Extracts from the accounts: 1607-41

Pages 473-484

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 1, 1573-1642. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1914.

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From Whitsunday 1607 to Whitsunday 1608.

Item, with the haill annuellis of the New Kirk, gifin to Mr. John Bell in his pensioun, ijc l li.
1607. May 30. Item, debursit to ane schip brokin Inglisman callit John Quhyte, iij li.
June 1. Item, gifin for twa budgellis aquavytie send to John Arnot and John Neisbit for onwating in the townis effairis against Dunbartan, iij li.
5. Item, gifin to maister John Bell, minister, for his expensis, being chargit befoir the counsale for his transportatioun to Edinburgh, xxij li.
8. Item, gifin for hors hyris for the baillies, counsale, and George Huchesoun quhen they raid and come to and fra Dunbartan quhen they held court in Dunbartan against the Ducheman, xxj li. xijs. iiijd.
15. Item, gifin and debursit to Mareoun Steward for wyne presentit to commissioneris at sindrie tymes, ix li. ijs. viijd.
July 10. Item, gifin and debursit be him to Thomas Muris wyfe for wyn and confeitis presentit to the commissioner is of Edinburgh, iiij li. iiijs.
11. Item, gifin to Hew Glen and John Quentance for ane throcht stane to wmquhill maister Johnne Cowper his buriall, iiij li.
August 15. Item, gifin to Cathrein Milne and Cathrein Scot for wyne and aill furnist be thame to the clengeris vpone the pest, iiij li. vjs.
28. Item, gifin to Thomas Pettigrew to pay for wyne and confitis that come to the Tolbuith to my Lord Duikis grace and my Lord Gordoun, v li. xjs. vjd.
Item, gifin, to Mareoun Pollok for taftie and buttonis to wmquhill Robert Hereotis clathes, xixs.
September 1. Item, gifin to ane pure crwikit man, xiijs. iiijd.
1608. February 27. Item, gifin to thame quha fand the boltis of irne that come out of the brig, vjs. viiijd.
Item, gifin to twa Frenchemen and ane Polian, v li.
March 19. Item, gifin to Patrik Wilsoun for furnesing of candill to the New Kirk, iij li. vjs. viijd.
May 26. Item, gifin to William Wemes, merchand, for the price of the treis to defend the brig with, xxij li.

Followis the small debursings.

Item, to Mathow Ker for winter candill and for the mennis supper that war execut, xxvjs. viijd.

14 December 1609.

The compt of expenssis vpone the townis commoun milnis:—[Here follow the particular items of expenditure "for reparatioun of the saidis milnis, viz.: the Towns Mill, the Subdenis Mill, the New Mill and the Auld Mill, their dammis and vthir necessaris," amounting in all to] iiijc xix li. xiijs. vjd.

From Whitsunday 1608 to Whitsunday 1609.

1608. June 8. Item, gifin to John Wilsoun, blindman, and to maister Alexander Rowat, minister of the baronie, xl li.
15. Item, gifin to Alexander Reid, merchand, ane pure Inglisman, and to Archibald Heygait, clerk, jc viij li.
25. Item, gifin to James Inglis, baillie, being direct to Edinburgh, and George Huchesoun with him, to consult and advyse with men of law anent the caussis of the sukin, customes of the brig and ladill, to be thair expenssis and to gratifie men of law, lviij li. xs.
July 15. Item, gifin to certan pilleit Frenchemen, v. li.
August 8. Item, gifin to James Inglis, baillie, for his expenssis as commissioner for the town direct to the generall conventioun of the kirk and estaitis haldin in Lynlythgow, with xl s. debursit be him to twa boyis direct to the lieutenent in Air, with xxs. gifin to ane boy to pas to Edinburgh with letteres to my lord of Glasgu, xix li.
11. Item, gifin to Elizabeth Flemyng, spous to James Steward, for wyne, sek, and confettis, furnist be hir to my Lord Vchiltrie, vj li. xvjs. viijd.
31. Item, gifin to Mr. Petir Low, chyrurgin, for his pension in anno 1608, liij li. vjs. viijd.
Item, gifin to Patrik Wilsoun for poynting of the New Kirk, xxxiijs. vjd.
September 24. Item, gifin to ane puire seik suldart, xxvjs. viijd.
October 6. Item, gifin to James Winrame, agent for the burrowis, in compositioun of twa vnlawis, xx li.
28. Item, gifin to Andro Andirsoun, Mathow Mathie, Mathow Ker and Blais Barrie for thair expenssis and paynis in walking nycht and day nyne days in the tolbuith, for sure keping of Mr. Robert M'Gill, iij li.
November 7. Item, gifin to James Stewart and Waltir Dowglas for thair expenssis to ryde to Edinburgh with James Braidwod, baillie, to concur and assist with James Inglis, baillie, in the caus persewit be him befoir the secreit counsell against Mr. Robert M'Gill, xx li.
14. Item, gifin to sindrie personis of this town for wyne, desart, sukir and fructis and vther expenssis maid and warit vpone the Dwik of Wortinbrig and James maister of Blantyre for his welcum furth of Ingland, and that conforme to ane act of counsale, xxxj li.
December 12. Item, gifin to Mr. Alexander Rowat, minister of the baronie, as for his expenssis and hors hyre to Edinburgh, being summonit as witnes in the caus persewit be James Inglis, baillie, contrar Mr. Robert M'Gill, x li.
19. Item, gifin to twa pure Inglis men, xxs.
1609. January 17. Item, gifin to Robert Calmeroun for twa paper bwikis, xls.
31. Item, to Thomas Gray for ane stand of clais promist to him the tyme of the pest for his service done be him in the town in cleingeing with James Grenleis, iiij li. xs.
February 28. Item, gifin to John Neill, cordoner, younger, for fute ballis to the town at Fastrenis evin, conforme to the ald vse, xxvjs. viijd.
May 6. Item, gifin to ane boy callit John Andirsoun for the reding to the drwmmer throw the toun ten sindrie proclamatiouns, as the precept beris, xxxiijs. iiijd.
Item, to Mareoun Steward, spous to James Inglis, baillie, for wyne propynit be the town to the baptisme of the provestis barne, the sowme of xxx li., and to John Lawsoun the sowme of xx li. for sugur and sweit meitis propynit thairwith, l li.
Item, gifin to Mareoun Steward for wyne, confeitis, and breid and sum aill, furnist be hir and send to the counsalhous that day the Lord Auchinbrek was maid burges, liijs. iiijd.
Item, payit to Elizabeth Flemyng, spous to James Steward, for wyne propynit to James Wynrame, agent for the burrowis, iij li. xijs.
Item, debursit to Thomas Pettigrew, maister of werk to the town, for biging and outredding of the brig, iijc xxxviij li.
Item, payit to Patrik Wilsoun, beddell of the new kirk, for furnesing of candill to the new kirk, xj li.
Item, debursit for pulder and leid to the men of weir quha war sent to thee Ilis, xvj li. xs.
Item, debursit for pulder to the young men of the town that tyme quhen the Dwik of Wortinbrig come to this town, x li. vjs. viijd.

From Whitsunday 1609 to Whitsunday 1610.

1609. August 19. Item, to John Bornis for wyne and confittis furnist be him, spendit at the Croce vpone the Kingis day, xvj li. xs.
1610. May 26. Item, to Mareoun Steward, spous to James Inglis, provest, for wyne and vther expenssis furnist be hir and for bowelling of the lard of Howstoun, provest, xxxvij li. xs.

From Whitsunday 1610 to Whitsunday 1611.

1610. July 20. Item, to Mareoun Pollok, spous to Allan Conynghame, for twa tin wattir pottis send to the castell to the Erll Dunbarris chalmer, iij li.
August 18. Item, to Patrik Maxwell for grein silk fustean, and vther furnesing furnist to the twa grein clathis to the counsall saitis in the kirkis heich and laich, xxxvij li. xijs. ijd.
September 27. Item, to Margret Young for candill furnist be hir that nycht the fyre was in Salt Mercat, xxs.
1611. June 4. Item, to John Baillie, pewdrer, for mending of Andro Parkeris plaitis that war send vp to the castell, vjs. viijd.

From Whitsunday 1611 to Whitsunday 1612.

1612. February 10. Item, gifin to Thomas Pettigrew for casting of the bell, xlvjs. viijd.
15. Item, gifin to ane young man quha was rubbit of his pak, xls.

From Michaelmas 1624 to Michaelmas 1625.

Item, to Thomas Glen for the work of the Blakfreir Kirk, iijc lxix li. vjs. 8d.
Item, to John Padie for wyne to the Bischop, jc li.
Item, to William Neilsoun elder for mending of the Hie Kirk, xl li. xvijs. iiijd.
Item, to him to gif the quarreouris, xl li.
Item, to Alexander Thomsoun in satisfactioun of his fatheris prothogoll buikis gevin in be him, jc xxxiij li. vjs. 8d.
Item, the commissioneris of Kinghorne for that tounes supplie, jc li.
Item, to William Neilsoun to gif out for stanes, lxxx li.
Item, to the laird of Sillertounhill for libertie of his watter to the toun mylne, jc li.
Item, to maister Robert Scot, minister, jc xvij li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to maister John Bell, minister, ijc lxx li.
Item, to maister Robert Wilkein, minister, vjc lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to maister William Wallace, scholmaister, lxxx li.
Item, to Sir George Elphinstoun, jc vj lj. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to the tounes advocattis in Edinburgh, xl li.
Item, to Johne Wilsoun, blindman, xx li.
Item, for ane wonding scheit and kist, at the proueist command, to ane lipperman, xlviijs.
Item, to Patrik Hall, carter, for careing away the pure folk, and to tham, at the proueist command, xlviijs.
Item, to the haill pure putt off the toun, xij li.
Item, to the drummeris of Edinburgh and Lithgow and Hammiltoun, at the proueist command, xxv li.
Item, for the anseinyie stalff, xijs.

From Michaelmas 1625 to Michaelmas 1626.

Item, for the ministeris mairttis, lxxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, ane beneist minister, vj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to thrie seik Inglismen, iij li. xijs.
Item, for support of the brig of Garven, xxxiij li. vjs. xd.
Item, to tua Grecians, xxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to maister John Bell, minister, ijc lxx li.
Item, to maister Robert Scott, minister, lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to maister Robert Wilkein, minister, vjc lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to ane messinger for vsing proclematioun of letteres aganis the papistis, xxiiijs.
Item, for the anseinyie stalffis, xls.

From Michaelmas 1626 to Michaelmas 1627.

Item, to ane distressit minister of Moravia, xvj li.
Item, to maister Johne Bell for his stipend and hous maill, ijc lxx li.
Item, to maister Robert Wilkie, minister, vjc lxvj li. xiijs. 4d.
Item, to maister Robert Scott, minister, lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, for sex key to the minister, lxxviij li.
Item, for dichting the wall at the castell nuck, viijs.
Item, gevin for the officeris denneris vpoun the muster day, xlvjs. viijd.
Item, to the drummer of Linlithgow, lviijs.

From Michaelmas 1627 to Michaelmas 1628.

Item, with the entres he ressauit fra Johne Reid for the smyddie at the Brigend, lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, with the sowme gottin fra the bischope to help to repair the liberarie hous, vjc lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
To James Wood for ledder to hing the tung of the bell, xliiijs.
Item, for herring to the townis advocatis, lxiij li. xjs.
Item, quhen my lord of Lorne was maid burges, xj li. xijs.
Item, to maister Robert Scott, minister, jc li.
To Marie Stewart for wine quhen the bischope of the Yllis was maid burges, xxj li.
Item for gilting of the horologe, brodis and palmes, to Valleinkyne Jeinkin,To his mane, vj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to Johne Jafra, smyth, for forging the knok, mair nor was promeist him, xxiij li. vjs. viijd.
Item, quhen my lord Montgomerie and vtheris was maid burgessis, vj li. xvjs.
Item, to James Reid, wrycht, becaus he poyntit the hie stiple weill, v li. xvjs.
Item, for mending the pavement of the new kirk, xxx li. vjs. viijd.
Item, for dressing of the lipper hospitall, v li. xixs.
Item, for twa hogheidis wyne to the bischop, jc xxj li. vjs. viijd.
Item, to Patrick Colquhoun for the making of the justice sait, lxxx li.
Item, for ane hatt and string to the provest, for ane hatt to the clerk, for writtis of the toun quhilk vmquhill Mathow Trumble had, vjs., xiijs. iiijd.
Item, for wine quhen Traquhair was maid burges, vj li. ijs.
Mair, for confeitis, liijs. iiijd.
Item, to Androw Mylne for curing of ane pur womane, vj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to maister Alexander Rowatt, xx li.
Item, to maister Robert Wilkie, minister, vjc lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to maister Johne Bell, elder, ijc lxx li.
Item, to maister Robert Scott, lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to maister Johne Bell, younger, jc lxxxiij li. vjs. viijd.
Item, to maister William Wallace, lxxx li.
Item, for the sex martis to the ministeris, lxxx li.
Item, to four pur Dutchmen quhom Sir William Alexander tuik, vj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to thre pur Inglismen, vj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to Johne Clydsdaill for carying of ane crippill mane to Pasley, xxvjs.
To Archibald Kirkwood for paynting ane sait in the Hie Kirk, xliijs.
Item, to Andro Myles mane to rin to Edinburgh for Doctor Jolie to maister Robert Scott, iiij li.
Item, to four pur men in Aberdein that had thair schip castin away in the Yllis, v li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to William Yair quhilk he debursit in the consistorie for the towne, xijs.
Item, for letteres against vnfriemen, xlviijs.
Item, for ane post that ran to Edinburgh anent the teyndis of Gallowmwre, at command of William Neilsoun, xls.
Item, to twa menstralleis quha did play in John Rowatis on Witsontysdaye, lviijs.
Item, to James Steuart, bailyie, Johne Stewart and James Rankin, spent be thame with the cartouris anent the going with Inschbellie brig, iiij li. viijs.
Mair gevin to the carteris, xlviijs.
Item, to Johne Scott carter to leid stones to Inschbellie brig, xls.
Item, to ane young boy, ane jesuitis sone, at command of the provest and bailleis, xxiiijs.
Item, to pur sogeris, xxiiijs.
Item, to ane pursevand, xijs.
Item, to twa pur men that was taine with the Dunkirkers, lviijs.
Item, to James Stewart, bailyie, that was gevin to the guidmane of Hurlistoun for his spilt corne and gres be leiding of stones to Inschbellie brig, v li. vjs. viijd.

[During the years 1626, 1627, and 1628 there are numerous items ofexpenditure in connection with the building of the Tolbooth. The follow-ing are specimens:—]

1626. May 8. To maissounes, borrowmen, quarriouris, and cairteris, £168 ls.
To the wrichts for dichting and plaining of the geistis, dressing of the schaves and vtheris at the work of the tolbuithe, £90 7s.
1627. Feb. 3. To James Colquhoun for metting and laying of 988 stane trone wecht of leid, £444 12s.
10. To Patrik Colquhoun for laying the haill loftis of the tolbuithe and making of four new dures to the prissone houssis and turnpyik dure and dichting of the buirds to be laid be him, £86 13s. 4d.
For naillis, bandis, catbandis, and vther irne work to the prissoun houssis, £23 9s. 10d.
June 16. For five draucht of broken slate, £4.
1628. March 14. Making of the timber work of the four pavilyeounes, £80.
September 20. 109 foot of glass to the heich windois of the tolbuithe, £43 12s.

From Michaelmas 1628 to Michaelmas 1629.

To the college, lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Mair to thair collectour, liijs. iiijd.
To Mathow Ker for gathering in of the towns rent, viij li.
Mair to him for ane pair of schoone, xxxs.
To Chairlis M'Claine to help to mend his brokin leg, at command of the three bailleis, lviijs.
To Johne Bryssoun, messinger, for service doun be him against Rutherglen, at command of the provest, xxiiijs.
To sindrie pure Erish people, at command of Colene Campbell, xijs.
To Johne Ramsay the burrowis post, xls.
To Robert Johnstoun in Falkirk, at command of the dein of gild, for leiding and drawing vp the touns wanscott and knappell fra the sie and howsing of it and drawing it to the Falkirk, xij li. xjs.
To Androw Marheid to by ane clos kist and winding scheit, vj li. xiijs. iiijd.
For ane wallat quhilk was bocht for the townis vse, iijs.

From Michaelmas 1629 to Michaelmas 1630.

Item, spent quhen my lord clerk register and Sir James Baillie with thair followeris, xxij li. xjs. iiijd.
Item, to Johne and George Aisdaillis in pairt payment of the slaitting of the Blakfriar Kirk, conforme to thair band, jc xxxiij li. vjs. viijd.
Item, to maister Johne Bell, minister, ijc lxx li.
Item, to maister Robert Wilkie, vjc lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to maister William Wallace, lxxx li.
Item, to maister Johne Bell, younger, lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd.

From Michaelmas 1634 to Michaelmas 1635.

Item, to the drummeris and pyper the 5 of November 1635, iij li. xvjs.
Item, to Barbara Stewart for wyne to the communioun, lviij li. viijs.
Item, given for the grait ludging in the Drygait, now the correctioun hous, jm iiijc lxvj li. xiiijs. 4d.
Item, to Robert Campbell for wyne to the bischope, jc viij li.
Item, to Johne Scot, carter, to help to by ane hors, x li.
Item, to Margaret Forret for the tounis denner at the rouping of the commoun guidis, lxxxix li. viijs.
Item, for ane mikill quheill to the correctioun hous, lvj li.
Item, spent quhen Thomas Conynghame, factour in Campheir, was made burges, iiij li. xvs. iiijd.
Item, given to the fowr ministeris to by thair mairtis, jc vj li. xiijs. iiijd.

From Michaelmas 1635 to Michaelmas 1636.

Item, to certane puir men for inyons was takin fra them for feir of the plage, xxx li. ixs.
Item, to maister Robert Wilkie, in supplie of his dochteris tocher, iijc xxxiij li. vjs. viijd.
Item, debursit for raising of tua suspensiounes anent the subdeanrie, lxviij li. xviijs. vijd.
Item, to John Corse in pairt payment of the wark of the new mylne of Partick, xlvj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to Alexander Aikenheid the burrowes agent, iiijc xlix li. iijs. iiijd.
Item, debursit for the chargis bestowit wpon the commissionaris of borrowes when they satt heir, jc lxxviij li. vjd.
Item, debursit to laweris, wrytteris, and expenssis of thais who raid to Edinburgh with the ministeris anent thair stipendis, iiijc lxxxx li. ixs. xd.
Item, debursit to Johne Saweris for pynting of the heich gallarie; in the tolbuithe, iiijc lxiiij li. xvjs.
Item, to James Trane for Robert Bar for the yrone gardis was layit about the stible of the tolbuithe, lx li. xs.
Item, debursit in compleit payment of the new bell in the stipile in the Trongaitt (whilk with the last yeris onlawes compleit the same), lxxxx li. ixs.
Item, to Mathow Colquhoun for hinging of the said bell and faiting all wark thairto, xxx li.
Item, debursit for the commoun effairis anent the bying of clatheis to the puir in the correctioun hous and for vther things, xxvij li. vijs. vjd.
Item, to Johne Boyd for attending the wark of the stiple of the tolbuithe and making and hewing of the tounes armes to the correctioun hous and new meilmercat, xl li.
Item, to Robert Wyning for the land quhairon the new meilmercat was buldit, vjc iij li. vjs. viijd.

From Michaelmas 1636 to Michaelmas 1637.

Item, debursit to the advocattis and wrytteris att the obteaning the tounes new infeftment and the chargis of Patrik Bell and vtheris in attending thairvpon, iiijc lxxvij li. js. iiijd.
Item, givin to the clark of Paislay for being notar to the townis seaseing and registratioun thairof, xxxvj li. ixs.

From Michaelmas 1637 to Michaelmas 1638.

Item, debursit for the ministeris kay, jc vj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to Johne Boyd for translatting of the wall att the cros and building of ane new wall in Stockwall gait, l li.
Item, to James Grahame to help to cut ane oy of his in the stone, viij lj. iijs.

From Michaelmas 1638 to Michaelmas 1639.

Item, debursit for particularis when his Majesties commissioner the Marqueis of Hamiltoun was in the tolbuithe, xxxiiij li. xvijs. iiijd.
Item, allowit to the comptar himselff for muskattis, pictis, powder, matche, and billottis he boucht in Edinburgh to the tounes vse and his chargis in bying thairof, jm viijc lxxxviij li. viijs. viijd.
Item, to Robert Cauldwell, for hewing of the tounes armes att the toune mylne, sherping of maissoun irones, and helping of Inschebellie brige, viij li. ijs.
Item, to Quintein Muir for instructing of the young men to handill thair armes, xl li.
Item, debursit to Capitane Andersones companie att thair away going, vjc lxxiij li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, to Robert Wilsoun, smythe, for swanis fetheris, lx li.

From Michaelmas 1639 to Michaelmas 1640.

Item, to John Cors to help to mend his sones leg, vj li. xiijs. iiijd.
Item, for outreiking of xj sojoris that went in the commoun caus with Colonell Monro, lxxxxv li. ixs. jd.
Item, to the sojoris of fortune for thair pay the monethis of Februar, Marche, Apryll, Maij and Junij last, and for ane hundrethe pundis givin to Capitane Porterfeild for his sojoris, conforme to the warrand daitit the xxvij of Junij last, vc xviij li. xiijs.
Item, debursit for outputting and furnishing of threttein horsmen to the commoun service, conforme to the warrand daitit the xviij of Julij last, jmvc lxxj li. xvijs. 6d.
Item, for outputting of the secound companie to Capitane Porterfeild and for xxij sword to them and to the cariers, ijc xxij lj. ijs. vjd.
Item, to Johne Kirkwood for convoying the secound companie to Capitane Porterfeild, xl li. vijs. iiijd.
Item, debursit for outputting of the last four horsmen for the commoun service, iijc viij li.
Item, spent when the Erll of Seafort was maid burges, xij li. iiijs. viijd.
Item, spent with the ministers who cam at the first with maister Robert Ramsay, xxiiij li. viijs. ijd.
Item, to maister Johne Drysdaill, minister, for his service at the Blackfriar Kirk, ten dolloris ilk moneth of Junij, Julij, August and September last, jc viij li.
Item, to maister Zacharias Boyd for ane termes annuall of 3 m. markis, lxxx li.

From Michaelmas 1640 to Michaelmas 1641.

Item, receavit for the horse that was gottin back fra Williame Scott ane of the touns troupers, xlvj li. vs.
Item, receavit for the teinds, the crop 1640, viijc li.
Item, for ane other trouper horse, xxv li. vjs. viijd.
Mair for ane other horse, xvi li. viijd.
Item, fra Johne Andersoune for ane pick, liiijs.
Item, debursit for eight scoir and ane pair of shoes sent to the armie the 14 of November last, ijc xxxix li. xijs.
Item, for gray clothe sent to the armie the xxj of November, iiijc lvj li. vs.
Item, sent with umquhill James Padie to the armie, jc ix li. vijs.
Item, to ane blind minister, xxvij li.
Item, to four young men quha did preache sumtymes in the Blackfrier churche, jc viij li.
Item, to George Andersone, prenter, for his yeirs pensioune, lxvj li. xiijs. iiijd