Extracts from the records: 1578

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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21 January 1577–8.

Foulare, uniuersitie.

Johne Fowlare, messinger, is creat and maid officiare to the Vniuersitie of Glasgw be the prouest, baillies, and counsall of the samyn, and hes gevin his aitht for leill and trew administratioun thairof aye and quhill he be specialie dischargit thairof.

1 February 1577–8.

Convention, persone of Glasgw.

In presens of the prouest, baillies, and counsall, George Elphinstoun is deput commissionare to pas to Edinburght to the conventioun of burrowis, and to awate on calling of suspensioun about the persoun of Glasgw, and delyuerit him thir writtis, viz., the summondis of suspensioun, the copie of act of feir, Robert Stewartis testament and assignatioun, Robert and Niniane Dowglassis discharge of the lxxvj, witht the copie of thair assignatioun, the persoun of Glasgwis dischargis of the lxxiiij and lxxv yeiris, to be brocht hame be him agane.

15 February 1577–8.


The prouest, baillies, and counsall hes statut that the pynt of wyne salbe na darar sauld nor xl d. the pynt, vnder the pane of fyve pundis money the first falt, the second falt ten pundis money, and the thrid falt escheitting of the hogheid of wyne that is sauld for mair.

25 February 1577–8.

Millare, wrang.

Margaret Millare is fund in the wrang and amerciament of court for steiking of her durris, and nocht suffering of the prouest, baillies, nor officiaris entir thairinto for weying of hir candill, and blasphemyng of the officiaris, thai poyndand for hir vnlaw, and dome gewin thairupone.


The fische wyfis ar decernit to abstene fra regrating of the marcatt vnder the pane of putting on the goifis.

7 March 1577–8.

Richeis, masones.

Anent the complaynt maid be the dekynnis and brethir of masones aganis Johne and William Richeis, desiring thame to decist fra lauboring as being vnhable to hew, and the complaynt referrit to the counsall, the prouest, baillies, and counsall ordanis the saidis Johne and William, in cais thai big hewin work or hiechtar nor ane hous heycht, at the beginnyng of the werk to be tryit be the maisteris of the craftis and sick wtheris as the prouest, baillies, and counsale sall deput with thame, and for this present deputtis James Flemyng, Johne Flemyng, James Riche, George Herbertsoun, Peter Lymburner, or the maist pairt of thame; and thairfor, nochtwithstanding the complaynt, licenciatis thame to werk, and, gif the dekyn will have fre with tham, ordanis tham to paye the sowme of money contenit in the letter of dekinheid alanerlie, and to be as brethir to the craft.

10 March 1577–8.

Statute, armour, etc.

It is condiscendit be the prouest, baillies, counsall, and dekynnis that the act maid anent the hagbuttis be renewit, that ewery ane substantious and habill man sall have ane hagbut, witht graitht, pulder, and bullet effering thairto, and that ewery wtheris, nocht beand habill thairfoir, sall have ane lang speir, by jakkis, steilbonettis, suord and bukler, and that ewery dekyn sycht thair craftis and gif vp in ticat seuerallie how mony of the ane sort and how mony of the wther, and the baillies to sycht and wisey throcht the merchandis and rest inhabitantis nocht haveand dekynnis and putt thame in ticattis lykwyse, and this to be sichtit and ticattis gevin wp to the baillies betuix and Thurisdaye nixt, and als thai haue condiscendit that the auld portis of the towne be reformit and mendit.

Erle Eglintoun, Elphinstoun.

[Of this date there is recorded in the court book a contract between the "erle of Eglyntoun lorde Montgumry, etc., on that ane part, and George Elphinstoun, glasinwricht, burges of Glasgow, on that wther parte," dated 12 July 1577. By this contract George Elphinstoun bound himself to mend, make new, and repair all "the places of Ardrossan, Eglintoun, Polmone, Glasgw, and Cumray, in glassin work" in as good order as they were in 1568; "and als in all tymes cuming induring all the dayis, yeris, and termes of the said Georges lyftyme, sall mantinew, vphald, and sustene the samyn places, togidder witht the place of Irvyn in glassinwork, the said erle furnesand glasbandis, soilburdis, lyme, and sand." For his services the glass wright was to receive yearly "twa bollis meill and ane stane cheis," besides his "meit" on certain occasions, the use of a "carriage hors to turs his creillis of glas and leid," and he was to get the "blawin down glas and leid for reparaling and mending of the saidis places."]

11 March 1577–8.


Jonet Herbertsoun grantis the intromissioun witht the peice of altelyerie callit ane ring dog, allegand the samyn to be hir awin and hir vmquhile husbandis, and wowis the possessioun thairof.

21 March 1577–8.


The prouest, baillies, and counsale, witht dekynnis presentlie convenit, hes appoyntit thair wapinschawing according to thair statute to be on the daye of the Symmerhill nixt, that thai be as thai ar commandit, ilk persoun vnder the pane of xx s., to be tane be the discretioun of the provest, baillies, and counsale, and to be bestowit on the calsay making.

2 April 1578.

Giftis, Wallace, Hay.

The prouest, baillies, and counsall subscrywit new giftis to Alexander Walles, sone to maister Adame Wallace, baillie, and to Andro Haye, sone to maister Andro Haye, persoun of Renfrew, of the annuellis thair brethir haid for fyve yeris to cum.

9 May 1578.

Johnstoun, calf hirde.

Archibald Johnestoun is maid and constitut calf hirde for keiping of the calfis vpone the Greyne for this instant yeir, and he to hawe meit and drink daylie about of thame that hes the calfis, togidder witht vj d. for ilk ane that hes the samyn, and siclyk fra thame that hes land besid the Greyne for keiping of thair cornes, and that na hors be fund thairupone vnlangalit, and to entir to seruice the morne, witht power to the said Archibald to poynd for ky or greit stirkis. Souertie for his seruice and guid rewle, James Richie, cowper.

Kirk yarde.

The prouest, baillies. and counsall, eftir admonitioun and warnyng diuers tymes maid to Bessie Dowglas for vphalding of the kirk yarde deyk and keiping furtht thairof of all bestiall for reuerens of the buriall to be had, as scho quha wes possessour thairof, and eftir hir refusing thairof, the skellat passand throw the towne diuers tymes desyrand ony that wald cum to tak the keiping of the said yarde fra bestiall and reparing and vphalding the deykis thairof for the gers of the samyn, thai comperit nane to desyr the samyn bot John Pantoun, officiar, quha acceptit to repair and vphald the said deyk on his expenssis and keip furtht thairof all bestiall, symmer and wynter, for the gers thairof to his self, for the space of fyve yeris fra this daye furtht, and thairfoir the prouest, baillies and counsall hes set him the samyn, and appoyntit him keipar thairof, and grantit to him the gers of the samyn during the said space, he reparand and vphaldand the deykis and keiping it fra bestiall, quha acceptit to do the samyn as said is; and Archibald Lyoun is becum cautioun for him to that effect during the said space, sua gif he ressawis the proffeit of gers ony yeir he sall keip and vphald it for that haill yeir thane following, and the said Johne Pantoun is decernit to releif the said Archibald, his cautioner, of the premissis.

20 May 1578.

Ladill, brig.

[The casualties of the ladle set to William Steynsoun and John Young, webster, for 185 merks; and the gift of the bridge and casualties set to John Stobo for seventy merks.]

Treasurer, master of work, clerk, minstrels.

[James Blakburn elected treasurer; James Flemyng, master of work; maister Henry Gibsoun, common clerk; Archibald Bordland and John Corbett, minstrels.]


[The old mill set to John Nicoll for 160 merks, and the new mill set to him for thirty bolls malt and twenty bolls meal "with the cheriteis."]

3 June 1578.

Statut, viseing the merchis.

The prouest, baillies, and counsall, vnderstandand that on Witsontysdaye last thair come nane, at the leist ane small nwmber, of honest men to accumpany the prouest and baillies for viseing of thair merchis of the toun, conforme to the auld vse, quhair throcht gif thair be na punisment thairfoir thair will nane in tyme cuming to do the samyn, thairfoir thai hawe decernit all honest men of counsell and counsell peris, dekyn and dekyn peris, abill and sufficient to be vnlawit ilk persoun for viij s., according to the discretioun of the prouest, baillies, and counsall, and siclyk that all sik honest men in tyme cuming sall [come] to ryd that daye as vse wes, vnder the said pane of aucht schillingis ilk persone, and this act to be publist at the Symmerhill.

Statut, myddynis.

It is statute and ordanit that the haill myddynis be remowit of the hie gait, and that nane scraip on the hie gait.

3 July 1578.

Calsay maker borrowed.

Thomas Craufurde of Jurdanhill, prouest, maister Aame Wallace, and Robert Rowatt, baillies of Glasgw, be this present act oblist and actit thame to randir and caus be delyuerit fra thame and thair seruice of the said toun to the prouest, baillies, and counsall of Dundey, within the burcht thairof, Walter Brown, calsay maker, quhom thai hawe borrowit fra the said burght of Dundey at Michaelmes nixt, withtin the said burght of Dundey to serwe thair and to be fra thame as of befoir, but fraude or cullour of ony sort.

19 August 1578.


In presens of maister Adame Walles, baillie, becaus Fergus Kennedy, sone to Dauid Kennedy of Knokdaw, haweand tak maid to him and his assignayis and subtenentis of the coilheuchtis and colis withtin the baronie of Glasgw be ane reuerand father James archibischop of Glasgw for the space of thre yeris nixt following Michaelmes in this instant lx auchtene yeir, for the yeirlie payment to the said reuerend father of fourty pundis money, togiddir witht threttene scoir and ten laidis of colis, as in the said tak is contenit, hes maid and constitut as be thir presentis makis and constitutis Matho Boyd, burges of Glasgw, his subtenent and assignaye in and to the said tak during the said space, to be vsit be him as the said Fergus mycht himself, thairfor the said Matho is decernit and ordanit, of his awin proper confessioun, for him, his airis, executouris and assignayis, to releif and keip skaithles the said Fergus, his airis and assignayis, of the said sowme of fourty pundis money and threttene scoir ten laidis coillis yeirlie during the said space of thre yeris, at the termes contenit in the said tak, at the handis of the said reuerend father and wtheris haweand entres, and attour the premissis the said Mathow is decernit, of his confessioun, to content and paye to the said Fergus the sowme of tuenty pundis money and thretty laidis of coillis yeirlie, during the said thre yeris, at Candilmes and Lammes be equall portiones.

30 September 1578.


The court of the burght and citie of Glasgw for namyng of the lytis of the baillies for this yeir to cum.

Erle of Lennox, burges.

The quhilk daye, ane nobill and potent lorde Robert erle of Lennox and Lorde Dernley is maid burges and freman of the burght and cietie of Glasgw, and hes gevin his aitht for defence and manteinence of the libertie and priuilegis of the said toun.


The quhilk daye, comperit the said nobill lorde Robert erle Lennox, and producit ane lettir of nominatioun and electioun maid to him be ane reuerend father James archibischop of Glasgw, being alsua present, of the prouestrie of the burght and cietie of Glasgw, subscrywit be the said reuerend father and seillit witht his seill of the date the penult, and eftir the publik reding thairof in oppin audiens, as alsueill the said reuerend fatheris nominatioun of him be his awin moutht in jugement to the said office of prouestrie, the auld prouest and baillie, witht counsale and communitie of the said cietie being present, acceptit, admittit, and ressauit the said nobill lorde erle foirsaid in the said office of prouestrie, conforme to the said lettir of nominatioun and electioun, and thairupoun Richert Strang, procuratour for the said nobill lorde, askit actis of court and instrumentis.


The quhilk daye, protestit Thomas Craufurde of Jurdanhill, auld prouest, that the auld libertie and priuilege of the toun be obserwit and keipit.


Lytis lytit be the auld baillies and auld counsall to be presentit to my lorde archibischop of Glasgw for namyng of thre of thame in baillies this yeir to cum, for obediens of the decreit obtenit be the last bischop aganis the toun:—Maister Adame Wallace [and seven others]. Quhilkis lytis being presentit to my lorde archibischop of Glasgw moderne be Andro Baillie, Johne Lyndsaye, and the commone clerk send thairto, he namit the thre eftir following baillies for this instant yeir, Dauid Lyndsaye, elder, George Elphinstoun, William Conynghame.

2 October 1578.

Bailyeis.; Watter bailye.

The baillies ressawit thair commissiones and gaif thair aithis for leill and trew administratioun conforme thairto, and chesit thair counsall as followis:—Maister Williame Logane is continewit watter bailyie for this present yeir.


Consilium pro presenti anno:—Maister Adame Walles [and seventeen others].


The quhilk daye, comperit Thomas Craufurde of Jurdanhill, auld prouest, and allegit that he wes put of the counsale but ony falt and vncallit thairfore, and protestit for remeid of law, and that the namyng and chesing of the counsall, but his or the auld baillies consent, preiuge nocht his rycht, and that the libertie of the toun be nocht hurt thairby.


The quhilk daye, protestit maister Adame Wallace, for him and the auld prouest and baillies present and to cum, that the namyng and chesing of the counsall by thair avyse and consent be the new prouest and baillies furtht of the consalhous, preiuge nocht the libertie of the toun nor induce na practik in tymes cuming.

3 October 1578.

Officers, liners, etc.

[Four officers, seven liners, and six keepers of keys appointed.]


The quhilk daye, protestit maister Adame Wallace that the chesing of Richert Tode, or ony wther officiare, at the requeist of my lorde archibischop of Glasgw, preiuge nocht the libertie of the toun nor induce na vse nor consuetude in tymes cuming, and thairupon askit actis and instrumentis.

4 October 1578.

Statuta pro presenti anno.

[Of this date statutes were passed in terms similar to those enacted at the head courts in October in previous years Ale to be sold not dearer than sixpence the pint; the fourpence loaf to weigh twelve ounces; and candle to be sold not dearer than 1s. 4d. the pound.]

14 October 1578.

Baillies, furlott.

The baillies, vnderstandand the murmour maid anentis the maltmetting be the commone mettar in tymes bigane, referrit to the counsall quhiddir thai will discharge sic ane mettare or consent to the admissioun of ane for the yeir to cum, the counsall adwysand thairupoun, for the maist parte condiscendit that ane honest man suld be deput be the baillies thairto and to be suorne to do vprychtlie in the samyne office for the yeir to cum, and he to ressawe only bot foure penneis for ilk mask metting, and gif he beis fund culpabill to be dischargit incontinent.

25 October 1578.


Anent the complaynt gewin in be Johne Muir, Matho Watsoun, and the remanent fleschouris, induellaris in this towne, aganis Johne Wilsoun, James Andersoun, and Dauid Lyle, fleschouris and outintownes burgessis, for the allegit wrangous vsing of thair occupatioun withtin the fredome of this towne, in slaying, hinging, and selling flesche in all respectis as thai do, albeit thai duell nocht within the towne, as at mair lentht is contenit in bill, the saidis thre defendaris comperand allegit that thai mycht vse the occupatioun becaus thai ar fremen and hes payit thair stentis quhen thai occurrit; the samyn complaynt being referrit to the baillies and counsall, quha awysand thairwitht, for the maist parte decernit and fand that ony outintownes burges that payis stentis maye slay thair flesche withtin the towne, and that thai hawe na preuilege to brek in smallis, bot that thai suld present and bring thair haill flesche that thaye hawe slane to the marcatt at ten houris befoir none all at anes, owther be hinging on treis or lying on hors bakis, in tymes cuming, and that vnder the pane of viij s. the first falt, the secund falt xvj s., and the thrid falt escheting of the flesche nocht presentit; and ordanis the baillies to pas throwcht the mercatt that this statut be obserwit. Protestit the said Johne Muir and Matho Watsoun that na new nouatioun nor alteratioun be vsit aganis thame be outintownes burgessis wtherwyse nor wes vsit of befoir, and desyrit the haill baillies and consall to awyse heirwitht.

28 October 1578.

Cochrane, wrang.

William Cochrane is fund in the wrang and amerciament of court for contemptiouslie disobeying of William Conyghame, baillie, and officeris, in non returnyng to thame, he being chargit be thame for following of ane naikit barne, and thairfoir is fund in the wrang thairfoir and amendis referrit to the counsall.

14 November 1578.


Margaret Maxuell and James Montgumry, spoussis, ar decernit and ordanit be thair confessiones to delyuer to Sir Johne Masoun, or Archibald Eglyntoun, his procuratoure in his name, the guddis following, viz., ane comptar, ane furm, ane lang kist, ane stoklet, ane stule, ane schottill, ane irne pott, ane litill pres, ane futgang, ane irne raik, ane cuschane, ane gluf, ane ax, and ane irne chymnaye, pertenyng to the said Sir Johne and deliuerit be him to hir in keping, within xv [dayis] nixt.

18 November 1578.

Brwm, wrang.

Johne Brwm, fleschour, is fund in the wrang and amerciament of court for contrauenyng of the statutis in selling of flesche vpone the Sabbotht daye contrar the samyn, and dome gewin thairupoun.