Extracts from the records: 1576

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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4 January 1575–6.

Liberties of Glasgow and Dumbartane.

In presens of ane noble and potent lord Robert lord Boyde, prouest of Glasgw, Williame Conyghame, ane of the baillies thairof, and James Smollat, ane of the baillies of Dumbartane, comperit Dauid Craufurde, Johne Neill, and Williame Hunter, burgessis of Air, maisteris and awneris of ane schip callit the Elizabetht of Aire, presentlie liand at Newerk, and confessit and grantit that thai had done wrang to the saidis burrois of Glasgw and Dunbertane in vsurping of thair liberteis in breking bowk and topping in smallis of certane salt within the river of Clyde, being the saidis twa townes fredome, throche the occasioun of the quhilk the saidis townismen of Glasgw and Dunbertane, eftir thair consultatioun and deliuerance and manteinance of the liberteis of the saidis townes and repressing of sick inordinance, past to the said schip witht ane officiare of armes, and tuke furtht of hir certane hir salis and chalmeris of hir ordinance, and the saidis Dauid, Johne and Williame, recognosceand thair offenssis come in the saidis twa townes willis thairfore, and thai and ilk ane of thame oblist thame to abstene in tymes cumyng fra hurting and vsurping of the saidis townes liberteis withtin thair fredomes in toppin of smallis and selling of stapill guddis in preiudice of the saidis townes liberteis. [The parties find caution, obtain forgiveness, and get redelivery of their "salis and chalmeris of ordinance."]

17 January 1575–6.


The heid court eftir Yule, haldin in the tolbuytht of the samyn, be ane noble and potent lord Robert lord Boyde, prouest of Glasgw, and Williame Conyghame, ane of the baillies of the samyn, the xvij day of Januare, the yeir of God jm vc lx fyftene yeiris. The suttis callit; the court confermit; dempstare, James Speir, poyndare. Absentes of the counsale, Johne Clerk, Cuthbert Herbertsoun.


Lepir: Matho Sellare, Peter Tybir.


Williame Hegait hes foure scabbit hors, Robert Stewarde hes ane scabbit hors.


The occupearis of the town mylne land haldis aucht suyne on the commone; Johne Browne in Drygait hes ane suyne gangand on the gait.

14 February 1575–6.

Stirlyng, Normont, wrangis.

Johne Stirlyng, butterman, and Thomas Normont ar fund in the wrang for contrauenying the statutis of the toun, the said Johne in hyding of his butter in houssis selland the sam in grit quantite nocht presentand the samyn to the mercat, and the said Thomas for huyrding of fowles in grit quantite in his hous nocht presentit to the mercat, and dwme gevin thairon.

18 February 1575–6.


It is statute be the provest, baillie and counsale, to evayde foirse and eschew misvsing of the officeris in executioun of thair office in tymes cumyng, that at ilk Michaelmas or vther tymes quhen ony officeris beis chosin of new in thair office, befoir thair admissioun thai fynd sufficient cautioun actit in this burght for lele and trew administratioun in thair offices during the tyme thairof and to refunde the parteis damnage and skaythis sustenit be tham throw defalt and negligens of thame in vsyng of thair offices.

3 March 1575–6.

Statute, ladle.

The provest, baillie and counsale ordanis all the maltment and vtheris to paye the dewite of the ladill of thair beir and malt albeit it be coft furtht of the toun incais the samyn be ressauit and mesourit within the samyn.

Statute, salmond.

It is condiscendit be the prouest, baillie and counsale, for obseruyng of the Saboth daye, that na salmont be tane, nor salmond cobles be lauborit nor vsit for taking thairof, vpone the Sondayis in tyme cumyng, within the fredome of the toun, or be the inhabitantis thairof, providing that the haill cobles on the watter of Clyde, burcht and land, do the lyke and keip the samyn, and els non.

Gift of St. Cristopher's chaplanry.

The prouest, baillie and counsale subscriuit ane gift of St. Cristoferis chaplanry to Michael Wilsoun, sone to James Wilsoun, masone, vacand be resignatioun of Sir James Flemyng, last chaplane thairof, for the space of sevin yeiris nixt following the date heirof, prouiding he remane at the scholes in this toun, as the gift datit this day beris.

27 March 1576.


[Three persons and their cautioners "fund in the wrang" "for selling of thair meill in houssis and nocht presenting the samyn to the mercate on Sondaye last;" and two others convicted of "foirstalling of the mercate in suffering meill be mett in thair houssis on Sondaye last."]

13 April 1576.


James Speir is maid poynder for this instant yeir, and hes gevin his aytht for vsing thairof, and hes fund Dauid Lyndsaye, elder, souretie for him thairfore, and is content gif he lattis the beistis that he poyndis awaye, but satisfactioun of pairty, to ly in the stokkis xxiiij houris.


Peter Aikin is maid overtoun hird and Thomas Tempiltoun hes tane the nethertoun ky for this present yeir, and George Herbertsoun is becumin cautioner for the said Petir, and James Flemyng is cum cautioun for the said Thomas that thai sall lelelie and treulie exerce thair office, and thai have dischargit the feall that thai had furtht of the commone purs for this yeir.

27 April 1576.

Gift of ane prebendarie in the new kirk.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale gaif, grantit and subscrivit to Robert Stirlyng, sone to Johne Stirlyng of Lettir, ane gift of the annuellis and prebendary in New Kirk last possest be vmquhile Niniane Lyoun, for his sustentatioun at the scholes during the space of five yeiris nixt following, at the requeist of my lord archibischop of Glasgw.

4 May 1576.

Galbrytht, wrang.

Robert Galbraytht, in Edinburght, being accusit for contravening the statutis of the toun in foirstalling and regrating of the mercat, passand to Govane and metand ane Heland boit cummand to the toun and byand fra thame, being vnfremen, vij daker hydis, staple guddis, come in the baillies will thairfore, and Robert Muir, merchand, is becumin cautioun for fulfilling thairof.

17 May 1576.


In presens of the baillies and counsale, William Ros being accusit as ane vagabund and idle begger, conforme to the act of secreit counsale, and attour, in his sornyng, for cuming to maister Andro Hayeis hous, on Mounondaye at ewin last, and thair, nane beand in bot his wife and nureis, for striking the nureis under the palp with ane knyfe, confessit the falt and become in the baillies will thairfore, and is decernit to absent him furtht of burcht and baronie of Glasgw, and gif he be fund thair but license of the prouest or baillies, to be hangit but dwme; and als ordanit to be scurgit throw the toun the morne [at] x houris.

29 May 1576.

Hart, wrang.

Johne Kar is fund in the wrang and amarciament of court for turbelans done be him to Katerane Hart in streking of hir upone the mouthe with ane salmont fische, and dwme gewin thairupone.

12 June 1576.

Witsondaye courte.

The court of the perambulatioun of the merches of the burght and citie of Glasgw haldin at the mylnedame be [the provost and bailies] upone Witsontyisdaye.

Ladle, brig.

[The casualties of the ladle set to Patrick Walcar for 280 merks, and "the new gift gewin to the brig and small causualiteis" set to him for 82 merks.]

Thesaurare, maister of works, clerk, menstralis.

[From a leet of six, Robert Rowat chosen treasurer; from a leet of four, James Flemyng chosen master of work; from a leet of four, master Henry Gibsoun chosen common clerk; Archibald Bordland and John Cuthbert chosen minstrels.]


The prouest, baillies, and consell ordanis Colein Campbell and Williame Neill to pay the compositioun for helpin of the calsay or ellis it that the said William hes biggit to be cassin doun.

Statute, commoune lonis.

For remeid putting to the diminisyng of the commoune lonis, the prouest, baillies and consell ordanis the samin to be weseit be the baillies, linaris, and thir persones, viz.: John Wilsoune [and six others,] to be remedit be thame, and to that effect to begin the sychtin thairof on Weddinsday nixt, and sua furthe daylie or at sic tymes as thay pleis quhill performyng thairof.

15 June 1576.

Adame, Spang.

Johne Adame, burges of Edinburght, is decernit be probatioun of famous witnes to resawe fra Margaret Spang ane of hir barnis of Williame Adames, and huphald and sustein the sam bairne in meit, claithe and wther necessaris, on his expenssis, conforme to his promeis, quhill the lauchfull and perfyt aige thairof, and mak hir cummirles of the sam.

21 June 1576.

Statute, common muris.

In ane conventioun, haldin in the Blakfreir kirk of Glasgw, the xxi daye of Junii, the yeir of God, jm vc lx saxteine yeiris, be ane noble and potent lord, Robert lord Boyde, prouest of Glasgw, Williame Conynghame, and Andro Baillie, bailyeis, haill counsale, deakynnis of craftis, and maist part of the haill communitie thairof, thair wes presentit ane bill and supplicatioun of the tenour following:—My Lord prouest, baillies, and counsale of this gud towne, wnto your lordschip and wisdomes rycht humelie menis and schawis we the haill deaconis and communitie of this gud toun, that quhair be the space of aucht yeiris last bipast, or thairby, the haill communitie of the towne wes, eftir lang adwysement, condiscendit be thair commone consent to set ane pairt of oure commoun muris amangis ourselfis, ilk ane proportionalie half ane aker, and of sik grund that wes unprofitable for pasturing of our gudis, quhilk was nocht attemptat nor tane on hand but the consent of the haill toune at the Symmerhill conwenand as was the gud ordour tane thairupone; bot sensyne, allace, we lament that sindrye sewerall peces of oure commountie, quhilk wes nocht to be sparit for halding of our guddis and the pure of the towne, ar gevin and set furth to sum particularis be your lordschip prouest and baillies and certane of counsale, but foir advysement or yit consent of the communitie and deaconis quha hes thair wottis, to the great damnage of ws, the haill toune, and our eftircummaris; and yit daylie mair and mair throw particulare suttis of syndre perswadand your lordschip wysdomes we se the samyn to continew, and ye anis condiscendand that oure deaconis wotis ar socht seuerallie in private houssis, quhair the haill suld be callit to geve our consentis togidder, and sum throw ignorance or perswasioun may consent by oure myndis, quhilk is far by the ordour or mynd of ony townschip that hes ee to the commoun weill, and yit in lykmaner fearis that the lyk be socht be syndry particularis of sum partis of our commountie, quhilk we altogidder disassentis fra and protestis befoir God that gyve yowr lordschip and wisdomes will nocht stay nor hauld abak your hand fra settyng ony forther that it be in your wytte, that we and our successouris that we want the pasturing of guddis for the sustening of our babies; thairfore we desyre ws that is deaconis to be amendit to for nocht awaysing withe ws and suffering our counsale and ressonyng in tymes bigane, and prayis for the luf ye beir to God and the commown weill of our toune and our successouris that your lordschip haif better attendance thairto and nocht for ewery licht sute or requeist acquiesce or grant thairto, and suffer nocht our haill commountie to becum proper and taine fra us, bot to mak sic sufficient actis thairfore as your lordschip and wisdomes sall think maist expedient for the keiping of gud ordoure in tymes cuming; and your lordschip and wisdomes ansuer rycht humelie we beseik, etc. Eftir the reding quhairof and ressonyng wpone the contentis thairof, be digest, avysement and mature deliberatioun, it wes condiscendit, aggreit, and statute and ordanit be the saidis provest, baillies, counsale, deacones of the haill craftis, and maist pairt of the communitie of the said towne being present, in respect that thair commoune muris yit left wndelt and set furthe will scarslie serue the touneschip for halding of thair guddis and furnesing fewall necessour and that ane grit pairt thairof is ellis set furthe in particular, that na mair pairt nor portioun of thair said commoun muris sal be in na tymes cuming set nor gevin in few to ony persoun or persones, bot to ly still in commountie to the weill of the haill tounschip, secludand and suspendand thame and thair successouris fra contrawening heirof and of this statut breking in tymes cuming, declarand in cais the samyn heireftir be nocht obseruit, that the fewing, setting, and doing incontrare this statute to be of nane awaill, strenthe, nor effect, bot null in the self for ewir.

24 June 1576.

Apud Symmerhill. Statute.

Item, it is statute be the baillies, counsall, and commountie, that thair be ane calf hird conducit to keip the calfis wpone the Grein furthe of scaythe, wtherwayis gif thai be fundin in scaythe to be pundit, and als ordanis thame that hes the freir land in the Brummilaw to bige the weir for halding furthe of the beistis.


Item, it is desyrit and condiscendit on be the commowntie that ilk stranger that cummis and desyris to be burges in tymes cuming, sall paye of burges fynes twenty merks money.

Item, that all burges sones of the toune, thair fathers being on lyf, or ony tyme thaireftir, to paye of fynes ilk person fyve pund only, but preiudice to the eldest as burges air to be handelit conforme to use and wont.

Item, that ilk persoun that sall happin to mary burges dochteris, being madenis and nocht mareit of befoir, to paye of burges fynes fyve pundis money only.

And thir to be resonit befoir the prouest: And gif he consentis thairto to be concludit and endit, wtherwayis nocht.

2 October 1576.


The courte and conventioun of the burght and citie of Glasgw, haldin in the tolbuytht of the samyn be ane nobill and potent lorde Robert lorde Boyde, prouest, William Conyghame and Andro Bailie, auld baillies, accumpaneit with the auld counsall, for chesing of the lytis of the baillies.


The baillies and counsale ordanis ane new commissioun to be gevin to the said noble and potent lorde of the provestrie quhill Michaelmes nixt, according to my lorde archibischop of Glasgwis nominatioun and presentatioun registrat in thir buikis.


Lytis lytit be the prouest, auld baillies, and counsale to be presentit to my lord archibischop of Glasgw, for nemmyng of ony twa of thame to be baillies for the yeir to cum: George Elphinstoun, Dauid Lyndsaye, eldare, Archibald Lyoun, James Flemyng, Johne Wilsoune, pewderare, Johne Clerk, tailyour. Quhilkis sax lytis wes presentit to my lorde archibischop of Glasgw, being sittand in his cheptour, be Robert Stewart, Johne Lyndsaye and maister Henry Gibsoun, in name of the toun, with the copie of the decrete gevin be the lordis of counsale at the last beschopis instance aganis the toun for chesing of the baillies, and my lorde bischop, be resson that thair wes nocht viij lytis given him and the auld baillies of thair nummer, desyrit to avise and have inspectioun of the decrete foirsaid, and to geve his ansuer the morne.

3 October 1576.


Quhilk daye being cum, viz., the thrid of October, past the saidis thre persones and George Herbertsoun fra the toun and desyrit my lordis ansuer, in his palice of Glasgw, quha for ansuer in respect (as he allegit) thair suld have bene viij persones lytit and the auld baillies of that nummer, quhilk is nocht done at this present, thairfor refusit to lyte ony twa of the said sax bot willit the auld baillies to stand still; and the said George Herbertsoun in name of the town allegit thai have done their dewite for satisfeing of the decrete, be the quhilk thai ar nocht compellit to name ony certane nummer of aucht nor yit the auld baillies bot onlie ane certane lytis of the auld counsale, and thairfor protestit that na falt wer fund thairwitht; and becaus he refusit to name ony twa of the said lytis of sax, and that the auld baillies commissioun wes expyrit, and that the towne micht nocht want baillies to minister justice, thairfor protestit that the prouest, baillies, and auld counsale mycht name twa of the said sax lytis thamselfis. And swa incontinent thaireftir thair downe cuming with the said ansuer to the tolbuytht, the prouest, Andro Baillie, ane of the auld baillies, Adam Walles [and eleven others], with wtheris diuers than present, togidder with William Coninghame, auld baillie, he only macand restrictioun gif it may stand be law and aggre with the decret, ordanit the said sax lytis to be removit, and eftir thair removing thai votit be thair votis particularlie, be quhais votis and electioun thir persones wer chosin baillies: Bailies for this present yeir, George Elphinstoun, Johne Wilsoun.

4 October 1576.

Prouest and baillies.

And vpon the morn thaireftir, viz., the ferd of October, baytht the prouest and baillies commissiones wes selit with the commone seill and deliuerit to thame, quha acceptit thair offices on thame and gave thair aithis for lele and trew administratioun in thair offices respectiue.

Seill siluer.

And Archibald Lioun is maid collectour of the seill siluer, and instantlie resavit for selyng of ane chartour of Michael Litiljohnes vj s. viij d.

Commone procuratour.

Commone procuratour for this instant yeir, maister Adam Wallace.

Watter baillie.

Watter baillie for this present yeir, maister Williame Logane.

Statute, craftis.

Item, it is condiscendit to and statute be the haill dekynnis of craftis that thair be na nouationes, bandis, nor wtheris contractis maid amang thame bot safer as is contenit in thair letteres of dekynheidis gevin to thame be the toun, in tymes cuming, vnder the pane of it that thai may tyne be the law thairthrow and als of periurij, becaus thai have presentlie gevin thair aithis in the contrar.


Consilium pro presenti anno:—William Conyghame [and fifteen others.]

Liners, etc.

[Six liners, four officers, and six keepers of keys appointed.]

Statuta pro presenti anno.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those enacted at the head courts in October of previous years. Ale to be sold not dearer than 6d. the pint; the fourpenny loaf to weigh fourteen ounces; tallow to be sold not dearer than 16s. the stone, and candle than 1s. 2d. the pound.]


Item, forther, for gud rewle and serwice to be keipit and done be the officiaris in tyme cuming, it is statut and ordanit that nane salbe admittit to that office except thai first find cautioun for dew administratioun in thair office, and als how sone thai be fund in falt worthie of depriuatioun to be depryvit incontinent be prouest, baillies, and counsale, quha hes promest, be wpgewing of thair handis and faithe, in cais ony of thame be remowit for ane sufficient causs nocht to ressave thame agane in office for na requeist, and that thai nor nane of thame sall in na tymes requeist forther inputting or desyre the samyn directlie or indirectlie; and als ordanis the baillies to caus the skellat to pas throw the towne on ane mercat daye immediatlie preceding ilk heid court of thre heid courtis in the yeir to warne all and sindry that hes ony complayntis aganis the officeris to cum thairwitht on the dayis of the said heid courtis quhilkis thane salbe examinat, and gif thai or ony of thame be fund worthy of depriuatioun to be deprywit as said is, and this nocht to stop ony wther tymes quhen thair faltis maye be complayntit on.

17 October 1576.

Kay, mending knokkis.

In presens of Johne Wilsoun, ane of the baillies of Glasgw, comperit Dauid Kay, in Carraill, and of his awin consent and confessioun, renunceand all wther jurisdictiounes, and submittand [him] to the jurisdictioun of the prouest [and] baillies of Glasgw in this cais, to cum to the towne of Glasgw how sone he be requeyrit be the prouest, baillies, and counsalle thairof, wpone the expenssis of the said touneschip of Glasgw, and thair to set wp and repair or mend the twa knokkis, the ane maid be himself and the wther auld knok mendit be him, how oft he beis requirit thairto be thame or ony in thair name, and that wpone the tounes rationable expenssis to be payit and done be him thairfoir.

28 November 1576.

Statut, mylnes.

Forsamekle as the prouest and baillies, accompaneit witht the counsale quhais names followis, viz., Dauid Lindesaye, eldar, [and fourteen others], sittand in the counsalhous for setting furthwart of the commowne weill of the towne and augmentatioun of the commowne guddis thairof and the yeirlie ferme of thair commowne mylnes, hes statut and ordanit that in all tymes cuming thair sall be na persoun nor persounes resauit nor admittit to be burges and freman of the said burght and citie of Glasgw except that thai promeis and be bund to cum to the commowne towne mylnes of the said towne witht all thair cornes that thai sall happin to be mindit and willing to grind only, for als gud serivice and als easie price and chaip in all respectis as thay wald grind in wther mylnes ellis wsit, conforme to the statutis to be maid thairanent.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that it sall nocht be lesum to the prouest, baillies, and counsall nor thair successouris in na tymes cuming to set or gif in feu thair commowne mylnes pertenyng to thame presentlie, or that thai sall happin to conquest, nor yit set the samyn in tak to ony persoune or persounes for ony langer and farder space bot fra yeir to yeir, sua that the samyn maye be yeirlie rowpit on Whitsontysdaye and gevin fra yeir to yeir to thame that will gif maist for the samyn.

Item, for agmenting of the proffeit of the said mylnes, thai haif ordanit that all brewaris and makaris of aquauite within this towne bring thair malt quhairof thai mak the samyn to the said commowne mylnes of this towne, wtherwys to be dischargit of brewing and making aquauite, and ordanis the officiaris to mak intimatioun to thame incontinent.

1 December 1576.


[The common town mill having been given up by the former tenant was set to Patrik Graye, tailor, till Whitsunday for 115 merks.]