Extracts from the records: 1632

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Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 2, 1630-1662. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1881.

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14 January 1632.

Magisteris of Grammer Schole.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for four scoir markes money gevin be him to maisteris John Hammiltoun and James Alderstoun, magisteris of the Grammer Schole, becaus of the paines takin be thame in suppleing the ministeris at necessar occasiounes within this burghe.

10 March 1632.

Great Kirk.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for allevin pund vj s. viij d. debursit be him for mending of the commoun loft in the great Kirk.

New Kirk.

Ordanes the thesaurer to give to Patrik Wilsoun for furneising candill in the New Kirk, this last winter, tuentie pund, and fourtie schilling for ringing the bell to the dean of gild for ane yeir, vsit and wont.

24 March 1632.

Tolbuithe, irne chymnayes.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for fourtye pund ten penneis for the pryce of twa irne cbymnayes bocht and ressauit be William Andersoun, maister of wark, fra Gabriell Conynghame, proueist, about ane yeir syne, extending to xvij stane (blank) pund wecht, at xlv s. the stane, quhilkis ar putt in the heichest hous of the Tolbuithe.

11 April 1632.

Common grass set.

[The common grass set for the present year as follows:—The grass set last year to John Colquhoune (except part of Kowlairs and Channelmos heid) with the grass in Kowlairs, last occupied by Adam Tod, set to John Colquhoun, for 72 marks; the grass of the hill which Peter and John Ferriers and James Bischope last occupied, set to Adam Tod, tailor, for 50 marks; the grass of the Sheep Craigs set to William Wilsone, younger, for 10 merks; and the "gres of the Somerhill with the gres of the lone adjacent thairto quhilk passis to the Blakfauld" set to John Andersone, bailie, for 27s. 8d.]

14 April 1632.

Convention, fishing.

The proueist, bailyeis and counsell hes elected and nominat James Steuart, bailyie, commissioner to the particular convention of burrowes appointed to be haldin at Edinburgh the xxiij day of Apryle instant anent the mater of the fisching betuix this natioun and Ingland and vtheris mentionat in the missive direct thereanent.

Pumpes of the well, Trongait Kirk bell.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for saxtein pund for vphalding of the pumpes of the well at the croce, reulling of the same, opining and steiking of the same, daylie, for the yeir of God jm vjc threttie ane yeiris, as the proueist and bailyeis aggreit with him to pay him the said sowme yeirlie during his said service and vphalding the saidis pumpes as said is; and also ordanes the thesaurer to give to him ane dolour for sawing the bell in the Trongait Kirk and making the steill saw.

21 April 1632.

Trongait steipill.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for thriescoir auchtein punds gevin be him to William Duncan for the kok to the Trongait stilpill, gloib and four thanes, weyand xxxviij pund wecht, and for dressing the brodis of the bell.

12 May 1632.

Netham brig.

Ordanes the thesaurer to giue to William Allane at Nethamfute, for supplie to big a brig over Netham watter, fourtie pundis money.

19 May 1632.

Trongait stipill.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for fourtie pund, gevin be him to Mungo Huitschaw for gilting of the cok, glob, and thaines of the stipill in the Trongait, as the proueist and the deacone of gild agreit with him.


The proueist, bailyeis and counsell hes electit and nominat William Robesoun, merchant, and John Ferrier, maltman, to carie the cullouris at the muster this yeir, 1632.

22 May 1632.

Set of common good.

[The sucken multures and knaveship of the mills, with the sucken of Gorbells, set of a year for 5900 merks to the toun, and 52 bolls malt to the archbishop for Partik mill; the ladles set for £1106 13s. 4d.; the tron for 605 merks; and the custom of the bridge for 550 merks.]

26 May 1632.

Blackburne water.

Ordanis the thesaurer to give to maister James Ros, minister of Levingstoun, tuentie pundis money to help the building of ane brig over Blackburne water.

9 June 1632.


The proveist, bailyeis and counsell ordanis the thesaurer to haif ane warrand for the soume followeing, depursit be him for the helping of the water, fra the begineinge of this yeir, quhilk wes wpon the xxiiij day of Maij last, to this day at nycht, extending to the soume of ane hundereth tuentie nyne pundis ane schilling aucht pennyes.

23 June 1632.

Silvertounhill, water.

Ordanes the provest, bailleis, deane of gild, deacon convener, with vther twa honest men quhom the provest will mak choys of, to meit with the laird of Silvertounhill, and to agrie with him in the best maner they can for the water.


Ordanis the thesaurer to haif ane warrand for [£197 8s. 4d.] debursit be him for the wark of the water fra the fourtin day of Junij instant to this day at nycht.


[Elected the dean of guild and deacon convener commissioners to the general convention of burghs to be held at Montrois on 3 July next.]

Limestones, Channelmos.

The provest, bailleis and counsall hes gevin licens and libertie to maister Gabriell Forrester to burne his lyme stones lyand within thair commoun land at the heid of the Channel Mos, betuixt and the first day of May nixttocum, and he to win na mae in thair lyme craig, and quhat he sufferis to ly efter the said day he not to haif libertie to transport thame thairefter.

30 June 1632.

New mylne work, Tolbuithe, Partik brig.

[Ordained the treasurer to have warrants for (1) 20 merks "to give to John Cors for his service bigane, for fourtein dayes service, himselff, his man and hors, to the Falkirk about the new mylne work;" (2) 80 merks "deburset be him to Patrik Colquhoun for making of thrie tabillis to the Tolbuithe and all work belonging thairto;" and (3) 40 merks "deburset be him to William Patirsoun, masoun, for working and repairing of Partik brig."]

21 July 1632.

Lawborrowes, Robiestoun.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for tuelff pund xl d., deburset be him for the act of lawborrowes of the proueist, bailyeis and counsall, xxx persounes, to the heritouris of Robiestoun; and the act put in the schottill of the koffir.

11 August 1632.

Outputting ane sogour.

Ordanes the thesaurer to give to maister John Maxuell and Walter Douglas fourtie merk for thair chairges to Edinburgh quhen capitane Walter Steuart summont thame befoir the secreit counsell for outputting ane sogour.


Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for ten dolouris deburset be him to ten Dutchmen, quha war newlie spoilyeit and reft be the pirattis, for thair supplie to help thame hame.

18 August 1632.

Commoun vennel.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haue ane warrand for fiftie punds quhilk he hes gevin to Thomas Scott, baxter, for building the stane dyke betuix his landis and the tounes commoun vennel, at command of the magistratis.

1 September 1632.

Perreis Boig.

John Andersoun, bailyie, gatt ane chartour subscrivit of ane aiker of land or thairby nixt to Pirreis Boig, payand thairfoir tuelff schilling be yeir to be contenit in the rentall.

4 September 1632.

Dysert herbrie.

The proueist, bailyeis and counsell, ordanes the thesaurer to give to the commissioneris of Dysert ane hundrethe pund for thair supplie to the building of thair herbrie.

8 September 1632.

fiftie Colledge.

Ordanes the thesaurer to give to the collectour of the Colledge pund to be employet for help of the present work presentlie building.

22 September 1632.

Silvertounhillis loche.

Ordanes the thesaurer to haif ane warrand for the sowme of allevin dollouris, extending to the sowme of threttie ane pundis auchtin schillingis, debursit be him for the consultatioun anent Silvertounhillis loche.


Ordanis the thesaurer to haif ane warrand for the sowme of fourscoir four pundis xv s. iiij d., debursit be him in compleit payment of the haill expenssis wairit and bestowit vpoun the helping of the water this yeir bygane, except Johne Bairdis compt, quhilk is not as yit gevin in, for the creillis and swme small tymmer.


Johne Symesone gat ane chartour subscrivit of four aikeris of land in Gallowmure, he payand yeirlie thairfoir conforme to the rest of the land thair, quha hes payit to the thesaurer fourtie markis money in hand.

2 October 1632.


[At the request of the archbishop, the bailies and council admitted Gabriell Cunynghame, last provost, to be provost for the year to come.


From a leet of six merchants and three craftsmen, named by the provost, bailies and council, the archbishop elected George Barclay and John Barnis, merchants, and Johne Andersone, cordiner, to be bailies.]

5 October 1632.


[The provost and old and new bailies elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be councillors.]

6 October 1632.


[Elected Gabriell Conynghame, provost, to be commissioner to the particular convention of burghs at Edinburgh on 12th inst.]

10 October 1632.

Election of dean of guild, etc.

[Elected Henrie Glen, dean of guild; Niniane Andersone, deacon convener; Niniane Gilhagie, visitor of maltmen and mealmen; Niniane Patersone, treasurer; James Padie, master of work, and eight merchants and eight craftsmen to be stent masters.]

10 November 1632.


Ordanis the thesaurer to haif ane warrand for the sowme of fourtie fyve pundis money debursit be him to Walter Stirling for ane hogheid of wyne furnishit be him for the serving of the tabillis at the ministratioun of the sacrament.

14 November 1632.


Ordanes the thesaurer to give to maisteris John Hammiltoun and James Alderstoun, magisteris of the grammer schole, ilk ane of thame fourtie merk for thair supplie to help the tounes ministeris in preatching as occasioun offers.

29 December 1632.


[The provost was appointed commissioner to the particular convention at Edinburgh on 8th inst.]