Extracts from the records: 1669

Pages 114-125

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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2 January 1669.

Contributioune for theis who laitly suffered by suddan fyre.

The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune that sundrie poor people dwelling beyond the Gallowgait Burne hes suffered great hurt and damage laitly be suddan fyre, quherby sundrie barnes (fn. 1) and victuall was therin and in their stak yairdis being totallie consumed therby, and therfor hes concluded and ordained that ane voluntarie contributioune be collectit throw the haill toune among the inhabitantis for that effect, quhilk is to be distribut be sight of the said provest, baillies and counsell, and hes apponytit the persones fallowing to be collectouris therof with all dilligence viz.:—[here follow names of persons appointed for each of the "persones quarter," Mr. Johne Bowies quarter, Mr. Mylnes quarter, and Mr. Williame Stirlingis quarter]; and if ony of the said collectouris be absent the magistratis and counsell to choyse utheris in their place.


The outputing of the militia horssis, with their ryders, is committit to the provest and baillies, and thei ar heirby commissionat to agrie with any who will wndertak the service wpon the best conditioun thei can for the guid of the toune.


It is concluded that the provest use his best meanes and moyen to get the toune confirmed in the landis of Provand, be the exchecker, in the best and easiest way that can be.

Buckitis to be made in case of suddan fyre.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune that suddane fyre ryses frequently in this place, to the great hurt and wrack of theis who suffers therby, and to the effect the samyne may be moir speidilie quenched heirafter quhen it happines to fall out, in regaird that the merchand and craftis hospitallis hes the benefeit now of the haill buckit monye, thei appoynt the said twa houssis and their collectouris to caus mak ane hundreth lether buckitis, with all convenient dilligence, for the effect forsaid, and the buckit monye to run in the old channel; and farder, for the better quenching of suddan fyre quhen it happines ryse heir, it is heirby statut and ordained be the said magistratis and counsell that everie heritour, and uther responsable persones within this burgh, caus mak and provyd ane sufficient lether buckit, and put their awine names therwpon, and to have them in reddines at all occasiounes in their awine houssis; and in tyme of suddan fyre (quhilk God avert) that thei send out the said buckitis with their ablest servandis for quenching of the said fyre and to carie water therwith; and the said buckitis to be in reddienes betwixt the fair of Glasgow nixt, under the paine of twentie pundis monye to be exactit aff ilk contraveiner; and that intimatioune be made heirof throw the toune be touk of drum; as also to inhibit and discharge all maner of persones to mak any repair to their barnes for threshing therin their victuall, ather morning or evining, unles thei have a lantrone or bowet with them for preserving the candle or light thei sie with, for eshewing of skaith may cume therby, as doolfull experience hes laitly taught, and that under most sever punishing of their persones and beinishing of them this burgh in all tyme therafter.

23 January 1669.

Provest to Edinburgh.

Appoyntis the provest to goe east to Edinburgh to attend the passing of the tounes signatour of the landis of Provane, and for uther busines there belonging to the toune.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have a warrand for the sowme of nyne hundreth pundis deburst be him to maister David Liddell, minister at the Barrony kirk, for his last yeares stipend.

Ratificatioune of the cordoners contract.

The contract made with the cordoners of this burgh and theis in Gorballes (fn. 2) war ratified and approvine in everie heid and artickle therof therin conteined, in all poyntis, according as is done with the contractis made with the hammermen and weavers.

8 February 1669.

Nimmos act null.

The provest, baillies and counsell [having taken into consideration the act dated 3rd January, 1667 (fn. 3) ]; and now seing the said Mr. William Nimmo did never compeir to accept the said charge as conjunct clark with the said William Yair, nor yit to performe any of the remanent dewties above mentioned . . . declares the forsaid act of the dait abovewryttin to be null and of non availl as the samyne had never bein grantit in favouris of the said Mr. William.

13 February 1669.

Poll monye.

In consideratioune of the complent given in be divers burgesses of this burgh, who laboris a pairt of the Broomhill lands, against Archibald Stirling for exacting aff them poll monye, they being all burgesses and inhabitantis of this burgh, quhilk is contrair to the act of the conventioune of estaitis set doune theranent; ordaines therfor the baillies to send for him and to mak him repay bak to them quhat he had so wrongously takin from them; and to caus him act himself not to truble any of the burgesses of this burgh in that maner heirafter, or then to imprisone him quhill he doe it.

Act against Reid.

Anent the complent given in against Johne Reid, maltman, for his and his wyfes resetting of stollin geir from sundrie persones at severall tymes, and for menteining of lies befor the haill counsell, in alledging that baillie Farie should have utred and spockin some ill words against the parsone, quhilk the said Johne Reid confest in presens of the counsell but wuld nocht mak it appeir, and for sundrie uther wrongs and enormities committed be him quhilk he confest in presens of the counsell; therfor the said magistratis and counsell doe foirfault the threattie dollouris alredie consigned be him, and ordaines the samyne to be distribut to the poor, and ordaines him to remayne in ward during the counsellis will and quhill he produce his burges tickit quhilk thei ordaine to be cryed doune and riven; and conteinowes the rest of his punishment till farder occasioune.

20 March 1669.

Report, provest.

The provest made report of his last dilligence in Edinburgh, and reportit that he had setled and agried anent the compositioune to be given for the tounes signatour of the landis of Provan, and that the compositioune was eight hundreth markis.

Monye payit to the lord lyoune.

Ordaines my lord lyoune to be payit of fyftie pund starling in relatioune to armes used be many who aught nocht to doe the same, and, to the effect the toune may gett their releiff therof aff the transgressouris, there is ane assignatioune and factorie to be gottin from the said lord lyoune to his right; and ordaines Peter Gemmill and James Farie, baillies, for the tounes relieff, to cast the said fyftie pundis starling among the transgressouris, and to ward them quhill thei pay their proportionable pairtes therof. (fn. 4)

3 April 1669.

Warrand, Cauldwall, steipand.

Ordaines John Cauldwall to have ane warrand for the sowme of sex hundreth and fyftie markis deburst to Mr. Donald Catgill, sumtyme minister at the barrony kirk, for Mr. David Liddell, now present minister therof, and quhilk is to be deteined aff him, aff the first end of his nixt steipand.

Procurator fiscall.

William Stirling, wrytter, is made choyse of as the tounes procurator fiscall till Michaelmes nixt.

Mathow Donald.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune that seing the four scoir pundis that was deburst for Mathow Donaldis transportatioun to Jamaica is yit lying in the handis of John Cauldwall, and that the said Mathow hes brokin his leg and so not able for transportatioun, ordaines therfor the said John Cauldwall to deburse the samyne upon the said Mathow Donald as he thinkis meit and convenient, or so meikle therof as he thinkis guid quhill he be mendit.

Toune clarkship.

William Yair having dimittit in the handis of the provest, baillies and counsell of this burgh his right of the toune clarkship therof, thei therwpon instantly, without delay, did elect and mak choyse of the said Williame Yair and George Andersoune, wrytter in Edinburgh, to be conjunct clarkes of this burgh; and for that effect gives, grantis, and dispones to the saidis William Yair and George Andersoune, equallie betwixt them, during all the dayes of their joynt lyftymes, and failyieing of ather of them, be deceas, to the uther surviving, during all the dayes of the survivers lyftyme, the forsaid office of clarkship within this burgh, with all and sundrie fies, casualities, profeitis, priviledges, immunities and dignities quhatsomever belonging therto . . .

1 May 1669.

Act in favouris of the maltmen.

Anent the petitioune given be Williame Wallace, present visitour of maltmen, for himselfe and in name and behalfe of the remanent bretherin of that calling, makand mentioune that quher, by ane old use and custome, that calling hes bein in use and custome about the tyme of Michelmes to present yearly to the magistratis and counsell of this burgh four persones of their number, with the old visitour, to the effect that ane of them might be choysen visitour for the year enshewing, quherby that calling hes susteined great hurt and prejudice be conteinowing, throw that abuse, some persones in that charge many and divers yeares togither; and the said present visitour and remanent bretherin of that calling having takin that prejudice to their consideratioune, hes concluded that, in respect there ar many able men now among them who ar able to beir that office and charge, that non sall beir office as visitour of that calling longer nor twa yeares togither; and for the better effectuating therof had appoyntit be their said act the abovenamed Williame Wallace, visitour forsaid, to petitioune the said magistratis and counsell and to obtein of them ane ratificatioune of their said act, as the samyne petitioune in itselfe mair fullie proportis. Quhilk being red, and after consideratioune had be the said magistratis and counsell theranent, and finding the said act and petitioune to be most reasonable, the aforsaid provest, baillies and counsell, all in ane voyce, but discrepans, did ratifie and approve, and heirby ratifies and approves the aforsaid act sett doune be the forsaid visitour and his bretherin of the said maltman calling, beiring that non of the bretherin of that calling sall be put on lytt to bear office as visitour therof after thei had borne office of that calling twa yeares togither preceeding, and heirby declares that, notwithstanding of any act or statut made of befor in the contrair, the bretherin of the said calling of maltmen sall nocht be holdin or astrictit to put any man heirafter on lytt to be choysen visitour who hes borne charge in that office the immediate twa yeares preceiding.

1 June 1669.

Mylnes, etc., sett.

[Common good set for a year as follows:—Mills, 8,700 merks; ladles, 2,850 merks; mealmarket and pecks, 860 merks; tron, 1,020 merks; bridge, 1,400 merks; "St. Ninians little kirk yaird," a rex dollar to the officers "to buy their denner."]

10 June 1669.


In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Johne Hall, chyrurgian, grantis licence to him to build ane peice of ane ston wall betwixt theis buithes narrest the tolbuith, quhilk he hes laitly bought, and the gutter ther, for withholding the evill smell of the said gutter from the occupyers of the said buiths, provyding the samyne be but one stone thick allenerlie and of guid aslar wark and decently builded, in respect it is so neir the tolbuith.

12 June 1669.

Orray weomen.

Appoyntis the baillies to tak ane survay of the haill toune within their respective quarters therof, and to tak with them such of the elders of the kirk sessioune or utheris as thei pleas for trying out of orray weomen who hes desertit their service, and hes takin houssis and chamberes of their awine; as also to tak tryell of the persones who setis them the houssis or chambers, and to report their dilligence theranent with the best conveniencie.

Great brig.

Appoyntis the deane of gild to visit the great brig, and to cognosce the decayed pairtes therof and to caus mend the same.

26 June 1669.

Wickitis of the mylnes neidnailed.

Appoyntis the deane of gild to sie the haill wickitis of the haill tounes mylne doors sufficiently neidnailled and put fra opening.


For sundrie and weightie caussis, it is concluded that ane accurat and dilligent man sall attend weikly the tounes work at Newport Glasgow, and he is to have for his expenssis and hors hyre ten markis that weik he attendis the work, and the deane of gild is appoyntit for the first weik; and appoyntis that ane hors be spokin for to goe doune with the man weikly who must goe and attend the work.

10 August 1669.


The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune that thei and their predicessouris had remittit the fewdewties and tynd tak dewties of the landis of Cumlachie in favouris of John Anderson, somtyme ane of the baillies of this burgh, and that during the lyftyme of umquhill Marioune Dorroch, his spous, who was lyfrentrix therof, they therfor heirby remitt the haill bygaines of the said fewdewties and tynd tak dewties of the said landis preceiding the deceas of the said umquhill Marioune Dorroch.

Sawers, pynter.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be Hendrie Sawers, pynter, craving to be admittit burges and gildbrother of this burgh, conforme to his fatheris right; and the said magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune what necessitie the toune hes of ane man of that calling, they therfor appoyntis him to be admittit burges and gild brother of this burgh conforme to his fatheris right frielie, without payment of any fyne, for his better incurragment therintill.

14 August 1669.


The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune that this citie is altogether destitut of ane musitian for instructing the youth in the airt of musick, and seing it is the earnest desyre of manie honest men that ane able musitiane be tryed out and brought to this place for that effect, and seing the bischop is willing to bestow yearly wpon such a persone ane hundreth pundis Scotis for the mans better incurragment who is to be brought here, it is concluded that the toune pay him yearly thrie hundreth and fyftie markis, and that to conteinow during the counsellis will and pleasour.

Fleshouris in the land mercat.

Wpon good consideratiounes the magistratis and counsell discharges the fleshouris in the land mercat to kill any mutton or hudron on the hie streit, under the paine of ten punds ilk persone in caice of failzie, and that thei keep their filth and pynches aff the foir gait.

21 August 1669.

Pittersgill, manufactorie.

Ordaines Simon Pittersgillis tak of the manufactorie hous for seavine yeares to come to be given to him, for quhilk he is to pay fyve pund starling yearly and to wphold the hous on his awine expenssis during the said space, and keip the toune frie therof.

Gorballis militia hors.

Ordaines the fyftie twa pundis awand for the fractiounes of the militia hors of Gorballes to be payit.

18 September 1669.

Wrytis sent east.

Appoyntis the haill wrytis mentioned in Mr. George Norvallis letter be sought out and sent east tymouslie, to the effect ane ratificatioune may be drawine therof and past and expeid in the inshewing parliament.

Mouatis burges tikit.

Grantis warrand to the clarkis to subscryve and delyver to Mr. Charles Mowat his burges tikit as if he had payit his full burges fyne therfor, notwithstanding the book beires as that it was done wpon requeist, and that in respect he is to pay for his gildrie ane hundreth and fyftie pundis quhilk was promist to him quhen he subscrivit the band of the said sowme.

Warrand, drummers.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for fourtie pundis deburst to the old drummer, and fourtie markis to the young drummer, to helpe to buy their clothes.

Hall, deacon conveiner.

The provest, baillies and counsell of the said burgh being conveined, be pluralitie of votis, it is concludit be them that in respect of the lait deceas of Manasses Lyll, last deacon conveiner, that John Hall, chyrurgian, sall give order anent the electioune of the new deacones for ane year to come, and he to have a caire the samyne be peacablie done, as if the said lait deacon convener wer on lyfe; and if ony of the old deacones be conteinowed in their office for ane year to come, the said magistratis and counsell doe heirby dispens therwith for this year allenerlie, notwithstanding of any former act sett doune in the contrair, conforme to ane prior act set doune be the deacones of craftis theranent; and this to stand for this year only.

25 September 1669.

Sheirer to be bennished.

Ordaines Jonet Shearer, spous to James Love, wright, for her bais and leud cariage in her druckines, in keeping company with sojoris, to be bennished this burgh for ever, and that if ever her husband recept her heirafter he to be benished also.

Neisbit, commissioner to Lanerk.

Appoyntis Hugh Neisbit, merchand, burges of this burgh, to ryd to Lanerk against the fyft of October nixt to cume, in name of the toune, for the landis of Provand, to meit with the remanent commissioners and frie holders of the shyre of Lanerk, anent the making choyse of the shyres commissioners to the enshewing parliament; and ordaines him to have ane commissioune sealled and subscryved for that effect.

Provest, commissioner to parliament and burrowes.

Williame Andersoune, provest, is electit and choysen commissionar for the toune to the nixt enshewing parliament, and to the nixt meiting of the burrowes, quhilk is four or fyve dayes befor that, and bailie Fairie is ellectit to ryd with him to the meiting of the burrowes; and the said provest is to mak choyse of whom he will to attend him at the meiting of the parliament; and who attends him thereat is to have als much to beir their charges as was allowed to theis who attendit John Bell, provest, at the last parliament he was commissionar at; and ordaines commissiounes to be given to the said provest for ather of the said meitings, sealed and subscrivit be ather of the clarkis.

2 October 1669.

New counsellouris admittit.

Forsuameikle as it was regraitit be some that ther ar sundrie of the number of the counsell depairtit this lyfe, and that utheris of them did never accept of the charge, and therfor desyred that befor the electioune the whoill number might be made up, quhilk being considered wpon and put to ane voyceing quhither it should be done or not, be pluralitie of votis it was concluded that the samyne should be done; and therafter, be pluraltie of votis John Andersoune, merchand, the provestis brother, was electit and choysen ane ordinarie counseller in place of Johne Gilhagie who did never accept the said charge; and in place of umquhill Manasses Lyll and umquhill Robert Scot, be pluralitie of votis, John Wood and John Listoune wer made choyse of as ordinarie counsellouris, who all thrie being sent for, come, did accept and give their oathes of fidelitie as use is.

Factorie to Yuill, Silvercraigs.

Ther was subscrivit, at the desyre of Robert Campbell, elder and younger, ane commissioune and factorie in favouris of Nicol Yuill, wrytter in Invereray, for wplifting the rentis of Silvercraigs for ther use for this present cropt, jm vjc. sextie nyne, and nyne yeares therafter, and that for the said Robert Campbell, elder, and Robert Campbell, younger, their use and behove.

Whyt fisch and oysters.

The provest, baillies and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how the inhabitentis of this burgh ar abused be severall persones within the samyne, by their buying whyt fisch and oysters brought in here be straingers and travellouris to retaill and sell over againe, quheras in all equitie and reasoune theis straingers and travellouris aught to sell them themselfes; as also the travellouris importouris of oysters does commounlie buy the smalest of the oysters, to the effect thei may mak many hundreths in the laid, quhilk tendis greatly to the hurt and prejudice of the inhabitentis; for remeid quherof in the futur, it is enactit, statut and ordained, be the said magistratis and counsell, that no maner of persone within this burgh presume or tak wpon hand to buy any whyt fisch or oysters fra any travellouris or importers therof to this burgh, for retailling over againe, but that thei suffer the said travellouris and importouris therof to sell the samyne themselfes, and that for eshewing the abuses befor mentioned, under the paine of punishing of them in their persones and guidis be sight of the magistratis; and to the effect that the said act and statutis may be better observed, they have heirby ordained Williame Stirling, their commoune servand who brekis the salmond, to attend the said mercat quher the fisch and oysters ar sold that the said statut and act be observed, and quher the oysters fall small the said Williame Stirling is to acquant some of the baillies theranent.

5 October 1669.

Provost and bailies.

[On the nomination of the archbishop, James Campbell, late bailie, was appointed provost; and from leets presented to him the archbishop chose Ninian Andersoune and James Ker, merchants, and John Watsoune, maltman, to be bailies for the ensuing year.]

8 October 1669.


Being the ordinarie day for the electioune of the toune counsell of this burgh, and James Campbell, new electit provest, Niniane Andersoune and James Ker, twa of his baillies, John Andersoune elder of Dowhill, and John Miller, lait deacon conveiner, being only present of all theis who was wairned for that effect; and becaus, conforme to the ordour befor the electioune of said toune counsell, they wer to mak wp twelfe persones as the number appoyntit for that effect, they therfor sent John Andersoune, younger, [and six others] quhilkis compleitit the said number, and therafter past on to the said electioune and electit the persones fallowing to be on the toune counsell for the year enshewing, viz.:—[thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen.]

9 October 1669.

Lytis for the deane of gild this year.

Frederick Hammiltoune having made complent to the magistratis and counsell for the wrong done to the merchand hous in anno 1665, they for remeid therof ordained the said Frederick Hammiltoune and the threttie sex men that wer on the hous that year, at least sua many of them as ar on lyfe, and for theis who ar deceast to choyse utheris in their place, to meit with the provest and baillies at the ordinarie tyme for making ane lytt to be presentit for choysing the deane of gild this year enshewing.

Act in favouris of Hall reschindit.

Finding be ane act of counsell daitit the eightine day of September last bypast that Johne Hall was appoyntit to proceid in the place of umquhill Manasses Lyll, lait deacon conveiner, and the counsell finding it contrair to the old laudable use and custom that quhen ane deacon conveiner deceases the immediat deacon conveiner befor should proceid quhill the new electioune of ane deacon conveiner, thei therfor heirby reschind the said act made formerly in favouris of the said Johne Hall theranent, and appoyntis Johne Miller, who was deacon conveiner immediatly befor Manasses Lyll, to convein the deacones of craftis conforme to old use and wont for making the lytis for making ane new deacon conveiner this year.

13 October 1669.

Dean of guild etc.

[From leets made up as formerly, the following office-bearers chosen for the year ensuing:—John Andersoune, younger of Dowhill, dean of guild; William Wallace, deacon convener; John Louk, treasurer; Thomas Young, water bailie; John Findlay, visitor of maltmen; Hendrie Craig, master of work. The gardeners having presented a leet containing the names of John Bartoune and William Hutchesoune, "and the counsell, not being willing to be refractive to any libertie grantit to the said gairners heirtofoir," elected William Hutchesoune visitor.]

25 October 1669.


Appoyntis Baillie Ker [and four others] to collect all that hes bein debursed at Newport Glasgow, and to sett doune all in ane compt, and to keep ane book of record for that effect.


Appoyntis the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to appoynt to the fleshouris such convenient roume for killing of their flesh at the bak of the flesh mercat as thei think most convenient.

Breid, tallow, and candle.

[The wheat loaf of 14 oz. to be sold for 12 d. Scots; tron stone of rough tallow, 40 s.; troy stone of well made candle, 48 s.]

Bailie of Gorbals.

[John Wallace, maltman, chosen bailie of Gorbals.]

Procurator fiscal.

[John Grahame elected procurator fiscal of the burgh.]


[The provost to take with him to Edinburgh £50 sterling to be applied towards his expenses, "and to get past ane ratificatioune of the tounes rightis of this burgh, the landis of Provand and Newport Glasgow and utheris."]

Colhoune to attend Hie kirk.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune that in regaird Alexander Eglingtoune, who was laitly imployed to attend and have ane cair of the great metrapolitane church of this burgh, is now and hes bein withdrawine therfra be his imployment at Newport Glasgow, quherby the attendance of the said great kirk is greatly neglectit, quhilk may tend to the ruine of the fabrik therof, therfor the said magistratis and counsell hes made choyse of Hendrie Colhoune, wright, to attend the fabrik of the said great kirk wpon the conditiounes the said Alexander Eglingtoune had the samyne, and his entrie therto to begin at Mertimes nixt.

30 November 1669.

Provand myln.

It is recommendit to the baillies, deane of gild, deacon conveiner and baillie of Provand to sie and consider quhat is neidfull to be done anent the mylne of Provand and the present tennent therof, and to report to the counsell.

16 December 1669.

Visitatioune, Hie Kirk.

Appoyntis the deane of gild [and six others] to goe wp and sight the Hie Kirk, and to mak report theranent the nixt meiting.

Tounes quarrell.

The magistratis and counsell being acquentit that the tounes quarrell is greatly abused be theis who workis therintill, recommendis to the deane of gild to sight and visit the samyne and to report.


  • 1. This contract is described, in a ratification by the magistrates and council to the cordiners, dated 30th September, 1693, as a "contract past and perfyted betwixt the said incorporation of cordoners of Glasgow and the cordoners in Gorballs, dated 18th December, 1668, containing severall heads, articles, and clauses therintill, and particularlie, the said incorporation of the cordoners of Glasgow grants only libertie be the said contract to the saids cordoners and shoemakers in Gorballis to stand in the mercat of Glasgow upon the mercat day for selling of their shoes and uthers therintill, for payment be ilk ane of them of the soume of eighteen shillings Scots yearlie" (Campbell's History of the Incorporation of Cordiners of Glasgow, p. 257).
  • 2. It was probably on account of this fire that the name Burnt Barns originated. At first applied to the destroyed or injured buildings, the designation was latterly transferred to a lane in their vicinity leading from Gallowgate to the Green, and now known as St. Mungo's Lane or Street.
  • 3. Antea, p. 89.
  • 4. Under the act 1592, c. 29, which at this time regulated the office of the Lyon King of Arms, magistrates were responsible for its due observance within their respective jurisdictions.