Extracts from the records: 1668

Pages 101-113

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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4 January 1668.

Bargan made with Newark.

The provest declared in counsell that he and utheris with him had had ane meiting, yeasternight, with the lairdis, elder and younger, of Newark, and that thei had setled with them anent the taking of ane peice land of theirs in few, for loadining and livering of their ships there anchoring, and building ane harbour there, and that the saidis lairdis had subscryvit the contract of few this morning, quhilk was all allowed and approvine be the saidis magistratis and counsell. And after this the twa few contractis made betwixt the saidis lairdis of Newark, elder and younger, and the toune, wer red and subscrivit, beiring that the saids Newark, elder and younger, had set ane mark land, as a part of their landis of Newark, to the toune in few, for payment yearlie of four markis few dewtie, and reliving them of the Kings taxatioune effeirand to a mark land; (fn. 1) as also ther was subscryvit twa bandis in favouris of Newark, elder, ather of them conteining sex thousand markis, the one halfe at Candlemes nixt payable, and the uther at Witsonday nixt; as also ther was subscrivit ane uther band in favouris of the young laird, Sir George Maxwell of Newark, of ane thousand markis to be payit at Whitsonday nixt.

27 January 1668.

Andersoune, warrand.

Williame Andersoune, lait provest, is appoyntit yit to ryd to Edinburgh to attend the caus anent the bay salt, and the actioune depending anent the tyndis of the barrony parish, and also to advyce with some advocatis what securitie the toune sall give to theis to whom thei sall sett in few ony pairt of theis boundis bought fra the laird of Newark; and to try for a guid ingynneir.

New pier to be made.

It is concluded that ane peir or harbour, with some houssis and dykis, be builded with the best conveniencie, with what farder sall be fund necessar to be done, wpon the grund now bought be the toune fra the laird of Newark, and that wpon the tounes publict charges, and that the haill benefeit and commoditie can be made therby redound to the tounes use.

Dead bell and graves.

It is concludit that John Falconer, reidmaker, have that place that was last occupyed be umquhill Patrik Forsyth, in relatioune to the benefeit of the dead bell and making of the graves.


The provest having relaited in counsell that there was ane generall complent throw the whoill toune anent the misgoverning of the knockis, in consideratioune quherof it was concludit, be pluraltie of votis, that the keyes should be takin from Johne Brodbridge and delyvered againe to Andrew Purdoume; and the said Johne, being sent for, come and did lay doune the said keyes wpon the counsell table.

15 February 1668.


Anent the supplicatioune given in be John Falconer, bookbinder, for ane presentatioune grantit to ane sone of his be Scotistarbet to be bund prenteis to ane craft, . . . ordaines the fyftie pundis that is now lying in the handis of Robert Scot, lait thesaurer, to be delyverit to him for that effect.

29 February 1668.

Newwark, warrand.

Ordaines Dowhill, younger, to have ane warrand for the sowmes following, receavit be him fra the collectouris at the mylnes, viz.:—the sowme of fyve hundreth twa markes eight shilling viij d. deburst be him to the ladie Newwark, in name of bontadge, for the bargane the towne maid with her laird, and for fyve rex dollouris deburst be him to maister Hew Montgumerie for ryding to Newwark to tak her aith, and for twentie rex dollouris deburst to Johne Grahame for som wrytes he made betwixt the towne and Newwark, and for goeing ther to take seaseing as notar.

7 March 1668.

Tenement at fleshmarket, Candlerig.

It is concludit that the tounes tounes tenement of land at the fleshmercat be takine doune at Witsonday nixt be sight of the deane of gild, and that ane fair and commodious entrie be made ther to the Candle rig.

21 March 1668.


In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be the tennentis of Provane, appoyntis Williame Andersoune, late provest, and his brother the baillie of Provane, to meit with the saides tennentes, and to conferre wpon the particullaris conteined in their supplicatioune.

Warrand, Dowhill, younger.

Ordaines Dowhill, younger, to have ane warrand for the sowme of sex hunderethe marks deburst be him to Johne Clark, meassoune, be way of advance for some wark that is to be done be him in Newwark releating to Glasgowes new port.

Act anent the persones hows maill.

The provest, baillies and counsell, takeing to thair consideratioune how that the towne heirtofoir is wronged with the payment of the persones hows maill, seing there is noe farder owand to him yeirlie be the towne for payment therof bot the annuelrent of ane thousand pundis, quhilk lyes in thair handis for that effect, thairfor it is heirby inactit, statut and ordainit that noe farder be payit for the said hows maill heirafter bot thrie scoir pundis, quhilk is equivalent to the annuelrent of the said sowme of ane thousand pundis lyand in thair handis as said is for that effect.


Ordaines Dowhill, younger, to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie dollouris deburst be him for ane yooll bought for the townes use for passing fra the Bromelaw to Newport Glasgow, and againe to and fra in the townes bussines.

Collectour of the rentis of Provane.

The magistrates and counsell being informed that the tennentes of Provane made ane scruple to pay ther fermes unles they gat discharges with warrandice, they therfoir doe heirby commissionat and appoyntes James Andersoune, younger, collectour of the saids landis of Provane, to give discharges to the tennentis therof with ample warrandice to warrand them at all handis and against all deadlie, and the towne is to releive him theranent, he making payment in to the towne of the saidis rentis according to his intromissioune.

Moveables in Provane.

Commissionatis the deane of gild and baillie of Provand to goe out to the hall of Provand, and to agrie and setle with Silvertounhill anent some moveables standing in the hous, quhilk thei sall think most convenient to buy for the tounes use.

4 April 1668.

Newport Glasgow.

Recomendis to the deane of gild to ryd doune to Newark, and to tak suche persones [with] him as he pleases, to tak notice quhat the workers ar there doeing at Newport Glasgow, and to consider quhat is best to be done ther anent the building of houssis and cellares.

18 April 1668.

Warrandis, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of twentie seavine pundis four shillings deburst be him to John Hall, chyrurgian, for the pryce of the medicamentis he applyed in curing of seavine poor persones who wer direct for curing to him be the magistratis, conforme to his compt given in theranent; and for the sowme of ane hundreth markis deburst be him to the laird of Silvertounhill for the pryce of certane moveables and utheris that wer bought from him, for the tounes use, standing in the mansioune hous of Provand; and for fyftie ane pund ten shillings deburst also be him to Mungow Mathie, quhilk was restand awand to him for coall and candle furnished to the guards.

2 May 1668.

Hous of Provane.

The magistratis and counsell being informed that the mansioune hous of Provand is in great decay, apoyntis therfor the deane of gild to sie to it and to the reparatioune therof; and recommendis to Peter Gemmill, lait baillie, to provyd ane coble for the use of the loch therof.

Newport Glasgow.

The deane of gild, and uthers who wer with him at Newark, made their report anent their visiting of the tounes workis there, anent the building of ane hous chambers and building of sellars there, for the use of the burgessis, inhabitentis of this burgh, with ane dyk about the whoill boundis belonging to the toune, quherof thei producit ane draught drawne for that effect, quhilk was allowed and approvine and given to the maister of wark in keeping; and ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of threttie twa pundis sextine shilling deburst for their charges in goeing to sie the said workis.

Campbell.; Monye, thesaurer.

For sundrie and guid reasounes knowne to the said magistratis and counsell, it is concludit be them to quyt to Robert Campbell, elder, merchand, twa yeares annualrent of that fourtine thousand markis awand be him and cautioneris to the toune be band, he paying in the said sowme of fourtine thousand markis betwixt and Witsonday nixt to come, utherwayes this act to be null and of no availl, as if the same had nocht bein grantit; and ordaines the thesaurer to receave the monye and mak compt therof.

Act in favoris of the fleshouris.

Anent the supplicatioune given in befor them be Williame Gilmour, present deacone of the fleshouris within the same, for himselfe and in name and behalfe of the remanent bretherin of that calling, makand mentioune that where it is notourly knoune the petitioners hes their lordships fleshmercat sett to them, and payes yearly therfor thrie hundreth markis to their lordships thesaurer, and this is payit equallie alyk be the whoill friemen, and not ane payes ane penny therof moir nor ane uther, and sua everie on of them aught to have their equall benefeit of the mercat; but that there ar some stokes quhilkis stands narrest the foir entrie of the said mercat quhilkis ar compted much better nor theis at the heid of it, and utheris at the syd therof; and that thei ar all in number seavintine persones, and that thrie of them hes gottine themselfes seatted and fixed to theis commodious stokis and roumes, that thei will nocht condeschend with the rest of the bretherin of calling to cast lottis everie year for their said stokis and rowmes, seing thei pay all alyk and so aught to have alyk benefeit; and as for weadowes, the relictis of friemen who lives among them, thei sall have the lyk benefeit with them, thei hyring and conducing with ane servand to serve them in the calling, as is in uther weill governed cities; and therfor seing threttine of them desyres earnestlie the said stokis and rowmes to be lotted yearly, and only thrie of them stands out, cravand earnestlie their lordships, for keeping better concord and peace in the calling, to ordaine their said stockis and rowmes to be lotted yearly and cavillit, to the effect, seing thei pay all alyk, they may have all alyk benefeit; as the said supplicatioune given in be the said Williame Gilmour, deacon forsaid, in name of the calling, mair fullie proportis. Quhilk being red, on the fourtine of Aprill last bypast, in presens of the provest, baillies and counsell of this burgh conveined for the tyme, thei did referr the samyne to the consideratioune of James Pollok, Johne Walkinshaw, deane of gild, and Johne Miller, deacon conveiner, and thei to meitt and convein upon the premissis, and any twa of them to be ane quorum, and therafter to report; according quherunto the said James Pollok, baillie, and the abovenamed Johne Miller, deacon conveiner, having mett and conveined sundrie tymes theranent with the said Williame Gilmour, deacone, and most pairt of the bretherin of calling, and having at lenth conferred with them anent the whoill premissis conteined in the said supplicatioune, and finding that the whoill bretherin of calling of fleshouris did all alyk pay for their stok mailles, and that there ar sundrie stokis in the mercat that hes nayther maister nor servand to attend them, and that there ar both some friemen and relictis of theis that ar departit this lyfe that hes sett some of the stokis for their awine propper gaine, to the great hurt and prejudice of the poor of the calling, conforme to the report made and given in be them this day; and therfor thei thought it most fitt and convenient that yearly theirafter, at the terme of Witsonday, the whoill stockis and rowmes in the said fleshmercat be castin lotis for be quhom the same sall be made use of for the year therafter, and that therby the poor of the calling may come to have some of the best stokis als weill as the rich therof, from year to year; and fund it convenient that no maner of persone should have the benefeit of ane stok within the fleshmercat, nather relict nor utheris, but such as did work in the said fleshour tred and keeped servantis for that effect. Quhilk report being made as said is, the samyne was allowed and approvine be the said provest, baillies and counsell conveined, who be this present act statutis and ordaines that the saidis haill stokis and rowmes in the fleshmercat sall be castin lotis for yearly at the said terme of Witsonday, and to begine at the terme of Witsonday nixt, conforme to the tenour of the said report, and that the said report sall stand unalterable in all tyme cuming.


The provest, baillies and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the great wrong and abuse committit be the coupers in making of their herring barrelles of clovine staps, and the great hurt and prejudice comes to the merchand therby, as dailie experience produces, therfor, and for preveining the lyk heirafter, it is heirby statut and ordained be them that no couper within this burgh presume or tak wpon hand to mak any barrelles heirafter but such as sall be fund sufficient, made of unclovine staps, for the better serving of his Majesties leidges, conforme to the act of parliament and severall actis of burrowes emittit theranent, and that wnder the paine of confiscatioune of all barrelles that sall be fund utherwayes made, and burning of them, quherof intimatioune was made to the deacon of coupers heirtofoir to the effect he might intimat the saymne to the bretherine of calling, that thei might nocht pretend ignorance therof; and becaus it is neidfull that the burghs of Renfrew and Dumbartane be also wryttin to and desyred to doe the lyk among their coupers, ordaines therfor the clark to wryt to them for that effect, and to desyre Dumbartane to acquant theis in Kilpatrick theirwith.

16 May 1668.

New mylne of Partick.

Appoyntis John Miller [and two others] to sight the new mylne of Partik, and to cognosce wpon her conditioune and to report.

Bank, tenement at fleshmarket.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune to sie who will buy the stones, timber, thak and rubbish of the tounes tenement of land at the east syd of the fleshmercat; and they who bids most therfor to have it, provyding they red the grund fullie.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowmes fallowing, deburst be him to Donald McGilcreist for the caussis fallowing:—in the first, for the sowme of twentie seavine pundis fyve shilling deburst be him to the said Donald for his hors hyre and expenssis in goeing to Buit to buy sklatis for the use of New Port Glasgow, and for the sowme of twa hundreth and fourtie pundis deburst be him be way of advance to the men who hes the sklait craigs there, and for twelfe pundis deburst be him for a hatt to the gentleman who helped him to mak the bargane, and for ane pund sex shilling eight pennies for twa pund of tobacco he gave to the workers to mak guid sklait; all extending to twa hundreth four scoir pundis alevine shilling eight pennies.

Buckit monye for buying of armes.

Report being made to the counsell that the deane of gild and deacon conveiner had setled amongst themselfes anent the divisioune of the monyes collectit from theis that enters burgessis in name of paying for armes, that the poor of the merchand and craftis hospitalles should have the samyne equallie betwixt them, ordaines therfor Johne Cauldwall, baillie, to pay to the deacon conveiner or his collectour the equall halfe of the said monyes he collectit the last year.

26 May 1668.

Anent the 29th of Maij.

Ordaines ane banck to be proclaimed throw the towne, be touk of drume, for observeing the twentie nyne day of Maij instant, conforme to the act of parliament, in commemoratioune of his Majesties birth and restauratioune.

2 June 1668.

Mylnes, etc., sett.

[Common good set for ensuing year as follows:—Mills, 8700 merks; (fn. 2) ladles, 3000 merks; mealmarket and pecks, 880 merks; tron, 1150 merks; bridge, 1810 merks, "but it was therefter set for 1600 marks becaus Androw Noble who first took it was not able to give securitie." The "gras of St. Ninians litle kirk yaird was set to John Andersoune of Dowhill, provest, for payment of ane rex dollour, quhilk was presently payit to the officeris for to help to pay their denner with."]

13 June 1668.


Forsuameikle as baillie Cauldwall was formerlie charged at the instance of Auchinrwoch for apprehending the laird of Silvertounehill for some debt, and that he being apprehendit accordingly the said baillie being persuadit be some to dimit him, in respect of theis things betwixt the toune and the laird, the said provest, baillies and counsell therfor doe heirby bind and obleis them and their successouris to warrand relive and skaithles keep the said Johne Cauldwall theranent.

Collectioune for Kilmarnok.

Ane act of the secreit counsell being red, appoynting ane collectioune to be made for supplie of theis who had their landis laitly brunt in Kilmarnok, it is concludit that a collectioune be made heir within this burgh for that effect, according as the magistratis sall think fitt and convenient.


Forsuameikle as their [is] great complent made against the laidlers be divers persones, appoyntis the deane of gild, deacon conveiner and visitour of maltmen to goe throw with the said laidlers on Wednesday nixt, and to sie them tak their dew honestlie and fairlie as becometh, that all men may sie the same, and to enjoyne them to tak their dewes that way during their tak.

20 June 1668.


Ordaines William Stirling to deburs [blank] Gillies who occupyes Peters hill, a pairt of the tounes commoune, twentie markis to helpe to build ane barne therwpon.

Timber importit for Newport Glasgow.

Forsuameikle as there is laitly brought in within the river of Clyd ane ship of timber belonging to the merchandis here, quhilk is supposed will be sufficient to compleit the timber wark at the tounes buildings at New Port Glasgow, it is therfor concludit and condeschendit to, be the said provest, baillies and counsell, that the said haill ship of timber be bought for the said use, and to the effect the sufficiencie thereof may be the better knoune appoyntis baillie Pollok [and three others] to ryd doune to Newark to sight the said timber if it [is] sufficient or nocht and to report.

4 July 1668.


Theis who wer appoynit the last counsell day to visit the timber laitly brought in at Newark, quhilk the toune hes concludit to buy for their work there, made report this day anent the sufficiencie therof. The magistrats and counsell therfor did setle and agrie with the merchand anent the pryce therof, quhilk is sextine hundreth and fyftie sex dollouris, with ten dollouris to the skipper. [Warrant to be given for payment]; as also for the sowme of ane hundred pund starling deburst . . . for advancment of the tounes work at New Port Glasgow, quhilk is to be given to John Clark, measoune, for that effect to ane compt.

Warrand, thesaurer, heraldis.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fourtie rex dollouris deburst to theis heraldis and utheris that come here for cognosceing of armes, and that for the better eas and eshewing of inconveniences quhilk might fall wpon the inhabitantis theranent.


Recommends to the deane of gild and maister of wark the rebuilding of the brig at the wast end of the New Grein.

Mitchell fyned.

James Mitchell, deacon of cordoners, being accused for some bais cariage and misdemaner committit be him against John Cauldwall, baillie, he being present did acknouledge and confes the samyne most humblie, and did submitt himselfe most humblie to the magistratis and counsell theranent; and the said James being removed againe out of counsell he was wnlawed and fyned in ane hundreth pund Scotis, and to produce his burges tikit quhilk is ordained to be riven publictly if the said baillie get not satisfactioune betwixt and this day eight dayes.

1 August 1668.

Contributioune for Kilmarnok.

Appoyntis Mathow Cumyng [and others] to goe throw the toune in the severall families therin, for collecting the contributioune for supplie of theis in Kilmarnok who had their landis laitly brunt by accidentall fyre.

Warrand, Liddellis glyb.

Appoyntis James Andersoune, baillie of Provane, to pay out to maister David Liddell, minister at the Barrony kirk, the tounes proportionall pairt for his mans and glyb dew to be payit for the landis of Provan and Linningshaugh.

24 August 1668.

Takis of the tyndis.

Committis warrand to Robert Rae to agrie with some persone or persones for drawing of the tynd of the landis of such persones as refussis to louse their takis.

Maynes, Provane.

Grantis power to James Andersoune, baillie of Provane, to sett the whoill Maynes therof, and to sell the present cropt growing theron belonging to the toune, and that be sight and advyce of the deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to such persones as will give most therfor.

Miltoune, tyndis.

Appoyntis baillie Pollok [and four others] to ryd out and sight the present growing cropt of Milltoune in Provane, in respect of the tounes interest to the tyndis therof.

New vennell.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be the inhabitantis at the Grayfrier port and utheris, on both sydis of the gait ther, it is concludit that the equall halfe of the tounes new vennell ther be calsayed this year and the uther halfe the next year.

Takis subscryved.

There was subscryved divers takis of the tynds.

29 August 1668.

New mylne.

Appoyntis Peter Gemmill, lait bailly, and Williame Wallace to speik to Stobcors anent his beating the new mylne at Partick.

Warrand, Andersoune.

Ordaines Dowhill, younger, to have ane warrand for the sowme of [£928 3 s. disbursed by him] for some wynes was disposed of to some noble men for their courtisie and favour showne to the toune.

Calsay to be laid.

Ordaines ane peice calsay to be laid at the heid of the Howgait, towardis the toune mylne, of the breadth that a hors with a load may easilie and saiflie goe theron, and of the lenth as sall be fund necessar.

12 September 1668.

Warrand, thesaurer, Mein.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyve pund nyne shillings four pens starling, sent be him to Edinburgh to Robert Mein, for the newes letters and gazetis fra the first of September 1667 to the first of September instant.

Andersoune, anent the millitia.

Appoyntis Williame Andersoune, lait proveist, to ryd to Edinburgh to petitioune the counsell, the first counsell day, anent the militia now in outputing, as also to petitioune anent the coall and candle deburst to the guardis.

Warrand, plaisters and mendicamentis.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fourtie ane pundis deburst be him to John Hall for certaine plaisters and mendicamentis, applyed be him for curing of sundrie poor people direct to him be the magistratis for that effect.

3 October 1668.

Licence, Park to hold a school.

Grantis licence to Robert Park, who formerly held ane school at Carmyle in the barrony, to tak wp a school here within this burgh, for instructing of the youth in wrytting, reading and arthimetick, in ony place within this burgh except in Trongait.

Takis subscryved.

There was subscryved a tak to Johne Hammiltoune of a pairt of the maynes of Porvane for (blank) yeares, quherof 1669 is the first cropt, for payment yearly of threttie twa bollis victuall, halfe beir, halfe meil; as also there was subscryved sundrie takis of the tyndis.

6 October 1668.

Provost and bailies.

[On nomination by the archbishop, William Andersoune was reappointed provost; and from leets presented to him the archbishop chose John Walkinshaw and Peter Gemmell, merchants, and James Fairie, craftsman, to be bailies for the ensuing year.]

9 October 1668.


[The provosts and bailies of this and the two preceding years chose thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the council for the year ensuing.]

14 October 1668.

Dean of gild, etc.

[Robert Rae, dean of guild; Manasses Lyll, deacon-convener; Thomas Scot, treasurer; John Miller, water bailie; William Wallace, visitor of maltmen and mealmen; Thomas Bogle, master of work; Robert Tennent, visitor of gardeners— all for the ensuing year.]

Deacon conveiner.

In respect Johne Miller, lait deacon conveiner, was put on lytt, and he wald not be votted in respect of ane claus conteined in the letter of gildrie not yit rectified, it was therfor unanimouslie concludit be the said provest, baillies, counsell and haill deacones of craft forsaid, that in all tyme coming, after ane deacon conveiner hes borne office twa year, as the said John Miller did, there sall be presentit be the craftis hous thrie uther of their number, that the magistratis, counsell and utheris forsaid may mak choyse of any ane of the thrie to beir office as deacon conveiner for the year therafter, and the then old deacon conveiner nawayes to be lyttit or presentit with them.

17 October 1668.


[Wheat loaf weighing 1 lb. 1 oz. 3 drops to be sold for 12 d.; rough tallow, 40 s. the tron stone; candle, 48 s. the troy stone.]


[James Pollok elected bailie of Gorbals.]


[John Herbertsoun continued procurator fiscal.]

Agriement with the wrightes.

It is recommendit to Johne Walkinshaw, baillie [and three others] to setle and aggrie with the wrightes wpon task, for making of doores, windowes, and for working of ilk deall, and to aggrie with them theranent als cheipe as they can for the weill of the towne, and that that wark cannot be weill sein to as it ought to be.

24 October 1668.


Licence is grantit to Alexander Watsoune, tobacco pyp maker, for the better friedome of exerceing his tred and calling, to use the libertie of ane burges gratis within this burgh during his lyftyme.


In ansuere to the supplicatioune given in befoir them be Francis Muire, sope boyller, cravand liciance to exerce within this burghe his calling in makeing and boylling of sope, for serveing of the inhabitantes and otheres his Majesties leidges, after consideratioune had thairanent, they doe hereby give and grant liciance to the saides Francis Muire to make and sell sope to all persones whatsomevir within this burghe and otheres his Majesties leidges, als frielie as any other burges dois or may doe therin, for the space of seavine yeires, with this restrictioune that he sall nocht have libertie to sell any sope bot quhat he makes himself.

31 October 1668.

Clothes, officers.

It is concludit that so many of the officers who wantis new clothes gett new syd coatis in sted of their clothes.

7 November 1668.

Bishop's chamberlane.

Ordaines the bischop's chamberlane to be payit for the tynd tak dewtie of the parsonage of Glasgow, few dewtie of Gorballes and utheris, as is conteined in his last discharge.

14 November 1668.

Ratificatioune, hammermen of Glasgow and Gorballes.

The provest, baillies and counsell of the said burgh being conveined, and being most humblie desyred to ratifie, allow and approve the contract and agriement laitly made betwixt the hammermen of this burgh and the hammermen of Gorballes, and thei taking the samyne to consideratioune that thei have allowed and approvine severall of the lyk natur amongs the treds at severall tymes of befor, and the said agriement being publictly red in counsell, the said magistratis and counsell allowes, ratifies and approves of the said contract, quhilk is of the dait the xiij of November instant, in the haill heidis and artickles therin conteined, according to the ratificatioune grantit be them wpon the agriement made betwixt the weavers of this burgh and the weavers of Gorballes in all poyntis, quhilk ratificatioune is daitit the alevinth day of Aprill 1657 yeares. (fn. 3)

28 December 1668.


The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioun that ther ar now sex cellars alreddie compleit at Newport Glasgow, reddie to be sett, have therfor concludit the samyne be sett with all dilligence and to the hiest availl for the guid of the toune, and during the space of nyne yeares furth and fra Candlemes nixt to cume, and therfor ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune, with touk of drum, to wairne all maner of persones who desyres to tak the said cellares that thei cume the morrow to the tolbuith, and that thei who bidis most for the maill of ilk ane of them yearly the saids nyne yeares (the samyne being to be rouped ther) sall gett them after lawfull rouping.


  • 1. MS. Inventory of city writs, I., p. 17, b. 3.
  • 2. "Attour fyftie bolles grund malt to the bischop or toune, as he sall be ordered." This stipulation was made yearly.
  • 3. Glasgow Records, ii., p. 362.