Extracts from the records: 1607

Pages 260-273

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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3 January 1607.

Deane of gild chosin.

[From a leet of three persons presented by the merchants, the "balleis, counsale, and merchandis hes nominat, electit, and chosin Archibald Faulis to be deane of gild for this yeir to cwme."]

10 January 1607.


The balleis and counsale hes appointit Thuirsday nixt, the xv day of Januar, eftir the preicheing, to heir James Lyoune and John Millaris compt of the salt sald be thame to the inhabitanes of this bruch quhilk thei war merchandis for the towne.

12 February 1607.

Commissioneris to Edinburgh for Dunbartane.

The counsall and deakins, convenit to tak consultatioune anent the summoundis reasit be the towne of Dunbartane against this our bruche, summoundand them to compeir befoir the lordis of secreit counsale to the xvij day of Februar to heir and sie ane act of counsale set downe for payment to thair said towne certane impoist vpone all manir of guidis cuming in and passing furthe of our river of Clyd for the space of nyneteine yeiris, as the summondis at mair lenthe bearis, the saidis balleis and counsale hes condiscendit and aggreit that Robert Rowat and Mathow Trwmble, twa of the balleis of the said bruch, with twa merchandis and twa craftismen to ryd with them to Edinburgh, to compeir befoir the saidis lordis vpone the day foirsaid, viz., William Andirsoune, James Inglis, merchandis, James Braidwod, John Mwre, skypper, craftismen.

7 March 1607.

Act, firlot missour.

The balleis and counsale convenit, vndirstanding that thair firlot missour and pintis hes heirtofoir beine convoyit, caryit, and taine furth of the towne, libertie and friedome thairof, to sindrie pairtis and places of the cuntrie, be thair awin nichtbouris, and gifin furthe be thame to cuntrie men, to the greit hurt and hindir of thair custome, thairfoir hes statut and ordanit that the saidis missouris at na tyme heireftir be transportit furthe of this towne to ony pairt of the cuntrie, vndir the paine of fyve pund the first falt, the secund falt ten li., and thrid falt twentie pund and downe crying of thair friedome that dois in the contrar heirof in tyme cuming. And that the maister of work seill naine of the saidis missouris to the customer bot sa mony as salbe set downe in writ to him, quha sall find cawtioune that naine of thame be put furth in the cuntrie, and that he seill na new firlot to ony nichtbour of this towne quhill he present the ald firlot or pint, and naine be seilit to vnfriemen in the cuntrie, vndir the paine of ten pund and tinsell of his office.

Act, Robiesoune, Greinleyis.

The balleis and counsale grantis to James Greinleis, commowne cleinger, the dalis of his awin ludge, and the said James to mak the foirsaidis dalis furthcumand to the said towne quhenevir it sall clem to ask and crave the saidis dalis fra him to the same vs quhen occasioun sall offir.

Demissioun of the provestrie and ballerie to my lord of Glasgow.

The counsall of the bruch and citie of Glasgow, convenit in presens of the richt reverent John Archiebischope of Glasgow, for gifing ansuer to his Hienes lettir derect to them anent the electioune of Robert Rowat, Mathow Trumble, and Thomas Muir to be thair balleis for this yeir insewing, eftir consultatioune had thairanent, resoluit in all hwmble reverence to obey the said lettir, and yit, finding it maist expedient for satling the contraverseis arissin in the said citie that ane guid and solid ordour be presentlie takin anent the electioune of thair magistratis in all tyme heireftir, haif, with ane commowne adwys, declairit that be reasoune thei can nathir find ane securitie in the grant laitlie maid to them of the electioune of their magistratis, nor yit can aggrie amangst them selfis vpone the accepting and vsing thairof, that thei are thairfoir willing to pas frome the said grant and rest content within thair ancient forme vsit and resavit in that cais within the said bruch (this onlie exceptit) that quhairas of befoir it was the custome that the Archebischopes of Glasgow did nominat and appoint to them the provist at his pleasour, the desyre and humble requist is the said nominatioune may be in all tyme cuming of twa burgessis, counsalouris within the said citie, of the quhilk twa, nominat and presentit be the said Archiebischope, it may be in the libertie of the balleis and counsale to accept quhome thei list; and for the balleis thei ar content to present thair lytis as of befoir to my lord of Glasgow and tak them nominat be him as was the custome. To the quhilk declaratioune it being replyit be my lord of Glasgow that his lordschip had nathing to do for the present but to wrge obedience to his Majesteis lettir, and that anent the foirsaid declaratioune his lordschip wald nocht tak vpone him to do any thing without his Maiesties knawleg and consent, albeit for him self he could be weill pleisit to condiscend to thair said desyre, it being maist aggreable to his Majesteis guid plesour, and standing also with the Dwk of Lenox his contentment, that ane of thair awin burgessis sould be electit to the office of ane provist with mwtuall consent of the said archiebischope and counsale of Glasgow, it is aggreit that his Majestie sould be adwerteisit heirof and his most gracius plesour vndirstuid thairanent. And in the meintyme that the balleis present sould haif thair commissioune frome the towne to vse and exers thair office in all pointis till his Majesteis guid will and pleasour sould be wndirstuid in the premissis. Two of the deakins present protestit thei micht haif laiser to adwys with thair brethering of the craftis at eftirnone. This was done in presens of maister Patrik Sharpe, principall, and the ministeris of this citie.

4 April 1607.

Salt, ladill.

The casualiteis of the salt ladle [set] to James Scot to the Monunday immediatlie preceiding Skyrthuirsday nixttocwme, for the sowme of fiftie markis money.

2 May 1607.

Statut for incuming of wictuell.

The balleis and counsale, considring that divers and sindrie schipis, barkis, and boitis from Ingland, Irreland, Hylandis, and sindrie vthir pairtis, repairis and cumis with wictuell werie frequentlie within the libertie and friedome of thair River of Clyd, thairfoir that the same may cwme to the commowne proffeit of the haill friemen and nichtbouris of this bruch, and nocht applyit to the privat and particular vse or proffeit of particular men, hes concluidit, statut, and ordanit that all manir of wictuell that sall happin to be brocht in within the friedome of thair river salbe first brocht wpe to thair key and poirt of Brwmylaw be the merchandis and awneris inbringeris thairof and sald to the commowne proffeit and vse of the haill fremen and nichtbouris of this bruch in bollis, ane or ma, as it sall happin the friemen and nichtbouris to haif neid and mister thairof, or ellis to ony ane frieman of this bruch, provyding the said frieman, byer of the same, gif ane pairt thairof mair or les to the nichtbouris friemen of the towne quha desyris and requiris the same ony time befoir or at the resaifing thairof, and the said wictuell to be met and missorit at the Brwmielaw, and the said byer to be ansuerable for the custome of the laidle, and the said wictuell to remaine xxiiij houris at the Brwmylaw eftir the bying thairof.

Statut, hydis, skynes, tallowne, plaiding.

It is statut, concluidit, and ordanit that na manir of persoune of this bruch sall by ony manir of hydis, skynnis, of ony soirt of plaiding, tallowne, cumand to this towne to sell, blok, or by the same befoir the saidis kynis of guidis be first brocht to the towne and sellarit, and that vndir the paine of xx li., toties quoties, to be bestowit vpone the calsayis and commowne workis of the towne.

6 May 1607.

Statut anent vnground malt.

The balleis and counsale and deikinnis of the said bruch, being convenit, weyand and considring withe them selfis the gret hurt and inconvenient that cumis to the commowne guid of this thair bruch, besydis the particular hurt susteinit be sindrie particular persons quha brewis and leifis vpone that tred, be bying of all manir of wictuell without the towne or the same cum to the marcat, and specialie be bying of ground malt send in to brewsteris vpone credeit of owtintownis maltmen, selleris thairof, and be bying of beir, vnground malt, aitis, meill, quheit, banis and peis, in defraud of the custome and hurt of our Soverane Lordis leges cuming to this towne, expres contrar the actis of parliament and lawis of this realme; thairfoir, all in ane voce hes condiscendit, concluidit, and aggreit that quhatsumevir manir of victuell of the kyndis and soirtis abone writtin that hapins to be brocht in tyme cuming without the towne or it cwme to the markat, athir be frie or onfrie, sall pay the custome and dewtie of the laidill quhider the samyne be presentit agane to the markat or set in and keipit in killis, barnis, or houssis, to mak in malt and sett ovir agane to the customeris of the towne for the tyme; exceptand allwayis all sic wictuell of the kyndis foirsaid that hapins to be brocht in be the sey be friemen beirand wentour thairof and burdene within the towne; and provyding that the said ordinance be na impediment to friemen to by ony victuell of the soirtis foirsaid to thair vse and furneising of thair awin proper howssis nocht to be sald ovir agane. And lykweis it sall nocht be leisim to ony frie man or inhabitant of this bruch to by ony manir of ground malt ground without the towne, bot sik as salbe ground at the townis awin mylnis and missorit with thair commowne missour, certefeing all and sindrie friemen and inhabitens of this bruch that sall happin to do in the contrar of the premissis sall pay the multir to the mylnis and takismen thairof, togidir with the custome to the customeris taikismen of the laidill, with xiij s. iiij d. of ilk boll that hapins to be bocht as saidis, to the calsay and vthir commowne warkis.

9 May 1607.

Statut ratiefeit anent vnground malt.

[The foregoing] act and concluisioune the counsell this day convenit hes ratifeit and apprevit in all pointis, with this additioune that all beir or malt bocht and brocht in to kilis, bornis or howssis, sall pay the custome thairof to the customeris quhen thei be requirit thairwith, provyding that the said ordinance be na impediment to friemen to by aitis or meill to thair awin howssis and nocht sold ovir againe.

Act, borrowit silvir.

In presens of the balleis and counsale, be pluralitie of woitis, hes condiscendit that money be borrowit for releif of sik dept as man of necessitie be payit at Witsounday nixt for eschewing of the penulteis and horneing that may follow for nocht payment thairof, and for that effect that sum discreit man be direct to Edinburgh, with diligence, or ony vthir place quhair silvir may be had, to aggrie for the same in dew tyme, and to burrow ijm viijc markis for releif of the said dept.

16 May 1607.

Act, Ros for his fey and libertie.

The balleis and counsale convenit, vpone consideratioune had of maister John Ros petitioune to be payit of his fie [as] commowne procuratour, and to be restoirit to his friedome and libertie, hes ordanit that the thesaurer ansuer him of his procuratour fey that yeir of his service, and restoiris him againe to his libertie, and ratifeis the same of new as he had nocht beine dischargit thairof.

26 May 1607.

Witsuntysday court.

Witsountysday court of the bruch of Glasgow, haldin vpone the Greine thairof be the thrie balleis and counsell present.


The penny custome of the brig is set for this yeir to cwme to Niniane Andirsoune, deikin of the cordineris, for [515 merks.]


The casualiteis of the laidill is set to James Grinleis for [1370 merks] for this yeir to cwme.

Maister of work, thesaurer.

[Thomas Pettingrew continued master of work, and Alexander Pollok elected treasurer for the ensuing year.]

31 May 1607.

Act anent wictuell.

The balleis and counsel convenit, haifand maid and set downe ane laudable and proffitable statut anent the bying of victuell without the towne, and for restraineing of bying of ground malt without the same, and that in respect that thair is ane greter yeirlie dewtie promeisit for the custome of the laidill be James Greinleis, taker thairof for this yeir to cwme, thairfoir and for guid and swir payment of the dewtie of the said ladill to the said James during the said set, the balleis and counsell of the said burch promeissis and oblissis them to the said James Greinleis to caus him be thankfulie ansuerit and obeyit of the dewtie of the said laidill, and gif ony persoune refuis the same to him sall awthir caus him be ansuerit thairof or gif him allowence thairof in the dewtie promeisit be him for the laidill, the said James gifand in thair names ilk Settirday to the balleis and counsel.

2 June 1607.

Decreit, towne, anent the deilis, contra Andirsoune, etc.

Anent the bill and complent gifin in and persewit be James Braidwod, deikin conviner of the bruch of Glasgow, and Thomas Bunteine, merchand, burges of Dunbartane, for thame selfis and in name and behalf of the remanent deikins, merchandis, craftismen, nichtbouris and friemen of beath the saidis burrowis, contrar William Andirsoun, merchand, Archibald Faulis, deine of gild, and Alexander Dinlope, merchand, burgessis of the bruch of Glasgow, beiring that quhair the saidis twa burrowis haifand vndowtit rycht privilege and entres to the friedome and libertie of the wattir and river of Clyd, and to blok, by, and bargane all manir of ventour schipis and barkis cuming and repairing within the said river of Clyd, to the commoune guid, weill, and proffeit of beath the saidis burrowis, nichtbouris, and frie [men] thairof, and in continowall vse and possessioune of the samyne be vertew of thair rycht and libertie, and that it is of veritie that ane Duchman callit John Lubbart, maister and awnir of the schipe callet the Salmone of Reipe in Amstirdame, vpone the [blank] day of Maij instant arryvit within the said river with the said schipe be ventour laidnit and burdenit with deilis . . . . . . the saidis balleis ryplie adwysit findis that the said Willame. Andirsoune, Archibald Faulis, and Alexandir Dinlope to have done wrang in bying of the said ventour schip of deilis, and in making bargane and blok thairfoir privatlie within the said bruch of Glasgow befoir any offir was maid to the saidis twa townis, by thair consent and knawelege; and for preventing of the said ventour schipis incuming within the said river, thairby foirstalling the rycht and libertie, commowne peir and friedome of the saidis twa burrowis; and thairfoir vnlawis the foirsaidis persons in ane vnlaw of ane hunderth pundis [for making blok and bargane and in forty pounds each for forstalling of the pier and market place, and ordain them to make their purchases furthcoming for the common use of both towns] for sik pryces as the saidis personis aggreit with the said Ducheman for the samyne.

6 June 1607.

Act, Rowat to ryd.

The balleis and counsell this day convenit, hes concluidit and aggreit that Robert Rowat, Thomas Muir, balleis, Allane Connynghame, James Inglis, James Fischer, Walter Dowglas, Alexander Pollok and George Lyoune pas and meit with the balleis and counsell of Dunbartane in thair towne the viij day of Junii instant for accuising the Duchman quha brocht in the ventour schipe of deilis for breking of the arreistment maid vpone the said schipe and deilis; and ordanis ane commissioune to be maid to them for that effect, with consent of the deikins, and to treit and concluid anent all thingis concerneing the libertie of beath the saidis burrowis.

13 June 1607.

Grammer schole.

The balleis and counsell ordanis the maister of work to caus the Grammer Schole be poyntit incontinent.


Robert Rowat and Mathow Trumble, balleis, ar nominat and chosin in commissioneris to conveine with the particular burrowis in this towne the fyfteine day of this moneth, and ordanis commissioune to be maid to them.

20 June 1607.

Commissioneris for the burrowis.

The balleis and counsell hes nominat and chosin Thomas Mwre, ballie, and George Huchesoune to be thair commissioneris for the towne in the generall conventioune of burrowis to be haldin in Dunbartane the first of Julij nixt, and ordanis George Huchesoune to be spokin be the balleis eftir none, and to admit him burges, and presentlie hes chosin him in commowne procuratour of this towne quhill Michelmes nixt to cwme that he may be the bettir able to accept the commissioune as burges and commowne procuratour, and ordanis the balleis to tak his aith.

Burges, Huchesoune, gratis, commowne procuratour.

The balleis and counsell hes nominat and chosin George Huchesoune, as commowne procuratour, and James Braidwod, deikin conveiner, to ryd and keipe the day of suspensioune be William Andirsoune, Archibald Faulis and Alexander Dinlope, anent the schipe and deilis bocht be them within the friedome of Glasgow and Dunbartane, and the balleis to requist the said George, and thair expenssis to be maid be the towne for this tyme and quhill the end of the pley.

Warrandis, clerk, thesaurer.

And lykwayis, ordanis the clerk to gif warrandis to the said thesaurer for sik expenssis as was maid to the balleis and certane of the counsell in Dunbartane quhen thei reid thair for the libertie of the towne against the Duchmen straingeris quha brocht in the ventour schipe of deilis, and ordanis likwayis the clerk to [gif] ane warrand to the said Alexander for sa mikle wyne as was proponit to the commissioneris of the particular burrowis, viz., Air, Irveine and Dunbartane.

6 July 1607.

The heid court of Craignaiche.; Proclamatioun.

The heid court of Craignache haldin vpone the Craig thairof be the thrie balleis and accompaneit with the counsell of the said bruch and deikins thairof. The switis callit and continowit to new lachfull warneinge conforme to ald vse and wount. Thaireftir proclaimeit the proclamatioune vndirwrittin quhairof the tennour followis:—Forsamikle as this day being the sext day of Julij instant and the fair evin of this bruch of Glasgow, and the sevint day of the said moneth the fair day thairof of ald, thairfoir I cummand and chairge, in our Soverane Lordis name and in name and behalf of ane noble and michtie prince Ludovic Dwik of Lennox Erll Darnelie etc., ballie principall of the regalitie of Glasgow and his depuitis, and of the balleis of the said bruch, that na manir of persoune, frie nor vnfrie, within this bruch, truble ane ane ithir for new debt or ald debt, new feid or awld feid, fra this day furth to the xv day of this moneth of Julij inclusiue, vndir the paine of ten pundis.

11 July 1607.

Lettir direct be my lord of Glasgow to the balleis.

Compeirit John Hwittoune, direct fra my lord of Glasgow fra the castell, and presentit ane lettir derect fra his Majestie to the balleis and counsell anent the ancient libertie and privilege of the bischopes of Glasgow in electioune of the magistratis, daitit at Greinviche the thrid of Junii 1607, quhilk being red was left in the handis of Robert Rowat, ballie, and continowis ansuer thairof quhill my lord of Glasgowis awin presence with ane greter nwmbir of the counsell.

Act, Greinlyeis, Robiesoun.

The balleis and counsell, be pluralitie of woitis, vpone consideratioune of the hindir and los incurrit be James Greinleis and John Robiesoune, takismen of the custome of the laidill, 1606, be occasioune of the plaige, hes remittit and dischairgeit thame of xl markis.

17 July 1607.

Burges, Gray, Bogle, gratis.

Robert Gray, merchand, is maid burges and frieman of this bruch in favouris of John Bogle, sone to Marcus Bogle, student in the college of Glasgow, for help of his claithis quhen he is maid Maister, at Lambes nixt, becaus of his fathiris povertie, and that conforme to ane supplicatioune presentit be him to the counsale seikand suppoirt, and hes gifin his aith of fidelitie as affeiris; Thomas Pettingrew sovertie for the deine of gildis dewtie.

22 July 1607.

Forret, commissioner to the parliament.

The balleis and counsele, being convenit, hes appointit and ordanit that James Forret ryd as commissioner for the towne to the parliament, and that becaus the said James was commissioner of befoir and vpone the Articles.

Balleis chosin commissioneris to Dunbartane.

[The three bailies, and other four persons, appointed to meet with the bailies of Dumbarton "concerneing William Andirsoune, Archibald Faulis and Alexander Dinlope for bying of the said ventour schipe of deilis, etc., withe power to the saidis bailleis and commissioners to end, woit, and conclude with the balleis and counsele of Dunbartane thairanent."]

20 August 1607.

George Erll of Enzie, burgessis.

Ane nobill and michtie prince Ludovict Dwik of Lenox, etc., present in the counselhous, George Erll of Enzie Lord Gordowne is maid burges and frieman of the bruch and citie, and hes gifin his aith of fidelitie to our Soverane Lord and that he sall defend the liberteis of the said bruch. With his lordschipe is admittit burgessis the persouns vndirwrittin, viz., maister Arthour Gordoune, [and eighteen others.]

19 September 1607.

Act, magistratis, electioune, ald forme.

The saidis balleis and personis vpoune counsell being convenit, ane reverent fathir in God John Archiebischope of Glasgow, quha exponit and declairit to the foirsaidis balleis and counsell, that was nocht vnknawin to thame, that thei be thair letteris direct to our Soverane Lord for satling of ane soleid ordour in electioune of our magistratis of the said bruch in tyme cuminge, hwmblie schawin and declairit to his Hienes that thei wald willinglie follow and quhatevir was his Majesteis will and pleasour thairintill, and did craif vndirstand the same quhill his Hienes will was knawin to thame, resauit vpone the [blank] day of [blank] last bypast, and quhairof thei continowit the ansuer quhill the said reverent fatheris awin presens and that ane sufficient number of counsell of the towne war convenit, and this day the said reverent fathir being present, and the counsel of the towne sufficientlie convenit, desyrit the saidis balleis and counsell to adwys and gif ansuer to his Hienes lettir. Eftir reasouning and consultatioune had thairanent, the saidis balleis and counsell, vndirstanding be his Majesteis letteris that it was his Hienes will and pleasour, for the bettir peice and quyetnes of thair towne, that thai sould conforme thame selfis and aggrie that the cheising of thair magistratis sould be according to the awld ancient custome vsit and observit be the archibischope of Glasgow, and the said archibischope himself acknawlegit in his priviledges in presenting of the provist and nominatioune of the balleis as vtheris his predicessouris vsit of befoir. For obedience of the quhilk his Hienes lettiris, and for the peice and quyetness of thair towne and eschewing of all twmult thairanent heireftir, condiscendit and aggreit that thair magistratis, to wit, provist and balleis be presentit and nominat be the said reverent fathir at Michelmes nixt to cwme and in all tyme cuming, according to the ald ancient forme and observit thairanent of befoir, and the said archibischope acknawledgeit in all his privileges concerneing the said electioune.

6 October 1607.

Act, presentatioune, provist Howstoune.

Compeirit ane reverent fathir in God, John Archiebischope of Glasgow, in presens of my Lord Dwik and nominat and presentit John Howstoune of that Ilk as for provist for this yeir, off the quhilk presentatioune and nominatioune the tennour followis: Balleis and counsell of Glasgow, vpone regaird we haif to sie your citie flwrische and be rewlit be guid magistratis, being perswadit of the guid effectioune that John Howstoune of that Ilk hes and beiris towardis your citie and weill thairof, we haif maid chose of him to be your provist for this yeir to cwme, and heirby nominatis, presentis, and recommendis him to yow as your provist for this yeir, thairfoir desyris and willis yow to grant vnto him your commissioune and authoris him thairwith, conforme to your ancient vse and custome. Subscryvit with our hand att our castell at Glasgow the vj of October 1607. Quhilk presentatioune being red and hard, the saidis balleis and counsell, with ane consent, acceptit the said John Howstoune of that Ilk as thair provist for this yeir to cwme, conforme to the said nominatioune and presentatioune, and the said John Howstoune being present gef his aith of fidelitie to our Soverane Lord, and the said reverent fathir my lord of Glasgow, and for dew and lachfull administratioune in his office, thairfoir the balleis and counsell ordanit their commissioune to be grantit to him vndir thair greit seall conforme to vse and wount.

Lytis for balleis. Balleischosin.

Lytis to be balleis: [follow names of the three "awld balleis" and six "new lyttis."] Quhilkis lytis being direct and presentit to ane reverent father in God, John Archiebischope of Glasgow, be the clerk and certane of the counsell for nominatioune of the saidis balleis, according to the ald ancient vse and custome of the said bruch, the said reverent fathir nominat the said Mathow Trumble, James Inglise and James Braidwod in balleis for this yeir to cwme that commissioune may be grantit to thame, conjunctlie and severalie, as balleis for this yeir to cwme, according to the ancient vse of the said bruch and citie, thairfoir the balleis and counsell ordanit commissioune to be maid and grantit to thame conjunctlie and severalie conforme to vse and wount.

Act, vnlawis.

The balleis and counsell foirsaid, vndirstanding of ane laudabill act and statut that was maid and set downe the tyme of the electioune of the magistratis of the said bruch, the yeir of God jm vjc and fyve yeiris, anent the bestowing and imploying of the vnlawis and bluidwodis of the said bruch, and vthir vnlawis quhatsumevir quhilk appertenit to the provist and balleis be vertew of thair offices, that the samyne sould be applyit to the commowne vse of the affairis of the said bruch, specialie for biging of the calsayis, be thir presentis ratifeis and appreifis the said act and statut in all tyme cuming.

Pretestatioune, Faullis, deane of gild.

Compeirit Archibald Fawlis, deine of gild, with the rest of the merchandis vpone counsell, and for thame selfis and in name and behalf of the remanent merchandis of the said bruch, desyrit and lykwayis protestit that na alteratioune of balleis or counsell to wit twa pairt merchandis and thrid pairt craftis be this yeir, and that in respect it is aggreable to the lawis of the cuntrie, custome of this bruch inviolablie observit, actis of parliament and lawis of burrowis, and als in respect that the samyne was condiscendit vpone the last yeir preceidinge, as the actis beiris, protesting for thame selfis and in name and behalf foirsaid that incais ðny novatioune or alteratioune be maid vthirwayis nor was of befoir as said is that the samyne may be null and ineffectuell, and for remeid of law.

Protestatioune, Braidwod, ballie.

Thaireftir, compeirit James Braidwod for himself, and in name of the haill deikins, protestit and desyrit that in respect of thair burdinge quhilk thei beir, and that his Hienes will is declairit concerneing thair numbir and pairt of the counsel, and of thair vse and possessioune thei haif thairof, to wit, half counsel, that thej injoy that benefeit conforme to thair vse heireftir.


Consilium:—Thomas Muir, ald ballie, William Skynner, dean of gild [and eleven others. Craftis:—Robert Rowat, ald ballie, and ten others; Ninian Andirsoun, deakin conveinir].

Commone procuratour, etc.

Commowne procuratour, George Huchesoune; Maister of work, Thomas Pettingrew; Thesaurer, Alexander Pollok.

10 October 1607.

Annual statutes.

[Statutes passed and ratified in terms similar to those enacted in October in previous years. Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged:—ale, 16s. the pint; tallow, 40s. the stone; candle, 53s. 4d. the stone; the 10d. loaf to weigh 12 ounces.]

Deikin conviner.

The balleis and counsel abone writtin, being convenit for electing and cheising of the deikin conviner, be pluralitie of woitis, hes nominat and chosin Niniane Andirsoune, cordoner, deikin conyinir for this yeir to cwme, quha hes gifin his aith of fidelitie conforme to the ald vse and forme.

Lychtbody, visitour.

The balleis and counsel, be pluralitie of woitis, hes nominat electit and chosin James Lichtbodie in visitour for this yeir to cwme.

Symmir, deane of gild.

William Symmir, be pluralitie of woitis of sik personis as war chosin for electioune of the deine of gild furth of the twa lytis presentit be the merchandis, is nominat and chosin in deine of gild for this yeir and hes gifin his aith of fidelitie.

24 October 1607.

Ordinance, wictuell.

The balleis and counsele convenit, vndirstanding that diuers and sindrie personis of this towne quha byis vnground malt without the towne and all vthir soirtis of wictuell or it cwme to the market, expres contrar the statut and ordinance set downe thairanent the saxt day of Maii 1607, refuissis to pay the dewtie of the laidle to the tackismen and customeris thairof, to the gret hurt of the commowne and hindir of the dewtie promeisit for the laidle, thairfoir ordanis the saidis customeris ilk court day to conveine ane certane of the personis foirsaid for payment of the dewtie of the said laidle of all ground and vnground malt or vthir victuell bocht be thame sen the downe seting of the said statut and publicatioune thairof, and the balleis to proceid against the contravineris heirof; and ordanis the saidis takismen and thair cawtioneris to be presentlie chairgeit in ward for the Michelmes terme awin be thame to the thesaurer.

7 November 1607.

Wrang, Listoune.

The balleis and counsele, being convenit at the Gallowgait burne, hes fund this day that Gabriell Listoune hes taine away and removeit certane gret stanis quhilk lay in the burne for staping stanis for men quha past with hors and laidis on the southe syd of the brige; and siklyk findis that James Pollok, cowper, hes bigit wp the passage quhilk the nichtbouris beyond the burne had to the same for feching of wattir, and findis that the said Gabriell hes niddrit the passage fra the burne sa that laidis and slaidis cannocht pas by vthiris as sould be and as hes beine of befoir; thairfoir ordanis the said Gabriell to lay the stanis in the burne agane as thej war of befoir incontinent with all guidlie diligence, and to amplifie the passage according at the sicht of Archibald Fawlis, ald deane of gild, and his counsele, and ordanis the said James to mak the passage of new agane with stepis downe to the burne, and ordanis the said James to tak in the stanis of the vttir syd of his midinge sted aggreable with the leging of the brige, be the sicht of the said Archibald Faulis and Thomas Pettingrew, maister of work, and all this to be done be thame within aucht dayis vndir the paine of dissobedience.

Act, stent.

The balleis and counsele, vndirstanding that this towne is subject to pay to Dunbartane ane hundreth xxv li. vj d., as thair pairt of thair helpe grantit be the burrowis to thame for helpe of thair towne fra dainger of the wattir, and siklyk man pay in Februar to the Kingis Majestie the sowme of fyve hundreth and ten pundis money as the secund termes payment of his Hienes taxatioune of four hunderth thowsand markis grantit to his Hienes in the last parliament, hes thocht it expedient that the saidis twa stentis be collectit at ane tyme; and that becaus the balleis and counsele are presentlie chargit thairwith be Dunbartane and the burrowis agent, and for baithe the saidis stentis, ordanis the toune to be stentit for sevin hundreth markis for non paymentis and collecting thairof be the collectouris, and for this effect hes ordanit the stenters to be chosin vpone Weddinsday nixt the xj of November.

12 December 1607.


Mathow Sympsoune, [and twenty-nine others.] Quhilkis personis nominat and chosin ar ordanit to be convenit and warnit be the officer to meit vpone the xv day of December for setting downe of the secund termes payment of his Hienes taxatioune of fowr hundreth thowsand markis grantit to his Hienes be the estaitis of parliament haldin att Perthe, quhilk is to be payit in Februar nixt.

Act, stenteris.

The same day, for eschewing of all sklandring of the saidis stenteris be evill disposit and sclandrus personis within this towne quha vsis to speik sclandurslie aganst the stenteris, it is statut and ordanit be the provist, balleis, and counsele that gif ony persoun traduce or sklandir ony of the saidis stenteris or ony of thame for setting downe the said stent roll thej sall pay ten pund to the commowne vse of the calsay, and John Hall and Andro Spang, collectouris of the last yeiris stent, to be warnit to bring in thair stent roll the said day.