Extracts from the records: 1664

Pages 25-50

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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1 January 1664.

Cathcart lone heid.

It is appoyntit that quhen the brigs betwixt this and Goveane ar repaired, that the long staines on theis brigs be takin to mend the holl in Carcart lone heid.

Commissioune, provest, Dumbartane.

Johne Bell, provest, is appoyntit not onlie to repair to Edinburgh with all convenient dilligence against the dounsitting of the nixt sessioune, and there to attend the calling of the long debait and pley betwixt this burgh and Dumbartane, but also he is heirby commissioned to use his utmost meanes and moyen to bring the said long debait and pley to some happie clois, ather be compositioune and agriement with the parties interested or then to prosecut the same in law to the utermost, as he sall think most convenient for the guid of this burgh; and quhatever the said John Bell, provest, shall happin to doe therintill the remanent magistratis and counsell of the samyne bindis and obleissis them and their successouris in office to stand and abyd therat, firme and stable but reclamatioune. And ordaines James Pollok to ryd east with the provest; and seing Mr. Patrik Bell is there alredie appoyntis baillies Campbell and Colhoune, Coline Campbell, elder, and Johne Walkinshaw to be in reddienes to goe east and to assist the provest and wtheris in solisting the lordis in favouris of the toune anent the said debait.

Commissioune to the provest anent Annandaill.

Recommendis to the provest to mak the best transactioune and agriement he can with the Earle of Annandaill anent the monyes left be Mr. Johnstoune to this burgh in relatioune to ane manufactorie, and for this effect to mak use of the monyes the said noble earle is awand to the toune.

16 January 1664.

Charter sent east.

Appoyntis the signatour obteined in anno 1611 to be sent east to the provest, conforme to the desyre of his letter, with the ratificatioune therof, and ordaines the clark to wryt a letter to the provest and theis with him anent the busines of Dumbartane to give them thankis and to requeist them not to wirie.

30 January 1664.

Letter of thankis to the provest.

Ane letter being produced quhilk com from the provest anent the period that the tounes caus against Dumbartane is put to, ordaines the clark, in their names, to wryt ane letter of thankis to the provest and theis with him, desyring them to borrow quhat monye they stand in neid off and it sall be payit thankfullie upon their report.


For good reasunes moving the toune, it is concluded that the drummers doe not touk to no stranger comes to the toune, or no wther persones publictlie, without licens of the magistratis.

Johnstounes friedome null.

Ordaines the friedome of Robert Johnstoune, who was once admittit burges of this burgh, and now makis his residence in Edinburgh, and wtheris of that kynd, to be cryed doune.

16 February 1664.

Report, provest and wtheris.

The provest and theis who wer with him in Edinburgh anent the debaitis with Dumbartane and Scotistartbit made their report that theis wholl busineses wer brought to the end and period they had wryttin of befor, and after thankis given to them for their cair therintill there was producit and given bak the whoill wrytis was sent east anent both theis pleyes and ordained to be put up in the ordinarie place. As also the provest produced ane decreit evictit at the tounes instance against the tennentis of Silvercraigs.

19 February 1664.


The provest, baillies and counsell, being convened in Hutchesounes hospitall, according to the sederunt sett doune in that record this day, all persones except the counsell being removed, compeired Mr. Johne Claudie who was of lait admittit ane of the ministers of this burgh and dimittit his charge, quhilk the toune did accept, and ordaines to be payit to him for his transport and in compleit payment of quhat the toune is awand to him twentie pund starling.

27 February 1664.

Hie commissioune and letters to Edinburgh.

Appoyntis the provest to attend the sitting doune of the hie commissioune, and ane letter to be direct to the bischop in ansuer to his twa to the provest.

12 March 1664.


It is concludit that the poor boy, James Crawfurd, measonne, who gon madd, have for himselfe and theis that keeps him four shilling starling during the counselles will.

19 March 1664.

Ordaines ane letter to be wryttin to the bischop shewing that, according to his lordshipis ordour, the magistratis had spokin to the ministers of the prysbytrie anent the planting of their vacant kirkis, who had presentit to them the names of several qualified ministers out of the whilkis they had fallen on Mr. Richard Wadell, Mr. James Nairne, Mr. Alexander Young or [blank] Williamsoune, second minister in the wast kirk and requist his lordship to deall with theis persones that their vacancie may be supplied.

3 April 1664.

To attend the bishop to St. Androwes.; Warrand Hamiltoune.

The magistrates and counsell, being for the far most pairt conveined in the ordinarie place of thair meiting, befor they goe to the kirkis, and being informed that the archbishop of Glasgow was upon Fryday next to repair to St. Androwes anent his transportatioune to this diosie, they did appoynt therfor James Colhoune, ane of the baillies, Mr. Patrik Bell, James Pollok, Robert Campbell, younger, Coline Campbell, younger, and John Boill, to repair to Edinburgh and their to attend the said archbishop from that place to St. Androwes, and from thence to Edinburgh back againe, and from that to this burgh, and they to give tymeous adverteisement of the day on quhilk he is to come out of Edinburgh to this place; and ordaines Frederik Hamiltoune to pay out of the monyes he receavit fra the collectouris of the mylnes the sowme of twentie fyve pund starling for defraying of their charges, quhairof they ar to give in ane accompt at their returne; and ordaines the clark in their names to caus wryt and subscryve ane letter direct to the said archbishop to the purpose foirsaid.

Commissioune Pollok to St. Androwis.

James Pollok, ane of the lait baillies of this burgh, being to repair to the burgh of St. Androwes, is heirby commissionat at his coming ther to seek in the twa yeares dewtie that is awand for Puckie and Puckie mylne, and to set the samyne landis at the hiest rate he can, ather to the magistratis and counsell of St. Androwes, or to any honest persones powerfull who will give most therfor, and to give guid securitie for the dewtie therof; but if he agrie with the burgh of St. Androwes, in respect they are superioris of the said landis and hes out therof yearlie ten pundis of few dewtie, that he doe it with such cawtioune as best can be devysit be men of law, to the effect this burgh may sustein no prejudice anent their heretabill title of the said landis, or then to transact and agrie with some honest man who is responsall for uplifting the said dewties and will mak and honest and thankfull compt and payment therof to the toune, and to tak up the tennentis names of the said landis.

9 April 1664.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie sex pundis twelfe shilling, deburst be him to James Franck for the pryce of certane oyles and medicamentis applyed be him for curing of divers poor seik folkis that wer recommendit be the magistratis to him for that effect.

16 April 1664.

Warrand, thesaurer for diurnalles payit to this dait.

Appoyntis the thesaurer to send in to Robert Mein, postmaster in Edinburgh, the sowme of fyftie sex shilling starling, quhilk compleitis to him full payment and satisfactioune for all diurnallis furnished be him to the toune preceiding this dait; and ordaines the said thesaurer to send in to Johne Nicoll for his adverteismentis from tyme to tyme, and wther service, fourty shilling starling monye.


Ane letter that come frome the laird of Lamont being red, quhairin he declaires that he is altogither ignorant of that suspensioune raised be Silvercraigs against the tounes decreit, ordaines ane courteous answer to be wryttin to him of his letter, and to show him by letter quhen the toune receaves the lyk satisfactioune of Silvercraigs, in passing fra the suspensioune, they will tak their mater to consideratioune, and shew them als much courtisie as they may without the tounes prejudice.


The toune finding themselfis much prejudged with the assignatioune made to them be the laird of Silvertounhill, in relatioune to that twa chalder victuall he owes the toune yearlie, ordaines Mr. Robert Goveane to speik to the laird theranent and informe him of that prejudice, and to show him that the toune will not midle with that assignatioune heirafter; and ordaines the said Mr. Robert to goe on against him for obteining new decreitis for quhat he is awand and is not decreitit alredie, and to use captioune against him wpon the decreitis alredie recovered, and to use comprysings against his landis and the reversiounes therof with all dilligence.

Rowat, jylour.

Johne Rowat, merchand, be pluralitie of votis, is electit and choysen to be jylour and keeper of the ward houssis within this burgh and prisoners therin, in place of umquhill Charles M'Claine, in quhilk charge he is to walk conforme to the injunctiounes formerlie set doune thairanent; and he is to give in sufficient band and cawtioune for thankfull service and for keeping the magistratis skaithles of all danger they can incur throw any escaping out of the tolbuith throw his default.

New bell in Briggait.

Appoyntis Alane Gairner, hamerman, to have ane cair to ring the bell in the steiple of the hospitall in Briggait, at such tymes as he sall be enjoyned be the deane of gild, quhill farder advyce be had theranent the nixt meeting.

26 April 1664.


Appoyntis the provest, baillies Rae and Colhoune, and maister Patrik Bell, to meit this afternoon with the archibishop and to deal earnestlie with him for the plantatioune of our kirkis.

Report, Pollok.

James Pollok made report what he had done in his goeing to St. Androwes anent Pukie, and declared that he had agried with Thomas Davidsoune, clark of Craill, to uplift the dewtie therof, who was to be heir against Whitsonday nixt to setle with the toune theranent.

7 May 1664.


Report being made be the provest that he had spokin with the bischop anent the planting of the kirkis within this burgh, as also it was reported be him that the said bischop desyred ane meiting for removing of the difference betwixt him and the toune, the counsell thairfoir appoyntis the provest, baillies, and such wytheris they sall please to mak choyse of, to meit and treat with the said bishop theranent.

Orray and single weamen.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune to discharge all mener of persones from setting of houssis to straingers or single or orray weamen, under the paine of ane hundreth markis to be exactit aff the contraveiner unforgiven, and to certifie all single and orray weamen who desertis ther service and takis houssis sall be notified and they benished aff the toune.


Recommends to the thrie baillies, the deacon conveiner, John Walkinshaw and Niniane Andersonne, to meit and consider on the petitioune given in be the gairners, or any fyve of them to be a quorum, and therafter to report.

21 May 1664.

Hie Kirk.

Recomends to baillie Colhoun, deane of gild and deacon conveiner to sight the ruines of the hie kirk and to mak report theranent at the nixt meiting.

Baillfyres, 29 of May.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune that the twentie nyne of this instant is appoyntit to be keeped as ane solemn day, conforme to the act of parliament, in commemoratioune of his Majesties birth day and restauratioune, and seing the same falles this year on the Sabboth day; and they being carfull that all deboshrie and profanitie should be eshewed in respect of the said day, they have therfor concluded that there sall onlie be some particular bailfyres set on, wpon the tounes charges, in such places as the magistratis sall appoynt, and that all things theranent be done modestlie and civillie without ony kynd of profanitie, for the caus forsaid.

Strangerbeggars and orray weomen.

The said magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the great oppressioune that is done to this burgh be strainger beggers that comes therto and repaires therin and dwelles within the same, and be orray weomen that takis houssis and desertis ther service, contrair the old laudable actis of this burgh sett doune theranent, they therfor doe heirby impower theis who had commissioune the last year to expell the said begger strangers, and to tak notise of the orray weomen who takis houssis, to exerce the same power they had quhill Michaelmes nixt, and recommends to them earnestlie to be carfull therintill.

Linningshangh and Kinclaith.

Recommendis to the baillies, deane of gild, and deacon convener to buy in the rest of the landis of Linningshaugh yit not bought in be the toune, and to buy so much of the landis of Kinclaith as they think convenient for the tounes use.

Twaddell, minister.

In respect the bischop is to give ane call to maister Richard Twedell, now minister at Kelso, to com here to serve in the ministrie as parsone in the hie kirk, and is to send to him ane act of transportatioune for that effect, it is concludit thairfor that John Andersoune and Peter Gemmill, twa of their number, goe allongs with the bischop to Edinburgh to concur theirintill and to here [blank] Young, minister of Tranent, preach, he being one nominat be the synod to come heir.

Gregorie and George.

Recommends to the provest to speik to the bischop anent what sall be fund necessarie to be given to the twa studentis, Gregrorie and George, for supplieing a pairt of the vacancie of the ministrie of this burgh.

4 June 1664.

Begger straingers.

Recommendis to the baillies that some persones may be appoyntit be them in everie corner in the toune to cognosce the begger straingers and orrey weamen.

7 June 1664.

Common good set.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 7950 merks, "attour fyftie bolles grund malt, quhilk is to be payit ather to the bischope or toune as the toune sall give ordour;" ladles, 1900 marks; meal market and pecks, 860 merks; tron, 1020 merks; bridge, 1620 merks; grass of the "Meikle Grein," 110 merks; grass of "St. Mungowes little kirk yaird sett to Johne Andersoune of Dowhill for payment of a dollour, quhilk was given to the officeris."]

18 June 1664.

Lettre to Bell.

Ordaines the clark to wryt ane letter, in the counselles name, to maister Patrick Bell for giving [him] thanks in their names for his paines since he went last to Edinburgh, and for his dealing with the bischop anent the debait about the ministers stipendis, and to desyre to heir maister [blank] preach, and to mak his acquantance with him in his awine way, and with Mr. Young at Craumond.

Hie Kirk.

Baillie Colhoune and the deane of gild made report anent the ruine of the hie kirk, with the provest, conforme to the counselles ordour, and they find it necessar that fyve or sex halfe sheits of leid be takin aff and cast of new, that is upon the north syd of the utter hie kirk, at the wast end thairof. Item, that about threttie foot of the sklaitit toofall there be tirred, new sarked and of new againe sklaitit, and that the kiples be tryed quhair defective and renewed about the same wast end. Item, at the east end of the same toofall there is fyftine or twentie footis to be tirred and of new theiked. Item, it is fund neidfull that the piked lofting in the hie steiple be helped and that some mcir leid is torne and raised in the east end on the north syd, and also that the glas windowes ar to be repaired.

Report clark anent quhat new entrent ministers and relictis receav after thair husbandis deceas.

The clark made report that he having, conforme to their ordour, wryttin to Sir William Thomesoune (fn. 1) to try quhat they doe their in Edinburgh with the relict or executoures of ministeris quhen they depairt this lyfe, and that he had receavit his ansuer theranent, quhilk was thus:—The constant custome of Edinburgh is to give to new intrantis fyve hundreth markis for their transport, and to enter to their stipend att the quarter they begine at, and the relict of the deceast minister receaves only that halfe yeares stipend in quhilk he died.

Well in the Barrasport

In respect of the heighting of the calsay at the Barrasyet, ordaines the well there to be heightit twa stones heigher rowind about for preservatioune of childerin falling therin.

25 June 1664.

The clark to wrytt letters to Bell and Pollok.

Ordaines the clark to wryt ane letter in their names to Mr. Patrik Bell, now their commissioner at Edinburgh, not to returne according to his desyre in his last letter, but that he remaine ther still to try Mr. Young and Mr. Cuik, and to mak himselfe acquant with them, and to try out with whom the toune sall have to doe to give them ane call to the ministrie heir; as also to desyre him to speik to the lord Argyll anent the monye awand be him to the toune, conforme to the letter to be sent to him be the provest for that effect; as also to wrytt to James Pollok to persewe the executouris of vmquhile [blank] Thomesoune for the monye awand be the defunct to Pukie and Pukkie mylne, in respect the toune is ather to use dilligence or els be comptable for the monye.


Ordaines the actioune againes Silvercraigs to be persewed with all dilligence.


In ansuir to the supplicatioune given in be the burgh of Bruntiland, cravand helpe and supplie for repairing their decaiyed peir and bulwarkis, it is concluded that ten pund starling be payed and deburst be the toune for that effect.

2 July 1664.

Letter to Bell in Edinburgh.

Ordaines the clark to wryt ane letter to Mr. Patrik Bell, shewing him the recept of his letters, and that the counsell is content with all that he hes done, and to desyre him to doe all he can doe to withstand Mr. David Liddellis stipend, and to joine with the bischope for giving ane call to maisteris Young and Cuik, and that Young be called to the hie kirk in respectis of its stipend; and to be instant for calling the actioune agains Silvercraigs, and to petitioune the lordis that no suspensioune be grantit but in presentia, and to show that throw his middling with the rent the poor of the hospitallis [are] mightilie prejudged and wronged, and that he wold be pleased to stay there this short somer sessioune.

Kinclaith, aikers bought in.

Forsuamekill as it was concluded of befor that some aikers in Kinclaith should be bought in be the toune to be joined to Linnings haugh, quhat monyes is to be payit therfor ordaines the samyne to be taken out of the first and reddiest of the monyes the toune hes, as the magistratis sall appoynt.

Casting of bullotis forbidden.; Bark and lymm holes

The saidis magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the great hurt and skaith persones that ar coming and goeing to and from the toune be the commoune lones getis, throw the casting of bullotis therintill, and the great prophanatioune of the Lordis name, sueiring and banning and debolishing, and that fightings and janglings fallowes therwpon, they therfor heirby statut and ordaine, that non of the inhabitantis within this burgh presume to tak wpon hand the casting of bullotis, and that under the paine of punishing the contraveiners in their persone and guidis at the will of the magistratis. As also they heirby statut and ordaine that all who hes bark holles or lymm holles that they caus mak their yaird dykis clos and fensible, that no bairnes get skaith therby, under the paine of punishing the contraveiners in their persone and guidis at the will of the magistratis, and ordaines thir presentis to be intimat throw touk of drum.

Rachters to be put on the lang staires.

The said magistratis and counsell understanding that divers tymes heirtofoir severall young bairnes hes fallin over foir staires that ar open, to the hazard of their lyfes, and they being most desyrous to have the samyne preventit heirafter, they doe heirby command and charge all maner of persones within this burgh, to whom theis staires perteines, that they put rachters throw the haill lang open staires, for the better preservatioune of young childerin getting skaith therby, under the paine of punishing the contraveiners at the will of the magistratis, and recommendis to Baillie Rae to sie this donne.

16 July 1664.

Call to be given to Williamsoune

It is uanimouslie concludit in counsell that ane call be given to maister David Williamsoune, now minister at the wast kirk neir Edinburgh, to come and be ane of the ministers of this burgh, and recomendis the performance therof to the provest, baillies Campbell and Colhoune, and to invit him to com heir to preach that the bodie of the tounes people may heir him.

Poores roll.

Recommends to the baillies, and in particular to baillie Campbell and William Cumyng, to revise the rolles of the nonpayments of the poors contributioune roll, and to scoir out all who ar not able, and to seek in onlie from theis who are able the nonpayments; and Peter Gemmill and Mungow Mathie to be employed for that effect; and ordaines them to be payit of quhat they want out of the first and reddiest of quhat sall be gottin in, and to be farder considered for their paines.

6 August 1664.

Maisteris Baillie and Bogill.

Recomends to the magistratis to deall with maister Harie Baillie and maister John Bogill to supplie the Blakfrier kirk quhill the toune be plantit with ministers, and to satisfie the said maister Harie for bygaine service and to give ordour for satisfeing them both in the futur.

Mr. Patrik Bell made report he had receavit the thre hundreth seavintine pundis that was awand be Scotistarbet.

15 August 1664.

Blair's Executores.

Ordaines theis who wer appointit to compt with the executoures of umquhill Mr. Hugh Blair to caus pay them the half yeares stipend quherin he deceast; and it is concludit that his relict sall have, by and attour that, ten pund starling.

Letter to the Bischop.

Ordaines the clark to wryt ane letter to the bischop, and clos thairin the letter sent here be maister Williamsoune, for craving his advyce quhat is nixt to be done for moving him to accept the call.

27 August 1664.

Mr. David Williamsoune

Be pluralitie of votis, it is concluded to insist farder for obteining Mr. David Williamsoune to be transportit to this place, and that he be presentit to ane thousand punds, and to deall with the bischop to be pleased to use all meanes with the commissioune that the said maister David be transported; and ordaines Dowhill and baillie Colhoune to speik with the bischop heiranent this afternoone, and ane letter to be sent to the said Mr. David for this effect; and the saids baillie Colhoune and Dowhill to ryd to Edinburgh with the bischop for that same end if it sall be fund necessar be the rest of the magistratis so to doe.

Linnings haugh.

Recommends to the deane of gild to sie to the delving of Linnings haugh.

Charge vacant, stipeuds to be suspendit.

Ordaines the charge given for vacant stipends be suspendit.

Dennestoune liberatioune.

Letters being exhibit and producit testifieing the liberatioune of Johne Dennestoune, sone laufull to umquhill Androw Dennestoune, merchand, burges of this burgh from the Turkis slaverie and bondage; after reading therof and consideratioun had thairanent, it was concludit that the rest of his ransome yit unpayit should be payit conforme to their former engadgment; and seing their is fyve hundreth markis thairof payit alredie, ordaines John Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for uther fyve hundreth markis deburst be him out of the monyes he receavit fra the collectorris at the mylnes for compleiting the John Dennestounes ransome; and recommends to baillie Rae to try out quhat was collectit for that effect amongst the landwart parishes and to report.

Stinking vennell.

Recommendis to ony of the magistratis, after the skailling of ony buriell, to sight the calsay in the heid of the stinking vennell and if neid be to give ordour for mending and repairing the ill places therof.

3 September 1664.


There was red ane letter sent from Mr. David Williamsoune to the provest, as ane ansuer of ane former of his, direct to the said Mr. David, wherin he refuisses to embrace the call given to him wpon the same reasones and grunds conteined in his former letter, quhilk is thought be the toune not to be satisfactorie, and therfor it is concluded that that mater be farder insistit wpon and the clark to wryt ane letter to him that they will tak no excus aff his hands but follow that call to the utermost, and appoyntis baillie Colhoune and Dowhill to acquent the bischop heiranent.

Tynds, barrony.

It is concluded that maister Robert Goveane proceid against theis in the barrony who ar awand the thrid pairt of their tynds, to the effect the toune may obtein payment therof.

Act ratified, deacones of craftis.

There being red ane act formerlie set doune be the deacon conveiner, deacones of craftis, and their bretherin of counsell for the tyme, bearing dait the xxvij of October, 1660 yeares, wherby it is statut and ordained for the causis therin conteined that no persone quhatsomever should no longer brook or keep office as deacon of his calling nor a year allenerlie, and that under the paine of ane hundreth pundis to be payit be that trade or calling who does contravein, to be applyed for supplie of the poor of the craftis hospitall; quhilk being red as said is, after dew consideratioune had theranent the samyne act was ratified, allowed and approvine, be the said provest, baillies and counsell; and ordaines the samyne to stand in full force according therto.

Dobbie.; Bogils well.

After dissolving of the counsell, the magistratis, with ane considerable number of the counsell, went and sightit ane new hous now in building be Johne Dobbie, maltman, at that pairt callit the spout mouth, according to the desyr of his bill given in theranent. After sighting therof thei fand the said Johne was in the wrong for nocht seeking ane visitatioune befor he begane his wark, conforme to prior actis, in respect the boundis he was building on was neir to the commoune passage at the tounes welles callit the spoutis, and thei did find also he was com too far out, and therfor thei ordained him to sklait the easing dropp in the foir front therof twa footis wp, and unlawes him for his said wrong in twentie punds, for quhilk he becom in will. And at the same tyme it was recommendit to the deane of gild and maister Patrik Bell to caus sklait that well callit Bogilles well the most commodious way he can.

10 September 1664.


In relatioune to ane act of the dait the twentie of Julij jm vjc sixtie ane yeares, and utheris set doune of befor, anent the tounes bargane in buying of Kilburnie-Grinok and utheris belonging therto, appoyntis the provest to meet with the lord Cochrane on Tuesday next, or uther times as the said lord sall appoynt; and the said provest to tak with him whomsoever he will, and to report befor any kind of clos be.

Warrand, Walkinshaw, hie kirk.

Ordaines John Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for the sowme of £309 1s. 8d. deburst, out of the monyes he receavit fra the collectouris at the mylnes, to James Colhoune, baillie, in compleit payment of his work wrought at the hie kirk rooff and lead furnished therto, conforme to the compt made with him be thois who wer appoyntit.

17 September 1664.

Act in favouris of the gairners.

Ordaines Johne Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for the sowme of thrie hundreth pundis deburst be him to William Boyd for building of thrie brigs be the tounes imployment, ane therof betwixt and Borrowfield on Cumlachie burne, ane uther at the Kinning hous, and the thrid at Malsmyre betwixt and Goveane.

Anent the petitioune given in befor them be the corporatioune of gairners, burgessis of this burgh, makand mentioune that quher, above theis thrie scoir yeares past, thei and their predicessouris hes bein in use of electioune of ane deacon or visitour of their calling, and was in use to conveine the bretherin therof for exacting quarter comptis, for the help and supplie of their poor decayed bretherin and the payment of ane small moytie to the poor in the craftis hospitall, yearlie; quhilk power being ingrossit in ane paper grantit be the magistratis and counsell for the tyme to the petitiouners predicessouris was lost be ane of their number in the commoune muir in the tyme of pestilence, wherby sundrie of that calling takis advantage and sua will nocht be subject to that guid ordour thei wont of befor, nor yet pay in their quarter comptis as thei wont to doe for supplie of their said poor decayed bretherin; cravand therfor the said provest, baillies and counsell, to tak the premissis to their consideratioune, and to give to them that authoritie that thei had of befor, now lost, by granting to them ane deacon or visitour who sall have power to convein the remanent bretherin of calling, in collecting their quarter comptis for supplie of their poor decayed bretherin, and rectifieing of wrongs that happinis to be committed amongs them, and therwpon gave in the artickles fallowing:—Inprimis, that their calling might have a visitour or deacon to conveine their calling, according to wonted use, and the said deacon or visitour to be elected according as their lordshipis sall think fitt, ather be their lordshipis nominatioune, wpon ane list to be given in theranent, or be the gairners themselfes. Secundo, that their said deacon or visitour be impowered to meit the bretherin quarterlie, with his maisteris, for supplie of their poor and censuring of any knoune enormities. Tertio, that the said deacon or visitour may tak notise of steilling of growing seeds, plantis, herbes, floures and tries, and may delait the offenders to the magistatis. Quhilkis articles thei also cravit to be authoriszed be the said provest, baillies, and counsell, as the said petitioune and artickles in themselfes mair fullie proportis. Quhilkis being red, and the saids provest, baillies and counsell, after long advysment had theranent, having remittit the tryell of the said petitioune and articles to the consideratioune of divers of the counsell and to report; who having mett and considered therupon made their report as fallowes, to wit:—That it was their judgment that the counsell may grant to the petitioners their desyre conteined in the saids thrie artickles and demands, with this ristrictioune that it sall not be leasome to any of the gairners quhatsomever, visitour or utheris, to stop or impeid any persone quhatsomever to goe throw all pairtis of the toune for selling of kaill, herbes, seeds and fruitis of all sortis, or yet to stop or impeid any burges of this burgh, their wyfes, bairnes or relictis, to keep standis in any place of the toune thei please for selling of seedis, fruitis, or wtheris of that kynd, without ony impediment quhatsomever; and that it sall be leasome to any maner of persone quhatsomever within this burgh, who hes ony yaird or yairds, to delve, dress, or work, to imploy any persone or persones thei pleas, in toune or outwith the samyne, or to doe the samyne be themselfes as thei think convenient. After heiring of the said report it was concluded be the saidis provest, baillies and counsell, that the saidis gairners sall have ane oversman or visitour who sall be choysen be the magistratis and counsell and their successouris onlie, and that on the first counsell day after Mertimes, yearlie, without ony list to be given in theranent, who sall have power to meit and conveine his bretherin for makin collectiounes for the poor, and keeping of comlie and guid ordour amongs them, and censuring of knowne faults and enormities, quhilk censuring is to be done be sight of ane of the baillies for the tyme, and that the said oversman or visitour sall have power to tak notise of all stollin seedis, herbes, plantis, floures and tries, and delait the offenders to the magistratis, thei keeping the conditiounes conteined in the restrictiounes above wryttin and no wtherwyes.

24 September 1664.


The provest made report that, according to the counselles ordour and maister David Williamsounes letter, he did ryd out to him to Kilsyth and conferred with him anent the call given be the toune to him, who declared he had settled with the paroch quherin he was, and so could not nor wold not transport himselfe.


Grantis licence to Coline Campbell, elder, to tak in the peice commoune waist grund on the wast syd of his yaird, and that be sight of the deane of gild, provyding he big a dyk about it lyk the hospitalles yaird dyk there. (fn. 2)

Brig to Linnings haugh.

It is concludit that ane brig be builded for the moir comodious entrie to Linnings haugh, now bought in be the toune, and to be set doune according and where the magistratis and counsell sall think most fit, and to be in all things lyk that brig at the provest yaird end (fn. 3) at the Barrasyet port, but to be four foot wyder at the ledges, and thei have instantlie agried with William Boyd for the building therof for payment of seavine hundreth markis.

1 October 1664.

Warrand, Walkinshaw.

Ordaines Johne Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundreth markis deburst be him to William Andersoune, elder, merchand, as a pairt of the pryce of Peitboig and Dassiegrein, sold be him to the toune; and sicklyk for the sowme of ane hundreth thrie scoir fyftine pundis sex shilling deburst be him, also out of the monyes receavit be him from the collectouris at the mylnes, to theis seamen sent out be the toune in his Majesties service, quherof the maister of work is to give in ane accompt.


In answer to the supplicatioune given in be Johne Gray, merchand, craving to be admittit miller in the Subdeanes mylnes, the saidis magistratis and counsell unanimouslie admitts the said Johne Gray to the said millership.

Blackfrier Kirk.

Recomends yit to baillie Campbell and Frederik Hammiltoune to speik to Mr. Harie Baillie, to desyre him to preach at the Blackfrier kirk, and to try what satisfactioune sall be given him for his bygaune service, and to report.

4 October 1664.


The provest, baillies and counsell of the said burgh, being conveined, as being the ordinarie day for electioune of the magistratis of this burgh for the year enshewing, compeired maister Androw Burnet, servitour to the right reverend Alexander, by the mercie of God, archbishop of Glasgow, and producit ane presentatioune subscrivit be the said archbishop, wherin his lordship declared that he, being weill assured of the fitnes and qualificatioune of Williame Andersoune, merchand, within this burgh, to exerce the office of provest therin, of the zeall to promove his Majesties service and his guid affectioune to the church, did therin present and nominat the said Williame Andersoune to be provest of this burgh for this enshewing year, requyring the saids provest, baillies and counsell, to admitt and receave the above-named Williame Andersoune, imediatlie after sight therof, to the said office of provest for the said year enshewing, giving him the oath of alledgeance, tendering to him the declaratioune and taking his oath de fideli administratione. After reading quherof, consideratioune was takin be the saids provest, baillies and counsell, that the abovenamed Williame Andersoune, now presentit to be provest, is not of the number of the toune counsell, and that the custome hes ever bein that there was never one that was presentit to the said office but such as wer on counsell the tyme of their electioune, it was resolved therfor be the saids present magistratis and counsell to send wp to the said archbishop James Campbell, James Colhoune, twa of the present baillies, and Johne Walkinshaw, to deall with his lordship that he wold be pleased to send ane new presentatioune for the effect forsaid, conteining the name of any of the merchand rank now on counsell to be provest of this burgh for the said year enshewing, and if his lordship will not alter, then thei ar to protest that the admissioune of the said Williame Andersoune to the said office be not prejudiciall to the liberties of this burgh; and therafter, if the said archbishop will not alter, the said thrie persones ar to convoy the aforsaid Williame Andersoune doune with them to the counsell to accept. And then the saids persones, having gone to the castill of Glasgow to the said archbishop and againe returned, it was declared be them that the said archbishop wold not alter his said presentatioune, and that notwithstanding therof thei had nocht made the forsaid protestatioune, wherwpon immediatlie the saids present magistratis and counsell did send some of their number to the aforsaid Williame Andersoune, now presentit as said is, to come and accept of his said office, who being come with theis who wer sent for him, did accept his said office and charge as provest, and gave his oath de fideli administratione therintill; and the declaratioune conteined in the act of parliament with the oath of allegiance being red and tendered to him, he gave his oath according therto, and subscryved the same with his hand. Therafter the aforsaid Williame Andersoune, now provest of this burgh, remaining at the counsell table, with John Bell, lait provest, and the thrie baillies (the haill remanent persones of the said counsell being removed from the said counsell table) did sett doune the lytis for choysing out sex persones of the merchand rank and thrie of the craftis rank to be presentit to the said archbishop, to the effect his lordship may mak choyse of twa of the said merchand and ane of the said craftis rank to bear office as baillies of this burgh for the year to cum. [For merchand rank: Mr. Patrik Bell, William Cumyng, James Pollok, Johne Herbertsoune, Robert Campbell and Hugh Neisbit. For crafts rank: John Miller, deacon convener, John Ker, tailor, and Ninian Andersoun, maltman.] And then Robert Rae and James Colhoune, lait baillies, and William Yair, clerk, wer directit with the said lytis wp to the castill of Glasgow to the said archbishop, to be presentit according to use and custome . . . . who being returned declared that the said archbishop had made choys and markit the saids James Pollok and John Herbertsoune for the merchand rank, and the aforsaid Johne Ker for the craftis rank, to beir office as the thrie baillies of this burgh for the year to come; and thei all thrie being present did accept the said office in and wpon them, and gave their oath de fideli administratione therintill.

7 October 1664.

Election of Counsell.

William Andersoune, present provest, [the thrie new bailies], John Bell, lait provest, James Campbell, Robert Rae and James Colquhoune, the thrie lait baillies, in regaird the said Johne Bell, lait provest, and lait thrie baillies, had borne office twa yeares togither, the said present provest and baillies therfor, to mak up the number of twelfe persones to mak choyse of the counsell, conforme to prior actis, causit warne John Andersoune, elder, of Dowhill, John Walkinshaw, Peter Gemmill, and William Boyd; who having all conveined, the said present provest did put on lyt the haill persones on the old counsell with uther persones in the toune off the counsell, according to their qualitie, out of the quhilkis lytis, be pluralitie of votis, the persones afternamed wer electit and choysen to be on the toune counsell for the year enshewing (and the forsaids haill electouris declared that this forme of electioune sall be no wayes prejudiciall in the futur to the act set doune anent the formall electioune of the toune counsell in anno 1637). The persones names ar theis, viz., [thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen.] And ordaines them all to be wairned against the morrow at ten houres to meit in the counselhous.

8 October 1664.

Vacant ministre.

Recomends to the provest and baillies to speik with the bischop anent the tounes vacancie of the ministrie within the burgh, that the sayme may be supplied with the best conveniencie, and to report.

Kilburnie Grinock.

Forsuameikle as it is formerlie concludit be the magistratis and counsell for the tyme that Kilburnie-Grinock be bought in for the use of the toune, and that my Lord Cochrane hes undertakin the perfecting of that bargane, it is therfor recomendit to the present provest, Johne Bell and Johne Andersoune, elder, lait provestis, to meit with the said Lord Cochrane anent the compleiting of the said bargane, but to report befor any clois be.

Warrand, Kinclaith.

Ordaines Johne Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for the sowme of four hundreth pundis, deburst be him, out of the monyes he receavit from the collectoures at the mylnes, to Johne Low, for the pryce of ane peice land in Kinclaith, sold be him and his doughter to the toune.

12 October 1664.

Deane of gild.

[From a leet of three persons presented by the merchant rank, Frederik Hammiltoune was chosen dean of guild.

Deacon conveiner.

From a leet of three persons presented by the crafts rank, Walter Neilsoune, maltman, was chosen deacon convener.


From a leet of three, John Watsoune chosen treasurer.

Water baillie.

From a leet of two, John Cauldwall chosen water bailie.


From a leet of five, John Miller chosen visitor of maltmen.

Maister of work.

From a leet of three, James Birscat chosen master of work.]

14 October 1664.

Letter to Ros.

The counsell being acquaint that the bischope was to give ane call to one Mr. Ros to be minister at the Hie Kirk, it is concluded that the toun for themselfes wryt ane letter to him showing their concurrance with the bischop therintill, and to evidence their assent to the man, and the clark to subseryve the samyne.


Recomends to the provest and baillies to end and clois with Mr. David Liddell, be sight of the bischop.

15 October 1664.

Statuts, bread, tallow, candle.

[The 12d. loaf to weigh 16 oz.; the tron stone of rough tallow to be sold for 46s., and the tron stone of well made candle for 54s.]

Cleiring the streit.

It is statut and ordained that ane bank be sent throw the toune to command all maner of persones to remove and away tak their red, stones and timber aff the hie streit, betwixt and Wednesday nixt, under the paine of twentie pundis, and ordaines that no fleshour nor wtheris suffer their kyne to stand on the hie streitis in the night tyme, under the paine of xx s. the peice.

M'Gilcreist, counsellour.

Foralsmuch as Thomas Allane was choysen as ane of the merchand rank to be ane ordinary counsellour for the year enshewing, who hes made ane laufull excus of his inabilitie, therfor it is concludit that Donald M'Gilcreist merchand, supplie that place, and ordaines him to be warned for that effect.

Clark, keeper of the dead bell.

It is concludit that Johne Clark, merchand, callit Laird, get the charge of the keeping of the deid bell that George Allane had last, during the counselles will alenerlie.


As of befor, recommends to the provest and baillies to settle with Mr. David Liddell be sight of the bischop.

22 October 1664.


Appoyntis the provest, baillies, Johne Bell, Johne Andersoune, elder, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to meit and convein with theis men in the barronrie who is awand the thrid pairt of their tyndis, and to compt with them theiranent for bringing of that particular to some guid clois.


The magistratis having made report that they had spokin with Mr. David Liddell and the bischop anent the said maister David his particular, it was concluded in counsell that if the said maister David was content to accept threttine hundreth markis yearly for his stipend and communioune elementis, for yeares bygaine and to come, the toune was willing to pay him accordinglie, and to secur him in the futur, and to give him ten pund starling in satisfactioune of bygaine charges.

Provest to Edinburgh.

It is recomendit to the provest to repair to Edinburgh for doeing and agenting the tounes busines, and to tak with him whomsoever he pleaseth, and he is to waken Dumbartane busines and the actioune against Silvercraigs, and to sie to all things tends to the guid of the toune, and to mynd the monye awand be the lait Argyll, and to be myndfull of Silvertounehilles busines, and to imploy in thir things whom he pleaseth; and if Baillie Pollok aither goe with him or after him, he is to mynd Puckie mylne.

Procuratour fiscall.

Mr. Johne Herbertsoune is conteinowed procuratour fiscall for a year to come.

Baillie of Gorballes.

John Miller, tailyeour, is electit and choysen to be baillie of Gorballes for a year to come.


It being regraitit that (blank) Finniesoune that makis the graves does not carie himself as becometh his statioune, but wrongs many poor people in goeing to their houssis after the corps ar buried, and does there miscarie himselfe shamfullie, it is therfor recommendit to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to try out ane man to joyne with Finniesoune for a tyme for making of the graves.

Orray weomen.

Recommends to the baillies to choyse out men for sighting of the quarters and trying out strangers and orray weomen.

Brig of Die.

It is concluded to give to the gentleman who is seiking contributioune for repairing the brig of Die, and ane uther there in the north, ten or twelfe pund starling, or then to let him tak the benefeit of ane contributioune.

29 October 1664.

Precedent in absence of provest.

It is concluded that in absence of the provest from the counsell the oldest baillie sall preceid for him in counsell.

Barrony men.

It is concludit in counsell that the haill barrony men who deteines their tyndis from the toune, also Silvertounehill, be persewed befor the lordis for all byrunes, as also the executoures of the lait bishop for that the toune was distressed for be Mr. David Liddell.


It is also concludit in counsell to pay to Mr. David Liddell, minister at the barrony kirk, in satisfactioune of his haill steipend and communion elementis, and for the twa hundreth markis was promysed to him for his expenssis, nyne hundreth pundis per annum, or then that the charge given be him be suspendit; and appoyntis the provest and Johne Walkinshaw to mak offer of the monye, if he be content, and Johne Walkinshaw to deburs the monye.


The magistratis and counsell having hard the report of the deane of gild and deacon conveiner anent their choysing of a man to helpe Finniesoune to mak the graves, they reportit that thei had agried with one (blank) Moresoune, and the counsell condeschendis to pay him for a tyme ten pundis quarterlie; and (blank) Finniesoune is heirby discharged to repair to any mans hous heirafter, as he oftin heirtofoir done, under the pain of deprivatioune.


Ordaines John Louk to be payit for teilling and harrowing Linningshaugh, according as he was agried with be the lait deane of gild.

Kinclaith and Linningshaugh.

Recommends to the deane of gild and Robert Rae to agrie with Walter Waddrop and utheris, who hes lands in Kinklaith bewast theis landis bought be the toune fra Robert Andersoune, and also to caus cast in the brae at the wast end of Kinclaith, and to plant Linningshaugh about with tries.


Recommends to the provest to speik with the bischop anent the precentor in the Hie Kirk in favoris of Robert Inglis.

Officer in Gorballes.

It is concluded that the toune pay in againe the threttie sex pundis was collectit be way of stent laitlie in Gorballes for payment of the officiares fiell, and the same to be deburst upon repairing of ane peice brokin calsay there. And that in the Gorball court there be ane act set doune ordaining everie fewer to pay to the officiar yearlie sex shilling Scotis, and everie coatter twa or thrie shilling Scotis, in name of Yuill waidges, and sua the officiar to be payit at Yuill yearlie heirafter.

31 October 1664.

Call, Mr. Mylne.

It is concludit that ane call be given to Mr. Alexander Mylne, now minister at Cambushnethan, to be ane minister within this burgh, and to preach in the kirkis thereof as he sall be appoyntit be the provest, baillies and counsell, and his stipend to be yearlie ane thousand pundis, with four scoir pundis for his hous maill; and the provest and baillies with such as thei pleas to tak with them ar appoyntit to present the call to him.

12 November 1664.


In ansuer to ane letter direct be the laird of Lamont to the said magistratis and counsell anent the monye awand be him and Silvercraigs to the toune, appoyntis John Bell, Robert Rae, and John Walkinshaw to meet with Silvercraigs and the uther gentleman with him that brought the letter, to sie if thei cann agree anent the quantitie of the sowme and thois who ar to be bund cawtioners for it.


It is concludit to tak ane discharge fra Mr. David Liddell of the eightine hundreth punds he hes gottin thir twa last yeares in satisfactioune of his stipend, and that he be chargit to tak ane localitie in tyme coming; and the provest to be wryttin to for that effect to try how it sall be performed.

Warrand, reader.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to William Brok, lait reader in the Laigh Kirk in Trongait, fyftine pundis Scotis, in satisfactioune to him of his last quarters fiell in the said service, and for uther reasones and consideratiounes knoune to the toune.

28 November 1664.

Lettre to the provest.

Ordaines the clerk to wryt to the provest, in name of the toune, anent Silvercraigs busines, to get the decreit extractit, and to be myndfull of Argylles monye, Silvertounehill, and the barrony men anent their teithes; and ordaines James Pollok to ryd east conforme to the provestis letter.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of nyne scoir twa pundis deburst be him for the herring was sent east to the tounes advocatis and utheris, and for the sowme of twa hundreth and alevine pundis ten shillings deburst be him for the officers clothes.

Gray, Hutchesones hospitall.

Ordaines James Gray, wright, to get the key of that chamber in Hutchesounes hospitall last occupyed be umquhill Mr. Thomas Glen.

3 December 1664.

Warrand, minister.

Ordaines Johne Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyve hundreth pundis Scotis, deburst be him out of the excyse of mylnes to Mr. Alexander Mylne, minister within this burgh, at his first entrie to his charge.

Hie kirk.

It is concludit that the defectis of the Hie kirk be looked to, and for this effect ordaines the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to sight and consider the same and to give ordour for the decayed pairtes thereof.

17 December 1664.

To try out witnesses, Dumbartane.

Recomends to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to try out quhat fitt witnesses they can get within the toune for proving against Dumbartane, to the effect they may be summond against the day appoyntit.


Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fourtie thrie pundis iiij s., deburst be him to James Campbell and Robert Rae, for their charges and theis war with them quhen they went doune to the wast syd to try out witnesses anent Dumbartane and causing summond them.

M'Neill, cuttin the stone.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Evir M'Neill, who is expert of cuttin the deaceas of the stone, quherintill beiring that in anno 1658, the tyme he come first to this burgh, he was admittit burges gratis, upon conditioune that he should remaine the most pairt of his tyme within this burgh; and now seing he is entred now in contract with the toune as one of their commoune servandis, and hes ane pensioune of them for helping of poor ones who ar under that deceas; cravand therfor earnestlie their lordshippis wold caus admitt him burges and gildbrother after the surrest forme, that the benefeit therof may accres to his childerin, according as thei doe to all uther their commone servandis. After reiding therof, and consideratioune had theranent, the said magistratis and counsell grantit the said Evir his said desyre; and appoyntis the deane of gild to admitt him burges and gildbrother, and his fynes to be holdin as payit, being now ane of the tounes commoune servantis, to the effect that the benefeit therof may redound to his childerin.

Charter subscrivit.

There was subscrivit ane chartour in favouris of Mr. Williame Flemyng, commissar of Glasgow, of four aikers of land in Over Old Gallowmuir.

24 December 1664.


Appoyntis Johne Andersoune, elder, [and four others] to meit with Robert Campbell and to setle with him anent the tounes right to Silvercraigs, and to report theranent befor conclusioune.

Goveane to persew for barrony tyndis.

Appoyntis maister Robert Goveane to persew with all dilligence the laird of Silvertoune-hill befor the commissar of Glasgow for all byrunes of his tyndis for quhat he hes nocht decreit alredie; as also to persew the remanent of the men in barrony for quhat tyndis thei ar awand in to the toune, and to put the same to dew executioune as accordis of law.

Toune divydit in 5 quarters.

Appoyntis the thrie baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to divyd the toune in fyve pairtis, and to joyne with themselfes in everie quarter such persones as thei please, and to mak search throw the haill toune for trying out of strangers and orray weomen.


Appoyntis the deacon conveiner [and three others] to meit and to tak tryell of the complent given in be the chirurgianes against Daniel Broune, and to report.

Rige land to be bought from the commissar.

Recommends to the deane of gild and Johne Walkinshaw to meit and consider anent the buying in to the toune from the commissar that rige of land foiranent quher he dwelles, and to report theranent.

Boyd to attend the Hie Kirk.

It is concluded that Williame Boyd, measoune, sall have the great Metrapolitan Kirk to attend upon in place of umquhill Mathow Colhoune, he taking the same on the same conditiounes the said umquhill Mathow had it, conforme to the act set doune theranent.

29 December 1664.


Ordaines theis persones who wer formerlie appoyntit to meit with Robert Campbell anent their selling to him the tounes right of the lands of Silvercraigs to meit with them yet, and the provest to be joyned to them to close with the said Robert theranent.

Warrand, Walkinshaw.

Ordaines John Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for the sowme of sex hundreth markis to be given to the commissar for the rige of land, bocht in fra him to the toune, foiranent the place quhair he dwelles.

Act in favouris Montcuir, goldsmith.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Thomas Montcuir, goldsmith, showing that he had servit his prentiship in Aberdein, and that sen syne he had servit four year jurnayman in Edinburgh with dacone (blank), and that now he was atteined to be a perfect craftisman and was of intentioune to transport himselfe to this burgh and tak wp ane buith therin, the toune making him burges and gildbrother for his better incuragment, it was concludit that so soone he takis wp ane buith and setles himselfe here he sall be made burges without payment of any fyne, and yit to be holdin as payit, that the benefeit therof may redound to him and his childerin, and also promissis wpon his guid behaviour he sall be therafter admittit gild brother.

31 December 1664.

Warrand, provestis debursmentis.

The provest gave in the compt of the debursments anent his twa last voyages to Edinburgh; and ordaines Johne Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for [£391 15s. Scots for the provost's disbursements in addition to £15 sterling formerly paid]. As also to have ane warrand for four scoir pund starling farder deburst be him to the said provest, he being now to goe to Edinburgh upon thair accompt for Dumbartane, and quhairof he is to give in ane accompt.


It is appoyntit be the haill magistratis and counsell that in respect of the great and extraordinarie paines takin be maister Johne Bowie the tyme the toune wantit ministers, there being non but himselfe since the removing of maister Johne Claudie, in keeping of sessiounes, attending mariages and baptismes, visiting the seik and utheris incumbent burdings, it is concludit be the counsell that he get bak his band of twentie pund starling he formerlie borrowit from the toune.

Warrand, Walkinshaw. Baillie.

Ordaines Johne Walkinshaw to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyftine pund starling deburst be him, out of the monyes he receavit from the collectoris at the mylnes, to maister Harie Baillie, for preaching sundrie tymes in the toune quhen thei wantit ministers.

Warrandis, Walkinshaw.

Ordaines Johne Walkinshaw to pay to Walter Waddrop for the aiker of land the toune bought from him, and to William Stewart for his rige land bought from him, both in Kinclaith, according as the deane of gild and Robert Rae sall appoynt who bought the same for the tounes use.

Lait bischops bairnes.

Recommends to John Bell [and three others] to speik with (blank) Auchinmutie, doer for the lait bischops bairnes, anent that quhilk he requyres of the toune of alledgit debt awand, and to report.


In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be James Andersoune, travellour, craving supplie in respect he hes laitlie haill four horssis dead at ane instant, it is concluded the toune lend him ane hundreth pundis be band, and ordaines Johne Walkinshaw to deburs the same.


  • 1. Town-Clerk of Edinburgh.
  • 2. Blythswood mansion, on the south side of Bridgegate, adjoined, or was in close proximity to the Merchants' Hospital. It is said to have been built by Colin Campbell, who was provost of Glasgow in 1660, and to have been occupied as the town residence of the Blythswood family till about the year 1773.
  • 3. Provost Bell's house, in which he is said to have entertained the Duke of York (afterwards James VII.) on his visit to Glasgow in October, 1681, was situated on the south side of Bridgegate and west side of Saltmarket Street. In an instrument of sasine, dated 25 October, 1657, in favor of John Bell, provost, and his spouse, Jonet Campbell, daughter of Colin Campbell, elder, a former provost, part of the property is described as lying on the "south syd of the Briggait," and bounded by streets on the north and east, and "the burne of Mollendinor on the south" (William Yair's MS. Protocols, 1657–60, f. 236). On 7th July, 1719, James Bell, of Hamilton Ferme, made up a title as heir of his father, John Bell, of Hamilton Ferme, sometime provost of Glasgow (MS. Sasine Reg., 1719–21, f. 16). In 1797 the property, then belonging to Laurence Coulter and Janet Coulter, his sister, was purchased by the Town Council with a view to opening up and so far straightening Saltmarket Street southward (Inventory of Writs, II., b. 5, lot 12); and after the improvement was effected the Town Council sold the surplus ground in 1815. The corner property, fronting Bridgegate and Saltmarket, part of the ground which Provost Bell purchased in 1657, was recently reacquired by the corporation of Glasgow, for the purposes of the Improvements Act of 1897. (Purchase No. 96.) About three years after the purchase of 1659, John Bell, "sometime provost," and Jonet Campbell, his spouse, acquired an adjoining property, which is described in a sasine dated 7th May, 1662, as lying on the south side of Bridgegate, and "bounded between the lands now belonging to the said John Bell on the east, the burn of Mollendinor on the south, and the lands now belonging to Mathew Wilsone on the west." This property was conveyed to the ex-provost and his spouse by James Bell of Duncystoune, merchant, burgess of Glasgow, with consent of (1) Mr. John Wilkie of Broomhous, for himself and as administrator for James Wilkie, son of him and his spouse, Isobeila Bell, who was a daughter of the late James Bell, sometime provost of Glasgow; and (2) Mr. Patrick Young, one of the regents of the college of Glasgow, for himself and for his spouse, Dorothia Bell, another daughter of the late provost James Bell. (William Yair's MS. Protocols, 1660–2, p. 178.)