Extracts from the records: 1577

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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'Extracts from the records: 1577', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642, ed. J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1914), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp56-65 [accessed 23 July 2024].

'Extracts from the records: 1577', in Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Edited by J D Marwick( Edinburgh, 1914), British History Online, accessed July 23, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp56-65.

"Extracts from the records: 1577". Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Ed. J D Marwick(Edinburgh, 1914), , British History Online. Web. 23 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/glasgow-burgh-records/vol1/pp56-65.

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5 February 1576–7.

Biggart, burges.

Johne Biggart, draper, is maid burges and freman of the burght and citie of Glasgw, and hes gewin his aitht of fidelitie to the towne and als for obserwing the act maid anentis the mylnis, quhais fynes wes gewin and assignit to James Scot, payntour, for his bountetht and laubouris done be him in culloring of the knok, moyne, and orlage, and wther commowne werk of the towne, conforme to ane rolment gewin to him be the prouest, baillies, and counsall thairupone.

15 March 1576–7.


The baillies, in respect that Jonet Bairde hes gewin hir aitht that scho hes na guddis nor geir for payment of the sowme obtenit on hir in decreit contenand the sowme of threttene pundis money, at the instance of Margaret Smytht, in the said Margaretis presens in jugement, supersedit the executioun of the said decreit vsque ad meliorem fortunam, that is quhill the said Jonet haif sum guddis that payment maye be gottin.

14 May 1577.

Statutis, towne mylne.

Item, it is statut and condiscendit be the prouest and baillies, togidder witht the counsale wnderwrittin, viz., Dauid Lyndsaye [and eleven others], in thair counsalhous, be ressone that thair commone towne mylne is alluterlie ruinous, and gif na remeid be maid haistelie will nocht failye to fall and dekaye, thairfor that all necessar materiales, tymmer, stanes, and wtheris, for bigging thairof be preparit witht diligens and brocht to the mylne, and craftismen conducit for performyng thairof, and that the maister [of] work be deligent and awate thairupon; and ordanis the thesaurer to be electit at Witsonday next to deburs the expens to be maid on the samyn.

Lione's myln.

Item, becaus in respect of the statutis maid concernyng the cuming to the commone towne mylnes that althocht the said mylne war reparit yit wald nocht serve nor be sufficient for grynding of the stuff that will cum thairto and to staik the haill toun, thairfor witht ane consent thocht gude to blok witht Archibald Lione for his myln, witht quhome thai eftir lang avysment aggreit and appointit witht him for the samyn, conforme to the contract to be maid thairupoun, and thai instantlie commonit and consentit to the heidis thairof.

Maister of work.

Item, the prouest, baillies, and counsale grantit to James Flemyng, maister of work, for his expensis maid be him in awating on the workmen thir twa yeirs bigane ane burges fynes, and ordanis him to name ony to be burges quha salbe admittit and ressauit at his requeist.

17 May 1577.

Hay, burges, gratis.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale, wnderstandand the supplicatioun gewin in be Allexander Hay, chirurgiane, quhairby he is myndit to remane in the towne, being in redynes for serwing of the towne in his craft and art, thairfoir for his support thai haif grantit, as be thir presentis grantis ane yeirlie pensioun to him of ten merkis money yeirlie, to be payit be the thesaurare of the towne for the tyme in tymes cuming during thair willis and his guid serwice and bering, begynnand the first payment fra the thesaurer in the threscoir sewintene yeris; and attour the said Allexander, for serwice bigane, is maid burges and freman of the burght and citie of Glasgw, and hes gewin his aitht of fidelitie to the towne and for obserwing of the statutis thairof, and sall paye na maner of taxt in tyme cuming, conforme to the preuilege haid be vmquhile James Abernethie his maister.

24 May 1577.


It is statut and ordanit be the baillies and counsale that na maner of persoun be fund in wther menis stuff powand thirsillis or ony wther wedis, but thair leif, vnder the payne of laying of thame in the stokis oppinly at the marcat croce, and to ly thairinto tuenty-four houris, and ordanis James Speir to pas throw the towne and proclame the samyn.

28 May 1577.

Witsondaye courte, ladill, brig.

[The causalties of the ladle set for a year to George Elphinstoun, bailie, for 180 merks; and "the new gift gewin to the brig, and small casualeteis grantit thairto," set to James Andersoun, officer, for 70 merks.]

Election of treasurer, etc.

[Patrik Glen, elected treasurer; James Flemyng, master of work; master Henry Gibsoun, common clerk; Archibald Bordland and Johne Cuthbert, minstrels.]


[The "commowne towne auld mylne" set to James Anderson, officer, till Whitsounday next for 160 merks; and "the new mylne pertenyng to the towne, coft fra Archibald Lione," set to him for same period for thirty bolls malt and twenty bolls meal "with the cheriteis."]

Statutis, burgesis.

Item, the prouest, baillies, and counsale, considerand the multitud of strengeris cuming to this towne desyrand to be fremen thairof, throw the quhilk the towneschip is abill to be opprest, thairfoir thai foirseand the samyn hes statut and ordanit that gif ony strengeris, nocht being burges barnes of the towne, in tyme cuming, requyris to be maid fremen thairof, ilk ane of thame sall paye for thair burges fynes to the thesaurare thairof for the weill of the towne the sowme of tuenty pundis money.

Item, the prouest, baillies, and counsale, regardand and haveand eie to the burges barnes of the said towne, and to schaw thame fauour anentis thair fynes quhilkis in tyme bipast wes equall witht the strengeris, hes statut and ordanit that ane burges apperand aire, his faither being on lyf, fra this daye furtht sall paye only for his burges fynes the sowme of fywe pundis money, and ilk ane of the said burges secund and remanent sones during thair fatheris tyme, or eftir, to paye for thair fynes ten merkis money alanerlie, and als ilk persone mariand ane burges dochter, beand the burges only aire, sall paye for his burges fynes the sowme of fywe pundis only, and quha mareis ony of the rest of ony burges dochteris, ather eftir thair fatheris deceis or befoir, sall paye ilk persone for thair burges fynes ten pundis money allanerlie.

Item, the prouest, baillies, and counsale, wnderstandand that syndry persones suttis the requeistis of grit men and wtheris, and is maid burgessis gratis, but ony payment to the towne, and for remeid heirof they haif statuit that gif ony happynis to be maid burges in tymes cuming be requeist gratis, without ane ressonabill caus of service or guid deid done to the towne be thame thairfoir, that sic burges airis sall nocht haif, bruik, nor jois the benefeit and previlege of ane burges aire nor be resauit freman as ane burges aire, bot to be reknyt as strenger and paye fynes as thai do.

Daye worke.

Item, the prouest, baillies, and counsale ordanis all persones haifand the new rewin out commowne landis to be chargit to furneis thair daye workis conforme to thair infeftiments to the commowne work of the towne, and, gif ony refussis, to paye for ilk daye work sax schillingis aucht penneis money, and ordanis the officiaris to poynd thairfor.

2 July 1577.


Jonet Scott, spous to Samsoun Wilsoun, is decernit and ordanit be hir confessioun to delyver to Isabell Connell vj s. of fie witht ane lynnyng coller and ane hardin aperoun promeist in fie, price iij s., incontinent witht [blank] of expenssis.

6 July 1577.


The court of the burght and cietie of Glasgw, haldin at Craigmak, be George Elphinstoun and Johne Wilsoun, baillies thairof, the saxt daye of Julij, being the fair ewin, the yeir of God, etc., lxxvij yeir. The court confermit; dempstare, Robert Lettrik.


Item, becaus the fair daye of Glasgw approcheand fallis vpone Sondaye nixt, vpone the quhilk na mercatt aucht to be keipit, thairfor it is statut be the baillies and counsale that na merchandis crame on the gait nor yit opin thair buithis for selling of merchandice vpone the said Sondaye nixt, vnder the pane of fywe pundis ilk persone, and ordanis this statut to be publist be oppin proclamatioun at the mercat croce incontinent.

10 July 1577.

Widdirspune, Biggart, Flemyng, wrang.

James Witherspwne, James Biggart, Johne Flemyng, Patrik Graye, Michaell Dalgleis, and Johne Speir, tailyouris, ar fund in the wrang and amerciament of court for disobeying thair dekyne and the townes officer for non entering thame selfis armeit to haif keipit the tolbuitht stair, thai being chargit thairto.

23 July 1577.


James Arbukle is fund in the wrang and amerciament of court for trublans done be him to Dauid Allan, in streking of him and casting doun his peittis of his hors bak in ane myr, and dome gewin thairupone.

9 August 1577.


Johne Herbertsoun is absoluit fra the kow hyde acclamit fra him be George Tennand, and is decernit to delyuer to the said George ane secreit doublat lent be him to the said Johne incontinent.

16 August 1577.

Hogisyarde, wrang.

Johne Hogisyarde is fund in the wrang and amerciament of court for halding of ane kow by the hirde, contrare the statutis of the towne, quhilk kow was fund and gottin in James Flemyngis corne, and is ordanit to redown the skaitht to the said James sustenit be him, and dome gewin thairupone.

1 October 1577.


The court of the burght and cietie of Glasgw, for nemmyng of the lytis of the baillies for this yeir to cum, haldin be [the provost and bailies.]


The quhilk daye, ane nobill and potent lorde Robert lorde Boyde presentit ane writting maid to him be James, archibischop of Glasgw, concernyng the prouestrie thairof, vndirwrittin, and desyrit the samyn to be insert and registrat in thir bukis, for fulfilling and observatioun thairof and that the townschip suld pretend na ignorance of the samyn, quhilk the baillies resavit and ordanit the samyn be registrat in thir buikis, of the quhilk the tenour followis: We, James, Archibischop of Glasgw, be the tenour heirof, bindis and oblissis ws to our cheif kynnisman, Robert lorde Boyde, baillie principall of oure baronie and regalitie of Glasgw, quhom we be our speciall power and commissioun haid chosin prouest of the said cietie during all the dayis of our lyftime, [as his nomination] gewin vnder our hand writis and registrat in the court buikis of the said cietie at mair lenthe beris, nochtwithstanding the said lorde, for syndrie caussis mowing him thairto, hes dimittit the said office in our hand for this yeir, quhairby we may nominat sic ane persoun as we think best at this nixt Michaelmes court, and siclike in tyme cuming yeirlie, to be provest of the said cietie, provyding alwayis that we sall nominat na prouest this yeir nor in ony tyme cuming by the said lordis avyse and consent during all the dayis of his lyftyme, nor yit sall retene ony prouest that salbe nominat be ws to the said cietie langer nor ane yeir, bot sall change the prouest at the yeris end at the desyre and plesour of the said lorde, and gif we wald do the contrar (as God forbid we suld) we be the tenour heirof ordanis and commandis the baillies and counsall of the said cietie that thai pas nor gif na commissioun to na persoun nor personis to the office of prouestrie of the said cietie by the consent and aduise of the said lorde haid thairto, and als we be the tenour heirof grantis and consentis that it salbe lesum to the said lorde to enter to the said office of prouestrie of Glasgw agane quhenewir it plesis him at the tyme of Michaelmes quhen baillies and prouestis ar electit, siclyk and als frelie as he had newir dimittit the samyn in our handis, and that the commissioun be grantit him quhen his lordschip pleissis to accept the sam, and als we consent and command that this our writting be registrat in the court buikis of our cietie of Glasgw, and remane as oure sufficient warrand to the said lorde, and siclyk to the baillies and counsale of the said cietie present and to cum during all the dayis of the said lordis lyftyme, but ony reuocatioun or agane calling, and is content that the samyn be extendit in the maist suir forme that can be diuisit, keipand the substance abonewrittin. In witnes of the quhilk, we haif subscrywit the samyn witht our hand, at Glasgw, the saxt day of September, the yeir of God jm vc lxxvij yeris, befoir thir witnessis, James Boyd of Kippis, Thomas Crawfurde of Jordanhill, Fargus Kennedy, and Archibald Lorymeir, messinger, witht vtheris duiers.


The quhilk daye, comperit Fargus Kennedy, serwitour, and in name and behalf of ane maist reuerand father, James, archibischop of Glasgw moderne, and presentit ane writting subscrywit be him, namand and presentand Thomas Crawfurd of Jordanhill to be prouest of the burght and cietie of Glasgw for this yeir to cum, quhilk writting the auld baillies and counsall resawis, and ordanit and grantit thair commissioun to be maid and gewin to the said Thomas to that effect, conforme to vse and wont, and ordanit the samyn to be seillit on Thurisdaye the thrid of October instant, and that with the consent of Robert lorde Boyde, conforme to the writting before registrat.


Lytis lytit be the auld bailies and auld counsale to be presentit to my lorde archibischop of Glasgw for namyng of twa of thame in baillies this yeir to cum, for obedience of the decreit obtenit be the last bischop aganis the towne: Johne Wilsoune [and five others]. Quhilkis lytis being presentit to my lorde archibischop of Glasgw moderne be George Elphinstoun, George Herbertsoun, Johne Wyse, and the commowne clerk send thairto, he namit the twa following:—Baillies for this instant yeir, maister Adame Wallace, Robert Rowatt.

3 October 1577.

Watter baillie, etc.

[Of this date the following elections were made:—Water baillie, maister William Logane; common procurator, George Elphinstoun; consilium pro presenti anno, Robert lord Boyde, John Wilsoun. and seventeen others; liners for this present yeir, James Flemyng, and five others; keepers of the keys, James Flemyng and five others.]


Memorandum. Archibald Lioun ressawit vj s. viij d. for the seilling of Robert Huchesones tak presentlie seillit.

Statuta pro presenti anno.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those enacted at the head courts in October of previous years. Ale to be sold not dearer than 7d. the pint, the fourpenny loaf to weigh twelve ounces, tallow to be sold not dearer than 18s. the stone, and candles to be sold for 1s. 3d. the pound.]

Sondaye marcatt.

And als thai inhibit that thair be na marcatt keipit on the Sondaye fra this daye furtht, vndir the pane of escheting of the guddis presentit and sauld.

Hirsalis, hirdis.

Item, it is statut that it sall nocht be lefull to nowther fre nor vnfre to hald by hirsalis, vndir the pane of aucht schillingis, nor yit to the hirdis to gif vp the keiping of the guddis quhill all the stuff be innit.


Item, it is statut that nane pull stibillis furtht of ony landis about the toun, the first falt vndir the pane of banisment furtht of the towne.

Swyn, geis.

Item, it is statut and ordanit that thair be na swyn nor geis haldin nor pasturat withtin the burro rudis about the town bot haldin bund in houssis, vndir the pane of escheting thairof.


Item, it is statut and ordanit, for preseruatioun of the quheit yeirlie sawin or to be sawin about the towne and salfing of the yardis, that thair salbe na schiep haldin nor pasturit withtin the burro rudis, symmer nor wynter, vndir the pane of aucht schillingis the first falt, the secund falt xxiiij schillings, and the thrid escheting thairof; and ordanis the poynder to exerce this statut vndir the pane of depriuatioun of his office.

Marcatt sted of gers, etc.

Item, it is statut and ordanit that the marcatt sted of gers, stray, and hay, be in the New Kirk yarde in tyme cuming, and that nane sall present the samyn to ane wther place bot thair, vndir the pane of aucht schillingis ilk falt.

Caill, fruit, etc.

Item, it is ordanit that the caill, fruit, vnyones, and crames thairfoir, be put betuix the cors gutter and the gibbet, and that ilk crame be ane ell braid and ane elne lang only.

Flesche, stokis.

Item, it is statut and ordanit that it sall nocht be lesum to na freman to hawe flesche stokis ma nor ane in the land marcat, and it sall nocht be lefull to ony vnfreman to hawe ony stok thair.

Corne marcatt.

Visitouris of the corne marcatt, William Donaldson, Gilbert Hall.

9 November 1577.

Aill, breid.

The prouest, baillies, and counsale, haweand respect to the dertht of victuales, hes mitigat thair actis anentis aill and breid, dispensand thairwitht, that the pynt guid aill be for aucht penneis, and the fourpenny laif wey ten vnce.

16 November 1577.

Grammer scole.

Item, thai condiscendit and ordanit the maister of work to mak the grammer scole wattirfast, and at the spring of the yeir to mend the west parte thairof.

19 November 1577.

Statut, taxatioun.

It wes condiscendit be the prouest, baillies, and counsall, witht the dekynnis of the craftis, that, inrespect thair is nocht to be gottin of commowne guddis to big the calsayis and that thai hawe appoyntit witht calsaye maker for twa yeris to cum, thay thairfoir hawe consentit to rais ane taxatioun of twa hundretht pundis money to be tane of the haill inhabitantis thairof worthie thairto, and namit thir persones to be stentaris thairto, viz., Johne Fleming [and nineteen others;] to be tane at twa termes, viz., the first of Januar nixt, and the secund terme at Beltane nixt, and to convene on Furisdaye nixt befoir none at viij houris in the counsalhous.

Sanct Mungowis bell, Layng.

The prouest, baillies, and counsall, with dekinnis, coft fra Johne Muir, sone to vmquhill James Muir, and Andro Lang, the auld bell that yed throw the towne of auld at the buriall of the deid, for the sowme of ten pundis money, quhilk thai ordane Patrick Glen, thair thesaurare, to paye to thame, and als grantit the said Andro to be maid burges gratis; quhilk bell thai ordanit in all tymes to remane as commowne bell to gang for the buriall of the deid, and to be gewin yeirlie to sic persoun as thai appoynt for anys in the yeir, takand cautioun for keiping and delyuering thairof at the yeris end.

Burges, gratis.

And the said Andro Lang, as sone to vmquhill maister Robert Layng, is maid instantlie burges as ane burges sone, gratis, for the said caus of the bell, and hes gewin his aitht of fidelitie to the toun and als for obserwing of the statutis thairof.

3 December 1577.

Wilsoun, Andersoun, wrangis.

Johne Wilsoun, James Andersoun, Johne Andersoun, Dauid Lyle, Johne Millar, Robert Gammill, Johne Watsoun, witht the barde, ar fund in the wrang and amerciament of court for contravenyng of the statutis in slaying of flesche and wirking on the Sondaye contrar the statutis, and dome gewin thairupone, and ordanit to pas and poynd thairfoir.

17 December 1577.


Dowgall and Colene Campbellis tuik on hand that the hors pleyabill betuix James Richie and Niniane Schaw sall, witht ressonabill hors, teill ane aiker of land for trying of his gudnes, and newtrall man be pleuman, and that betuix and Yule nixtocum gif the weddir serwe, and failyeing thairof to vnderly the jugement.