Extracts from the records: 1667

Pages 89-100

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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3 January 1667.


It is concludit that Williame Yair conteinow and remayne clark of this burgh as formerlie be vertew of his right, and that maister William Nimmo be conjunct with him, and to have the halfe of the fies belonging to the toune clarkship, he first compeirand and acceptand and givand his oath as use is, and serve as becometh; and that during the counselles will allenerlie. (fn. 1)

22 January 1667.

Yairds at bak of candlehousses.

Recommends to the baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner to meit and lay off sua meikle of theis thrie rigs of land the toun hes, lying at the bak of the candle housses, to the awners therof, according to everie manis lenth of his hous, the full breadth of the saids thrie rigs, and to agrie with them for ane yearlie fewdewtie therfor for the use of yairds.

Warrandis, Gray, Cochrane.

Ordaines William Gray to have ane warrand for the sowme of four hundreth pundis deburst be him to the minister of the Barrony Kirk for compleiting to him of his stipend for the cropt 1666 last bypast; and for the sowme of ane hundreth thrie scoir pundis for twa hogheitis of French wyne and for twentie seavine pund starling for ane butt of seck, quhilkis wer given to the Lord Cochrane in recompens of ane dewtie of sextine markis be year was payable be the toune to the duk of Lennox preceding the last restauratioune of the bischops.

30 January 1667.


The deane of gild and deacon conveiner made their report that their respective housses had unanimouslie condeschendit that the excys of the malt should be heightit at the mylnes fyftine shilling the mask mair nor it now payes at present; and that for the better releiff of the inhabitantis of the present stent now laid on [be] the conventioun of estaitis; the said fyftine shilling now addit being takin aff againe quhen the taxatioune is payit.

7 March 1667.

Mudlit malt.

Ane regrait being made that ther was ane evill corruptioune laitlie creipit in for that severall maltmen mudles there malt, quherby they grind fyve furlotis for a boll and yit gives that same boll to the brewers for fyve furlotis, wherby the toune is defraudit in the fyft pairt of the excyse and the fermerers of the mylnes of the fyft pairt of their dewtie; for remeid quherof in tyme comming, it is this day statut and ordained that all such mudlit malt that sall be brought heirafter to the mylnes to grind be confiscat for the tounes use.

Yairdis at the candlehousses.

Report was made be the baillies and deane of gild that they had agreed with sundrie of theis who hes the candle housses at the bak of the fleshmercat, and that they had set the lenth of ilk ten elnes, with the breidth of the thrie rigs, for four punds fewdewtie to be payit to the toune yearlie, and they to be frie for the first year, and each persone to have a charter therof accordingly.

Peters-hill to be sett.

Grantis power and warrand to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to set that hill in Easter Commone callit Peters-hill to the present laborers therof, the best then can for the tounes profeit, and get cautioune for the dewtie.

Warrand, Gray.

Ordaines Williame Gray to have ane warrand for the sowme of twa hundreth markis, quhilk was lent to the laird of Silvertounehill the last tyme the provest was in Edinburgh, and quhilk is to be allowed be him to the toune att the making of his compt anent the pryce of the landis.

16 March 1667.

Tak, Petershill and Sheip Craigs.

There was subscryvit ane tak of theis lands in Easter Commoune callit Petershill and Sheip Craigs, last occupyed be umquhill John Shedden, in favouris of James Gillies and John Miller, present laborers therof, for nyntine yeares . . . for the yearlie payment of ane hundreth and ten markis.

30 March 1667.

Warrand, Gray.

Ordaines William Gray to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyve pund starling, deburst . . . to Sir James Turnour, and that in compleit payment to him of the fourtie pundis that was monethlie payit to the companies of Lithgowes regiment that lay last in toune.

13 April 1667.

Rowatis place vacant.; Mathie electit jylour.

The provest, baillies and counsell being conveined, and taking to their consideratioune the great wrang committed be Johne Rowat, the keeper and jylour of their prison houssis, in suffering seavine or eight of the prisoners that wer laitlie brought to this toune out of the wast cuntrie to have escaped out of the tolbuith, quherin thei wer wardit, his place therfor as keeper and jylour of the said tolbuith is heirby declared vacant; and seing their is ane necessitie the said place be supplied with all dilligence, thei unanimouslie made choyse of Mungow Mathie, merchand, to serve in the said service as keeper and jylour of the said haill prison housses, he finding sufficient cautioune as use is in the lyk, and to be lyable to the enjunctiounes formerlie sett doune to umquhill Gawine Nasmith, somtyme keeper of the said tolbuith, and utheris his successouris sen syne; and Dowhill, elder, promisses that he and his sone should be cautiouneris.

Wilsoune post.

George Wilsoune, merchand, burges of this burgh, is electit commoune post in place of Mungow Mathie who occupyed the same last, and he to have the haill fies and casualties belonging therto, he finding cautioune to be faithfull and honest therintill.

22 April 1667.

The generallis regiment, their quarters remittit.

The provest, baillies and counsell being conveined, and taking to their consideratioune how that his excellence the lord generall his regiment of foot ar now lying within this burgh, quherof some hes lyne longer and some shorter, and seing the single sojouris of them hes nothing to pay for their quarters in respect thei have got no pay for a long tyme, and that his said excellence the lord generall may prove heirafter less behovefull and stedable to the toune as all the worth of their quartering will extend to, therfor the said magistratis and counsell does heirby unanimouslie frielie discharge the payment of the said quarters that is dew and awand be the said sojouris since their said entrie to this toune, and ordaines Williame Yair, their clark, to subscryve this discharge for them and in their names.

27 April 1667.

Andersoune of Stobcors.

It is concludit that Stobcors gett ane tak of the tynd of his lands during the tyme the toune hes tak therof, he depositating ane blank band in the handis of Robert Rae, baillie, to the effect the magistratis and counsell may fill wp therintill quhat pleases them for the worth of the said tak.

4 May 1667.

Warrand, Dundies troup.

Ordaines Dowhill, elder, to have ane warrand for . . . twa hundreth markis deburst be him to help to mak up the payment of quhat was awand be my lord Dundies troup, that everie persone may get the twa pairt of quhat is awand to them therby.

Anent weiring of armes.

The said magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune the great danger sundrie of our nighbouris may fall in regaird of the lait proclamatioune emittit anent the inbringing of armes, and that many of our nighbouris and comburgessis may nocht now frielie travell abroad as thei wont to doe without carieing of some armes, it is therfor concluded that the provest sall ryd to Edinburgh and petitioune the lords of his Majesties privie counsell for granting libertie to our honest nighbouris for carieing armes quhen thei goe abroad.

3 June 1667.

Prenteissis Scotistarbet.

Appoyntis Dowhill, elder, the deacon conveiner and James Pollok to meit and convein among themselfes and to consider wpon the right distributioune of the twa hundreth and ten pundis that is newlie gottin in of the dewtie of Puckie and Puckie mylne, to the use of the prenteises alreddie presentit or to be presentit be Scotistarbett.


Appoyntis baillie Rae [and three others] to meit and convein with John Brodbridge, and to fitt compts with him what is awand to him be the toune for making of the chymn or utherwayes.

Hall presentit to Phrankis place, chyrurgian.

The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how that James Phrank, their commoune chyrurgian, had desertit his charge and left the toune, contrair his obleisment conteined in the contract set doune betwixt the toune and him theranent, and seing necessar it is that ane uther be appoyntit to supplie that charge, thei have therfor made choyse of Johne Hall, chyrurgian, to have that place last occupyed be the said James Phrank, and he to have payit to him ane hundreth markis of fiell, according as was payit to the said James Phrank, yearlie; . . . and he to be payit farder for his drogs and plaisters, as the said James Phrank was payit, besyd his fiell, and he is to use his best dilligence for curing of all poor people sall be direct to him be the magistratis for that effect.

Hoomes rig in Kinclaith.

It is concludit that that rig of land quhilk umquhill Williame Hoome had, lying in Kinclaith, be bought in from his sone, he being in a capacitie to sell the samyne and he to be payit therfor, seing Dowhill, elder, is content to be bund for warrandice therof.

Mylnedame crookis to be bought in.

It is concludit that the crookis of mlyne dame, quhilkis of old belonged to umquhill Williame Lausoune, be bocht in for the tounes use, and for the pryce the toune had bought the same befor, quhich is eight hundreth pundis, and the provest to be bund for warrandice therof.

Warrand, Gray, brig.

Ordaines Williame Gray to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth pundis that was promittit to helpe to the building of that new brig at the foot of Cropnestok.

Great brig to be repaired.

Report being made that the great brig, on the south end therof, was in ane decay, it is therfor ordained that the same be looked to and repaired with all dilligence, and recomendis the doeing therof to the deane of gild.

4 June 1667.

Sett of milnes, etc.

Being the ordinar day appoyntit for rouping the tounes commoune guidis, and the magistratis and counsell being conveined on the Grein for that effect, conforme to old use and wont, after lawfull rouping the mylnes and haill casualties belonging therto wer sett [for 8100 merks, "attour fyftie bolles grund malt quhilk is to be payit ather to the bischop or toune, as the toune sall give ordour;" ladles, 2650 merks; mealmarket and pecks, £500; tron, 1120 merks; bridge, 1860 merks; "gras of St. Ninianes little kirkyaird" for a rex dollar paid to the officers, "to buy their denner."]

16 July 1667.

Warrand, denner.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for [£165 18 s. 8 d.] deburst to Jonet Reid for the tounes last denner furnishit be her at the setting of the tounes commoune guides.

Four silver cupes to be made.

The magistratis and counsell considering they have onlie four silver cupes for serving of the communione tables, and that when they had the lyk to doe of befoir the toune was necessitat to borrow from otheres, quhilk was noe credit, it is thairfor this day concludit that the dean of gild caus mak other four cupes for that effect, soe that the toune be not putt to borrow the lyk in tyme coming, and ordaines the thesaurer to pay therfor.

Warrand, bridge.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ane hundreth pundes Scotes deburst be him to Johne Clark, maissone, for mending and beiting of ane decayed pairt of the south end of the great bridge.

17 August 1667.

Act anent the toune officers.

It being sufficiently knoune to the said magistratis and counsell that there is ane great outcry and complent throu the haill toune against the officers for not puting their decreitis to dew executioune as thei aught to doe, conforme as they ar obleist, quhilk hes caused many of the tounes people desert the toune court alreadie, and that many declairis they cannot come therto heirafter for the caus forsaid, but ar necessitat (tho to their far greater charges) to goe to the commissar court, for their he caussis the officeris and messouris poynd the toune people exactlie as thei aught to doe; quhilk is ane great discredit to the toune to sie messouris poynding burgesses upon the commissaris decreitis, quhilk was exceiding rair to be sein of befor but is now become verie commoune. Which wrongs and neglectis the said provest, baillies and counsell ar most desyrous to have remeieit; and becaus it is supposed that the most pairt of the cautioneris of the said officers ar depairtit this lyfe, therfor it is heirby statut and ordained be the said provest, baillies and counsell, that the forsaid officers of this burgh, and ilk ane of them, find of new againe sufficient responsable cawtioners for doeing their dewtie in their office, and speciallie for puting of their haill decreitis they have or shall receave heirafter to dew executioune within fourtie dayes after their recept therof, ather be obteaning payment to the pairtie who employes them of their just debt therin conteined, or be poynding the guidis of thois against quhom thei ar obteaned, and be lawfull apprysing therof thrie mercat dayes immediatly after poynding, without longer delay, or then be wairding of the persones of theis against whom they ar recovered be vertew of acts of wardings to be takin out therwpon.

Lesmahagow brig.

It is concludit that there be payit for the use of the building of Lesmahagow brig, in name of the toune, the sowme of fourtie pundis.

3 September 1667.

Warrand, silver cupes.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for [£262 11 s.] deburst be him to Thomas Moncuir, goldsmith, for the pryce of four new silver coupes the toune imployed him to mak and bought from him for the use and celebratioune of the communioune.

Act anent the landis of Provane.

Albeit nothing heirtofoir is recordit in this record anent the buying in for the tounes use the landis of Provane fra the laird of Silvertounhill, in respect it was resolved and concluded that nothing should be wryttin or recorded in the bookis theranent quhill it was first sein whither it wold be ane bargane or not, and now this day the provest having relaited in counsell that the said bargane was closed and agried wpon, and that the pryce of the land was ane hundreth and sex thousand markis, and that the laird of Silvertounehill was to be discharged of ane comprysing led at the tounes instance against him, quherunto all present did acquiesce and accord. Lykas, the same day, in counsell, compeired the said laird and, in presens of them all and sundrie uther witnessis, subscryved the heretabill lettres of dispositioune of the said landis, and the magistratis and counsell subscryved ane band for payment of the said sowme of ane hundreth and sex thousand markis, quhilk is to be payit to the said Silvertounhilles creditouris conforme and in maner as is conteaned in the said band; as also there was subscryved be the said laird of Silvertounhill and the said magistratis and counsell [ane contract] anent the maner of payment to be made therof to the saidis lairdis creditouris, be the quhilk it is provydit that non of these monyes sall be payit without a precept fra the said laird, to the effect he may mak the best commpositioune he can with the said creditouris; and theis creditouris who ar infeft in the said landis of Provane, be wadsetis or utherwayes, ar first to be payit, and in the secund place theis who hes inhibitiounes; but it is provydit that the said haill preceptis be direct be the said laird of Silvertounhill betwixt and Mertimes 1668, utherwayes the toune therafter may pay it to any of the said lairdis creditouris thei pleas, without preceptis; as also there was subscryved sundrie uther particular wryts, as the inventor of the old wryts and utheris. (fn. 2)

25 September 1667.

Kilburnie, Grinok.

It is concluded, as it was of befor, that Kilburnie, Grinok, be bought in for the tounes use, and seing that Kilburnie himselfe is come heire for the settling the rentall therof, to the effect the worth of the samyne may be the better knoune, in respect the samyne landis ar to be sold for sua manye yeares purches as thei all agrie on, ordaines therfor the provest, Johne Andersoune, baillie, and the deacon conveiner to ryd doune thither with the said laird of Kilburnie to sie the rentall of the said landis exactlie satled.

28 September 1667.

Thomas Justice.

Forsuameikle as Thomas Justice, merchand, having ane idiot to his doughter named Issobell, and least shoe should prove burdingsome to the toune in caice he war removed by death, he hes payit in to the toune ane thousand markis, quherof he and Margaret Hill, his spous, ar to have their lyfrentis during their lyftymes, thei having a care of the said ideot that space, and after their deceassis the annualrent of the said ane thousand markis is to be waired wpon the said idiot for her mantenance, and after her deceas the principall sowme is to be payit in to the said Thomas Justice his narrest of kin being ane sone, doughter or oy, gotin of lawfull mariage, and failyieing of theis the monye is to belong to the toune; quherwpon the toune subscryved this day ane band conforme therto.

M'Kinnies pyp hous; baxters.

In ansuer to the complent given in be sundrie nighbouris in Saltmercat streit anent that hous now sett wp be Alexander McKinnie for drying of his pyps, appoyntis the baillies, dean of gild, deacon conveiner, James Pollok, and Johne Cauldwall to sight the sayme; as also the maner of the baxters placeing and setting their hedder and stickis; and to mack their report theranent for better preveining of skaith by fyre may come therby heirafter.

1 October 1667.

Provost and bailies.

[The archbishop nominated John Andersoune of Dowhill, elder, to be provost; and from leets chose James Pollok and John Cauldwall, merchants, and John Ker, craftsman, to be bailies for the ensuing year.]

4 October 1667.


[The bailies of this and the two preceding years chose thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be councillors for the ensuing year.]

5 October 1667.

Ane entrie book to be made.; Salt furlottis.

It is concluded and ordained that ane book be made, and to ly in the clarkis chamber, to the effect that the entrie of each ship that come in this river of Clyd may be booked therintill, and the awners to pay for the entrie of ilk ship as sall be heirafter declared. And appoyntis fyve salt furlotis to be made with all dilligence.

Cock stool to be set wp againe.

Ordaines James Andersoune, the bishops chamberland, to be payit of quhat he wantis conforme to his charge; and that ane couk stool be made and sett wp for punishing of malefactouris.

9 October 1667.

Deane of gild, etc.

[John Walkinshaw, deane of guild; John Miller, deacon-convener; James Ker, treasurer; Thomas Padie, water bailie; John Wallace, visitor of maltmen; Thomas Bogle, master of work; Peter Gemmill, bailie of Gorbals.]

12 October 1667.

Warrand, tyndis.

Ordaines the lait theasurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of ten pund starling, deburst be him to the deane, for himselfe and in name of the chapter of Glasgow, for the subscryving and sealling the tounes tak of the tyndis of the barrony paroch so far thei have of them.

Statutis, breid, tallow, and candle.

[Wheat loaf of 14 oz. to be sold for 12 d. Scots; "ruch tallow," 48 s. the stone; candle "of the fynest tallow and small weiket," 54 s. the troy stone.]

Procurator fiscall.

[Mr. John Herbertsoune continued procurator fiscal for a year.]

26 October 1667.

Barrony tyndis.

Ordaines the proces anent the barrony mens tyndis to be wakned againe and put on foot, and not to be left aff quhill the finall clos therof.

Eglingtoune hie kirk.

It is concludit that Alexander Eglingtoune be maister of work to the great Hie Kirk, he and his cautioner with him obleising them to performe sic conditiounes as hes bein offered be utheris, and keeping the dewtie quhilk was performed be umquhill Mathow Colhoune and umquhill William Boyd, conforme to the old actis of counsell sett doune theranent; and he is to have of fiell twa hundreth markis yearlie, and to conteinow therin for the space of seavine yeares.

2 November 1667.


In consideratioune that the old taks of the tynds sett formerlie to the heritouris of the landis of Garngad, Gallowmuir and about Skellings myre, some aikers in Borrowfield, and the Parsone land, ar expyred, it is concludit that ane bank be sent throw the toune to wairne all the heritouris of theis to tak new takis of theis landis, and that they come for that effect on Twesday and Thursday the nixt weik and the weik therafter, with certificatioune if thei failyie thei will get no new takis, but the tynd sheaff of their land will be drawne.

Band subscrivit, archbishop.

There was subscrivit ane band in favouris of the archbishop, conteaning the sowme of sex thousand markis, quhilk is delivered to the provest to be given to him; and the said provest is to report bak to the counsell ane band that the said archbishop hes of the toune of ten thousand pund, that the samyne may be riven and destroyed; and ordaines the said provest to have ane warrand for the sowme of nyne thousand markis deburst be him, out of the monyes receavit be him fra the collectouris at the mylnes, to the said archbishop as a pairt of the said ten thousand pundis, and for nyne hundreth markis deburst be him also for the bygaine annualrentis therof.

Andersoune, baillie and collectour in Provane.

It is concludit that James Andersoune, sone laufull to Williame Andersoune, portioner of Newtoune, be baillie of the landis of Provane and collectour of the rent therof during the counsellis will and pleasour allenerlie; and he to have ane commissioune for that effect, and recommendis to him to hold courtis there with all conveniencie.

26 November 1667.


It is concludit in counsell that this claus following sall be insert in the takes of the teindis quhilkes ar now to be subscryvit in favouris of the heritouris of Garngadhill, Gallowmuires and utheres, to witt:— that if it sall happine the townes tak they have therof [shall terminate] before the expyratioune of the nyntine yeires, the magistrates and counsell and their successouris sall be bund and obleist to pay bak to the takeres of thes new takes als mutch of the gersume entres they pay as sall be equivalent to the yeires they sall want of the saides nyntine yeires.

Quat is to be payit for the entrie of salt and shipes.; The thesaurer is to have charge of furlotis.

The provest, baillies and counsell being conveined, and forsuameikle as they, be their act of the dait the fyft day of October last by past, had then concludit and ordained that ane book sould be made and to lye in the clerkes chamber to the effect that each shipe that comes within the river of Clyd may be booked therintill, and the owners to pay for thair entrie for ilk shipe accordinglie as sould be therefter declared, in reference quherunto; and considering that the towne is at the expenssis of the making and upholding of the furlotes, they have this day statut and ordainit that everie French hundereth salt sall pay in for the townes use xiij s. iiij d. of entrie, and everie shipe that is ane hundreth tune and above sall pay for its entrie ane rex dollour, and everie shipe within ane hundereth tune to pay xxx s. Scotis; and appoyntis the thesaurers present and to com to collect the saides entries and to be comptable therfor, as also to have the charge of keeping the furlotes, and the out giving therof, and to tak bandis for restoring the samyne bak againe.

17 December 1667.

Band cancellit and riven.

The provest produced the old band formerlie grantit to the bischop for ten thousand pundis for the tyndis, quhilk was riven and distroyed, in respect of ane new band quhilk was grantit for quhat is restand of the said sowme.

Pewes to be sett.

It is concluded be the provest, baillies, and counsell conveined, that the pewes in the haill kirkis of this burgh be sett out for maill to theis who pleases to tak them; and appoyntis baillie Cauldwall [and three others] to visit the haill saitis, and lay on the quantitie of mailles theron.

Takis of the tynd.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune, with touk of drum, to wairne the whoill heritouris of Garngad, Gallowmurs and utheris whois tak of their tynd ar fallin to cume and tak new takis.


Appoyntis Robert Rae [and two others] with the quartermaisteris to sett doune the locallitie that is to be takin aff the inhabitantis who keeps no sojouris, for paying them that hes sojouris now lying in toune.

Ralstoune, visitour of gairners.

In answer to the desyre made be the deacon conveiner to the said magistratis and counsell, that thei wold be pleased to name ane visitour to the gairners for ane year to come, conforme to the lait gift grantit to them theranent, the saidis magistratis and counsell, after consideratioune had therintill, nominatis heirby Andrew Ralstoune, gairner, to be visitor of the saidis gairners in toune, for ane year to come.

Beggers to be putt aff the toune.

The provest, baillies and counsell, taking to their consideratioune how that this haill citie is greatly overburdined with ane number of commoune beggers, all straingers, quhilk aught nocht to be permittit in any weill governed citie within the kingdome, and therefor and for remeiding therof in tyme cuming, it is heirby statut and ordained that the whoill beggers, being strangers, be all removed aff the toune, and that non be permittit to begg therin but such as are weill knoune to have bein borne within the same; and, to the effect thei may be better knoune, appoyntis ane badge, with the tounes armes theron, to be made and given to each one who is suffered to begg, and that non be suffered to begg except such as hes the said badge.

28 December 1667.

Warrand, Ladie Elphingstoune.

Ordaines [warrant to be given for £ 887 2 s. disbursed] to Thomas Moncuir, goldsmith, for the making the propyne of silver work was given to the Ladie Elphingstone, the bischops doughter, at her mariage.


  • 1. This arrangement did not take effect. See 8th February, 1669, infra.
  • 2. The titles and writs are specified in MS. Inventory, I., bundle 45.