Extracts from the records: 1624

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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21 February 1624.

Ordinance for syllouring of the laich kirk

The provest, baillies, and counsall ordanis the daillis to be sawin for sylloring of the Laich Kirk, and gevis commissioun to the provest to agrie with the sawer for that effect.

15 May 1624.

Ordinance for theiking of the laich steple.

The provest, baillies and counsall ordanis that the laich steple of the Heich Kirk be theikit with leid.

The grene set to Park.

The gers of the grene is set to William Park this yeir for payment of fiftie pundis to the thesaurer on Witsountysday nixt, with this expres provisioun that all personis haif libertie and licence to vse pastyme and game thairin and vse thair recreatioun as of befoir, and that nathir hors, ky, nor vther bestiall be pasturit thairon, nathir yit skynnaris woll nor hair be layit thairvpoun.

27 July 1624.

Report of the commissionaris to the burrowis.

The provest and John Padie maid report of the materis done at the last generall conventioune of burrowis, and maid intimatioun of ane act maid anent the reill, ane vther anent the jadge, and the thrid aganis the glasinwrychtis anent the sute of thair glas.

12 September 1624.

Stent maisteris electit.

The said provest, baillies, and counsall haif electit Archibald Andersone, [and sixteen others,] stent maisteris for stenting of the inhabitantis of this burgh for the last terme of the taxatioun grantit to his Majestie.

5 October 1624.

Provest electit.

[At the desire of the archbishop of Glasgow, Gabriell Cunynghame continued provost for the ensuing yeir.]

Baillies electit.

[From a leet of nine persons presented to the archbishop, the following nominated bailies: Mr. William Stewart, George Barclay, and John Padie.]

8 October 1624.


[The provost and bailies elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the council for the ensuing year.]

9 October 1624.

Annual acts.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those enacted in October in previous years. Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged:—ale, 1s. 4d. the pint; the twelve ounce loaf. 1s.; tallow, 36s. the stone; candle, 44s. the stone.]

Explanatioun of ane act of the lettre of gildrie.

The provest, baillies, and counsall, vnderstanding that be the lettere of gildrie it is ordanit that the dean of gild the yeir preceiding, with the advyse of xxiiij personis of the merchand rank quhome he sall chuis, nominate tua of the merchand rank to be on lyte with himself, quhas namis salbe presentit in writ befoir the provest, baillies, and counsall and deaconis, of the quhilk thrie thay sall chuis ane to beir office the yeir following, and sua to be lyttit and electit in tyme cuming, and that the dean of gild sall not beir office abone tua yeir togidder; and haifing considerit the said article, the saidis provest, baillies, and maist pairt of the counsall thair present, declairit that the trew meaneing of the said article wes that the dean of gild quha had continewit tua yeir togidder in office culd nocht be on lyte bot another put in his place sua far as he culd nocht be electit, sua that thrie suld evir be presentit that ane of thame may be chosin dean of gild for the yeir ensewing. Quhilk thay haif ordanit so to be in all tyme cuming quhen it salhappin the said dean of gild to continew in office tua yeir togeddir.

13 October 1624.

Dean, convener, visitor and treasurer elected.

[Patrik Bell elected dean of guild; David Scherar elected deacon convener; William Neilsone elected visitor of maltmen and mealmen; and Thomas Norvell elected treasurer.]

16 October 1624.

Key keepers, etc.

[Of this date the following elections made, viz.: six key keepers; Mr. John Huchesoun, common procurator fiscal; John Young, water serjeand, and six officers.]

Act, reformatioun of the mettis.

For eschewing of the pane contenit in the actis of parliament, ordanis the dean of gild to reforme the peckis and furlettis conform thairto in all pointis.

23 October 1624.

Act anent the electioun of the maister of wark.

The provest, baillies, and counsall convenit, efter mature deliberatioun, for sindrie caussis and reasonis moving thame, haif concludit that in all tyme heireftir the maister of wark be electit at the tyme quhen the dean of gild, deacoun convenar, and visitour ar chosin. [Thomas Glen chosen master of work for the year to come.]

30 October 1624.

Wilsone for furnising of candills.

The provest, baillies, and counsall haif allowit to Patrik Wilsone for furneising of candill in the laich kirk in maner as followis, the sowm of tuentie pund, viz.: he furnisand auchtene candill, sex in the pund, in prayir tyme morneing and evining, and fra fyve houris in the morneing to prayir tyme four candill, four in the pund, and alsmony fra prayir tyme at evening to aucht houris at nycht and that during the wintir quartir.

Stark continewit.

The provest, baillies, and counsall haif continewit David Stark as brekar of the salmound for the yeir to cum.

1 December 1624.

Pestilence, quarter maisteris electit.

The baillies and counsall convenit, being informit that the burght of Edinburght is infectit by the pestilence, and haifing ane speciall cair to prevent all danger of the samyn within this burght, haif thairfoir thocht maist meit and expedient to elect the quarter maisteris efter specifeit, to the effect thai may sershe, seik, and tak ordour with all personis within the boundis of thair tred and calling, and to tak vp ane inventar of thair names and to produce the samyn vpoun Saterday nixt, viz. [Here follow names of quartermasters and their districts.]

11 December 1624.

Constabilles electit.

The personis efter specifeit ar electit constables for the space of sex moneths, viz. [Here follow names of fifty-nine persons and their respective districts.]

Act anent the closing vp of the yaird endis.

The provest, baillies, and counsall ordanis all personis within this burght to mak fensabill thair yaird endis and close vp the passages thairat, that na persone haif ony acces thairby, betuix and Fryday nixt, ilk persone vnder the pane of ten pund; and ordanis proclamatioun be sound of drum to be maid throw this burgh for that effect.