Extracts from the records: 1612

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1612', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, ed. J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1914), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp325-334 [accessed 15 July 2024].

'Extracts from the records: 1612', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Edited by J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1914), British History Online, accessed July 15, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp325-334.

"Extracts from the records: 1612". Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Ed. J D Marwick(Edinburgh, 1914), , British History Online. Web. 15 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp325-334.

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8 January 1612.

Commissioner to Edinburcht.

The bailleis and counsall, being convenit to appoynt and nominat ane commissioner to Edinburcht in ane particuler conventioun of burrowis thair the viij day of Januer instant, to consult and advyse vpone thee last customes imposit vpon all sortis of gudis that passis furth of the realme and is brocht within the same, conforme to ane printed bwik send be Edinburcht to the town, to be advysit thairwith, bering the rait and quantitie thairof, hes nominat James Bell, merchand, to be commissioner for the town, and ordanis commissioun to be gifin to him to the effect foirsaid, and ordanis him xl s. in the day, and the thesaurer to ansuer him of xvj li. in hand.

Act anent the counselhous.

The bailleis and counsall, vndirstanding that thair counselhous is abusit be prissonaris committit in frie ward, and that be the officeris quha kepis the keyis of the tolbuith quha permittis all sik prisoneris to eit and drink and mak thair beddis thairintill, with vthir folie and ryet, maist incumlie; for remeid quhairof ordanis the key of the counselhous to be gfiin to ane counsellour quha duellis neir to the tolbuith, and first to be gifin to Patrik Maxwell, to be kepit be him quhill Michelmes, and ilk ordiner counsall day, and efter as occasioun offris, to be resauit fra him be the officeris, and eftir counsall done to be delyuirit to him agane in keping.

15 February 1612.

Kilmawris, bellman.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, haifing continwit Thomas Kilmawris in the office of the mort bell to this day, for tryell of his aptness and sufficiencie in the said office, eftir consideratioun had thairof hes admittit the said Thomas to the said office of the mort bell during the townis will, and that vpone conditioun of the pryciss following to be tane be him for buriallis, viz., for ane persoun of age xiij s. iiij d., for ane barn vj s. viij d.; and ordanis the said Thomas to cleith him self in blak apparell, as is requirit in him in respect of the nature of his office.

22 February 1612.

Watsoune, contempt.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale abonewritin, being convenit, and William Watsoun, alias Blakhous William, personallie present, quha being accusit for contempt and misbehauiour done be him to the magistratis, and in vtring disdaynfull speichis to thame with his bonet on his heid, and being desyrit be ane of his nychtbouris to tak af his bonet and reverence the magistratis, ansuerit and said, with bannyng, that he wald nocht tak af his bonet to the bailie; quhilk his misbehauiour the said William confessit; quhilk lykeuise being weyit is fund the same ane hie and proud contempt and ane evill example to vtheris to do the lyke, thairfoir is fynit in ten pundis to be payit to the pure, viz., to Jonet Miller xl s. to Mathow Miller, carter, xl s., to Thomas Ewing xl s., to John Dalrumpill, elder, xl s., to Robert Kyle xl s.; and to mak farder satisfactioun be homage to the saidis magistratis as the counsale sal think meit and necesser.

21 March 1612.

Vnfremen, commoun.

The provest, bailleis and counsale abonewrittin, being convenit, haifing weyit and considdrit that this thair burcht is grittumlie hurt be cuntrie men quha leifis thair malingis and cumis heir to duell, and quha flais and castis thair commoun, haldis thair gudis vpone the same, and vsurpis sindrie vthir liberteis and pruiledges of this burcht, being vnfrie men, hes statut, concludit, and ordanit that na vnfrie man cast faill, fewall, or difet vpone thair commoun, or hald thair hors or ky thairupone, or ony vthir manir of bestial, vndir payne of five pund, toties quoties, as thej or ony of thame beis fund to do the same; and that the hird quhen he is chosin be inhibit and dischargit to tak thair gudis in keping vndir payne of depryving him of his office; and lykeuise that na frie man cast ma darkis of elding on the commoun bot conforme to the ald statutis, to wit, twa darkis for thair howssis; and this ordinance to be proclamit and publist. And farder statutis and ordanis that na manir of persoun cast turfis on the commoun to be maid in middingis for fulze, vndir payne of five pundis.

4 April 1612.


The provest, bailleis, and counsale abonewritten, being convenit for appoynting and establissing of post maisterris within this burcht, conforme to his Hienes will for serveing his Hienes legis and all vthir strangerris, hes nominat Johnne Hall and George Hereot, stablerris, for twa post maisteris, quha salhaif befoir thair durris singis, with libertie to thame and athir of thame to furnis by thair awin horssis, and all vthir hors that ar to be set within this burcht, vpone the pryciss to be set down be the justicis of peace, viz., xxx d. for the myle without intertenement; and ordanis all vtheris within this town quha hes hors to set to ansuer the saidis post maisteris of thair hors to be set to the saidis ledgis as said is, certefeing thame gif thej refuis thej salbe pwnist be the provest and bailleis at thair discretioun; and ordanis this present act to be proclamit.

18 April 1612.


The provest, bailleis, and counsale abonewrittin, being convenit for chesing and appoynting of constabillis within this burcht and citie for the bettir keping of his Maiesteis peace within the same, hes appoyntit and nominat the personis vndirwrittin to be constabillis within this burcht in the partis and placis thairof as eftir followis, to continw for the space of sex moneth to cum and to the feist of Michelmes nixt; and first for the Rattounraw, Drygait, Stabill Grein, and fra the Wyneheid to the Gray Freir port, [four persons; for the Gallogait and without the port, three; for the Tronegait, two; fra the Croce to the Barrasyait, two; for the Briggait, three; for Stokwell and Eister and Westir Wynis and without the port, three persons]. Ordanis all and sindrie the foirnamit personis to be warnit to Tuysday nixt the xxj of this moneth to accept thair officiss and gif thair athis for dew administratioun thairintill.

2 May 1612.

Justices of peace.

It is ordanit be the provest, bailleis, and counsale abonewrittin that James Inglis, provest, with James Stuard and James Braidwod, bailleis, rdye to Hamiltoun Tuysday nixt the xv day of Maij to meit with the justiciss of peace thair, according to the act set down the secund of Aprile be my Lord of Glasgu and the justiciss of peace in this burcht the said day.

23 May 1612.

Litstarris treis.

The provest, bailleis and counsale, vndirstanding that the litstarr treis quihilkis ar set out vpone the calsie syde ar grit hindir and impediment to the publique passage, thairfoir ordanis the samyn to be removit within aucht dayis, vndir payne of xx li. to be tane of thame and euirrie ane of thame being warnit be ane officer to do the same and failyeis thairintill, to be applyit to ane commoun vse.


Thomas Brown, thesaurer, is admittit vpone counsale as thesaurer, quha hes gifin his aith as vse is.

8 June 1612.


The provest, bailleis and counsale aboneurittin, being convenit to consult and advyse vpone the help of the river, and for taking away of the grit lyand stanis in the same at Dunbwk Furd quhilkis war laitlie sichtit, hes appoyntit James Stuard, ballie, William Wemes, Ninian Andirsoun, dekin convener, Thomas Morsoine, maister of werk, George Andirsoun and Walter Dowglas to prepair sik chenyeis of irne, towis, capillis, hogheidis, and vthir necessaris for taking avay of the saidis stanis, and that with sik diligence as may be done; and for the bettir performance of the said werk, ordanis the town to be devydit in aucht partis for casting of the watir abufe and beneth the brig, and the constabillis of ilk part of the town, with the maister of werk, to be ovirsearis of thame. Ordanis ane warrand to be maid and subscriuit be the clerk to Thomas Brown, thesaurer, for payment of the expenssis maid vpone the river according to the compt to be gifin thairof be William Wemes, dean of gild.

4 July 1612.


The provest, bailleis, and counsale abonewrittin, for the bettir and mair exact executioune to be had be the constabillis in thair officiss within this burcht, ordanis thame to meit evirrie Wednisday in the wik in the Tolbuitht befoir none to gif thair diligence in reparing of wrangis in evirrie ane of thair boundis, that they may the bettir gif thame up to the provest, bailleis and counsale as thej ar appoyntit, and ordanis thame to be convenit ilk Wednisday be ane of the officeris at command of Thomas Pettigrew, ilk constabill vndir payne of xl s. quha convenis nocht being warnit.

Furd of Dunbwk.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, for following furth of that maist necessar werk in weding of the furd of Dunbwk alreadie begun, hes concludit and ordanit that xx werk men for the merchandis, and vthir xx for the craftis, be provydit be the dean of gild and dekin convener to pas down to the said furd Wednisday nixt the viij of this moneth, and Allan Bell, Robert Cors and John Young to pas with thame to oversie the said werk men.

Speir, contemptis.

George Speir, flescheour, being accusit for sindrie contemptis done be him, baith to the ecclesiasticall discipline and magistratis of this burcht, speciallie for breking vp the kirk dwrris the tyme of the sessioun and drawing of ane braig knyfe to the beddell of the kirk, and last of all for disobeying and contemptning of James Braidwod, baillie, being chargit be him to entir in ward, mastrefullie forceing the officeris and fleing away fra ward; the said George, personallie present, confessit the foirsaidis contemptis, and of his awin consent grantis and consentis that gif evir he do the lyke to be laid in the stokis half ane yeir, in respect quhairof the provest, bailleis, and counsale continwis his present pwinischement vpone expectatiouu of his bettir behauiour in tyme cuming.

11 July 1612.


The provest, bailleis, and counsale, vndirstanding that William Symmer, [and nine others,] and evirrie ane of thame war lauchfullie warnit to be at Dunbwk furd be thameselfis, or ane werk man for thame, the viij day of this moneth, for weding of Dunbwk furd, and that nane of thame war thair in thair awin personis, nor yit send ony persoun for thame, for quhilk thair disobedience in sa necessar aud notabill ane werk of this commoun weill, ordanis evirrie ane of thame to pay sex pund for help of the commoun calseis of this town, or ony vthir commoun werk; and ordanis the remanent merchandis to contribut for paying of the expenssis of the werkmen that war thair for the tyme; and ordanis the dean of gild to exact and vptak the said penaltie and be comptabill for the same for help of the said furd or any vthir pairt of the river.

18 July 1612.

General musters.

The provest, bailleis, and counsale, haifing grantit licence to the young men of this town to exerceis thame selfis in thair armis befoir the generall musteris vpone xxiiij day of Julij instant, with this prouisioun that gif ony of thame be fund to mak truble or tumult or quarrelling amangis thameselfis or ony vthir in the town that the persoun offending salbe disarmit and wardit and reput as ane seditious persoun heireftir.

25 July 1612.

Hieland fidler.

Mathow Thomesoun, Hieland man, fidler, being apprehendit vpone suspicioun of forceing of ane young damesell, Jonet M'Quhirrie, of aucht yeir ald, quhilk being denyit be him and hard to be verifeit, finding him ane idill vagabound, ordanis him to be laid in the stokis quhill the evening and thaireftir put out of the town at the West Port and banist the same for evir, and gif evir he be fund within this town heireftir, of his awin consent, to be hangit, but ane assyse.


Ordanis ane proclamatioun to be maid that na manir of persoun be fund in vthir mennis cornis schering girs or pulling thrissellis or powing of benis or peis and breking thairof, vndir payne of putting thame in the stokis quha salbe fund doing the same.


It is ordanit and concludit that na manir of persoun inhabitantis of this town repair to Manygaife to by or sell thair, vndir payne and penaltie of xli li., and that proclamatioun be maid heirof be sound of drwm Mononday nixt the xxvij of Julii instant.

Nolt mercat.

The bailleis and counsale, haifing weyit and considdrit how incommodious thair mercat callit the nolt mercat is vnto our Soveran Lordis legis in that sted and place quhair the samyn is haldin yeirlie the tyme of the fair of thair burcht, being far distant frome the samyn, to the grit payne and travell of our Soveran Lordis legis reparing thairto the tyme of thair said mercat, thairfoir, and for the saidis legis bettir eis, hes statut, concludit, and ordanit that the said nolt mercat be haldin and kepit yeirlie in tyme cuming vpone the north syde of thair burcht in thair commoun lonis quhilkis meitis togiddir at that part callit the Buttis, and commounlie callit the Kow Lone, and that all our Soverane Lordis ledgis quha hes ony kynde of cattell, scheip, or nolt to sell or by, bring thair scheip and cattell to the place abonewrittin to be sauld or bocht and to na vthir place.

6 October 1612.

Bailies, Provest.

[From a leet of nine, the archbishop nominated James Stuard, Mathow Trumble and James Braidwod bailies; James Inglis admitted provest.]

10 October 1612.


[Twelve merchants and twelve craftsmen appointed on the council.]

13 October 1612.

Deacon, visitor.

[Thomas Morsoine elected deacon convener; John Crawfurd, visitor of maltmen and mealmen.]

20 October 1612.

Dean of guild.

[James Bell chosen dean of guild.]

Fynlay collectour.

Archibald Fynlay, marchand, is nominat and appointit collectour of the new impost imposit vpone the burrowis of thair awn consent to be tain of all sortis wairis, alsweill importit as exportit, quhill the soumes of iijc xliij li. stirling be collectit, and that for defraying of the commissioner of burrowis thair chargis at Lundoun direct to his Magesty anent the buik of reatis and his Magesteis customes.

Act anent fleschouris.

The balleis and counsall, having consideratioun of the maist incivill and oncumlie biehaviour of sindrie of the fleschouris of this toun, speciallie quhen honest mennis wyfis cumis to thair flesche stokis to by flesche, in geving tham maist oncumlie and absurd langadge, for remeid quhairof it is statute and ordanit that gif ony the fleschouris heireftir dispys or abuse ony honest mennis wyffis or servandis quhen thay ar bying thair flesche, be vncumlie langadge or dispysing wordis bieing tryit sall pay ten lib, besyd amendis and satisfactioun to be maid to the persoun injurit or offendit, and that everie maister be ansuerable for his servant heiranent. As lykwayis, vnderstanding that quhen as the fleschouris byis ane blok of ky in meanis amangst tham selfis, sindrie of thair servandis takis and slayis of the ky bocht befoir thay be delt, and thair throw provokis stryf and debait amangst tham selfis, for eschewing of quhilk inconvenient it is statut and ordanit that quhen ony blok of ky beis bocht in meanis amangst tham, that nain of tham be taikin and slain be tham selfis or thair servandis quhill thay be skarit and devydit, vnder the pain of xx li., without prejuidice of restitutioun of the ky that are slain to tham that hes rycht thairto.


[Ordanit that tallow be sold for 42s. the stone; candle, 52s. the stone; ale, 1s. 8d. the pint; the 1s. loaf to weigh 16 ounces. The council ratified "all and sindrie the former actis sett down for the weill of this burgh."]

10 November 1612.

Act anent Abirbrothok.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall being convenit, Dauid Ochtirlonie, ane of the bailleis of Abirbrothok, commissioner for the said toun, comperit and desyrit supplie of the said toun for help and reperatioun of thair herberie and peir, conform to ane act of burrowis maid at Carreill the nynt of Junij 1612, quhilk bieing considderit be the said provest, bailleis, and caunsall, and of the necessitie of the reperatioun of the said peir, hes grantit to tham ane hundrytht merkis to be payit at Witsounday nixt.

14 November 1612.

Act anent Robiesoun, Hareiss, tynkleir.

Patrik Robiesoun, tinkler, and Jonet Hareiss, spoussis, bieing vnderstud to be of sufficient substance quhairby and be thair craft thay may leif in sum quid missour, and yit professing tham selfis as commoun begeris in the cuntrie and oppin faris, to the great sklander of the honest men of this burcht, bieing ane frieman thairof, quha compeirand personallie hes promeist frielie of thair awn consent never to be fund begand in ony pairt of the cuntrie heireftir, and gif ever thay or ony of tham be fund beging in tyme cuming to be banischt this burcht and baronie and dischargit of all friedom thairintill with thair haill familie.

21 November 1612.

Act anent the stinkan vennell.

The provest, bailleis and counsall, having considderit the complaint gevin in be Mathow Colquhoun, Mathow Merschell and vtheris nychtbouris nixt to the Stinkand Vennell, and vnderstanding that the karieing of ingle doun the said vennell oncoverit to be verie dangerous in pwtting the houssis nixt adjacent thairto in fyr with the flachtis that cumis thairfra quhen the sam is karein doun the said vennell be wascheris, thairfoir it is statut and ordanit that nain karie ingle doun the said vennell oncoverit heireftir, vnder the pain of ten lib., and that maisteris be ansuerable for thair servandis.

28 November 1612.

New chartour laid vp.

James Inglis, provest, delyverit the blak bwst quhairin the tounis new chartour and precept, with act of parliament rtiefieing the sam, ar, quhilk ar lokit vp in the chartour kist.

Act anent buikis delyverit.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, vnderstanding that Archibald Heygat, thair commoun clerk, to have left his service, and that be my Lord of Glasgw his letter direct to tham signifieing the sam, and ane vther callit John Thomsoun be him recommendit to tham, hes for the present thocht it expedient that the haill bukis that aperteanithe to the toun be presentit biefoir tham in the counsalhous, and for this effect commandis maister Alexander Grahame, present keiper of tham, in presens of James Braidwod, baillie, James Bell, dean of gild, Thomas Morsoun, dykin conveiner, William Wemes, James Hammiltoun and Ninian Andirsoun to bring tham furth of the chalmer quhair thay ar and delyver tham to the toun; quhilkis bieing delyverit ar minuttit, and thaj with the minitt laid in the almerie quhairof John Andirsoun hes the kie.

9 December 1612.

Act anent the clerkispryces.

The provest, bailleis, and counsall, vnderstanding the clerkis of this burcht in tyme past to have heichlie exhaustit the prycis tain for seasingis gevin vpone the grund and buiking thairof, with the pricis for extracting of the sam, as also the pryces of vther wryttis bielanging to the said office, to the hurt and prejudice of the commounweill and everie particular member thairof; for remeid quhairof it is statut and ordanit that the clerk of this burcht exact na mair nor xiij s. iiij d. for ilk seasing gevin vpone the grund and buiking thairof, and xxvjs. viij d. for ilk seasing extractit, and for ilk rolment of propper confessioun or athe of pairtie iijs. iiij d., with ten s. for ilk decreit proceiding vpone proces, the pryces of billis standing as of biefoir.

19 December 1612.

Act anent Grummell Wynheid.

The bailleis and counsall hes ordanit all maner personis quha hes ony standis lyand in Drygait, or about the Wynheid, or red thairof, that immediatlie efter the stanis be transportit that thay transport the red also, and that thay find catioun to that effect.

26 December 1612.

Watche appointit.

The provest, bailleis and counsall vnderstanding great peakrie and stouthe to be alsweill within this toun as steilling of stuff owt of bornis and drawing of cornis owt of stakis without the sam, for preventing quhairof hes thocht it guid that thair be ane watche of xxiiij personis ilk nycht, viz., sex in ilk quarter, thrie of tham to releive vtheris fra thair entrie to the said wache quhilk sall biegin at ten houris, and to watche ay and quhill the constable or maister of the watche cum and releive tham, and quha ar releivit ar ordanit to cum to the tolbuith and thair remain quhill four houris in the mornyng quhill the haill watche dissolue, and that vnder the pain of xl s. to be tain of ilk absent and refussis to cum, to be poindit be ane officer and applyit to quhat vse the watche sall think maist expedient; and gif the watche be ony way trubled or molestit be ony persoun or persounis, ordanis tham to be apprehendit and pwt in the tolbuithe, thairin to remain quhill thay be sensurit be the provest, bailleis, and counsall, and ordanis everie officer to warne the watche everie oulk about.