Extracts from the records: 1625

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1625', Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, (Edinburgh, 1914), pp. 344-351. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp344-351 [accessed 17 June 2024].

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2 February 1625.

Huchesone electit clerk.

The saidis provest, bailleis, and counsall hes nominat, electit, and chosin, be pluralitie of votis, maister Johnne Huchesoun, notar, to be toun clerk of this burght till Michaelmas nixttocum, and ordanis him to keep and ressave in his chalmer Adam Scot and William Yair, and they to remain with him to the nixt electioun.

The forme how to elect the clerk in all tyme heirefter.

The saidis provest, bailleis, and counsall hes statut and ordanit that the electioun of the toun clerk yeirlie heirefter sall [be] vpoun that day in the quhilk the prouest and bailleis sall be electit, and the clerk to be chosin befoir the lyttis of the bailleis be gevin furth, and so to remayne in all tyme heirefter.

12 February 1625.

Procurator fiscall electit.

The saidis provest, bailleis, and counsall hes electit and chosin Gilbert Merschell, notar, procuratour fiscall of this burght, and that till Michaelmas nixtocum.

5 March 1625.

Bell, commissionar.

Patrik Bell, deane of gilde, is electit and nominat commissioner to meitt with the burrowes in Edinburgh the xv of Merche instant anent the factoures in Flanderis and conservatour, conforme to the missive lettere direct be the provest, bailleis, and counsell of Edinburgh to this burghe of Glasgow, and ordanis him to haue commissioun conforme to the said missive to that effect.

Blakfrier kirk.

The proueist, bailleis, and counsell hes concludit and ordanit that thair salbe ane loft buildit on the west gavill of the Blakfreir Kirk, and the foir furmes in the Trongaitt Kirk in all pairtis to be deissit; and ordanes the deane of gild and maister of wark to sicht the same that the saidis warkis may be done.

2 April 1625.


They all in ane voice ordanis ane presentatioune to be maid in favouris of Williame Fischer, sone to Matho Fischer, messour, of the first vacant place of ane brussour within the colledge of Glasgw, to the principall and regentis, and his enterie to be at Michaelmas nixt and ony vaik in commoun forme.

14 May 1625.

Grait Kirk.

They ordane the Great Kirk to be repairit quhair the leid is blawn vp, and the samyn to be sichtit and workmen put thairto.

Hors rais.

Ordaines the hors rais to be proclemit to the xxv day of Maij instant, and the coup to be maid.

Stanes for the Tolbuithe.

They all in ane voice hes concludit that ane number of stanes be prowydit for building the Tolbuithe, about twa thowsand peis of hewin work, and sum wall stanes; and ordanet the dean of gild, deacon convener, maister of wark, and Gawan Neisbitt, to sicht the quarrell and enter the quarreouris to win stanes and agrie with thame thairanent.

21 May 1625.

Act anent Prymrois his buikes to the King warrand.

The prouest, bailleis, and counsell, be pluralitie of voitis, concludit and ordanit ane warrand to be gevin be the thesaurare to pay to the said [blank] Prymrois sax scoir pundis for thrie hundrethe of his buikes to be gevin be him to this burghe, and ane pairt assignatioun and dispositioun to his patent concerning the burghe and territorie thairof in thair favouris, and gif the proueist and James Inglis aggrie with him they ar content gif neid be they gif him xx merk mair.


Ordaines the maister of work to repair the buttis in the Gallowmuir for exerceis of schutting quha pleissis.


The prouest, bailleis, and counsell concludit to tak the collectour of the colledg band for payment to the thesaurar to the tounes vse of ane hundrethe pund for thair pairt of the new saitt in the Blakfreir Kirk buildit be the toun.

4 June 1625.

Commissioneris to generall conventioun.

The proueist, bailleis, and counsell being convenit to elect thair commissioneris to this general conventioun of burrowes, to be haldin at this burghe of Glasgw the fyft day of Julij nixtocum, quha electit and nominat Gabriell Conyngham, prouest, he being moderatour, they electit with him James Hammiltoun secund to him, and John Padie to be his assessour at the said generall conventioun, ordaning thair commissioun to be gevin to thaim as accordis.

Statute, burgessonnes, gild brethir.

Johne Browne, mercheant, ane burges sone, being challengit for nocht entering gildbrethir, gave in his supplicatioun to the counsell, desyring the benefeit of ane gild brother sone, in respect his fayther and mother deceist lang befoir the gildrie was sett doun in this burghe, and he being minor nane tuik cair to buik him, craifand mitigatioun of his fyne of threttie pund dew to be payet be all mercheantis and vther burgessis quha ar not gildbrother sonnes; the proueist, bailleis, and counsell haifing tane consideratioun of the said mater, statute and ordanet in all tym cuming that the said Johne Browne and all vther burges sonnes of the lyke natour quhais parentis was deceist befoir the doun setting of the gildrie, quha war not buikit to ressave the benefeit as gild brother bairnes at thair enterie to be gild brother, salbe ressauet gild brother for payment of fyftein pundis money, being the half of the ordiner fyne and vther chairges vsit and wont, prowyding thai produce thair faytheris burges tikettis at thair ressaitt, and that the deane of gild and his counsell [certify] that thair fatheris deceist befoir the doun setting of the gildrie as said is; and this present act to be ane sufficient warrand to the deane and his counsell to that effect in all tyme cuming.

11 June 1625.

Clothis officeris and drummeris.

The said day, ordanet the thesaurer to tak aff to ilk ane of the officeris and to the drummer and pyper, ilk ane of thame, fyve eln of reid kairsey claithe; and becaus Andro Stark, William Letham, Robert Wilsoun, elder, and Robert Glasgw ar bigger nor the rest of bodie, to ilk ane of thame half an eln mair, to be thair claithes, for the mair thankfull service to be maid be thame heireftir, all to be maid be thair selff in jupe fassoun.

25 June 1625.

Act anent lichtis amangis nychtbouris.

It is statute and ordanet be the proueist, bailleis, and counsell of the burghe of Glasgw, that in all tyme heireftir, quhateuir persoune or persounes buildis or repairis ony houssis within this burgh, they sall haue full and frie libertie to put out lichtis, bak and foir, in all pairtis of thair houssis thai pleis, of the quantitie and qualitie following, viz., laiche on the eard to put out oyes ane or ma within ane fute to the laiche geistis, or of that heicht gif thai geist nocht thair houssis, prowyding the saidis oyes haue croce bar staincheouris of irne, and that thai be coverit with glas; in the secund, houssis nixt to the laichest lofting to putt out quhat lichtis thai pleis, the soillis of thair windois being fywe futes abone the flure, the samyn being all stancheourit, ilk stancheour being onlie fywe insche betuix, and that thai be glast fra heid to fute; and all windois to be in the thrid hous, and heicher, to be maid as the secund hous, except that the soillis of the windois salbe onlie four fute fra the flure; and that all the auld buildit houssis, gif the heritouris and vtheris haifand richt thairto desyre to haue the lyke lichtis of the quantitie and qualitie foirsaid thairintill, quheneuer thai or ony of thame haifand entereis to the saidis auld biggit houssis craifis the samyn they sall have the lyk preveledge anent the saidis lichtis; and that all persounes quha hes out lichtis or puttis ony out heireftir conforme the same to this present act in all poynttis, quhilk salbe ane sufficient warrand to the deane of gild and his counsell to decerne all persounes to conforme thameselffis thairto.

23 July 1625.


The prouest, bailleis, and counsell, being certanlie informit of the contageoun of the plage of pestilens within the kingdom of Ingland, at Godis will and pleasour, quhilk daylie incressis, and that ane grait number of mercheantis, burgessis of this burgh, ar daylie passand thairto with mercheant wairis, and cuming bak with wairis to this contrie, and speciallie to this burgh, quhilk is verie dangerus not onlie to this burgh bot to the haill cuntrie about; thairfoir it is statute and ordanet be the saidis proueist, bailleis, and counsell that na maner of persoun, burges nor inhabitant within the burgh, pas heireftir to the said realme of England without thai first foirsie the prouest and bailleis, that thair names may be sett doun in roll, and quhair thai go, that thai may returne testimoniallis with thame, and that James Inglis, customer for the present, gif na custom bill to ony sik as passis away vnfoirseing the magistrattis within thair libertie, and that na maner of persoun or persounes presentlie in England be ressauit within the said burghe, and that the customer ressaue not thair enteries befoir the saids proveist and bailleis be foirsein, that ordour may be tane with thame as accordis for the weill not onlie of this burghe bot for the commoun weill of the haill contrie about, and eschewing of all danger thairthrow sa far as can be vnder God; to be intimat be oppin proclematioun and sound of drwm, certefeing the contravenaris of this present act that thai and ilk ane of thame salbe puneist as accordis.

6 August 1625.

Warrand, prothogoll buikes.

The proueist, bailleis, and counsell ordanet the thesaurer of this burghe to content and pay to Alexander Thomsoun, sone laufull to vmquhile John Thomsoun, court clerk of the said burghe, the sowme of tua hundrethe merkis in recompance to him for his said fatheris prothogoll buikes gevin in to tham, and for his thankfull service to the said burghe in his tyme.

13 August 1625.

Warrand, kirk, tolbuithe.

The proueist, bailleis, and counsell ordanes the thesaurar to pay to William Neilsoun, elder, fourtie pundis money of feall for his paines takin be him about the reparatioun of the Metrapolitan Kirk of this burghe, and als vther tua warrandis for a sowme deburset be him in the kirk conforme to his compt, and for fourtie pund to be debursit be him to the quarreouris that wonnes the staines to the Tolbuithe and vtheris, for the quhilk he sall mak ane compt the nixt counsell day.

20 August 1625.

Daillis tolbuithe.

The proueist, bailleis, and counsell concludit that ane thowsand daillis of the ventour schipis laidining be ressauit and tane to the tounes vse for building of the Tolbuithe, be pluralitie of voitis.

Bell, commissioner.

Patrik Bell, deane of gild, is electit and chosin commissioner to go to Edinburgh and keip conventioun with the burrowis anent the tanning, and for aggreing with Bryce Sempill and John Schaw anent the teynd hering of the Ylis fischeing.

17 September 1625.

Townes writtis.

The proueist, bailleis, and counsell hes thocht meitt the proueist, maister William Steuart, John Padie, Mathow Trumble, Thomas Morsoun, William Neilsoun, younger, John Bornes, John Rowatt, the commoun procuratour, and clerk, or ony sax of thame with the clerk, sicht the tounes evidentis and buikes, and mak inventer thairof, at sik tymes and occasiounes as thai appoynt, and to begyn at vij houris on Wedinsday morning.

Warrand, water to mylnes.

The proueist, bailleis, and counsell ordanes ane warrand to be gevin to the thesaurer to pay the laird of Silvertounhill ane hundrethe pund for the libertie of his watter to the tounes mylnes thir thrie yeiris bygane, be pluralitie of voittis.

4 October 1625.


[At the desire of the archbishop James Inglis elected provost.]


[From a leet of nine persons, the archbishop elected George Barclay, John Padie, and Patrik Bell, bailies.]

7 October 1625.


[The old and new provost and bailies elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen "to be on thair counsell."]

12 October 1625.

Dean, etc.

[The town council elected Matho Trumble, dean of guild; William Neilsoun, younger, deacon convener; Johne Craufurd, visitor; Gawin Neisbit, younger, treasurer; Thomas Glen, master of work.]

15 October 1625.


The keyis of the pres almerie and coffer and boxis within the Tolbuithe producit in counsell, lykeas the persounes following ar newlie electit to keip the saidis keyis, viz., the key of the pres almerie delyuerit to James Hammiltoun, ane vther key delyverit to the deane of gild, ane vther to the deacone convenar, ane vther to the maister of wark, ane vther to John Rowatt, to John Bornes ane vther, and the vther to Thomas Morisoun; quha being present become actit to redelyuer the saidis keyis at the nixt electioun. Lyke as, it is statute and ordanet that in tyme cuming the proueist and bailyeis, present and to cum, sall not haue onie of the saidis keyis in keiping during thair office nor nane of thame.

Bell, commissionar.

Patrik Bell, bailyie, is chosin commissioner to meitt with the rest of the burrowes at the particular conventioun to be haldin at the burghe of Edinburgh the xxv day of October instant, concerning the tanning and barking of ledder, placing of ane new minister of the Campheir, and of ane conservatour clerk and collectour.


[Act passed ordaining that till next election the prices following should not be exceeded:—Ale, 1s. 4d. the pint; bear, 1s. 8d. the pint; the loaf of wheat bread, weighing twelve ounces, eightpence; tallow, forty shillings the stone, trone weight; candle, eighteen shillings the troy stone.]

And that all the remanent auld actis and statutis sett doun for the weill of this burghe of befoir be proclemit and weill keipit, vnder the paines contenit thairintill; quhilkis haill auld actis and statutis maid of befoir the proueist bailleis and counsell ratifeis and approves, and admittis the samyn als sufficient as gif ilk act war heir particularlie sett doun.

22 October 1625.

Schirilaw, bursar.

The proueist, bailleis, and counsell hes ordanet William Scherelaw, sone laufull to George Scherelaw, wobster, to be placet in the benefeit of ane brussour, and to be sustenit within the colledge of the said burghe, and ane presentatioun to be gevin him to that effect vacant in thair handis be maister William Spang, laitlie laureat thairin, to indure for the space of thrie yeiris, in respect he hes bein ane yeir alreddie trainet vp thairintill.

Procurator fiscal, etc.

[Gilbert Merschell elected procurator fiscal; Johne Young, water sergeant; and David Stark, "breker of the salmount in the mercat."]

Warrand, tolbuithe.

[The treasurer ordained to pay to William Neilsoun, elder, "saxtene pund money quhilk he sall deburs to the workmen quha wonnes and bringis hame the stanes for building the Tolbuithe."]

12 November 1625.


It is statute and ordanit that the Tolbuithe sall be buildit with diligens, the stane work thairof to be maid small brotchit work; lyke as thai haue electit and nominat John Padie, bailyie, Matho Trumble, dean of gild, William Neilsoun, deacone convenar, Thomas Glen, maister of work, and with thame George Mure, Thomas Morsoun and William Neilsoun, elder, to aggrie with the masounes thairanent, and to report to the counsell the nixt counsell day.


The prouest, bailyeis, and counsell elect and nominat the persounes following constabillis within the said burghe to the nixt electioun, viz.:— [Here follow names of forty-three persons and their districts,] quha being present acceptit the saidis office and maid faithe de fideli administratione thairintill; lyke as George Lyoun is appoynttit convenar.