Extracts from the records: 1676

Pages 213-228

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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8 January 1676.

Letter to Harper.

Appoyntis the clark to send the proveistis letter, as it was formerly drawine be him, to Sir John Harper, in ansuer to his anent the tounes being absent fra the heid courtis of the shyre for the landis of Provand, and his seiking payment for his attendance in the parliament as commissioner for the shyre.

Bell, M'Callaster and Davidsoune.

Appoyntis baillie Wallace [and three others] to buy in that land above the croce quhilk belonged to James Bell and Walter M'Callaster, that there be made a streit ther from the landmercat to the Candle streit; as also to buy that aiker of land ther belonging to umquhill Robert Broomes aires.

22 January 1676.

Act in favouris of the hammermen.

The proveist, baillies and counsell of the said burgh, being conveined anent the supplicatioune given in and presented to them be the deacon of the hammermen and his maisteris of craft and haill incorporatioune of the said trade, making mentioune that, wpon the (blank) day of (blank) jm vjc (blank) yeares, they having conveined and takin to their consideratioune how their poor multiplies wpon them, they not being able to supplie them, and finding that straingers who hes never servit their prenteiship with friemen in the said incorporatioune enters frie with the said trade, for payment of ane verie litle and inconsiderable sowme of monye, sua that ther is verie litle betwixt these that hes servit their prenteiships with friemen, and these who ar altogether straingers, and thes who hes never servit at all, therfor that the poor of the said trade may be better supplied, and that the farder abuse of promiscuous admissiounes of friemen strangers might be stopped for tyme to come, they did statut and ordaine that no strainger at any tyme therafter should be admittid friemen of the said calling except to pay for his wpsett the sowme of ane hundreth pundis Scotis, and that it should not be in the power of any deacone, maister of craft, or any persone, member within the said incorporatioune, at any tyme therafter to alter or change the said act, ather for moyen or friendship, but that the samyne shall stand as ane perpetuall law for the said incorporatioune, and that quhatsomever persone, deacon, maister of craft, or ony uther member therof, should alter or change the said act should be lyable to the said sowme of ane hundreth pundis, as ane fyne then modified be the said deacon, maisteris of craft and haill members of the said calling, as the said act of the dait forsaid beries; and quhilk act abovewryttin was be the deacon conveiner of this burgh, deacones of craft and their bretherin of counsell, ratified, allowed and approvine wpon the twentie thrid day of November jm. vjc. seavintie twa yeares, and recommended be them to the said magistratis and counsell for getting their approbatioune and ratificatioune therof, humblie supplicating therfor the said proveist, baillies and counsell to ratifie and allow the said act; quhilk being takin to their consideratioune, they, for them and their successouris, in office, have allowed, ratified and approvine and heirby allowes, ratifies and approves of the samyne act, in the haill heidis, artickles, claussis and circumstances therof, with all that hes fallowed or may fallow wpon the samyne; reserving only as is heirby reservit to the said magistratis and counsell and their successoris in office to modifie the upsettis to be payit be burgessis bairnes, or these who maries burgessis daughters, and serves not their prenteiships with friemen of the said calling within this burgh, at their entrieng frie with the said calling, in caice any difference sall happin theranent, the said persones being fund qualified craftsmen that sall crave to enter frie.

Colhoune to attend the Hie Kirk.

The magistratis and counsell being conveined, and taking to their consideratioune the conditioune of the Hie Kirk, how the same is become ruinous, in the windowes, doores and utheris belonging therto, they have appoyntit and nominat James Colhoune, lait baillie, to be oversier of the said kirk, and to get the pensione yearly therfor as utheris who had the same formerlie, and appoyntis him to mend and repair the said kirk in quhat is fund necessarie to be mended with all expeditioune.

24 January 1676.

Lymnhous boig. Provanerent to be rouped.

It is concluded that that peice of the commoune land called the Lymehous boig, with the pertinentis, formerly possest be Johne Liddell, be set out in few to any who bidis most therfor, and appoyntis a proclamatioune to goe throw for rouping therof in the tolbuith; as also for rouping of the rent that is to be receavit fra the tennentis in Provand the cropt 1675.

5 February 1676.

Few to be grantit to Andersoune; Uther pairtes of the commoune to be fewed out.

The said magistratis and counsell did allow, ratifie and approve of the rouping of the Lymnhous boig set to Ninian Andersoune, baillie, for the sowme rouped for, being nyne hundreth and fourtie pundis, with fyve markis be year of few dewtie; and ordaines a few right to be grantit to him for that effect; and that march stones be set round about the samyne with all conveinencie for bounding therof, and appoyntis the dean of gild [and seven others] to set the said marches. As also to sight the commoune loch and that pairt therof or therabout may be sett out in few. As also ordaines the dean of gild [and six others] to sight Moodies and Peiters maillings in commoune, for setting out therof in few, or ony uther pairt of the comoune.

To goe throw the quarters with the ministers.

Appoyntis the persones fallowing to goe throw the toune with the ministers and elders, for taking up the names of these who ar to be examined, in ordour to their taking the communion against Maij day nixt, viz.:—[two or three persons with each of (1) the parsone, (fn. 1) (2) Mr. Johne Gray, (3) Mr. Alexander Mylne, (4) Mr. William Stirling;] and to tak officeris with them, with their best conveniencie.

Agriement, bulwark at Newport subscrivit.

There was a contract subscrivit be the proveist, deane of gild and thesaurer, on the ane pairt, and John Clark, measone, on the uther pairt, anent his building of the bulwark at Newport and utheris therin specified, conforme therto, for quhilk he is to have seavintine thousand markis, with twa chalder victuall at the termes therin mentioned, quhilk was allowed and approvine be the haill counsell.

Drummers Yuill wadges.

Ordaines ane bank to be sent throw the toune to adverteis these who hes not payit their Yuill wadges to the drummers, that they pay the same, utherwayes that the magistratis will caus poynd them therfor.

22 February 1676.

Declaratioune subscrivit.

The baillies and counsell, in obedience to the actis of parliament and of his Majesties secreit counsell, did all of them tak and subscryve the declaratioune and oath of alledgiance, except Robert Cors, who refuised to subscryve the same, declaring that he was not concerned to doe it in respect he was not choysen nor is one of the ordinarie members of the toune counsell, but only the tounes collectour of their rentis for this year; and it is fund that Mr. Patrik Bell [and six others], the remnant of the toune counsell who were absent have all of them takine and subscrivit the declaratioune formerly, except James Campbell, maltman, and ordaines the clark to wryt to the proveist theranent, and to send east both the new and the former subscrivit declaratiounes that he may report the same to the privie counsell.

Report anent Bellis and M'Allisters landis.

These appoyntit made report they had met with James Bell and setled with him for ane thousand markis for his bak landis above the croce, and that he is to have ten foot of the foir land reservit to him of the landis the toune is to get fra Mr. Alexander Kinneir and Barbara M'Callaster, his spous, quhilk was approvine be the counsel, the toune buying M'Callasters land.

4 March 1676.

Wayes at Howgait heid and Sighthill; cassayes to be laid.

Appoyntis the deane of gild, deacon conveiner James Colhoune and the maister of wark to sight the hie way at the Howgait heid and over the Sighthill, and to tak notice quhat places therof is neidfull to be repaired, that it may be don with all dilligence; as also that the deane of gild caus lay casayes from the fleshmercat to the soap wark, and from that to the Gramer School, and to caus helpe the Trongait and Stokwelgait casayes.

Hie Kirk and yaird dyk.

Appoyntis the deane of gild [and two others] to sight the Hie Kirk, and to caus repair the windowes and uther pairtes therof most neidfull, and to mak the kirk yaird dyk feasible.

Act in favouris of the fleshouris.

The proveist, baillies and counsell being conveined, anent ane supplicatioune presented to them be James Watsone, present deacone of the fleshouris within the said burgh, for himselfe and in name and behalf of the haill remanent friemen of the said calling, making mentione that they having ane letter of deaconrie incorporating them in ane frie incorporatioune, and that they pay yearly to the toune the sowme of thrie hundreth markis yearly for the benefeit of the fleshmercat, and also that they mentein divers poor people amongst them, notwithstanding quherof there ar divers and sundrie persounes inhabitentis within this burgh, not friemen with the said calling nor burgessis within this burgh, who at their awine hand, in manifast contempt of divers actis made in the contrair, and against all good ordour, sett wp and kill sheip, lambis, veillis, hudrones and uther bestiallis, and sellis the same publictly in the hie street foiranent the mouth or entrie of the said publict fleshmercat, and therby inhances in their awine handis the haill benefeit that friemen should have; as also, notwithstanding that ther is in this burgh, as in all uther weill governed cities and burghs within this kingdome, ane landmercat place for such persones, to the effect forsaid, craving therfor the said magistratis and counsell to tak the permissis to their consideratioune, and to discharge all such persones as ar unfriemen to sett up or sell anie of the saids bestiall in any place but in the publict landmercat, utherwayes the said craft will be randred unable to pay the said dewtie of the fleshmercat, (fn. 2) or to supplie their poor, as in the said supplicatioune at mair lenth is conteined; quhilk being takin to the said proveist, baillies and counsell their consideratioune, and after deliberatioune had be them theranent, they have inhibited and discharged and heirby inhibitis and discharges all maner of persones who ar not burgessis off this burgh, and friemen with the said incorporatioune of fleshouris, to kill or sell any sheip, lambes, veillis, huddrons, or uthour bestiall, but at the land mercat, or at least not within the haill boundis of the Trongait and wyndis, except wpon the ordinarie mercat dayes, after the terme of Witsonday nixt to come, under the paine of fourtie shilling to be exactit aff the contraveiners, be the magistratis of this burgh, toties quoties they transgres, for the use of the poor, by and attour farder punishment at their will and pleasour; and ordaines thir presentis to be intimat to all concerned.

11 March 1676.

Moodies land, Peiters, Cowlaires, and Seggieholme, greines and utheris.

Appoyntis ane proclamatioune to be sent throw the toune by touk of drum, to intimat that the landis in Waster Commoune, formerlie possest be umquhill James Moodie and David Peiter, and the landis in Easter Commoune, called the Cowlaires and Saggieholme, presently possest be Alexander Jamesone and Alexander Cowane, ar to be rouped in the tolbuith of Glasgow on Twesday come eight dayes, and set in few; as also the twa Greines and yaird to the bak of the Hie Kirk ar to be rouped the said day for this cropt of the gras, and who bidis most therfor sall have the same.

18 March 1676.

Kinneirs land bought in and Broomesland.

These who wer appoyntit made report that they had met with Mr. Alexander Kinneir and his wyfe, and agried with them for their landis above the croce, for twa thousand markis, and ane hundreth markis to his wyfe, quhilk was approvne be the counsell; as also it was concluded be the said magistratis and counsell that they should give for that land at the bak of the fleshmercat and hous quhilk sometime perteined to Robert Broome twa thousand markis, and that Broomes relict get somthing over and above to her selfe at the tounes pleasour.

New entrie in kirk dyk.

It is condeschendit to and agried on that there be ane entrie keeped in that pairt of the kirk yaird dyk neir to Major Thomesones tomb, and a yet put theron and locked, except at such tymes as necessarie.

25 March 1676.

Seggieholme, Cowlairis, and utheris feued.

The magistratis and counsell allowes and approves of the rouping and setting in few that mailling in Easter Commoune callit the Cowlaires and Seggieholme, with the pertinentis, as the same is presently possest be Alexander Jamesoune and Alexander Cowane, to Hugh Nisbit for payment of thrie thousand markes against Witsunday nixt, and ten markis of fewdewtie, yearly; reserving the hie wayes and passages throw the said landis, usit and wont; as also of the rouping and setting out in few of theis maillings in Waster commoune, sometyme possest be James Moodie and David Peiter, to Johne Campbell, for payment of twa thousand and fiftie markis to be payit at the said terme, and paying also ten markis of fewdewtie, yearly; reservand the hie wayes, passages to the quarrell, and uther hie wayes throw the said lands, as also the passage for the watergang therthrow of the syck that comes throw Galstounes Park fra the Lymhous boig; and lykwayes reserving to the toune and burgessis therin the use of any quarrell within the said landis, with libertie to win and tak away stones furth therof, and in lykmaner reserving to the tennentis of the saidis haill maillings their takis during the yeares therof yit to run; and appoyntis the proveist [and five others], and quhom utheris the proveist pleases, to goe out with ther best conveniencie to stob and march the said maillings. (fn. 3)

11 April 1676.

Sir Patrick Maxwellis quarrell at Newport.

The proveist made report of his dilligence at Newport, that he and Stobcors had commouned with Sir Patrick Maxwell anent getting libertie for the toune to winn stones out of his quarrell there, and that they had measoured the grund to be tirred, and conteinowed the agriement to be made with Sir Patrick till George his homecoming, and appoyntis the proveist, and quhom utheris he sall pleas to tak with him, to meit and setle with the said Sir Patrick theranent quhen occasioune offers.

Thrie rowmes at Newport set to the Kings customers ther.

It is concluded that these thrie rowmes at the heid of the clos at Newport, nixt to Mr. William Conynghames yaird, quhilk enters (blank), be given to the taksmen of the custome and excyse, for keeping ther their custome office, and appoyntis baillie Nisbit to repair them for that effect.


Appoyntis the proveist and baillies to dispose wpon the doytis (fn. 4) belonging to the toune to the best advantage they can for the tounes behove.


Anent the supplicatioune given in be (blank) M'Ildounie, craving to enter burges be right of his father umquhill William M'Ildounie, burges of the said burgh, for payment of the ordinarie dewes as a burges sone, quhilk was refuised in respect he is ane old man and hes many childerin and never lived in the toune himselfe nor borne any burdine therin, unles he enter as a strainger and pay accordingly.

Manufactorie to be sett.

Recommendis to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to lett out the tounes hous in Drygait for ane manufactory, and to report upon the termes befor they agrie.

Clos at Newport.

Recommendis to Mr. William Conynghame to appoynt some fitt persone for keping the clos at Newport and having a caire of quhat guidis sall be laid in there, for quhilk it is concluded that he sall have aff everie cellar fra the possessouris therof twentie shilling Scotis yearly, and sex pennies Scotis aff ilk last herring sall be laid in into the clos, he being obleidged that quhat guidis he sall receave and sall be delyvered to him he sall redelyver the samyne bak in sayftie.

Agriement with the minister of the Barrony.

The proveist made report that he had setled and agried with Mr. Alexander George, minister at the Barrony Kirk, for payment to him of stipend yearly for serving the cuir at the said kirk the sowme of nyne hundreth pundis Scotis, with fyftie pundis Scotis farder, yearly, for furnishing the communion elementis; and in caice throw default of the said minister the communion sall not happin to be given yearly at the said kirk, and the fyftie pundis bestowed that way, the samyne is to be destribut to the poor be advyce and appoyntment of the archbishop of Glasgow and magistratis therof; quhilk report was allowed and approvine be the said magistratis and counsell.

9 May 1676.

Report of the twa houssis.; Excyse on brandie.

The deane of gild and deacon conveiner made report that they had conveined their twa houssis and red the draught of the right to be given to theis who will tak aff land to build houssis at Newport, and quherwith they wer all satisfeit. And as concerning the exactioune of the impositioune imposed by act of parliament wpon ilk pynt of brandie ventit within this burgh they referred the same to the magistratis and counsell to do therin as they should think fitt.

Excyse to be exactit aff brandie.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune the secund act of the fourth and last session of his Majesties secund parliament, holdin at Edinburgh the first of December 1673, entituled ane act concerning the importatioune and excyse of brandie wyne, quherby it is appoyntit that ilk Scotis pynt of brandie is to be lyable in the payment of sex shilling Scotis for excyse, quhilk excyse of brandie is to be raised in the severall schyres and burghes quher the same sall be retailled by topping and selling in smallis, and imployed for the proportionall releiff of the annuitie of excyse payit be the said shyres and burghs; as also having considered the small quantitie of excyse gottin at the tounes mylnes, and the great burdings the toune is in, and the power grantit to them be the said act of parliament, they have statut and ordained that there sall be exactit for ilk Scotis pynt of brandie that sall be topped, sold and retailled in smallis within this burgh, after the first day of Junij nixt to come, the sowme of four shilling Scotis monye, for the better reliving of this burgh of the annuitie of excyse and uther publict burdings; and if any brandie sall happin to be topped and vented within the said burgh, imported be straingers not burgessis therin, or uther royall burghs, there is to be exactit for ilk pynt therof sex shilling Scotis, and ordaines ane proclamatioune to be sent throw the toune intimating the samyne is to be rouped on the Grein the first Twesday of Junij nixt, wpon such provisiounes and restrictiounes the said magistratis and counsell shall think fitt, quhilk sall be then intimat to theis who sall tak the samyne.


In answer to the supplicatioune given in be Garnkirk anent the Coshnoch hill, appoyntis the proveist, baillies [and four others] to advyse what interest the toune hes to theise landis and Garnkirkis interest if he ony hes, and to report.


In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be John Louk, merchand, quherby he craves libertie of a cast to bring water fra the Provand loch to his mylne callit Halhill mylne, appoyntis proveist Campbell, [and three others] to sight the grund if it will be without prejudice to the toune or their tennents in Provand, and to report.

27 May 1676.

Poores roll to be revised and rectified.

Baillies Andersone and Wallace [and four others] ar appoyntit to meit with the ministers to tak inspectioune of the poors rollis and to put out these persones fra having any benefeit therby they think least indigent, to the effect the said roll may be deminished of that it was augmentit, the victuall being now come much moir cheiper, and in respect of the tounes great burdine they are in.

5 June 1676.

Excyse of brandie.

The magistratis and counsel taking to their consideratioune the way and maner of the exacting the small custome imposed wpon brandie sold or topped within the respective shyres and burghs, conforme to the act of parliament, they have concluded and agried that all persones within this burgh, ather importer or ventiner, that sellis any brandie within the said burgh and druckin within the same, in les quantitie nor ane gallon, quhilk is eight Scotis pyntis, sall be lyable in payment of the said excyse at four shilling Scotis ilk pynt, to be payit be the retaillers or ventiner; and farder it is concluded that quhat brandie sall happin to be imported be straingers, vented, sold and druckin within the said burgh, sall be lyable in the payment of sex shilling Scotis ilk pynt therof, and that the samyne be exactit accordingly; and it is heirby declared that all brandie, ather in great or small quantities, sold within the said burgh to any outintounes people living in the cuntrie and spent there, sall be frie of the said impositioune; and ordaines the said brandie to be rouped on Twesday nixt with the rest of the commoune guidis of this burgh on the termes forsaid, and with this qualificatioune that nather the taker therof, nor his pertners, sall have libertie to import any brandie themselfes during the tak, as also that they sall not have power and libertie to convein the inhabitentis befor any judge quhatsomever except the proveist, baillies and counsell of Glasgow, anent any difference sall happin to aryse betwixt the said taksman and inhabitentis, who ar heirby declared to be the only judges to determine theranent, and that the taksmen sall have libertie, monethly or quarterly as they pleas, to convein the said inhabitentis befor the proveist or ony of the baillies of this burgh, for judging and decerning of them to mak reddie payment of the said impositioune, and that the said magistratis sall attend accordingly, and that no pairticular persone sall be exempted as to quhat is druckin in his familie, but that the taksmen sall not have libertie to convein these privat persones except they can be reputed ane retailer and give their oathes they suspect them to be so.

16 June 1676.

Common good set.

[Mills, 8,250 merks; ladles, 3,700 merks; tron, 1,120 merks; meal market, 770 merks; bridge, 1,620 merks; "excyse of brandie, aquavytie and utheris," 2,760 merks.]

30 June 1676.

Warrand, Campbell.

Ordaines Johne Campbell to have ane warrand for [£432 6s. 8d.] deburst to advocatis at Edinburgh and their servandis, and to the clarkis of secreit counsell and their servandis, and to the macers and utheris, in defending the pley persewit be Hugh Campbell, merchand in Edinburgh, befor the secreit counsell against the deane of gild and some of his bretherin, and severall utheris the late magistratis of this burgh, and for the said deane of gild, Hugh Nisbit and utheris, their charges and expenssis at Edinburgh anent the said pley, conforme to the compt therof given in and allowed.

Resignatioune, Bell, Kinneir, and utheris.

Compeired Robert Allane, notar, as procuratour speciallie constitut be James Bell of Proveistishaugh, Mr. Alexander Kinneir, and utheris, conforme to the procuratorie conteined in ane dispositioune made be them to the toun of their certaine landis above the croce, now intended to be made in ane commoune streit, lane or vennell, (fn. 5) and resignit the same in the handis of the said magistratis and counsell and their successouris, to remayne with them, proveist, baillies, and counsell of this burgh ad perpetuam remanentiam, being resignit as in the handis of their superiouris, and therupon they askit instrumentis in the handis of their toune clark, and ordained him to record the samyne accordingly in their register of seasings.

22 July 1676.

Report, proveist, conventickles, Grinock excyse.

The proveist made report of his dilligence at Edinburgh in the tounes affaires, and of his appeiring befor the secreit counsell for getting the toune keeped frie of fyning for conventickles, (fn. 6) as lykwayes that he had attended the generall conventioune of burrowes himselfe notwithstanding of the commissioune given to James Campbell, and that the said generall conventioune had ratified and approvine the particular act of the burrowes made in [17 November (fn. 7) ] last, by which it is concluded that the tounes pley against Grinock sall be persewed on the expenssis to be payit be the haill burrowes.

29 July 1676.

Cast at the Provand Loch.

It being presentit that some persones, at their awine hand, without ony ordour, hes clandestinely castine a cast fra the Provand Loch towardis the Halhill mylne, for taking the water that way, the magistratis and counsell recommendis the same to Johne Barnes, their baillie of Provand, to tak tryell theranent who did it, and to caus punish them therfor, and to fill up the said cast; and conteinowes the giving any answer to the petitioune given in be Johne Louk, quherby he craves the libertie of the said cast to his mylne, till that tyme.

Warrandis, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fourtie sex pundis for coall and candle to the guards the moneths of Maij, Junij last, and Julij instant; and for twa hundreth markes payit to Thomas Craufurd for a yeares maill of his hous in Rottinraw quher the bischop of Argyll (fn. 8) dwelt fra Whitsoundy 1675.

Thrugh stones in the Hie Kirk yaird.

The proveist, baillies and counsell, taking to their consideratioune the great abuse in the Hie Kirk yaird, throw the many thrugh stones laid therin, and in heighting of them by their setting the stones upon rodis and ballasters, so that quhen any corps ar to be interred it is verie hard to get them caried therthrow to their buriell places without hazard to the persones who caries them, therfor these ar to command and charge, by bank throw the toune of the drum, all maner of persones who hes thrugh stones in the said Hie Kirk yaird, sua heighted with rodis or ballasters beneth them, to tak doune the same and lay them flat on the grund, betwixt and the first of September nixt, with certificatioune the stones of the contraveiners heirof sall without faill be brokin and castin out of the kirkyaird, besyd farder punishment, and of their being fyned at the will of the magistratis, quhilk may be the los of the benefeit of their buriell place.

22 August 1676.

Hieways in Gorballis.

Appoyntis the deane of gild [and three others] to sight the wayes that leidis to Rutherglen and the Muir houssis in Gorballis and tak notice quhat therof neidis to be mended, and to report.

Thrie fewes subscrivit to Andersone, Campbell, and Fairie.

There was a few dispositioune of the Lymnhouse boig, with the pertinentis, as the samyne was roupit, subscrivit to Niniane Andersoune; as also ane uther few right of theis twa maillings in Waster Commoune, somtyme possesit be umquhill James Moodie and David Peiter, subscrivit to John Campbell; quhilkis ar to ly in the clarkis handis till the toune be payit of the monye for quhilk the said maillings wer rouped and sold for; as lykwayes there was a thrid few right of the landis of Cowlaires Seggieholme and pertinentis, as formerly publictly rouped and sold to Hugh Nisbit, subscrivit to James Fairie, with consent of the said IIugh, and the sowme being thrie thousand markis for quhilk the same was roupit is payit be the said James Fairie in manner fallowing, viz., nyne hundreth markis therof to these who keepes the tounes militia hors for this year, and the remander of the said sowme, being twa thousand ane hundreth markis payit to the thesaurer, quherwith he is to be charged at his compt making. The double of the quhilk thrie few dispositiounes is conteined and insert in that book quher the contractis ar betwixt the toune and umquhill Sir John Scot anent Peickie and Peikie mylnes, and the proveist, with James Campbell, the deane of gild and the maister of wark, with quhom they pleas to tak with them, to sie the march stones sett in about the said maillings as the samyne was formerlie stobbed.

9 September 1676.

Warrand, Campbell.

Ordaines Johne Campbell to have ane warrand for the sowme of fourtine pundis starling deburst to the proveist, quhilk was spent on the tounes accompt quhen the archbishop of Glasgow and severall utheris went to Newport and at Dumbartane, and spent in the toune quhen the committee of the counsell sat here anent the Irish victuallis.

Calsay to the Broomielaw.

The magistratis and counsell having considered how the calsayes and hie way to the Broomelaw is broken and abused, appoynts the water baillie to repair the same, and that he charge the whoill cairters to lead rubish and gravell for that effect, and who refuissis that he discharge them from their tred and punish them farder as he pleases.

Hie Wayes in Gorballis.

Appoyntis the hie wayes to be mended in Gorballis at the Guschat fold and way that leidis to Litle Goveane.

Ker, quarter maister, locallitie discharged.

James Ker, merchand, is electit and choysen to be the tounes quarter maister, and to quarter the sojouris in the toune, for quhilk he is to have ten pundis starling yearly for his paines; and the magistratis and counsell hes discharged and heirby discharges the uplifting of locallitie in tyme coming.

Robert Sanders, stationer, purchase of fewdeutie.

The magistratis and counsell, taking to their consideratioune that Robert Sanders, stationer, hes bought in fra them ane yearly fewdeutie of threttine markis Scotis payable to the toune out of that tenement of land above the croce, nixt to the tolbuith, quhilk somtyme perteaned to umquhill George Baillie and now to the said Robert Sanders, and hes payit the toune therfor at seavintine yeares purches, as utheris hes bought the lyk, conforme to the former actis and proclamatiounes made theranent, and payit also quhat was restand of byrunes, and therfor they have exonered and herby exoners him anent the payment of the said yearly fewdeuty in tyme coming, and declares the said tenement to be frie of the samyne in all tyme heirafter, and ordaines for that effect the same to be scored out of the rentallis, and thir presentis to stand in force for his exoneratioune of the premissis as if that wer a particular discharge grantit for the effect forsaid subscrivit be the said magistratis and counsell to him a pairt.

30 September 1676.

Supplicatioune, weavers and Louk.

Ordaines the supplicatioune given in be the weavers to be consulted be the tounes advocatis, whither or not the desyre therof may be grantit [be] the toune according to law; as also to advyse whither or not the toune may grant to Johne Louk the draught he craves to his mylne at Halhill throw the Provand landis and stop the same quhen they pleas, conforme to the band he is to give in for that effect.

3 October 1676.

Election of magistrates.

[The archbishop nominated James Campbell, merchant, to be provost for the ensuing year, and from leets presented to him chose Mr. Patrick Bell and John Barnes, elder, merchants, and John Miller, craftsman, to be bailies.]

6 October 1676.


[The magistrates of this and the two previous years, with persons appointed to supply vacancies, chose thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be councillors.]

7 October 1676.

Guard hous.

Appoyntis Johne Bell and James Colhoune to meit with James Clark, measoune, and to agrie with him for building a guard houss.

11 October 1676.

Dean of gild, etc.

[Ninian Andersoune, dean of guild; James Fairie, deacon convener; Mr. David Sharp, treasurer; Mathow M'Caulay, visitor of maltmen and mealmen; James Ker, bailie of Gorbals; John M'Kewne, water bailie; George Campbell, master of work; Robert Tennent, visitor of gardeners.]

16 October 1676.

Warrand, Alexander, minister.

Ordaines Markus Marschell to have ane warrand for threttie pundis Scotis deburst be him out of the excyse monye to Mr. John Alexander, sumtyme minister in Polland.

Breid, tallow, candle.

[The 12 d. wheat loaf to weigh 14 oz.; rough tallow to be sold for 48 s. the stone; candle, 4 merks the stone.]

Grahame, fiscall.

[John Grahame continued procurator-fiscal for the burgh.]

23 October 1676.

Under doctor in Grammer School.

Be pluraltie of votis, Mr. Hugh Muir was nominat and presentit to be the secund doctour of the Grammer School of this burgh, in place of umquhill Mr. Johne Wingait, and to have the haill casualities belonging therto, as the said Mr. Johne possest the same.

Smiddie and hous at Newport given to collector of customes and excyse.

It was concluded that the smiths hous with the smiddie at Newport be takin from the smith there, and that the present collectouris of his Majesties customes and excyse be presently putt in possessioune therof, keeping their office therat; and appoyntis Mr. William Conynghame, and utheris quhom the magistratis sall think fitt, to tak ane accompt of the whoill worklumes and utheris belonging to the toune within the said hous and smiddie, and that they be laid up and secured in some of the tounes chambers at Newport.

5 November 1676.

Declaratioune to be subscrivit.

It is concluded that the declaratioune be drawne up and signed and subscryved be the haill magistratis and counsell and sent east and presentit to the secret counsell. (fn. 9)

Proveist to Edinburgh.

The proveist is appoyntit to repair to Edinburgh, with all conveinencie, to prosecut and fallow out the pley against Grinock, and to caus suspend the charge given to the toune be James Johnstone and his spous, and to caus attend and agent uther the tounes affaires there.

Monye gotten fra Sanders, tounes printer.

The nyntie nyne pundis sex shilling and viij d. gottin fra Robert Sanders for the fewdewtie or grund annuell of his tenement nixt the tolbuith, quhilk he hes bought in fra the toune at nyntine yeares purches, and the bygaine restis therof, the rest being allowed to him in his awine hand for severall bygane termes sellarie was awand be the toune to him as the tounes printer, was distribut and given be advyce of the proveist and baillies [and others] to the persones fallowing out of charitie, viz., twentie nyne pundis therof to Daniell Broune, threttie four pundis xvj s. therof to (blank) Gray, a minister in Polland, to Thomas Findlay twelfe pundis, and uther twelfe pundis therof to umquhill Alexander Watsounes sone named Walter, and the remander therof, being alevine pundis x s. viij d. was given to a indigent woman.

23 December 1676.

Report, decreit against Grinok.

The proveist made report of his dilligence in Edinburgh anent the tounes affaires, and that he had obteined a decreit of declarator befor the lordis against the toune of Grinock. (fn. 10)

Warrand, wyne.

[The treasurer to have a warrand for £250 Scots disbursed "for thrie hogisheidis French wyne, furnished last year, quherof twa to the archbischop of Glasgow and the uther to Sir John Harper."]

Thanks to the bishop.

Appoyntis the thrie baillies [and four others] to give the archbishop of Glasgow thankis in the tounes name for his paines and cair takin on their accompt in the pley persewed against Grinok.

Lockhart and M'Keinzie.

John Bell [and two others] ar appoyntit to consider quhat is fitt to be given to Sir George Lockhart and Sir George M'Keinzie for their extraordinarie paines takin be them in the pley against Grinok.

Birscat, precentor in the Laigh Kirk.

Mr. James Birscat is nominat and appoyntit to be precentor in the Tron Kirk in place of Robert Forrest, and to get his pension accordingly, and to begin the morrow; and the deane of gild and deacon conveiner is appoyntit to send for Robert Forrest to discharge him to medle in that imployment in tyme coming, and appoyntis the maister of wark to give to the said Mr. James twentie pundis for his incurragement and to place it in his compt.


  • 1. The parson was Arthur Ross, A.M., minister of the High Church from 1664 to 1675, when he obtained the bishopric of Argyle. Between 1679 and 1684 he was archbishop of Glasgow.
  • 2. See Glasg. Rec., II., p. 68.
  • 3. On 6th July, 1676, the burgh of Glasgow obtained the authority of the Convention of Royal Burghs for the sale of three pieces of land, including "Liddellis Boag" and "Kows Lair." (Convention Records, III., p. 660.)
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  • 5. Bell's Wynd, leading from High Street to Candleriggs, was the name given to the passage formed through the properties acquired at this time. (MS. Inv. of Writs, I. bundle 29.) M'Ure, in 1736, says "Bell's Wynd hath a noble gate and entry of curious workmanship that excells all others in the city. The wynd stretches from the Kirk Street, and is of length 220 ells and 10 ells wide. In it is the mutton market." (Hist. of Glasgow, 1830 edition, p. 130.) Widened and otherwise improved in recent years, the thoroughfare is now called Bell Street.
  • 6. By a royal commission given under the signet at Edinburgh, on 1st March, 1676, it was declared that magistrates of royal burghs should be fined 500 merks for each conventicle held therein. (Woodrow's Church History, 1829 edition, ii., pp. 318-9.) On 20th July, several persons belonging to Glasgow and neighbourhood were fined for keeping conventicles, but the town, probably as the reresult of the provost's representations, does not appear to have been held responsible. (Ib., pp. 321-2.)
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