Extracts from the records: 1630

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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21 January 1630.


The bailleis and counsell, convenit for the tyme, ordanes Gabriell Cunynghame, thair proueist and commissioner electit anent the plantatioun of Stornuay, to vndertak for this burghe the plantatioun of the said Stornouay effeirant to thair awin pairt and corresponding to the stent roll with Edinburgh and vther burrowes quha hapnis to vndertak the lyk burding gif thai do the samyn allanerlie, and to considder and deliberat weill anent the tounes weill thairanent.

27 January 1630.

Sklatting the Blackfrier kirk.

The bailleis and counsall of the said burgh agreit with George and Johne Aisdaillis, sklaitteris, quha hes vndertane and vndertakis be this present to sklait the Blakfriar Kirk for threttie twa pundis the ruid, they furnisching sklaytis vpoun thair awin chargis, warkmanshipe, and making of the panis, and they to enter thairto within fourtein dayes nixt efter they be chairget thairto, and ordanes the thesaurer to give to thame twa hundrethe markis in pairt payment of the said wark.

Stiple, Trongait kirk.

The bailleis and counsall, all in ane voice, hes thocht it meit and hes condischendit as ane commoun weill of the said burgh that the stiple of the Trongait Kirk sall be hightit in the most best and commodious forme can be devysit be the best craftismen, with all diligence possible.

6 March, 1630.


Ordanes the thesaurer to pay to Patrik Wilsoun tuentie pund for furneising of candill to the New Kirk, conforme to the auld act this last winter, and als fourtie schilling for ringing of the bell to the dean of gildis court.

Report, provest.

The proueist reportit his diligens at the last particular conventioun of burrowes, haldin at Edinburgh the xxj day of Januar last by past, concerning Stornuay and vtheris contenit in the bill, and als about Edinburghis priviledges in Leithe; and ordanes him to haue ane warrand for tuentie ane pund half ane merk deburset be him for the suspensioun about Sampsounes captioun contra Duncan Sample and decisioun thairof, and for the copie of Edinburghis signatour, and als for fourtie ane dayes absens his chairges four scoir tua pund.

20 March 1630.

Warrand, thrie kirkis.

[The treasurer to have a warrant for £15 6s. 8d. paid by him "for wricht craft wrocht in the thrie kirkis."]

24 April 1630.

Warrand, Kingis armes.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for the sowme of ane hundrethe pundis money debursit be him to James Colquhoun in pairt of payment of the working of the Kingis armes in ane stane, gilting and outredding thairof.

Well in Tronegait.

Ordanes the new woll in the Trongait to be sklaittit in the best forme, and tua pumpes maid thairto and clengit with all diligens.

8 May 1630.

Metrapolitane kirk.

Ordanes William Neilsoun, elder, and John Bornes to aggrie with the maist meitt craftismen to poynt the Metrapolitane Kirk and to enter thame thairto.

Officeris clothis.

Ordanes the thesaurer to by alsmekill rid kairsay claithe as to be coitt, breikis, and hois to ilk ane of the tounes officeris present in office, and to gif in his compt thairof the nixt counsell day.

15 May 1630.


The proueist, bailyeis and counsell hes thocht it expedient that ane trustie youthe be maid ane poist for this burghe for ane yeir to cum.

26 June 1630.

Warrand, Blakfreir Kirk.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue a warrand for tuentie tua merk deburset be him to Matho Colquhoun for four treis of aik to the Blakfreir Kirk.

17 July 1630.

Warrand, grammer.

Ordanes the thesaurer to give to maister William Wallace, maister of the Grammer Schule, tuentie merk to beir his chairges to ryde to Edinburgh about the grammer to be imposet vpoun the cuntrie.

Tolbuithe cok, etc.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for threttie pund deburset be him to Vallentyne Ginking for gilting the cok and als the thrissell, crowne, and scheptour abone the Kingis armes, and to gilt the tounes arms abone thee enterie to the gevill of the tolbuithe and to cullour the . . . post of the Blakfreir stipell.

24 July 1630.


The bailyeis and counsell hes gevin libertie and licens to John Colquhoun of Kenmuir to won alsmony lymstanes in the lyme craig at the Channown mos as he can with ane mell quhill Mertimes nixtocum, and to won and away tak the samyn to his awin vse for tuentie merkis money payet be him in hand; quhilk was gevin to John Craufurd, brussour, to help to by him cloithis at his laureatioun.

18 September 1630.

Warrand, minister.

Ordanis the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for the sowme of threttie twa pundis money debursit be him to ane Inglis minister for his help and supplie.

Warrand, commoune loch.

Ordanis the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of three scoir four pundis v s. ij d. debursit be him for the wyning and leiding of certane stonis for mending of the commoun loche.


The provest, bailleis, and counsall, having dew consideratioun that it has bein in vse within this burcht thes divers yeiris bygane that not onlie the new electit magistratis, suche as provest and bailleis, war maid frie of his Majesteis taxatiouns, bot lykwayis the provest and bailleis quha war in office the yeir preceiding, aganst all reason and equitie, for remeid quhairof the saidis provest, bailleis, and counsall hes statute and ordanit that onlie the new electit magistratis efter Michaelmes that yeir the tyme of thair office sall be frie of the said taxatioun, and the provest and bailleis the yeir preceiding to be taxit and subject in payment thairof as the rest of the inhabitantis within this burcht, but ony exceptioun, yeirlie in tyme cuming sua oft as the stent occuris.

25 September 1630.

Warrand, minister.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for fourtie merk gevin be him to maister Henrie Drummond, minister, quha is blind, for his supplie.


The provest, bailleis, and counsall of the said brugh, vpoun petitioun maid to tham be the principall and regentis of the College of Glasgow for help and supplie to the building of ane new wark within the said College, haue condiscendit and agreit to giue to the building of the said wark ane thowsand markis money quhen the wark is in building and as the samyin gois on, and ane vther thowsand markis money to by buikis to thair librarie quhen ever they by thair buikis to mak ane librarie to the said college be advyse of the provest and bailleis of the said brucht for the tyme.

5 October 1630.

Provest nominat.

[By desire of the archbishop, the bailies and council admitted Gabriell Conynghame prevost for the ensuing year.]

Bailleis choysine.

[From a leet of six merchants and two craftsmen, the archbishop elected George Barclay and Walter Stirling, merchants, and Thomas Morsoun, couper, bailies for the ensuing year.]

8 October 1630.


[The provost and old and new bailies elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be councillors for the ensuing year.]

13 October 1630.

Deane of gild, etc.

[John Bornes, elected dean of guild; John Andersoun, deacon convener; Thomas Gray, visitor; Ninian Gilhagie, treasurer; William Andersoun, master of work; and Gilbert Merschell, procurator fiscal.]

16 October 1630.

Maister of the grammer scoll.

The prouest, bailyeis, and counsell, vnderstanding that maister William Wallace, maister of the Grammer Scole of the said burghe, hes thir diuers yeiris bypast sen his entrie thairto exercet his office faithfullie and treulie in training of all scholleris putt vnder his chairge, and that now the space and yeiris of the contract and appoyntment maid betuix the proueist, bailyeis, and counsell of the said burghe for the tyme with him at his enterie to said Grammar Schole is expyret, and he being send for to the counsell this day, at thair ernist requeist and desyre he is content and maist willing to continow in the said service; thairfor they be the tennour of this present act continowes the said maister William in his said office as maister of the Grammer Schole of the said burghe in tym cuming sua lang as he dois his deutie in his said office and is hable to dischairge the samyn as of befoir, the saidis proueist, bailyeis, and counsell, and thair successouris, and he, keipan, observan, and fulfillane to vtheris the haill heidis, claussis, tennour, and contentis of the foirsaid contract and appoyntment maid betuix the saidis proueist, bailyeis, and counsell of the said burghe for the tyme and him, in all poyntis, efter the forme and tennour thairof, siclyke and als frielie in all respectis as gif the samyn war renewet and war of new subscribit betuix tham and him.

Young, graves.

The proueist, bailyeis, and counsell admittit John Young, couper, in place of Thomas Kilmairis, for making the graves, and ordanes him to haue the half of the haill feis and causualiteis of the deid bell with William Bogle as the said Thomas haid of befoir.

13 November 1630.

Warrand, ministeris.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for the sowme of thriescoir tuelff pund deburset be him for mairtis to the ministerris.

20 November 1630.

Statutis for this present yeir.

Ordanes the stane of ruche tallown to be sauld for fourtie sax [shillings] aucht penneis, and the troyes stane of weill maid candill for four merk; and the breid, aill, and beir to be sauld of the fynes, quantitie, and pryces as was sett doun the last yeir.