Extracts from the records: 1580

Pages 77-82

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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8 January 1579–80.

Elphinstoun. dispersoning, breking ward.

George Herbertsoun is fund and decernit be probatioun of famous witnes in the wrang for the incurring and dispersoning of George Elphinstone, ane of the bailyies of Glasgw, in cuming to him on the hie gate thairof, and saying how he durst be sa part to deill ony vynes without his avys, and incontinent thaireftir for drawing of ane quhinger and myntene to strek thairwitht to the said baillie, and thaireftir madiatlie for iniuiring of the said George, bailyie, withtin the tolbuytht of Glasgw, geveand to him money iniurius wordis, sick as knayf, skaybell, matteyne, and lowne, and that he wes gentillar nor hie, hawand his hand on his quhinger raggand it halflines in and out, and that he carit him nocht nor the land that he hed nowther, witht diuers vtheris iniurius wordis; and attour the said George Herbesone is fund in the wrange for contemptius breking of ward, for passing furtht of the tolbuytht, he being chargit be Richard Tod, officiar, to remane thairinto for his contemptione abone writtin, and that bot ony ordour or cautione fund and resavit as aucht to hawe being, and als thir premissis done be the said George Herbesone vpon the xxiiij of December last bypast, and dome gewin thairupone.

26 April 1580.

Baillies greit travellis.

The said haill counsale, haveand consideratioun of the baillies greit travellis and labouris afeld and hame in effaris of the toun, grantit thame twa persones to be maid burgessis at thair requeistis.

29 April 1580.

Hammiltone, Browne.

The baillies and counsale, vnderstandand be probatioun the iniuris and sclander done be Margaret Hammiltoun and Jonet Brown, hir dochter, to sindry nychtbouris, ordanis thame to be putt on the croce on Monundaye nixt, witht paperis on thair heidis, thair to remane fra x houris quhill xij houris, and thaireftir to ask the pairteis forgifnes quhair the flyting wes, and to abstene fra lyk doyng in tym cuming, vnder pane of banisment the toun.


Item, becaus thai ar greit enormite done be sindry particularis in bying of fresche salmont in greit to salt, sua that the towne can nocht get ony in smallis to serue thame, for remeid quhairof it is statute and ordanit that all sik salmont salbe presentit to the mercat togidder at anis, and gif ony beis sauld vnpresentit, gif thai can be apprehendit to be eschetit, wtherwys the byar in greit befoir xij houris of the daye to be in the vnlaw of xl s. the first falt, the secund falt v lib., and the thrid in crying downe of thair fredome, by the escheting; and gif ony townisman meit the fische cumand to the mercat, or yit ressattis owtintownes men wittandlie doand the samyn, to incur the said pane.

22 May 1580.

Hall, Strutheris.

Dauid Hall and Convell Strutheris ar maid merchandis to the schip of salt coft fra George Cochren for xl s. the boll.

24 May 1580.

Faltis gevin wp be out landmeris.

Johne Hammiltoun, smytht, hes tane furtht of the mowtht of the fuyrd passand to the Wattir of Clyde, on the eist end of the brig, certane erd to mend his yarde and big his hous, quhilk is the ruyne of the Litle Greyn.

Ladle, brig, mylnes.

[The casualties of the ladle set to Thomas Mylne, chirurgiane, for 290 merks; the gift of the brig and casualties set to John Clerk, cordiner, for forty-four pounds; "the auld commone towne mylne and the mylne on the Kelvyn" set to George Robesone, baxter, "for sax scoir pundis money, to be payit at termes vsit and wont, and fifty bollis victuall to be payit to Archibald Lion for the townes relief at termes vsit of befoir."]

Treasurer, etc.

[From a leet of eight, Robert Adame, merchand, chosen treasurer; from a leet of four, Gawane Grhame, chosen master of work; and from a leet of four, Mr. Henry Gibsoun, chosen common clerk. "Menstrales continewit: Archibald Bordland, John Cuthbert."]

6 July 1580.


The quhilk daye, the court fensit be the baillies at Craigmak, and thaireftir callit the sute roll, and proclamit the fair.

2 August 1580.

Gawye, burges.

Johne Gawey, fischer, is maid burges and freman . . . and componit witht him for x lib. be ressoun he wes hereit witht Inglismen this yeir.

12 August 1580.


The court of the burght and citie of Glasgw haldin in the tolbuytht thairof be speciall dispensatioun of the feriat tyme.

16 August 1580.

Campbell, burges.

Duncane Campbell, merchand, is maid burges and freman, . . . . quhais fynes wes gevin be the baillies and counsale to the young men of the town for furnesing of pulder to thame bestowit in the townis necessar effaris.

4 October 1580.


The court and conventioun of the burght and citie of Glasgw, haldin [by the] auld baillies, accumpaneit be the auld counsale, for nemmyng of lytis of the baillies this yeir to cum.


Comperit Matho Steward of Mynto, and producit ane procuratorie maid and subscriuit be ane noble and potent lord Esme erle of Lennox lord Dernely and Obeyngye, togidder witht ane writting of James archibischop of Glasgwis, nominatand and presentand the said noble and potent lord in provest of the said burght and citie of Glasgw for this yeir to cum, quhilk nominatioun the auld baillies and haill counsale acceptit glaidlie witht reuerence, and ordanit ane commissioun of the prouest mycht be maid in forme and selit witht thair commone sele to the said noble lorde in maner vsit and wont during the said space.


And als the said Matho Steward is creat ane of the counsale of the said toun, quha hes gevin his aytht to that effect.


Lytis lytit be the auld baillies and auld counsale to be presentit to my lord archibischop of Glasgw, for nemmyng of thre or twa of thame in baillies, allwayis requeistand to name thre for this present yeir: [the two "auld baillies" and six others].


Gawane Grhame tuke note that he wes repellit fra lyting becaus he wes maister of work, and of the office onlie.


The quhilk daye, protestit maister Adame Wallace, in name of the baillies, counsale, and townschip, that the nemmyng of the auld baillies to be lytis be nocht preiudicall to thame to induce ony vse or practik of necessite thairof in tyme cyming.


Quhilkis lytis being presentit to James archibischop of Glasgw, and he awysand thairwitht, he nominat thir thre baillies for the yeir to cum: George Elphinstoun, Williame Conyghame, Robert Rowatt.

6 October 1580.


The fleschouris lettir of dekynheid wes selit witht the commoun sele.

7 October 1580.


Consilium pro presenti anno nominatum per balliuos: Matho Steward of Mynto [and twenty-six others, including the master of work and treasurer].

8 October 1580.


The persounes nemmit in counsale acceptit thair office and gave thair aythis for dew administratioun thairinto as efferis.

Wattir baillie.

Maister William Logane is continewit in wattir baillie for this yeir to cum, and gevin his ayth thairupown.

Commone procuratour.

Commone procuratour for this yeir: Maister Adame Wallace.

Officers, etc.

[Four officers, seven liners, and six keepers of keys appointed.]

Statuta pro presenti anno.

And immediatlie thaireftir the baillies and counsale condiscendit and consentit to the making of thir statutis following for this present yeir:—

Statutis for this present yeir.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those enacted at the head courts in October in previous years. Ale not to be sold dearer than 7d. the pint, tallow than 18s. the stone, and candles than 1s. 4d. the pound; the fourpence loaf to weigh 12 ounces.]

19 October 1580.


Comperit Mathew Stewarde of Mynto and producit ane act of secrete counsale, subscryuit be Johne Andro, clerk thairof, beryng that George Elphinstoun, William Conyghame, and Robert Rowatt had dimittit thair office of baillies for this yeir at the Kyngis grace requeist, but preiudice of electioun of the magistratis in tymes cuming, of the date the xv daye of October instant, and siclik producit ane lettir nominatand Robert Steward, Hectour Steward, and Johne Grhame, to be placit in thair rowmes as baillies for this yeir to cum quhill Michaelmes nixt, subscriuit be James archibischop of Glasgw, datit at Edinburcht the xvi daye of October instant, in presens of the auld counsale of the yeir preceding; quhilk twa writtingis the said auld counsale acceptit and ordanit commissioun to be maid and gevin to the saidis thre persones new presentit, and the saidis twa writtingis to be inputt in the commone kist; quhilk commissioun wes instantlie maid and selit and the saidis writingis inputt in the kist; and the saidis Hectour and Johne instantlie ressauit and acceptit on tham, and gaif thair aithis for lele and trew administratioun conforme thairto quhill Michaelmes nixt. Baillies newlie electit: Robert Stewarde, Hectore Stewarde, Johne Grhame.

20 October 1580.


The namys of the counsale for this yeir to cum, chosin and electit be Hectore Steward and Johne Grhame baillies: Dauid Lyndsaye, eldare [and twenty-nine others, of whom fourteen were amongst those appointed on 7th October].


The baillies and counsale continewit the foure officeris for the yeir to cum with sick conditiones as of befoir, and ordanis thame to fynd new cautionaris.


Lynaris new maid for this yeir to cum: [six persons, of whom two were amongst those appointed on 8th October].


Comperit George Elphinstoun and protestit that quhatsumeuir thing beis done in chesyng of counsale or officiaris, or ony wtheris by thame ellis chosin and maid of befoir, preiuge nocht the libertie of the toun; and als the said George, for himself and in name of the rest of the auld baillies, protestit alsua that thair new chesing preiuge nocht thame becaus thai wer nocht requyrit nor sutit thairto, conforme to the vse and libertie of the towne in all tymes bipast, and thairupon askit instrumentis, in presens of the new baillies and counsale.

Keepers of keys.

[Seven keepers of the keys appointed, of whom four were amongst those named on 8th October.]

Commone procuratour, Wattir baillie.

Commone procuratour, maister Adame Wallace; watter baillie, newlie electit and continewit, maister Williame Logane.

Annual statutes.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those of October in previous years. Ordained that no higher prices than the following be charged: ale 7 d. the pint, tallow 18s. the stone, candle 1s. 4d. the pound; the four penny loaf to weigh 12 ounces.]

25 October 1580.

Dowgall, burges.

Johne Dowgall, meleman, is maid burges and freman, . . . and his fynes wes given be the baillies and counsale to Johne Houstoun, masoun, in buntetht for makyng of the calsaye vpoun the brig, as the rolmont beris.


It is statute be the baillies and counsale that na topparis of small salt, induellaris in the toun, nor yit owtintownismen, by ony salt in greit in tymes cuming quhill ix houris of the daye that the town and fischeris maye be seruit, vnder the pane of viij s. ilk falt.

24 December 1580.

Wyne, wrang.

Hectour Steward, Andro Baillie, Dauid Hall, and Colene Campbell ar fund in the wrang and vnlawit in ten lib. ilk persoun, for contrauening of the statut of the wyne in taking mair nor xlij d. ilk pynt, and dwme gevin thairupoun. Protestit the said Dauid Hall for remeid of law.

31 December 1580.

Gift, Patorsone.

The almous bed last possest be vmquhile Dauid Watsoun is gevin be the baillies and maist pairt of the counsale, be votyng, to Johne Patersoun, skinner.