Extracts from the records: 1596

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1596', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, (Edinburgh, 1914) pp. 175-183. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp175-183 [accessed 11 April 2024]

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16 January 1595–6.

Communitas, Maxvellis, Birkmyir.

Anent the actione persewit be Dauid Hall, commoune procuratour, aganes Williame Spreull, Robert and Robert Maxvellis, induellaris in Glasgw, for contraventione of ane act and statute maid be the provest, bailleis, and counsale, wpoun the thrid day of Julij 1592, quhairby thai contravenit the same in passing furth of the tovne with wapines, gwnes, and vtheris, and taking parte with maister Gabriell Maxvell in defending and invading him with wapines aganes George Birkmyir and his spous, vpoun the landis within the parochin of Inchynnan, as the complaynt beris, the saidis thrie persones denyit the haill complaynt in passing with the said master Gabriell in assisting him with thair gownes or wapines to the said Inchynnan, and to preif the same the provest and baillies assignit Tysday nixt the xx day of Januar.

23 January 1595–6.

Wrang, carteris.

The haill carteris ar fund in the wrang for contraventioune of the statutes of the towne in spilling of the Greyn.

24 January 1595–6.

Harbertsone, burges, gratis

Archibald Herbertsone, mercheant, is maid burges and frieman . . . . as the secund burges promesit to Donald Conynghame of Aikinbar, conforme to the contract for dispositioune of Lytill St. Mungois Kirk be the said Donaldis speciall missive.

27 January 1595–6.


Williame Sympill, Robert Sympill, and George Campbell, are fund in the wrang and amerciament of court for the trublance done be thame in the towne. Johne Montgomery of Scottistone, John Montgomery, Gawand Montgomery and Mathow Montgomery ar lyikwyis fund in the wrang for the trublance done betuix thame to the towne. And thairefter the said Robert Sympill of Fulwode, for him, his freindis, dependeris, partakeris, assisteris, and all that he may latt, hes fund Andro Baillie and Robert Steuarte, cautioneris, coniunctlie and seueralle, that thai sall mak na trublance within the territorie of the towne be waye of deid, onder the pane of ane thowsand pundis money conforme to the ordour of burgh, and the said Robert Sympill of Fulwode is decernit to releve and skaythles keip his cautiouneris of the premissis, and the sindry souerteis ar becum cautioune for the entre of the said John and his compliceis compleanit on the tent day of Februar and als for thair comperance to persew conforme to vse of burgh.

1 February 1595–6.

Act, Montgomery, Scottistoune.

In presens of the provest, Johne Spreull of Ladymuir and James Montgomery, burges of Glasgw, are becum cautioneris, coniunctlie and seueralle, for John Montgomery, Scottistoune, that he sall with ressonabill diligence pas to the Duikis grace to Edinburgh, conforme to his missive, onder the pane of tua thowsand pundis money, to obey the said Duikis grace will, and siclyik thai ar suerteis for the said John his assisteris and partakeris, lyik as Fulwod hes done, that thair salbe na trublance done be thame within the territorie of Glasgw quhill the tent day of Februar instant, onder the pane of a thowsand li., and for his entre that daye onder pane conforme to vse of burgh, and the said John is decernit to releve his cautiouner of the premissis.

6 March 1595–6.

Communitas, Blakburne. Communitas.

Maister Johnne Blakburne, maister of the grammer schole, hes referrit him self to the jugement and declaratioune of the provest, bailleis, and counsale gif thai will tak fra him for thair consent and assent to the fewing of the foir schole hous and yarde ane hundreth merkis of entres and sa mekill mair as thai sall mortifie, or gif thai will gif him for his consent as chaiplane to few the same to ony vther sa meikill mair as thai wald gif nor tua hundreth merkis quhilk thai have offerrit him for his consent, and to paye yeirle fyve merkis yeirlie dewtey, and how on ather syde thai will declair he is content to fulfill the same, and hes subscryvit thir presentis with his hand, and that thai declair the terme of payment on ather side, and for declaratioune of thair ordinance hes appointed the xiij daye of Marche instant.

12 March 1595–6.

Blakburne, schole hous.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, present, convenand for geving of thair declaratioun and declaring of thair will tuiching the offer concernyng maister John Blakburne, conforme to the former act maid thairvpone the sext of Merche instant, subscryvit be his hand, be thair declaratioun and pronunceing of thair will ordanes the thesaurer to pay to the said maister Johne Blakburne the sovme of tua hundreth ten merkis money for his consent geving and subscriptioune to ane few chartour to be maid to sic persounes as the provest bailleis and counsale suld appoint for setting and fewing of the foir scholehous and yarde, contenit in the said act betuix and Witsondaye nixtocum, and this thair pronunciatioune thai have declarit in presens of the said maister Johne; and the said few chartour to containe fyve merkis yeirlie dewtey contenit in the last act. And to that effect thai ordane the said foirhous and yarde to be roipit, and to visey quha will bid maist thairfor, and to that effect ordanes the drum to pas throw the towne wpoun sic dayes as they think expedient to that effect.

10 April 1596.


The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanes the penny custome of the Troine to be observit conforme to the statutes of befoir, that is ane half penny for ilk stane wecht, and the customeris vptakeris of the mair to be accusit thairfor, and ane ordenance to be set doune for observing thairof in tyme cuming.


Item, considering the act of parliament for forbidding of flesche fra the first of Merche to the first of Maij, ordanes the officeris to pas and inhibite all persounes, sellares of flesche, both fresche and salte, nocht to sell nane thairof in tyme cumyng onder the panes contenit in the said act, and to admoneis the landward flescheouris nocht to bring to the mercat in tyme cumyng.

Stokwoll gaite.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes, at supplicatioune of the inhabitantis of the Stokwoll gaite quha ar gretumly chairgeit be biggin of thair calsaye be greit sowmes, desyring support of the towneschip thairto, hes gevin and grantit to the help of the said calsaye in Stokwell gate and to Thomas Glen, maister of work and collectour thairof, four persounes to be admittit burgessis and maid frie at the requeist of the said Thomas Glen of his awin suitting, quhen he inbring the same, and als ordanes the nychtbouris that refuis to pay thair dewty for the said calsay to be poyndit be the officeris, and to mak payement thairof to the said Thomas Glen sa far as thair tenementis and houssis extendis to.

Stewarte for scholehous and yarde.

In presens of the proveist, bailleis and counsale, efter thrie sindrie dayes roiping of the foirhous of the scholehous and yarde on the baksyde thairof, be passing of the drum thrie seuerall dayes of befoir offering the same to thame that wald bid maist thairfor, and the last quhairof wes the thrid of Aprill and now continewit to this daye, and becaus nane offerit mair nor Hector Steuarte, baillie, quha offerit four hundreth four-scoir ten merkis, it being oppinly procleamit sindry tymes, thairfor the same is ordanit to be gevin to him for the same and fyve merkis be yeir conforme to the first act, and chartour to be maid to him thairof.

23 April 1596.


James Pawtoune, merchant, is maid burges and frieman of the burgh and citie of Glasgw, and hes gevin his ayth of fidelitie as efferit, quhais fynes ar remittit gratis be the bailleis and counsale to Allaster M'Caslan, chyrurgeane, for his service done be him in curing of sindry puir anes in the towne, and for his service to be done in tyme cuming, and is ordanit to scat and lott and to have his armour, onder the pane of ten li.

27 April 1596.


Robert Watsoune, fleschour, is fund in the wrang for selling of meill out of the mercat place and contraventoune of the statutes.


John Gilmour is decernit to pay to Williame Smyth, watter seriand, xxv s. money, for fyve termes annuell restand preciding the date heirof pertenyng to the puir leprois hospitall beyond the brig, to be payit incontinent.

1 May 1596.


The bed of the bak almoushous, last occupeit be Archibald Muir and Johne Fultoune, grantit to Archibald Hommill during his lyiftyme.

22 May 1596.

Chirnesyde, commissar, consistoriall.

The bailleis and counsale ordanit tua burgessis to be admittit gratis to the commissar for reparatioune of the consistoriall place, considering the same to be rwinus, and the hous to appertein to thame selffis, and for the weill of the tovne, and the same to be socht out be him selff.

1 June 1596.


The causualiteis of the brig ar sett to Dauid Hall quhill Whitsoundaye nixtocum in anno 1597 for the sovme of ane hundreth and fyiftein merkis.


The causualiteis of the mercat callit the ladle ar sett [for same period for] aucht hundreth and thretty merkis money.

My lnes.

The causualiteis of the tua mylnes, viz., Archibald Lyounes mylne and the eister tovne mylne in Thomas Brovne handis quhill outrynning of his thrie yeris thairof, for the yerle payment of five hundreth li. money.

Treasurer, etc.

From a leet of eight, Marcus Knox chosen treasurer; from a leet of five, Thomas Pettigrew chosen master of work. Menstrallis continewit: Archibald Boreland, Archibald Glen. Clerk: Mr. Henry Gibsoune standis conforme to his gift.

4 June 1596.

Wrang, carteris.

The haill carteris ar vnlawit and fund in the wrang for spilling of the Greyn in passing out of the boundis limitat to thame, and dome gevin thairvpoune.

5 June 1596.


Thomas Pettigrew is appointit commissioner to the conventioune of burrowis to be haldin at Abirdeyne the first daye of Julij.

Maister of work, passage.

The bailleis ordanes the passage to the mylnedame at Colynes port over the burne to be reparit be the present maister of work, Thomas Pettigrew.


It is condiscendit be the bailleis and counsale that the provest, bailleis, and counsale and deikines sall convein togidder wpoun the [blank] day of [blank] instant at fyve houris in the morning, and suld pas, accompaneit with sum spaidis, to pas to the mercheing of the loynes about the tovne, and first begyn at the Stable Greyn betuix Brwmehill and the Persounes Craft, and nixt about the Brwmehill, Garnegad, St. Mongois Trie and remanent haill loynes, ilk daye fra daye to daye quhill perfyting and reparaling of all loynes, and to begyn first on Tyisdaye nixt at four houris in the mornyng at the Croce, and thaireftir Weddinsdaye and Thuirsdaye ilk daye in the mornyng.

8 June 1596.


Duncan Sympill, Dauid Andro, and James Montgomery ar decernit to remove fra the tua laiche buythes and yarde in the New Kirk, ilkane sa far as they occupey, perteining to the towne, as they quha wer laufulle warnit to remove at the commone procuratouris instance and schew nor allegeit na reasonabill caus in the contrair, and thairfor wes ordanit to red the same incontinent.

Crychtoune, burges, gratis.

Johnne Chrychtoune, maltman, is maid burges and frieman . . . quhais fynes ar remittit to Thomas Pettigrew for the rest of the waidgeis awand to him and the remanent sulderis that passit to Strabogy, conforme to ane ordinance and act sett dovne be the bailleis and counsale thairof the [blank] day of [blank] last beris.

17 July 1596.


Comperit Thomas Pettigrew, last commissioner of the burrowis haldin at Abirdeyne the first of Julij instant, and producit the extract of the actis of burrowis with his ansueris and informatiounes.


James Bradwod and Thomas Pettigrew ar appointit commissioneris to the conventione of the sevin burrowis to be haldin at Edinburgh, the xx daye of Julij instant, concernyng the deyne of gyld.

6 August 1596.

Govan, burges, gratis.

John Govan, mercheant, porter of the college, is maid burges and frie man of the burgh and citie of Glasgw, and hes gevin his ayth of fidelitie as efferit, quhais fynes ar remittit to him gratis at requeist of the maisteris of the college.

Statute, watter seriand.

It is statute and ordanit be the bailleis and counsale that the watter seriand sall charge the haill boittis cumand to the Brwmelaw to cum to the brig of Glasgw, and thair to mak mercat at the said brig, and to discharge ony mercat to be maid at the Brwmelaw, bot to fens the same fra doing thairof onder the pane of ten li., and that becaus thai may cum vp the watter.

5 October 1596.


The haill bailleis and counsale condiscendit to requeist my Lord Duikis grace to elect and nominat only thrie bailleis for this present yeir, becaus the ferd wes choisin the last tua yeris for extraordinar caussis. [Eight persons, including the four "auld bailleis" nominated as a leet.] And ordanit the haill auld bailleis and counsale to convein on Frydaye to my Lord Duikis grace for presenting of the lyittis to him.

13 October 1596.

Proveist, bailleis.

Efter the electioune of the lyttis and presenting of thame be the clerk to my Lord Duik of Levenox having power be the Kingis grace to the nominatioune of the bailleis, and first being desyrit to nominat ane provest for the yeir to cum, and nixt for nominatioune of thrie of the lytis to be bailleis, hes nominat and presentit:—Provest, Sir Mathow Stewart of Mynto, knycht, to be provest; and for bailleis, at the townes requeist, nominat thrie, viz.:—Bailleis, Williame Conynghame, Hectour Steuart, Robert Rowatt.

Steuart, Andersoune, Muir, bailleis.

The bailleis and haill counsale ar becum actit and obleist to warrand releve and skaythles keip Hectour Steuarte, Johne Andersone, Thomas Muir, bailleis, as thai quha gef thair obligatioune as cautioneris for the towne of Dunbartan for rasing of the suspensioune concernyng the harbry at Cumray persewit be the towne of Irvine.

15 October 1596.


The provest, new and auld bailleis, electit and chesit thir persones vnderwrittin to be counsalouris for this yeir to cum: Consilium pro presenti anno, Thomas Muir, auld baillie [and twenty-six others.] Thomas Pettigrew, maister of work, Marcus Knox, thesaurer.

16 October 1596.


It is condiscendit that gif ony persone nameit to be counsalour, being personaly warnit to compeir to accept his office the first daye appointit to that effect, befor the passing away of the provost, bailleis, and remanent counsale, and being in the towne, sall nocht be reput nor haldin in ane counsalour for that yeir he is chosin.

Water seriand, etc.

[William Smith elected water seriand; nine liners and seven keepers of keys appointed; David Hall elected common procurator.]

Extent for soldiers.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, vnderstanding thame vrgeit vnder the pane of hornyng for payment of ane extent of four hundreth and xl. li. for paying of the sudderis ordanit to pas to Kintyre with Crowner Steuart at the Kingis grace command, hes appoyntit thir persounes following for making of the same and setting of it downe: [Follow the names.] And ordanit to be warnit to convein on Tysdaye nixt at viij houris in the mornyng, onder the pane of xl s. ilk persoune, and sum of the bailleis to be present with thame.

23 October 1596.

Browne, Egipsianes.

In presens of the provest, bailleis and counsale, Agnes Brovne, ane of the cumpany of the Egipsianes, being tane and put in the stokis, and becaus na thing wes tane with hir wes releivitt.

Wrang, Donaldis.

Johne Donald, elder and younger, ar fund in the wrang be the proveist, bailleis and counsale for foirstalling of the towne in sending to Air, and thair making blok for salt fra Charlis Campbell that wes frauchtit to Clyde, and to advys with the penaltie that salbe done thairfore the penult of October instant.


Thir persounes following ar appointit to convein with sum of the ministeris on Weddinsdaye nixt, efter the preiching, concernyng the reidar of the Hie Kirk, viz., William Conynghame, Robert Rowat, bailleis, Thomas Muir, Johne Andersoune.

30 October 1596.


John Diksone and Johne Sellar appoyntit collectouris of the suddertis stent, and to begyn on Tysdaye nixt.

4 November 1596.

Allane, Hie Kirk bell.

In presens of the bailleis and counsale, compt and reknyng being maid with Arthour Allan, concernyng the price of the Hie Kirk bell, thair is fund payit to him of the price of the haill bell extending to jm tua li. iiij d., and expenssis in hamebringing thairof, quhairof he hes resavit thir sovmes, viz., the rest of the auld bell mettall ixxx xviij li. ix s.; item fra the barony ixxx li; item, fra the collectouris vc iiijxx li. and sua restis awand him de claro l li. xj s.

23 November 1596.


Johne Muir, deikin, as cautioner for the entre of the remanent fleschouris, being warnit to this daye for contraveining of the statutes, is becum in the provest and bailleis will for himself and remanent flescheouris.

27 November 1596.

Statute, aill.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes condiscendit to pas throw the towne wpoun Weddinsdaye nixt efter the preiching, for the aill, and to poynd ilk persoune for fyve li. conforme to the statutes for the secund falt, and hes appoyntit William Neilsone and James Tailyeour collectouris for vpgaddering of the vnlawis to be distributit to the puir be the provest and bailleis sycht.

5 December 1596.

King, burges, gratis.

James King, wrycht, is maid burges and freman . . . quhais fynes ar remittit to him gratis be the bailleis and counsall for his service in the Hie Kirk, and hes fund Thomas Pettigrew cautioune for his service to be maid at the hungin of the bell and he to releve him.

21 December 1596.

Hepburne, burges, gratis.

Gawand Hepburne, mercheant, is maid burges and frieman, . . . quhais fynes is remittit to Johne Buchquhan be the provest, bailleis, and counsale, for his support inrespect of the greit derth of the yeir, conforme to the ordinance sett dovne wpoun the xviij day of September last.

24 December 1596.

Statute, sessioune.

The provest, bailleis, counsale and deikines, convenand for advysing with ane missive bill direct fra my lord thesaurer, desyring commissioneris to be send to him and declair quhat offer and conditiounes the towne will mak to his Maiestie incace he culd be movit to plant the Sessioune and College of Justice in this towne, quha voitit all in ane voce that thai ar nocht able in money for contributioune, bot offerrit thair service, and thairfor hes appoyntit Robert Adam and Henry Spreull commissioneris to ryde to Lynlythgw or Stirueling with the ansuer thairof on the townes expenssis, and ane commissione to be maid to that effect.