Extracts from the records: 1610

Pages 308-317

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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27 January 1610.

Act for rewling the knok.

George Smyth, rewler of the Tolbuith knok, hes bund him to the town to rewll the said knok for all the dayis of his lyfetyme for the sowme of tuentie pundis money yeirlie . . . and siklike, oblissis him to rewll the Hie Kirk knok and keip the same in gangand grath, and visie hir twa seuerall dayis in the wik, the sessioun payand him ten merkis yeirlie.

2 February 1610.

Lettere to be direct to the provest.

The bailleis and counsell being convenit, haifing resauit ane lettere fra Edinburgh, bering that certan ambaxatouris fra the Law Contreis ar to be at his Majestie in Londone the xv day of Februer to seik of his Hienes libertie to fische in the Scottis seis, desyring this burgh to haif thair commissioneris in Edinburgh the fyfte of this moneth to consult with vthir the burrowis of this realme heiranent, conform to the quhilk they haif ordanit ane lettere to be direct to the provest, James Inglis, presentlie in Edinburgh, to keip the said meting for this burgh and to conclude anent the premissis with the rest of the burrowis.

5 March 1610.

Act of writtis tane furth.

The provest, bailleis and counsell, being convenit to tak deliberatioun, counsell, and advyse anent the new libertie of the river purchest be the town of Dunbartan, vndirstanding the same to be verie preiudiciall to the ancient rycht and libertie of this burgh and citie, hes concludit that the provest sall ryde to Edinburgh, and George Huchesoun, commoun procuratour, with him, for advyse and consultatioun to be had of men of law heiranent, and be thair advyse to procure owther suspensioun of the said new libertie, or to intent summondis of reductioun thairof; and hes ordanit the evidentis and writtis to be delyuirrit to thame perteining to this burgh concerning the libertie and fredome thairof, that thairupone the said suspensioun or reductioun may be groundit, viz., ane ald charter of King Alexander quhair it is fund Glasgu to be elder nor Dunbartan. with ane confirmatioun of King Robert, (fn. 1) his sone, thairupone; ane decreit of parliament against Dunbartan, vndir the grit seill, vpone the libertie of the river; ane confirmatioun of our mercattis be King Robert vpone King Alexanderis gift; ane indentour in perchement maid betuix the town and Dunbartan anent the libertie of the river; ane decreit at the instance of this town and Dunbartan against the Lady Lyle for bying salt vpone the river; ane act of counsell against Dunbartan, maid at Sterling; ane act of burrowis explaining thair former act anent thee libertie of Dunbartan to be within the wattir of Levin, ane compromit betuix Glasgu and Dunbartan, vndir forme of instrument; ane summondis at the instance of this town and at the instance of Dunbartan against ane Frenche man for ane venture schip; letteres grantit to ws be the Quen, and to Dunbartan, against strangeris passand to the Ilis, with the copie of Dunbartanis new libertie. And for the said provest and George Hutchesonis expenssis ordanis the dekin convener and George Moresoun, evirrie ane of thame, to ansuer xx li. of the superplus of the lait dalis brocht in the wattir be ane wentureschip; and ordanis Robert Hogisyard, thesaurer, to gif to thame xx li. to be gifin to the townis men of law, evirrie ane of thame ten pundis for thair feis. And the evidentis abonewritten to be delyuirrit to the provest and to be randrit be his lordschip agane in the commoun kist.

17 March 1610.

Act anent writs delyuirrit.

James Inglis, provest, producit and delyuirrit the haill writtis and evidentis gifin furth to him and George Huchesoun, and that conforme to the act set downe thairupone quhen thei war gifin furth the fyfte day of Merche instant and war put vp agan in ane litill bwist within the lytill kist.

24 March 1610.

Act, Blakburn.

The provest, bailleis and counsell, being convenit anent the petitioun and supplicatioun of maister John Blakburn, maister of the Grammer Schole, bering in effect that quhair he haifand of befoir this tyme grantit to him twa burges fynis of his awin seiking for supplie of his stipend, and that induring his seruice as maister of the Grammer Schole, quhilkis burges fynis being now tane fra him be act and ordinance of the provest, bailleis, and counsell, be virtew quhairof na burgessis ar to be admittit in tyme cuming in fauouris of na persoun be reasoun of thair officiss, bot onlie to be admittit and resauit be the dean of gild of this burgh, and thairfoir desyring that he may haif twa burges fynis to be payit to him, and ane liquidat sowme set down to him for the same yeirlie during his seruice, to be payit him be the thesaurer of this burgh for the tyme, he renunceand the former act. Eftir consideratioun quhairof, and of the mines of the said maister Johnes stipend, hes be thir presentis grantit and gifin to the said maister Johne during his seruice the sowme of fourtie merkis money for the said twa burgessis, to be payit to him yeirlie be the thesaurer of this burgh for the tyme at twa termes in the yeir, Witsonday and Martymes in winter, be equall portionis; for the quhilk caus the said maister Johnne be thir presentis renunciss the former act maid and grantit to him of the saidis twa burgessis and acceptis the said sowme of fourtie merkis to be payit to him as said is in full satisfactioun of the saidis twa burgessis, and consentis the former act grantit to him thairof be extinct for evir.

Act for servandis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsell, haifing weyit the daylie truble they haif with servandis quha feis thame selfis with twa maisteris, ordanis that all sik servandis quha sal happin heireftir to fey thame selfis with twa maisteris to pay to the maister quha feis thame, and yit nochttheles entris nocht to thair seruice, baith the fie and bunteth that is promist to thame, and to remane xx dayis in ward vpone breid and wattir, and ordanis this act to be proclamit be sound of drwm throw the town.

7 April 1610.

Act for Dunbartan.

The provest, bailleis, and counsell, eftir reasoning had concerning thair meting with Dunbartan, Wednisday nixt, the xj of this instant Aprile, hes condiscendit and concludit that the provest and ony twa of the bailleis, with sik personis of the counsell as they sall think gude to warn to be with thame, ryde and meit at the bornis the said day, and to assay how the contraversie be law liklie to fall furth betuix this town and Dunbartan concerning the libertie of the river may be satlid.

14 April 1610.

Act, Blakburn.

Comperit maister John Blakburn, maister of the Grammer Scole of this burcht, quha exponit and declarit to the provest, bailleis and counsall that our Soveran Lord had grantit to him, be the moyen of his freindis and familiaris in court, ane benefice in Irland vndir his Hienes grit seall, quhairof it is necessar to him to resaif collatioun and possessioun in his awin persoun, and except he pas thair propir persoun to that effect will los the benefit thairof, thairfoir requeistit the provest, bailleis, and counsell to grant to him licence for the space of twentie dayis eftir his passing fra this burgh towardis Irland for performing his effaris thair in perfyting his securitie of the said benefice, quhilk is grantit to him the xv day of Maij nixt he provyding the Grammer Scole sufficientlie with lernit and qualifeit men to supplie his place during his absence.

Act for scollaris and printiciss.

The provest, bailleis, and counsell, vpone complante maid be the said maister Johnne as maister of the Grammer Scole, and be the dekinis and maisteris of craftis, and certain vtheris nychtbouris of this town, vpone the grit and commoun abuse done be scolleris and printiciss towardis thame selfis and thair maisteris in haunting the yardis quhair the alie bowlis, Frenche kylis, and glaikis ar usit, in withdrawing thameselfis fra the scole and thair maisteris seruice, to thair grit hurt and deboscherie baith of printiciss and scolleris, besyde the grit skaith and hurt done be thame to the nychtbouris yardis lyand nixt and ewest to the yardis quhair the pastymes foirsaid ar hauntit and vsit, in breking thair treis and distroying of thair herbis and seidis sawin in the saidis yardis; for remeid quhairof it is statute and ordanit that all sik personis quha hes the saidis aleis and yardis, and quhairintill the saidis pastymes ar vsit, that they nor nane of thame resaif in the saidis yardis to play at the saidis pastymes ony scoller or printeis, beger, or deboschit personis in tyme cuming, vndir payne of ten pund how oft they do in the contrar, and that they permit nane to play in the saidis yardis at nane of the saidis pastymes vpone the Sabboth day, forrow none nor eftir none, vndir the payne foirsaid; and that the maister of the Grammer Scole ordane his scollerris to prepair thair bowis for the archerie to thair pastyme.

Act for ane commoun well.

The provest, bailleis, and counsell, haifing considdrit the supplicatioun gifin in be Thomas Snype, William Thomesoun, James Wattirstoun, William M'Kie, and Bartie Fynnysoun, for thame selfis and in name and behalf of the remanent nychtbouris duelland outwith the Stabill Grene port, desyring to big ane well in sik pairt of the commoun lone quhilk passis fra the auld hospitall foundit be umquhill Sir Ranald Blacater, as thairby na hurt may be done to the said lone and commoun passage thairof, and that for serveing of thee foirsaidis personis and vtheris nychtboris duelling thair, as in thair supplicatioun at mair lenth is contenit; quhilk supplicatioun, be act and ordinance of the provest, bailleis, and counsell set down vpone the bak of thair supplicatioun being sichtit be James Bell, den of gild, Thomas Muir, Mathow Flemying, Allan Conynghame, Johnne Lawsoune, James Fischer, Patrik Bell, John Bornis and Thomas Pettigrew, and fund be the foirsaidis personis that the said well may be maid and bigit vpone the [blank] syde of Hiegait, and be eist the syde wall perteining to the airis of umquhill Johnne Portar, wabster, fra the said syde wall the space of thre ellis and ane half, swa that the same be bigit five quarter hicht above the ground with asler werk for saiftie of barnis and vthir personis quhatsumevir, hes be this present act grantit and permittit to the saidis supplicantis to big the said well as said is in forme, place, and manir abouewritten, and the samyn to be commoun to all men of this town.

21 April 1610.

Act for commissioner to the west burrowis.

The missive direct frome Craell to this burgh for keping the conventioun of burrowis the thrid day of Julij nixt being red and advysit vpone, speciallie anent that heid thairof quhair the west burrowis be act of burrowis ar ordanit to mak barrellis for hering and salmont in all tyme cuming, quhairanent the west burrowis ar to report thair diligence in the said conventioun to be in Craell, ordanis the commissioner quha salbe direct for this burgh to meit at Dunbartan the xv day of Junij with the particuler burrowis of the west to be instructit in that heid to consult with the saidis particuler burrowis quhat ansuer salbe maid thairto in the generall conventioun of burrowis, in respect the samyn apperis to be ane grit hurt to this pairt of the cuntrie throw the alteratioun of thair treis of hering and salmont, and in respect of the scarstie of tymbir in thir pairtis.

Act for stent.

The collectouris of the last termes payment of his Hienes taxatioun haifing gifin vp John Bornis, merchand, now present maister of werk, for nocht payment of his pairt of the said taxatioun for this reasoun that he aucht nocht to pay becaus he was maister of werk, the samyn being reasonit and considdrit, ordanis the said Johnne Bornis to pay his stent, seing that be virtew of his office he aucht nocht to be exemit, and ordanis that na maister of werk heireftir, nor na vthiris quha beris office in this town, salbe exemit fra paying of stent, except the provest, bailleis, and clerk.

Act for casting of ane gote.

The provest, bailleis, and counsell ordanis the gote betuix the Lytill Grene and the land endis of St. Tenochis croft to be cassin betuix the day and dait heirof and the first day of Maij, and that be the heritouris and tenentis of the saidis landis, ilk persoun vndir the payne of five pundis money eftir they be warnit heirto be opin proclamatioun.

12th May 1610.

Act for quariouris.

Johnne Bole, Hew Glen, and John Quentance, quariouris, being convenit befoir the counsell and accusit for selling of hewin werk and all vthir sortis of stanis win be thame in the quarrellis of the commoun of this toun to strangeris and outtintownis men, to the grit hurt and hinder of the nychtbouris of this town at all tymes quhen they haif biging; in respect quhairof statutis and ordanis that the saidis quariouris, nor na vthir quariouris quha salhappin to win and wirk quarrell in the commoun appertening to this town heireftir, sell hewn werk of ony sort, or yit ony wall stane to strangeris or outtintownis men, without speciall licence grantit to thame be the provest, bailleis and counsell, vndir payne of ten pundis money and dischargeing of thame the quarrell; and siklyke, statutis and ordanis that na quariour heireftir appropriat ony quarrell wrocht and win be thame langer nor they wirk and lawbour in the same thameselfis.

26 May 1610.

Act for warrand of xl li. be James Braidwod.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, vndirstanding that James Braidwod, baillie, resauit fra William Craig, sone and air of umquhill Thomas Craig, the sowme of fourtie pundis money as byrwn dewiteis of thee said Thomas yard as ane of the New Kirk yardis set in few bee his father to the town addebtit and awand be the town, and that the said James Braidwod debursit and gaif furth the said sowme to maister Petir Low, pairtlie for his fey and pairtlie for the expensis maid be him in bowelling of the lard of Howstoun, lait provest, thairfoir the said James be this present act is dischargit of the said sowme resauit be him as said is, and siklyke ordanis ane warrand to be direct to Robert Hogisyard, thesaurer, vndir subscriptioun of the clerk, to ansuer Mareoun Steward of the sowme of xxxvij li. x s. as for wyne and vthir expenssis furnist and maid be hir the tyme of the said provestis bowelling.

2 June 1610.

Kinkaid accusit.

Ninian Kinkaid, convenit and accusit for sclandering of the magistratis, speciallie in saying to William Neilsoun, younger, that thay leivit vpone his geir and vthir mennis geir, as gif they had bein boybarris; and being sobirlie reprovit thairfoir be the said William, gaif to the said William monie iniurious wordis, as leis, and mony vthir wordis of provocatioun. [This being proved,] ordanis him to be wardit quhill the provest cum hame out of Edinburgh, with this libertie grantit to him to pas to the Kirk the morn, being Soneday, to serve God, vpone cautioun that he sall entir in ward the morn, being Mononday in the morning at sex houris.

16 June 1610.

Act anent Dunbartan.

[Commissioners appointed to meet in Glasgow on 21st June with commissioners of Dunbarton to confer "vpone the contraversie liklie to fall furth be the law betuix this town and thame anent the libertie of the River."]

23 June 1610.

Act for commissioun to the counsale.

The bailleis and counsall, vndirstanding that the speciall men of the Ilis ar to be in Edinburcht the xxvj day of Junij instant, and that it is necesser that complant be maid against thame be the west burrowis, and nychtbouris of this burcht in speciall, for the oftin oppressioun done be thame, their kin, freindis, servandis, and dependerris, in taking thair gudis furth of thair barkis, schippis, and boitis, and vtheirwayis oppressing thame in taking of grit sowmes of money fra thame vndir cullour of ground maill, for remeid quhairof it is necessar that ane commissioner be direct to the counsall against the said day to gif in ane complante against thame and to craif ordour to be tane with thame for indempnitie of the nychtbouris of this town heireftir; and for this effect hes nominat William Wemes to be commissioner, and ordanis ane commissioun to be maid and formit to him for his warrand, and ane missive to be writtin to Edinburcht to concur with him in making of the said complant.

30 June 1610.

Act for writis delyuirrit be Trumble, baillie.

The provest, bailleis, and counsell ordanis Mathow Trumble, baillie, to delyuir to Mathow Flemyng, commissioner appoyntit for the conventioun of burrowis in Craill, the decreit obtenit be the town against the town of Ruthirglen concerning the libertie of the ladill, to be vsit be him in the said conventioun against the complante of Rutherglen, togiddir with the decreit obtenit thairupone against Sir George Elphinstoun, for quhilk this present act salbe his warrand; and the said Mathow hes randrit and delyuirrit the gift of the customes of the brig, with the decreit obtenit be the town against Lanerk, quhilkis war in his handis.

2 October 1610.

Provest and bailleis chosin.

[There was presented to the provost, bailies, and council, a letter from "my lord of Glasgow, be the quhilk the said reverend father presentit and recommendit the said James Inglis, lait provest, to be provest of the said burgh and citie;" and also another letter consenting that, in his absence, the council should proceed to the election of bailies. The bailies and council admitted James Inglis to be provost; and from a leet of nine, Mathow Trumble, James Steward, and James Braidwod were elected bailies.]

6 October 1610.

Consilium, etc.

[Consilium: Eleven merchants and twelve craftsmen; seven keepers of keys appointed; "commoun procuratour, George Huchesoun."]

Annual statutes.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those enacted in October in previous years. Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged: ale, 1s. 4d. the pint; tallow, 40s. the stone, tron weight; candle, 53s. 4d. the stone; the 10d. loaf to weigh 12 ounces.]

9 October 1610.

Deacon, visitor.

[Thomas Morsoune re-elected deacon convener; Walter Dowglas chosen visitor of maltmen.]

12 October 1610.

Commoun dairkis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, vndistanding that thair commoun dairkis ar neglectit yeirlie, nochtwithstanding that thair grit neid of thame for helping and reparing of thair commoun calseis and vthir commoun passagis of this town, hes concludit and ordanit that all sik personis quha ar addebtit in the said commoun dairkis, being warnit heirto in tyme cuming and payis nocht the same in werk and lawbour as thei salbe requirit, sall pay x s. for ilk dairk, and to be poindit heirfoir.

Water serjeant.

[William Smyth elected water serjeant, "with this provisioun that he be cairfull and circumspect in his office, and in tyme of killing that he suffir nane to be tane out of bottis quhill price be maid thairof except to the Bischop and the Colledge."]

16 October 1610.

[James Bell re-elected dean of guild.]

15 December 1610.

Act for tulyeouris.

The bailleis and counsell, haifing weyit and considdrit the manifald trublancis, wrangis, and bludis quhilkis commounlie fallis furth and ar committit be notorious tulyeouris, fechtaris, and nycht walkeris, quha hes nocht substance or geir to satisfie for thair vnlawis and the pairtie quhome they iniure and offend, and thairby takis occasioun to commit daylie bludis and trublancis, becaus they ar na vthir pwinschement condinglie inflictit vpone thame, to the grit disquyetnes of this town and nychtbouris thairof; for remeid of quhilk it is statut and ordanit that all sik personis, men or wemen, quha beis convict of wrang, blude, or trublancis heireftir, and hes nocht geir and gudis to pay vnlaw or pairtie, gif he be ane man, frie or vnfrie, salbe wardit the space of aucht dayis in ane vnfriemanis ward, and gif they be wemen to be put in the brankis vpone ane Monunday and ane Fryday fra x houris quhill xij houris, and thaireftir the saidis personis to ask God mercie and the personis offendit be thame.


  • 1. Originally written "Williame," but name deleted and "Robert" substituted.