Extracts from the records: 1665

Pages 50-67

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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25 February 1665.

Generall survey of the toune.

The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the great incres of strangers and uncouth beggers within this burgh, and the great numbers of orray weomen and servantis that desertis service and takis chambers, and they being most carfull and willing that the same be tymeouslie remeidit, it is ordained that ane generall survey be takin throw the haill toune be the severall partes and quarters therof, as the samyne is heirafter divydet, viz., baillie Herbertsoune and John Walkinshaw ar to tak ane survey of the Saltmarcat and Gallowgait, on both sydis; Walter Neilsoune, James Colhoune, and such as they pleas to tak with them, ar to tak ane survey of the haill boundis above the Gramer Shool, on both sydis, Wyndheidis, Rottin Raw, Stable Grein and Drygait; the deane of gild and Niniane Andersoune to tak a survey of the haill Briggait, on both syds; baillie Ker and Dowhill, elder, to survey the haill Trongait; baillie Pollok and William Gray ar to survey the midle quarter quhilk is fra the Croce to the Gramer Shoole, on both sydis; Androw Moodie and Peter Gemmill ar to survey the Stockwelgait, on both sydis, and Shittwynd (fn. 1); John Caldwall and John Watsoune, thesaurer, to survey the haill thrie wyndis (fn. 2); and John Miller, baillie of Gorballes, with his constables, ar to survey the haill Gorballes. And all of them ar to report there dilligence at the next meeting of the counsell.

4 March 1665.


Appoyntis the provest and baillies to speik with the principall and regentis of the college anent the great wrongs and abuses done by the collegianes to the Gramer Shoole.

Surveyers report.

Theis persones who wer formerlie appoyntit for survey of the toune made their report and gave in their rolles (except Androw Moodie and John Cauldwall); quhilkis rolles ar given to baillie Pollok, and the baillies and utheris ar appoyntit to sie all such removed aff the toune who ar ordained be the said surveyers.

Burne crookes.

Recomends to the deane of gild deacon conveiner and Robert Rae to setle and agrie with the provest and Johne Marschell anent the buying in of the burne crookis from them.

Brigs to be mendit.

Recomends to the deane of gild to caus mend and repair Partick brig, as also the tounes great brige, of the hurt it hes gott in the tyme of this lait great frost.

8 March 1665.

Argylles bandis.

It is concluded that the provest goe east to Edinburgh, at his awne convenient tyme, and to tak with him the lait Argyles thrie bandis to the effect they may be produced in dew tyme, conforme to the proclamatioune; and he is to goe about all effectuall meines that the toune may get their awine.

Glasgow raice.

It is concluded that Glasgow raice be keeped in maner and as is set doune and conteined in the Diurnall, and recomends to the provest to caus provyd what is necessar to be made for the effect.

25 March 1665.

Compt. provest.

The provest gave in the comptis of his debursmentis and charges, the first anent Dumbartane busines and the uther anent Argyllis bandis, be the quhilk it is fund that the said provest had deburst to advocatis and their men, at thrie severall consultatiounes, and to clarkis the tyme of this last sessioune, and for expenssis of witnesses and monye given to baillie Pollok, to the seamen and to the clark that booked them, £626 12s. 4d.; and for his awine charges and horssis hyre, the said twa last tymes, being the first tyme twa moneth and the last tyme fyftine dayes, £510; extending in haill to [£1136 12s. 4d.]


Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune, about the end of Aprill next to come, to command all theis to remove aff the toune who ar oppoyntit be theis who did survey the same, and that no maner of person set ony houssis to ony of that rank, under the paine of ten pundis ilk persone unforgiven.

Hie kirk.

Recomends to William Boyd to tak ane view of the fabrik of the Hie kirk and to consider what is most necessar to be done for helping the defectis therof, and to mak report theranent nixt meiting.

Smith, beddell in the Laigh kirk.

The beddelship of the Laigh Kirk in Trongait is conferred wpon and given to James Smith, merchand, and he is not onlie to be carfull anent the ringing of the belles but also he is to walk throw the kirk in tyme of divyne service, with ane whyt staff in his hand, as wont to be of old, for the crubbing of bairnes and utheris that makis disturbance in the kirk, and for impeiding of all abusess therein.

Act in favouris of Johne Robesoune for payment of £600.

In anser to the supplicatioune given in be Johne Robesoune, sone laufull to umquhill Williame Robesoune, mechand, burges of this burgh, whois parentis and predicessouris have bein for a long tyme in guid reputatioune and conditioune within the samyne, craving some supplie to helpe him to some honest conditioune of lyfe, the said magistratis and counsell, taking the same to their consideratioune, and wnderstanding that umquhill Jonet Dick, his guiddam, was ever alledging the toune was awand her some monye shoe lent, they have therfor concluded that there sall be payit for the use of the said Johne Robesoune the sowme of sex hundredth pundis Scotis for the effect forsaid, and that to be and stand in full satisfactioune of the said alledgit debt; and ordaines Johne Andersoune of Douhill, elder, to pay the same to him out of the monyes he receavit from the collectoris at the mylnes.

22 April 1665.

Cruikis of mylndame bought.

The deane of gild being formerlie appoyntit to buy in the cruikis of Mylnedame for the use of the toune, he made his report this day that he had setled with the awneris theranent, and the toune was to pay ane thousand twa hundreth markis therfor; and the said magistratis and counsell ordaines the securities to be drawine wp accordinglie.

Burne crookis bought.; Spens.; Kinclaith.

Ordaines Johne Andersoune, elder, of Douhill, to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundreth markis deburst be him to Johne Marschell, merchand, for the pryce of that halfe aiker of land callit the burne crookis bought be the toune from him; and for fyve pund starling he deburst to David Spens, clark of Rutherglen, to helpe him to mak wp the excyse tak dewtie he has to pay for the parochin of Goveane; and the said David is nocht to be hard thereanent heirafter. As also he is ordained to pay to Johne Barnes for his twa aiker of land he hes in Kinclaith, according as the rest of the land there was bought, if he please to accept the samyne, and also to pay to Mathew Wilsoune nyne scoir ten pundis for the land sold be him to the toune.

Hie kirk to be repaired.

Ordaines William Boyd to caus mend the glass windowes of the Hie kirk, and to give in his compt therwpon; and to caus provyd lymn for poynting the said kirk.

Call to Stirling.

It is appoyntit that ane call be given to maister William Stirling, now minister at Drymmen, to come heir and to serve as ane of the ordinarie ministers of this burgh.

Anent the planting of ministers.

Recomends to the provest to speik the bischope anent the planting of ane minister in the Uter Hie Kirk, and to pay his stipend and the minister of the Barrony kirk, and to pay the fyve chalder victuall the bischopes wer in use to pay of old to the minister of the kirk in Trongait, the toune quyting to his lordship their right thei have to the tyndis of the barronry.

Calsayes to be mendit.

Ordaines the maister of wark to caus mend the calsay outwith the Stablegrein port and the calsay outwith the Gallowgait port; and the deane of gild to caus mend the calsay outwith the Wast port.

Bank for bringing in of armes.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune be touk of drum to charge the haill inhabitantis, in his Majesties name and theiris, to bring in their haill armes and to delyver the same to the magistratis to be keeped in the tolbuith, with certificatioune to all who neglectis to doe the samyne sall be looked wpon as disaffected to the present government and sua punishied accordinglie.

Shoole in Gorballes.

In anser to the supplicatioune given in be the tounes fewers and tennentis in Gorballis, grantis to them that old hous neir the tounes barne their last occuped be (blank) to be ane schoole for instructing and training wp of their bairnes, and that during the tounes will and pleasour allenerlie.

Land at fleshmercat.

Recomends to the deane of gild and Robert Rae to buy in umquhile Robert Watsones land at the fleshmercat als commodiouslie as they can.

Warrand, poor people in prisone.

Ordaines the theasurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyve pund starling deburst be him to John Rowat for meit and drink furnished be him, at command of the magistratis, to divers poor people wer put in prisone.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the theasurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundreth pundis Scotis, deburst be him to William Boyd in pairt payment of the building of the brig at Linnings haugh; and for ane hundreth pundis, deburst to the goldsmith in pairt payment of the coups he is making to the toune for the raice.

29 April 1665.

St. Rollokis kirk yaird.

Ordaines ane tak to be drawine wp and subscribed in favouris of James Farie for setting to him of St. Rollokis kirk yaird and the grass therof, for nyntine yeares, for payment of xxx s. Scotis yearlie; reserving to the toune libertie for buriing in the said kirk yaird all maner of persones thei pleas, conforme to old use and wont; and this to be insert in the tounes rentall. (fn. 3)

Presentatioune, Stirling.

Forsuameikle as at the last meiting it was ordained that a call should be given to maister William Stirling to come heir and serve as ane of the ordinarie ministers of this burgh, it is therfor ordained this day that ane presentatioune be drawine up in his favouris for that effect, and to ane thousand pund of stipend, and four scoir pundis of hous maill, yearlie, as the rest of the tounes ministers getis; and he to preach in any kirk according as he sall be enjoyned by the present magistratis and their successoris in office; and ordaines the clark to draw up the said presentatioune according as utheris the lyk, and to subscryve the same in their names; and appoyntis James Pollok, baillie, and Peter Gemmill to ryd to the said maister William on Moonday next airlie and to present to him the said presentatioune.

Barrony men, tynds.

Appoyntis the provest [and four others] to convein befor them theis in the barronrie who keeps wp the thrid pairt of their tynds, and does heirby grant to them full power and commissioune to end and clois with them theranent, that the monye may be gottin in in dew tyme against the term; and appoyntis maister Robert Goveane to acquant the said barronry men for that effect.

Brig, Comlachie burne.

It is concluded that ane brig be builded at the foot of Comlachie burne, neir to the foot of the burne at Duncane Aikines well.

Licence to provest to win stones.

Appoyntis the deane of gild [and two others] to sight and visit that pairt where the provest desyres to win some stones for building of ane dyk, and to grant him licence for that effect if it be nocht prejudicial to the toune.

6 May 1665.


After consideratioune had of the bad payment made of that allocatioune made be the laird of Silvertounehill, for making wp of the twa chalder victuall he is to pay to the toune yearlie, for the better keeping of compt with him it is concluded he get the said allocatioune bak agane, and quhat Mr. Robert Goveane hes receavit be vertew thairof he is heirby ordained to give it to him bak againe.

Act anent Hamiltoune dean of gild

The provest, baillies and counsell being conveined. Anent the act of remitt grantit be the lordis of his Majesties most honorabill privie counsell, beiring dait att Edinburgh the thrid day of Maij 1665, anent ane petititioune presentit be John Listoune and John Wood, tanners, within this burgh, schewing that quhair the petitioners having bought the number of nyne hundreth salt hydis or thairby, for the sowme of nyne thousand markis, from James Bogle, merchand in Glasgow, there did fall out ane difference betwixt the petitioners and the said James with quhat weightis the same should be weighted at the delyverie, the petitioners alledging that, conforme to their bargane, the said hydis were to be delyvered by the commoune tron weightis, conforme to the commoune custome and use as hes bein practised theis hundreth yeares bygaine, and the said James Bogle, sellar of the said hydis, aledging they wer to be delyvered be his awine weightis, and the petitioners refuising to receave them, so the said James having made his applicatioune to the deane of gild of the said burgh of Glasgow, his awine confident friend and copairtner, if not in this particular bargane yit in manye utheris, the said deane of gild, upon ane complent preferrit to him be the said James Bogle, having called the supplicantis befor him, by himselfe, without calling ane counsell by his bretherin, brevi manu and at his awine hand, against the constant practique within burgh, without any probatioune, in ane arbitrarie way, ordained the applicantis furthwith to be committit to prisone, except thei wold receave the said hydis with the said James Bogle his weightis; and that notwithstanding the supplicantis their appealling to their priviledges as burgessis, and that thei wer content to ansuer the said James in ane legall way, which was all that could be demanded in such a caice, the deane of gild not being altogither judge compitent in such a mater. And the supplicantis being imprisoned, conforme to his command, and having purchesed suspensioune, wpon just and relevant ground, as the letters producit beares, and being at libertie, yit notwithstanding, by the said deane of gild his ordour, thinking himselfe not abundantlie satisfeit with quhat he hes done alredie, his officirs doe attend, both day and night, the supplicantis their dwelling houseis, to their great prejudices and discredit, so that they ar forced to flie the toune: Humblie therfor desyring some way might be taken that they may be in securitie and have reparatioune for their being wrongouslie imprisoned, as the said petitioune beares, the lordis of his Majesties privie counsell having hard and considered the said petitioune, did remit the cognitioune therof to the provest and baillies of Glasgow, with power to them to heir both parties and to determine therin as they sall think just and reasonable, as the said act of remitt mair fullie proportis. Quhilk being this day, in the morning, exhibit and producit be the said John Listoune and John Wood, befor the provest and baillies of this burgh, and they having sent for Frederik Hammiltoune, deane of gild therof, who after heiring of the same declaired, as he had his office of the provest, baillies and counsell of Glasgow, so he was willing to have the mater tryed befor them, as was this day reportit in counsell be the said provest and baillies; and againe the said act of remitt being at length red in presens of the said provest, baillies, and counsell, both parties being present, and at length hard to speik for themselfes and therafter removed; after matur advyce and deliberatioune had in the said mater, and reasoning to and againe, be pluraltie of votis, it was fund that the said Frederik Hammiltoune, deane of gild, had malversit in his office first in keeping of ane court be himselfe without ane quorum of his bretherin, quhilk is contrair to the gildrie, and lykwayes in imprisoning of the said Johne Listoune at his awine hand, without concurrence of the magistratis, quhilk is lykwayes cleir contrair to the said gildrie; and therafter the forsaid provest, baillies and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the said faultis did, by the lyk pluraltie of votis, suspend the said deane of gild fra his charge as deane of gild of this burgh during their further pleasour.

12 May 1665.

Act contra Selkrig.

Forsuameikle as Williame Selkrig, wrytter, had takin on him at his awine hand, not acquanting the magistratis and counsell for obteining of any warrand of them to found ane laigh chope quhilk he intends to build under his foir hinging stair, and quhich hes bein discharged to be so done be severall actis of counsell, and seing that place quherin he intendis to build his said chop is ane comodious walk to people to repair in, in tyme of raine and foull wether, it is therfor heirby declared be the said provest, baillies and counsell, that it sall be nowayes leasome to the said Williame, or ony of his sucessouris, to build the said chop in that place, but that the same remaine as it was for ane comodious walk heirafter.

Pollok to supplie the dean of gild's vacancie.

It is concluded that in respect Frederik Hammiltoune, deane of gild, is suspendit fra his charge during the counselles will and pleasour, for the caussis conteined in the act set doune theranent, and seeing necessar it is that that place be supplied be some fitt persone during the vacancie, to preceid in that court as deane of gild, and to doe everie thing incumbent theranent, as the said Frederik might have done before he was suspendit, and that without ony kynd of brek or prejudice to the letter of gildrie; and for choysing ane mane to that purpois thei did put out ane lyt of theis thrie persones, viz.:—James Pollok, ane of the present baillies of this burgh, James Campbell and Johne Barnes, lait deane of gild, that ane of them may be choysen to the effect forsaid. Be pluralitie of votis the said James Pollok was made choyse of to the effect above wryttin, who being present did accept and gave his oath as use is.

27 May 1665.

29 Maij 1665.

It is statut and ordained that seing Moonday nixt is the twentie nyne of Maij, and so appoyntit to be keepit as ane solemme day in commemoratioune of his Majesties birth and restauratioune, it is concludit therfor that the same be keepit in all the solemnities, conforme to the act of parliament.

3 June 1665.

Provest, commissioner.

Williame Andersoune, provest, is electit and choysen commissioner to the nixt generall conventioun of burrowes to be holdin at Aberdein, and ordaines the clark to give him his commissioune, sealled and subscrivit, conforme to the missive direct theranent; and the deacon conveiner is choysen to be his assessour; and the provest is hereby warrandit to tak any young men with him he pleases.

Auditours, Douhill, elder, his comptes.

Recomends to the provest, baillies, [and five others] to heire Douhill, elder, his compt of excyse, and the said auditoris ar appoyntit to allow to him, in the first end therof, quhat the toune is awand to him for seck bestowed wpon divers friendis.

Warrand, brig.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundreth pundis deburst be him, farder, to Williame Boyd in pairt payment of the building the brig at the end of Linnings haugh, and quhilk makis him wp four hundreth pundis.

6 June 1665.

Common good.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—mills, 7900 merks; ladles, £1433 6s. 8d.; meal market and pecks, 800 merks; tron, 810 merks; bridge, 1580 merks.];

Gras of the twa greines sett.

After lawfull rouping the grass of the Old Grein and Linnings haugh, being the New Grein, for this present cropt, was sett to Johne Herbertsoune, wrytter, for payment of eight scoir ten markis Scotis; quhilk eight scoir ten markis is to be payit in hand to the thesaurer; and their is reservit to the inhabitantis libertie to wash and dry their clothes, but nocht to bleitch them theron, as thei wer in use to doe on the Old Grein.

St. Mungowes yaird.

After lawfull rouping the gras of St. Mungowes Little kirk yaird, this cropt, was set to John Andersoune of Douhill, conforme to old use and wont, for payment of ane rex dollour quhilk was presentlie given to the officeris.

10 June 1665.

Gorballes and Linnings haugh.

It is concludit that fyftie pund starling be payit to the archbishop to confirme the tounes right of the landis of Gorballes and Linnings haugh, and to get ane new chartour de novo damus; and Johne Cauldwall to deburs the monye and the clark to give warrand for that effect. (fn. 4)

24 June 1665.

Walkinshaw to Aberdein and utheris.

In respect the provest hes wryttin that he cannot win to Aberdein, it is therfor concludit that Johne Walkinshaw goe thither, and have the commissioune for himselfe, and Walter Neilsoune to be assessour, for attending the general meiting of the burrowes there in the tounes name; and Peter Gemmill is ordained to ryd with them.

Warrand thesaurer for diurnalles.

Ordaines the thesaurer to pay to Robert Mein, the post, fiftie ane pundis xij s. for diurnalles and newes furnished be him to the toune, fra the second of October last to the xxij of Junij instant.

Carron brigg.

Appoyntis James Colqoune and Williame Boyd to ryd to the foord of Carron wpon Twesday nixt, and to be there against ten houres, conforme to the desyre of ane letter direct from some gentlemen in the shyre of Stirling and burgh therof anent the helping of Carrone brigg.

15 July 1665.

Commissioner, burrowes and estaitis.

The provest is electit commissioner to the particular conventioune of burrowes at Edinburgh the twentie eight of this instant; as also to the conventioune of estaitis to be holdin ther the second of August nixt; and ordaines the clerk to seall and subscryve commissounes to him for that effect.

Cathcart lon heid.

Recomends to baillie Pollok and baillie of Gorballes to caus mend the holl at Cathcart loane heid in Gorballes.

Agriement, ane brig.

Report being made be baillie Pollok anent his agriement with Johne Clark, measoune, for the building of ane brig at Duncane Aikines well, for the sowme of thrie hundreth markis, the same was allowed and approvine.

Monye lent to Gemmill.

It is concluded that twa hundreth punds be lent out of the excyse monye to Johne Gemmill, merchand, in respect he is knowne to be ane verie honest man and hes lost his stok be sea venter; and ordaines Dowhill to deburs the monye, receave the band, and compt therfor at making of his compt.


The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the lamentable estait of Margaret Monteith, who is now distractit, and that shoe was borne within this burgh of honest parentis, and the wyfe of ane honest man, it is therfor concluded that there be payit her ilk day, be the maister of wark, during her distractioune, sex shilling Scotis.

29 August 1665.

Barrony tyndis.

Recommends to theis who wer formerlie appoyntit to clois with the barrony men anent their tynds to convein them, with the first conveniencie, be small numbers, and to clos with them theranent.


Recommends to theis who wer formerlie appoyntit to setle with Robert Campbell anent Silvercraigs to meit and convein among themselfes, and to think upon the best and easiest meanes to put the toune in possessioune of the said landis, and that ather be imploying of Robert Campbell, younger, therintill, or utherwayes as they sall think most meit for the tounes guid.

2 September 1665.


Ordaines the maister of wark to caus mend, beat and repair the whoill portis, and to mak them all fixit, with dilligence, and ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune be touk of drume to command the whoill inhabitantis to clois their clos footis and ends of their yairds, that no repair be made therby, now in this dangerous tyme, for fear of the plague of pestilence, and that betwixt and this day eight dayes, under the paine of ane hundreth pundis and farder punishing of their persones be sight of the magistratis.

M'Cuir, Mylnehill.

Ordaines ane dispositioune to be made and subscryvit in favouris of Robert M'Cuir, merchand, of sua meikle of that peice land the toune bocht fra John Marschell as the toune hes nocht made use of, in recompence to him of quhat the toune hes takin aff his land in Mylnehill.

23 September 1665.

Act anent unlawes.

It is unanimouslie concludit be the saids magistratis and counsell, for many guid reasones and consideratiounes moving them, that sua lang as it sall pleas the toune to have ane denner on the day of the electioune of the magistratis, that the toune thesaurer pay the expenssis therof; and to mak this wp againe to the toune it is concludit and ordained that the haill unlawes be brought in to the use of the toune, and that the samyne be collectit be the clark, or ony of his servantis he pleases to appoynt for that effect, and that compt be made therof once in the year, and quhat is gottin to be delyvered to the thesaurer to mak up the said expenssis of the denner; and this is to be without prejudice to any of the baillies heirafter, to bestow such pairt of the said unlawes, as thei think convenient, wpon any poor indigent persone or persones, and to give bak to such persone or persones such quantitie of the unlawes takin from them as thei sall think convenient; and the superplus therof to be delyvered to the theasurer as is abovewryttin.

Lands at back of fleshmercat.

Appoyntis baillie Pollok and Robert Rae to clois the bargane anent the buying in, for the tounes use, theis old lands at the fleshmercat quhilk somtyme perteined to umquhill Robert Watsone, fleshour, and to mak ther report theranent.

Warrand, tolbuith.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ten rex dollouris deburst be him to John Rowat, keeper of the tolbuith, for meit and drink furnished to divers poor people was put in the tolbuith, at command of the baillies, and wer not able to mentein themselfes.

3 October 1665.

Electioun, provest.

The provest, baillies and counsell, being conveined, as wpon the ordinarie day for the electioune of the magistratis, for the year enshewing, compeired Mr. Gilbert Strachan, servitour to the right reverend father in God, Alexander, archbishop of Glasgow, and producit ane letter direct be his lordship to the magistratis and counsell quherin he noninatis William Andersoune, who was provest this last year, to be provest for the year enshewing; after reading quherof the said William Andersoune, being present, did accept and receave the said charge in and wpon him for a year to come, and gave his oath de fideli administratione theranent as use is.


[From leets presented by the provost and former bailies, the archbishop chose John Walkinshaw and Peter Gemmill, merchants, and John Miller, tailor, to be bailies for the year ensuing.]

6 October 1665.

New counsell.

[The magistrates of the last and two preceding years, with persons added to make up the full number as formerly, elected thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the town council for the ensuing year.]

7 October 1665.

Act in favouris of the sojouris.

There being ane letter producit in counsell from Sir James Turnour, shewing that of lait it pleased the toune to confer some litle thing monethlie wpon the first thrie companies come heir to be quartered, to be bestowed wpon sojouris who had wyfes, and that for the keeping of honest mens houssis frie of the burdine of maried persones, and that the lord Lithgowes company hes gott nothing of that kynd since thei come first heir, and therfor, at desyre of the said Sir James, it is concluded that the said four companies sall get for this moneth, and in tyme coming during their lying heir and the counselles will, four pund starling monethlie for the caus forsaid, to be bestowed wpon maried sojouris.

11 October 1665.

Deane of gild, etc.

[From leets made up as formerly, the following were elected:—James Pollok, dean of guild; Walter Neilsoune, deacon convener; James Padie, treasurer; John Caldwall, water bailie; John Miller, visitor of maltmen; James Birscat, master of work.]

14 October 1665.

Land at flesh; mercat.

Appoyntis the provest, baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, and such as they please to tak with them of the counsell, to visit theis landis at the fleshmercat quhilk the toune intends to buy, and how steddable they may prove to the toune, and to report.

Tallow candle.

[Tron stone of rough tallow to be sold for 48s.; and the troy stone of wellmade candle for 56 s.

Bailie of Gorbals.

John Herbertsone elected bailie of Gorbals.

Procurator fiscal.

Mr. John Herbertsonne continued procurator fiscal.]


Recommends to the deane of gild to caus provyd some mein to furnish coalles to the guardis.

Charter, Gorbals, Linningshaugh.

[A warrand given for £5 to Mr. Andrew Burnet, town's agent, "for his paines in passing the tounes new chartour of confirmatioune of Gorballis and Linningshaugh."]

Warrand, new cock in the Hie Kirk.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of thrie scoir eightine pundis eightine shilling deburst for the new cock put upon the heigh steiple of the Hie Kirk, weightand twentie ane pund weight of copper, and for gold binkis and guilding therof, and uther expenssis in puting wp the same, conforme to the particular compt therof given in be the maister of work.

21 October 1665.

Warrand, Silvercraigs.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of four scoir fourtine pundis xv s. iiij d. deburst be him to Robert Campbell, younger, for his charges in goeing to Silvercraigs and there taking possessioune of the samyne in the tounes name.

28 October 1665.

Statut, breid.

The statut anent the wheit breid was set doune, and it is ordained to be sold, conforme to the statut, for alevine pund the boll of wheit, quhilk is ten unces and thre drop for twelfe penneis Scotis, and sua accordinglie to be sold les or mair. And ordaines the whoill baxters to baik sufficient leavined breid.

Land at fleshmercat.

It is concluded that the old land at the fleshmercat be bought for twa thousand eight hundreth markis.

Duk Hammiltoune to be payit.

It is concludit that duk Hammiltoune be payit of that quhilk he is seeking of ane old stent, in anno 1633, and the clark to give ordour and warrand to the thesaurer therfor, after the compt is casten wp. It is ane hundreth thrie scoir sex pund xiij s. iiij d.

Tak, litsters.

It is concludit the litsters get a new tak of the walk mylne, conforme to the former, and the same dewtie, for so many yeares they pleas, keeping the conditiounes in the old tak.


Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for thrie hundreth markis monye, for building the new brig over Cumlachie, at that well callit Duncane Aikines well.


Recomends to the deane of gild, deacon conveiner and Robert Rae, to buy in for the tounes use the whoill landis in Kinclaith yit unbought.

Minister, barrony kirk.

Ordaines John Cauldwall to have ane warrand for the sowme of eightine hundreth pundis deburst be him, out of the moneys he receavit fra the collectouris at the mylnes, to the minister of the barrony kirk, for his steipend the croptis 1664 and 1665 instant.

Tak subscrivit.

The contract betwixt the toune and the minister of the barrony kirk was subscrivit.

4 November 1665.

Bucket monye.

Appoyntis Robert Rae and Johne Cauldwall to call in for, and give in to the counsell table, the haill monye is lying in any mans hands quhatsomever, formerlie collectit for buying of armes or in name of bukit monye.

Barrony teithes.

Recommends to the baillies [and six others] to caus wairne in the barrony men that is adebit any teithes to the toune, and to setle with them theranent, and the majour pairt to be ane quorum, and baillie Walkinshaw to convein them.

Tak set to Hall.

It is concludit that Johne Hall get ane tak set to him of the litle yard at the bak of the meill mercat, and that during the tounes pleasour, for payment of ane small tak dewtie.

Rige bocht fra the commissar.

Recommends to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to speik the man who occupyes the rig was bought fra the commissar, if he will quat his tak therof; and if the toune mak it ane commoune vennell to consider how the nighburis sall be made fensible, and to report.

Warrand, guard hous.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for [£494 11s. 6d.] deburst for the expenses upon the guard hous made in Trongait and materialles bocht therto.

Warrand, denner.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for [£148] deburst be him to Jonet Reid, spous to William Hammiltoune, for the tounes denner at the last electioune of the magistratis.

11 November 1665.

Visitatioune of Goveane kirk.

Notice being given to the magistratis that wpon Moonday nixt ther is ane visitatioune to be of the kirk of Goveane, anent some repairing therof, and in respect of the tounes intrest, as now heritouris of Gorballes, appoyntis Johne Walkinshaw, baillie, and Johne Herbertsoune, present baillie of Gorballes, to attend the said meiting, and to mak their report theranent.

Warrand Dowhill.

Ordaines Dowhill, younger, to have ane warrand for [£701 Scots] deburst be him, out of the excyse, for defraying of the commissioners charges the tyme he was heir laitly with his train.

9 December 1665.

Report anent Goveane kirk.

Baillie Walkinshaw and Johne Herbertsoune made report that thei did attend the meiting at Goveane, conforme to the counsell ordouris, and that thei had condeschendit for the toune, as heritouris of Gorballes, to mend and repair Goveane kirk, conforme to ane act set doune therwpon.

Brodbreidge, chymnes.

The said baillies and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how the toune hes bein slightit be John Brodbreidge, in not performing his ingadgment in relatioune to the perfecting the knock in Briggait, it is concluded that he be seased wpon by the magistratis and compellit to performe theis his ingadgmentis; and as for the chymnes he wes to mak ther, for sundrie guid reasones it is concludit that the samyne chymnes be made and put wp in the stiple of the tolbuith.

Warrand, herring.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for [£197 16s. 8d.] deburst be him for threttie five halfe barrellis herring was sent to Edinburgh to the tounes advocatis and utheris, and for packing therof, and for halfe barrelles to some of them.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie pundis Scotis, deburst be him to Johne Clark, measoune, for mending a holl that fell out in the gavill of the Subdeanes Mylne and building a litle brig at Cathcart Lone heid.

30 December 1665.


Ordaines the bischops chamberlain to be ansuered in quhat is dew be the toune for the fewdewtie of Gorballes, 1664, and quhat is awand out of Partick mylne, new mylne, Linnings haugh, or utheris, the said cropt.

Pollok to Puckie and Puckie mylnes.

Ordaines the deane of gild to have ane commissioune to repair to Puckie and Puckie mylnes, to setle ane sufficient chamberland ther for wplifting the rentis therof, and to doe his best to get in all bygane yeares restand awand unpayit, and to give discharges wpon recept therof, and he to be comptable conforme to his intromissioune.

Commissaris rig.

Appoyntis baillie Gemmill to joyne with the deane of gild and deacon conveiner for sighting of the rig bocht fra commissar Flemyng to be ane vennell, and to setle with the present tennent theranent, but mainlie to consider befor ony use be made therof how the nighbouris sall be made fensible, that no prejudice come to them therby.

Warrandis, Andersoune.

Ordaines Johne Andersoune, younger of Dowhill, to have ane warrand for the sowmes following, deburst be him out of the monye receavit fra the collectouris at the mylnes, viz., to the provest fyftie pund starling for defraying his debursementis and charges in Edinburgh, being to repair therto for puting ane clois to the debait betwixt this burgh and Dumbartane. Item, for the sowme of ten pund starling deburst be him to Niniane and Williame Gilhagies, sones laufull to Johne Gilhagie, maltman, to help them to transport themselfes bak againe to England, and for their better advance to ane honest lyfe quhen thei come ther, their parentis being nowayes able to helpe them. Item, for the sowme of four scoir pund Scotis, deburst for the transportatioune of Harie Andersone, sone naturall to umquhill Harie Andersoune, merchand, to Barbados for his lyfliehood.


Ordaines ane new chartour to be made and subscrivit in favouris of David Birscatt, tailyeour, of ane peice waist grund he and his predecessouris hes had, past memorie of man, neir the foot of the Old Wynd, with warrandice fra the tounes fact and deid allenerlie, for payment of twa penneis Scotis yearlie if requyred.


  • 1. St. Enochs Wynd.
  • 2. Old Wynd, Mains Wynd, and New Wynd.
  • 3. By the tack, which was subscribed on 3rd June, the provost, bailies, and council set to James Farie, hammerman, burgess of Glasgow, "his aires, executores, and assignayes (upon conditioune of the reservatioune underwrytine), all and haill that kirkyaird called St. Rolloks kirkyaird, and haill grase therof, and all pertinentis of the samyne, lyand within the territorie of the said burgh, outwith the Stablegreen port, neir to that place ther called Plummers-holl, and that dureing the haill space, yeires, and cropes of nynteine yeires and cropes after his entrie therto, quhilk was and begane at Beltane last bypast; and sua furth to continue yeirlie therafter dureing the said space; with this expres provisioune and conditioune, and no other wayes, that it sall be no wayes leasume to the said James Farie and his foirsaids to delf, teal, or manuire the said kirkyaird at no tyme dureing this tack; but that it shall lay still for grase; as also that it sall be leasume to the saids proveist, baillies, and counsell, and to ther successoures in office to caus burie the corpes of any persone whatsomever they pleas within the said kirk yaird, at all tymes they thinking fit to doe the samyne, dureing the tyme of this tack, but any kinde of impedimente whatsomever. For the quhilk tack and assedatioune above wrytine, the said James Farie bindes and obleissis him and his forsaids to thankfullie content and pay to the said proveist, baillies, and counsell, and their successoures in office, or to ther thesaurers in ther names, the sowme of threttie schilling Scots money yeirlie, at the terme of Martimes dureing this tack; beginand the first termes payment therof at Martimes nixtocum, and sua furth to continue in thankfull payment of the said tack dewtie dureing the tyme of this tack abovewrytine."
  • 4. By charter dated 20th June, 1665, Archbishop Burnet confirmed to the magistrates and council of Glasgow the £6 lands of Gorbals and the lands of Linningshaugh. The latter are in one part of the charter called a "12s. land," and are elsewhere described as 12 acres of land. For Gorbals there were payable the old yearly duty of £6 in money and 8 bolls meal to the mill of Partick, and for Linningshaugh £4 12s. 4d. Scots of old duty, with an augmentation of 14½d. yearly. (MS. Inventory of Writs, I., b. 44, No. 27.)