Extracts from the records: 1581

Pages 83-93

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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28 January 1580–1.

Grhame, gift.

The prebendaries of St. Andro, St. Martene, and Trium Puerorum, in the New Kirk of Glasgw, last possest be vmquhill Sir Robert Watsoun, and now vacand in the baillies and counsales handis be his deceis, wes gevin to Alexander Grhame, sone to Johne Grhame, baillie, for the space of fyfe yeiris nixtocum, for his sustentatioun at the scholes, and that be the baillies and counsale; and ane tak sett to him agane to the toun for tuenty pundis yeirly.

24 February 1580–1.


The baillies, counsale, and haill dekynnis condiscendit and aggreit to haif and vse the mesour of stoipis according to the jug mett as is in wther townis, and ordanis the tounschip to be warnit to bryng thair stoipis to be maid and mesourit thairwitht, vnder pane of xvj s. and escheting of the stoipis eftir the warnyng and disobeying the samyn, and ordanis the craftisman to have for ilk pund wecht of pewder working vi d., and for the only plovkyng of vtheris iiij d., and the treyn stoipis to be plovkit and merkit lykwys.

7 March 1580–1.

Dauidsoun, burges.

Archibald Dauidson, fischer, is maid burges and freman, . . . quhais fyynes wes gevin to Thomas Mylne. chirurgiane, be the baillies and counsale, for his curing of Thomas Muir, hurt in the townes besynes, and promist to him be thame thairfor.

7 April 1581.

Procuratour fiscall.

Anent the libellit precept rasit at the instance of the commoune procuratour of the town aganis the persones vnderwrittin, being fremen and burgessis of this toun, nocht duelland nor makand residence thairinto, nor scattand and lottand, walkand and wairdand, and vnderlyand vther chargis within the samyn, conforme to thair aythis, to heir and see thamselfis decernit to haif tynt the priuilege of thair said fredome, conforme to the actis maid at conuentioun of burrois, as at mair lenth is contenit in precept, comperit Mungo Wilsoun, and became souertie for Robert Alexander, Thomas Broun, and William Arthour; [and fifteen others find surety in like manner] that thai and ilkane of thame sall scatt and lott, walk and waird, and pay stentis as burgessis suld do. And becaus Johne Tod, James Byris, Johne Muir, in Cathcart, comperit nocht, being summondit oppinlie at the mercat croce, thairfor thai are decernit to have tynt thair fredomes of the toun and to be rekynnit as vnfremen in tym to cum, conform to the statutis and actis of burrois.

16 May 1581.

Court of perambulation. Faltis gevin vp be outlandmeris.

The court of thee perambulatioun of the merches of the burght and citie of Glasgu, haldin at the Milndame, be honorabill men, Johne Grahame, Robert Stuart, and Hector Stuart, baillies thairof.

And mair attour, wee find grit falt at thee towne milne that thee haill loyne is biggit and maid yairdis thairof that na passage may bee had betuix the said towne milne and Garnegad.

Siklike, thair is ane brig fallin at thee kirk yard and quhilk was ane passage to the towne milne.

Siklike, we heir be report that thee passage of thee Stokwell is holkit vp be thee potter hard bee thee hows.

Ladle, brig, mills.

[The casualties of the ladle set for a year for 385 merks, and those of the bridge for £47. The old town mill and the mill on Kelving set for £120, and 50 bolls victual to be paid to Archibald Lyoun.]

Treasurer, master of work, menstrallis.

[From a leet of eight, William Symmer chosen treasurer; from a leet of five, Matho Wilsoun chosen master of work; menstrallis continuit, Archibald Bordland, Johnne Corbart.]

23 May 1581.

Archibald Hegat, court clerk;.

Thee court being fencit, Johnne Grahame, ane of the bailleis foirsaidis, twik thee aith of me Archibald Hegate that I sould lelie and trewlie exercei thee office of court clerkschip of thee said towne, being presentit and admittit thairto bee ane noble and potent lord Esme erle of Leuinax lord Dernlie, Dalkeith, Aubegnye, etc., provest, and with authoritie and command of thee Kingis maiestie to that effect, and thaireftir deliuerit to mee thee scrow of thee formes and preceding court haldin at the milne dame as clerk foirsaid.

[Quinto Octobris 1589. This act deleit be command and ordinance of the prouest, baillies, and haill counsell, be vertew of thair ordinance maid the forsaid daye. J. Ross.]

3 June 1581.

Town mills.

Thee bailleis and counsale being convenit in thee counsallhous, comperit James Stuard of Cardonald and Gabriell Corbeit of Hardgray and presentit to thee saidis bailleis and counsale ane lettere direct to thame fra ane noble and potent lord Esme erle of Leuinax lord Dernlie, Dalkeith, Aubegny, etc., provest, makand mentioun of ane hurtful and pretendit statute maid in thee tyme of Robert lord Boyd, sum tyme provest, bee thee aduice of the bailleis and certane vtheris particularis vpoune counsale for thee tyme, bee thee quhilk it was statut and ordanit that all new maid burgessis efter thee making of thee said pretendit statut suld bee astrictit to cum with thair victuall to the commoun towne milne and milne on Kelwing, as alswa all brewaris and makeris of equavytie within this towne, and thairfor desyring thee same to be abrogatit, the bailleis thairfor, vpoune equall consideration of the zele thee said noble lord bure to the commoun weill of this town and libertie, and considering that thee said statute was hurtful, with aduice of counsale, ordanis that na new maid burgessis be sworne efter thee tenour of thee said pretendit statute, and for deleting of thee said statute ordanit that thee haill counsale and deaconis sould be of new convenit to that effect.


Dauid Ramsay, potter, is maid free man and burges of this towne and hes gewing his grit aith to be leill and trew and to defend the libertie thairof with his handis to the deid, and that for making of the jug met of bras, pynt and chopin, vpoune his awin expenssis.

6 June 1581.


Anent the actioun and bill presewit be maister Archibald Craufurd, persoun of Eglissem, aganis Johnne Ros of Haning and William Ros his cautioner, makand mentioun that quhair thee said maister Archibald, as factour and seruitour in that part to ane noble and potent lord Hew erle of Eglintoun lord Montgumrie, and haveing his lordschipis commissioun to the effect following, set in assedatioun to the said Johnne Ros of Haning thee said erlis grit ludgeing liand in the Drygait, sum tyme callit the persoun of Dowglas place, to wit thee grit hall with twa chalmiris on thee west part, ane vther chalmer vpoune the eist parte of thee samyn with thee haill loftis abone and three bak galreis on thee bak syde, with ane laich wolt quhilk cumis at ane dur at the fute of thee turnpek that cumis downe fra the hall with thee gardene kurtis and flouris, with diuers insicht and plennesing being in thee said place, as thee assedatioun maid betuix thee said maister Archibald, as factour foirsaid, and the said Johnne Ros of Haning and William Ros, burges of Glasgu, as cautioner and souirtie for him, quhilk is vnder the forme of contract of thee dait at Glasgu the xxviij day of Maij the yeir of God jm vc lxxvij yeiris in thee self at mair lenth proportis, and that for the yeirlie payment of viij li money. [Decreet given against the cautioner for payment.]

1 July 1581.

Statute, mylne.

The baillies, counsale, and deaconis convenand for the tyme, for the caus and to the effect vnderwrittin, that is to say, forsamekle anent the complaynt maid be the inhabitantis of this toun and haill communitie thairof bering that thai being free men and burgessis of this toun aucht and suld be thirlit nor astrictit to cum with thair victuale quhilk suld happin thame to have to grind to na myln or mylnis about this toun bot quhair thai pleis maist for thair proffeit and quhair thai may find reddiast and best seruice, and it is of veritie that in the tyme of Robert lord Boyd, sumtyme prouest of this toun, be the consent of the baillies for the tyme and other personis of the counsale, statute and ordanit that all free men and burgesses of this toun and otheris to be maid efter the dait of the said pretendit statute suld sweir and be bund to cum to thair commone myln and myln on Kelving with thair stufe and victuale to grind, and als statute and ordanit that all brewaris and makaris of aquavytie within this toun suld bring thair malte quhairof thai mak the samyn to the said mylnis, or otherwis to be dis chairgit of brewing and making of aquavytie, and thairupone ordanit officiares to mak intimatioun na les to the hurt of the commone weill for diuers respectis than away taking of the libertie and preuilege of free men and burgessis, first, becaus it is weill and cleirlie vnderstand to the saidis baillies and haill deaconis and counsale that nane of the saidis mylnis at na seasoun of the yeir wilbe able to mak continewale and daylie seruice to this tounschip, being populus and haifing hourelie victuale of gritt quantitie to grind, and becaus the said mylnis ar situat on burnis quhilk will stand the haill symmer seasoun dry without watter, nochtwithstanding thair wer sufficiensie of watter yit ar thai nocht able to grind nor mak seruice to the haill inhabitantis of this toun, the saidis inhabitantis being burdenit with the furnesing of passingeris and repair of noble men, togidder with the repair and charge of the Helandis, and als with the furnesing of fischeris and trafficquaris of this toun to the Iles, Yrland, and ellisquhair, to mak change of aill and aquavytie, with the furnesing of the vniuersitie, thee repair of mercatt folkis twyis in oulk, be the quhilkis occasiones and ressones foirsaid the said toun and communitie ar inrichit and doith stand for the maist parte; be the contrare the saidis inhabitantis, be the said pretendit statute, ar constranit to pay double multuris in symmer seasoun for laik of watter to thair awne mylnis, the ane to the fermorer of the myln and the other quhair thai get thair stufe grund for the tyme, quhilk is intolerable and expres aganis the commone weill and libertie of this toun, quhilk be the said complaynt wes maist hevylie menit to the said baillies, and thairfore becaus of the law it is louable that quhatsumeuir thing be done be magistratis for the tyme to the preiudice of the libertie of ane toun, hurt and incommoditie thairof, that all magistratis succeding, with cairful diligence, suld fortifie and remeid the inconveniencie and hurt of thair commone weill, thairfore the baillies present, be the advys and with authoritie of ane noble and potent lord Esme erle of Leuenax lord Darnlie, Dalkeith, Obinze, etc. prouest, with aduis and haill counsale and deaconis, all in ane voce, for the caussis foirsaidis and otheris diuers considerationis of the commone weill harde and considerit, cassiss, annullis, abrogatis, and of na force, strenth, nor effect makis the foirsaid pretendit statute of thirlage with all that hes followit or may follow thairupone for euir, and for thame, thair successouris, with aduise and consent fairsaid, simpliciter dischargis the samyn in all tymes cumyng, grantand and permittand be the tenour heirof to all and sindrie the burgessis and fremen present and heireftir to be maid free will and libertie to grind thair stufe at quhatsumeuir myln thai pleis best for thair ease and commoditie; and the said baillies and counsale for thame and thair successouris, with aduise and consent foirsaid, statutis and ordanis in tyme cumyng it sall nocht be lesum to thame to thirle free men and burgessis of this toun present and heirefter to be maid na maner of way for the hurt of thair commone weill and libertie, bot the samyn to be keipit, defendit, and preseruit conforme to thair gritt ayth gifin for defence thairof and preseruatioun of the samyn in all respectis, conforme to thair auld fredomes and preuilegis had in all tyme bigane.

6 July 1581.

Court of Craigmach.

The court of Cragmak, haldin at the same be honorable men Ihome Grahame, Robert Stewart and Hector Steward, baillies. The suttis callit, the court confermit; dempstare, Jhone Andro. The sute roll being callit, the absentis thai ar vnlawit and amerchiament, conform to vse and wont, and dwme gifin thairupone.

Proclamatioun of the fair.

The quhilk day, the peace of the fair wes proclamit be David Coittis, mair of fee, vpone the Greyne, and be Richarde Tod, toun officiare, vpone the croce, eftir the forme and tenoure vnderwrittin:—Forsamekle, as this day is the sext day of Julii, quhilk is the fair evin of Glasgow, and the morne the fair day, quhilk fair continewis the space of aucht dayis, thairfore I inhibit and forbiddis straitlie in our Souerane Lordis name and in name and behaulfe of ane noble and potent lord Esme erle of Lennox, lord Darnlie and Obinze, etc., prouest, and baillie of the baronie, and in name of the baillies of this toun, that nane of oure Souerane Lordis legis cumand to this fair, reparing thairin, gangand thairfra do ony hurt or trublens ane to ane vther for auld dett or new dett, auld feid or new feid, bot leif peceablie and vse thair merchandice and eschange vnder Goddis pece and our Souerane lordis protectioun, vnder all hiest pane and charge that may be impvt to thame doand in the contrare, and to be callit and accusit for breking the Kingis Maiesteis pece and trublance of his hienes mercatt. To the quhilk proclamatioun the officiares reqvirit witnessis, viz., Dauid Lindsay, elder, Thomas Cloggie, Mungo Wilsoun, and Niniane Drew.

4 August 1581.

Yule, almous.

Anent the bill gifin in be Robert Yule, makand mentioun that quhair he is provydit to ane bed of bak almoushous, and that the borne pertenyng to the persoun of Glasgw callit the teyne borne is indettit to him yeirlie of the sowme of fiv s. as ane of the nomber of the said almous, and that thair is restand awand to him thre termes anuell of the said borne, viz. [7 s. 6 d.], lik as otheris his predecessouris occupearis of his stall in the said almoushous hes bene in vse of payment thairof, quhilk wes cleirlie vnderstandit to the said baillies, thairfore thai decerne and ordanis that the grund of the said borne callit the teyne borne, pertenyng to the persoun of Glasgu, and occvpearis thairof, be poyndit for thre termes annuell bigane and in all tyme cumyng, and the occupear of the said stall to be thankfullie payit thairof.

3 October 1581.


Comperit Williame Montgomrie, writter, and producit our Souerane Lordis lettir, willing and desyring the prouest, baillies, counsale and communitie of the burgh and cietie of Glasgw to acknowlege and recognosce and vse his Hienes trusty and weilbelouit Robert now bischop of Glasgow nocht onlie in presenting of the lytis to him for his electioun and admissioun, lyk as thai vsit to his predecessouris of befoir, for this instant yeir and yeirlie in tyme cumyng during his lyftyme, bot alswa in all other thingis concerning thair dewitie to the bischop, as thai wald answer to his hienes vpone thair obedience, and report thair speciall thankis thairanent as to him to quhome our Souerane Lord had conferrit and gifin the said archibischoprik, with all preuilegiis, immuniteis, proffeitis, and dewiteis pertenyng thairto; as the said lettere of the daitt of Glasgw the thrid day of October fourscoir ane yeiris, and of our Souerane Lordis regnne the fyftene yeir, in it self at mair lenth proportis. To the quhilk Williame Hegait, procuratour and foirspeikar for the said prouest, baillies, counsale and communitie convenit, ansuerit that with thair hart thai wald accept and obey the said lettir in all poyntis, the said bischop fulfilling his dewitie to the Kingis maiestie and using himself kynlie to the saidis toun for the weill thairof in all respectis; vpone the quhilk the said Williame requirit instrumentis of me clerk and notare vnderwrittin.

Lytis for baillies.

Lytis lytit be the auld baillies and auld counsall to be presentit to my lord archibischop of Glasgu for namyng of thre of thame in baillies this yeir to cum, for obedience of oure Souerane lordis requeist and charge obtenit be the said archibischop heirinto: Jhonne Grhame, Robert Stewart, auld baillies, Hector Stewart [and eight others].

Baillies elected.

Quhilkis lytis being presentit to my lord archibischop of Glasgw moderne, be Matho Wilsoun, Johnne Muir and the commone clerk, send thairto, he namit the thre following:—Baillies for this instant yeir, Jhonne Grhame, younger, Robert Steuart, Colene Campbell.

Watter baillye, procurator, consilium.

Watter bailye, maister Williame Logane; commone procurator, maister Adame Wallace; Consilium pro presenti anno:—Jhonne Grhame, elder [and twenty-six others].

Annual statutes.

[Statutes passed in terms similar to those enacted at the head courts in October in previous years.]

Malyndoner burne.

Item, it is statute and ordanit that na hydis, skynnis, ischewis, nor na other filthie thingis, be waschin in the burne of Malyndoner, vnder the pane of aucht schillingis the first fault, the nixt vnder the said pane and confiscatioun of the guddis, the thrid vnder the pane of warding and punesing of thair persones and guddis at the proueist, baillies, and counsallis will.

5 October 1581.

Almoushous, hospitall.

In presens of the prouest, baillies, and counsall, being convenit in the counsalhous, comperit Sir Mark Jamesoun and producit ane litle aikin coffer contenyng into it all and sindrie the euidentis pertenyng to the fundatioun of five pund yeirlie annuel-rent to be vpliftit of his place and yarde occupeit be him foundit and dotit to the pure folkis of Sanct Michaelis (fn. 1) hospitall, bak and foir, and to the seik folkis at the Brigend, as in the said infeftmentis in thame selfis at mair lenth proportis, togiddir with the evidentis of fourtie ane schilling annuell coft be the said Sir Mark in the toun to the saidis pure folkis at the Brigend, togiddir with the evidentis of xiiij s. annuell to the court clerk and maister of the hospitall for the gaddering and distributioun of the saidis annuellis to the pure; quhilkis euidentis the said Mark reuerentlie requeistit the prouest, baillies, and counsall to accept and put thame in thair commone kist for sure keiping thairof, and caus thankfull payment to be maid to the saidis pure folkis of the saidis annuellis; quhilkis the said prouest, baillies, and counsall resauit and causit putt the samyn in thair commone kist, and that becaus the said Sir Mark causit the said court clerk and maister of hospitall entir in possession of the distributioun of the said annuell the secund day of Julij last.


Contineuit the officiares quhill the prouest cumyng hame, and in the menetyme ordanis the drum to pas throw the toun and se quha haid ony complayntis vpone thame to gif in the same.

10 October 1581.

Heid court. Lipper.

The heid court efter Michaelmes, haldin in the tolbuith of the samyn. Lipper:—Andro Lawsoun, merchand, Jonet Stewart, Patrik Bogle, maltman, Jonet Auld, Jonet Spang, Jonet Gardner. The prouest and baillies ordanis the persones abone writtin to remane in thair awin houssis or ellis to pas beyond the brig to the hospitall.

13 October 1581.

Burges, gratis.

James Law, younger, is maid burges and freman of the burgh and cietie of Glasgw, and hes gifin his aith of fidelitie to the toun, and that gratis at the Kingis maiesteis requeist.

20 October 1581.


Jhonne Hunter, being accusit for the thiftus steling and away taking fra Jhonne Stirling at the brig of Glasgw out of his poutche vpoun Thuirsday wes aucht dayis the xij day of October, ane naipkyn, and being thairin ane stampit xxx s. pece, ane stampit xx s. pece, ane Inglis testan, twa half merk peceis, and ten schilling five penneis small money, and in takin thairof the said Johne Stirlingis name wes into the naipkyn; the said Jhonne Hunter confessit the said dittay and poyntis thairof. And siclik being accusit for art and parte of the steling and cutting of Williame Flemyngis purs in Air, as ane judiciall act bering the declaratioun of Jhonne Lyntoun and Sara Lauderis confessioun, being adiugit to dit, proportis, quhilk last article the said Jhonne Hunter denyit. The justice of the baronie, with the aduis of the assyss, haifand consideratioun of the youth of the said Jhonne Hunter and that it is possible he may returne to amendiament heirefter, decernis and ordanis the said Jhonne to foirsweir burgh and baronie and to be brunt on the schulder with ane hett irne and scurgit throw the tcun, and dwme gifin thairupoun.

10 December 1581.


The superintendent, accumpaneit with the deyne of facultie, principall of the college, and otheris members of the kirk, proponand the rwyng and decay of the kirk to the prouest, baillies, and counsall, being convenit in the counsalhous, and efter ressonying had in the said mater, ordanis, all with ane consent, that within thre or foure dayis the kirk, with the prouest and baillies and maist part of the counsall, to witt, Williame Conyghame, Archibald Lyoun, Gawin Grhame, George Herbertsoun, Williame Hegait, and maister Henry Gibsoun to convene in the Hie Kirk, and thairefter to ressoun vpoun the remeid and help of the kirk, and how the samyn may be best done.


The prouest baillies and counsall ordanis the auld act tueching the convenyng of the counsall ilk Settirday to be obseruit and the pane contenit thairintill to be vptane.

14 December 1581.

Court. Ingoun seid.

The court of the burgh and cietie of Glasgw. . . . Inqueist: Williame Conynghame [and eleven others]. In presens of the baillies sittand in jugement, the persones and inqueist abonwrittin being sworne and electit to pas and visie the ingoun seid sawin in the yardis underwrittin, viz., Gawin Grhameis yarde [and four others], be vertew of ane precept direct of befoir, quha being sworne acceptit the viseing of the saidis yardis vpoun thame quhilk thai viseit and pronuncit nocht as than, and thairfoir, being newlingis callit and chargit to pronunce thair deliuerance, enterit in face of court, fand and deliuerit the estate of the seid sawin in the saidis yardis wes in maner following, that is to say that thair was na maner of growing cam vp in the said yardis worthie ony price bot hapnyng ingounis, and the maist parte of thais being plukit wes blak and rottin in the heid; and this thai declair be thair knawlege and conscience. [Decreet subsequently given against seller of seed for repayment of price].


  • 1. So written, but should be Nicholas.