Extracts from the records: 1636

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1636', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, ed. J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1914), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp377-380 [accessed 24 July 2024].

'Extracts from the records: 1636', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Edited by J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1914), British History Online, accessed July 24, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp377-380.

"Extracts from the records: 1636". Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Ed. J D Marwick(Edinburgh, 1914), , British History Online. Web. 24 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp377-380.

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28 May 1636. (fn. 1)

Conventioun, clothes to officeris.

The proveist, bailyeis, and counsell, vnderstanding that the commissioneris of burrowis ar to meit within this burgh in Julij nixt, thai haif thairfor ordainet the maister of work to take als much reid claith as wilbe ane stand of cloithes to ilk ane of the officeris, inrespect that thai ar commoun servandis within this burgh, and that for the greater honour and credit to the samein.

4 June 1636.

Conventioun, commissioners.

Patrik Bell, proveist, and Colein Campbell, bailyie, ar electit commissioneris to the generall conventioun of burrowis to be haldin within this burgh and to begin the fyft of Julij nixt . . . as also, John Andersone, younger, is electit assessour. And farder the saidis proveist, bailyeis, and counell apoyntis and ordaines James Hamiltoun, [and eight others,] to provyde and forsie for convenient ludgeing within this burgh to the commissioneris of burrowis quha ar to meit heir the tyme foirsaid, and to sie tham weill servet at thair fowr houris drink duireing thair aboid heir in the most cumeli forme for the credit of the toun.

7 June 1636.

Mills, etc.

[The mills set for a year for 7750 merks; the duties of the ladle for 2570 merks; the custom of the tron for 450 merks; the custom of the pecks for 580 merks; and the custom of the bridge for 665 merks.]

2 July 1636.


Ordaines the proveist, [and six others,] to ryd to Edinburgh anent the mater of the ministeris stipend, and anent the improbatioun raiset be the Bischop against the toun.

10 August 1636.

Signatour, Blackfreir Kirk.

The proveist producit the signatour of the Blackfreir Kirk, all past and exped vpon the expenssis and moyen of maister Alexander Lyndsay, servitour to the arcbischop of Glasgow, and thairfor the saidis proveist, bailyeis, and counsell, all in ane voyce, ordaines the nixt intrant thesaurer to pay to the said maister Alexander for his debursingis in the passing the said signatour, and for ane honest and honorabill reward for his paines, the sowme of fowr hundreth pundis money.

18 August 1636.

Warrand, commissioners.

Ordaines the tressourer to mak warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth thrie scoir auchtein pundis 6 pennis, deburset be him for the haill charges and expenssis wairit and bestowit vpon the commissioneris of burrowis quhen they wer heir in July last.

Anent ane new signatour.

The proveist, bailyeis, and counsell ordanis ane signatour to be gottin past be the King, vnder his Hienes great seall, in favouris of the toun, in the most best forme can be devyset, conteineing ane certane dewtie to be payet to his Majestie.

27 August 1636.

Warrand anent the new bell.

Ordaines the tressourer to haif ane warrand for the sowme of fowr scoir ten pundis nyne schillingis, deburset be him in full and compleit payment of the new bell in the Tronegait stiple, quhilk, with ane hundreth sax dollouris and threttie thrie schillingis producet be the proveist and bailyies of the last yeiris vnlawis, compleitis the haill pryce thairof and expenssis wairit in hame bringing of the samein.

31 August 1636.

Anent Walter Duncane.

Ordaines ane contract to be sett down betuixt the toun and Walter Duncane, reider at the Blackfreir Kirk, quhairin thei sall be bund to pay him ane hundreth pundis of stipend yeirly.

Anent ane lettere direct to Harie Alexander.

The proveist, bailyeis, and counsell allowes and approves the lettere derect to maister Alexander Gotray, clerk to the burrowis, at the command of the commissioneris thairof, to Henrie Alexander, the burrowis agent at court, in favouris of this burgh, quhairof the copy wes read to tham be the proveist, and thei doe heirby promeise give the said Henrie doe tham ane guid anent the mater thairin conteinet not to prove ingrat.

Supplie for Dennie brig.

Ordaines the treassourer, present or to cum, to give to the mending and beiting to the decayed brige of Dennie ower Carron Water the sowme of xl li. money, to be payit quhen the work is half compleit.

24 September 1636.

Act of report.

The proveist maid his report of his diligence at the last particular conventioun of burrowes that wes in Edinburgh, and anent Dumbartan, and anent the tounis new signatour, quhilk thei all ratifiet and alowit, as also thei did ratifie, aprove, and allowe the lettere sent be the proveist to the Kingis thesaureris man anent the passing of the said signatour.

Warrand, Dumbartane, signatour.

Ordaines the treassourer to haif ane warrand for the sowmes following, debursit be him for the toun as is eftirmentionat, first for the sowme of threttie pundis xvj s. debursit to the Kingis advocat and his man for his compeirance against Dumbartane, and for xxxiij li. xij s. given to the said advocat for advyseing and correcking the tounis signatour, and for lvj s. given to his man; item, for the sowme of xxxix li. iiij s. given also to the said advocat for docking the said signatour, and for fyve pundis xij s. given to his man, and for xxij li. viij s. given to John Nicoll for wryting of the said signatour thryse ower, and for v li. xij s. given to his sone, and for xxxvij s. vj d. given to his tua boyis. . . .

1 October 1636.

Warrand, tolbuith, tounes armes.

Ordaines the thesaurer to haif ane warrand for the sowme of fowrtie pundis money debursit to John Boyd, maissoun, for his attendeing the warke of the Tolbuith this last summer, and for hewing and puteing the tounis armes vpon the Meall mercat and the Correctioun Hous.

4 October 1636.


[At the desire of the archbishop, the bailies and council admitted Colein Campbell elder, merchant, provost for the ensuing year.]


[From a leet of six merchants and three craftsmen, the archbishop nominated two of the former and one of the latter, viz., John Barnes, James Bell, and William Neilsone, bailies.]

7 October 1636.


[The provost and the present and late bailies elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the council for the ensuing year.]

12 October 1636.

Deane of gild, etc.

[James Hamiltoun elected dean of guild; Ninian Gilhagie, deacon convener; William Wilsone, visitor; William Robiesone, treasurer; William Hinschaw, master of work; Colein Campbell, younger, water bailie.]

22 October 1636.


[Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged :—ale, 1s. 8d. the pint; beer, 2s.; the wheat loaf of 12 oz., 1s.; the "single bund" of 11 oz., 1s.; tallow, 46s. 8d. the stone; candle, 4 merks the stone. Ratified "all the remanent auld actis and statutis."]

26 November 1636.

Bell, ministeris stipends.

Ordanes ane commissione to be sent to Patrik Bell to petitioun the lordis of counsall anent the lettere direct fra his Majestie to this burghe anent the ministerris stipendis.

30 November 1636.

Commissioner, Stirling.

Walter Stirling is electit commissionar to go to Edinburgh to concur with Patrik Bell for passing of the new infeftment.

31 December 1636.

New signatour producit.

Patrik Bell producit the tounes new infeftment and precept, and delatit his proceidingis thairanent, quhilk war allowit and approvin with great thankis; and ordaines the proveist, baillies, deane of gild, deacone conveinar, Gabriell Conynghame, and such as they sall think, to meit on Wandsday to receave the said Patrik Bell, Walter Stirling, and Johne Andersone thair comptis.


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