Extracts from the records: 1611

Pages 317-325

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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26 January 1611.

Act for bardis and scallis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, vpone consideratioun of the grit abuse done to honest wemen be scallis and bardis quha can nocht be pwinst in thair gudis throw thair mister and provertie, for restraning and remeid quhairof it is ordanit that all sik scallis and bardis quha heireftir hapins to abuse honest wemen with thair blasphemous langage, vpone tryell of thair blasphemie, be pwinst in prissoun viij dayis, and thaireftir brankit vpone ane mercat day fra x houris to xij houris.

Contempt of dean of gild.

William Laurie, werkman, being accusit for blaspheming and contempning of James Bell, dean of gild, in that tyme the said dean of gild was in trying of ane lyning betuix nychtbouris, the xix of Januer instant, according to his dewitie and office; the said William, personallie present, confessit the same, schewing and declaring that the samyn hapnit in him throw occasioun of ovir mekle drink, quhairof he repentit him; the provest, bailleis and counsale ordanis him to be wardit quhill Tysday nixt that farder ordour be tane with him for the same.

Contempt of Stevinsoun.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, haifing weyit and considdrit the iniurie and blasphemie done be Williame Stevinsoun, in judgement, to Archibald Heygait, clerk of this burcht; and the said William, personallie present, being accusit thairof, confessit the wrang done and vttrit be him against the said Archibald, in saying thee said Archibald had cancellat and viciat the actis of the court bwik, become in the provest and bailleis will for the same; ordanis the said William to big ane rude of calsie for his said blasphemie, and to compeir in ane fensit court and thair to ask the provest and bailleis and the said Archibald, thair clerk, pardoun for his said blasphemie, and assignis to him the penult of Januer for that effect, Tysday nixt, and to find cautioun to compeir the said day for fulfilling of this thair will and ordinance.

Hering to men of law.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanis George Moresoun, maister of werk, to provyde five half barrellis of hering, twa thairof to be send to maister Williame Olyphant, twa to maister Alexander King, and ane to James Wynrame, agent for the burrowis.

2 February 1611.

Landis pertening to the Grammer Scole.

Ordanis proclamatioun to pas throw the town for the thrid tyme for fewing of the howssis pertening to the Grammer Scole, and to compeir the day foirsaid in the counselhous befoir the provest, bailleis, and counsale, to mak offir of entres siluir and yerlie dewitie for the same.

14 April 1611.

Act anent printiciss.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, being convenit, eftir advyse and consideratioun had be thame of the grit abuse done in tyme bigane in admitting of printiciss to be burgessis vpone testificatioun vndir the hand writ of the clerk of thair craft, and that vpone declaratioun of thair maisteris that they haif seruit compleitlie the tyme of thair indentour as printiciss, with twa yeir for meit and fie, eftir outrynnyng thairof, albeit it be trew that sindrie ar admittit quha hes nocht seruit the full tyme as is abonewrittin, and that be collusioun betwix the maister and the printeis, to the grit hurt of thair craftis; for remeid quhairof it is concludit and ordanit that na printeis heireftir salbe admittit burges except his maister compeir with him in presens of the provest, bailleis, and counsale for the tyme, and thair the maister to gif his aith solemplie that the said printeis hes servit the space of sevin yeiris according to his indentour, and vthir twa yeiris eftir his printischip for meit and fie, and it being fund that the said printeis hes sa seruit, the dean of gild to admit the printeis burges, vpone testificatioun vndir the hand writ of the clerk of the burcht for the tyme; and sik lyke ordanis that all printiciss, als weill of merchandis and craftis, to be bwikit in the bwikis of the dein of gild for the merchandis and bwikis of the dekin convener of the craftis, and that quhen thei first entir to thair maisteris, vthirwayis nocht to be resauit burges nor gild brother, and that he report thair testificatioun thairanent, vthirwayis nocht to be admittit.

Maister of the Grammer Scole.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, being convenit to considdir vpone the offris maid anent the fewing of the landis perteining to the grammer scole, and how the entres siluir thairof salbe imployit, and that maister John Blakburn, maister of the said scole, personallie present, pretendand richt to the haill entres siluir in respect the richt and few thairof man proceid of him as maister of the said scole with consent of the provest, bailleis, and counsale; and nochtwithstanding thairof referrit him self thairanent to the will, pleasour, and discretioun of the said provest, bailleis, and counsale quhat sall cum to his vse thairof and vse of the town; eftir advyse and consultatioun had heirupone, the said provest, bailleis, and counsale concludis and declaris that the said maister John sall haif the equall half of the said entres siluir, and the vthir half thairof to cum to the vse of the town, and to be payit to thair thesaurer for that effect, and thair thesaurer to be comptabill for the same, lykeas thee said maister John Blakburn be thir presentis renunciss all actioun, instance, and persuit that he hes or may move against the said provest, bailleis, and counsale for quhatsumevir caus or occasioun preceding the dait heirof, quhilk generalitie salbe als sufficient as gif the samyn war speciallie expressit in this present act.

23 April 1611.

Act for ryding to Edinburcht.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale being convenit, vndirstanding that the Kingis Majestie hes past the signatour of the ratificatioun of thair liberteis and new donatoun of thair burcht quhilk was send up to Lundone with my lord of Glasgu for that effect, for outredding and expeditioun thairof hes concludit and ordanit that James Inglis, provest, and Mathew Trumble, baillie, sall ryde to Edinburcht to obtein the same outred and past the sealis; and this day eftir none ordanis the charter kist to be opnit and the townis ald charteris and infeftmentis quhilk war send to Edinburcht of befoir at the formeing of the signatour, be advyse of men of law, to be tane furth thairof and send to Edinburcht with thame, and quhilk ar in the lytill rownd bwist, quhilk is presentlie done and delyuirrit to the said Mathow Trumble, viz., four ald evidentis; and for outredding thairof partlie at this tyme at the secreitis register, and at the signet, and for thair expenssis, ordanis the thesaurer, Archibald Russale, to ansuer thame vpone warrand vndir the clerkis handwrit of ane hundrith pundis money, and as they happin to aggrie for the compositioun thairof, with power to thame to borrow siluir in Edinburcht to pay the same that the said infeftment may pas the sealis incontinent, quhairof the town be this thair act promissis to relleif thame of the same.

8 May 1611.


The counsell, vndirstanding that James Inglis, provest, is to ryde to Cowrous, is desyrit be thee counsell to bring Henrie Crawfurd to this town vpone the townis expenssis, to sie and considdir the river how the same may be helpit.

6 June 1611.

Act for voluntar contributioun.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, vndirstanding that the Kingis Majestie hes past the signatour of thair new infeftment, and that they man attend vpone the decyding of the suspensioun rasit be the town against Dunbartan, and arreistment maid be thame vpone the schippis, nocht onlie of the nychtbouris of this town bot of strangeris quha cumis in the river and thair libertie thairof, and that baith the ane and the vthir wilbe chargeable in expenssis to the town, hes advysit and concludit that the dean of gild and dekin convener sall consult and advyse with the merchandis, dekinis, and craftis gif they wilbe willing and content that thair be ane willing contributioun and taxatioun of merchandis and craftis set down and tane vp for outredding of the expenssis of the said new infeftment and for sustening of the pley against Dunbartan, and to report ansuer Settirday nixt the viij of this instant.

8 June 1611.

Act granting ane voluntar contributioun.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, being convenit to resaif report and ansuer of the dean of gild and dekin convener anent the voluntarie contributioun to be grantit be the merchandis and craftis for outredding of the townis new infeftment and ratificatioun of thair ald privilegis now to be past throw thee sealis, and for susteining of the pley against Dunbartan, comperit Gabriell Smyth, dekin of hammirmen, John Hall, dekin of cowparis, Gabriell Listoun, dekin of cordoneris, John Muir, dekin of tailyouris, John Clerk, dekin of wobstarris, William Lufe, dekin of skinneris, John Rinking, dekin of masonis, William Hereot, dekin of baxteris, John Govan, dekin of bonatmakeris, James Allasoun, dekin of wrichtis, and Waltir Dowglas, visitour of meilmen and maltmen, and for thame selfis and in name of thair craftis respectiue, [consentit] to ane voluntar contributioun of twa hundritht pundis; and siklyke, comperit John Lawsoun, in absence of the dean of gild, and for himself and in name of the merchandis, condiscendit to ane voluntar contributioun of vthir twa hundritht pundis to be presentlie collectit and imployit as said is; and siklyke, condiscendit that forder voluntar contributioun sould be maid gif mister war, ay and quhill the said new gift and ratificatioun of the ald liberteis of this burcht and pley betuix Dunbartan and the town war endit.

14 June 1611.

Writtis tane furth of the charter kist.

The evidentis and writtis eftir mentionat ar takin furth of the townis charter kist and delyuirrit to Mathow Trumble, baillie, to be tane with him to Edinburgh, to be schawin and producit thair befoir the chanceler, and to be sein be his lordschip befoir our new charter be exped conforme to the Kingis Majesteis will, viz., ane charter maid and gifin be Alexander, King of Scotland; aue confirmatioun of the same charter be King Robert; ane lettere and gift be King Robert for establissing the mercat dayis of this burgh; ane decreit of parliament obtenit of ald be this town against Dunbartan; ane indentour betuix this town and Dunbartan; ane decreit of King James vpone the act of parliament in favouris of Glasgu, Dunbartan, and vthir frie burrowis; ane compromit vndir forme of instrument betuix this town and Dunbartan; ane decreit against the Lady Lyle and certan Frenchemen for vsurping the libertie of the river, with ane summondis quhairupone the same procedit; ane act against the town of Air for vsurping and abusing the libertie of the river, in selling wyne and salt in smallis; ane act of the conventioun of burrowis exponing the libertie of Dunbartan; ane act of secreit counsall quhair the expositioun and declaratioun thairof was remittit to the burrowis. Quhilkis evidentis and writtis the said Mathow resauit to the effect foirsaid.

29 June 1611.

Firlottis and missouris.

It is ordanit that the dean of gild tak ordour with the firlottis of all sortis, and peckis, elvanis, and stanis, that they be richt and just, and to seale the same; and for evirrie new firlot that is sealit to pay vj s. viij d., and for evirrie richt firlot that is tryit to pay viij d., and all haifaris of fals firlottis to be pwinist thairfoir conforme to the law, and na firlot to be sealit bot sik as hes yron girris about the mowth.

24 August 1611.

Act, Duncan.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, being convenit, haifing hard the supplicatioun of James Duncan, noter, craifing and desyring to be exemit fra all payment of stent in respect he was ane publict noter and ordiner procuratour, and as vthiris publict notaris and procuratouris war frie of all stent; quhilk supplicatioun being considdrit and advyse had thairupone, hes fund that the said James, nor na vthiris of his estait and conditioun quha vsis change and ostlarie, aucht or sould be frie and exemit fra payment of stent and vndirlying of all vthir commoun burdenis within this burgh and citie, conform to thair aith of fidelitie; thairfoir ordanis and concludis that the said James, and all vthiris of stait and conditioun, sall pay stent, walk and ward, and vndirly all vthir commoun burdenis within this commoun weill in tyme cuming.

Act for the counselhous.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, vindirstanding that thair counselhous is grittumlie abusit be warding of sindrie personis in the same, concludis and ordanis that na manir of persoun salbe wardit in the same heireftir bot counsellouris.

1 October 1611.

Provest chosin.

[In terms of a letter of presentation by the archbishop, James Inglis admitted provost for the year to come.]


[From a leet of nine, the archbishop nominated James Steward, Mathow Trumble and James Braidwod bailies for the year to come.]

5 October 1611.


[The provost and bailies nominated twelve merchants and twelve craftsmen to be councillors for the ensuing year.]

Act anent the beir mercat.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, eftir reasoning and consultatioun had anent the charge gifin to thame and the ordinarrie ministrie of this burcht be the inhabitantis thairof quha duellis abufe the Gray Freir port, and at thair instance, for lifting and transporting of the beir and malt mercat to the Wyneheid, comperit the personis vndirwrittin at quhais instance the said charge is gifin, as warnit befoir the provest, bailleis, and counsale to declair gif they will abyde thairat or pas fra the same, viz., James Lichtbodie, quha abaid be the said charge, William Neilsoun, elder, quha past fra the same, [here follow the names and decisions of the others]. And becaus the foirsaidis personis quha abydis be the said charge, with vtheris thair compliciss, intendis truble and to move seditioun with the town, and to put thee town to chargis and expenssis for alteratioun of thee mercattis and mercat steddis, against the auncient libertie and priviledge thairof, contrar thair aith of fidelitie, and quhilk the provest and bailleis be the tenour of thair commissionis ar sworn to mantein, thairfoir concludis, statutis, and ordanis that gif the foirsaidis personis and thair compliciss heireftir conven thame selfis as thej haif done of befoir, seditiouslie, but licence of the magistratis, they and everrie ane of thame to be pwnist conforme to the act of parliament maid and set down against sik mutinall seditionis, and thair fredomes to be cryde down for evir.

Constabillis chosin.

Comperit ane reverend father in God, Johnne archbischop of Glasgu, quha proponit to the said provest, bailleis and counsale that certan constabillis sould be nominat, electit, and chosin within this burgh and citie, conforme to his Majesteis ordinance ordaning thame to be establissit within this haill realme in all burrowis of the samyn for keping and preseruatioun of his Majesteis peace in all partis thairof; for obedience quhairof the said provest, bailleis, and counsale hes nominat electit and chosin [here follow the names of sixteen persons and their districts.]

Deacon, visitor.

Ninian Andersoun chosen deacon convener, and Walter Dowglas visitor of maltmen and mealmen.

12 October 1611.

Annual acts.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those enacted in October in previous years. Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged: ale, 1s. 4d. the pint; candle, 53s. 4d. the stone; the 1s. loaf to weigh sixteen ounces.]

14 October 1611.

Dean of guild.

[Williame Wemes chosen dean of guild.]

19 October 1611.

Act anent keping of counsale dayis.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, in respect that the personis chosin vpone counsale of this burcht convenis nocht as becwmis thame vpone the ordiner dayis, nor yit extraordinarlie quhen thej ar warnit to consult vpoune the commoun effaris of this town, thairfoir ratifeis the former act maid anent thair absence, and ordanis thee same to be put exactlie to executioun in tyme cuming viz. vj s. viij d. the first falt, the secund xiij s. iiij d., the thrid deprivatioun.

26 October 1611.


Jonet Gibson, seik lipper, vpone supplicatioun gifin in be hir befoir thee bailleis and counsale, is ordanit to be placit in the hospitall beyond the brig, be William Smyth, wattir seriand, scho behaveing hirself conforme to the statutis set down anent the seik lipper folk.

2 November 1611.

Anent the beir mercat.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, dekin and merchandis, being convenit to consult and advyse vpone the charge gifin be nychtbouris of this burcht duelland abufe the Gray Freir port for transporting of the beir mercat out of the Gallogait to the Wyneheid, hes in ane voce concludit to defend the suspensioun rasit be thame against the said charge with all thair hartis, moyen and power, and that vpone the equall chargis and expenssis of the merchandis and craftis; and hes presentlie appoyntit and nominat James Inglis, provest, and James Stuard, baillie, commissioneris in defens of the said suspensioun, and als as commissionaris for the town to meit in Edinburcht with vthiris burrowis appoyntit to be thair the xij of Nouember for the commoun effaris of burrowis.

5 November 1611.

Act for proclamatioun of sutis.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale ordanis the twa actis maid at the generall conventioun of burrowis haldin at Craill and Sterling anent advocationis and suspensionis vsit be the inhabitantis and frie men of burrowis to be proclamit this day, and quhilkis ar proclamit this present day.

23 November 1611.

Theifis banischit.

Dauid Jak, being apprehendit for thift, speciallie for steling of geis and vthir geir, and put in the stokis thairfoir be the constabillis of this burcht, and quha diuers tymes hes been challengit of befoir for the lyke, and banischit this burcht and baronie; siklyke, Donald M'Feck, Hieland man, born in Kyntyre, being apprehendit for steling of plydis and vthir small pykrie committit be him, ar baith ordanit to be scurgit fra the meilmercat to the brig end, and banischit this burcht and baronie for evir; and gif evir they or ony of thame be fund or apprehendit within the same heireftir, of thair awin consent ar judgit and ordanit to be hangit; thaireftir the magistratis, dispensand with the scurging of the saidis twa personis, becaus of thair awin consent to be hangit gif evir they be apprehendit or fund within this burcht and baronie thairof heireftir, and presentlie to be put furth and banischit as said is this burcht and baronie.

21 December 1611.

Act for the hospitallis.

The bailleis and counsall hes concludit and ordanit that the rentell dewitie perteining to the four beddis of the bak almoushous be devydit equalie betuix the hospitall of the merchandis and hospitall of the craftis in all tyme cuming, and that conforme to that article of the lettre of gild set down thairanent, and that the dean of gild and dekin convener pay yeirlie betuix thame to James Lenox during his lyfetyme the dewitie of ane of the four beddis, becaus he is provydit to ane of thame.