Extracts from the records: 1663

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Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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17 January 1663.

Well up the gait.

Recommendis to the deane of gild to caus open againe the wall at the Stincking Vennell, and to remove the old wark therof, and caus mak it lyk the wall in Trongait for service of the inhabitantis.


Recommendis to the bailies to caus deburs quhat they think neidfull for supplie of the quartermaisteris of the sojouris.


Appoyntis Baillie Rae, deane of gild, [and] deacon-convener to compt with Sir James Turner anent the tounes excyse for the moneths of August, September, and October last.

Hie Kirk yaird.

It is statut and ordained that no more thrugh stones be put in the Kirk yaird nor ar alreddie, without consent of the counsell first had and obtained therto, certefeing all who does in the contrarie they sall be holdin as contemners of authoritie, and the stones castine out againe and brokin.


Ordaines the ten dollouris that wer takin from Arthour Kirk, merchand, as ane unlaw, be delyvered to the deacon convener quhen he sall requyr the samyne to set the sone of umquhill Patrik Wilsoune, who was beddell in the Hie Kirk, to ane craft.


Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fourtie pundis deburst be him to John Philp, travellour, to buy a hors.

26 January 1663.

Anent the planting of the kirkis.

The magistrats and counsell taking to ther consideratioune the death and removall of ther faithfull and honest pastoures, wherby now ther haill kirks ar vacand, to their great greiffe, (fn. 1) and being most willing to have ther kirks againe sufficientlie planted with ministers, have concludit and appoyntit to plant the Blackfreir Kirk first; and appoyntis baillies Rae and Colhoun, with Mr. Patrick Bell and Johne Walkinschaw, to informe the bishop heiranent and of ther ardent desyr to have ther haill kirks planted; and to deill with his lordship for the better effectuating therof, anent the planting of Mr. John Bowie; and that according to his lordshipis promeis he would pay pleasantlie to the toun ministers quhat his predicessouris wer in wse of payment. And to speik alsoe to his lordship anent the precenter, and to show that the toun is most willing to bestow on him what was be ther predicessouris on the lyk. As alsoe recommends to the saids persones to speik Mr. Glendie, in the tounes name, anent his exerceising of the ministerie heir.

Report, provest, tack of the excyse of Gorballis.

Johne Bell, provest, having made compt and reckoning of the abaitment grantit of the excyse payable be the toune thes sex moneths immediatlie preceding Maij last was, (fn. 2) and that he haid wairit out and deburst the samyne for obteining severall particulars in favouris of the toune, and especiallie in obtaining ane tack from the shyre of the excys of aill, beir and acquavytie, to be browne and topped within the Gorballis and haill remanent of the parochin of Goveane during the haill tyme of the continowance therof during the act of parliament; quhilk tack the said John Bell, provest, producit and renuncit and gave over the samyn and all benefit can accres therby in favouris of the toun. The quhilk premisses the counsell taking unto ther consideratioune did not onlie accept of the said tack but approved of the said John Bell his debursmentis of the said abaitmentis abovewrittin, for the quhilk he haid not befor this maide compt, but alsoe the counsell returnit great thanks to the said provest for his great paines and dilligence therin, and promised to keip in mynd the same. And soe not only the said Johne Bell was discheargit of all monye he haid formerlie in his handis belonging to the toune, but alsoe thrie pund sterling allowit to be given to Mathew Colquhoune for his hors alledgit lost in the tounes service in the said John Belles companie. And ordaines fyve rex dollouris to be given to Mr. William Nimmo for drawing up of ane paper anent ane bussines belonging to the toune. And farder the said baillies and counsell allowes and approves of the said John Bell his delyvering to Duik Hammiltoune of the assignatioune formerlie subscryvit be them in and to the haill byruns restand awin be the towne of the tynd tack dewtie of the tynd great and small within the parochine of Cambusnethane as being a pairt of the spiritualitie of the archbishoprick of Glesgow since they haid right therto (fn. 3); and obleissis them and ther successouris to renew the same in favouris of any wther person his grace sall desyr them sua to doe at any tyme heirefter. And farder the saids baillies and counsell recommendit to the said John Bell to transact and agrie with William Conynghame, provest of Air, anent the particuller betwixt the toun and them.

Excys, Goveane, Paull.

Recommends to the provest and baillies to have ane cair to set the excyse of the parochin of Goveane, except the Gorballes, and that at the best rait they can for the guid of the toune. And recommends to the deane of gild and thesaurer to acquent the brewers in Meikle Goveane and Partik theranent, and to Claud Paull, officer, to mak the strickest search he can all maner of way for trying out of the malt brought to the Gorballes to be broune.

31 January 1663.

Warrand, Miller, precentor.

Ordaines John Miller to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyve pundis sterling deburst be him to ane young man that com from Aberdein to be precentor heir, and that for defraying of his charges afeild and bak againe.

Dennestoune, captive with the Turks.

Coline Campbell, elder, having made report that (blank) Robesoune who did wryt heir of before anent the liberating of umquhill Androw Dennestounes sone from the slaverie of the Turkis, and Robert Marschell also had spokin to the said Coline the last tyme he was in Edinburgh theranent, ordaines the clark to wryt ane letter to the said Robert Marschell now at Edinburgh to desyre him to speik to the said (blank) Robesoune and to deall with him to sie if he will tak the monye alredie collectit for that end, and to give suretie ather for restorieing of the same or then the captive, the toune securing him for the rest of the ransome.


Consideratioune being had anent the eight schilling Scotis awand out yearlie of the fleshmercat to the craftis hospitall, ordaines the samyne to be bought in be the toune at seavintine yeares purches besyde the byrunes therof.


Ordaines Mr. John Carstaires steipand to be payit to him for the terme of Mertimes last.


Ordaines the officaires to get their clothes, except John Grier, and he to want quhill he mak his compt of the tynd tak dewtie that is restand in his hand. As also ordaines Thomas Finesone who hes the skellet to get a stand clothes.

7 February 1663.

Bowie and Glandie, ministers of this burgh.

Seing that Mr. Johne Bowie and Mr. John Glandie ar now admittit twa of the ordinarie ministeris of this burgh, to preach in the Tron Kirk and Blakfrier Kirk, as they sall be appoyntit, it is concludit therfor that they sall preach in the said twa kirkis vicisim so that he who preaches in the ane kirk foir noone sall preach in the uther in the afternoone; and ordaines the said Mr. John Bowie to begin the morne in the Trongait Kirk and the said Mr. John Glandie in the Blakfriers, and so to conteinow that way vicisim quhill the counselles farder orderis.

Steiple in Briggait.

Recommends to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to provyd for ane knock and ane paill of belles to be put in the steiple now in building in Briggait, and ordaines the tounes armes to be fixit on the belles.

Tounes leid in Hutchesonnes hospitall.

Report was made be the deane of gild that he had caused transport the tounes fourtein sous of leid from the hie kirk and laid the samyn in Hutchesounes Hospitall.

Warrand, Goveane.

Appoynts Mr. Robert Goveane to pay out of the monyes he hes in his handis belonging to the toune to Mr. John Bowie ten pund sterling for service done be him the tyme of the want of the ministers, and alsoe to pay to Mr. John Glendie wther ten pund sterling; and ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Mr. James Crichtoune fyve pund sterling, and to Mr. Robert Young wther fyve pund sterling for service done be them to the toune the tyme of the want of the ministers.

21 February 1663.

New sessioune.

Recommends to the magistrats to deall with the ministers and present sessioune to mak choyse of ane new sessioune; and to recommend to the new sessioune to be electit to set doune ane act that who beis electit and refuissis to accept, to pay fyftie pundis of penaltie, and twelfe shillings to be exactit aff everie on for everie dayes absence without ane sufficient knoune excus.

Foot post.

For the tounes better guid and commoditie to be servit by ane foott post, it is concluded to pay Johne Fergusoune, weiklie, threttie shillings Scottis, to keep and sustein the said foot post.

Dennestoune captive.

Ordaines the clarke to wryt ane letter to Edinburgh to (blank) Robertsoune, in the counsell, to sie if he will accept the fyve hundreth markis collectit for the releiff of John Dennestone, captive with the Turkis, and to give band ather to restor the mony or the captive, the toune giving securitie for payment of the rest of the ransome.

Act anent Bell and Dunckiesoune.

In respect of the incivill, bais, contemptable and unchristian cariage of John Bell, wright, and John Dunckiesoune, brassmith, towardis some of the ministers of Godis word within this burgh, quherof much was confest be themselfes and the rest cleirly made appeir be sundrie probabilities; quhilk bais fact of thairis is not thought worthie to be put upon particular record, it being alreddie sufficientlie knoune both to toune and cuntrie, to their great shame and disgrace, it is therfor concluded and ordained that ilk ane of them pay ane hundreth pundis Scotis to be applyed for the use of the poor and uthir guid commoune workis within the toune and about the same, and is to be performed befor they com out of ward; and wpon Wednesday nixt to come, both of them to be takin to such ane publict place as the magistratis sall think fit and appoynt, and there to be laid in the stockes betwixt ten houres and twelfe houres, with ane paper put on their foirheid shewing that this is done to them for their most uncivill and ungodlie cariage towardis Godis ministers. And furder for their bais and contemptable cariage thir mayne yeares bygaine, during the tyme of the lying of the Inglishes heir, towards the magistratis and wtheris in authoritie, in contempt of laufull authoritie, in all abuses that then fell out, quherin they beheaved themselfes as ringleiders, they ar to be actit for keeping ane moir godlie cariage heirafter, and that they attend God ordinances in all tyme coming, according to the actis of his Majesties privie counsell emittit theranent, and that under the pain of benishment of them of this burgh in all tyme therafter.

7 March 1663.

Feuares, Gorballes.

It is concluded that the toune sall releive the Gorballes of all burdings can com on them throw difficiency of the excyse sua long as they pay fourtie shillings to the toune for ilk mask malt that is broune there, as the toune payes themselfes. And as for bygaine faultis committit be them in breking of their box and the disposing on the bandis and utheris was therin, without consent of the magistratis and counsell of this burgh their superiouris, all theis particulars ar appoyntit to be laid asyd so long as they behave themselfes as becometh tennentis to their maisters. And appoyntis Johne Ker, present baillie of Gorballes, to tak in all the bandis that ar to the foir belonging to the fewares of the Gorballes and wer takin out of the said box and to keep them wp; and to sie Claud Paull, officer, pay it out of the first end therof of his bygane fielles.


Ordaines Mr. Robert Goveane to caus arreis Silvertounhilles haill dewties awand to him out of the Provan in securitie of that quhilk he is awand to the toune and also to tak securitie of theis who ar to pay for twa chalder of tynd in lew of that quhilk the said laird is obleist to pay yearlie to the toun and the dean of gild to put the said Mr. Robert to it.


Ther was red ane letter direct from Alexander Robertsoune, in Edinburgh, anent the releiving of John Dennestoune now under the Turkis, quherupon it is appoyntit that the fyve hundredth markis be sent east upon Robert Marschelles report of the sufficiency of the man.


Ordaines the maister of work to sett the pewes in the Laigh Kirk.

Dunckesone's fyne divyded.

It is ordained that the hundreth pundis consignit be John Dunkiesoune, brassmith, be divydit as fallowes, to the persones after specifeit for their supplie, viz., to Barbara Conynghame, relict of umquhill Johne Bogill, thriescoir pundis, but quhat shoe is awand to Hutchesounes hospitall is appoyntit to be payit to the collectour aff the first end therof; to Walter Wilsoune, merchand, twentie pundis, and to Patrik Buntine, smith, twentie pundis.

14 March 1663.

Bands producit.

There was brought home be John Young, out of Edinburgh, and producit on the counsell table, bands quhilkis wer grantit be the lait Argyll, viz., ane band to the toune for ten thousand pundis, ane wther to Hutchesounes hospitall quhilk belongs now to the toune for ten thousand markis, quhilkis ar ordained to be put wp againe quher they wer taken wp; (fn. 4) ane uther for eight hundreth pundis awand to Hutchesones hospitall quhilk is delyvered to John Walkinshaw, now maister therof.

xx li. starling to be payit to the poor.

The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how that for all the paines takin, the poor in toune being so numerous and the contributioune allotit for their monethlie mentinance being so litle and cannot be gottin in tymeouslie notwithstanding of all the great paines and expenssis waired out upon twa men and several officers to atend them in collecting therof. As also how that their ar verie manye persones in the contributioune rollis who vexes the magistratis dailie with there complentis theranent, crying out that they have nothing to pay and had neid of contributioune themselfes, and yet for all that their potis, pannes, stoups and wther their household geir is poyndit for the same, quherby the said magistratis ar in great vexatioune, and so the poor ar frustrat and so not tymeouslie payit and supplied as they aught, quhilk occasiounes many and divers supplicatiounes to be brought in befoir the counsell for supplie, quhilk aught not to be, and so the counsell is drawne therby to verie great charges and expenssis; for remeid quherof and mainlie for tymeous supplie to be given to the poor, and in answer to the supplicatioune made be the ministers and kirk sessioune theranent to the saidis magistratis and counsell, the aforsaidis magistratis and counsell hes concluded that there sall be payit monethlie be the thesaurers of this burgh the sowme of twentie pundis starling for the use of the said poor and to begin (blank). But first of all it is ordained that ane search be made throw the whoill toune be the magistrats and such of the sessioune as sall be appoyntit that all straingers, being beggers and burdingsome persones to the toune, be takin notice of and put out of the same, and notice taken also of all persones who hes set houssis to any of that qualitie and their names given to the magistratis to the effect they may be punished according to the former proclamatiounes; discharging the setting of houssis to straingers and mainlie to beggers and burdingsome persones. And then that the haill poor rolles be revised and all put and deleit out therof that aught to be and wtheris to be added, but non to be keeped nor added therto but the tounes awine poor allenerlie. As also it is ordained that during the tounes payment of the said sowm abovewryttin, monethlie, that no bill be given in or hard at counsell table for helpe or supplie to any maner of persone or persones; and the payment of the said twentie pundis starling monethlie is to indur and conteinow during the will and pleasour of the said provest, baillies, and counsell and their successouris allenerlie quhill they caus sett doune ane new contributioune roll for ingathering and collecting the poors contributioune from the inhabitantis as formerlie for their supplie within the same conforme to the lawes of this kingdome sett doun theranent.

To survay the toune.

Appoyntis the thrie baillies, deane of gild, and deacon conveiner, and wtheris whom they sall pleas to joyne to themselfes to divyd the toune in severall partes as they sall think convenent and to mak diligent search for all strangers being beggers and burdingsome persones to the toune, and to expell and put them aff the same, and to tak up the names of all such as hes sett houssis to such persones, that ordour may be takin with them, conforme to priour proclamatiounes emittit theranent.

Campsies wyne.

Appoyntes Hugh Neisbit to goe to Dumbartane with ane letter to show that ane strainger, callit Mr. Campsie, hes brought in to Clyd some Spanish wyne quhilk his servand had sold at Calies to Niniane Andersoune; and becaus the wyne did not ansuer to the expectatioune of the parties havand intres they wer willing to quat the bargane, and the strainger was willing to quat them; and so it seimes the strainger is willing to mak ane offer of the said wynes to the twa burghes, Glasgow and Dumbartane; and in that caise the said Hugh is heirby commissionat to joyne with the commissioner of Dumbartane to heir the strainger and to doe therin quhat sall be thought most conducable for the guid of the twa burghes; quherat the saidis magistratis and counsell obleissis them to abyd; and ordanes the clark to subscryve both ane letter and commissione to him for that effect.

4 April 1663.


It is concluded be pluralitie of votis that the letteres of captioune the toune hes against the laird of Silvertounhill be put to executioune against him and that ane proces of apprysing be led on his landis, and this to be done be sight of the magistratis, dean of gild, and deacon conveiner; and they ar to put Mr. Robert Goveane, wrytter, to it to sie thir things performed.

For Dennestoune's liberatioune.

Appoyntis the fyve hundreth markis that was collectit for friething of John Dennestoune, under the slaverie of the Turkis, be sent east to Edinburgh, be sight of baillie Rae, after he hes spokin to Robert Marschell therintill.

Differences betwixt Glasgow and Dumbartan.

Foirsuameikle as report was made be the provest that the provest of Dumbartane being heir laitlie he declared to him that he wold deal with their toune counsell to obteane ane warrand for that burgh for removing of all differences betwixt the twa burghes if the provest of this burgh wold doe the lyk with this counsell; and quhat difference should be fund among them might be referred to the decisioune of the chancellour; quherwpon the saids baillies and counsell does heirby commissionat John Bell, present provest of this burgh, to meit with the provest of Dumbartane for that effect if he obtein the lyk warrand fra the counsell of Dumbartane for effectuating the premissis forsaid as said is.

Vennell well.

The keyes of the well at the vennell is delyvered to Robert Bell, tailyeour, and he is to have twa dollouris yeirlie for his attending therupon.


Appoyntis the maister of work to give weiklie to Patrik Baird, merchand, during the tyme of his wyfes distractioune, twentie schilling Scotis

8 April 1663.

Land neir the fleschmercat.

Appoyntes the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to try who hes power to sell the ruinous landis on the east syd of the fleshmercat, with the rige of land at the bak therof, and of their willingnes to sell the samyne.

Venter seck.

Appointis the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to appoynt some of their number as they think convenient to taist the seck now cellered be Mr. Campsie.

9 April 1663.

Campsies wyne seck.

Report was made by the deane of gild that, conforme to ordouris, he had conveined the members of his hous anent the bargane of seck imported be Mr. Campsie, and that the most pairt of them inclyned not to tak the samyne, but that some of their number had consented to tak the halfe therof. And the deacon conveiner made his report that he had done the lyk with the craftis, but that as yit he could not give ane direct ansuer, but desyred tyme to fyve houres in the afternoone this day for that effect, quhilk was grantit. Therafter Mathow Aikine and Coline M'Loukas compeired, as pairt of theis of the merchandis who had undertakin to receive the merchandis halfe, and producit a subscrivit tikit under their handis quhilk was given bak againe, yit it was told them be the provest that unles the craftis took there halfe the said Mathow Aikine and his pertiners wold get non unles they took the haill. Therafter all things theranent was conteinowed to this day at fyve aclok in the afternoone; and the dean of gild to mak his report to baillie Colhoune (blank) and Frederik Hammiltoune of his acceptatioune or not. And if he refuised then the said baillie Colhoune and wtheris wer to sie the toune fred and to declair to the strainger that he had libertie to sell his wyne to whom he wold, he not wronging the liberties of the toune.

Bands cancellet.

The band formerlie grantit to William Andersoune of 3000 markis as a pairt of the pryce of Lynnings haugh was producit and riven, the samyne being payit be Mr. Robert Goveane conforme to his compt.

18 April 1663.

Removing strangers and burdingsom persones.

There was producit the rolles of all strangers, beggers, and burdingsome persones, be theis who wer formerlie appoyntit to survey the toune. It is therfor ordained that theis who wer appoyntit to mak the said survey to sie all theis whom they think fitt put off the toune and that betwixt and Witsonday nixt; and to goe about all meines for effectuating therof, and to give in their dilligence theranent heirafter; and ordaines ane proclamatioune to be drawine up and sent throw the toune quhen it sould be thought fit commanding all the said strangers to remove, and they to be frie of ony maill paying. And to discharge all maner of persones to sett any houssis to the lyk heirafter, under the paine of the tinsell of their friedome within the burgh and farder punishment be sight of the magistratis.

Monye to Holland.

It is concluded that the monye quhilk is to be deburst for the paill of belles to the steiple in Briggait be sent to Holland upon the tounes venter.


It is concluded that the axeltrie now lying at Hutchesounes hospitall be giftit frielie to Sir James Dunrumple according to the desyr of ane letter.

Personage of Glasgow.

It is concluded that all meanes be used and gon about for disolving the personage of Glasgow from the bischoprik, and to get the same allocat for payment of the steipends to the ministers of this burgh and barrony; and recommends this to the cair of the provest, baillie, counsell, and such uthers they please to joyne with them for effectuating the said mater.

Inglis, musicianer.

Appoyntis Mr. Patrik Bell and Frederik Hammiltoune to meit with Robert Inglis, who offered himselfe to teach musick within this burgh, and they to try what he wold be att and to report.


Grantis licence to Johne Cauldwall to put ane through ston in the hie kirk yaird, he paying the kirk thesaurer ten markis.

Wilsonne, bedle.

Patrik Wilsoune, sone laufull to umquhill Patrik Wilsoune, ane of the bedelis of the Hie Kirk, is admittit and receavit to serve as bedle in the Blackfrier Kirk in place of umquhill Arthour Hammiltoune.

9 May 1663.

Beggers to remove aff toune.

Ordaines ane proclamatioune to be publictlie sent throw the toune, with touk of drum, commanding all theis who wer chargit to remove off the toune as strangers, beggers, and burdingsome persones, that they remove betwixt and Witsonday nixt, or at that terme precislie, with certificatioune to all who neglectis to doe the same sall be punished and publictlie benished, to their shame and disgrace, and to declair that they may remove without payment of ony maill to their landlord, in respect their houssis wer sett to them who ar such as against prior proclamatiounes that was emitted theranent; and to discharge any to sett houssis to ony persones of the lyk qualitie, under the paine of tinsell of their friedome and farder punishing of them in their persone and guidis be sight of the magistrat.

Pollok to Silveraigs.

James Pollok is appoyntit to ryd doune to Silver Craigs, and ther, as the tounes baillie, to hold ane court and to appoynt ane factour for collecting of the rentis thairof for the tounes use.


Grantis licence to James Bogill to put ane thrugh stone in the Hie Kirk yaird, he paying to the thesaurer of the kirk sessioune as uthers does for the lyk.


In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be William Makie in Dumbartane, craving licence to collect ane contributioune for making wp of his loses, and conforme to the act of parliament made in his favouris theranent, it is concludit that it sall be leasome to the said William or ony twa for him to collect ane contributioune throw the toune for ony thing they please to give that way.


It is concluded that Robert Snype, couper, sall have the place in Hutchesounes hospitall last occupied by umquhill Mr. Johne Smith.

Aires of umquhill John Stewart.

The provest, baillies, and counsell of the said burgh being conveined, and taiking to their consideratioune how that Johne Stewart, elder, maissoun, burges of the samyne, did mak and constitut the provest, baillies, and counsell therof for the tyme, his laufull sessionaris and assignayes in and to the soume of thrie thowsand merkis, and that for the use of the repairing of that kirk within the samyne called the Blackfrier Kirk, quherof twa thowsand merks was adebtit be William Lightbodie, maltman, burges of the said burgh, and the uther thowsand merks be John Stewart, younger, maissoune, burges therof; quhilk twa thowsand merks that was awand be the said William Lightbodie is now upliftit be the said provest, baillies, and counsell for the use for the quhilk the samyne was then destinat and appoyntit be the said defunct, and the forsaid wther thowsand markis that was awand be the forsaid umquhill John Stewart, younger, is yet restand awand unpayit. And now seing that Jonet and Mareon Stewarts, laufull doughters to the said umquhill John Stewart, younger, hes obtenit themselves dewlie servit airis to the forsaid umquhill John Stewart, elder, their guidsiris laufull brother, and therby intends to quarrell and impugne the forsaid assignatioune and right maide be the said umquhill John Stewart, elder, as being ane deid done be him to their prejudice in lecte egritudinis, [it was arranged that the magistrates and council should renounce any claim to the 1,000 merks on condition that they were allowed to retain the 2,000 merks already received.]

23 May 1663.

New key.

Recomendis to the provest [and four others] to have ane cair of the new key now in building at the Broomelaw, and to sie it doune in height, and in baking and all wther wayes as they think fittest.

Bank, xxix of Maij to be keepit.

Ordaines ane proclamatioune be sent throw the toune for keeping the xxix of Maij instant in all things conforme to the act of parliament.


Appoyntis baillie Rae [and two others] to sie the loane at the Round Croft justit, conforme to the old meithes, and therafter to be calsayed.

Warrand, thesaurer, new key.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie pundis starling deburst be him to Johne Clark, msasoune, in pairt payment of his building the new key at the Broomelaw.

2 June 1663.

Commonne guidis.

The quhilk day, being the first Twesday of Junij instant and so the ordinarie day appoyntit for rouping of the commoune guidis of this burgh, and the magistratis and counsell being conveined upon the Grein, conforme to old use and wont for that effect, after laufull rouping the mlynes and casualities belonging therto wer sett [for a year for 7,650 merks], and that by and attour fyftie bolles grund malt to be payit ather to the bischop or to the toune as the toune sall give ordouris conforme to old use and wont. ["Laidles and haill casualities belonging therto," 2,350 merks; "custome and casualities of the meilmercat and pekis," 980 merks; "the dewties and casualities of the trone," 980 merks; "brig and custome and casualities therof,"1,670 merks; "gras of the Meikle Grein," £80; "the excys of acquavytie toppit and sold within this burgh," £19 "starling" (£228 Scots); "gras of St. Mungowes Litle Kirk yaird is set to John Andersoune, elder, of Dowhill, for payment of a rex dollour quhilk he presentlie payit in hand to the officeris."]

6 June 1663.

Bell, bibliothecar.

In answer to the supplicatioun given in befor them be Mr. James Bell, sone laufull to Mr. Robert Bell, minister at Dalry and burges of this burgh, cravand ane presentatioune to that place as to be bibleothecar in the college of Glasgow, now at the tounes gift and presentatioune, conforme to the contract and appoyntment past betwixt them and the moderatouris and members of the said college theranent, the said provest, baillies, and counsell, for certane guid consideratiounes moving them towards the said Mr. James, being ane burges sone and oy to their old reverend and worthie pastour, umquhill Mr. Johne Bell, who sometyme servit the cure of the ministrie here during his lyfetyme, they have given and grantit, and be thir presentis gives and grantis to the said Mr. James Bell ane presentatioune to the said vacant place as to be bibleothecar in the said college, with the haill dewes and casualities belonging therto, and that for the space of four yeares furth and fra Michaelmes nixt to cum, and willis and desyres the principall, professouris, and regentis to admitt and receave him therto conforme to the tenour of the said contract.

Glendie, steipand.

The provest having made report that he had spoken to Mr. John Glendie, conforme to the counsellis ordouris, it is unanimouslie concludit that the said Mr. Johne sall be in als guid conditioune in relation to his steipand as his predicessouris wer in use of payment.

New key.

Recommendis to the provest, baillies, deane of gild, deacon conveiner, to lay downe ane way how the back of the new key at the Broomelaw should be filled up with sand; and in the interim appoyntis ane bank to be sent throw the towne for commanding the maisteris of famellies to send out their servandis for beiring of sand for that effect.

13 June 1663.

Stranger beggers to remove.

It is ordained ane bank be sent throw the toune be touk of drum to command all theis who wer accomptit as straingers and burdingsome persones to remove aff the toune with all dilligence, with certificatioune to all who refuises sall be kairted publictlie throw the toune, and all their landlordis to be punished conforme to the will of the magistratis.

New key.

Appoyntis the key at the Broomelaw to be heightit twa stones heigher nor it was ordained to be of befor; and ordaines the deane of gild to try for moir oakin timber ather in the Hie Kirk or bak galrie for faceing therof.

Blowing of mutton forbidden.

Considering that all sort of blowing of mutton is discharged, and that now the fleshouris, slayers of mutton, does mak holles in the foirmost leg and therby workis in wind throw the whoill bouk, to the great greiff of the beholders, and cannot eshew to be dangerous to theis who makis use therof; and therfor it is declared be the said magistratis and counsell that such working of muttone sall be punished conforme to the blowing of mutton; and ordaines intimatioune heirof to be made to the haill fleshouris.

Warrand, Campbell, parliament.

Recommendis to the provest to repair east to Edinburgh against the doune sitting of the parliament; and ordaines Robert Campbell, younger, to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyftie pundis starling deburst be him to the provest in pairt payment of the charges to be susteined be him to ane compt.

4 July 1663.

Excise passing to the Illes.

It is resolved that no discharge or warrand be given to any maner of persone who repaires to the Isles for herring fishing to gett any excyse of their malt frie under cullour for brewing of the samyne for the use of their company, unles they transport that their malt aff the kingdome.

New key.

Recommends to theis who ar appoyntit to have ane cair of the new key to compt and end with John Clark for building therof and give ordour for his payment.

Building of smiddies.

It is declared be the said magistratis and counsell that it sall not be leasome to any maner of persone within this burgh heirafter to build ane smiddie within any landis or tenementis within the said burgh, unles the haill tenement, heigh and laigh, belong to the builder, or then the builder obtein licence of theis that aught the landis above him.

25 July 1663.


The magistratis having receavit letteres from the provest shewing that Scotistarbett was insisting in his caus of improbatioune of his mortificatioune, after consideratioune had therof it was resolvit that the samyne should be defendit so far as law wold.


It was concludit that ane contributioun should be made throw the toune for helpe of that poor man who had his landis brunt in Drumfries.

Warrand, drogs and plaisteris.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of threttie eight pundis four shillings deburst be him to James Frank for drogs, plaisters, and wtheris, bestowed by him wpon the curing of divers poor persones recommendit be the magistratis to him for that effect.

Warrand, bell ringing.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ten pundis monye deburst be him to Androw Thomsoune, bedell in the Laigh Kirk, for the ringing of the counsell and deane of gildis bell, conforme as James Watsoune his predicessour got of befor.

Well, Wast Port.

Ordaines the new builded well outwith the Wast Port to be opened.

21 August 1663.


Appoyntis the keyes of the new wall outwith the Wast Port to be delyvered to William Simpsoune, merchand, to the effect he may mak the best use therof he can during the counselles will allenerlie.

Hous in muir of Gorballes.

Recomendis to John Ker, baillie in Gorballes, to sett the tounes hous in the muir to John Sheilles in Titwood the best commodious way he can for the tounes guid.

Well in Stockwelgait.

Recommendis to the deacon conveiner and wtheris of the counsell dwelling in Stockwelgait to advert and sie to the commone well ther that it be not wronged, as is reported, by washing therat or utherwayes.


Recommendis to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to advert to the wrong done by the fleshouris by tuging and touking and cutting the sheip skines.

5 September 1663.

Colquhoune and Barnes to Edinburgh.

Appoyntis baillie Colhoune and the deane of gild to attend the provest at the clois of the parliament.

6 October 1663.

The magistratis conteinowed for a year to cum.

The thrie baillies and counsell being conveined (this being the ordinarie day for the electioune of their magistratis) there was ane letter producit direct to them from the archbischop of Glasgow, shewing him to be necessarlie deteined at Edinburgh for his Majesties service in attending the parliament, and so could not attend with them at this tyme, and therfor desyred that the present magistratis might be conteinowed for the fallowing year as they wer the year preceding. After reading quherof the said baillies and counsell, in ane voyce, war content that John Bell, who was provest this last year, should conteinow provest for a year to com, conforme to the tenour of the said bischops letter. And as for the electioune of the baillies, they being ever of befor given out be lytis conteining nyne persones, out of the quhilkis the said archbishop was in use to nominat thrie to bear office as baillies, and that at the ordinarie tyme; after much reasoning to and again it was concluded, be pluralitie of votis, that the old baillies, they ar to say, James Campbell, Robert Rae, and James Colhoune, should remain yit baillies of this burgh for the year enshewing, with this protestatioune and provisioune allenerlie, that this forme of electioune should be nowayes hurtfull or prejudiciall to the tounes liberties heirafter for setting doune of lytis for choysing out therof their baillies as formerlie, according to the burghis libertie and priviledge used of befor in choysing their said baillies; as also without prejudice of theis laudable actis of counsell set doune of befor whereby it is statut and ordained that non should bear office as baillies within this burgh longer than ane year, and that they should not be put on lyt againe for twa yeares therafter. And then, according to the first protestatioune and provisioune, the said James Campbell, Robert Rae, and James Colhoune, at the earnest requeist and desyre of the said counsell, did accept the said office of bailliarie in and wpon them, and gave their oathes de fideli administratione therintill as use is.

15 October 1663.

Provest, report.

Johne Belle, who was provest the last year, being withdrawne, throw attending the parliament, from the ordinarie day of electioune and sua absent that day, and being conteinowed provest conforme to the tenour of that act, and being now present, did accept the said charge in and wpon him, and gave his oathe de fideli administratione therintill as effeires. Lyk as he made report of sundrie of his actings at parliament since he went last there, quhilk wer all approvin be the baillies and counsell, (fn. 5) who appoyntit the baillies, deane of gild, and deacon conveiner to meit with the said John Bell, provest, and to compt with him anent quhat the toune is awand him for his attendence and wther debursmentis. . . . And now after compt there is fund to be awand the provest threttie eight pundis starling to compleit him fullie, to be payit out of the excyse.

Act anent the forme and manner of choysing the tounecounsell heirafter.

The provest, baillies, and counsell of the said burgh, being conveined and taking to their consideratioune the great abuses may be and fall in be the electioune of the toune counsell throw the unboundarie limit of the provest in the electioune therof, throw his particular nominatioune of theis who ar to be choysen, and seing that by ane most laudable act set doune of befor and subscrivit be the whoill counsell for the tyme, in tokin of their approbatioune of the samyne, anent the number of the persones who should be present at the choysing of the said toune counsell, the then magistratis and counsell intending to mak the samyne of greater authoritie, hes therfor enactit, statut and ordained that in all tyme coming the last present electit provest and baillies for the tyme, with theis that did bear office as provest and baillies within this burgh the twa yeares imediatlie preceiding, shall meit at the ordinarie tyme, being warned conforme to the said priour act for electing of the said counsell; and now, for preventing of the said unboundarie limit of the provest, it is this day enactit, statut and ordained that the provest, altho president in the said meiting and electioune of the said counsell, sall not have libertie to nominat in ane lyt ane counsellour with ane wther counsellour; and if the rest of theis who ar present sall differ from the said provest in lyting of persones ane vott then sall decyd the samyne whither that persone or ony uther the rest of the electouris pleaseth to nominat sall be the persone to be lytit; and that the persone lytit be of the gravest, soberest, most prudent, and most peacable dispositiounes within the burgh, alwayes astricting themselfes to the merchand and treds according to the priviledge of the burgh.

Craftis hospitall.

Ordaines the deacon conveiner to be satisfeit in name of the poor of the craftis hospitall of viij s. of annualrent they had to be wpliftit out of the fleshmercat yearlie, and that conforme to seavintine yeares purches.

Counsell to be choysen.

In respect the provest could not conveniently attend the electioune and choysing of the counsell on Fryday last the ordinarie day for a year to com, appoyntis the same to be done on Fryday nixt, and the deane of gild, deacon conveiner, and uther office bearers wpon Wednesday nixt.

16 October 1663.

Counsell choysen.

Conveined John Bell, provest, James Campbell, Robert Rae, and James Colhoune, new electit baillies, with Mr. Patrik Bell, William Cumyng, and Andrew Moodie, who bear office as baillies within this burgh the year imediatlie preceiding that year the said present baillies war first choysen, and that for electing the toun counsell for a year to come; and they being wanting of the full number for that effect, conforme to priour actis, fyve persones, they present did elect theis fallowing to mak up the said number, viz., John Andersoune, elder, Frederick Hammiltoune, John Walkinshaw, James Pollok, and John Miller, decon conveiner, who being sent for com and being sittin doune they all made choyse of the persones fallowing to be on the said toune counsell for the year to come, viz.:— Merchands—Coline Campbell, elder [and twelve others]; crafts—Androw Moodie [and eleven others]. And ordaines them all to be warned be ane toune officer to meit the morrow in the counsell hous at ten houres to accept and give their oathes as use is.

17 October 1663.


Recomendis to the magistratis to caus try out thrie men who ar meit for puting the beggers aff the streit, and who refuissis to undertak that the magistratis if they think fitt benish them aff the toune.

Accidentall fyre.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in be Thomas Wast in Gorballes, who had laitlie his houssis and all the guidis therin brunt by accidentall fyre, it is concluded be the magistratis and counsell that for his supplie and wtheris who hes suffered by fyre that there be ane collectioune made throw the haill toune from hous to hous, and for this effect made choyse of the persones fallowing, viz. [two persons for each of (1) the Wyndheid quarter; (2) the nixt quarter and the north syd of the Gallowgait; (3) the haill Trongait; (4) the Stockwelgait and Wyndis; (5) the Saltmercat and sowth syd of the Gallowgait; (6) the Briggait], and they are appoyntit to give in their monye they ar to collect to theis who sall be appoyntit be the counsell to receave the same to the effect it may be distribut conforme to the counsellis ordour. And recommendis to Mr. Patrik Bell to speik to the ministers and to desyre them to exhort the people to extend their charitie for so pious a work.


Ordanes the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyftie four shilling starling deburst be him to (blank) Mein, merchand, burges of Edinburgh, for diurnalles and wther letters furnished be him to this burgh theis (blank) weikis bygaine.

21 October 1663.


Conveined John Bell, provest [bailies and "ordinarie counsellouris"], and for electioune of the deane of gild and deacon conveiner the persones after specifeit wer aded to them, viz. [the deacons of the cordiners, baxters, weavers, chyrurgeanes, wrights, and bonnetmakers; and the visitor of maltmen], as also John Cauldwall [and six others].

Deane of gild.

From a leet of three persons presented by the merchant rank, John Barnes was continued deane of guild.

Deacon conveiner.

From a leet of three persons presented by the crafts rank, John Miller was continued deacon convener.


And therafter the fornamed persones, aded to the magistratis and counsell for electing the deane of gild and deacon conveiner, being removed, the persones fallowing wer put on lyt that ane of them might be choysen thesaurer of this burgh for the year enshewing, viz., Robert Campbell, younger, John Boill, merchandis; quhilkis being votted, be pluralitie of votis, the said Robert Campbell was choysen thesaurer.

Water bailie.

From a leet of two, John Boill elected water bailie.


From a leet of five, including the "old visitour," presented by the maltmen, John Wallace was chosen visitour.

Maister of wark.

From a leet of two, John Orr was continued master of work.

24 October 1663.

Statutis, breid, tallow, and candle.

It is statut and ordained that the wheit breid, tallow and candle be sold for a year to com at the pryces fallowing, viz., the twelfe penny loaff, weill bakin of fyne flour, weigh ten unces thrie drops, according to the table set doune anent the pryce of wheit, and so the twa shilling, iij s., iiij s., v s., and vj s. loaffes conforme be sold according to the said weight. Item, the staine of ruch tallow to be sold for fyftie shilling, and the stone of weill made candle for fyftie eight shilling, under the paines conteined in the old actis set doune theranent. And does ratifie the said haill old actis published yearlie for guid ordour keeping in burgh; and ordaines the same to be proclamed on Wednesday nixt.

31 October 1663.

Executoures, Blair.

Ordaines the executouris of umquhill Mr. Hugh Blair to be payit of his halfe yeares stipend that was awand at Witsonday last, they allowing first quhat was awand be the defunct to the poor of the merchand hospitall.


Recommendis to Johne Young, the tounes agent, Scotistarbetis busines, and he to adverteis the toune tymouslie quhen it is callit.

Foot post.

Forsuameikle as the hors post is dischargit, it is concludit that Johne Fergusoune, post, be conteinowed foott post, and to have as before thrie pundis Scotis per weik, and he onlie to receave a penny starling for ilk letter he receaves, and als much for ilk letter homwardis.

7 November 1663.

Beddelis and shoolmasteres

Ordaines the haill kirk officiares and haill persones who keepes Scotis scooles in toune to be wairned to compeir the nixt counsell day and show their warrand.

10 November 1663.

Clark, Broomelaw.

It is concluded, be pluralitie of votis, that John Clark, measoune, be not payit of the monye awand be the toune to him quhill first be mak wp againe the defect of the new peir he builded at the Broomelaw.

14 November 1663.

Report, Rae, beggers.

It being formerlie recomendit to the baillies to try out some men who wold keep the beggers aff the streitis, baillie Rae made report that he had delt with John Williamsoune theranent, who was willing to undertak the said charge, and recommendis to him yit to agrie with him and put him to it.

Bell and Pollok to Edinburgh.

After dew consultatioune had, be plurality of votis, Mr. Patrik Bell and James Pollok ar made choyse of to repair to Edinburgh and to attend the sessioune there anent the summondis of wakining given be Dumbartane to the toune of the old caus, Scotistarbetis busines, William Livingstounes particular anent the tobacco, and the caus that is lyklie to fall in anent the minister of the Barrony Kirk stipend.


It is recomendit to the provest or ony wtheris he pleaseth to tak with him to deall with Mr. David Liddell anent the charge [he] hes to give to the toune anent his stipend, and to setle with him the best way he can for the tounes guid, that that caus may be turned in the right channell.


Recomendis to Niniane Andersoune to buy in the twa aikers of land in Linnings haugh that is not yit bought the best commodious way he can.

Hie Kirk.

It being formerlie recomendit to baillie Colhoune and the deane of gild to sight and vew the rooff of the Hie Kirk, in respect of the raine falles therin in great aboundance, it was reportit be them that they did find the north syd of the said rooff verie farr decayed; and appoyntis the samyne to be yit sightit be them and wtheris of the counsell and to report.


The kirk beddelles being conveined anent the neglect of their dewtie, ordaines ilk ane of them to carie in their hands, at all respective meitings of divyne service, ane whyt staff, as was in use of old, not onlie for wakining thois that sleips in the kirk but also to walk to and fro, from corner to corner, in the kirkis, for removing of bairnes and boyes out of the kirkis who trubles the same by making of din in tyme of divyne service.

Licence to shool keepers.

The persones fallowing wer permitted to keep and hold Scotis shooles within the toune, they and their spoussis, if they ony have, keepand and attending the ordinances within the samyne, viz.:—Jonet Ramesay in Drygait, Elizabeth Miller, Williame Bogill, Marian Watsoune, spous to William M'Nab, Alexander Wilsoune, George Steinstounes wyfe, Mr. Johne Moresoune and his spous, John Patersoune, Margaret Murray, George Frissall, William Broik, Robert Forrest, Agnes Hutchesoune, Elisabeth Boyd, Jeane Mauchen.

Licence Haddow.

Licence is grantit to James Hadden, sone laufull to umquhill Mr. Johne Hadden, to keep and hold ane Scotis school within this burgh, he keeping and attending the ordinances within the samyne.

21 November 1663.

Collectionne Gorballes.

It is to be remembrit that the collectioune made for the Gorballis, being four hundereth four scoir and twelffe pundis, is put in the handis of William Cummyng, to be distribut to thes who susteined loas throw the fyr in the Gorballis laitlie accordinglie as he sall be ordoured.

Justice Court.

It is concludit that the justice court be holdin and keiped every last Tewsday in the moneth.

Anent thrugh stanes.

It is statuit and ordained that noe thrugh staine in the hie kirk yaird be made heigher nor ane foot height above the grund, for eshewing of trublles that commounlie aryssis there by buring of the deid. And grants licens to Robert Finnesoune to put ane staine in the said kirk yaird.

Licence, Bernardon, french shoolmaister.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in be James Bernardon, professour of the French tongue, danceing and fencing, after consideratioune had thairof, they grant to him licence and libertie to hold and keep a shool for that effect; and the lyk licence is not to be grantit to any uther persone for the space of fyve yearis. As also they have condeschendit that he sall be frie during the said space of all impositiones and burdings; and to have ane yearlie fiell of fourtie shillings starling.

29 November 1663.

Letter to Edinburgh anent the hie kirk.

Ordaines the clark to wryte ane letter in the counsellis name to Mr. Patrik Bell at Edinburgh to petitioune the privie counsell anent the decayed conditioune of the fabrik of the hie kirk, and that the Kings Majestie may be informed thairanent and some meane to be fund out for repairing therof.

Hie kirk paisses.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Peter Clark ten markis for drawing of the hie kirk paisses.

5 December 1663.

Letter to the clarkofsecreit counsell.

Appointis ane letter to be sent to the clark of the secret counsell in relatioune to ane letter sent heir be the lordis therof anent the subscryving of the declaratioune.

Wilsoune to keip the key of the well at the south port.

Ordaines Jonet Wilsoune, who dwelles neir the Barresyet and narrest to that commoune well there, to get the keyes of the said well delyvered to her, and shoe to be payit for attending the opening and closing therof as wtheris was of befor.

19 December 1663.

Letter to the secreit councell.

Ordaines ane letter to be sent to the lordis of his Majesties most honorabill privie councell, in answer to that direct be them to this place, and ordaines the clark to subscryve the same in name of the councell.

Provest to Edinburgh.

In regaird the contraversie betwixt this burgh and Dumbartane is to fall in in Januarij nixt, after the Yuill vacance, ordaines the provest to ryd to Edinburgh for that effect after the first day of Januarij nixt; and to tak with him whom he pleaseth.


In respect Johne Orr, tailyour, is becum both old and poor, and is persewit befor the lordis of councill and sessioune anent the right he hes to the landis quhair he dwelles, so that if he be not helped he will prove burdingsome to the toune; ordaines a letter thairfor to be derect to Mr. Patrik Bell to imploy ane advocat to pleyd for him, and to doe his best to get him inrolled in the poores roll.

Hie way, brigs to Goveane.

Recommends to the provest, baillie Rae, the deane of gild, John Walkinshaw and deacon conveiner, to meit and convein togither and to consider wpon the best wayes for helping of the brigs betwixt this burgh and Goveane.


  • 1. Previous to the restoration of episcopacy in 1661, the town council owned the teinds and paid the stipends of all the ministers. The ministers whose stipends were so paid in 1660 were—
    Scots Money.
    Barony—Mr. Donald Cargill, £866 13 4
    Cathedral or Inner High—
    Mr. Ralph Rodger, 1,013 6 8
    Do. (Collegiate)—Mr. John Carstairs,— 730 0 0
    Outer High (Collegiate)—
    Mr. Robert M'Quaird, 730 0 0
    Tron—Mr. Hugh Blair, 720 12 0
    Cargill, Rodger, and Carstairs were deposed in 1662; M'Quaird was indicted for treason in July, 1661; and Blair died on 27th January, 1663. Mr. George Young, who held the collegiate charge of the Tron had died on 26th March, 1659, and the last moiety of his stipend (£220 12s.) was paid by the town to his relict in 1659-60. Mr. Patrick Gillespie, who is said to have been minister of the Outer High church, was also principal of the college, and no stipend appears to have been paid to him by the town in 1660. He was indicted for treason in 1661.
  • 2. By act 1644, c. 137, parliament resolved that to meet the cost of the Scots armies in England and Ireland money should be raised "be way of excise," leviable on certain commodities, conform to a prescribed table of rates. The excise thus imposed was to last only for a year, but it was continued by subsequent enactments. By 1645, c. 45, town councils were appointed to collect the excise in burghs, they being allowed to retain ten per cent. towards expenses of collection and for charitable purposes. Two years later (1647, c. 252) the system of farming was introduced. Previous entries in the records afford particulars regarding the collection and farming of the excise in Glasgow. By act of parliament 1661, c. 128, excise duties were imposed on various commodities to provide an annuity to the king of £40,000 sterling for maintenance of his forces and defraying the charges of government. Of this sum the proportion levied from the town of Glasgow was £1,744 4s. sterling yearly. By act 1662, c. 74, parliament gave relief to various shires and burghs, including Glasgow, which was reduced to the extent of £19 monthly over and above a previous abatement of £30 monthly, making together £588 sterling yearly. A further reduction was made in 1663 (c. 28), when the proportion of excise payable by Glasgow was fixed at £1,076 4s. sterling yearly.
  • 3. These teinds were acquired by the city in 1641 [see Glasgow Charters, II., p. 419].
  • 4. So far as ascertained there is no record of this advance of money to the Marquis of Argyle, but applications for repayment are frequently noticed. On 13th March, 1652, payment of interest or annualrent was asked, and on 27th December following "ane sharpe lettre was to be written." On 30th April, 1660, it is stated that Argyle was then owing "above seaven yeares annualrent." Apparently no part of the principal was repaid at the date of the above entry.
  • 5. An act in favour of the merchants of Glasgow, passed on 8th July, narrates the act 1661, c. 277, for encouraging of shipping and navigation, under the provisions of which foreign goods could not be imported except in ships belonging to this kingdom, or to the kingdom where the goods were produced. Trusting to the enforcement of the act, Glasgow merchants "hes gone about to expend the most parte of their fortunes for building of ships and advancing of trades; notwithstanding whairof several strangers and others, and specially Dutchmen, hes imported severall commodities and goods in Dutch vessels on the river of Clyd and uther parts." In consequence of this infringement of the act, and the difficulty of enforcing its provisions, the merchants "are lyk to be ruined in thair fortunes, ther being ten or twelve new vessells alreadie built and in building belonging to the city of Glasgow." Having considered these representations, parliament ratified the former act, and directed the King's admiral and other officials to put it to due execution in future. [Acts of Parl., 1663, c. 8, vii., p. 454.]