Extracts from the records: 1599

Pages 190-200

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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4 January 1598–9.

Comperit Mathow Herbertsone, maister Robert Herbertsone, maister Robert Allassoune, Archibald Scheillis, William Young, Patrik Donaldsoune and George Graye, being accusit in thir heidis following for contravening of the proclamatioune wpoun the xxiiij day of December nixt, for contraventioune of the statute maid and proclamit vpoun the xxvj of December, and als for disobedience of thair charge gevin to thame be the bailleis at the Brigend to decist, and ferdly, for invasioune and stryiking, at the least in company with thame that straik, with drawin swordes, at the bailleis wpoun the said daye at the Brigend, thai and ilkane of thame confessit the same and become in the provest will thairfor.

26 January 1598–9.


Bartie Muir is decernit to delyver and hamebring to Thomas Browne to the towne mylne ane sufficient mylnestane, quhairof he hes resavit l s. in parte of payment of nyn li, and that betuix and the xvij day of Merche, vtherwyis to paye to him xx merkis for the price thairof.

27 January 1598–9.

College, Reid, officer.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes authorisit creatt and ordanit James Reid, messinger, to be officer to the College for ingaddering of the annuellis and dewteis of the College within the towne during his service quhill he be dischargeit thairof, and hes gevin his ayth of fidelitie as efferitt.

10 February 1598–9.

Calsaye, Greyne, Pettigrew.

The bailleis and counsale hes appointit thir persones vnderwrittin viz. the thrie bailleis, James Steuart, Dauid Hall, William Sympsoun, James Braidwod, Alexander Baillie, William Fleyming, Henry Spreull, William Spreull, James Craufurde, John Andersone, Thomas Pettigrew and Mr. Thomas Fawsyde to visey and stob the place of the Greyn quhair the calsaye salbe maid and biggitt, that the stanes may be led thairto to the begyning and performyng of the work, and thairto assignit Weddinsdye at ane efter noine; and als hes appointit Thomas Pettigrew, maister of work and taxman of the custome, to caus enter to the leiding of stanes to the calsye in the Greyne incontinent, and sa far as he wairis and deburses to allow the same to him in his comptis.

Blackfriar Kirk-yarde.

[In an action, at the instance of the common procurator, against certain heritors on the south and north sides of the Blackfriars Kirk-yard, the provost, bailies, and council ordained that the doors, windows, stairs, and passages "within the boundis of the said Kirk-yarde, pertenying to the said townschipe as commountie of the said towne," be shut up.]

10 March 1598–9.

Communitas. loynes.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes condiscendit that thai, with certane of the counsale, sall pas, sicht, and visey the loynes lyand nerrest the Brwme hill, that thai maye be preservit and keipit in the auld breid as thai war of befor, and to be present on Thuirsdaye at ane eftir noine for reparing and visiting of the haill commoune loynes, and ane quantite of spaydes and schuillis to be present with thame, and that onder the pane of xl s. ilk persone for potting and mercheing the commoune loynes.

17 March 1598–9.

Communitas, Doctor Low.

It is aggreit of new and contractit betuix the towne and Doctor Low for iiijxx merkis money be yeir.

Act of the syluer borrowing to the calsaye of the Greyn.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes condiscendit that thair salbe four hundretht merkis money to be borowit to the furnishing of the work of the calsaye of the Greyn fra ony honest man for the guid ded geving, and that be sicht of Thomas Pettigrew, Archibald Faullis, and Alexander Baille, with the thre bailleis, and the same to be repayitt of the custome of the brig, and to be borrowit for ane yeir.

Faullis, new kirk.

Item, thai have ordanit Thomas Pettigrew to delyver to Archibald Faullis the saxtein daillis that he hes to the reparing of the New Kirk, onder the furmes, and als ordanit him to tak of the townes sclaitt to the theiking of the tofall of the kirk.

24 March 1598–9.

Act of counsale be souerty.

The bailleis and counsale [considering] that throw dyvers innoportune suittis of dyvers parteis, being accusit ather in court or counsale for sowmes of mony or vther trublance, quhairby certane honest men of the counsale being present to accompany the provest and bailleis in counsale, hoipping to resave na hurt thairby, it is statute and ordanit, for remeid thairof, that na counsalour salbe acceptit nor resavit as cautioner for ony party ather in court or counsale in tyme cuming, ather for sowmes of money or trublance.

7 April 1599.

Act of the twa twnes wyne propynit to my lorde Duikes grace.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, onderstanding thame to be vrgeit at the ernist desyre of my lorde Duike of Levenox to mak, prepair, and furneis ane bankat to my lorde Huntle, his wyiff and company, for the space of ane daye this tyme of yeir, quhilk wilbe very sumpteous and expensive to thame, and nocht able to perfyte the same without greit sumpteous chargeis and expenssis, besyde greit travell requisit to that effect, and for evading and outqwyting thairof hes promesit nocht of dewty bot of guid will to my Lorde Duike of Levenox, in ane consent, condiscendit and grantit to gif and delyver to my said Lorde Duike and his hous tua twnes of wyne to be laid in within the castell of Glasgw, nocht only for the said caus bot als to serve for propyne to my Lorde Duike done to thame be the towne of guidwill and favor, and the price thairof, extending to sextein scoir ten merkis, to be payit be the nixt intrant thesaurer that salhappin to enter at Witsondaye nixtocum, and the price thairof as said is to be payit at the first of August nixtocum.

14 April 1599.

Communitas, chirurgianes.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, at desyre of the sessione, ministrie, and elderis thairof, being informit of mediciners and chyrurgianes quha dayele resortis and remanis within this towne, and ar not able to discharge thair dewtey thairintill, inrespect thai have not cunyng nor skill to do the same, and for evading of inconuenientis that may follow thairupon, hes deput and assignit thir persones onderwrittin of the counsale to concur and assist the ministrie, certane of the sessione, and vtheris cunyng men of that arte, to examinat and tak tryall of all sic persounes as vsit or salhappin to vse the said arte within this towne in tyme cumyng, and with thair advyis and consent to tak the tryall thairof, viz., the thrie bailleis, James Forrett, Alexander Baillie and Thomas Pettigrew, to convein with thir persones of the ministrie, viz., the thrie ministeris, the principall, Mr. Blais Lowery and Mr. John Blakburne, wpon Weddinsdye nixt eftir the preiching in the Blakfreir Kirk, and to reporte.

29 May 1599.

Brig, ladle, mills.

[The impost of the Water and casualties of the bridge set to William Smith, water sergeand, and John Clerk, for a year for 500 marks; the casualties of the ladle set last year for £500 are set this year for 800 marks; the casualties of the two mills, set for three years for 500 marks per annum.]

Theasurer, etc.

[From a leet of six, including "George Wilsone, auld thesaurer," Mathou Marschell chosen treasurer; from a leet of three, Thomas Pettigrew chosen master of work; clerk, maister Henry Gibsoune standis conforme to his gift; menstralis, Robert Spens, Fergus M'Laye.]

2 June 1599.

Act of the burges fynes, Marschell, thesaurer.

Anent the supplicatioune gevin in be Mathow Marschell, thesaurer, desyring that nane burges anes apprehendit be him or in tikitt gevin wp be him to be enterit burges sall nocht be grantit nor giftit to ony vtheris by him, quhilk the provest, bailleis, and counsale condiscendit and aggreit that nane salbe admittit nor giftit by him anes apprehendit be him in tikat, and als that the burges fynes salbe na les nor xl merkis, provyding that it salbe lesum to the thesaurer to tak xx lib. for ilk burges prively and na les, and hes ordanit the proclamatioune of the burges fynes tobe proclamit on the Symmerhill daye nixt.

Statute, playe daye.

Item, it is statute be the provest, bailleis, and counsale that, according to the proclamatioune and preparatione to the playe and pastyme on Thurisdaye nixt, that ilk persone absent sall paye fyve lib. of penalte.

Officeris, menstrallis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale hes condiscendit and grantit to ilkane of the aucht officeris and tua menstrallis to have sa meikill reid stamyng as wilbe ilkane of thame ane mantill, with stringis in the syde, and the townes armes on the schoulder thairoff, in the best fassone thai can be hade, and ordanes thame to reparrell and mak the same reddy agane Thuirsdaye nixt, onder the pane of deprivatioune; and ordanes Mathow Merschell, thesaurer, to paye for the said stamyng, quhilk salbe allowit to him in his comptis, and he to gif in compt thairof, and als ordanit him to gif John Tempilltoune fyve ellis hardin, and to Thomas Walker vther fyve ellis hardin.

9 June 1599.

Erle Mar, etc., burgesses.

In presens of the provest, bailleis and counsale, thir noble lordis and lardis and vtheris onderwrittin ar maid burgessis and friemen of the burgh and citie of Glasgw, and hes gevin thair aythes of fidelitie as efferitt, viz., Johnne erle of Mar, Williame lorde Levingstoune, Johnne lorde Fleyming, Williame Conynghame of Capringtoune, Johne Conynghame of Glengarnok, Sir James Stirueling of Keyir, knycht, Johnne Houstoune apperand of that ilk, Johnne Craufurde of Kilbirny, Johnne Conynghame of Drumquhassill, Johnne Schaw brother to James Schaw of Grenok.

16 June 1599.

Commissioners of burrois.

The quhilk daye, James Tempill, baillie, and James Braidwode ar appointit commissioners to the conventioune of burrois to be haldin att Lynlythgw the thrid daye off Julii nixtocum, and als to the checker in Edinburgh the ferd daye of the said moneth, and ordanit ane commissioune to be maid to thame with informatioune to be gevin to thame, and ordanit the thesaureris to paye thame xx li. to be doand for thair expenssis.

30 June 1599.

Statute of the fuilzey.

Forsameikill as the provest, bailleis, and counsale, onderstandand that dyvers and sindry outtintowne folkis, strangeris without the towne and onfriemen within the towne, hes thir mony yeris bygane and as yit dois, bocht and byis fuilley fra the inhabitantis of this towne, and parte cayreis the same furth of the territorie thairof, and onfriemen within the territorie thairof, to certane land thairof, throw the quhilk the fuilley hes growin and dayele growis to ane exorbitant derthe, to the greit hurt and preiudice of the friemen induellares of the towne quha beris ane greit burding of the towne in bering the commoune chargeis thairof in scatting, loitting, walking, warding, without remeid be provydit; thairfor it is statute and ordanit that na maner of persone within this towne sall sell in tyme cumyng ony fuilley to the saidis outtintownes strangeris and onfriemen, induellares thairof, onder the paine of fyve lib. ilk falt onforgevin.

21 July 1599.

Statute anent the divisioune of the towne.

Anent the suite gevin in be the ministeris desyring divisioun of the towne in tua peirochines, as vtheris townes hes done of befoir, that the ministeris maye acknawlege thair awin flok, efter lang reasouning be the provest, bailleis, and counsale and deikines befor writtin, the provest bailleis and maist pairt of the counsale, by the deikines, be thair woittes thocht guid that the towneschip be devyditt in tua parochines, provyding that the towne be nocht burdenit for beitting and bigging of kirkis nor furnising of ma ministeris nor thai have alreddy; and as to the deikines all in ane voce takis thame to aduerteisment with the breithrein of thair craftis and that thai behuiffit to consult with thair brethrein, and thairfor to reporte thair ansuer this daye viij dayes.

28 July 1599.

Act, Arthor Colquhoune.

Arthor Colquhoune, being accusit for misvsing of the bailleis sittand in jugement, in speiking of iniurious wordes to Johnne Galbrayth, quhome aganes he had actioune saying he wald preiff the same with swordes, the said Arthor grantit the offence and become in will thairfor, and is actit in tyme cumyng of his confessioune fra the lyik doing onder the paines conteinit in law, and the said Arthor protestit for releiff of his souerty.

Know of grummell.

The provest bailleis and counsale ordanes the commoune day work [men] to tak the know of grummell at the Drygate heid to the Greyn and vther places of the towne to full vpe the hoillis about the towne, and hes requeistit James Tempill, baillie, to see the same done.

Act of the divisioune of the toune.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale and deikines, eftir the deikines advysement tuiching thair votting anent the divisioune of the towne in tua peirochines, and of new socht over agane this daye be the thrie ministeris supplicatioune, all the saidis provest bailleis counsale and deikines condiscendand in ane voce abydet at the former voitting maid this daye viij dayes, viz., thai all thocht it guid that the towne salbe devydit in tua competent peirochines, provyding that the towneship be nawyis burdanit with ony farder bigging or beitting of kirkis nor susteaning of ma ministeris nor thai have and dois presentlie.

Act, Wyle.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, onderstandand the contempt done be Mertyne Wylie to Robert Rowat, baillie, thairfore ordanes his fredome to be cryitt doune for his contempt, and in the meintyme to absteyne fra frie menis occupatione quhill he mak farder amendis be sicht of the provest bailleis and counsale, and to find cautione to that effect.

Divisioune of the towne.

Comperit the haill deikines and gef thair ansuer anent the divisioune of the towne, aggreit as is contenit in the former act abone writtin and na vtherwyis.

Statute for the strangeris, merchantis, incummares.

It is statute and ordanit be the provest bailleis and counsale, onderstandan the greit abuse be certane particulares in forstayling and bying of salmount, hydes, tallovne, beiff, tymmer, and vther merchandice, being cum in be vnfriemen strangeris, and als be outtintownes menis money and pursis of Edinburgh, Perthe, and vtheris townes, tharfor thai have statute and ordanit that it sal nocht be lesum to na vnfriemen strangeris bringing in the same to sell in greit quantitie, bot that thai sall first mak offer to the towne as ane commone bargane, and gif thai refuis to offer it to sellar the same, and thaireftir to sell the same to friemen, burgessis within the towne, for thair awin money and na vtheris na better chaipe nor thai offerit thame, and that onder the paine of jc lib. ilk falt, and ordanes all townes men that byis ony siclyik with strangeris money to be callit thairfore, and gif thai deny the same to be referrit to thair aythes.

11 August 1599.

Statute, gers merkatt.

It is statute and ordeanit be the bailleis and counsale that na personne by gers within the towne, nor yit cumand to the mercatt wpoun hors bakis or weymen bakis, to sell over agane, onder the paine of escheitting thairof and prisinying of thaim, and appointit James Braidwod to be visitor for the first xv dayes, and to remane quhill thai find cautioune to absteyne.

24 August 1599.

Act, Mitchell.

George Mitchell, being apprehendit for thift, is decernit of his confessioune that gif ever he be apprehendit within this citie in tyme cumyng to be brunt on the schoulder and cheik, and to want ane lug out of his heid, and dome gevin thairwpoune.

2 October 1599.


[The provost, bailies, and council nominated a leet of eight persons "to be presentit to ane noble and potent lorde Ludouik Duik of Levenox Lord Dernelie, etc., and Lorde of Glasgw," for the election of three bailies, "requeistand his lordship to nominate first ane provost quha suld be and is the first member to be nominat."]

5 October 1599.

Provost, bailies

[Sir Mathow Stewarte of Mynto, knight, elected provost; James Tempill, Thomas Glen and Robert Rowatt elected bailies.


The provost, old bailies and new, elected the council, viz., Robert Chirneside, commissar extrordinar, Thomas Muir [and twenty five others].

Maister of work, etc.

Thomas Pettigrew, maister of work; Mathow Merschel, treasurer, eight officers, William Smith, water sergeant, seven keepers of keys, and eight liners, appointed.]

Act of counsale.

It is statute and ordanit be the provest, bailleis and counsale, quha sal happin to be voitit to ryde, gang, or accept ony office quhatsumever concerning the commoune weill of the toune, and refuisis to accept the same, ather bailleis or counsale, without ane reasonabill cause sein and consideritt be the provest, bailleis and counsale, sall immediatle thairefter be depryvit out of counsale for that present yeir quha is counsalour, and the baillie contravenand to paye ten lib. of penaltie, toties quoties, and the penaltie to be applyit to the commone work of the toune.

Setting out of the burgessis.

The provest, bailleis, and haill counsale, with ane consent and assent, hes, for evading of manifald suitis anent the burgessis craving gratis, and foirseand thair weill thairanent for furth setting of thair commoune weill, condiscendit that the haill burges fynes be roipit and sett to sic as will bid maist for thame, deduceande alwyis to the provest foure, and tua to ilk baillie of thrie bailleis allanerly, and that of thair awin suitting and inbringing, ane to the clerk, and ane vther to the maister of work of thair inbringing, and that for the space of ane, tua, or thrie yeiris as can be best agreit with the taxman, provyding the takisman tak na les fra extraneus nor xx lib., and the burges sones dochteris and maryande burges dochteris and burges airs to paye as thai war of befor, and the burges airs fynes to be xx s. and vj s. viij d. to the puir, and ilk vther burges to paye fyve s. to the puir, and the taxman to gif his ayth that he sall gif nane doune of the saidis sowmes. And eftir the roipping and bidding thairfor in [the] counsalehous, the saidis provest, bailleis, and counsale hes sett the same haill burges fynes to Thomas Pettigrew for the sowme of tua hundretht thrie scoir merkis yeirle, for the space of thrie yeiris nixtocum efter the date heirof, at tua termes in the yeir, viz., the first of Marche and the first of September, and sua furth yeirle and termle during the said space, and it sall [nocht] be lesum to the provest, bailleis, and counsale to admitt nane burges gratis in tyme cumyng during the said space of thre yeirs; and the provest, bailleis and counsale ordaines thair officeris present and to cum to mak service to the said Thomas during the said space for apprehending of the onfremen burgessis, and the said sowme to be payit to the thesaureris present and to cum yeirle and termle in tyme cumyng, and gif ony be admittit be the provest bailleis and counsale, by the number abone writtin, to be allowitt to him in the said sowme yeirle, and gif ony be apprehendit be him and contenit in tikat and cautione tane at his handis nocht to be tane of his hand nather be provest bailleis nor na vtheris quhilk tak during the said space thai obleis thame to warrand to the said Thomas.

Statuta propresenti anno.

[Statutes passed similar to those enacted at the head courts in October of previous years. Ordained that ale be sold not dearer than 1s. 4d. the pint, tallow, 30s. the stone; candle 40s. the stone; the eightpenny loaf to weigh eleven ounces.]

12 October 1599.

Ninian Gilhagy boisting officeris.

Ninian Gilhagy is fand in the wrang for iniuring and boisting the haill officeris, calling thame false beggares, lymmeris, and lownes, and that he suld belt tua of thaime with ane locht rung.

13 October 1599.

Divisioune of the towne.

Comperit the thre ministeris, desyring the act set downe be the bailleis and counsale anent the divisioune of the toune cravit to be put to executioune, the bailleis and counsale present appoyntit this day viij dayes to that effect; and the provest, bailleis, counsale and deikines warnit and present thairto the said daye for thair ansuer geving conforme to the conditiounes contenit in the former act.

20 October 1599.

Statute fuilley.

It is condiscendit be the bailleis and counsale and thocht meitt be thame present, that thair salbe inhibitioune maid that na middingis be wpoun the Hiegate fra sydwall to sydwall wpoun the foirgate in ony syde thairof nor ly langer nor xlviij houris, bot to be transportit af the same, with certificatioune gif thai failley to tak the same awaye, the haill fuilley salbe escheitt and tane awaye be ane commone carter man to the weill of the puir; and thairefter it is concludit that the haill calsaye be cleyngeit within xlviij houris, and that nane ly betuix the sydwall and calsaye, bot the quantite of sax fudder to be tane awaye gradually.

10 November 1599.


The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanes the maister of work to caus by straye and theik the tounes mylnes incontinent sua that the same may be maid watterfast, and to repair the maist necesser thingis of the mylnes that is requisit to be done for repairing thairof be sicht of the maister of work; and the firmorares to paye for the doing thairof to be allowit to thaim in thair first termes payment of the dewty of the mylnes, and thai to resave the maister of workis tikat thairof to be producit to the thesaurer.

17 November 1599.


It is statute that the stane of tallovne be sauld for xliiij s. the stane, and the stane of candill to be sauld for four merkis, to be weyit conforme to the statutes.


Item, it is statute that the baxteris sall only baik sax d. and xij d. laiffis in tyme cumyng.

15 December 1599.

Statute for the commonweill anent the salmount custome.

In presens of the bailleis and counsale, present, efter the delivery of the supplicatioune gevin in be ane number of thair nychtbouris mercheantis and vtheris having salmount to transporte to France, and vther pairtis quhairin thai ar trublit be the capitane of Dimbartane craving ane new impoist of xx lib. for ilk last quhilk was never in vse of befor, quha will gif no tikat to nane of thair guidis without payement thairof, to the greit hurt and preiudice to the haill inhabitantis of the towne, desyring the assistance and concurrance of the provest bailleis and counsale for remeid thairof. To the quhilk supplicatioune the provest, bailleis, and counsale promesit to assist, fortifie, and defend as ane commoune caus tending to the weill of the towne, and hes appointit Thomas Glen, baillie, commissioner, to ryde for the townes pairt with ane of the mercheantis to Edinburgh in that caus to my lorde Duike and the provest.

28 December 1599.

Act, Hadowey contra Cowper, minister.

In presens of the provest, bailleis and counsale, Andro Hadowey being accusit for making of ane wryitting the maner of ane pascuill aganes maister John Cowper, and onputting the same on his yet within clud of nycht, wpoun Tyisdaye att eyne, the xxv of December instant, contenand mony and dyveris blasphemous, vyle, and manassing wordes, tending to the dishonour of God and man, markit with his awin name and mark, and writtin over be ane George Wilsone, mariner, on the quhyte syde efter it was first writtin be himself, quha confessit the making thairof, marking of the same with his awin mark, and onputting thairof on the said maister Johnes awin yett, and become in the provest will for the same.