Extracts from the records: 1613

Pages 335-338

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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9 January 1613.

Thomsoun admittit clerk.

The quhilk day, the provest, bailleis and counsall, bieing convenit, and anent the supplicatioun gevin in befoir tham be John Thomsoun, wrytter, beiring that quhair by the departour and absence of Archibald Heygat, sumtym court clerk of the said burgh, the clerkship thairof vaikit in thair handis and at thair gift and dispositioun, in respect quhairof he humblie besocht the saidis provest, bailleis, and counsall to admit and rasave him to the said office according to thair accustomed form and ordour observit in sik cases. Quhilk being hard, red, and considderit, and thairwith the said provest, bailleis and counsall ryplie advysit, vnderstanding the said Archibald to have left the said office and the electioun of ane vther thairin to be only and absolutlie in thair power and libertie, and that also necesser it is that thair be ane wordie man of guid qualificatioun admittit thairto for the weill of this burgh and everie particular member thairof, efter matur deliberatioun had and tain thairanent, hes thocht it meit and expedient, agreit and concludit, that the said John Thomsoun be electit and chosin in the said office; lykas thay, be virtew of this present act, admitis, electis, and cheissis the said John to be thair commoun clerk to Witsountysday nixttocum, gevand and grantand to him thair full power to vse and exers the said office, with all liberteis, proffeitis and commoditeis belanging thairto, vnto the said term of Witsountysday nixt, at quhilk tym the said John and vtheris vpone lyt with him sall be voittit and ane of thame chosin be the provest, bailleis and counsall, conform to the ancient libertie of this burgh and lawdable custome observit anent the electioun foirsaid, vpone thir conditionis efter specifeit:—First: That the said John Thomsoun nor nain of his at na tyme heirefter pretend ony rycht or kyndnes to the said office be ony band or appointment sett doun betuix him and the said Archibald, bot that he simpliciter renunce the same and pas thairfra in all tym cuming, and that he nor nain of his sall cleithe tham thairwith at ony tym heirefter. Secundlie: That the said John observe and keip preceislie the act of counsall sett doun anent the prices to be exactit and tane be the clerk of this burgh for seasingis quhan thay ar gevin vpone the grund and buiking thairof and extracting of the same, rolmentis of propper confessioun and athe of pairtie, with the pryces sett doun anent the decreitis prociding vpone proces, as the said act of the dait the nynt day of December last bypast beiris, wtherwayis gif it sall happin the said John Thomsoun to cleithe himself with ony maner of tytill bot be yeirlie electioun as is abone exprest, or yit gif it sall happin him to contravein the said act of counsall anent the pryces foirsaid, the samein bieing tryit and he convict thairof, that it sall be ane sufficient caus of deprivatioun and he ipso facto depryvit thairfoir. Lykas the said John, compeirand personallie, hes acceptit, and acceptis the said office in and vpone him in maner as is abone expremit, and vpone conditionis foirsaid, as lykwayis renuncis all rycht, entres, or kyndnes that he can pretend to the said office be vertew of ony band past betuix him and the said Archibald, and of his awin consent is becumin actit that he sall pretend na rycht nor kyndues thairto at ony tyme heirefter vtherwayis nor be ordinar electioun, and that he sall observe the ordinance and act of counsall sett doun anent the clerkis prycis contenit thairin, and gif he be fund to have contravenit the conditiounis foirsaid that he be depryvit the said office ipso facto as said is. And ordanis the said John Thomsoun to compeir judiciallie in the Tolbuithe, Tysday nixt the twelt of this instant, and thair subscryve this present act of counsall in taikin of his consent heirto, and to gif his athe de fideli administratione during the tyme foirsaid. William Symmer and Allan Conyngham disassentit from the electioun of the said John, in respect, as thay allegit, thair wes nocht ane full number of counsall present at the electioun, the dean of gild and dykin convener bieing absent.

Treis, grein.

Ordanis the innirgang of the treis grawand in the Hie Kirk yaird to be drawin be Thomas Morsoun and Thomas Pettigrew and sett in the Grein.

27 February 1613.

Bursaris, James Layng, James Grahame.

The provest, baillies and counsall abone writtin haifing consultit maister William Struther, thair pastor, his sute, and maister Alexander Grahame, his supplicatioun, anent the granting of the benefite of twa bursaris, the ane to James Layng, sone to maister Johnne Layng, minister at Grenok, and the vther to James Grahame, sone to the said maister Alexander; and vnderstanding that twa or thrie of the places of thair bursaris ar at Michaelmas nixt to vaik, hes thairfoir grantit the said benefeit to the said personis, and hes ordanit and ordanis thair presentationis to be drawn vp, to the effect the samyn may be subscriuit and presentit to the principall of the College for thair admissioun to the saidis places.

Proclamatioun, teyndis.

The quhilk day, ordanis the drum to pas throw this burgh warneing all and sindrie personis addettit in payment of ony teyndis to my Lord Blantyre for thair landis of Gallowmure, Garnegad, and Hartisfeild, to cum to the tolbuith on Weddinsday, Thurisday, and Fryday, nixtocum to pay to the thesaurer of this burcht the teyndis dew be thame for thair land, to the effect the said Lord Blantyre may be payit thairof, certifeing thame that failyeis in payment the dayis foirsaid that thay sall pay the sowme of xiij s. iiij d. mair for ilk boll.

8th May 1613.

Blaspheming the stentmakeris.

The saidis bailleis and counsall, being of mynd to elect and cheis certane personis for stenting of thair nychtbouris the inhabitantis of this burcht for payment of the first termes payment of the taxatioun grantit to his Majestie, and being informit that thair ar sindrie within this burcht quha in tyme bygane haif blasphemit the stent makeris, thairfoir, and for eschewing of the lyke in tyme cuming, [ordains] that quhatsumeuir persone within this burcht blasphemis or cursis the stent makeris, or gevis thame evill langage, thairfoir being tryit, sall pay tuentie pundis.

29th May 1613.


The saidis provest and bailleis, according to thair commissioun gevin to thame be the counsall, declairit that thay had agreit with my Lord of Glasgow for the customes and dewties of the trone for nynetein yeris to cum for thrie thowsand merkis quhairwith the said counsall wer content.


[The tacksmen of the mills bound themselves to "pay to my lord of Glasgow and his chalmerlanis fiftie bollis malt, and to the thesaurer of this burgh" 6466 merks Scots, yearly, for five years, for the duties of the mills.]


[John Andersoun and cautioner bound themselves to pay to the burgh 703 merks for the customs of the bridge.]

Jadge of Leyth.

Ordanis ane publicatioun to be maid be sound of drum throw this burcht commanding the couparis within the samyn to mak thair barrellis of the jadge and mesour of Leyth, conforme to the act of burrowis; and quha sall do heireftir in the contrare the wark maid be tham nocht being of the said jadge and measour salbe confiscate.

3 July 1613.

Fleschouris servandis.

Anent the complent maid be the gentilmen and vtheris in the cuntrey vpoun the servandis of the fleschouris quha byis ky and vthir bestiall to thair maisteris behuif, and quhen the personis sellaris thairof cravis the pryces of the saidis guidis conditionat fra thair maisteris thay deny payment thairof, to the sellaris hurt and skayth; for remeid quhairof in tyme cuming the saidis bailleis and counsall convenit ordanis all the fleschouris of this burcht to be ansuerable for thair servandis, and quhateuer geir thay by within this burcht or in the cuntrey that thair saidis maisteris be astrictit in payment thairof.

16 July 1613.


Ordanis the deane of gild to visite the metis and measuris of furlettis and peckis the nixt oulk and to seill tham, and that the drum go throw the toun to wairne all personis for that effect haifand the samyn within this burcht.


Ordanis Mathow Turnbill, baillie, [and four others,] to convein betuix and Weddinsday nixt and set doun the A B C of the customes of the brig.

28 August 1613. (fn. 1)

Preserving stuf growand from thift.

Ordanis the drum to go throw this burcht commanding that na persoun be fundin bringing to this burcht ony kynd of stuf sic as peis, benis, aittis, quheit, beir, or ry, vpoun horsbakis, or in burdeins, eftir four houris at evin in the tyme of harvest, and quha beis fundin contravenar thairof salbe estemit as a theif and oppressour of his nychtbour and sall pay ane vnlaw of v li. and be layit in the stokis, but favour.


  • 1. The Records are awanting from this date till 30 September 1623.