Extracts from the records: 1675

Pages 194-213

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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7 January 1675.

Broomes aiker, new vennell.

Appoyntis the twa baillies, with the deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to buy that aiker of land quhilk belonged to umquhill Robert Broome. And to try out for some place most fittest above the croce for making of ane entrie betwixt the land mercat ther and the Candlerig, and to report.

Colhoune, post.; Excyse book.

The twa baillies [and three others] ar appoyntit to consider the supplicatioune given in be Walter Colhoune, quherby he craves monye to buy him a hors, and somthing to be setled on him in tyme coming as post, and to meit with him and setle with him anent the pryces of letters, and to give him quhat they think fitt for bygaines and in tyme coming; and quhat they sall appoynt for byrunes ordaines John Barnes to pay the same out of the excyse, quhilk is conforme to their report four scoir ten pundis, and to gett wp his band of ane hundreth markis that he was awand to the toune for his bygaine service fra his entrie to the nynth day of Januarij instant, and he to have thrie pundis weikly in tyme coming during the counsellis pleasour; quhilk was allowed and approven be the said magistratis and counsell, and ordaines the said John Barnes to pay the said nyntie pundis accordingly. Item, ordaines the said John Barnes to pay out of the excyse ane hundreth pundis to James Ker for keeping the excyse book this year.

9 February 1675.

Report, conventioune of burrowes.

The proveist made report of his dilligence in the tounes affaires at Edinburgh, and at the last particular conventioune of burrowes, and producit a book conteining a compend of the actis of burrowes from the year 1652 to the year 1669, as also ane forme of ane commissioune to be given be ilk burgh to their commissioner to the generall conventiounes of burrowes.

27 February 1675.

Poor of the toune.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune the sad conditioune of the poor within this burgh, they have appoyntit the proveist and baillies to convein the ministers of the respective parochs, and to inroll such of the most indigent persons, and to tak some effectuall cours how they sall be best helped, and to report.

16 March 1675.

Quartering of the sojouris.

Appoyntis the baillies [and five others] to caus tak wp a list of such persones in toune who they think may most conveniently quarter the sojouris that ar coming here; and appoyntis Gawine Listoune to be quarter maister, and he to quarter the said souldiers as the said persones sall ordor him.

Whyt, warrand, thesaurer.

Appoyntis the deane of gild to give to Walter Whyt for paying of his passage to the wasterne islandis of Birbados quhat he thinkis fitt; and the thesaurer to pay the same quhilk is sex pundis starling.

Poor in toune.

The magistratis and counsell considering there is nothing as yit done anent the poor in the toune, the twa baillies, with the dean of gild and deacon conveiner, and in absence of baillie Johnstoune, James Ker, ar appoyntit to meit with the ministers of the respective quarters, and to tak ane of the elders with them, and go throw the quarters and set doune a list of such persones whom they think the toune is concerned in to give charitie, that it may be appoyntit them accordingly; and these whom they think may beg in the toune that badges be made and given to them; as also that they sett doune a list of theis who ar straingers whom they judge the toune not concerned in, that they may be put aff the toune, and to tak notice of theis who setis them houssis and to report.

3 April 1675.


Appoyntis ane proclamatioune to be sent throw the toune anent the setting of the tounes sellars to burgessis; and that ane uther be sent for rouping of the Greines; as also a proclamatioune to be sent throw that ther is a foot raice to be run thrys about the New Grein on the xxij of this instant, that who desyres to run may be admitted, and that he who wines sall have twentie shilling starling.

Charter, maltmen, Balgray.

There was a chartour of resignatioune and confirmatioune of the landis of Balgray subscrivit in favouris of the maltmen calling; and the entrie therof past to them, being for the use of their poor.

Act, Birsbane.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in befor them be Mr. Mathow Birsbane, doctor of medicine, mentioning that quher he hes a yaird on the south syd of the Grammer School Wynd, and that he intendis to build a stone wall on the north syd of the said yaird toward the streit, and as the dyk now standis there is a litle peice waist grund betwixt it and the streit, quhich if it wer included within the wall to be built be the said Mr. Mathow wold accomodat him in straughting the yaird within, and mak the streit regular without, by joyning it to the corner of the nixt hous, and therfor craving libertie and licence from the said magistratis and counsell to build and come out with the said wall to the effect forsaid, and to includ the said peice waist grund within the said wall, as the said supplicatioune beires. Quhilk being red, and therafter the said proveist, baillies and counsell having past to the said peice waist grund and ther sightit the same, and finding the said peice waist to be usles, they have given and grantit and heirby give and grant licence and libertie to the said Mr. Mathow Birsbane to build the said stone wall on the north part of his said yaird nixt to the Gramer School Wynd, including within the same the said peice waist for regulating the hie streit, he alwayes keeping within the north syd wall of the hous there belonging to John Nasmith, kairter, sex footis, so that the streit be therby als wyd at the one end of the wall as at the other, and that accordingly he keep a straught lyne wastward from the said hous in building of the said wall.

M'Cleane, pypper.

The magistratis and counsell being conveined, in ansuer to the desyre and supplicatioune given in be Johne M'Claine, pypper, craving to be admitted as the tounes minstrell, they have given and grantit, and heirby gives and grantis to him that office as commoune pypper or minstrell within the said burgh, ordaining him heirby to goe throw the toune everie day, morning and evening, or at such tymes the magistratis sall appoynt, using his office, for quhilk they ar to pay to him yearly during his service therintill the sowme of ane hundreth markis Scotis monye, at twa termes in the year Lambes and Candlemes, be equall portiounes, begining the first termes payment therof at Lambes nixt, and sua to conteinow during the will and pleasour of the said magistratis and counsell.

24 April 1675.

Poor rollis.

Theis who wer appoyntit be the magistratis and counsell to survay the poor in the toune made report they had done the same, and that they had considered the poors rollis, and had made a new additioune therto of some indigent persones, quherby there will now fall to be payit monethly to the poor the sowme of twa hundreth sextie nyne pundis iiij s. Scotis; quhilk report was allowed and approvine be the said magistratis and counsell, and ordained the said sowme to be payit monethly in tyme coming, conforme to the said rollis, during their will and pleasour; quhilk roll was given in to the clark to be keeped be him, and doubles to be given out therof under his hand, and the same not to be altered but by the said magistratis and counsell; and if it sall happin any of the pensioners therin to die that the said magistratis and counsell sall have power to put utheris in their places and rowme and no utheris.

Grund at bak of fleshmercat, suggarie.

Appoyntis the proveist, baillies and deacon conveiner to meisour of to John Cauldwall, merchand, and his pairtiners, als much of the tounes grund at the bak of the fleshmercat as will serve them to build a hous for a suggarie there, and to agrie with them for the fewdewtie therfor; and ordaines the clark to draw wp ane right therof to be subscrivit be the toune.


The magistratis and counsell did nominat and appoynt the persones fallowing for laying on ane locallitie wpon theis within this burgh on quhom their is no shouldiers quartered, for helping them on quhom they ar quartered, as they think best and most reassonable, viz., the deane of gild [and five others]. As also the persones fallowing wer appoynted and nominated to goe throw the respective quarters in the toune for taking wp of the names of theis who dwellis therin; and to give them in to the said persones who is appoyntit to lay on the locallitie, to wit [three persons for the north quarter and two persons for each of the west, east and south quarters].

Money to be lent to the sojouris.

The said magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the conditioune the souldiers of the new levied companies now in toune ar in, throw want of pay, they have appoyntit the magistratis to caus pay to ilk ane of the said new companies ten pundis starling, weiklie, wpon recept to be given be their officers for repayment therof bak to the toune on demand, or then that the same sall be allowed to the toune be Sir William Sharp of the excyse; and approved of twentie pundis starling lent be the magistratis upon the accompt forsaid.

Dick, beddell in the Laigh Kirk.

The magistratis and counsell hes presented and heirby presentis James Dick to be beddell in the Laigh Kirk, and to get the casualities belonging therto, in place of Thomas Blair who is put therfra for his misdemanouris, and recomendis the said James to the ministers to receave him therto.

Stent on landwart mens landis.

There being nothing as yit done anent the laying on or uplifting of the stent to be wpliftit fra outintounes people who hes houssis and land in toune, the said magistratis and counsell appoyntis the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to stent the said persones as they think fitt, and to appoynt some persone to wplift the same; and to caus arreist their maillis and dewties quhill the said stent be payit; and ordaines the samyne to be bestowed on laying and mending of calsays, etc.

Proveist to Newport.

Appoyntis the proveist to repair to Newport Glasgow, to tak ane accompt who possessis the cellares there, and to take notice quhat conditioune the tounes houssis and harbour ther is in, and to tak with him quhom he pleaseth.

22 May 1675.

Baillie of Provand, heid courtis of the shyre.

The magistratis and counsell, for preventing of any truble may happin to the toune for not attending he heid courtis of the shyre, for the lands of Provand, they have nominated and appoynted Johne Campbell, their baillie of Provand, to attend the said heid courtis in name of the toune in tyme coming, ather be him selfe or ane procuratour, certifieing him if he failyie therintill he sall be lyable for quhat damage or expenssis the toune sall sustein therthrow.

Houssis for the conventioune.

Appoyntis the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to provyd quhat houssis in the toune they think most fitting for the burrowes at there heir coming, at the nixt generall conventioune.

Proveist and dean of guild, commissioners.

The proveist and deane of gild, or ather of them, ar choysen to be the tounes commissioner to the nixt generall conventioune of burrowes, to sitt here in Julij nixt, and appoyntis the clark to give them a commissioune, and James Colhoune to be assessor.

Pittersgill, manufactorie.

Appoyntis baillie Colhoune [and two others] to tak notice that Simon Pittersgill, quhen he flitis out of the manufactorie, live the worklumes and utheris he recevit at his entrie.

1 June 1675.

Common good set.

[Mills, 10,850 merks; ladles, 5,050 merks; mealmarket and pecks, 900 merks; tron, 800 merks; bridge, 1,810 merks.]

Manufactorie sett.

The ludging and yaird called the manufactory, after laufull rouping, was sett to James Fairie, for a year to come, for payment of ane hundreth markis.

8 June 1675.

Report, Campbell, sojouris, pley against Grinok.

The proveist, James Campbell, made report of his dilligence at Edinburgh, and that he had comptit with Sir William Sharp, and produced his discharge to the toune, quherby the said Sir William hes allowed the monye lent by the toune to the sojouris since their coming here, conforme to their respective receptis sent east with him; and producit ane consultatioune concerning the toune of Grinokis useing a frie trade, contrair the priviledge of royall burrowes, togither with summondis of declarator he had raised at the tounes instance against them for declaring their priviledges in tyme coming, with letters of horning for charging theis in Grinock who hes exerced the said tred, contrair the act of parliament, for bygaines; quhilkis wer approvine be the counsell, and they ordained that they be gain on against and persewed with all dilligence; and appoyntis the proveist and whom he pleases to tak with him to repair to Dumbartane to speik with their magistratis theranent and to crave their toune to concurr with this toune in the said persuit.

Warrand, Bischop Lightoune.

Ordaines James Andersoune to have ane warrand for the sowme of twelfe pundis starling, payit to bischope Lightoune for halfe ane yeares annuelrent preceiding Witsonday last of four hundreth pundis starling owing to him be the toune.

25 June 1675.

Theis that keeps conventickles to be quartered on.

There was produced and red, in presens of the said magistratis and counsell, ane act of his Majesties secreit counsell quherby the magistratis of this burgh ar appoyntit to quarter sojouris in the toune on theis who ar suspectit to keep conventickles or resett utted ministers, in obedience quherunto the counsell of this burgh hes recommended the samyne to the magistratis to caus put the said act to executioune, and to ordour the quartering accordingly as they sall think fitt.

5 July 1675.


The burrowes missive being red anent the conventioune that should sitt here, recomendis the particularis therin conteined to the commissioner to do therin as he thinkis best for the toune. (fn. 1)

13 July 1675.

Calsay at commissar Flemyngs yaird.

Recommendis to the deane of gild to caus repair that peice calsay at the bak of commissar Flemyngs yaird, and tak tryell who hes laid doune any red there or at the foot of the Gramer School Wynd, and to appoynt the same to be takin away be those who laid it doune, and to caus repair the calsay there at the foot of the said wynd.

Cordoners of Paisley, their petitioune.

The petitioune given in be the shoomakeris in Paislay is recommended to the deane of gild, conveiner and deacon of the cordoners of this burgh, and they to meit with the said petitioners and to here quhat they desyre, and to report.

Cast, calme loch.

Recommendis to a baillie, the deane of gild and deacon conveiner, or ony twa of them, to sight the cast that comes from the Calme loch and to caus helpe the samyne.

22 July 1675.

Malt, excyse frie, for Argyllis use.

Appoyntis the baillies, or ony of them, to grant warrand to the collectouris at the mylnes to suffer malt to pas out of the mylne, excyse frie, for bruing, to any person my lord Neill Campbell sall employ, for brewing of ten or twelfe tunnes of beir for the use of my lord Argyll, to be caried to the Heilandis, the said persones declaring wpon oath they sall not mak use of any therof within the toune.

Report anent seasing of Grinok ship.

James Campbell, lait proveist, made report of his dilligence in joyning with the toune of Dumbartane in causing sease upon the ship belonging to the toune of Grinock, they having imported guidis therin contrair the act of parliament, they not being friemen in royall burrowes; quhilk report the counsell did allow and approve, and of the said James Campbell his haill procedour in that affair; and appoyntis the baillies [and three others] to doe everie thing that sall occurr farder concerning that affair, in all respectis as the samyne wer done be the haill counsell, to quhom the counsell grantis their haill power.

14 August 1675.

To speik Dundonald anent the toune and Grinok.

Appoyntis the proveist, baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner to meit with the Earle of Dundonald quhen he comes to the toune anent the difference betwixt this toune and Grinock, and to show his lordschip that the same cannot be submittit, in respect it is the concernment of the haill burrowes of Scotland, and appoyntis the same to be persewed in the tounes name with all dilligence.

Survay of the brewers anent the payment of their excyse.

The magistratis and counsell having considered the great decresce of the excyse of malt this long tyme past, and to the effect the occasioune of the same may be the better knoune, they appoynt the persones fallowing to call and convein befor them the haill brewers and inhabitantis within this burgh, and to tak their oathes and depositiounes quhat quantities of malt they have receavit or brouin theis four weikis past, and from quhat maltman they receavit the samyne, viz., baillie Colhoun is appoyntit to conveine the inhabitentis to the effect forsaid above the Grammer School Wynd, on both sydis of the streit upwardis: item, bailie Johnstoune and George Johnstoune fra the Grammer School dounward to the croce, on both sydis, and haill Gallowgait; and Dowhill, elder, and James Ker to convein the haill Saltmercat; and the deane of gild and John Barnes, younger, the haill Briggait, wyndis and Stockwell; and the proveist, John Miller and John Smith, to convein the haill Trongait for the effect forsaid; and this to be done with all dilligence and to report.

Bank anent the tron.

Quheras it being presentit to the magistratis and counsell of this burgh that severall of the inhabitentis within the same buyes severall quantities of woolin yairn and wool, butter, tallow, cheis, lint, tow, and uther commodities within the said burgh, and caries the same home to their chops and houssis without bringing them to the tron or weigh hous, to be weighted therat and pay the ordinarie dewes therfor, quhilk is fund to be prejudiciall to the commoune guid of this burgh, and to their taksmen of that trone; quhilk being taken to the said magistratis and counsell their serious consideratioune, they ordained and enacted that all and sundrie the inhabitentis within the said burgh, bring quhatsoever guidis or commodities they buy or receave within the same, and in use to be weighted, to the weighhous or trone, and weigh the samyne ther and pay the ordinary dewes to the troner therfor in tyme coming; and whosoever does in the contrair sall be fyned and unlawed in fyve pundis toties quoties they contravein, to be exactit aff them be the magistratis for the use of the poor in toune, and to give satisfactioune to the troner at the will and sight of the said magistratis; and appoyntis ane proclamatioune to be sent throw the toune to the effect abovewryttin.

Wallace, trumpiter.

It is concluded (blank) Wallace sall be the tounes trumpiter, and ane hundreth markis to be payit to him yearly by the thesaurer, as that quhilk former trumpitouris had, by and attour some litle thing at the magistratis pleasour to be payit to him be them that day he sall occasioune to ryd in the militia, and that he be obleist to wait and attend wpon the magistratis for goeing of irandis or quher they sall be pleased to send him.

21 August 1675.

Anent Grinock affair.

The deane of gild made report that he had conveined the merchands hous, and having taken to their consideratioune the toune of Grinockis importing of severall ships of daillis and uther commodities, and disposes therwpon without making any offer therof to this burgh or Dumbartane, quhilk wes not the returne of the product of this countrie, contrair the actis of parliament, and that they had made choyse of Johne Andersoune, younger of Dowhill, and James Boyle, twa of their number, to repair to Edinburgh and supplicat the counsell theranent quhat sall be their cariage in that affair, and to advyse with advocatis quhat way they may be best proceided against in law; as also the deacon conveiner made report that he conveined the craftis hous to the effect forsaid, and that they had choysen baillie Colhoune and the deacon conveiner also to repair to Edinburgh for that end; quhilk reportis wer allowed and approvin be the said magistratis and counsell, and the said four persones ar appoyntit be the counsell to attend quhomsomever sall be appoyntit be them to prosecut that affair and give them their concurrance and best advyce theranent, fra tyme to tyme, as occasioune sall offer.

9 September 1675.

Report, Colhoune and utheris.

Baillie Colhoune made report of his and theis with him at Edinburgh their dilligence, and that they had consulted the busines they went for, and had petitioned the secreit counsell concerning some particularis therof, quhilk was allowed by the counsell, and they appoynted summondis to be raised befor the lordis of sessioune against the toune of Grinok, and appoyntit that the lordis of thesaurie or secreit counsell be petitioned for getting ane act to obleidge all unfriemen and straingers to liver and loaden all veschellis at Port Glasgow, or portis belonging to royall burrowes in the wast, and appoyntis the magistratis to deall with the customers to joyne with him in that affair.

Houssis at Newport to skippers and seamen.

It is concluded be the magistratis and counsell, for the merchandis and burgessis of this burgh their better accommodatioune of their skippers and seamen their dwelling neir their ships, that grund be given aff at Newport to any of the burgessis of the samine burgh who hes a mynd to build houssis ther, whilk houssis sall belong to them their aires and assynayes for the space of twa nyntine yeares, the said aires and assignayes being alwayes burgessis of this burgh as said is, for their skippers or seamen, who sall be obleidged to dwell in them themselfes, and that they sall nocht have power to sett or dispose therwpon, without consent of the magistratis and counsell, during the said space, and that at the end therof the said houssis sall fall in the handis of the toune; and appoyntis the baillies, dean of gild and deacon conveiner to repair to Newport and sight the grund ther, and give aff sic quanties of the samyne as they think fit to such persones who desyre to build theron, and to setle with them quhat they sall pay therfor yearly and to report.

Act made to Watsoune.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in and presentit to the said magistratis and counsell be James Watsoune, flesher, burgess and gild brother of this burgh, after consideratioune had be them theranent they have given and grantit and heirby gives and grantis power and libertie to the said James Watsoune to buy tallow, for making of candle, from any persone he can gett the same, for serving of the inhabitentis of this burgh and utheris his Majesties leidges, notwithstanding of any act of counsell of the samyne burgh made in the contrair, and this to conteinow during the said magistratis and counsell their pleasour.

27 September 1675.

Harbour at Newport.

The said magistratis and counsell being conveined, it was concluded that ther be ane breist wark bigged at the tounes harbour at Newport, and appoyntis the magistratis to speik and agrie with what measoune they think fittest to build the samyne.

Bell and M'Callasters landis to be bocht in.

Appoyntis the twa baillies, the dean of gild and deacon conveiner, to meit with James Bell of Proveistis haugh, and the aires of umquhill Walter M'Callaster, and to try if they cann get their landis above the croce in the land mercat bocht for the use of the toune, for making of a passage throw to the Candlerig streit.

Leiper, a commoune coock.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in to the magistratis and counsell be Michael Leiper, coock, they appoynt the deane of gild to mak him burges of this burgh gratis, and appoyntis him to be keeped frie of quartering and localitie, for his better incurradgment to tak ane guid hous for serving the leidges as ane commoune coock within the same.

Few dispositioune of the suggarie.

There was a few dispositioune of a peice of the grund at the bak of the fleshmercat, for building theron a hous for making and boyling of suggar, subscrivit be the magistratis and counsell in favouris of Frederick Hammiltoune, Johne Cauldwall, Peter Gemmill and Robert Cunying, for payment of (blank) of yearly fewdewty; and ordaines the same to be registrat in the tounes recordis for dispositiounes and utheris, and the same to beir als much faith as the principall itselfe notwithstanding the same is given up to them by ordour of the said magistrates and counsell.

Propositiounes as to shipping.

The proveist, baillies and counsell of the said burgh, being conveined, there was presentit to them ane supplicatioune be the dean of gild for him selfe and remanent burgessis of this burgh of the merchand rank, and ane uther be the deacon conveiner, for him selfe and in name and behalfe of the haill deacones and ther bretherin of counsell of the craftis hous, makand mentioune that the said respective houssis having had allowance from the magistratis and counsell to convein the whoill incorporatiounes amongst themselfes for representing any desyre they judged fitt for incurradgment of trade within this burgh, quhilk by malmanagment is in all probabilitie lyk to decay, that the said toune and burgessis therin may reap some benefeit and advantage in recompence of the greit waist and expenssis they have bein at in bigging ane port and harbour and dwelling houssis, for the better incurragment of shipping maisteris and mariners better accommodatioune of ludging neir the same place quhair their ships ly; and having agried wpon severall propositiounes heirafter sett doune, quhich they have caused consider with lawers whither they be agriable to the lawes of this realme and not repugnant therto, or ony pairt therof; and finding the same so to be by their opinion and advyce they humblie represented the same to the said proveist, baillies and counsell, to be ratified and allowed be them, to have the force of ane act of the toune counsell, that the haill burgessis and gildbrether, both of merchandis and craftis within this burgh, may be obleidged to the dew observance therof; of the quhilk propositiounes the tenour fallowes:— In primis, that non of the inhabitentis within this burgh, at any tyme heirafter, sall presume to loaden or unloaden any ship or veschell at any port, harbour or creik, wpon the river of Clyd, except at Newport Glasgow, and in caice of necessitie at the portis of uther royall burrowes wpon the said river. Item, that since by severall actis of parliament in favouris of royall burrowes no straingers nor unfriemen have libertie to barrell or mak fisch, by quhich the boatis coupers, and utheris the inhabitentis of this burgh and uther royall burrowes wer imployed, and now throw disconteinowing the samyne the burrowes ar ruined and prejudged, for remeid quherof it is concluded that no strainger be imployed be the inhabitentis of this burgh, so long as any is to be fund within the samyne or uther royall burrowes, ather to mak herring or barrellis, and that they nather pak nor peill with unfriemen. Item, that no strainger nor unfriemen be imployed in shipping belonging to this burgh, ather to be maisteris or mariners, except they belong therto, to Port Glasgow or uther royall burrowes, if they can be had within the said places, and if not, befor they hyre any uther, that there be addres made to the magistratis of this burgh, who after just tryell of the veritie may give licence for that effect, and that by all meanes they obleidge what straingers they sall get libertie to hyre to reside at this burgh or Port Glasgow, or uther royall burrowes, quher there ships ar to be loaded and unloaded, to the effect the ship may be the better had a caire of, and especiallie in tyme of stormes. Item, that any of the said incorporatiounes, hyrers of any skippers and seamen, doe their indeavour to hyre them without giving them any portage; and if in some caices it cannot be gottin done, that they obleidge the said skippers and mariners to mak the first offer of the portage to the awners or fraughters that hyres them, and if they cannot agrie that they be obleidged to mak saill therof to no persone but friemen of royall burrowes. Item, that non within the incorporatiounes hyre or fraught any ship, bark, boat or any uther veschellis quhatsomever, fra any persone except fra friemen and burgessis of royall burrowes, if they can be had, and if not that they may hyre from straingers with consent of the magistratis of this burgh, fra quhom they ar to seik libertie. And that ilk merchand and craftisman within the said burgh, contraveiner of the said propositiounes, or ony of them, pay to their awine respective houssis for the use of the poor, the sowme of fyve hundreth pundis Scotis monye, and remayne in prisone quhill the samyne be payit, by and attour the loosing of their burgeship and fredome of this burgh. Quhilk propositiounes above wryttin being takin to the said magistratis and counsell their consideratiounes, and being verie sensible of the great decay of trade within this burgh, and the great prejudice is susteined by the not livering and loading at frie portis belonging to royall burrowes, in respect theis who ar straingers and unfriemen their livering and loading into creikis and imbaizling of his Majesties customes and excyse, may undersell utheris who doe not so, and lykwayes finding the said porposallis to be agriable and consistant with severall actis of parliament in favouris of royall burrowes made in ordour to their regulating of trade, and in particular by the 3d act 1 parliament K. James the 4th 1488, and by the 59 act Quein Maries parliament in anno 1555, and act 120 parliament K. James the 6th anno 1581, therfor the said proveist, baillies and counsell hes ratified, allowed, and approvine of the said haill propositiounes, in the haill heidis, artickles and circumstances therof, and ordaines the samyne to be keeped inviolable be both the said incorporatiounes of merchandis and tradis within the said burgh in tyme coming, in the haill poyntis therof, under the paines and penalties abovewryttin; and ordaines the deane of gild, for the merchand rank, and the deacon conveiner, for the craftis rank, to tak out ane extract heirof and intimat the samyne to their respective incorporatiounes at their first meitings, and caus insert it in their register that non pretend ignorance heirof.

It being presented that Johne Cors, and some utheris, had done something contrair to the act abovewryttin, ordained them to be wairned to the nixt counsell meiting to ansuer theranent.

2 October 1675.

Cors unlawed.

Johne Cors, merchand, being conveined befor the said magistratis and counsell for hyring and imploying of boatis belonging to Grinok, contrair to the act made be the merchandis and craftis of this burgh and ratified be the said magistratis and counsell, the said Johne Cors did grant the same that he had hyred a boat belonging to Grinok, but that it was out of necessitie and could not be servit utherwayes; quhilk was fund by them so to be, but in respect he did the same without their licence they did fyne and unlaw him in ten dollouris, to be applyed for the use of the poor.

Houssis to be built at Newport.

It is concluded on be the said magistratis and counsell that any persone who sall get libertie to build houssis at Newport sall gett fyftine elnes of grund for the length of their hous, gavillis included, and six elnes for the breadth, syd wallis included, for ilk hous, for the yearly payment of thrie pundis Scotis yearly to the toune only.

5 October 1675.

Act against theis that acceptis not the office of magistracie or counsellouris.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune the truble the magistratis wer put to the last year, throw young Dowhill his deserting and not accepting his place as baillie, being choysen ane of the baillies the last year, therfor they have enacted, statut and ordained that whosoever in tyme coming beis choysen proveist, baillies, deane of gild, or ane of the toune counsell of this burgh, and does not accept of the said offices, sall be fyned and unlawed in ane hundreth rex dollouris and los their fredome of the burgh; and ratifies all actis of counsell made theranent formerly by thir presentis.

Electioun of magistratis.

[The archbishop nominated John Bell to be continued provost for the ensuing year; and from leets presented to him chose Ninian Andersoune and Robert Campbell, merchants, and John Wallace, craftsman, to be bailies.]

Anent the obteining of Grinokis trading stopped.

In respect the archbishop of Glasgow is to repair presently to London, the magistratis and counsell does nominat and appoynt the proveist, and quhom els he pleaseth to nominat and tak with him, to repair to Edinburgh with their first conveniencie, and advyse with lawers quhat is most fitt to be done for getting the toune of Grinok discharged to exerce a frie trade, and to advyse in quhat termes the said archbishop sall present the same to his Majestie or the duk of Lauderdaill, and the prejudice this burgh and uther the wastern burghes susteines therthrow.

8 October 1675.


[The magistrates of this and the two preceding years, with persons added to supply vacancies, chose thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be on the town council for the ensuing year.]

13 October 1675.

Deane of gild, etc.

[Frederick Hammiltoune, dean of guild; James Farie, deacon convener; Robert Cors, treasurer; Robert Campbell, visitor of maltmen and mealmen; John M'Kewine, water bailie; George Campbell, master of work; George Ralstoun, visitor of gardeners.]

16 October 1675.

Statutes, breid, tallow, candle.

[The 12 d. wheat loaf to weigh 8½ oz.; rough tallow to be sold for 48 s. the stone; candle, 56 s. the stone.]

Bailie of Gorballis, etc.

[Archibald Sheillis, bailie of Gorbals; John Barnes, younger, bailie of Provand; John Grahame, procurator fiscal of the burgh.]

23 October 1675.

Artickles to revised anent Newport.

There war severall artickles red in counsell to be observed anent ordouring of the harbour and hous at Newport, quhilkis wer recommended to baillie Anderson, the deane of gild [and] deacon conveiner to reveis and put them in forme that they may be allowed by the counsell.

Letter to the shirreffdeput.

Appointis the proveist to wryt a civill letter to Sir John Harper, quherby he sayes that toune is restand him for his expensis as ane of the commissioners to the shyre at the last parliament, and for absentis fra heid courtis for their landis of Provand.

Act in favouris of the cordoners.

The proveist, baillies and counsell of the said burgh, being conveined anent the supplicatioune given in befor them be the cordoners of this burgh, makand mentioun that quher, by severall actis of parliament and laudable practises of this kingdome, all forstalling of mercatis and inhanceng of tred to one, twa or thrie persones, to the prejudice of the commonalitie, ar expresly inhibit and discharged, and the forstallers and inhancers therof ar to be punished in maner as is therin specifeit; and lykwayes, be the lawes of good nighbourheid, na persone aught to enter in ane compact, contract and agriement with one tred to inhance the whoill benefeit of that trade to themselfes, to the prejudice of the haill inhabitentis of the burgh quher they live, nether was ther ever any such contract and agriement suffered and permitted, or yit hard of, within this burgh till within this moneth last, or therby, Peter Gemmill, Donald M'Gilcreist and Robert M'Cuir, merchandis, intending to inhance the haill benefeit of the kyne hydis and uther bestiall that should be slaine be the fleshouris of Glasgow, for this enshewing tyme of slaughter, did meit and convein the haill trede of fleshouris within this burgh, and ther did enter in ane contract of agriement with them, quherby the said fleshouris ar obleist to sell and delyver to the said thrie persones the haill hydis of the haill kyne that they sall kill till Candlemes nixt, or therby, and not to sell ony of them to ony uther persone; quhilkis agriement is by the said thrie persones and fleshour tred subscrivit, and quhilk is ane manifast forstalling the mercat and inhanceing the said tred to the said thrie persones, to the great prejudice of the compleiners and poor of the cordoner trade and haill inhabitentis of this burgh, and therfor cravand the said proveist, baillies and counsell to convein the said thrie persones and the fleshouris befor them, and to caus them give up the said agriement, that the petitioners and uther inhabitentis of this burgh may have ane frie trade with the said fleshouris in buying of their said hydis, as they have been in use formerly, past memorie of man, and to discharge the said fleshouris to doe the lyk in tyme coming, and to caus ane act be made in your lordschipis bookis for that effect, and ane act that nather merchandis nor tanners sall in no tyme coming enter in ane agriement or contract, be wryt or utherwayes, to inhance the benefeit of the said trade to themselfes, to the prejudice of utheris, as the said supplicatioune mair fullie beires. Quhilk supplicatioune, with the ansueris made therto, given in be the said Peter Gemmill, Donald M'Gilcreist and Robert M'Cuir, being takin to the consideratioune of the said proveist, baillies and counsell, after mature advyce and deliberatioune had theranent be them, the said magistratis and counsell hes ordained and ordaines the forsaid fleshouris with quhom the said Peiter Gemmill, Donald M'Gilcreist and Robert M'Cuir hes barganed, to deliver to them the haill hydis of their awine slaughter, for the space of ane fourtnight nixt after the dait heirof, to the effect they may be payit of quhat monye they advanced to them, and that conforme to the forsaid bargane made betwixt [them]; and after the said space they heirby declare the forsaid fleshouris frie of the said contract and agriement made betwixt the said merchandis and them in tyme coming; and it is statut and ordained that therafter the fleshouris of this burgh sall mak no agriement for selling of their hydis in great quantities in tyme coming, or mak any foir bargaining theranent with any persone or persones quhatsoever, but that their haill hydis be presentit to the mercat dayly as they mak slaughter, for the space of sex houres ilk day, betwixt ten hours in the foirnoone and four houris in the afternoone, frie to be bought be both merchandis and tradismen, and that under the paine of twelfe pundis Scotis to be payit be the said fleshouris, or ony of them toties quoties they contravein this present act or ony poynt therof, to be payit to the magistratis of this burgh for the use of the poor, and to be furder punished at the will of the magistratis. And in respect the said merchandis alledges they have advanced the fleshouris forsaid moir monye wpon the accompt of the said bargane nor the haill hydis they can get from them the space forsaid will satisfie, it is ordained that, if they be not fullie satisfied at the end of the said fourtnight, that the tanners, or quhom utheris sall buy any hydis from any of the fleshouris, barganers forsaid, that ar owing them, that the monye therof be payit in to the said thrie merchandis quhill they be compleitly payit of that monye they advanced in the bargane made with the said fleshouris.

30 October 1675.

Wilkies letter anent the staple port.

Ther was a letter direct be Harie Wilkie, conservatour, to this burgh, anent the setling of the staple port at Campheir, red, and the deane of gild appoyntit to intimat the same to the merchandis. (fn. 2)

Contributioune to be collectit.

The persones fallowing wer appoyntit to goe throw the toune for collecting a contributioune for releiving of Walter Gibesoune, skipper at Innerkeithing, and Johne Reid, his mate, from their slaverie, being prisoners with the Turkis, viz., [two persons for each of the following districts:—(1) from the croce on both sydis wpwardis and about the Wyndheid; (2) the Gallowgate and Trongait; (3) the Saltmercat; (4) the Briggait, Stockwell, and wyndis;] quhilk they ar to goe about with all dilligence, and report.

9 November 1675.

Landwart mens ces to be uplifted out of their landis.

The magistratis and counsell having taken to their consideratioune that ther hes nothing bein exacted these many yeares past from theis persones who hes houssis and land within this burgh, and does not reseid therintill themselfes, nor beires quartering, nor payes any publict burdings therintill, notwithstanding of the great cesses and uther publict dewes hes bein layd on this burgh and payit be the same these severall yeares past, therfor they have ordained and heirby statutis and ordaines that there be exacted aff ilk ane of the said persones who resides not in toune, and yit hes land therin, the sowme of twelfe marks yearly, conforme to ilk hundreth markis of frie rent payit to them, for the space of sex yeares preceiding Mertimes last, and yearly in tyme coming, reserving out of this present act landis belonging to ministers, to be frie of the said exactioune, and appoyntis George Andersoune to receive the same, and he to have the sext pairt of quhat sall be receivit for his paynes.

Anent ane impositioune on brandie.

Recomendis to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner, at the meiting of the merchandis and craftis houssis, to tak their bretherinis advyce anent the exacting of four shilling Scotis for ilk pynt of brandie topped and vented within this burgh, ather be importers or ventiners, to helpe to defray the tounes burdings in respect of the litle excys gottin at the mylnes.

1 December 1675.

Letter, proveist Grinok, letter to Dumbartane.

The baillies and counsell having red and considered a letter direct to them by the proveist, desyring their advyce quhat to doe anent the affair the tounes concerned in with Greinock, they have concluded that the proveist caus persew the same with all dilligence, and appoyntis the clark to wryt to the proveist for that effect; as also to wryt to Dumbartane and to desyre them to give their concurrance and assistance, and that the proveist or some of their number goe east for that end.

11 December 1675.

Anent excys and maltmen.

The baillies and counsell, considering the many and great abuses committed be the maltmen and their servantis, by their steilling of malt out of the mylnes, excyse frie, and bringing the same to this burgh to be broune, they recommend the samyne to the baillies to keep court and punish the said maltmen and their servantis for the said abuses, conforme to former actis of counsell made theranent.

21 December 1675.

Act anent the maltmen.

It is concluded, enacted and ordained that whosoever sall be fund to steill any malt out of the mylnes, without paying the excyse, and gives not up the samyne in just measour to the collectour, sall forfault the haill malt in the sek, and that maisteris maltmen and utheris be ansuerable for their servandis.

Birs, register of the dead.

It is concluded that that place quhilk Samwell Birs had for keeping a register of the dead who dies in toun be declared voyd and null, and no register farder to be keeped therof.


  • 1. The Convention sat in Glasgow from 5th to 9th July, both inclusive, John Bell, provost of the burgh, being preses. (Convention Records, 1616–76, pp. 648–56).
  • 2. Harie Wilkie of Bonitoun, merchant, burgess of Edinburgh, was admitted by the Convention of Royal Burghs, as conservator of the Scots staple at Dort, on 5th July, 1671. (Convention Records, iii., p. 625.) In 1675 the staple port was removed to Campheir, as the result of negotiations narrated in the Convention Records. (Ib., pp. 629, 638, 642, 657.)