Extracts from the records: 1601

Pages 217-227

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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10 January 1601.

Grammar schole, Blackburne

In presens of the provest, bailleis, and counsale, maister John Blackburne, scholemaister, is decernit, of his confessioune, to content and paye to Thomas Pettigrew, maister of work, the sowme of four hundreyth merkis money, quhilk Hary the porter of the college left to the said College and now distributit and disponit be the College to help to the bigging of the Grammer Schole, to be furneist to the work bigging thairof in taikin quhairof the said maister Johne hes subscryvit thir presentis. [Signed,] Mr Johne Blackburne.

23 January 1601.

Gibsone, actis of parliament.

Maister Hary Gibsoune, clerk, producit the townes actis of parliament quhilk is delyverit to John Andersone, baille, and put in the foir almery.

28 February 1601.

Communitas, college.

The bailleis and counsale ordanes the principall of the college to be warnit to mak thair compt wpon the first of Merche as the first quarter of the yeir and to sie quhat daye he will keip to that effect, and the bailleis to be present, [etc.]

11 March 1601.

Communitas, college.

In presens of the provest, bailleis, and counsale and deikines, the thrie bailleis and certane of the counsale being directit, conforme to ane ordinance of befor, for hering of thair comptis, and thair accusatioune in breking of the fundatioune, being convenit with the rector and deyne of faculte to that effect, quha refusit to admit ony assissouris but only the bailleis, thairfor ordanes the bailleis to pas of new agane with the clerk with thame to convein with thame and first to heir the greiffis to be gevin in be the commone procuratour, to be accompaneit with the viij of the counsale, being nominat assissouris of befoir, and thairto assignit the xij of this instant at tua houris efter noine.


Maister Henry Gibsone, clerk, producit the fundatioune buik, togidder with the extract of the fundatioune of the College out of Latine in Scottis thairin contenit.

14 March 1601.

Richie, grammer schole.

Thai ordane Johne Richie, collectour of the sovmes appointit of the new reivin out landis, to pay the sovmes that he sall resave to the maister of work for reparatioune of the grammer schole.

Communitas, extent.

The provest, baillies, and counsale hes appoyntit thir persones onderwrittin to be warnit to the extenting of the sovme of viijc lib., as thair part of jc m. merkis set dovne at the last conventioune at parliament, and for help to the reparing of the Grammer Schole, and thair pairt of the jm merkis sett dovne vpon the burrois for directing to Flanderis and vtheris anent the societie inbringing.

18 March 1601.


The provest, bailleis, counsale and deikines, for bettir furnising to the generall wapinschawing to be appoyntit, thai think it meittest and ordanes the towne to be devydit in four seuerall quarteris, and hes appoyntit four seuerall commanders to that effect, viz., the provest first, and ilk baille ane quarter, for tranyng wp and lerning of the inhabitantis to the weyris, and the four quarter maisteris to be delt in tua quarteris at scarmousching or wapinschawing with anseinyeis, and the commanderis to have luifitennentis, viz., John Andersone for the provost, Thomas Muir with James Forret, Thomas Glen with Robert Rowat, and James Steuart with Allexander Baillie, and hes appoyntit Thomas Pettigrew and John Rowat, anseinyeis, and James Bradvode or ellis Ninian Andersone, anseinzie for the craftis, and the commanderis to cheis the rest of the membris, and to devyde the towne and to tak tryall ilk monethe anes, and hes devydit the towneschip in foure seuerall quarteris as followis:—[blank.]

28 March 1601.

Communitas, college.

The counsale thinkis guid and ordanes the bailleis to proceid in examinatioune of the principall of the college, and to proceid thairinto, and to that effect to caus warne the principall to Tysdye nixt to be in redines, and ordanit John Wilsone officer to warne him.

Communitas, new impoist.

The bailleis and counsale vnderstandand the gift of the impoist of the watter gevin be his Majestie to thame to be neir expyrit, hes condescendit that the provest salbe imployit and burdeanit to obteyne ane new gift of the dowbill thairof contenit in the last gift for the space of xix yeris to cum, and how sone that the same beis obtenit in forme as efferis, and presentis the same to thame within the counsalhous, thai sall gif him ane hundreht crovnes for doing thairof, and to be bestowit be him to that effect or les as he best maye get the same aggreit.

Hors mercat.

It is condiscendit and ordanit be the bailleis and counsale that the hors mercat be removit abone the Croce vp foiranentis the Grayefreir porte wpoun the calsaye, and the officeris to awayte thairon vpoun Mounondaye nixt, and gif thai refuis to remove to paye xvj s. of vnlaw.

New Kirk.

The bailleis and counsale ordanes the superplus of this last extent of his Majesteis taxatioune and reparing the schole, quhilk is iijc merkis, and the fyifte merkis to be payit to the ambassader to Flanders, to be applyit to the reparatioune of the yle of the New Kirk.

8 April 1601.


Thai have appoyntit Frydaye nixt at tua houris efter noine to convein with the College and to aduerteis the rector and deyne of facultie, and to meit in the Blackfreris, and to that effect ordanit Robert Herbertsoune to aduerteis thame.

10 April 1601.

Act, Sympsoune.

John Sympsone, in Kilbarchane, being banisit the towne of befor for steilling of foullis, and now is cum in the towne agane, and thairfor is ordanit to be scurgit throw the towne fra the brig to the castell, and gif ever he be fund heirefter within the towne to be hangit.

18 April 1601.

Cowper, minister.

My Lorde Duike, the provest, bailleis, counsale, and deikines hes appoyntit the morne eftir noine to meitt and confer with maister Dauid Weymis anent the supplicatioune of maister John Cowper, and to tak ordor thairwith.

Communitas, wapinschawing.

The provest, bailleis, counsale and deikines, in presens of my Lorde Duikes grace, thai have condiscendit that the towne sal be devydit in four quarteris, as it was appoyntit afor, for vptranyng of thame to the musteris and wapinschawing, and the four commanderis appoyntit afor to have four luiftenentis of mercheandis and craftismen equaly, and to be four anseinzeis, and the corporallis and seriandis to be mercheandis and craftismen equaly to be choisin betuix thame, and the four anseinzeis to be mercheandis and craftismen to be chosin equally gevin in; and the luifitenentis, corporallis and seriandis to be chosin yerle at Michaelmes, and hes appoyntit Wedinsdaye for devyding the towne and naming the office men.

2 May 1601.

Communitas, provest.

[James Steuarte and four others appointed "to confer with the provest anent the payment of the jc crounes promesit to him for the gift of the new impost."]

Rois, speiris.

[Ordained John Rois "to hamebring ane hundreth speiris, quhilk was condiscendit of befor, and the said maister Johne to avance the syluer thairof, and he to have xvj s. for ilk speir incontinent efter the hamebringing thairof."]

9 May 1601.

New Kirk.

The bailleis and counsale ordanes the collectoris of the last extent to delyver to Archibald Faullis aucht scoir ten merkis thairof for help and reparing of the yle of the New Kirk.

19 May 1601.

My lord duike.

In presens of the provest, [bailies and council,] they haue condiscendit, for honor of my Lord Duikes grace and schawing favor to him and for his bonevale, being appoyntit ambassador be his Majestie to France, to mak his lordschip ane bankett wpoun Setterdy nixt the xxiij of Maij instant, and als ordanit the number of xl persones to accumpany his lordschip to Edinburcht to remane for ane daye thairefter.

23 May 1601.

Communitas, college.

Thai have appoyntit James Forret, baillie, to ryde to Edinburgh to advyse and confer with the townes procuratouris and sic vtheris anent the tua fundatiounes of the College, greiffis, and haill proces and comptis thairof, and quha salbe herares of the comptis, and efter the advysement to acquent his Majestie quhat thai may seik be the law according to the appoyntment sett dovne be the College, and appoyntit Thomas Muir and Thomas Glen to speir the principall gif he will keip ather Thuirsdaye or Frydaye nixtocum, and ordanit the said James Forret to have xx li. for his expenssis.

23 May 1601.

Communitas, my lord duikes grace, lorde of Glasgow, anent the electioune of the magistrattis in his absence.

In presens of my Lorde Duikes grace, provest, bailleis, and counsale with ane consent, inrespect that my Lorde Duikes grace, lorde of Glasgw, is appoyntit be his Majestie to pas honorablie in ambassadrie to the realme of France, and is to pas thairto with expeditione and uncertane of his returnyng hame, sua that it sal happin his grace not to be present at Michaelmes nixt at the electione of the provest and bailleis for the yeir to cum, his grace, with the provest, bailleis, counsale, and deikines consent, willing bothe to preserve the townes libertie and my lordis, the bailleis and counsale wpoun the daye appoyntit of auld sall cheis the lytes and sall continew the presenting of the saidis lytes to be lytit to his lordschis hamecumyng to Scotland, and in the meintyme the auld bailleis and counsale to continew and stand in office quhill his Grace hamecumyng, without any preparatiue or preiudice to the libertie of the towne in tymecumyng, and be thir presentis gevis present commissioune to the auld bailleis and counsale to execute justice and use thair office as thai did of befoir quhill than.

5 June 1601.

Bridge, etc.

[The casualties of the bridge set for 710 merks, those of the ladle for 810 merks; the mills set for 500 merks.]

Treasurer, etc.

[From a leet of five, Johnne Diksoune chosen treasurer; Thomas Pettigrew chosen master of work.]

6 June 1601.

Communitas, customehous.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes ordanit ane lytill custome hous to be biggit vpoun the Brigend of [blank] lenthe, and that be sicht of Thomas Glen, Thomas Muir, Archibald Faullis and maister of work, with sum of the bailleis and certane of the deikines, and ordanit the townes officeris to assist Thomas Pettigrew, taxman this yeir, in ingaddering the same, ilk tua of thame thair tyme about; and the copey of the A B C to be put on the syde of the hous.

8 June 1601.

New impost.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes condiscendit and agreit, with consent of Thomas Pettigrew, taxman of the brig custome, that the fremen burgessis of this towne sall only paye the simpill impoist of thair greyn hering as thai payit the last yeir, viz., ij d. for the thowsand greyn hering and na farder that cumis in the coiper boittis.

Provest, new gift, Diksone thesaurer.

The bailleis and counsale, in respect that the prouest hes producit the new gift of the impoist, ordanes John Diksone, present thesaurer, to paye to the said provest the sovme of fyve hundretht merkis money for the hunder crovnes promesit to him of befor for the same, conforme to the former act maid of befor, and that incontinent.

New impoist.

The provest hes presentle deliverit and producit to the counsale the new gift of the impoist, bering the dowbill thairof for the space of xix yeirs, quhilk is ordanit to be registrat, and the copy thairof to be gevin to Thomas Pettigrew, taxman this yeir, and the A B C thairof conforme thairto.

10 June 1601.

Communitas, Woddrop, steiptroche.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, hering the supplicatioune of Richert Woddrope craveand libertie and licence to ane steip troche, inrespect the same is preiudiciall to the spowtis, the burne, and weill of the towne thai refuisit to grant him libertie to ony steip troche and watter discending within thair boundis.

Communitas, college.

Item, thai have appoyntit James Forret, baillie, [and six others,] to pas to the College the morne at ten houris efter the preiching for visiting the letteres of the College, and to reporte to the counsale on Setterdaye nixt, and quhat the bailleis and counsale, wpon aduertesing the provest, thinkis meittest to be done in that caus the provest promesit to hald hand thairto.

13 June 1601.


The baille and counsale convenit, reasonand anent the principall of the College ansuer, desyris the principall ather to gif the copey of the new letteres, viz., quhat fundatioune by the townes fundatioune, ather be King or Bischop, onder the privey seale or vtheris, and specially the gift gevin be Quein Mary of the Blakfreris, or ellis be his awin hand wret or subscriptioune, and to reporte quhat he hes to saye or mene thairto aganes the fundatioune, that the provest, bailleis, and counsall may be advysit [thairanent,] sua that thaireftir the last conclusione done in Edinburgh may be [set] furth, and to that effect hes appoyntit Thomas Glen, auld baille, and Archibald Hegate.

13 June 1601.

Act, Doctor Low.

The baillie and counsale present, at the special requeist and desyre of my Lorde Duikis grace, hes licenciat and gevis licence to maister Peitir Low, chyrurgian, to pas in company with my Lorde Duike as ambassadour appoyntit to France, and dispensis with his absence and not remanyng of the said maister Peitir, and that he may injoy his pensione of the towne, and that quhill the xi of November nixtocum, but preiudice of his contract in caice of his returnyng or soner at the said tyme as sal happin his lordschip to returne.


Item, it is statute that the haill inhabitantis, fremen, burgessis, salbe in redynes with thair armour on futte wpoun Weddinsdaye mornyng, being the Symmerhill daye, onder the panes contenit in proclamatioune wpoun Witsontysdaye and the provest bailleis and counsale and deikines to be on horsbak the said daye.

25 June 1601.

Communitas, Dunbartane.

The bailleis and counsale hes condiscendit and aggreit, for keiping of bettir amitie and freindschip betuix thame and Dunbartane in tyme cumyng, that thai sall remitt the fremen burgessis of Dunbartane resortand to Glasgow of thair customes, provyding gif thai will remitt the burgessis and induellares of Glasgw of thair customes.

30 June 1601.

Act for supporte of nychtbours anent the fyre.

The quhilk daye, efter noine, the bailleis, counsale, ministre, and dekines present, convenand for taking order anent the supplicatioune gevin in be the nychtbouris that hes susteanit greit scayth and damage throw the suddent fyre, and for thair supporte and releiff to thair comfort, hes condescendit that the bailleis, ministre, counsale and deikines sa pas to the haill inhabitantis of this towne, and as thai duell throw the same, to seik ask and crave supporte of thame vpoun thair charitabill doing and liberte, voluntarlie, and nocht of ony taxatione or compulsione, and to that effect hes appoyntit the ministre and bailleis and thir persones onderwrittin on the west syde, viz., John Andersone [and twelve others,] and for the east syde James Steuart [and twelve others;] and hes appointit John Andersone, collectour to the west syde, and Thomas Pettigrew to the east syde; and the morne at tua houris efter noine to convein in the Hie Kirk yarde to begyn at the Castell for the east syde.

Act, Leischman anent the fyre.

The bailleis, counsale, ministrie, and deikines, having tane diligent tryall of the suddent fyre laitle arrysin within this burcht, and gif James Leischeman, smyth, or his servandis in quhais smiddie the same first enterit into was culpable thairof or not, quha efter tryall taking thairof findis the same nocht proceidit of the said James nor his servandis be thair negligence or sleuthfulnes, bot only of the prouidence of God, tharfor declaris the said James and his servandeis to be wytles thairof, and thairfoire inhibites and forbides all and sindry inhabitantis within this towne nawyis to truble nor molest thame, athair in worde or deid, vthervyis nor be order of law, onder sic paynes as the provest, bailleis, counsale, and sessioune sall inioyne thairto.

11 July 1601.

Communitas, New Kirk.

The bailleis and counsale hes condiscendit and ordanit John Diksone, thesaurer, to pay to Archibald Faullis, maister of work to the New Kirk, the soume of xl lib. for reparatioune and making of ane counsale sate within the yle thairof, provyding the same exceid not xl lib.

18 July 1601.

Customeris, brig.

The bailleis and counsale ordanes and condiscendis that the tymmer and daillis of the tua over portis, Kirk porte and Rattounraw be tane doune and transportit to the repairing and making of ane lytill hous on the Brigend appoyntit of befor to the vse of the towne and releiff of the customer and his servandes, and that be the maister of work appoyntit thairto.

4 August 1601

Commissioner to Edinburcht; anent the clayth.

The quhilk daye, efter noine, in presens of the bailleis and counsale, having resavit tua missives direct, ane fra the secreit counsale and ane vther fra the towne of Edinburcht, anent ane commissioner direct to Edinburgh for ansuer giving to the clayth making to compeir in Edinburgh the tent of August, quha being present thinkis guid that thair sal be ane commissioner appoyntit, and to that effect hes appoyntit Mathow Trumble commissioner to convein in Edinburgh the said tent of August.

Buchquhame, Diksoune.

The quhilk daye, thai have ordanit John Diksoune, thesaurer, to paye to Johnne Buchquhan tuenty lib. for his burges fynes indettit be the towne to him contenit in his contract for this yeir only.

15 August 1601.

Communitas, St. Moungois lytill kirk buriall place.

The bailleis and counsale, with advyse of the deikines, hes ordainit Sanct Moungois kirk yarde beyond the Gallogate brig to remane and be ane buriall place in tyme cumyng bothe in kirk and kirkyarde, and to be dyikit round about and ane yet for to be ane entres, and to be performit be the towne and the maister of work.

1 September 1601.

Burgessis, gratis.

The quhilk daye, his Majestie being in Glasgw, in presens of the provest, bailleis and counsale thir persones onderwritten, his Majesteis domestic servandis following ar maid burgessis and fremen, burgh and cite of Glasgw, and hes gevin thair aythes of fidelite as efferit, viz., the Constable of Dundy, Sir Johnne Ramsaye, Dauid Selcrig, clerk, James Schaw, [and thirty-nine others.]

12 September 1601.

Provest, gossopes.

The baille and counsale having resavit the provestis missive direct to thame for directing ane or tua of the counsale to be gossopes to him at his dochteris bapteim in Edinburgh, the xxij of September instant, thai have condiscendit and appoyntit Williame Wallace to ryde to that effect, in name of the towne, and hes ordanit the thesaurer to gif him ten li. for his expenssis, ane aucht merk peis to the nureis, and xl s. for his hors wadgeis.

6 October 1601.

Prouest for 1601.

Comperit Aulay M'Caulay of Ardincapill and producit ane missive direct fra my Lorde Duikis grace lord of Glasgw, superiour, and having power of the nominatioune of the provest and bailleis of Glasgw, desyring the bailleis and counsale to admitt Sir George Elphinstone of Blyithiswode, knycht, to be provost for the yeir to cum; quhilk missive and desyre thairof the baillies and counsale admittit and resavit and ordanit commissione to be gevin to him to that effect conforme thairto.


The provest bailleis and counsale ordanit fyve lytes to be of the merchantis rank, viz., tua fouris and thre threis. Lytis lytit to be bailleis for this present yeir: James Forrett [and seven others,] and hes continewit the presenting of the lytes to my Lord Duikis grace hamecuming conforme to the former act.

Statute, bow kaill.

The provest, baillies, and haill counsale, onderstanding the great preiudice fallin in in the towne be selling and transporting of bow kaill and vtheris vivars outwith the towne to vther partis in greit quantite, thairfor thai have statute and ordanit that na bow kaill and vivars be sauld nor transportit in tyme cumyng in greit quantiteis, onder the paine of xx lib. to be tane als weill of the byar as the sellar, ilk falt, and the same to be applyit to the reparatioune of the calsayes; and als it is statute that the carteris transporte na bow kaill in the nicht, onder the pane of fyve lib.

15 October 1601.

Communitas, Blakburne.

The provest, baille and counsale, herand maister John Blakburne to be desyrit to remove furth of the towne to sum ministrie, that is and hes bein ane guid and sufficient member in instructing of the barnes of the towne and vther effares of the kirk thairinto, and willing him to be retenit within the same thai have appoyntit thir persones, viz., James Steuart, James Tempill, to pas to the Presbitre on Weddinsdaye nixttocum, requeisting thame in the townes name to help and furder him with ony benefeit about the towne for his support quhen it sall happin to waik, quhairby he may be retenit within the towne to be master of the Grammer Schole.

17 October 1601.

Cowper, minister, contra Stewarte.

[Maister Johne Cowper, minister, represented that Robert Stewart, who had assaulted him in the month of July 1600, had found caution not to molest him thereafter, and "compleanit vpoun the said Robert for contravening the forsaid act, bering upon the xiij day of October instant the said Robert callit the said maister John: Murtherer of his barnes, skaileing of his hous, oppressour and bereiffir of his guidis, and that he suld preiff him nocht worthy to beir office of ane minister and that he suld have him deposit." The provost, bailies and council decerned him to appear on Tuesday next and answer for contravening the act.]

20 October 1601.

[For contravening the act above referred to, Robert Stewart was ordained "to be put in the castell to remane quhill he satefie the party be sicht of the provest, baillies and counsale, during thair will." Thereafter Stewart "oppinly avowit and said he repentit but he had struikin ane sworde throw the said maister John Cowperis body it suld nocht gang sua, and that it suld coist him his lyiff bot he suld have his lyiff yit, and that thai had done him in wrang."]