Extracts from the records: 1597

Pages 184-189

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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18 January 1596–7.

Aittoune, burges, gratis.

William Aittoune, meilman, is maid burges and frie man . . . quhais fynes is remittit to maister Henry Gibsone, clerk, be the proveist, bailleis and counsale, for his extraordinar service done be him in making of the last infeftment of Arehibald Lyounes mylne haldin of the King, and Johne Fyndlayes reuersioune of the tolbuyth, and vthers service done be him.

25 January 1596–7.

Robesoune, burges, gratis.

Patrik Robesone, smyth, is maid burges and frie man, . . . quhais fynes is remittit to James Montgomery conforme to the warrand grantit to him in consideratioune of the hurt susteanit be him in the Kingis service in Hammiltoune, as the act subscryvit be Archibald Hegate of the date the secund daye of October anno lxxxv. yeris.

9 February 1596–7.

Bell, minister.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, viz., Thomas Muir [and eight others,] hes aggreit all in ane voce, respectand the greit derth, to gif and grant to maister Johnne Bell, minister, the sovme of iijxx lib. for his present support, but preiudice or inducing ony practik or vse thairof in tyme cumyng.

20 February 1596–7.


James Bell is appoyntit commissioner to ryde to Perthe to the conventioune of the estates and of burrois, to be haldin thair the last of Februar instant, and ordanit the thesaurer to paye to him xx li. to be his expenssis.

23 February 1596–7.

Statute, wyne.

The provest and bailleis ordanit the officeris to pas and charge the wyne sellares nocht to sell ony wyne that come furth of Edinburgh nor x s. the pynt, onder the pane of ten li. fra this furth, and the vnlawis to be applyit to the puire.

26 February 1596–7.

Statute, Tronegate, calsaye.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanes the Troynegate calsaye to be maid and biggit sa far as is vnbiggit, and the inhabitantis of the said gate, both foir and bak, be sicht of the bailleis, maister of work, and sum of the counsale, to taxt the same, and the expenssis to be maid and ane taxatioune to be sett downe to thame to be payitt be the said inhabitantis conforme to the said taxatioune conforme to thair ruides, and to conveine to that effect Tysdaye nixt befor noine.

Collectouris of the suddertis extent.

The compt of the suldert stent collectit be Stene Sellar and William Stobo being examinat and maid, the suldertis being payitt and in poyndis xj merkis, and restis vnpayit vj li., and iij li. xiij s. iiij d. allowit to thame for thair expenssis maid in drink and wpoun the stentares, yit by and attour the same the collectouris restis yit onpayitt in thair handis lxvij li. xvj s. viij d., and ordanes thame to paye to the thesaurer to be gevin to maister Johne Bell lx li. that thai have collectit in money incontinent; and the rest thairof extending to the said xj merkis in poyndis, vij li. xvj s. viij d. in handis, and the sax li. onpayit to be payit to the saidis collectouris for thair panes and fie.

22 March 1596–7.

Statute, fische mercats.

The bailleis ordanit the hering and fische mercattis to pas to the fische cors, ilk persone being chargeit onder the pane of xl s.

26 March 1597.


The bailleis and counsale hes appoyntit James Bell commissioner to the conventioune to be haldin at Edinburgh the first daye of Apryill concerning the customes and bulyeoune betuix his Maiestie and the burrovis.

29 March 1597.

Air, Hew erle of Egling toune.

Inquisitio:—Thomas Muir [and fourteen others]. The quhilk daye, Hew, erle of Eglingtoune moderne, ane noble and potent lorde, is fund be the inqueist abonewrittin as nerrest and lawfull air to vmquhill ane noble and potent lorde Hew erle of Eglingtoune, his gudsire, to all landis, rowmes, heretageis, annuelrentis quhatsumever quhairin he deitt last vest and seasit within the territorie of the burgh of Glasgw, and dome gevin thairupoune.

30 March 1597.

Statute, lyme.

It is appoyntit betuix the provest and bailleis and counsale, on that ane pairt, and Johne Liddell, lym man, on the vther pairt, in this maner, concernyng the price of the lyme and mesore thairof that he sall delyver to all the inhabitantis his lyme ilk boll gude and sufficient, but stanes, for xxviij d. the boll, to be payit at the delyverie, and the mesour thairof to be maid and sealit and gevin him be the master of work and vtheris to be adionit to him, and this act and price to stand wnalterit quhill Witsoundaye in lxxxxviij yeir, awyis that nane be sauld to ony outtintownes folk conforme to the first appoyntment.

15 April 1597.

Gemmill, Blak.

Mathow Muirheid is decernit, be the persewares ayth tane, to delyver to Alexander Gemmill and James Blak ane mett kettill, ane wly kettill, ane aill barrell, ane vly barrell, ane meill barrell, ane aix, ane wombill, ane hering pyip, with taikling and huikis, being the grayth of ane boit restanit ondelyverit, with xl d. expenssis.

18 April 1597.

Statute, James Og.

The bailleis and counsale and deikines resavand the letteres fra the duik, pryour and provest in favour of Jnmes Og now in this towne to convoy him to the court, condiscendit that tua bailleis and xxiiij horsmen to be appointit sall convoy him to Edinburgh, viz., xij mercheantis and xij craftismen, in the best maner that thai can ryde, with hagbut, steilbonnet, sword and vther necessar, and ilk persone that rydis to haive ten li. for his expenssis, and ane contributioune to be sett downe wpoun the mercheantis and craftismen as the bailleis sall think guid, and ilk persone being chargeit that failleis to ryde to paye ten li. of penaltie.

24 April 1597.

Burgessis gratis.

[Three burgesses admitted, the fines of one being given "to Johne Craig scholemaister for his service done be him," and the fines of the others given to two "officeris for thair support, grantit to thame this yeir be the bailleis and counsale."]

28 April 1597.

Entres of schippis.

James Temple gef wp his bark callit the James of Glasgow, and enterit twenty thrie twne Howtopas wyne, and the said James become cautione for payement of the impost thairfor within ten dayes nixt.

[The following are on the same date similarly entered:—The schip callit the Diana of Pettinweym of the birth thriescoir twnes; the small bark callit the Grace of God of Glasgw with the birth of xxj twn and ane half; the schip callit the Williame of Abirdeyne of the birth of xxxviij twnes; the schip callit the Pelican of Glasgw of the birth of fyiftie twnes; the schip callit the Lyone of Glasgw of the birth of fourtie thrie twnes; the schip callit the Marie Gawane of Glasgw of the birth of fyiftie twnes; the schip callit the Phenix of Dundy of the birth of thre scoir fyve twnes; on 2 May, ane schip callit the Marie and Johne of Pettynweime of the birth of xlviij twnes; and on 22 May the schip callit the Antilop of Glasgw of the birth of fourscoir tuelff twnes.]

30 April 1597.


The persones vnderwrittin, viz., the thrie bailleis, Robert Chirnesyde, commissar, maister Dauid Weyms and maister John Cowper, ministeris, ar appoyntit to conveyn for reasoning anent the ordour and lawis concerning the puir folkis, and to convein Tysdaye nixt at tua eftir noine.


Item, thai have ordanit the maister of wark to caus charge the commoune daye workeris of the towne of the commone muiris and towne mylne landis to work thair daye workis as thei salbe chargeit be him in the townes effares, and thai that failleis, being chargeit, to paye ten s. for ilk daye work, and the maister of work to be accusit vpoun his ayth that he pretermit nane of thame.


Item, the provest, bailleis, and counsale hes appointit thir persounes following, viz., the bailleis, with the lyneris, with John Andersone and thre of the deykines to pass and visie the Guisdub in Briggate socht to be the rowme of ane hospitall, wpoun Tysdaye at tua eftir none, and to report agane to the counsale.

6 May 1597.


[Decreit given in favor of the College against Williame Steuarte "as occupeyar, heretour and intromettour with the tenement in the Drygate callit Askirk Manse" for payment of "the sovme of xiij s. iiij d. money yeirlie be the space of xvj yeiris bygane, for ane annuell awand furth of the said tenement sumtyme perteining to the vicares of the queir of Glasgw and now perteining to thame as haveand the gift thairof."]

17 May 1597.

Brig, laidle, mylnes.

[The casualties of "the brig" let for a year for 105 merks; and those "of the mercat callit the laidle," for 830 merks; "The mylne standis in Thomas Brownes handis, as the thrid yeir of his tak, for fyve hundreth li."]

Treasurer, clerk, etc.

[From a leet of six, William Neilsoune chosen treasurer; "the clerk standis conforme to his gift, Maister Henry Gibsone; maister of work for this yeir to cum, Thomas Pettigrew; menstrallis for this yeir to cum, Archibald Boreland, Robert Spens, drummer, quha hes fund William Sympsone cautione for his guid service and thankfulnes, and Sir George Elphinstone to releve him thairof."]

21 May 1597.

Statute of the victuall.

Forsamekill as the provest, bailleis, and counsale, vnderstanding the greit skairsitie and derth of victuales in the cuntrey and fering the rysing of the prices thairof in tyme cumyng, throw the transporting of the same furth of the cuntrey be mercheantis and vther traifficguares to Irland and Helandis, thairfor thai have statute and ordanit that ane proclamatioune be maid on the Croce on Maununday nixt, inhibitand and forbiddand all and sindry inhabitantis of the burgh and barony of Glasgw, fre or onfrie, to pas to by ony kynd of victuallis in greit or vther small quantiteis to foirstall the mercat thairof, bot suffer the same to be presentit to the mercat sted, ilk persone onder the pane of xx s. ilk boll sa coft, nor by in the mercat mair nor may serve thair awin hous; item, that nane be thameselffis, or as lauchfull feeris with vtheris onder quhatsumever colour, by ony victuallis in greit quantitie nor serve thair awin houssis, nor transport nor have arte and parte in transporting the same furth of the towne to the Hielandis, Ingland, Yrland or vtheris placeis, be boittis, barkis, schippis, or vtherwyis, onder the pane of fyve li. the first falt ilk persone for ilk boll and to be persewit criminalle for the same as regrateres and foirstallares, and the secund and vther following to be dowblitt accordinglie, and that nane transport beir nor meill in greit quantitie of the towne except thai come and get leiff fra the bailleis and find cautione as efferis; item, that na maltman sell thair malt to be transportit downe the watter in ony quantite except the byar find cautione that the same sall nocht be transportit of the cuntrey, in presens of ane of the bailleis, and the barony men to find cautione to the laird of Mynto, onder the pane of fyve li. ilk persone; and ordanes the watter officer to se and caus the statutes be keipit and nocht to suffer ony boittis pas with victuallis away as said is bot to arreist thame, ilk ane onder the pane of xvj s., toties quoties, and the bailleis ilk ane thair daye about to tak tent for executioune heirof.