Extracts from the records: 1600

Pages 201-217

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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1 January 1600.

New year.

Memorandum.—The yeir of God begynes this daye be ane act of Counsale of the King and new Estates quhilk was nocht in vse to begyn quhill the xxv of Merche.

Hadowey, Couper, minister.

In presens of the provest bailleis and counsale, sittand within the tolbuyth of Glasgw, comperit Andro Hadowey, sone to vumquhill Peitir Hadowey, and confessit that he maist wikitle, maliciousle, and wrangusle had iniurit Maister Johnne Cowper, minister, at sindry tymes be mony wordes, and last wpown Yuill daye, att eyne last was, in putting vpe of ane pascuill wpoun his yet within clud of nicht, contenand dyvers vaine, fylthy, and iniurious wordes, tending to his lyiff, hurt, and dishonour, and for the same become in the provest, bailleis, and the said Maister Johnnes will; and thairfore now, by and besyde the homage to be maid be him at the croce, thairfore the said Andro, as principall, and Thomas Aitchesone, littister, as cautiouner and souerty for him, ar becum of thair confessiounes, coniunctle and seuerally, to absteyne fra all iniurieng be waye of worde or deid or evill behaviour of countenance towardes him in tyme cumyng, vtherwyis nor to his pastor, onder the paine of fyve hundreth markis to be payit to the said provest and bailleis incontinent after the tryall thairoff, and the said Andro is content, in preiudice of this act and relieff of his cautiouner, nocht to sell and dispoine nor awaye put the infeftment he hes wpoun Steyne Sellares hous onder reuersione of iiijc merkis without consent of the said provest and bailleis, and the said Andro is obleist to releve his cautiouner of the premissis, and in takin heirof thai have subscryvit thir presentis, viz., Andro Hadowey, with my hand; Thomas Aitchesone with my hand.

2 February 1600.

Statute wyne.

The provest bailleis and counsale hes statute and ordanit that the new wyne transportit out of Edinburgh to Glasgow be na derrer sauld within this towne nor vj s. viij d. the pynt, onder the pane of fyve lib. the first falt fra this hour furth, the secund falt ten lib. and sua doubling the same, and the penalteis to be applyit to the reparing of the commoun calsayes of the towne.

Act of Lytill Sanet Mungois Kirk.

The provest bailleis counsale and [blank] ordanes the haill materiallis of stane, tymmer, and growand treis of Lytill Sanct Mungois Kirk beyond the Gallogate burne, to be doune tane and transportit to the yle of the New Kirk to the reparatioune and vse of the New Kirk, be sicht of Thomas Pettigrew and Archibald Faullis, and als ordanes the ground and rowme of the kirkyarde thairof to be sett out in few to thame that will gif maist thairfor, and the same to be roipit.

Deid bell.

Johnne Muirheid is admittit to the office of the deid bell during the provest, bailleis, kirk and counsale will.

9 February 1600.

Act of Doctor Low and Hammiltoune Spang.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, viz., Thomas Muir, [and eleven others,] present, haveand inspectioune and advyseand with the priuilegeis and statutes of our Souerane Lordis letter of gift and faculte grantit to maister Petir Low, chyrurgian, maister Robert Hammiltoune, William Spang and thair successouris, professouris of thair artes, touching the liberte of thair artes, grantit be his Maiestie to thame and thair successouris, as in the said letter of gift vnder the privey seale at lenthe beris, hes promesit to hald, haue, concur, fortifie, and menteine thame and thair successouris and liberteis grantit to thame in the same in all poyntis in tyme cuming; provyding that the same nor na actis that thai salhappin to mak salbe preiudiciall nor hurtfull to the commouneweil and liberte of the towne.

16 February 1600.

Scharpes, burgessis.

Maister Patrik Scharpe, principall of the college, is maid burges and frie man of the burcht and cite of Glasgw, and hes gevin his ayth of fidelite as efferit. And als Andro Scharpe, mercheant, his secund sone, is maid burges and frie man of the said brucht, and hes gevin his aytht of fidelite as efferit, for quhais, the said Androis fynes, Mathow Merschell is souerty, to be payit to the taxman conforme to the statutes, to be allowit be the nixt thesaurer, quhilk salbe allowit to the thesaurer in his comptis, and hes payit xx s. to the puir.

Act, towne pypers.

Robert Spens, drummer, being accusit for sindry faltis committit be him in his service sene his admitting to office, first for ganging to vther townes and brydellis be waye of staffry and begging aganes the honour of the towne, and siclyik within the towne and nocht making service in dew tyme mornyng and evenyng, bot absenting him thairfra in drinking extraordinarlie, is thairfor be the provest bailleis and counsale depryvit of his office, and dischargeit thairof, and to vaik quhill thai be farder resoluit heireftir. And as to Ferguis M'Claye, pyper, gif he be fund heirefter in nocht doing his service as becumis, nycht and daye, and that he sall mak thre faltis, to be depryvit of his office.

Smythes, Bonnokburne.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale dischargeis the deikin and quartermasteris of the smyth craft fra ony visiting of the smeythes in Bonnokburne quhill thai produce thair warrand and letter of deikinheid.

24 February 1600.


In presens of the provest and bailleis, John Andersoun, [and nineteen others]. The provest is appointit commissioner to the conventioun of the particular burrois to be haldin at Edinburcht the thrid daye of Merche nixtocum anent the transporting of thair burrow maillis in sterling money or valour thairof.

Statute anent flesche in Lentrane.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes presentle dischargeit and inhibite the deikin of the fleschouris and haill craft thairof, that nane of thaime sla nor sell ony flesche within this towne during the tyme of Lentrane, conforme to his Maiesteis proclamatioune, ather prively or oppinly, onder the paine of escheitting thairof and banising thame the towne that vsis the same, and the same to be intimat vpoun the croce on Monoundaye nixt.

Masounes, wrychtis.

The provest, bailleis, counsale and deikines present being advyseand and reasonand anent the separatioune desyrit be the wrychtis fra the masones, hes condiscendit and thinkis that separatioune is best be the voittis of the haill counsale, provyding thai keip amitie freindschip and obedience, conforme to auld vse to thair deikines present, aye and quhill it be advysit be the provest, bailleis, and counsale, quhat liberte and licence salbe gevin to thame be speciall letter, onder sic paynes as is contenit in thair letter of deikinheid.

Communitas, Sympsoun.

William Sympsone, Gowt, is warnit to mak residence within this towne within xl dayes, vtherwyis his fredome to be cryit doune.

1 March 1600.

Conynghameheid, raides.

The provest bailleis and counsale, onderstanding that thair is na farder commissioune purchest bot only his Maiesteis privey letter for directing of certane hagbutteris to Conynghameheid, and that thai have remanit sax dayes thairat, and hes put the pairty defender within the laich hous adiacent thairat to the towr, thairfor the provest, bailleis, and counsale hes condiscendit that our hagbutteris sall cum hame, and ane missive letter direct to William Spreull to cum hame to that effect incontinent.


The provest baillies and counsale hes condiscendit that the salt, lynt, and lynt seid salbe tane fra the hirdes of the towne, and the same to be roipit and sett quhill Witsondaye, and thairefter to be sett and roipit with the commoune laidle, to the weill of the towne and advanceing the townes rentale.


And for farder supplement of the hirdes, the provest bailleis and counsale hes ordanit thame to have fra onfriemen for thair kow ten s. in the yeir, and the fremen to paye four s. in the yeir, and to have the rest of the causualiteis that thai had of befor, and ilk tua yeir auld quoy to paye as meikill as the kow.

11 March 1600.

Setting of the salt, lynt, and lyntseid.

The causualteis of the lynt, lyntseid and salt, is sett for ane yeir to cum to Johne Steyne for the sovme of xlvj li. xiij s. iiij d. to be payit at thir termes, viz., Lambmes and Mertymes, and hes fund Robert Speir souerty thairfor.

28 March 1600.

Statute of the Greyne.

It is statute be the provest, bailleis, and counsall that the haill inhabitantis within this towne, bothe fre and onfrie, being warnit be sound of drum or vtherwyis sufficientlie, send furth out of ilk hous ane servand to the Greyne to the commoune work of the calsaye, and vtherwyis as thai salbe commandit be the bailleis and maister of work, onder the pane of vj s. 8 d. to be payit be ilk maister of the hous, and the penalte to be applyit to the said work, and the officeris to pas with the maister of work and poynd for the same.

12 April 1600.


Thir persones onderwrittin, viz., the thrie bailleis, James Steuarte, [and nine others,] ar appoyntit to conveyne and reasone vpoun the heidis of the letter of deikinheid presentit be the wrychtis to the counsale, and to convein on Weddinsdaye nixt eftir the preiching, and to reporte vpoun Settirday nixtocum to the counsale, and that the heidis thairin contenit preiudge nocht the commouneweill.

Statute anent the outsetting of thair commoune landis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, present, foirseand the danger and inconuenientis that may fall to thame be requeistis of greit men for geving furth parte of thair commoune landis to sic as thai wald requeist, for that can nocht weill be refuisit, and that the nychtbouris nixt round about the commountie hes the haill proffeit of the maist pairt of the same be pasturing of thair guidis thairupoun dayle, to the greit hurt and skayth of the towne, and likwyis be the multitude of intrantis out of landwarte be selling of thair malyngis and pasturing thair guidis thairupone, and thairby destroying the cornes in and about the haill towne, and als onderstanding thair commone purs to be greitimly indettit in paying of yerle proffeitt for greit sowmes that lyis upoun thair commoune landis; tharfor, for remeid thairof and better releiff of the towne and thair thesaureris in tyme cumyng, hes condiscendit and aggreit that ane parte of thair said commone landis salbe reivin furth and put to proffeit of the towne and commone weill, conforme to thair ordinance to be maid, as salbe mercheit, viseit, and meithit, saiffand and reservand querrell, coill, lymestane, and mos, and as to the deikines being present thai have tane thame to advyis with the haill deikines and to reporte thair ansuer this daye viij dayes in counsale hous.

27 April 1600.


Item, to remember and advyis anent ane commissioner to be direct to Edinburght the xx daye of Junij, conforme to his Majesteis missive bill direct thairanent.

Wrychtis, masounes.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanes the letter of deikinheid presentit be the wrychtis to be put in forme in perchemont, to be subscryvit in forme and sealit, and Andro Boyde, deikin of the masounes, protestit that the heidis thairof preiuge nocht thair liberteis.

3 May 1600.

Statute, glengoir.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes appoyntit Weddinsdye nixt, eftir the preiching, to convein thameselffis for taking tryall of the inhabitantis anent the greit suspicoune of sindry persones infectit with the glengoir, quhilk, gif it be nocht preventit, will endanger the haill towne, and hes ordanit the haill-chyrurgianes to be warnit to that effect to compeir in the Grayefreir Kirk, and quhaevir beis warnit [and comes nocht] to paye fyve li. of vnlaw.

Refusall of the deikines to sett ony commone landis furthe to ony persounes.

Anent the terme assignit to the haill deikines of the towne to gif thair ansuer anent the setting out of certane of thair commone landis, according to the last act maid wpoun the [12] daye of Apryle last, comperit Johne Scot, deikin of the hammermen, Richert Kirkland, deikin of the wobsteris, John Scot, deikin of the baxteris, Johne Briscat, deikin of the tailyouris, Matthow Bannantyne, deikin of the cordineris, James Mayne, deikin of the wrychtis, Andro Boyde, deikin of the masounes, Edwart Pollok, deikin of the skinneris, Gawand Naismyth, deikin of the bonnetmakeris, and for thame and thair breihrein disasentit that ony commone land suld be delt or gevin or set furth to ony particulare persones, conforme to ane act sett done in my lorde Boydes tyme, and thairupoun askit actis of court.

Frelandis, Maxwell, and vther masounes.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, nochtwithstanding the letter of deikinheid grantit to the wrychtis this daye, hes condiscendit that the same sall nocht preiuge or hurte John Frelandis, John Maxvell, or siclyik ony vtheris that presentle workis bothe masone craft and wrycht craft, and sic as biggis with poist and pan and layes with blak morter in tyme cuming as thai wont of befoir nochtwithstanding this present divisione betuix the masones and wrychtis.

13 May 1600.


The gift of the brig, with the new impoist of the watter and haill caisualiteis, sett this yeir bygane to John Clerk and William Smyth for vc merkis, is set for this yeir tocum to the said William Smyth for vc merkis.


The caisualiteis of the mercat callit the laidle, that wes sett for the yeir bygane to John Steyne for vc xxxiij li vj s. viij d., is sett this yeir to cum to the said John Steyne for viijc iiijxx v merkis.


The dewtey of the towne mylnes, quhairof thair is tua yeris to ryn, sett to James Lychtbody for vc merkis.


Lytis lytit to be thesaurer: Johnne Dik, Johnne Or, Johnne Mudy, William Muir. Thesaurer for this present yeir: Johnne Mudy.

Master of work.

Maister of work for this yeir: Thomas Pettigrew.


Clerk for this yeir: Maister Henry Gibsone, conforme to his gift.


Menstrallis for this yeir to cum: Robert Spens, drummer; Fergus M'Claye. And ordanit Robert Spens to bring cautioune on Setterdaye to obey sic iniunctiounes as salbe adionit to him.

15 May 1600.

Gift of the new impost.

The gift of the new impoist tane out of the coffer, delyverit to the bailleis to be goittin renewit, viz., James Tempill, baillie.

Grammer schole.

The fundatioune of the Grammer Schole foundit be maister Symon Dalgleis delyverit to James Tempill, baillie, quhill informatioune be tane thairanent.

17 May 1600.

Grammer schole.

The bailleis and counsale hes condiscendit to sett the tenement and yaird lyand at the schole in few and heritage, and ordanes the drum to pas throw the towne warnyng all that will tak the same in few and yarde to cum and bid thairfore in the tolbuyth vpoun Weddinsdaye nixt at ten houris.

Iniunctiounes, pypers.

Iniunctiounes appoyntit to be gevin to Robert Spens and Fergus M'Clay, menstrales:

Item, that thai attend ilk mornyng and evenyng vpoun thair service diligently.

Item, that nane of thame have nather boy nor doig with thame quhair thai eit thair ordiner.

Item, that thai stope na friemen that is hable to gif them ordiner, nor to tak syluer fra ane to pas to ane vther.

Item, that thai sall nocht misbehaiff thame selffs in na houssis quhair thai salhappin to eitt thair ordiner, bot to be content of sic as salbe presentit to thame be thame that thai eit with.

Iniunctiounes pypers.

Item, that thai sall nocht enter in na cloissis, nayther mornyng nor evenyng, bot to pas throw the haill towne fra thai begyn quhill thai end, and to leiff af thair extraordiner drinking sua that thai may pas honestlie throw the towne in thair service, nor to leiff thair playing in ganging of the calsaye ather to masones or drinking, and to pas scharple throw the towne with ony cumyng to houssis.

Item, that ilk ane of thame sall ather mak calsaye or furneis men to mak calsaye be the space of xx dayes betuix and Witsoundaye nixtocum, and that thai sall mak vther particular work as thai salbe requirit.

And that thai keip thir iniunctiounes onder the paine of deprivatioun. Quhilk iniunctiounes the foirsaidis persones hes acceptit.

28 May 1600.

Communitas, loynes.

[The provost, bailies, council, and deacons promised to appear on 1st June to march the breadth of the loans, and ordained the occupiers of lands at the head of the loans to appear with their march stones, all under certain penalties which were appointed "to be delyverit to the maister of work, and the penalteis to be applyit to the reparing of the Grammer Schole."]

Grammer schole.

Item, thai have ordanit James Steuarte, Thomas Glen, Dauid Hall, James Braidwod, Archibald Faullis, Thomas Pettigrew, maister of work, to aggre with tua craftismen, masone and wrycht, to visie the Schole and to sie quhat will repair the same sufficiently.


The quhilk daye, thai have appointit the wapinschawing to be vpoun Thuirsdaye cum viij dayes, efter the fair of Glasgw, quhilk wilbe the xvij daye of Julij, and to be procleamit wpone Monondaye nixt, warnyng all and sindry to be in redynes withe hagbuttis, corslat, jak, speir and steilbonnet sufficientlie, of thair awin geir, and nane borowit, and the drum to pas throv the towne for warnyng of thame lyikwyis, onder the paine of fyve li. ilk persone and crying dovne of thair fredome, and the drum to mak intimatioune ilk aucht dayes anes.


Item, thai have ordanit the maister of work to enter and begyn to the casting of the watter upoun Tyisdaye nixt.

31 May 1600.

Communitas, Montgomery, customeris.

[In a complaint of two inhabitants of Saltcoit against the customers for taking away their sails and boat gear at the Brumelaw, the defenders alleged "the provost and bailleis of Glasgw ar na jugeis competent to cognosce wpon the executioune of thair office, but only the Kingis Majestie his counsale and comptroller, of quhome thair commissione dependis." At the request of the provost, baillies and council, the customers agreed to deliver the boat gear to the pursuers, they finding caution to appear before competent judges.]

24 June 1600.


The bailleis and counsale ordaines four men to be feyit oulklie for casting the watter be sicht of the maister of work, wpoun the townes expenssis, and ordanit tua of the counsale ilk mornyng and evenyng to be present at the work thairof, and the feyit men to begyn on Monondaye nixt, and the counsale to begyn on Tyisdaye nixt.

12 July 1600.


The bailleis and counsale, in respect of the desyre gevin in be his Majestie to the burrovis that thair suld be wapinschawing monethle on the first Monondaye ilk moneth, thairfor thai have ordainit thair wapinschawing, quhilk was appointit the xvij of July instant, to be conteineuit to the sevent daye of August, being Thurisdaye, and the same to be intimat be sound of drum.

19 July 1600.


It is condiscendit be the bailleis and counsale that thai sall confer with Smytht, Inglisman, anent the cleinseing of the watter and repairing the fuirdes and sandit placeis, and that at his first cumyng to Glasgw, and the counsale to be present the said daye.

26 July 1600.

Garnegad hill.

[The provost, bailies, and council ordained the occupiers and heritors of Garnegadhill to pay certain penalties for their faults, and half as much more for a heritable right to the lands, which sums "ar to be appropreat for repairing of the Grammer Schole."]

2 August 1600.

Communitas, ministeris.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, present, hes condiscendit that thir persones onderwritten, viz., Robert Rowat, Robert Chirnesyde, maister Patrik Walkinschaw, James Forret, John Andersoune, Thomas Pettigrew, maister John Blakburne, William Wallace, to pas to Walter, commendator of Blantyre, to confer and intreate with him for order taking anent the ministeris leiving, and to sie quhat he will do thairanent for thair better sustentatioune, and inspeciall anent the supplicatioune gevin in be maister John Cowper for him and the rest desyring to onderstand how thai salbe susteainit or licence of transportatioune grantit, and to that effect hes appointit Wedinsdaye nixtocum.

23 August 1600.

Grammer schole, bak almoushous.

It is condiscendit be the provest, bailleis, and counsale that inrespect thai think na thing mair profitabill, first to the glory of God, nixt the weill of the towne, to have ane Grammer Schole, and that the same is altogidder rwinus and man be of new biggit, and that thai have promesit sindry supportis thairto of befor, quhilk as yit is nocht perfyitit, thairfor thai have ordanit every counsale daye that the same salbe first proponit be maister John Blakburne, scholemaister, quhill the work be perfyitit. And als be woit thai have ordanit the haill stanes of the rwinus dekayit fallin dovne bak almoushous pertenyng to the towne to be dedicat to the bigging and reparatioune of the Grammer Schole, or sa mony thairof as salbe requisit thairto; and the grund quhairon it standis to be dedicat ane yarde to the four men in the bak almous hous, and gif thair be ony ma stanes nor to satefie the schole, to be dedicat to the work of the Hie Kirk and vtheris of the towne.

Communitas, Dunbartane, Pettigrew.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes appointit Thomas Pettigrew commissioner to ryde and awayte upoun his Majestie bothe in Stirueling, Dunbartane, and vtheris placeis quhair his Majestie sall resorte in the west cuntrie anent the staying of the impoist suitit be Dunbartane in preiudice of the townes caus, and to begyn wpoune Monondaye nixt; and ordanes the thesaurer to gif him xl s. ilk daye during his remanyng, by his hors wadgeis, and to have xx merkis in hand; and quhat ever he debursis to the clerkis or vtheris to be allovit and repayit to him, quhilk sal be allovit to the thesaurer.

His Majesteis meitting.

It is statute and ordanit that quha ever beis present to meitt his Majestie, ather in generall or in speciall, on fut or hors, and beis absent efter the warning, that thai sall paye five lib. of penaltie; and ordanit the drum to pas throw the towne to warn all persones to away tak thair middings, tymmer, and stanes, vnder the said pane of fyve lib. ilk falt.

26 August 1600.

His Majesteis meitting.

The bailleis and counsale hes condiscendit that ilk the inhabitantis friemen within this towne salbe in redynes aganes the nixt warnyng for meitting of His Majestie, sufficientle bodin in armour, weill acquipageit in hagbuttis, jakis, speris, and steilbonnettis allanerly, ilk persone onder the pane of fyve li. onforgevin, vtherwyis to meitt his Majestie in thair best arraye, onder the said paine, or elles wpoun hors bak, being warnit ather personaly or at thair duelling place be thair officeris; and that nane have blew bonnetis; and als it is ordanit that Johne Buchquhane salbe wpoun the Croce with his haill sangisteris the daye of his Majesteis cumyng; and als it is ordanit that benfyris sal be maid that nicht onder the said paine, and that the counsale and deikines sall accompany the bailleis that nicht onder the said pane.

Comunitas Dunbartane.

Robert Rowat, Thomas Glen, John Andersone, Alexander Baillie, ar appointit commissioners to ryde to the bornes to meitt Dunbartane, and it is condiscendit that gif Dunbartane will agree that the ryver salbe fre in the auld maner that thai sall condiscend thairto; and as tuiching the try and stretnes of our comburgessis to get sic easy compositioune as possibill thai can get done.

1 September 1600.

Erskyne, &c., burgessis.

In presens of the bailleis of Glasgow, thir persounes onderwrittin, viz., James Erskine, William Steuart, Johnne Murraye, Johnne Grahame of Wrkill, Johne Hammiltoune of Grange, Johne Steuarte of Roisland and William Murraye, all domestik servitouris to his Majestie, ar all maid burgessis and fremen of the burcht and citie of Glasgw, and hes gevin thair aythes of fidelite as efferit, and that gratis be the bailleis and counsale.

2 September 1600.

Blyithiswode, &c., burgesses.

Thir persounes onderwrittin, viz., Sir George Elphinstoune of Blyithiswode, knycht, James Sympill of Bultreis, Adame Boyde, Thomas Boyde, maister Andro Boyde, Archibald Gibsone, commissar clerk, Archibald Hegate, and William Conynghame and William Stirueling, servitouris to the said Sir George, ar all maid burgessis and fremen of the burcht and citie of Glasgow, and hes gevin thair aythes of fidelite as efferit, and that gratis be the bailleis and counsale.

6 September 1600.

Comunitas Dunbartane.

The provest, bailleis, counsale and deikines, present, for thame and the towneschip, onderstanding Dunbartane to proceid fordwart aganes thame in sumunding thame to Stirueling to compeir the nynt of September instant befor his Majestie and secreit counsale, for obteynyng the impoist and gift suittit be thame within the Ryver of Clyde and townes libertie, hes all in ane voce concludit to appone thame selffis in the contrar thairof, and to withstand the same sa far as thai possibill maye, and to that effect it is condiscendit that tuelff honest men of the towne sall accompany the provest and tua of the bailleis to ryde to Stirueling to that effect; and for performance thairof, inrespect that the thesaurer hes not present syluer, it is condiscendit that thair salbe ane taxt maid throw the haill towne both for furnising the persones expensis that rydes, and siclyik to withstand the same mater in tyme cumyng, and in the meintyme ordanes Johne Mudy, thesaurer, to have in redynes this nicht the sovme of ane hundretht lib., and to be repayit to him within xx dayes and he to have ten lib. for the proffeit thairof, and to be first payit to him of the first end of the taxatioune, and to that effect hes choisin and electit thir persones, viz., the provest, Robert Rowat, James Tempill, Thomas Muir, James Forret, Johne Andersone, Thomas Pettigrew, James Steuarte, James Braidwode, Mathow Trumble, George Huchesone, Wiliam Wallace, Johnne Richie and Robert Herbertsone; and ordanes the evidentis to be delyverit to Matthow Trumble to be keipit and presentit conforme to the minutes.

16 September 1600.

Communitas, Dunbartane, extent.

The provest, bailleis, counsale and deikinis, present, considering the expenssis and trauellis done and tane be the towne bothe anent the furnising to his Majesteis cumyng to Glasgw, and in thair ryding to Stirueling in thair caus of Dunbartane and vthir commone caussis in the townes effares, and respectand that the thesaurer had nocht present syluer but super expendit for the present, thairfor thai have all in ane voce condiscendit that thair salbe ane extent throw the haill tovne extending to iiijc lib. for paying thairof and furnising the commissioners bothe to the parliament, burrois, and cheker, to the first of November nixtocum, for sundry effares of the townes commone caussis, and to that effect hes nominat thir persones onderwrittin commone extentares, viz. . . . .

30 September 1600.

Festa Michaelis Provost.

In presens of [the bailies, council and deacons of crafts,] convenand in counsale hous, personaly comperit ane honorabill man Sir George Elphinstone of Blyithiswod, knycht, and presentit my Lorde Duikes grace letter, with ane missive of his Majestie in his recommendatioune, for nominating him to be provest for this yeir to cum, quhome the bailleis and counsale present acceptit, and ordanit commissioune to be gevin, sealit, and subscryvit in forme as efferis, quhen the bailleis commissioune beis sealit to thame than he to resave his commissioune, and to gif his aythe therupoune.


And farder, the bailleis and counsale, onderstandan in the letter send to thame be my Lorde Duike that he had gevin commissioune to the scheref air to resave the names of the lytes of the bailleis, and to nominat the bailleis for ane yeir to cum, reasonand the same, fand the same to be preiudiciall to thair libertie and never vsit of befor, tharfor refuisit to present the lytis to him bot only to be presentit to my Lorde Duike, to be nominat be his lordschippis awin mouthe, conforme to aulde vse and wonte.

And thairafter, the provest, bailleis, and counsale [named a list of eight persons,] and hes appointit Thomas Pettigrew commissioner to ryde to Brichein to my Lord Duikis grace, to present the lytes to his grace to be nominat be his grace ony thrie of thame to be bailleis for this yeir to cum.

7 October 1600.


[Thomas Pettigrew intimated that the Duke of Lennox had chosen as bailies for this year, Robert Rowatt, James Forrett, Alexander Baillie.]

9 October 1600.


["The provest, bailleis, auld and new, cheisit thir persones in counsall for this yeir to cum, viz., Sir Mathow Steuarte of Mynto knycht, auld provest; James Tempill, Thomas Glen, auld bailleis; Thomas Muir" and twenty-six others, including Thomas Pettigrew maister of work, and Johnne Mudy, thesaurer.]

10 October 1600.


[Seven officeris, seven keepers of keys, and seven liners appointed; William Smyth continued water sergeand; common procurator, Mr. Johne Rois.]

11 October 1600.

Communitas, ministers, Blantyre, commissione to the assemble.

The prouest, bailleis, and counsale hes condiscendit that ane commissioner salbe appointit and derect to the generall assemble to be haldin at Edinburcht the xiiij of October instant, and thair to requeist and desyre the said Generall Assembly for ony farder securite that may be devysit or to be maid to the pryour of Blantyre, takisman of the teyndis of the personage of Glasgw, for his farder securitie to him thairof, as he or ony vtheris maye devyse, and that inrespect of the said pryouris promeis and guidvill to the towne of Glasgw for farder planting of the kirk of Glasgw, and to that effect has appointit James Bell commissioner to ryde thairto, and that he exceid na farder, and ordanit the thesaurer to gif him ten lib. for his expenssis.

Annual statutes.

[Statutes passed of this date in terms similar to those enacted at the head courts in October in previous years. Ale to be sold not dearer than 1s. 4d. the pint, tallow 30s. the stone, candle 40s. the stone; the eight penny loaf to weigh 11 ounces.]

1 November 1600.

College, Rois.

Comperit the commissioneris contenit in act direct be the towne to the principall of the college, anent the resaving of the presentatioune of maister Blais Lowreyis barnes, quhais names ar Alexander Baillie, James Steuarte, Mathow Trumble, James Bradvode, James Bell, quhais ansuer was that he resavit ane presentatioune the last yeir quhilk he was willing to obey provyding the barnes be susteanit within the college, and refuisit to do ony farder; and as to the last presentatioune obtenit refuisit the same becaus it buir hir to have the dewity of the burseour and the barnes to be susteanit within hir awin hous.

4 November 1600.

Kirkyarde dyike.

James King and Robert Cors ar fund in the wrang for suffering thair hors gang in the kirk yarde, and is ordanit to repair that pairt of the kirkyarde dyike onder the paine of x lib., and that within xlviij houris, and Thomas Neisbit souerty for James King, and he to releve him.

Michael Mayne souerty for John Hwtones wyiff [and three others] that thair bestiall sall nocht enter within the kirkyarde in tyme cumyng onder the said paine, and thai to releve thair cautioneris.

22 November 1600.

Comissioneris Dunbartane.

Comperit James Forret, ane of the bailleis of Glasgw, and James Tempill, commissioneris, and reportit and brocht hame the extract of the act of burrois concernyng the explanatioune of thair act grantit to Dunbartane, declaring the same to be only within the mouthe of Leivin and not within Clyde, the act of counsale maid in Stirueling aganes Dunbartane, the extract of the act of burrois gevin to Dunbartane, with the copey of Dunbartanes gift.

Gift of the brig.

Item, the principall gift of the watter and brig resavit be James Tempill, baillie, delyverit to James Forret, quha delyverit the same to the provest quha hes the same.

The townes evidentis.

And siclyik, comperit Mathow Trumble, and producit the buist with the lettres tane out to the parliament, viz., the Indentour betuix Glasgw and Dunbartane; item, the decreit of parliament aganes Dunbartane; item, ane confirmatioune maid be Robert, King of Scotland, vpoun ane charter grantit be King Allexander to Walter, bischope of Glasgw; item, ane gift maid be Robert, King of Scotland, for alteratioune of the mercat daye; item, ane charge gevin be Allexander, King of Scotland, to the shereffis of Dunbartane not to stop Glasgw; item, ane confirmatioune gevin be Robert, King of Scotland, conforme to the same; item, ane decreitt of King James the Fyift wpoun the act of parliament; item, the decreit obteinit be Glasgw and Dunbartane aganes the Lady Lyle; item, ane compromitt betuix Glasgw and Dunbartane referrit to tua men of law. Quhilkis ar all put in the commoune kist with the lettres abonewrittin. As alsua, James Tempill hes producit the fundatioune of the Grammer Schole, quhill is lyikwyis put in the commone kist.

6 December 1600.

My lord duke sate.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, with ane consent, for honoring of my Lorde Duike thair ouer-lorde and his lady, and conuenient place to thame to sitt in the Hie Kirk, hes condescendit that thair salbe saites maid to thame within the Hie Kirk in maist honest and decent forme condigne to thair estate, wpoun the commone expenssis of the towne, as salbe devysit be the provest, bailleis, counsale and maister of work in the Hie Kirk, and ordanit the maister of work to caus enter thairto with diligence.

13 December 1600.

Grammer Schole.

They have condescendit that James Steuarte, [and five others,] with ane or tua of the bailleis, to pas wpon Thuirsday nixt at tua efter noine to confer with the masones, wrichtis, and sclateris to sie qvhat will repair and big the Grammer Schole, and to reporte the nixt Setterdaye.

Garnegad hill and vtheris.

The rentall of the landis of Garnegadhill, Skellingsmyr, and vtheris, of the sowmes debursit to the reparatioune of the Grammer Schole, for the superplus of thair landis tane in of the communitie mair nor thair boundis excedit, set doune be the provest, bailleis and counsale, conforme to the ordinance onderwrittin: [Follows rental of 35½; acres of northside of Garngadhill let to twenty-seven persons for L.35 6s. 8d.; 18½; acres of southside let to twenty persons for I..37 8s.; other four persons to pay for the "svperplus" of their lands, the loan being encroached upon and narrowed to 12 in place of 30 ells, L.89 13s. 8d. (fn. 1) ]

22 December 1600.

Grammer Schole.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanit maister Johnne Blakburne and Thomas Pettigrew to aggre, contract with, and end with the masounes, wrychtis, sclateris, for bigging of the Grammer Schole as gud chaipe as thai can, and the provest, bailleis, and counsall and thesaurer for the tyme to releve thame, and that with all diligence.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale gevis and grantis to maister Johne Blakburne, maister of the Grammer Schole, during his service thairin and his successouris, maisteris vsing that office, the chaplainre last possest be vmquhill maister John Dauidsone, vacand be his deceis, with the haill few maillis annuellis and dewteis pertenyng thairto, with power to thame to vptak the same, call and persew thairfor, and to gif dischargeis of thair resate thairof, his entre thairto to be and begyn at Witsondaye last bypast in anno 1600. And als grantis and licentiatis to the said maister to augment the yerle stipend of scolleris of barnes borne within the towne or fremenis, and to resave fra ilk ane quarterlie v s. and xx d. to the doctour allanerly. And the said maister to furneis ane sufficient doctor as salbe presentit to the provest, bailleis, and counsale to be agreit on be thame. And als the maister sall compeir the first Setterdaye every monethe in the yeir in the counsalehous, and thair, in presens of the provest, baillies, and counsale, offer him redy to abyde tryall of his instructing and of his doctoris, vtherwyis the augmentatioune to be dischargeit.


Item, thai have ordanit John Buchquhane to have of every scholler quarterle v s., and xx d., to the doctor, and ordanit maister John Blackburne nocht to resave ony of his scolleris but his testimoniall quhair thai have payit thair scollege, and the provest promesit to gif him xx li. of the maltmenis compositioune to be sum support presentle.


  • 1. The rental is printed in Glasgow Charters, vol. ii., pp. 570–3.