.

19 July 1595.

Presentatioune, Mr. Alexander Rowatt.

In presens of the provest, bailleis, and counsale, comperit maister Patrik Scharpe, principall, maister Dauid Weymis, maister John Cowper, and maister John Bell, ministeris, and presentit maister Alexander Rowatt to be admittit and appoyntit the ferd minister to the towne and perrochun, quhome the provest, bailleis, and counsale allowitt and wes content with.

Rowatt, minister.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale present, hes grantit to the said maister Allexander Rowatt, minister, the sovme of xx li. money yeirle to paye his hous maill during his service of the ministrey in Glasgw and within the perochin thairof sa lang as he remainis minister thairin, and ordanes the thesaurer and thair successouris to paye the same yeirlie to him.


Comperit Robert Adame and James Tempill, last commissioneris of burrovis, and grantit that thai gef [in the] supplicatioune to the conventioune of burrovis concernyng the deyne of gyll at the desyre of the burrowis to suite and desyre ane deyne of gyll.

26 July 1595.

Commissioneris of burrovis, thesaurer.

The bailleis and counsale abone writtin ordanes John Bornes, thesaurer, to content and pay to Robert Adame and James Tempill, commissioneris to the burrovis, nyn li. for the ajent and clerkis fie debursit be thame, togidder with ten merkis restand of thair expenssis superexpendit at the said conventioune. Item, thai have delyverit the letteres and wrettis againe delyverit be the towne to thame before the said conventioune.

2 August 1595.

Extent of the bell.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanit ane extent of sevin hunder li. to be taxt wpoun the haill inhabitantis of this towne, both provest, bailleis, officeris, kirk men, men of law, noteris, pursivanes, wedowis, and both frie and onfre; and for performyng thairof hes appointit thir persounes following:—[here follow names of persons appointed and their districts;] and to convein on Thuirsday in the mornyng, and thai to be warnit to that effect.

30 September 1595.


The conventioune for cheising of the lytis for the bailleis for the yeir to cum, conforme to auld vse and wont, within the counsale hous, be the provest and thrie of the auld bailleis and remanent counsallouris, being convenit, thai have ordanit to requeist my lord fewar for nameing of thrie of the lytis to be bailleis this yeir to cum, and continewit the presenting of the lytis to Settirdaye nixt or soner at his hame cumyng.

Lytis lytit to be bailleis be the provest, auld bailleis, and counsale, to be bailleis for this present yeir, requeistand and desyrand my lord fewar to cheis and nominat thrie of thame to be bailleis for this yeir to cum allanerly, thinkand thame to be ane sufficient number to that effect: [follow eight names, including the four "auld bailleis;"] and hes ordanit Thomas Pettigrew, Dauid Hall, James Braidwode, to accompany the clerk to present the lyittis and gett ansuer.

Statute, marcatis.

It is condiscendit be the provest, bailleis, and counsale that it salbe lesum to all persounes to bring in all kynd of victuallis, both breid, flesche, fische, and all vther viveris, to the mercatt and towne ony daye of the oulk, both mercat dayes and vtheris, and naine to mak impediment in selling thairoff.

3 October 1595.


Comperit Walter, commendatour of Blantyre, lorde of Glasgw, and electit Sir Matthow Stewarte of Mynto, knycht, provest for this present yeir to cum.


And siclyck, comperitt Dauid Hall, Thomas Pettigrew and James Braidwod, and presentit the lytis to my lord pryour of Blantyre lord of Glasgow, contenand aucht persounes, of the quhilkis thai desyrit him to nominat thrie to be bailleis for this yeir to cum conforme to the ordinance of the counsale, and gif his lordschip wald nominat ony ma nor thrie protestit that the same suld nocht preiuge the libertie of thair towne. The said lord, ansuerand, thocht it was als meikill necessar to have four this yeir as thir tua yeiris bygane, and thairfor for this present yeir wald elect na fewar nor four, promeseand nocht to preiuge thair libertie in ony yeir to cum, bot efter reasoning sa mony as aucht to be electit in tyme cumyng at the optioune of the provest bailleis and counsale, and thairfor nominat and electit thir four persounes following to be bailleis for this present yeir, viz., Williame Conynghame, Hectour Stewart, Johnne Andersoune, Thomas Muir. And thairfor thai ordanit the provest and bailleis commissioun to be writtin, and appointit Weddinsdaye nixt for sealing thairof and accepting of thair office.

8 October 1595.


The provest and bailleis all present, except Hectour Stewarte, baillie, absent, accepit thair comissiounes and gef thair aithes.


And incontinent thairefter the provest and bailleis, auld and new, cheasit thair counsale as followis for this present yeir: Consilium pro presenti anno 1595:—Robert Chirneside, James Steuarte, Robert Rowatt, auld bailleis; James Lyoune [and twenty one others; and in addition] Johnne Bornes, thesaurer, Thomas Glen, maister of work, extraordineris. And ordaines thame to be warnit to Frydaye nixt for acceptatioune.

Keyis kepeares.

Keyis kepeares for this present yeir: [follow names of keepers of the keys of the foir dur, the hingand lok of the coffer, the foir almery, greit coffer (two keys), lytill kist, lytill almery, lytill kist, lytill box, and foir almery]. And thay ar ordanit quhen thai ar chargeit to compeir and produce thair keyis that thai sall compeir in proper persounes to produce thame, onder the paine of xl s. ilk falt, except thai be furth of the towne.

10 October 1595.

Officers, etc.

[Eight officers elected; William Smyth elected water serjeant; eight liners appointed; and David Hall elected common procurator.]

11 October 1595.


The bailleis and counsale, be reasoune that the hervist is nocht endit bot present in hand and can nocht be knawin how the priceis of the victuallis ar sa deir, sua that the priceis of the victuallis and vtheris vyvers contenit in statutes can nocht be liquidat reasonable, thairfor hes continewit the statutes setting downe to the [blank] daye of [blank] nixtocum.

14 October 1595.

Watter seriand.

The watter seriand is warnit to gif wpe the names of the lipper againe Frydaye nixt, and siclyik is ordanit to warne the contraveneris of the statutes in bying of hering at the watter and topping the same over againe, and thai to ansuer Frydaye nixt.


John Tempiltoune, poynder, is ordanit to poynd ilk beist that cumis in the kirk yarde to paye iiij d. ilk futte, and gif he sufferis ony to be thairintill he to paye xvj s. for ilk falt.

21 October 1595.

Statute, aill.

It is statute and ordanit be the bailleis and counsale that thair be na aill sauld deirer in tymes cuming nor xvj d. the pynt.

25 October 1595.

Gardner, burges, gratis.

John Gardner, servitour to William Conynghame, baillie, is maid burges and freman . . . quhais fynes in respect of his departing to Danskin is remittit to him gratis be the bailleis and counsale and requeist of William Conynghame, baille.

8 November 1595.

Statute of the stoipis.

The baillies and counsale ordanes the drum to pas throw the towne commandand and chargeand all the inhabitantis of the towne to bring and present all thair bynd of stoippis, greit and small, as quartis, pyntis, choipines, and mutskines, to the tolbuyth wpoun the xiij, xiiij, xv and xvj dayes of November instant, to be of new missourit and merkit onder the pane of xl s. toties quoties, viz., all the inhabitantis of the Stokwoll, Lyndsyes Wyndes, and west syde of the towne fra the Croce to the Stokwell, with the south syde of the Troynegate, and all outwith the West Port the first daye, and the nixt daye all the inhabitantis of the north syde of the Troynegate upe to the Stable Greyn and Rattounraw, the thrid daye the haill inhabitantis fra the east syde of the Hie Kirk, with Drygate and [north] syde of the Gallowgate to St. Mongois Kirk; and the ferd day the haill inhabitantis of the south syde of the Gallowgate and the east syde of the towne fra the croce to the brig inwith and outwith; and incace thai present nocht the same to be markit as said is gif thai be apprehendit to be escheitt and to paye the vnlaw foirsaid als oft as thai contraveine.


[Item, it is condiscendit be the bailleis and counsale to have the waitche of the towne new rasit againe in this maner, viz. [a bailie and two officers named for each of the following districts] (1) fra the brig on the east syde to George Lyones borne beyond the Gallowgate burne; (2) fra the brig on the west syde Stokwell and Lyndsyes Wynd south syde of the Troynegate and Greynheid; (3) the northsyde of the Troynegate and west syde of the Hiegate to the Stable greyne; (4) fra Lytill St. Mongois kirk to maister John Cowperis hous; and to begyn on Maunundaye nixt.]

11 November 1595.

Act. Reid.

Comperit Margrat Reid, being apprehendit for theft, grantis hir to have stowin fra Walter Grayis wyiff ane cloik, and fra John Hall thrie barrowis, ane covering of John Galbraythes, ane meikle tub fra Christopher Allexander, and confessis hir to be ane commone pyikear, and thairfor is becum actit of hir confessioune to be banisit both burgh and barony, and gif scho be apprehendit thairintill is content to be drownit, but ane assyis.

2 December 1595.

Sympsoune, burges, gratis.

Williame Sympsone in Gowth is maid burges and freman . . . . quhais fynes ar remittit be the bailleis and counsale conforme to the ordinance to Archibald Eglintoune, for making of ane calsaye fornentis the New Kirk dur sua that na fuillie ly thairupone for stopping of the passage in tyme cumyng.

6 December 1595.

Statute, missouris.

The bailleis and counsale ordanes the drum and skellat to pass throw the towne commanding and chargeing all and sindry toppeares and sellares of corne, meill, malt, salt, quheit, flour and vtheris, that thai bring and present all thair firlottis, pekis, half pekis, and ferd pekis to the tolbuyth to be missourit be the maister of work and of new merkit upoun sic dayes as salbe appointit by the drum or skellat, onder the pane of five li. ilk persone that vseis ony thairefter vnmarkit and justit as said is; and in respect of the greit derth of the victuall ordanes the customer to present the haill missouris and pekis that he hes allreddy maid to the effect foirsaid, and siclyik to caus mak half pekis and ferd pekis for serving of the meill mercat, onder the said paine, and the same to be vseit quarterly.

Statute, beggares.

The provest, bailleis, counsale, ministeris, elderis and dekines ordanit the drum to pas throw the towne commanding and chargeing all and sindry puir beggares that hes nocht remanit nor duelt within this towne be the space of five yeir bygane, conforme to act of parliament, to remove and discharge thame selffis furth of the libertie of the towne and boundis thairof within xlviij houris nixtocum, onder the pane of scurgeing thame throw the toune and burning thame wpoun the cheik and vtheris panes as salbe thocht be the magistratis, and that nane of thame nor the outland and cuntrey beggares, or yit remaining in the suburbes tak wpoun hand to be fund resortand or beggand within the said towne fra that daye furth under the said paine, and als that na induellar within the towne resave or ludge ony stranger beggar onder the paine of baneisment furth of the towne yeir and daye, and for executioune heirof has appointit thir persones, viz., Robert Broune, mercheant, [blank]; and John Tempiltone, poyndar, for to assist thame, for the quhilk thai sal have oulkle xxj s. to be payit for thair travellis.

13 December 1595.

Statute, meil mercat.

The bailleis and counsale, respectand the extreme derth of the victuale and abuse of the meilmen and maltmen, in passing furth of the towne to foirstall the victuallis cummand or that wald cum to the mercat, thairfore for remeid thairof hes statute and ordanit that na meilmen nor maltmen induellaris within the towne pas of the towne and by ony victuale out of the same nor yit within the towne, to by ony fra landwart folkis to tope over agane in tyme cumyng, nor yit cum to the mercat sted in mercat tyme of daye to preiuge our Souerane lordis liegeis without thai have meill of thair awin corne making to sell, onder the pane of ten li. ilk falt onforgevin, and this to be procleamit in the mercatt placeis, and that na victuall be sauld in greit bot to serve fra ane mercat daye to ane vther onder the said pane.

20 December 1595.

Buchquhan, thesaurer.

The baillies and counsale grantit to Johne Buchqvhane xx li. for his support for this yeir, in respect of the greit derth conforme to the warrand, provyding the same be na preparative in tyme cumyng, and ordanit the thesaurer to paye the same to him.

Boyd, Allan, thesaurer.

And als ordanit John Boyde to pay to Arthur Allan, thesaurer in the lxxxxiij yeir, xxxiij s. iiij d., in compleit payment of the sovme of fyve li. for the maill of the Belhous, and remittit the vther half inrespect the steiple wes tane downe.


  • 1. In the original, blanks are left here for two or three words.