Extracts from the records: 1616

Pages 338-339

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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31 December 1616.

Letter from the king as to convention of estates.

JAMES R. Trustie and welbeloued we greete you well. Haueing resolued, by Gods grace, to satisfie the hopes and wishes of our goode and loueing subiects by our repayreing to that our ancient kingdom this next approacheing somer, wherevnto our earnest desire and the necessarie affaires of that our estate doe likewise invite ws, soe we haue not bene careles and forgetfull of that which may impoirte the honour and credite of our said kingdome, but haue spente our whole rente theirof and bestowed other greate sowmes, farr exceadeing the reuenues of the same, in repayring and inouabling of our houses, and prouyding of other necessarie preparations fitte for our receipte there, whereby the noblemen, strangers, and vthers whoe will accompanie vs, maye neither see markes of inciuilitie nor appearance of scarcetie and want dureing our abode amongst yow; and although for these necessarie preparations there is as much alreddie vndertaken by our officers as our coffers may conuenientlie affoorde, yet vpon examination of particulars wee finde many things vnprouided which the rents of that our crowne are not hable to furneishe, the consideration whereof hathe moued us to appoint a conuention of the estates of that our realme to be at Edinburgh vpon the fyfth day of Marche next to aduise and resolue vpon the best meanes whereby, with leaste hurte to our goode subiects, all defectes may be supplied and the honour and reputation of that our kingdome preserved; and therefore these are to will and reqvire you to send your commissioners to the said convention instructed with full and ample power accoirding to the ordour. And lookeing that your commissioners will preciselie keepe the said diet and be in Edinburgh the fourthe of the said moneth at night, that they may be reddie on the morrow therefter to meete with the rest of the estates, as yee respect our obedience and seruice, wee bid yow farewell. Geuin at our Pallace of Whitehall, the last of December 1616. (L.S.) [Addressed:] To our trustie and welbeloued the Proueste, Bayliffes, and Councell of Glascow.