Extracts from the records: 1608

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1608', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, (Edinburgh, 1914) pp. 274-297. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp274-297 [accessed 12 April 2024]

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20 January 1608.

Act of counsel.

The provist, balleis, and counsele, vpone regaird and consideratioune that thei ar vrgit to borrow siluir and to contract debt for outredding of the tonis affairis and sindrie commowne caussis, thairfor hes concluidit and ordanit that all bandis to be maid be thame of befoir or heireftir sall onlie astrict thame during thair offices, and sik as succeidis to thame in office to warrand and releif thame of all charges may be vsit aganst thame for the saidis sowmes to be burrowit and obligatioune grantit thairvpoune.

6 February 1608.

Act, Buchane.

The provist, balleis, and counsele convenit, vpone regaird of John Buchanis thankful service, and that he hes beine in vse of twentie pundis for his hows meill, hes ordanit ane warrand to be maid for [payment of the same for Whitsunday and Martinmas 1607.]

11 February 1608.

Act, debt.

The provist, balleis, and counsele convenit, eftir reasouning and conference had anent the debt awin be the toune, cairfull to haif the same payit and the towne releifit, hes maid offir to John Bornis, merchand, to be adwysit for how mony yeiris he with certane vthiris with him will tak the mylnis, the custome of the ladillis, and custome of the brige and yeirlie burgessis, and haill vnlawis, to pay nyne thowsand merkis of the said debt, quha hes tane to be adwysit quhill Settirday nixt the xviij day of Februar instant, and to gif ansuer to the provist, balleis, and counsele the said day thairanent.

18 February 1608.

Act, ovirtouris, Bornis, debt.

[John Bornis offered to relieve the town of nine thousand merks of debt "for sufficient rycht and securitie to be maid to him and his pertineris of the proffeit and dewtie of the commowne mylnis, custome of the ladill, salt and linget ladillis, custome of the brige and haill burgessis yeirlie to be maid, and haill vnlawis of the towne, for the space of aucht yeiris;" or otherwise "of the custome of the brige, ladillis, and yeirlie burgessis to be maid and haill yeirlie vnlawis for the space of allevin yeiris."

Ovirtouris, Conynghame.

Allane Conynghame, "ane of the counsele" proposed "that the custome of the twa ladillis, victuell, salt and linget, with the haill burgessis to be maid yeirlie," should be set for a term of years for four thousand merks, the common land set out for other four thousand merks. and the town taxed for payment of five thousand merks.

Ovirtouris, Fischer.

James Fischer "ane of the counsele" proposed to set the common land for four thousand merks, or more if it can be got, "and the same to be put out for yeirlie annuell and proffeit to cum in to the towne for serving and outredding of commowne effairis," the town being taxed for any deficiency, "and the haill rent of the touns burgessis and all vnlawis abone writtin to be set to ony persoune that will tak the same for certane yeris for releif of the haill debt."]

Quhilkis ovirtouris abonewrittin the provist, balleis, and counsele hes ordanit to be extractit and delyverit to the deine of gild and to the deikin conveiner that thei and athir of thame may be adwysit with the merchandis, deikins, and craftis vpone the foirsaidis offiris, and to resolue quhilkis of the foirsaidis offiris salbe imbracit and followit furth, and to gif ansuer to the provist, balleis, and counsele thairanent, and to adwys gif thei can devyse ony bettir securitie for releif of the said debt, and to bring with thame the best effectit of bathe the callingis to adwys and deliberat with the saidis provist and balleis thairvpone vpone adwerteisment to be maid to thame be the officeris.

12 March 1608.

Act, cokalandis.

The provist, balleis, and counsele, being informit be the ministrie of cokalandis oft publist and set out in this toune be sum profane and insolent personis, expres contrar the actis of parliament and all Christiene behauiour in reformit commowne weillis, for repressing of the lyk in tyme cuming hes ordanit be sound of drwme intimatioune be maid to all personis of this toune quhatsumevir quha evir heireftir sall happin to haif or find ony cokaland in tyme cuminge that thei immediatlie eftir the finding thairof bring and present the same to the provist or ony of the balleis, or at the leist to sum of the ministrie, quhilk gif thei do nocht salbe reput as the makeris inventeris, at the leist outputteris thairof.

Act, ovirtouris, mylnis.

The provist, balleis and counsele, being convenit to tak farder ordour and deliberatioune anent the ovirtouris set downe and proponit be John Bornis, Allane Conynghame and James Fischer for releif of nyne thowsand merkis as ane pairt of the townis debt, haifand maid offiris to the said John Bornis of the custome of the brige, customes of victuell ladle, and salt ladle, haill burgessis and vnlawis for the space of tuelf yeiris for releif of the towne of the said nyne thowsand merkis, and the same being nocht acceptit and embracit be the said John Bornis hes concluidit that the deine of gild and deikin conveiner salbe adwysit to find furth sax personis merchandis and sex craftis, or ma or fewir as thei sall think guid on athir syd, to accept the said conditioune and ovirtour for releif of the said nyne thowsand merkis vpone sufficient securitie to be maid to thame of the foirsaidis customeis and proffeitis, and to repoirt the same to the provist, balleis, and counsele the nixt meiting, viz., the xv day of Merche eftir none in the counselhous.

26 March 1608.

Act, mylnis.

The provist, balleis, and counsele, being convenit to condiscend to aggrie vpone sum of the ovirtouris proponit of befoir for releif of the townis debt, conforme to the actis set downe heirvpone of befoir conteinand the saidis ovirtouris, for the bettir accepting and embracing of the saidis ovirtouris hes thocht guid to limit and mitigat the boundis set downe in the act anent the customes of all soirt of wictuell bocht without the toune and brocht to this towne is extendit in farder boundis nor it is necessar, thairfoir hes limitit the boundis that all wictuell bocht without the toune or it be brocht to the market within ten mylis thairto sall pay the custome of the ladle in tyme cuming conforme to the tennour of the last act, withe this provisioune that at the ische of the yeiris that the customes of the twa ladilis and customes of the brige, with the burgessis and vnlawis, is set for releif of the debt, that the said statut be nawayis prejudiciall to the inhabitantis of the toune the same sall haif na farder force nor executioune.

Ovirtoure, Bornis.

Thaireftir, compeirit John Bornis and condiscendit to accept the custome of the brige and customes of the ladillis, with the yeirlie burgessis and vnlawis, for the space of tuelf yeiris, and sufficient securitie to be maid to him and his pertineris for releif of the toune of nyne thowsand markis, the craftis acceptand the equall half thairof, and the deikin conveiner to be adwysit heirwith and to gif ansuer Thuirsday nixt eftir the preiching the xvij day of Merche.

The provist, balleis, and counsele, convenit to resave farder ansuer of the deine of gild for himself and haill merchandis, and of the deikin conveiner for him self, haill deikins of craftis and thair assisteris, for certain and suir conclusioune to be set downe vpone the ovirtouris proponit to thame for releif of the townis debt, and to embrace the same or ony vthir ovirtour to be gifin in and proponit be the said deine of gild and deikin conveiner for tham selfis and in name and behalf of the merchandis, deikins, and craftis, compeirit John Diksoune, John Lawsoune, Andro Bell, John Fyndlay, John Dynneing and Mathow Merschell, in name and behalf of the deine of gild, with ansuer in writ anent the saidis ovirtouris, togiddir with Niniane Andirsoune, deikin conveiner, for himself and in name of the haill deikins and craftis, with the saidis deikins and craftis resolutioune in writ, anent the saidis ovirtouris, and with farder adwyse and ovirtour for releif of the said debt; and eftir lang reasoning, mature adwyse and deliberatioune had anent the saidis ovirtouris, hes condiscendit, concludit and aggreit, for releif of the haill debt and incres of the commowne guid heireftir, that the toune and inhabitantis thairof be suknit and thirlit to thair awin mylnis in tyme cuminge, and that thair be thrie scoir aikiris of commowne land set furth with the saidis mylnis, and the saidis aikiris to be specialie designit with thir conditionis and provisionis that thair be provydit sufficient gangand mylnis vpone wattir and wattir gang, liable to serve the haill inhabitantis and indueleris within this toune for grinding of all manir of stuf to thair vssis, alsweill, als thankfullie, and als guid chaipe as thei ar servit presentlie, vthirwayis the inhabitantis of the toune to be frie to gang quhair thei pleas ay and quhill sufficient mylnis be provydit as said is, and eftir the ische of the said set the saidis mylnis and land to apperteine to the toune heritablie, and that na frie man be astrictit to pay ony custome of the ladle farder nor thei haif beine in vse of befoir, and the toune beand suknit to thair awin mylnis as said is, the saidis mylnis, with the twa ladillis and thriescoir aikiris of land, to be set for certane yeiris to sik takismen of merchandis and craftis as will tak the same for releif of the haill debt. And for farder perfectioune of this conclusioune ordanis this act to be extractit and gifin to the deine of gild and deikin conveiner to adwyse farder heirvpone, and to agrie vpone sik personis as wilbe takeris of the set of the saidis mylnis and aikiris of land for sa mony yeiris as may be for releif of the saidis toune debt as said is.

9 April 1608.

Towne, suknit.

The provist, balleis, and counsele being convenit, [referring to the act of 26 March,] compeirit Mathow Trumble, [and five others,] for thame selfis and in name of the deine of gild and xvij men appointit for concluiding in all commowne effairis, togiddir with James Braidwod [and six others] for thame selfis and in name and behalf of the haill deikins and craftis of this bruch, and declairit in name and behalf foirsaid that thei haif considrit that the suking of the towne and thirling of the haill inhabitantis thairof to thair awin mylnis for grinding of the haill malt browine within the towne, with all vthir kynd of wictuell handlit within the same in tyme cuming, without preiudice to the baxteris to grind quheit and ry in thair awin mylnis, is the onlie best and reddiest way and meine nocht onlie to releif the townis debt, bot lykwayis to be ane increse of thair commowne guid in grit missour, thairfoir hes condiscendit, concludut, and aggreit, all in ane voce, that the haill inhabitantis browsteris within this towne, but exceptioune, and all vthir handleris and triffiqueris with wictuell be suknit and thirlit to thair awin towne mylnis in all tyme cuminge, withe this provisioune that the inhabitantis and friemen of this towne be als guid chaipe and als thankfullie servit as thei war of befoir be sufficient mylnis and servandis thairintill, and for the bettir sukin and thirlle hes nominat Mathow Trumble, [and eight others,] to travell and mak moyen for mylnis in the townes name, and to repoirt to the provist, balleis, and counsele how thei may haif thame, or how mylnis may be bigit, that thaireftir securitie may be had and grantit to the towne thairof vpone sik conditions as may be aggreit vpone with all expeditioune.

19 April 1608.


The provist, balleis, and counsele and deikins abone writtin, being convenit to consult and adwyse vpone the ovirtouris and heidis communit betuix the provist, balleis, and counsele, in name of the towne, vpon the ane pairt, and my lord of Glasgow on the vthir pairt, specialie quhair the said archibischope hes condiscendit and aggreit to set to the towne his mylne of Partik in tak for the space of nyne or ten yeiris, and the towne to be suknit and thirlit to thair awin mylnis the said space, and during the said spaice my lord of Glasgow to be maid sure be the towne of the ferme addebtit be the fermoreris to his lordschip, and the towne to aggrie with the present fermoreris for his lordschipis releif of warrandice of his tak, and at the ische of the said nyne or ten yeiris the friemen and inhabitantis of the town to be frie as thei ar now, and the tennentis of the barronie to haif the same friedome of bying selling and grinding of cornis as presentlie thei injoy, and that in the meine tyme nathing be done in prejudice of the mylne of Partik, as in the ovirtouris and conditionis producit be the provist fra the bischope in writ at lenth bearis. Eftir reasoning had in the said mater, it is concludit, condiscendit, and aggreit be the said provist, balleis, counsele and deikins, that the foirsaidis ovirtouris and conditionis be embracit and the towne suknit to thair awin mylnis according to the act set downe thairanent the nynt of Apryle instant, with the provisionis and conditionis set downe in the said act, and at the ische of the said tak the said towne and barronie to be vndir the same freidome as of befoir.

5 May 1608.


The provist balleis and counsele has ordanit that proclamatioune be maid be sound of drum the morn, the sext of Maij, that all manir of inhabitantis of this towne prepair thame selfis with thair armes the ix of this moneth to gif thair mustiris, vndir the panis contenit in the actis of parliament, and proclamatioune maid for that effect.

Act anent conveneing merchandis.

The same day, for conveneing of the haill friemen burgessis of this towne, it is ordanit that the deine of gild inroll the haill merchand burgessis of this bruch, and that the deikin conveiner cause the deikin of ilk craft inroll thair craftis, and delyver thame to the clerk to be callit the said day.

7 May 1608.

Act, mylnis.

The laird of Mynto hes condiscendit and aggreit with [the provost, bailies, and council] to set his mylnis with all commoditeis and proffeitis as thei ar set to James Lichtbodie, and that for the sowme of iiijc pundis yeirlie, quhilk the said provist, balleis, and counsele hes acceptit; and ordanis securitie to be maid of the saidis mylnis to the towne of the wattir mylnis and man mylne with the peice land and kill set to the said James Lichtbodie and possest be him for the said dewtie allanirlie, and that induring the space of ten yeiris according as thei haif aggreit with my lord of Glasgu.

9 May 1608.

Mylne of Partik.

[James Tennent of Lennox, in name of my lord of Glasgow, agreed to set the "ald mylne of Partik" to the town for the yearly payment of fifty bolls malt, the millers being "bund for payment to my lord of Glasgow of the strict multiris of all cornis that the tennentis sukin to the said mylne sall happin to greind at the said mylne."]

11 May 1608.

Act, mylnis.

The balleis and counsele being convenit to adwyse quhat of thair commowne guidis salbe set and grantit for certane yeiris for releif of thair debt, first, hes thocht it guid that the haill commowne guidis of the towne be set and grantit to ony nichtbour ane or ma that will tak the same for certane yeiris for releif of the said debt and to pay samikle yeirlie to the towne out thairof during the saidis yeiris for outreding the townis commowne effairis, and gif that forme of set tak nocht effect to set the mylnis and sukin thairof, with the causualitie of the ladillis, for certane yeiris for releif of the said debt without ony thing payit out thairof; and gif nane of the twa wayis tak nocht effect to set the mylnis and sukin for yeirlie dewtie, and for this effect ordanis the drwme to mak proclamatioune heirof.

17 May 1608.

Custome, brig.

Thesaurer, maister of wark

[The custom and causualty of the bridge set till Whitsunday next for five hundred merks. John Alexander merchant is chosen treasurer and Thomas Pettingrew master of work for the ensuing year.]


The menstrelis continowit vpone hoipe of thair better service and guid behaviour, and quhilk of thame sall happin to do wrang to vthiris, and thairby hindir the service of the towne, salbe depryvit of his office.

Act, mylnis.

[The provost bailies and council set "thair mylnis with thair ladillis" to George Andirsoune of Wodsyd and James Lichtbodie, visitor of maltmen and mealmen, for five years, for the yearly payment of 4,400 merks.] The provist balleis and counsele convenit, haifand now, eftir lang travell, with adwyse and concurrence of the haill deikins, hes aggreit and condiscendit that the haill inhabitantis within this towne and friemen thairof be suknit and thirlit to thair awin mylnis now provydit for serving of the towne for grinding of all manir of wictuell sufficientlie, and hes set thair saidis mylnis and sukin with thair ladillis for gret sowmes of money this day, thairfoir it is defendit and forbiddin that na manir of personis within this bruch, specialie sic as vsse the tred of brewing, that thei brew na manir of malt in tyme cuming bot that malt that beis ground at the townis mylnis, certifeing all sik quha dois in the contrar sall pay dowbill multir to the townis fermoreris with fyve pund vnlaw, and lykwayis it is ordanit that all manir of personis quha byis wictuell aucht myll without the towne or the same cum to the marcat that thei pay the custome of the ladle thairof to the customeris thankfullie as gif the same had beine presentit to the marcat, and that vndir the paine of paying dowbill custome and fyve pund vnlaw, and ordanis proclamatioune to be maid heirof be sound of drwme.

18 May 1608.

Visitatioune milvis.

[Visitation made by the bailies, and possession given to the tacksmen of "the Auld Milve of Partik," "the New Milve," "the Auld Toun Milve," and "the milvis perteaning to the laird of Mynto callit the Subdeanis Milvis, [being] twa wattir milvis and ane man milve."]

20 May 1608.


James Kyll, for himself and John Wilsoun, his pertiner, ar decernit and ordanit be aith of partie tane to content and pay to Patrik Tonnochill the sowme of vj lib. xviij s. money, and that for his portage and hyre the tyme of the salmount fischeing in Irreland promittit be the saidis personis to him thairfoir to be payit.

4 June 1608.

Act, brig.

The provest, balleis, and counsell hes ordanit the maister of wark to provyd stanis for reparing and helping of the brig, and to agrie for thame bringing of thame with kairtairis without delay that workmen may be enterit thairto with diligence, and siklyk to provyd lyme and sand.

11 June 1608.

Act, commissioner, Air.

James Stewart is ordanit to ryd commissioner to Air to keip the particular conventioun of burrowis thair for the town.

Charge, clerk of register.

Siclyk, ordanis ane letter to be wryttin to James Inglis, baillie, now in Edinburgh, and in his absence to direct the same to James Winram, agent for the burrowis, anent the charge gevin to the toun of jc lib. v d. taxatioun to the clerk of register, and to adwys and try quhat ordour Ediburgh and the rest of the burrowis takis thairanent, and to seay gif suspentioun may be had thairvpone.

Act, tron wecht.

Ordanis ane of the counsall to be direct to Lanerk with the trone wecht of this toun to be conformit with the wecht of Lanerk, conforme to the act and ordinance sett doun in the last conventioun of the particular burrowis, and hes nominat James Fyscher to be derect thairwith.

Act, timber.

The provest, balleis, and counsall, vnderstanding perfytlie that the timber mercat at the brig is greattumlie abusit and the same bocht vpone the Sabothe day efter nwn be foirstaeris and tapperis of the said timber, to the great hurt and hinder of the nychtbouris of the toun quha hes ado with the said timber for thair biging, thairfoir hes statute and ordanit that na maner of timber be bocht or sald at the brig fra Settirday at fyve houris at evin, vpone the Sabbothe day, at na tyme of the day thairof be na maner of persoun, vnder the pain of fyve lib. to be tane of the byer and als meakill of the seller, nor yit that na maner of persoun, frie nor unfrie, by the said timber befoir sex houris of the day on Monounday, vnder the pain of fyve lib. to be tane of the byer and als meikill of the seller; and that nane of thame quha byis timber to tap ovir agane by ony timber befoir Tysday at ten houris, vnder the pain of ten lib. and doun crying of thair fridome, and ten li. to be tain of the onfrieman seller or byer.

15 June 1608.

Act for the Ilis and Elphinstoun against the town.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, bieing convenit to tak ordour with thair preparatioune to the read of the Ilis, and for furnising of certein barkis and bottis with wictuall and drink to the liuetenent and armie, according to the proclamatioun and chargis gevin to the toun for that effect, hes thocht it expedient that ane sufficient man be derect with ane baillie to the chancelar to deall with his lordschip and counsall for ane rasonable taxatioun to be gevin for the haill toun for satisfeing of the proclamatioun, and to try and vnderstand quhat ordour the remanent burrowis takis concerning the said proclamatioun, and to consult and adwys with my lord of Glasgow heiranent. And siklyk to consult with thair men of law anent thair custome of the ledill and statute of the toun sett doun thairanent, and tak ordour with the letteris of suspensioun rasit be Sir George Elphinstoun concerning the same and letteris of law souertie rasit be him against the toun and vtheris letteris rasit against the bailleis and vtheris for alledgit oppressing of his man callit Thomas Bryce. And for this effect hes nominat James Inglis, baillie, and George Huchisoun to ryd to Edinburgh with diligence.

Act, Holmes, Muntgomerie, thair bark.

Patrik Holmes and John Muntgomerie, bieing prest be the provest, bailleis, and counsall to prepair thair bark with furnising to the said armie of victuall and drink, with salt and vther necesseris contenit in the minut delyverit to thame, and conforme to the charge gevin to the toun for this effect, hes acceptit the same vpone thame, with this conditioun and provisioun that incase the armie stay that thay be nocht loseris of thair provisioun, quhilk the saidis provest, bailleis, and counsall hes admittet and promissis be this act incais foirsaid that thay sall be na loseris of thair preparatioun.

25 June 1608.

Act, baillies to Edinburgh.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall hes nominat and chosin Mathow Trumble, James Inglis, bailleis, and George Huchisoun, commoun procuratour, to ryd to Edinburgh to keip the last of this monethe befoir the secreit counsall in the caws persewit be Sir George Elphinstoun of Blythiswod against the saidis bailleis and certen vtheris of the toun; and efter that the said Mathow Trumble, baillie, to ryd as commissioner to the conventioun of burrowis in Selkrig the fyft of Julij.

27 June 1608.

Act, Ilis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, for obedience of the proclamatioun maid anent the Ilis, hes condiscendit and agreit to furneis xx hagbitteris, by the bark appointit for furnising of the armie and hir men to wait vpone the leivtennent, and hes nominat and chosin John Sterling, deakin of hammermen, to be thair capitan; and ilk suddirt to have xv lib. ilk monethe during thair service, and appointis xl lib. to the said capitan.

30 June 1608.

Act, Ilis.

The bailleis, counsall, and deakins, being convenit, hes thocht it expedient that the dean of gild and deakin conveiner convein the merchandis and deakins the morne at viij houris to considder, consult, and advyse quhow the Kingis Maiesteis proclamatioun tawardis the Ilis may be obeyit, and thair ansuer to be reportit to the counsall.

Act, burrowis.

Ordanis ane power to be grantit and formit be the clerk to James Inglis, baillie, as commissioner to the conventioun of burrowis in Selkrig to gif in supplicationis for help of thair brig and river and to seik licence to sett our commoun guidis for releif of our dett.

2 July 1608.

Act, stent.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, being convenit for setting doun of thrie stentis, viz., the soum of fyve hundrythe pundis for owt reiking of xxx men of weir to the Ilis for satisfieing of the Kingis proclamatioun, according as the toun hes agreit with my Lord Vchiltrie, leuetennent, of the soum of ane hundrythe pundis v d., and the soume of sex scoir j lib. x s. money for the tounis pairt of twa thousand vijc lib. money addettit be the burrowis to Thomas Fyscher and William Speir, extending in the haill to the soume of [£721 10s. 5d.], hes nominat and chosin the personis following for setting doun the said stent vpone the haill inhabitantis and friemen of this town, viz., for the merchandis, William Wemis [and fourteen others,] and for the craftis James Lychtbody [and fourteen otheris;] and the saidis stenteris to be warnit and chargit to convein vpone Tysday nixt the fyft day of Julij instant, at acht houris, in the counsalhous, and to sett doun the stent roll of the foirsaid soum for obedience of the Kingis proclamatioun, ilk persoun vndir the pain of fyve lib. that failyeis to obey and convein.

Act, milvis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, having sett doun ane lawdable statute for restraning of the grund malt bocht be onfrie men and outtouns maltmen, and that na maner of malt sall be brocht within this toun bot sik as beis grund at the townis awin milvis, nochtwithstanding quhairof thay bieing informit and cum to thair knawledge that certen of the friemen of this toun, without regard of thair faythe and fidelitie maid to defend the libertie and fridome of this bruche, and bunden dewtie quhilk acht to the statuitis of the same, speciallie anent the sukning of the toun to thair awne milvis, mast contempteuslie kareis thair malt by the tounis milvis to vther milvis, thairby purposing to hinder the said sukning and proffeit of the toun, hes statut and ordanit that na maner of persoun within this toun grind ony thair malt in tyme cuming at ony milve bot only at thair awin tounis milvis, and that vnder the pain and penaltie of taking of double moulter to the fermoreris, and fyve lib. of wnlaw to the provest, bailleis, and counsall, and doun crying of thair friedome quha ever heirefter sall do in the contrar.

Act, Muntgomerie Holme.

Ordanis Jhone Muntgomerie and Patrik Holmes to be wardit in the castel for breking thair bargen with the toun in nocht preparing thair bark with furnisching to the Ilis with provisioun as thai tuik in hand for serving of the Kingis armie in the Ilis.

16 July 1608.

Statuit for middingis and swyne.

Statuit for middingis and swyne.

James Inglis, baillie, being returnit from the conventioun of burrowis haldin at Selkrik, producit ane abbreuiat in wryt of the heidis of the said conventioun, togidder with ane copie of the Kingis Magesteis letter direct to Sir Jhone Drummond to be presentit to the conventioun of burrowis, in the quhilk speciallie wes contenit that na maner of fewall or fuilze sould be had, laid, or keippit vpone the streitis, sein to ony persoun, or in ony pairt within bruche or citie, and that be rasoun the samein is nocht only vncumlie and incivill bot lykwayis verie dangerus in tyme of plaig and pestilence, and verie infective of itself, and siklyk that na maner of swyne be hadin within ony bruche or citie; quhairvpone the commissioneris of burrowis hes sett doun act and ordinance inhibiting and forbidding the same in all tyme cumming, and for taking away of the present fuilze hes appointit the space of xv dayis, vnder the pain of xl lib. to be vpliftit and tain aff the burche quha pwttis nocht the said act and statute to executioun, as in the said statuit and act of burrowis at mair lenthe is contenit. Thairfoir, for obedience of his Majesteis will and pleasour and act of burrowis sett doun heiranent, statuitis and ordanis that na maner of fuilze be laid vpone the foirgait nor pairt of this bruche in tyme cuming, vnder the pain and penaltie of the soume of fyve lib. to be tain of ilk persoune quha contemnis and contravenis his Hienes will and pleasour, act of burrowis, and this present act and statute sett doun heiranent, and escheitting of thair fuilzie; and that all the fuilze bieing and lying presentlie vpone the said gait and clossis be removit within the space of xv dayis, vnder pain foirsaid and escheitting of thair fuilze to ane commoun vse; and lykwayis statutis and ordanis that na maner of swyne be hadin lows within this bruche or burrow ruidis, or fund in ony nychtbouris skathe in tyme cuming, vnder the pain of ten lib. to be tain of the awner and escheitting of thame to ane commoun vse; and that na watterit lint be dryit or handlit on the gait onder the pain foirsaid.

Commissioner to the general assemblie.

His Majestie having direct his Hienes lettir to the toun to send thair commissioner to the generall assemblie to be haldin at Lythguow the last Tysday of Julij for sik wechtie effairis as his Hienes letter beiris, hes nominat James Inglis to be commissioner.

Act for the brig.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, having considderit that for preservatioun of the great brig it is maist necesser that ane bulwork or butradge be bigit befoir the yonmest piller of the said brig except ane, hes ordanit the samein to be bigit with all possible diligence, and the maister of work to begin to the same incontinent, and for that effect to tak the maist skillit masonis to do the same.

Proclamatioun anent the sukin.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, being convenit, hes ordanit the proclamatioun of the dait the secund of Julij instant to be registrat the day and dait of thir presentis, quhairof the tennour followis: Forsameakle as the provest, bailleis, and counsall, being informit and certenlie cum to thair knawledge that certen friemen of this bruche, without regaird of thair faythe and fidelitie maid to defend and mantein the fridome and libertie thairof, maliciouslie opponis thame self to the sukning of the said bruche to thair awin milvis, and maist contempteuslie kareis thair malt by the tounis milvis to be grund at vtheris milvis, contrar the lawdable statuitis of the said bruche, proffeit and weill thairof, thairfoire I defend and forbid, in our Soueran Lordis name, and in name and behalf of the provest, baillies, and counsall of the said bruche, that na maner of persoun within this bruche grind thair malt in tyme cuming, or aitis, bot only at the tounis milvis, and that vnder the pain and penaltie of double mouter to be payit to the tounis fermoreris, with v lib. of penaltie to be tain and payit to the commown calseis and doune crying of thair friedome quha ever heireftir sall do in the contrar.

29 July 1608.

Men, Ilis.

The bailleis, counsall, and deakins conducit the number of xxv men of weir, with James Sterling, thair commander, to pas to the Ilis in the Kingis service, for satisfactioun and obedience of his Hienes proclamatioun, quhilkis personis wantan hagbitis hes ordanit that the bailleis sall caus thame be ansuerit of hagbitis and flassis of all sik personis qua hes hagbitis, bandeleiris, and flassis within this toun, and to tak the same be thair autoritie quha will nocht willinglie lend the same.

3 August 1608.

Act, armour.

The saidis bailleis, counsall, and deakins, bieing convenit for outreiking of thair men of weir to thair Ilis, for sattiffieing his Majesteis proclamatioun maid thairanent, hes delyverit the armour following, borrowit fra the personis vnderwrittin to the said men of weir, particularlie efter specifeit, viz., to Jhone Hammiltoun, ane hagbit and flassis perteaning to James Fyscher; to Thomas Roos, ane hagbit and rapper perteaning to William Brysoun; to John Mwr, hagbit and bandileiris perteaning to Patrik Kirkland; to William Graham, ane hagbit perteaning to James Rawan, with bandileiris and sword perteaning to Partick Bar; to John Gilhagie, ane hagbit perteaning to John Touris wyf; [etc.]

4 August 1608.

Men of weir, pay.

In presens of the bailleis and counsal convenit, the personis biefoir wryttin, conducit to pas to the Ilis, rasavit thair pay as followis, viz., John Hammiltoun, xv lib.; Thomas Roos, xv lib.; [twenty-six others, fifteen pounds each;] James Grahame, xviij lib.; Ean Calmeroun, xx lib.

8 August 1608.

Warrand, Trumble, baillie.

The bailleis and counsall, bieing convenit, hes ordanit Mathow Trumble, baillie, to rander and delyver the lvj lib. quhilk wes in his handis restan awand of four hundrythe pundis, and that to pay the ijc merkis promeist to the laird of Lynhous for the furtherance of the tounis twrne and caus of the sukin.


The bailleis and counsall statutis and ordanis that na maner of persoun within this toun pwt thair ky on the Grein befoir Michaelmes nixttocum, vnder the pain of fyve lib., and ordanis proclamatioun to be maid heirvpone.

9 August 1608.


My lord of Glasgw having direct James Tennent of Linhous to declair to the provest, bailleis, and counsall quhow his lordschip is eirnistlie vrgit with his Majesteis effairis and service, and be rasoun thaiof may nocht be present at Michaelmes nixttocum for nominatioun of the bailleis at the ordinar tyme, quhairof his lordschip hes great kair to sie weill satlit for gouernament of the toun, pace and quyetnes thairof, thairfoir in his lordschips name desyrit and requeistit the provest, bailleis, and counsall that thay, efter the electioun and cheising of thair lyttis for bailleis, will continow the nominatioun of thame in bailleis quhill his lordschip returne fra his Magestj; quhilk bieing weyit and considderit be the provest, bailleis and counsall, for monie guid respectis hes condiscendit and agreit to continow the nominatioun of the saidis bailleis quhill my lord of Glasgw returne frome his Hienes service, with this provisioun that the present provest and bailleis beir burding in thair officis quhill the nominatioun be maid be my lord of Glasgw of new bailleis: Quhilk burding the saidis provest and bailleis present hes promisit to accept on thame during the said tyme, at the eirnist requeist of my lord of Glasgw and the counsall, with provisioun lykwayis that this continowatioun nawayis hurt or derogat the libertie of the toun in tyme cuming in thair electioun of the magistratis.

4 September 1608.

Act, counsal seat.

The bailleis and counsall, vnderstanding that the counsall seat in the thrie kirkis ar abusit be sindrie straingeris and vtheris of the toun quha ar nocht vpone counsall, ordanis that the officeris vpone ilk preiching day keip the counsall seat and permit na persoun to enter within the same bot only counsallouris, and that vnder pain of depravatioun of the officer quha keipis the dwr except the bailleis and sum of the counsall bring sum vther persounis that ar nocht counsallouris with thame.

5 September 1608.

Act, suspensioun.

[Certain persons, for being concerned in a "suspensioun rasit at the instance of James Elphinstoun of Wodsyd, for himself and in thair names, contrar the sukin and thirle of the toun," are discharged of their freedom and ordained "to be wardit quhill thay find catioun to decist fra ane frie manis occupatioun in all tyme cuming, vnder the pain of xx lib. toties quoties."

Act for pest.

The bailies and council, "bieing certenlie informit that the toun of Perthe, Dundie, Kingorne and Burtyland, ar viseit be the plaig," ordained that no person should be received from those places without the knowledge of the magistrates, and that none of the neighbours should go to suspected places without licence, "and ordanis the Stable Grein port and Stokwell heid to be keipit nycht and day, togidder with the Gallowgait port and Brigend."]

10 September 1608.

Act for the sukin.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, bieing convenit, remembering and vnderstanding that thay, with the consent of the dean of gild, deakin conveiner, and marchandis and haill deakins, hes condiscendit and agreit to sukin thair awn inhabitantis to thair awn milvis now in thair handis and possessioun, and hes sett doun monie guid and lawdable statuitis thairanent, for releif of the tounis dett and incresce of thair commoun guid, neuertheles thay vnderstand that sum malicious personis, movit with the respect of thair awin privat commoditie, quhilk thay persave to be prejudgit and interest be the lawfull sukning of the toun, and speciallie James Elphinstoun of Wodsyd, for regaird of his milve thair, hes maist maliciouslie opponit thame selfis with consent of sum the inhabitantis and friemen of this toun quhome thay have corruptit and seducit to do the sam, and gais abowt to corrupt, intys, and persuad diuers vtheris to concur with the said suspensioun, to the great trubble of the toun in chargis and expenssis and perjurie of thame selfis in doing thairof; for remeid quhairof, and restraining of the inhabitantis and friemen of this toun quha hes yit nocht gevin thair assistance and consent thairto, hes statuit and ordanit that siklyk personis quha hes alrady opponit thaim selfis against the said sukin, or quha heireftir sall oppoin thameselfis thairto sall never heireftir bruik office in kirk or commoun weill of this burghe in na tyme cuming, and thair friedomes to be dischairgit and cryd doun and vnlawit in the soum of xx lib., and that all burgessis quha sall be admittit heireftir be sworne to mantean and defend the same.

Act for contempteous personis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, wayand and considderand the manifald contemptis done to the magistratis, and breking of ward be sindrie personis of this toun, and that the fauour schawin to siklyk personis in suffering thame to keip table in the laiche Tolbuithe is occasioun of the foirsaid contempt, thairfoir hes statuit and ordanit that na sik contempteous personis in tyme cuming be permittit to keip table in the laiche Tolbuithe.

17 September 1608.

Act, sukin.

The provest bailleis and counsall hes ordanit the act [of 10th instant as to "sukin"] to be extract and delyverit to the deakin conveiner, that everie craft may be adverteisit thairof biefoir the electioun of thair deakin, also that biefoir the dean of gild or deakin conveiner, and quha ar to be on lyttis gevin in to be admittit, sall gif thair athe to defend and assist the sukin as saidis.

Act, Andersoun.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, having knawledge and consideratioun that Ninian Andirsoun, deakin conveiner, did incur los and tinsall be taking of the custome of the brig the crop and yeir of God jm vjc sevin yeiris, be vehement frost, quhairby the river of Clyd wes closit be the space of xvj oulkis, sua that na leadining of heirng could be at the said river during the said space, nor yit could cum to the brig of the said burghe, bot altogidder transportit be iis to sindrie pairtis of the cuntrie, and that the samin wes the only and cheif commoditie of the said custome, hes thairfoir remittit and dischargit to him [the sum of forty pounds.]

20 September 1608.

Burges, Langwill.

Jhone Langwill, fleschour, is maid burges and frieman of this bruche, as he quha mareit ane frie manis dochter, his fynis in the thesaureris handis, conform to the actis sett doun thairanent, hes gevin his ayth as effeiris, speciallie that he sall defend the sukin; and Dauid Miller, cordoner, souertie for observing of the actis.

24 September 1608.

Act, provest.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, bieing convenit to advys anent the summondis rasit against the said provest and bailleis be certen personis of this toun, to compeir biefoir the secreit counsall the xxix day of September instant, hes eirnistlie requeistit the provest to ryd to keip the said day, and the number of xij persounis to accumpanie him and the bailleis, viz., sex to be chosin be the dean of gild and sex be the deakin conveiner . . . and the provest and George Hutchesounis expenssis to be vpoun the tounis chargis, and the merchandis to be furneist be the dean of gild, and the craftis be the deakin conveiner as ane commoun caus.

27 September 1608.

Act, M'Gill.

Robert M'Gill, being convenit befoir the provest, bailleis, and counsall, and accusit for resisting of James Inglis, baillie, in the executioun of his office, and that be drawing of ane dager to invaid and persew the said baillie thairwith, and calling him ane deboschit swingour, he sould pwt ane quhinger throw his cheikis. The said Robert, present, denyit the sam, quhilk presentlie the said baillie offirit to preive; and for probatioun thairof producit James Young, Weinsburghe, quha bieing admittit and sworne in presens of the said Robert, with his awn consent, bieing examinit, deponis that the said baillie bieing passand vp the gait, and he in his cumpanie, mast peaciablie commandit and chargit Thomas Patirsoun to pas to ward as he quha had brokin ward of befoir, quha willinglie ansuerit: Sir, I will willinglie obey the sam. Nochttheles the said maister Robert bieing in cumpanie with him ansuerit contempteouslie: He sall nocht pas to ward. The said baillie ansuerand: As to you Robert I have nathing to do with you, it is with this man quhom I have ado quha sall presentlie pas to ward. To the quhilk the said maister Robert ansuerit: He sall nocht gang and ye had sworne it. The said Thomas heirand the said Robert and said: Maister Robert let alan, I will willinglie obey. The said baillie ansuerand the said Robert M'Gill said: He sall gang and ye had sworne it. In the mein tym the said Robert drew ane dager and sayis to the said baillie: He sall nocht gang for the nor na deboscht skybell lyk the, and thairwith held the said Thomas Patirsoun be the cleuk with the dager in his hand, recistand the baillie, schorand to strek, with monie vther blasphemous wordis.

Mr. Alexander Rowet, minister, producit as witnes, admittit and sworne in presens of the said Robert, deponis that he bieand on ane stair saw the said Robert tak the said Thomas Patirsoun be the cleuk, withstanding the said baillie to enter the said Thomas in ward, with ane drawin dager in his hand, strakand at the baillie and all personis that come neir him.

Maister Alexander Hamiltoun . . deponis he saw the said Robert have ane drawin dager in his hand, schorand to strek at the said baillie and all vtheris that come neir vnto him; he bieand exhortit to reuerence the said baillie, ansuerit: Deboscht swingeour and he cum neir me I sall lay on his schaftis, with monie vther blasphemous wordis; and Thomas Haldan haddan him be the arm he twik the dager fra him.

Alexander Logan, trumpmaker . . deponis that he bieand wirkand in his awin buithe sieis the said Robert M'Gill tak the said Thomas Patirsoun be the cleuk bap sayand to him: Go with me man, sie quha dar tak the af my hand. . . . . . .

Act, M'Gill.

John Neper . . deponis that he beand in his awin buithe sieis ane tumult on the gait and cummand furthe sieis ane drawin dager in his hand, and war nocht he was stayit be Thomas Haddan and Maister Alexander Hammiltoun wald have strukin the baillie thairwith, calling the baillie deboschit knave with monie ma injurious wordis.

[Thomas Haddan and Archibald Wilsoun give similar evidence.]

Ordanis ane court to be fensit the morne and to proceid against the said Robert M'Gill in judgment, and to be pwt in the heiche hous vnto that tyme that farder ordour may be tain with his heiche contempt; and ordanis Mathow Mathie, Andro Andirsoune, Mathow Ker to keip the said Robert M'Gill and Thomas Patirsoun in suertie; and to awayit on tham quhill the morne at nyn houris.

28 September 1608.

Act, nycht walkeris.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, vnderstanding that certen insolent and prophain personis walkis in the nycht tyme vpone the calsie, abusing thame selfis and the nychtbouris of the toun, and gif the samen be nocht stayit great inconvenient may follow thairvpone heirefter, thairfoir it is defendit and forbiddin that na maner of persoun be fund walking vpone the calsie efter ten houris and efter the ringing of the ten hour bellis, vnder the pain of ten lib. and prissoning of thair personis at the discretioun of the magistratis, and this act to be proclamit; attour gif ony the said nychtwalkeris beis callengit be the magistratis or be the wache and makis recistance to be moir rigorouslie punischit be the sycht and discretioun of the saidis magistratis.

Decreit, contra McGill.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, being convenit to consult and advys vpone the heiche contempt and injurie done be Robert Makgill to James Inglis, baillie, . . . efter matur advys and deliberatioun had of the foirsaid contempt and injurie done be the said Robert as saidis, and quhow the sam is nocht only done against the saidis magistratis bot to the contempt and ignominie of the provest, remanent bailleis, and counsall of the toun, and will give evill exemple to vtheris the lyk insolent personis to commit the lyk gif the same be nocht condignlie punischit, thairfoir fynis, vnlawis, and decernis and ordanis the said Robert McGill to pay to the thesaurer of this toun, to be imployit to the commoun werkis and effairis thairof, the soume of ane hundrythe pundis mony; and to be banischit this burghe and citie for the space of sevin yeir efter the dait heirof, and to be pwt in the yrnis to remain in the sam during the said James Inglis will; and last to cum fra the place quhair he contempnit the said baillie to the croce, bair fittit and bair heiddit, and vpone his kneyis to delyver the dager be the point to the said baillie and to ask God mercie and the said baillie forgifnes for his great offence; and to remain in ward quhill he find sufficient catioune for fulfilling of this thair decreit, and to find catioun that he sall nocht truble nor molest na maner of inhabitant and burges of this toun in tym cuming, directlie nor indirectlie, vtherwayis nor be ordour of law, vnder the pain of the soum of fyve hundrythe merkis money.

4 October 1608.

Lyttis to be bailleis contenowit.

In the counsal house, being convenit [the provost, bailies, and council.] New lyttis to be bailleis:—Mathow Trumble [and eight others.] Quhilk new lyttis, with the thrie auld bailleis, bieing chosin, be pluralitie of voitis the nominatioun of the bailleis to be maid and chosin of thame is conteinowit quhill my lord of Glasgowis hamecuming; and the rycht honorable Jhone Houston of that Ilk, present provest, with the auld bailleis, viz.: Mathow Trumble, James Inglis, and James Braidwod, be the counsall ar contenowit in thair office quhill the said bischopis hamecuming, and be this present act gevis thame power to exerceis thair officis in all pointis quhill the said electioun, and that conforme to an act sett doun heiranent of befoir wpone the nynt day of August last bypast.

Act, Cleiland.

William Cleyland, bieing convenit and accusit for accumpanieing William Heygat, sone to Archibald Heygat, vpone Sunday at evin last wes the secund of October, in cuming to the Tolbuithe about sex houris at evin and thair rasching and dinging at the sam, drawing of thair swordis, makand tumult, truble and commotioun in the toun, and offrand to strek sindrie honest men and nychtbouris of the toun, [the provost, bailies and council,] vnderstanding the said Williamis repentance of his fact, ordanis him at the croce vpone his bair knees to ask God mercie and the provest and bailleis in name of the counsall forgivnes for his offence; and ordanis the said William Heygat to be apprehendit how swin he beis fund in the toun and pwt in swir ward quhill he be condignlie punischit for his offence.

8 October 1608.

Act, statutis.

The bailleis and counsall, convenit for setting doun of the statutis for this yeir to cum, according to thair ancient vse, for sindrie guid respectis and consideratioun moving thame contenowis the pryciss and statutis of the ail, breid, talloun, and candill quhill efter Lucsmes nixt, that the certentie of the pryciss of the victuall be knawin, and ordanis all the remanent statutis to be proclamit vpone Monounday nixt and the present bailleis to poynd and vnlaw conforme thairto.

22 October 1608.

Act, taxatioun men of weir.

The bailleis and counsall, bieing convenit for setting doun of ane farder taxatioun for payment to be maid to the men of weir raikit furthe to the Ilis with thair commander, and for transporting of tham afeild and hameward be Patrik Holmes and James Muntgomerie, according to the space thay remanit in his Hienes service, extending to the soum of sex hundrythe pundis money, for setting doun quhairof hes nominat the personis following, viz.: . . . . and ordanis the saidis stenteris to be warnit to meit and convein vpone Tysday nixt. the xxv of October instant in the counsalhous at aucht houris, ilk persoun vnder the pain of fyve lib. money.

Product, Stirlingis testificatioun.

Compeirit James Stirling, commander of the number of men of weir send to the Ilis for obedience of his Hienes proclamatioun, and producit ane testificatioun in wryt, subscryvit and grantit be Andro lord Vchiltre, leivtenent to his Majestie in the West and Northe Ilis, testifiing the said James diligence and kair in his Hienes service and continowall attendance vpone the said leivtenent during all the tyme of his Hienes service thair, quhilk letter of testificatioun is ordanit to be put in the clos almerie for the tounis warrand, and this present act to be ane sufficient warrand for the said James exoneratioun of his dewtie.

29 October 1608.

Act for the pest.

The bailleis and counsal, understanding that sindrie nychtbouris of this toun nocht only repairis to Dundie, Perthe, Kirkcaldie, Kingorne, Brunt Iland, and sindrie vther places of the cost syd, vnder great infectioun and suspicioun of the plaig at the pleasour of God, bot lykwayis the nychtbouris of the tounis and placiss foirsaid cuming to this toun rasavis within thair houssis, but knawledge or intelligence of the magistratis, to the great hazard of the nychtbouris of this toun, nochtwithstanding the statuitis and publicatioun thairof, thairfoir ordanis intimatioun and publicatioun of new to be maid of the said statuitis, with this additioun that na nychtbour of this toun rasave or intromet with ony maner of guidis cuming furthe of the placiss foirsaid.

12 November 1608.

Act, provest.

Compeirit James Tennend of Linhous and producit befoir the provest bailleis and counsall foirsaid ane letter from my lord of Glasgw, quhairby his lordschip recommendit the rycht honorable Jhone Houstoun of that Ilk in provest for this yeir to cum, conform to the quhilk letter of recommendatioun the saidis baillie and counsall admittit, acceptit, and rasavit the said John Houstoun of that Ilk in provest, to quhom commissioun is ordanit to be formit and grantit according to vse observit of befoir.

Act, counsall.

Efter acceptatioun of the provest be vertew of my lord of Glasgwis presentatioun, and continowation of the auld bailleis in thair office quhill my lord of Glasgwis return, the said provest and bailleis continowis the present counsall to be vpone counsall quhill the electioun and nominatioun of the saidis bailleis.

19 November 1608.

Act for the chesing visitour.

[A leet of five persons presented by the maltmen and mealmen for election of a visitor, "conforme to the ordour of the letter of gild, quhilk nomination the saidis bailleis and counsall continowit to this day aucht dayis the xxvj of this instant."]

25 November 1608.

Act, jedg.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, vnderstanding that thair is great abuse of the rycht jedge of all hogheidis and barrellis, thairfoir ordanis all couperis of this toun that heirefter makis hogheidis and barrellis of the rycht jedge, mark the sam with thair awn merk and the tounis merk; and gif ony of the saidis hogheidis and barrellis beis nocht of the rycht jedge, merkit as saidis, to be confiscat heirefter, the twa pairt thairof to the toun to be imployit in common werkis and the thrid to the deakin of cowperis quha sall have power to challenge all sik wrang and onrycht missouris, and ordanis Thomas Morsoun, present deakin, to mak ane jedge according to the rycht jedge of breid and lenthe for tryell of the saidis missouris, and the nixt deakin to rasaive the sam.

Catioun, Lochheid, Robiesoun.

Compeirit Walter Lochheid, baxter, and is becum catioun for John Robiesoun, baxter, that he on na wayis in tyme cuming sall traduce or sklander vmquhill Mergret Park be ane commoun imprecatioun he vsis against himself in saying: God nor he be brunt in the playing place as Mergrat Park wes—to the great sklander of the deid departit this lyf; and that vnder the pain of fortie lib., conforme to that pairt of the ordinance of the sessioun.

26 November 1608.

Dean of gild, etc.

[George Muir, chosen dean of guild, Ninian Andirsoun deacon convener and James Fyscher visitor for the ensuing year.]


The provest, bailleis, and counsall ordanis the drum to pas throu the toun to warne all personis to mak rady payment of thair stent betuix and this day aucht dayis the thrid of December, vnder the pain of double stent.

9 December 1608.

Act, lyttis.

The saidis bailleis and counsall, bieing convenit, hes for direction of the lytis to my lord of Glasgw quhilk wes chosin and votit vpone the third of October according to vse and wount, and quhairof the nominatioun wes continowit to my lord of Glasgwis returne from his Heines service, and his lordschip bieing returnit hes nominat Archibald Faulis, Allan Conynghame, Ninian Andirsoun, and Patrik Maxwell to pas with Archibald Heygat, clerk, to present the lytis vndirwrittin to the said reverent father that thrie of tham may be nominat in bailleis be the said reuerend father to Michaelmes nixttocum.

Followis the lytis chosin as saidis: Mathow Trumble [and eight others.]

10 December 1608.

Act, portis.

The provest bailleis and counsall, vnderstanding that the portis of the toun ar greittumlie hurt, ordanis the master of work to repair tham incontinent; and to be steikit efter ten hour at evin quhill four in the morning.

13 December 1608.

Bailleis and counsall chosin.

Ane reuerend father in God, John archibischop of Glasgw, having direct the bailleis nominat be his lordschip out of the lyttis present to him be the provest, bailleis, and counsall, to wit, Mathow Trumble, James Inglis, and James Braidwod, to be bailleis for this yeir to cum quhill. Michaelmes nixt to cum, the saidis bailleis being admittit, hes ordanit thair commissioun to be sealit presentlie, quhilk provest and bailleis hes of new chosin thais personis quha wes vpone counsall this last yeir, to be vpoun counsall for this yeir to cum.

17 December 1608.


The provest and bailleis hes nominat the personis vnderwrittin and following to be vpone counsall for this yeir to cum: Thomas Muir, [and twenty-four others.]

Act, Trumble bailliie, ryd.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall hes nominat and appointit Mathow Trumble, James Inglis, bailleis, George Muir and George Huchison to ryd to Edinburgh to consult and advys with men of law vpone the malt and caus of the sukin querrellit be Sir George Elphinstoun be the law, and to treit vpone the controuerseis thairof mutuallie befoir my lord of Glasgw, and to report to the toun biefor thai conclud thairintill; and for thair expenssis ordanis everie ane of thame to have x li., and Ninian Andirsoun, deakin conveiner, vther ten lib., quha being thair is ordanit to remain to thair cuming.

31 December 1608.

Act, concerning burges dochteris.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, havand advysit vpoun the supplicatiouns givin in be William Scot, Jhone Euart, and Robert Pollok, be the quhilkis thay cravit the benefeit that sik that mareis burges dochteris vsis to rasave in paying of thair fynis, findis that nain of the foirsaidis personis sould have the benefeit, be rasoun the burges dochteris mareit be tham wer mareit of biefoir and forisfamiliat, and thairfoir sould pay thair fynis as thay quha mareis nocht burges dochteris.

Act for James Sterling.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, vnderstanding that James Sterling quha was direct to the Ilis as commander of the tounis men of weir hes done his deutie in his service, grantis him ane burges fynis of his awn seiking to be admittit quhen he is offirt be the said James.