Extracts from the records: 1579

Pages 74-77

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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20 January 1578–9.

Lecky, burges.

Andro Lecky, merchand, is maid burges and freman of the burght and citie of Glasgw, and hes gewin his aytht of fidelitie to the towne and als for obserweing of the statutis thairof, quhais fynes wes gewin be the last prouest and baillies, be vertu of ane rolmont subscrywit witht thair handis of the date the ix of Julij last, to the young men quha raid to Striuiling to the parliament in August last to mak thair bendis.

24 January 1578–9.

Pettigrew, gift.

The bed of the almoushous last possest be vmquhill Thomas Craufurde is gewin be the baillies and consall to Patrik Pettigrew, wrycht, for his lyftyme, and ordanis ane lettir to be maid to him thairupone.


The baillies and consall ordanis the persones suspect of lepir, viz., James Muir [and five others,] to be chargit furtht of the toun to the hospitall, vnder the pane of banisment of the toun.

24 March 1578–9.

Gammyll, burges.

Andro Gammill, merchand, is maid burges and freman . . . quhais fynes extending to ten lib. wes gevin be the baillies and counsale to maister Dauid Wemis, minister, to furneis buirdis and furmes to the communion, to be haldin vp and kepit be the kirk in tyme cuming.

10 April 1579.

Jamesone, wrang.

Johne Nicholl is fund in the wrang, be his awin confessioun, in halding of lows swyn withtin the territorie of Glasgw contrar the statutis, and skaything of Sir Mark Jamesones yarde be thame, and is ordanit to amend the skaytht be sicht of honest men.

26 May 1579.

Calf hird.

Matho Wilsone is maid and constitut calf hird, quha hes fund Patrik Bell cautione for administratione in his office, and is ordanit to have vj d. for ilk calf and his meit daylie about, or ellis xij d. for ilk meltetht gif thai failyie, and to be poyndit thairfoir.

9 June 1579.

Ladill, brig, mylnes.

[The casualties of the ladle set to Thomas Gilcrisoun and John Cauldwell, maltmen, for 240 merks; the gift of the bridge and casualties set to John Clerk, cordiner, for 50 merks; the old mill set to John Nicholl for 160 merks; "and lykwys the mylne on Kelvine set to him for fifty bollis victuall, to be payit conforme to the yeir immediatlie preceding."]

Treasurer, master of work, clerk, minstrels.

[From a leet of six, Convell Strutheris chosen treasurer; from a leet of four, Gawane Grahame chosen master of work; and from a leet of two, "maister Henry Gibsoune and William Hegate," the former chosen common clerk. "The menstrales continewit:— Archibald Bordland, John Cuthbert."]

31 July 1579.


Robert Baillie, capitane of certane Egiptianes, wes reddy for himself and his cumpany to ansuer at the instans of Johne Pollok, Greyn, for ony crym, quha comperit nocht to persew and thairfor protestit for releve thairof.

22 September 1579.


The baillies, counsale, and haill dekynnis, convenand in thair counsalhous, vnderstandand that throw storme of wodder thair is ane certane greit salt coft to the communite, extending to tuelf scoir pundis money, tynt and destroyit, and that thair is nathing in thair commone purs to satisfe thairfore, and that the communite hes bene oppressit be sindry taxatiounes and stentis, thairfore thai ordane and consentis that thair be ane annuel rent of xxiiij lib. of the commoun guddis wodsett quhill redemptioun thairof, and promisis how sone occasioun of stent or wtheris cumis to releve the samyn in all gudlie haist.

6 October 1579.


The court of the burght and citie of Glasgw for nemmyng of the baillies.


Comperit Fergus Kennedy, seruitour to my lord archibischop of Glasgw, and presentit ane writting of the said archibischopis, nominatand ane noble and potent lord Robert erle of Levinax lord Dernly prouest for this yeir to cum, and thairfor commissioun wes ordanit to be gevin to him in competent and vsit forme.


Lytis lytit be the auld baillies and auld counsale to be presentit to my lord archbischop of Glasgw for nemmyng of twa of thame in baillies for this yeir to cum: George Elphinstoun [and seven others.]

Baillies for this instant yeir to cum, nominat be my lord archibischop: George Elphinstoun, Williame Conyghame.

Burgessis, gratis.

In presens of the baillies, ane reuerand fader Johne bischop of Ilis, and Alane M'Cowle of Ragary ar maid burgessis and fremen of Glasgw, and hes gevin thair aythis for manteinance of the liberteis thairof, and that gratis.

8 October 1579.

Watter baillie.

Maister Williame Logane is continewit wattir baillie for this present yeir.


Consilium pro presenti anno: Dauid Lyndsaye, eldare [and twentythree others, including the treasurer and master of work.]

Officers, etc.

[Four officers, seven liners, and six keepers of keys appointed.]

Statuta pro presenti anno.

[Of this date statutes were passed in terms similar to those enacted at the head courts in October in previous years. The prices of ale, bread, and candles same as last year.]

Officiaris, burgesses.

Item, the statutis maid anent the officiares ar continewit this yeir lyk as wes maid the yeir preceding, and ordanit to be obseruit with all rigour; and for thair Yule waige this yeir to cum nocht to seik the samyn bot to tak for thair laubouris, viz., for ilk warnyng fra ilk freman vj d., and fra ilk vnfreman viij d.; and for warnyng of fremennis witnes iiij d., and vnfremennis vj d.; and to have for thair support of the commoun guddis twa to be maid burgessis at thair requeistis.

20 November 1579.

Brown, Young, mansworne.

Besse Browne and Marione Young ar, of thair awin proper confessiones, mansuorne and decernit to abstract tham furth of the burght and baronie of Glasgw in tyme cuming, and consentis gif thai happin to be fund thairinto to be drownit, but dome, and to depairt incontinent furtht thairof.