Extracts from the records: 1606

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1606', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, (Edinburgh, 1914) pp. 244-260. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp244-260 [accessed 2 March 2024]

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10 January 1606.


The baillies, counsall and deikinis foirsaid, conveinit, hes, all in ane voice, with all thair heartis, concludit and condiscendit that the Libertie grantit be his Majestie to this burgh be his Majesties first lettere be socht, prosecut, and acquirit of his Majestie, conforme to his Majesties first grant, and being persuadit that the samin will have the bettir succes that the rycht honorabill Sir George Elphinstoune of Blyswood, knicht, proveist, pas to court to his Majestie to that effect, quha all in ane voice past furth of the said counsalhous to the said Sir George to his awin duelling hows, and with all thair heartis ernestlie requeistit him to vndertak the jurnay to his Majestie, and the said Sir George, vpone the respect and regaird he hes and beiris to the commounweill and libertie of this burgh, condiscendit, and at thair speciall desyr acceptit vpone him to ryd accompanyit with Mathow Trumble, ane of the baillies, and James Braidwood, deikin conveiner, quhome thai have nominat to that effect; and be the tennour heirof ordainis thair expenssis and chargis maist honorabillie to be allowit, and siclyk ordainis tua letteres to be direct with thame, to wit, ane to his Majestie and ane to my Lord Duik of Lennox, to be subscriuit be the baillies and be the clerk for the counsall and deikinis.

4 February 1606.

Shereffis and baillies be commissioune

In presens of the baillies in judgment, compeirit Robert Muir of Caldwell and William Muir of Glanderstoune, tua of the judgis be commissioune, conteinit in ane commissioune grantit vnto thame vndir the quarter seall as shereffis of the shereffdome of Air, Dumbartane, and baillies of Kyll, Cunyinghame and Carrik, and of the regalitie of Glasgow in that pairt, for serving of the breifis of inqueist impetrat be Robert Grahame of Grugar, as air maill to his vmquhill father and brother, as the commissioune at mair lenthe beiris; quhilkis judgis present in judgment acceptit the office in and vpone thame conforme to the said commissioune, and gef thair aithis de fideli administratione in the said office, conforme to ane warrand grantit be the lordis of counsall the tuentie four day of Januar 1606 yeiris instant, and thairvpone the said Robert Grahame askit actis of court. The saidis judges in judgment, eftir thai war sworne, nominat and electit Archibald Heygait, clerk of the said burgh, clerk of the first court, Mathow Calmeroun, ane officer, and Peter Alexander ane dampinster, quha gaf thair aithis for faithfull administratioun.

18 February 1606.

Wrang, Sempill.

Robert Sempill, tailyour, is fund in the wrang and amarchiament of court for the vnmercifull streiking of Robert Gray, his prenteis, to the effusioun of his bluid and renting of his flesche, and dome gifin thairvpon, and John Flyming, maltman, is cum cawfcionn for the said Robert vnlaw v li.

Warning, colledge.

Thomas Park, Elizabithe Broun, and Subbell Liddell, and everie ane of thame, ar decernit and ordenit to flit and remove thameselfis guidis and geir furth and fra all and haill the yaird respectiue occupyit be thame perteining to the principall and regentis of the College of Glasgow, of ald callit the vicaris yairdis.

6 March 1606.

Act of counsall.

The bailleis and counsall present, hes concludit and ordenit that ane lettir of hartlie thankis be sent to his Majestie, and that eftir reding of his Majesteis lettir.

14 April 1606.

Burges, Balloche, scholmaister.

William Balloche, maltman, is maid burges and frieman of this bruch as ane of maister John Blakburnes burgessis, grantit vnto him be the provist and bailleis of this burgh, and that for his service in the Grammer Schole, and hes fund Robert Patirsoun cawtioun and sovertie for the hospitallis siluir and he quha gef the deakin convinaris testificatioun that he was worth the sowme contenit in the lettir of gildrie, and hes gifin his aithe to observe the statutis of this burgh.

22 April 1606.

Wrang, Patie, Robisoune.

John Patie, karter, beinge accusit for resauinge of vagaboundis, drunkartis, beggeris, and suspect theifis in his houssis, and laitlie apprehendit and found be William Andersoune and Mathow Trumble, bailleis, thairintill, fechtand eftir thai warre drunkin, expres contrar the statutis of this bruch, and thairof convict and found that he hes incurrit the penultie of tuentie poundis money conforme to the statutis maid in the contrar, quhairof is remittit to him becaus he is the provistis tennent ten poundis, and is ordanit to pay vthir ten li. to the calsay makeris. And siclyk Patrik Robisoune, tincular, beinge accusit is convict found and cryit to be ane commoune hanter of vagaboundis, drunkartis, theifis, and ane resetter of thame within his hows, and thairfoir is ordanit to pay fyve poundis to the calsay makeris. And gif ather the said John Padie or Patrik Robisoune beis found to do the lyk heireftir, or that the said Patrik send out his wyf in beginge with vther begeris in the cuntrie, the said John to incurre the vnlaw of twentie poundis and the said Patrik to be banischit this towne for evir.

Act, Fuird, banischit.

Robert Fuird, horner, being found and cryit in this towne with his wyf, Jonet Lyndsey, is found that tha [are] unwordie and insufficient induelleris within this burgh and vagaboundis hantand and frequentand with drunkartis, theifis, and vnsuspect persounis nicht and day, of thair awin consent and confessionis is ordanit to be banischit this towne and gif evir thai be found heireftir to be scurgit and burnt vpone the cheik.

9 May 1606.

Act of counsall.

The provist, bailleis, and counsall beinge convenit, all in ane voce, hes aggreit and condescendit to accept the commissioune of justiciarie aggreit vpone betuix my Lord Dwik and the Bischope and thair commissioneris, according to the commissionis set downe betuix thame, keipand the substance of the minut, the wordis being extendit in the principall contract and amplifeit in ample forme.

23 May 1606.

Act of counsall, justiciarie.

The quhilk day, eftir none, compeirit ane reverend fathir in God, John archibischope of Glasgow, in name of ane nobill and michtie prince Ludovict Dwik of Lennox, etc., in presens of Sir George Elphinstoune, of Blythiswod, knycht, provist, Mathow Trumble, baillie, and certane of the counsall, and exhibeit and producit ane letter of justice deputrie grantit be the said michtie prince to Robert Rowat, ane of the bailleis of the said bruch, for halding of justice courtis within the said burgh to the feist of Michelmes nixttocum, quhilk the said Robert acceptand gef his ayth for dew administratioun, and the said provist, bailleis, and counsale promisit thair concurrence to the said Robert. Quhilk commissioune the said reverent fathir promisit sould induir to the said Robert quhill ane new commissioune be grantit be the said nobill and michtie prince, conforme to the appointment done betuix his grace, the said reverent fathir, and commissioneris of the said bruche.

27 May 1606.

Commissiouneris for the burrowis.

The quhilk day, be pluralitie of woitis of the counsale, Robert Rowat and William Andirsoune ar electit and chosin to pas commissioneris to the conventioune of burrowis to Dundie, and siclyk to Edinburgh for consulting with men of law anent divers and sindrie commowne effairis, and ane commissioune to be formeit to thame for that effect; and for thair expenssis ordanis thame to haif xl s. ilk day, by thair hors waiges, and vther expenssis that thai happin to mak vpone men of law and clarkis, quhilk vpone thair comptis hard befoir the counsale salbe allowit and thai payit thairof; and for thair expenssis and payment of the annwell of twa thousand markis and four hunderithe markis money ordanis fyve hunderithe markis money to be borrowit, and the thesaurer, John Or, to pay the annuell thairof.

10 June 1606.


Witsountysdaye, the tent of Junii 1606 the provist bailleis and counsall being conveinit vpone the Greine of the said burch.

Custome of the ladill.

The custome of the ladill is set for this yeir to cum to John Robisoune, baxter, for the soume of seven hundereth and fyftene markis money.


Alexander Reid, merchand, be pluralitie of voitis, is maid thesaurer of this burch for this yeir.

Maister of work.

Thaireftir Thomas Pettingrew is continowit maister of work this same yeir.

Commone clark.

The quhilk day, the richt honorable Sir George Elphinstoune of Blythiswod, knycht, provist of the said bruch, Robert Rowat, William Andirsoune, and Mathow Trumble, bailleis thairof, accompaneit with the counsale of the same, viz., John Andersoune, ald baillie, Thomas Mure, ald baillie, William Flymeinge, William Wallace, William Sterlinge, Robert Adame, James Bell, John Diksoune, William Robisoune, Thomas Peteingrew, maister of work, John Scot, deakin of the smeithis, maister John Ros, commowne procuratour, John Galbrathe, John Waddrope, James Braidwod, James Fischer, James Lyoune, Robert M'Cuir, tailyour, past to the tolbuth of the said burgh, entirit in the counsalhous thairof, for consultatioune and advys to be had for electioune and sattlinge of thair commowne clark of the said bruch be voit of counsale, hes thocht guid to sattill thair commowne clerk in the said office. (fn. 1)

28 June 1606.

Act of counsall.

It is ordanit that thai be xij merchandis and tuelf of craftis nameit and warneit and attend on the sereff the tyme of the fair, with sword, halbert, and steilbonnet, ilk persoune vnder the paine of ten lib. and tinsell of thair fredome.

Act, pest.

The balleis and counsale convenit, haifand regaird and consideratioun of the lait suspecioun of the plaige in Edinburgh and Sanctandrois, hes ordanit that, with diligens, the maister of work sicht the poirtis and mak thame suir and lokfast, and that all personis that hes yaird endis and clois fittis mak the samyne suir incontinent eftir thai be adverteisit be the drume, and that vnder the paine of fyve pundis, and that all personis that hapinis to be warneit to the wache that thai wache nicht and day in thair awin propir persones, vnder the paine of xl s., toties quoties, and dischairges all inhabitens within this towne to repair to Edinburgh befoir thai adverteis the balleis.

Lettere to provest.

The balleis and counsale, eftir reading of ane lettir derect be the provist to thame, ordanis ane ansuer be writtin be the clerk that na manir of commissioneris derect fra thame to the parliament, and gif ony beis, altogiddir by thair knawlege, to exoirt his lordschip to continow cairfull in perfyting of the wark of thair libertie in the parliament, and ordanis the clerk to subscryve the same in thair names.

19 July 1606.

Act of counsale.

The provist, balleis, and counsale, be voce of counsale, hes fund that maister John Rose, alledgeand him to be commowne procuratour, hes done wrange against the autoritie of thame, presentand his Majesteis persoune in rewling of this commowneweill, in passinge with James Braidwod and Niniane Andirsoune to Perthe, with ane supplicatioune subscryvit be thame and certane vthiris of thair evill disposit myndis, and certane vthir simple persons, and thairby doand quhat in thame lay to hurt the liberteis of this bruch granted be his Majestie, quhairvpone the ratificatioune thairof in parliament is delayit, and the said maister John, present, and the said James Braidwod and the said Niniane Andirsoune is fund to have done greit contempt against the autoritie of this place in passing with the said supplicatioune, by thair adwys and knawlege; thairfoir the said provist, balleis, and counsale, for preventing of the lyk seditius doing in tyme cuminge, hes concludit and ordanit that quha evir subscryve do or commit the lyk in tyme cuminge salbe declairit perjure and wnworthie to beir office, credit, or publict chairge in this bruch in tyme cuminge, and friedomes to be cryit downe, and nevir to be admitit frie men of this bruch heireftir by the adwys of the provist, balleis and counsale, and the said act to be intimat be sound of drwme.


The provist, balleis, and counsale hes concludit that thai, with all thair hertis, with the haisyaird of thair bodyis, guidis and geir, will fortifie, mantene, and defend thair liberteis grantit to thame anent the electioune of thair magistratis be our Soverane Lord.

Friedome, Ros, cryd downe.

The provist, balleis, and counsale, haifing weyit the gret contempt done be the said maister John Ros against the provist, balleis, and counsale, in passing with ane supplicatioune to the parliament subscryvit be thame selfis and certane vtheris, by adwys, knawlege, and consent of the provist, ballies, and counsale, and thairby hindring the liberteis ofthis bruch, and for the contemptus behaviour wirkit and schawin be him against the provist in Perthe, thairfoir hes ordanit his friedome to be cryid downe presentlie, and to be dischargeit of the counsale and of all vthir libertie within this bruch, for the seditius doing against his aithe of fidelitie, and hes assignit Weddinsday nixt the xxiij of Julii for accuising the rest of the merchandis, subscryveris, and appointis Settirday nixt the xxvj day of Julii for accuising of James Braidwod and Niniane Andirsoun.

Warrand, thesaurer.

The provist, balleis, and counsale, haifing hard the compt of the expenssis and debursingis maid be Williame Andirsoune, ballie, and William Wallace, as commissioneris to the conventioune of burrowis haldin in Dwndie, ordanis the thesaurer, Alexander Reid, to ansuer thame of the sowme of ten lib. money for thair twa hors waiges, and of sex pund xv. s. for the townis pairt of ane hunderith and fiftie pund payit be the haill burrowis, togiddir with the sowme of xxij li. for the superexpenssis maid be thame in the commowne affairis, speciale for procuiring of ane new tak of the custome of the brig, and becaus of the extraordiner derthe at that tyme becaus of the parliament.

21 July 1606.

Act of Symmir

In presens of the provist, balleis, and counsale, comperit William Symmir, merchand, and faythfulie promeisit to concure, fortifie, and assist to the satling of the liberteis of this bruch grantit be the Kingis Majestie to the same in the frie electioune of thair magistratis in all tyme cuminge.

Libertie, deakins. Libertie, deakins.

In presens of the provist, balleis, and counsale, comperit William Neisbit, deakin of the tailyouris, John Scot, deakin of the smythis, Archibald Reid, deakin of the wrichtis, and John Wallace, visitour of the meilmen and maltmen, and Andro Boyd, deakin of the measonis; forsamikle as thai being informeit that certane deakins of this towne, with certene vthir seditius personis, evill affectit towardis the liberteis of this bruch grantit be our Soverane Lord in the frie electioune of thair magistratis of this towne, hes procuirit the delay and ratificatioune of the saidis liberteis, and hes exemit thame selfis fra the jurisdictioune and autorite of the provist, balleis, and counsale seditiuslie, off the quhilk thair doing and vnlachfull proceidingis, thai being altogiddir ignorant, be this present act declairis that thai and everie ane of thame will fortifie, manteine, and defend the foirsaidis liberteis with their bodyis, guidis and geir, concurre and assist with thair magistratis to that effect, and passis fra all exemptioune procuirit be the foirsaidis seditius personis.

26 July 1606.

Cawtiouneris for thame that was accuisit for convoying of Mynto.

Dauid Caddirwod, seadlar, is becwme cawtioune and sovertie for the entrie of John Duncane, smyth, and siclyk, [five other persons find caution,] viz., ilk ane of thair cawtioneris to entir thame vpone xxiiij houris warneinge quhen evir the provist and balleis chairgeis thame thairto, vndir the pane of fyve hunderithe markis ilk persoune that happinis nocht to compeir.

6 August 1606.

Act of counsale.

The provist, ballies, and counsale hes concludit and ordanit that twa commissioneris, with ane of the balleis, be direct to the counsal to be haldin in Sanct Jhonstowne this nixt Thursday the sevint of August, to meane to the counsale the estait of the lait truble and seditioune fallin furth in this towne, and insorectioune maid aganst the magistratis, and to procuir of the counsale that ane day of tryell of the said insorectioune may be appointit in this towne, and for that effect hes nominat and chosin, be voce of counsale, William Andirsoune, ballie, Thomas Muir and Wmphra Connynghame, and ordanis ane commissioune to be maid to thame to the effect foirsaid, and ordanis ane warrant to be maid of xl. li. to Alexander Reid, thesaurer, vndir the clerkis hand writ for thair expenssis.

20 August 1606.

Act, pest.

The balleis and counsale, for preventing of the gret appeirence of haiszaird of the towne be the plaige, hes devidydit the poirtis and pairtis of the towne to be ovirseine be the bailleis as followis: [names of bailies and quartermasters and thair districts] to continow in ovirseing the poirtis foirsaid the space of xv dayis, and pas throw the saidis poirtis everie morneinge, and to try all suddene deaid or seiknes, to visie the saidis portis, yaird endis, with power to the saidis quarter maisteris to poind for fyve pund all personis in keipand the poirtis in propir persoune, and nocht bigand vpe the clos fittis and yaird endis, and for breking the statutis maid anent the pest; and ordanis the Grayfreir poirt to becondampnit with the Gilleis yairdis wirket with Archibald Heygaitis bakyet, and the Drygait and Rattounraw poirt to be closit and the keyis thairof to be gifin to sum honest man that wilbe ansuerabill thairfoir to opin and steik the same; and everie ane of the counsale, as thai ar bwkit in ordour and salbe warneit be the officer, to set the wache at nyne houris at evin, viz., twa at the new towr, twa at the wennell abone the croce, twa to keipe at the croce, twa at the Stokwellheid and twa at the luge at the Brigend. And gif ony of the quartermaisteris dissobeyis the cummand of the baillies and neglectis the ordinance of the counsale in sichting of thair quarteris and poirtis sal pay fyve pund and friedome cryd downe; and ordanis the officeris to reddelie obey the saidis quartermaisteris in all thingis concerning this statut vndir the paine of present depravatioune.


Item, it is statut and ordanit during this tyme of this greit infectioune of the pest in sindrie partis of the cuntrey that na travellouris or cadgeris cumand out of suspect places be resauit within this towne, and all vther personis cumand fra ony vthir places be nocht resauit without testimoniell, and that na persoune within this towne pas to na suspect places or ony vther part without ane testimoniell, and gif thai do resaue the saidis cadgeris sall pay fyve pundis and banischment of the towne.


The balleis and counsall ordanis Thomas Pettingrew, master of wark, to ryd to Air to visie thair estait, and ordanis the thesaurer to ansuer him of fyfe pund for his expenssis and hors wages.


William Flymeing is ordanit to ryd to Brunteland to the particular conventioune of burrowis, and ane commissioune to be maid to him in dew forme with informatioune, and the thesaurer to gif and ansuer him of sex pundis for his expenssis.

21 August 1606.

Act, pest.

The balleis and counsale convenit, vnderstanding that gret inconvenient may happin in this towne be travelouris, cadgeris, bakeris, and vtheris frequentand to Edinburgh, Sterling, Leithe, Air and vthir suspect placiss, and be travelouris cumand furth of the saidis pairtis to this towne, thairfoir it is statut and ordanit that na manir of persoune within this towne pas to the foirsaidis placiss or yit resaue ony manir of persoune cumand furthe thairof, vndir the paine of ten lib. and banischement of this towne.

30 August 1606.

Act, Litsoune and Neill.

Anent the hwmble supplicatioun presentit be Adame Neill and Gabriell Listowne, wairdit in Linlythgow for the last vproir done in this towne, in respect of thair gret humbliatioune and confessioune of thair falt, the counsale hes committit power and libertie to the provist and balleis to deill with the secreit counsale for their relief, with conditioune that gif thai be releifit thay to compeir befoir the counsale and be thame selfis acknowlege thair faltis and mak offir to the counsale for the same.

9 September 1606.

Wrange, fleschouris.

James Jhonstowne and Robert Brwme, fleschouris, ar fund in ane wrang and amerchiament of court for slaying of ky in the foirgait, contrar the statutis maid thairanent.

Wrang, Patirsoune.

Archibald Patirsoune, wobster, is fund in ane wrange and amarchiament of court in dissobeying of the officeris, being warneit be thame to cum to the counsale, and that of his awin confessioune; and siclyke, of his awin confessioune, is convict for conveninge and convocatinge togiddir his craft in the Hie Kirk, contrar the tenour of the Kingis proclamatioune, but knawlege of the provist, balleis, and counsale, and dome gevin thairvpone. Thaireftir the said Archibald protestit for remeid of law.

13 September 1606.

Burges, Gillaspie, gratis.

James Gillaspie, seruitour to the rycht honorabill Sir George Elphinstoune of Blythiswod, knycht, provist, is maid burges and frieman of this bruch, at the requist and desyre of the provist, and that for his guid service done be him that nicht in defending the provist and balleis, being persewit, be the laidis of Mynto, elder and younger, and hes gifin his aithe of fidelitie as efferis.

20 September 1606.

Burges, Boyd, gratis.

John Boyd, mariner, is maid burges and frieman of this bruch, and hes gifin his aith of fidelitie, his fynis remittit to him be requeist of Dame Agnes Boyd Lady Blythiswod, and lykwayis for his guid and affectionatseruice done be him in this towne at that tyme when the provist, balleis, and counsale war all in Linlithgow befoir the secreit counsale, in assisting the nichtbouris of the towne in pacifeing of ane trublence done in thair absence, and hes fund Alexander Harper, merchand, cawtioune for satiffeing of all thingis that affeiris ane burges to do conforme to the statutis of the towne.

Calmerowne, provist.

The balleis being in the counsalhous convenit, Mathow Calmerowne, ane of the officeris of Glasgow, is maid burges and frieman of this bruch for his guid seruice speciale done that nicht the provist, balleis, and counsale was persewit be the laird of Mynto, elder and younger.

Act, pest.

Tryell being tane of the seiknes in Archibald Muiris hows and Marioune Walker, his mother, and fund to be the plaige, ordanis to be askit of the said Marioune quha last frequentit with hir and quhat scheraris schewr with hir. And quhaevir beis inclosit or commandit in thair howssis be the balleis, quartermaisteris, or officeris, in thair names, that dissobeyis, to be haldin as pestiforus personis and transportit to the Muir with thair haill howshaldis and guidis. And ordanis all personis of this towne quha hes doggis or cattis that thai athir keipe thame fast or hang thame, vnder the paine of ten lib., and thame selfis to be inclosit. And ordanis all strainger begeris to depart of this towne incontinent, vndir the paine of scruging and burneing of them on the cheik and banischement, and quhaevir resaves thame heireftir, or gifis thame harbrie within thair howssis, to be inclosit with thame and sustenit vpone thair expenssis as thai ar, and quhaevir hes set howssis to pwir begeris that may nocht susteine thame selfis that thai find cawtioune for thame to susteine thame selfis and keip thair howssis, and quhat persoune findis nocht cawtioune as said is the setteris of the howssis to pay fyve lib., and the begeris, possessouris of the howssis, to be banischit the towne presentlie. And farder, ordanis that na bairnis or vthir personis accompany the balleis or quartermaisteris vndir the paine of fyve pund.

30 September 1606.

Act, balleis.

The provist, balleis, and counsale, being convenit as vpone the ordiner day eftir Michaelmes for electioune of the provist and balleis for the yeir to cwme to minister justice within this bruch and citie, and haifing resauit ane lettir derect frome his Majestie, bearing that it is hisHienes will and pleasour thai sould continow the electioune of the saidis magistratis to the thrid day of November nixt, in regaird of the quhilk his Majestie lettere the said provist, balleis, and counsale hes concluidit that the said electioune be continowit according to his Hienes pleasour to the said thrid day of November; and in the meinetyme, be this present act, continowis the foirsaid provist and balleis in thair said office quhill the said electioune or soner quhill thai heir his Hienes farder pleasour; with power to thame to exerceis thair said office in taking ordour with trublence and for rewling of the towne concerneing the plaig and vthiris materis concerneing the commowne affairis of this bruch; quhilk burdene the saidis ald magistratis, at requist and desyre of the counsale, hes acceptit the same vpone thame, but preiudice of thair libertie and ancient priueleg in electioune of thair magistratis vpone the ordiner tyme of electioune in tyme cuming seing thai have continowit thair said electioune onlie for obedience of his Majesties will and lettir.

Act, pest.

The provist, balleis, and counsale, for helpe and supplie of the puir of this burgh that may happin to be inclosit or removeit to the Muir for the plaig that may nocht susteine thame selfis, hes ordanit that Mathew Trwmble, ballie, deburs ane hunderithe pundis of the reddiest of the taxatioune that is in his handis to the maister of work as mister is, and to mak compt thairof to the provist, balleis, and counsale.

Warrand, Rowat.

The provist, balleis, and counsale hes ordanit that Mathow Trwmble, ballie, gif to John Rowat the sowme of fiftie pundis in the silver in his handis of the taxatioune, as for the pryce of ane hors bocht be him to pas to Ingland, and the sowme of fiftie pundis allowit to himself, and vthir fiftie pundis to William Andirsoune, ballie, for thair hors bocht be thame.

1 October 1606.

Lettir from his Majestie as to elections.

JAMES, R. Trustye and weilbeloued, we greit you hairtlye weill. Quhairas the laite bygane disordour and ryotte within that our citye hes gevin ws most iust caus of offence to sie the commownes of the same, without any respect of thair dewtifull obedience vnto ws, to be thus distracted in factionis and pairteis amang thameselfis; and we, vnderstanding that one of the greitest caussis of the same hes bein the stryife and competencye betuix sum persouns for the plaice of the provestrie of that your citye, the ordinarye tyme of the electioun of your magistrattis for this yeir being now past, we haif thoght meitt for keiping of that our citye in goode rewlle and ordour, and for taking awaye any suche lyike occasioun of misdeamenour heirefter, to will and requyre yow to mak particular choice and to elect Mathow Turnebull, Thomas Mwire and Robert Rowatte to be your bailleis for this yeir ensewing, being men (as we vnderstand) very indifferent and weill disposed to sie our peace keiped, and desyreis to haif the citye floorische, vnto quhais electioun also the Archbischope of Glasgo hes gevin his consent. And we intend to appoynte no provest presentlye quhill vpoun farder advyse we signifie our pleasure thairanent. In the meantyme, willing yow to conforme yourselfis in all obedience to these your magistratts, we bid yow fairweill. From our court at Hamptoun Courte the first of October 1606. (Addressed) To our trustye and weillbeloued the Bailleis and Counsell of our citye of Glasgow.

24 October 1606.

Statuit, aill.

[Ale not to be sold dearer than sixteen pence the pint "and that the samyn be fyne."]

3 November 1606.

Letter producit to the counsale be my lord of Glasgow frome his Majestie.

The ald balleis and counsale, conveinit, haifing resauit ane lettir fra my lord of Glasgow derect fra his Majestie, bearing that it is his Hienes pleasour that thai sould elect and cheis Robert Rowat, Thomas Muir and Mathow Trwmble balleis for this yeir, eftir reading quhairof the counsale, be pluralitie of woitis, hes thocht it expedient to be adwysit with his Hienes lettere quhill the xj day of November incais the same may preiuge thame in ony soirt of thair libertie and priuelege grantit to thame be his Majestie of befoir, and continowis the ald magistratis of the yeir befoir quhill the said day in thair office, with power to thame to vs thair said office conforme.

13 November 1606.

Balleis electioune.

The balleis and counsale convenit, eftir reasoning had concerneing the electioune of thair balleis, conforme to his Hienes lettere, without preiudice of thair libertie, hes continowit all farder proceiding thairintill quhill the morne the fourtene of November at ten houris, and ordanis the deakinis to be warneit heirto.

14 November 1606.

Balleis electioune.

The balleis and counsale convenit in presens of my lord of Glasgow to tak consultatioune how to proceid anent the electioune of thair magistratis of this burch for satisfeing of his Hienes pleasour concerneing the said electioune, eftir reasouning had thairintill, be adwys of the haill counsale, it is proponit and offrit to my lord of Glasgow, for estableising of ane solid ordour in cheising of the magistratis heireftir, and for quietnes of this towne, that the lyttis of the balleis be presentit to the bischope as of awld, to the effect his lordschip may mak chois of thrie of the saidis lyttis to be balleis, and that the said archibischope propone and present to the balleis and counsale of the town twa or thrie of the said counsale that ane of thame may be acceptit to be thair provist, or that the saidis balleis and counsale sall propone and present to the said archbischope twa or thrie of thair counsal that his lordschip may name ane of thame to be thair provist: Quhilk overtour being proponit be the said counsale to my lord of Glasgow, with consent of the counsale, was content that his Majestie sould be acquent with the said overtour that his Hienes will and pleasour may be knawin thairintill; and in the meinetyme, quhill adwerteisment cum frome his Majestie, the counsalle continowis the ballies of the yeir of befoir quhill his Hienes wil be knawin; withe power to thame to vs thair said office in all pointis.

Nota. James Braidwod and James Fischer disassentit heirfra quhill thai be adwysit with the deakins.

22 December 1606.

Electioun, balleis.

In presens of my lord of Glasgow, his Majesteis lettir being producit for electioune and nominatioune of the balleis of this burch for this instant yeir, quhilk being red his Majestie thairby ordanit, as of befoir, that Robert Rowat, Mathow Trwmble, and Thomas Muir sould be electit in balleis for this instant yeir, conforme to quhilk his Hienes will and lettir, the haill counsal abone writtin hes aggreit that the foirsaidis thrie persones be electit and chosin in balleis for this present yeir, and that conforme to the ald vs and privilege observit of befoir in electioune of the saidis balleis, without hurt of preiudice to thair liberteis grantit be his Majestie to this bruch of befoir, and ordanis lytis to be put furthe conforme to thair ald vs, without preiudice lykwayis of the act maid quhair the balleis of the present brwck nocht office for twa yeir togidder bot that thei be alterit heireftir conforme to the said act.

Lytis to be Balleis.

Lytis to be balleis:—Ald ballies, Robert Rowat, William Andirsoune, Mathow Trumble; James Lyoune, Thomas Mwre, Archibald Faulis, Wmphra Connynghame, John Andersoune, maister Peter Low.


Quhilkis lytis being chosin and removeit, the counsale abone writtin, in ane voce, for obedience of his Hienes lettir, hes nominat electit and chosin Robert Rowat, Mathow Trwmble, and Thomas Mwre in balleis for this present yeir, and ordanis thair commissioune to be maid, sealit, and subscryvit quhill Michelmes nixt to cwme, as vs is, without preiudice allwayis of thair libertie grantit to thame be his Hienes, and without preiudice siclyk of the act maid that na balleis sall continow in office bot for ane yeir conforme to the act foirsaid.

24 December 1606.

Merchandis, craftis.

The new and ald balleis, viz., Robert Rowat, Mathow Trumble, Thomas Mwre and William Andirsoune, being convenit for electioune of the counsale of the towne for this yeir to cwme, the said Robert Rowat, Mathow Trwmble and Thomas Mwre, for obedience of his Hienes will and lettir producit to them be my lord of Glasgw, is aggreit to admit for this yeir onlie allevin of the craftis to be vpone counsale, with tuelf merchandis, conforme to his Hienes will, withe this expres conditioune and provisioune that the admiting of sa mony craftismen vpone counsale sall nawayis be ane practique, privileg, or power, to the saidis craftis to have sa mony in tyme cuming admittit in counsale, bot onlie according to the number, manir, forme, and custome as thei vsit to haif of befoir and actis of parliament maid heiranent.


Followis the persounes chosin vpoune counsale, conforme to the act abone written:—Williame Andirsoune, ald ballie, [and eleven others;] craftis, John Andirsoune, [and ten others;] Thomas Pettingrew, maistir of work; Alexander Reid, thesaurer.

Protestatioune, Andirsoune.

Eftir electioune and nominatioune of the said counsale be the said Robert Rowat and Mathow Trwmble as ald balleis, and be the said Thomas Mwre as ane of the new balleis, the said Williame Andirsoune, siclyk ane of the ald balleis, personalie present for electioune of the said counsale, conforme to the ancient custome and ordour of the said bruch, dissasentit to admit sick numbir of craftismen to be vpone counsale of the said bruch, in respect the samyne is repugnant to the actis of parliament and lawis of the realme, custome and practique of burrowis, continowall vse and practiq of the said bruche and citie, and thairfoir protestit the said Williame Andirsoune that the admitting of sic number of craftis, contrar the auncient vse and custom of the said bruche and citie, lawis of the realme, practique and custome of vthir burrowes, be nwll in the self, and thei nawayis reput and haldin as counsalouris for this present yeir, nor at na tyme heireftir, and thairwpoune requirit actis.

Protestatioune, merchands.

Compeirit the nwmber of merchandis admittit on counsale, and for thame selfis and in name of the haill merchandis of the said bruch, protestit that the admitting of the foirsaid nwmber of craftismen vpone counsal sould nawayis be preiudiciall to the ancient priviledge and libertie of the said bruch and citie concerneing the electioune of counsale, and to the nwmber of merchandis and craftis vsit and wount to be thairvpoune

Protestatioune, craftis.

Compeirit James Braidwod, deakin conviner, for him self and in name and behalf of the saidis deakins, and protestit that the cheising of the present balleis and present counsale be nocht preiudiciall to thair swit and clame craifing the equalitie of governament, conforme to thair burding, in all respectis.

Counsale sworne.

Eftir the saidis balleis gef thair aithis and acceptit thair commissioune, the persones vpoune counsale quha war personalie present and convenit this day, viz., Archibald Faulis, deane of gild, John Rowat [and eleven others] gef thair aithis and acceptit on thame to be counsallouris for this yeir, conforme to the protestatiounis respectiue befoir writtin taine be thame, and thaireftir ordanit and concluidit that ane lettir sould be writtin to his Majestie declairing thair obedience, with erneist requist to his Hienes for the perfyting of thair liberteis.

27 December 1606.

Annual statutis.

[Ordained that ale be sold not dearer than 1s. 4d. the pint, "and that the samyn be kingis aill, and drinking beir to be sold for xx d., and that na boget be brwine;" tallow, 40s. the stone; the 1s. loaf of bread to weigh twelve ounces "Ratifeis and appreifis the haill remanent statutis maid and set downe the yeir preceiding."]

29 December 1606.

Deakin conviner chosin, Braidwod.

[From a leet of three persons presented by the crafts, the "balleis, merchandis, and craftismen, hes nominat and chosin, be pluralitie of wotis, James Braidwod deakin conviner for this yeir to cwme."]

Visitour chosin, Lichtbodie.

[From a leet of five persons presented by the mealmen and maltmen, the bailies and council chose James Lychtbodie visitor for the year to come.]


  • 1. A blank is here left in the original record.