Extracts from the records: 1677

Pages 228-247

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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9 January 1677.

Oak tries, breist work at Newport.

It is concluded that there be ane commissioune sent to Niniane Andersoune in Waterfoord in Irland, to try if he can get four or fyve hundreth oackin tries to buy there for the use of the breist wark at Newport, at fyftine footis lenth and eight inches squar, and if they can be gottin that he fraught a veschell ther for bringing them over, and appoyntis the proveist to wryt to the said Ninian in name of the toune and to draw a bill upon the toune for payment of the said tries.

Warrand, Campbell.

Ordaines Johne Campbell to pay to James Ker twelfe rex dollouris for the quartering of the earle of Linlithgow the tyme the counsell satt here, quhilk sall be allowed in his excyse compt.

20 January 1677.

Licence to Boick.

The magistratis and counsell grantis libertie to Hugh Boick, wrytter in Edinburgh, to sell four hogisheidis of Virginie tobacco, made offer of to the toune, to quhom he pleases.

Hammiltounes band reteired be Campbell.

John Campbell producit a band of twa thousand markis quhilk the toune was resting to John Hammiltoune, late of Clochcurr in Irland, quhilk sowme the said John Campbell hes payit, with ane yeares annuellrent therof, being eightie pundis, in lew of the pryce of the landis in Waster Commoune sold be the toune to the said John Campbell, at twa thousand and fyftie markis Scotis, [and John Campbell to have a warrant for 70 merks being the balance].

Blaires hous and Aikenheid's hous.

The magistratis and counsell having considered that the hous at the foot of the Saltmercat somtyme perteining to umquhill (blank) Blair, as lykwayes that hous on the south syd of the Briggait, somtyme perteining to (blank) Clark and Bessie Aikinheid, ar both become ruinous and lyklie to fall, quhilk may be dangerous and hazardsoume to old people and bairnes throw the falling therof, it is appoyntit that it be advysed what way sall be takin to obleidge the heritoris therof to tak them doune and caus them repair the samyne, they being on the hie street.

3 February 1677.

Warrand, Cors.

Ordaines Robert Cors to have ane warrand for twentie fyve pundis starling lent be him out of the excyse to Captaine Scott, quhilk he is to pay by his note upon demand, or gett James Murray, clark to the troup, to pay the same.

Pollokis friedoum cryed doune.

Robert Pollok, maltman, being conveined and fund guiltie of bringing some furlotis of malt out of the mylne without payment of the excyse, it was declared that he should have no friedome within this burgh theirafter, and ordaines him to produce his burges tikit, quhilk accordingly he did and the samyne was instantly riven at the table.

Petitioune, inhabitants of Grinok.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in be severall of the inhabitantis of Grinok, makand mention that quher they ar summond at the instance of this toune to compeir befor the lordis for exercing of a frie trade and importing of guidis, contrair the act of parliament, humblie therfor desyring that the said magistratis and counsell that they wold be pleased, for friething them of truble and expence, to tak such of their oathes who ar frie of useing any such trade, quhilk they offered to give for bygaines, and to give band and cautioune nocht to use the lyk in tyme coming contrair the act of parliament, they recommend the samyne to the proveist, baillies [and three others] to meit with any of the said persones and to tak tryell of the veritie of this affair, with power to them to tak their oathes for bygaines and band and cawtioune that they sall not exerce any such trade in tyme coming, to the effect that they who gives the samyne may be scored out of the summondis.

Supplicatioune, Mitchell.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune given in and presentit to the said magistratis and counsell be William Mitchell, tailyeor, cravand some supplie, in respect of his povertie and the great burdine he hes had by being quartered on, and speciallie quhen one Mowat one of the Kings troup died in his hous severall yeares agoe, they have ordained baillie Colhoune to pay to him that fourtie pundis Scotis he receavit for sufferring of umquhill James Stirlings relict to be interred in the Hie Kirk, and ordaines the clark to give him warrand for that effect.

Act anent the excyse of malt.

The proveist, baillies and counsell being verie sensible and lykwayes informed of the great quantitie of malt brought into this toune and broune therin without paying of the excys therfor, as lykwayes of severall quantities brought in to the toune quhilk nather payes excyse nor yit is grund at the toune mylnes, quhilk being takin to their consideratioune, for remeid quherof they have enacted, statut and ordained [here follow detailed regulations occupying about two pages of the record].

24 February 1677.

Doytis and aitchesones.

Appoyntis the lait deane of gild and deacon conveiner to call for the whoill doytis and aitchesounes (fn. 1) in the tounes handis, and to sell and dispose therupon or roup them as they best can for the weill of the toune.

Proclamatioune anent setting in few peices of grund at Newport.

Appoyntis ane proclamatioune to be sent throw the toune to adverteis all the burgessis therin that hes a mynd to few any of the tounes landis at Newport, for building of houssis and cellaris thereon, for accommodating of skippers and seamen, and better accommodatioune of cellering of their guidis, that they repair to the toune clarkis chamber betwixt and the first of Aprill nixt, and ther give up their names to the clark that ane pairticular day may be appoyntit for casting of lotis for quhat pairt of the said grund they mynd to build upon, as the samyne is or shall be divyded for that effect, and these who hes a mynd to sie the few rightis they ar to get of the said landis lett them repair to the toune clark quher they will get a just double therof to advyse.

Smith and smiddie at Newport.

Appoyntis a new smiddie to be builded at Newport, and the deacon conveiner to try out some fitt persone to be smith there.

Tries to be provydit for Newport.

There was ane letter producit from Ninian Andersoune, in ansuer to that quhilk was sent to him be the toune, to buy tries for Newport, quherin he declares that they will not be at so easie a rate or so weill gottin as expected, and therfor it is recommended to the proveist to tak the easiest and fittest cours he thinkis best for provyding the said tries.

Proveist to Newport.

Appoyntis the proveist, and quhom he pleases to tak with him, to repair to Newport at his conveniencie, for meithing and stobbing of the grund ther for building of houssis theron, and to tak inspectioune of the tounes houssis, cellaris, and uther their busines there.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for the sowme of fyve pundis starling given to Walter Corbett, lait prenteis to Androw Purdoume, for chynging the note of the chyme of bellis in the tolbuith quhen his maister was at Holland, and to helpe him to buy worklumes to sett wp his trade.

1 March 1677.

Proveist to Edinburgh.

The proveist and Hugh Nisbit ar appoyntit to repair to Edinburgh to ansuer befor the secreit counsell, upon the sext of this instant, to the summondis given to the toune at the instance of the Kings advocat for Mungow Mathie, jylour, his suffering of William Stirling and Thomas Blackwall escape out of the tolbuith. (fn. 2)

Warrands, Cors.

These appoyntit made report that they had determined twentie pundis starling to be given to Sir George Lockhart and ten pundis starling to Sir George M'Keinzie for their extraordinarie paines in the tounes busines and affair against Grinock.

17 March 1677.

Proveistis agriement with my Lord Ros for the tounes fynes.

The proveist made report of his and Hugh Nisbitis dilligence at Edinburgh anent the tounes affaires, and that the magistratis of this burgh wer fyned by the secreit counsell in ten thousand markis for Thomas Blackwall and William Stirling their escaping out of the tolbuith of this burgh, quherin they wer prisoners, reserving to them to seek their releiff aff Mungow Mathie, jylour, and Blackwall and Stirlings estaitis; and for eschewing farder truble and friething them of farder charges the proveist did declare that he had settled with George lord Ros on these tearmes, that the toune should give the said lord Ros the sowme of twa thousand markis, with ane assignatioune to the counsellis decreit for the ten thousand markis of fyne for seiking releiff aff William Stirling and Blackwallis estait and Mungow Mathie, the jylour, as also to the band grantit be Mungow Mathie to the toune at his admissioune as jylour, and that the said lord Ros is to procure ane discharge from Sir William Sharpe to the toune of the said ten thousand markis, conforme to ane subscrivit agriement past betwixt the said lord Ros and him producit; quhilk report and agriement was allowed and approvine be the said magistratis and counsell, and the proveist and baillies commissionat and appoyntit to grant and subscryve in favouris of the said lord Ros ane assignatioune to the said decreit and band, and appoyntit to delyver the samyne to the said lord upon his delyverie of the said discharge of the said fyne; and ordaines Robert Cors to pay to the said lord Ros the said twa thousand markis, conforme to the agriement, quhilk sall be allowed to him at his compt making of the excyse; as also ordaines Robert Cors to have ane warrand for the sowme of four hundreth pundis Scotis payit to the proveist and quhilk he deburst to advocatis and clarkis and their servantis and utheris in defence of the said pley befor the counsell, and for his and Hugh Nisbitis charges and expenssis in ryding to Edinburgh theranent.

Agriement, newes letters.

The proveist made report that he had settled with ane uther persone at Edinburgh, in place of Robert Mein, for sending to the toune the newes letters and gazetis, who will serve them better than they war formerly, quhilk was allowed, and appoyntis the clark to signifie so much to the said Robert and to tell him he send no mae and quhat was restand for bygaines should be payit.

Supplicatioune, baxters.

In ansuer to the supplicatioune presentit be the baxters of this burgh, desyring ane augmentatioune of the pryce of the wheit breid, in respect the wheit is become dearer, the magistratis and counsell refers the same to the baillies, and to augment the pryce or utherwayes regulat the same as they think best conforme to the pryce of the wheit; with that certificatioune that the baxters obleidge themselfes to mak guid and sufficient breid, under the paine of fourtie pundis to be exacted aff ilk ane of them that contraveines.

24 March 1677.

Act in favouris of the maltmen.

Anent the supplicatioune given in and presentit to the magistratis and counsell of the said burgh be Mathow M'Caulay, present visitour of the maltmen, the maisters and remanent bretherin of the said calling, makand mentioune that quher by the incoming of many straingers from the cuntrie, who making themselfes burgessis enters and comes in friemen with the said societie of maltmen for ane litle inconsiderable sowme, the members of the said societie doe exceidingly incresce, to the great prejudice of the calling and to the great hurt and prejudice of the burgh of Glasgow their excyse, these straingers incomers being poor takis many sinistrouous wayes and courses to steill malt out of the tounes mylnes excyse frie, quherby honest men of the said societie and weilwishers to the said burgh of Glasgow ar exceidingly prejudged, throw their selling malt at ane lower rate then they who pay the excyse honestly, quhilk the petitioners conceaves humblie might be helped and redrest if the fynes of straingers entring friemen wer augmentit to ane hundreth pundis Scotis, as uther callings doe exact, quhilk the petitioners will not tak upon them to doe without their lordshipis speciall warrand and ordour for that effect; lykas there ar severall persones who ar nather burgessis of Glasgow, nor fewares of Gorballis, nor frie with this calling, but straingers who makis malt with their awine hand, sellis the samyne without presenting it to the mercat, quherby the maltmen in Glasgow and fewaris of Gorballis ar greatly prejudged, as also the said burgh in their excyse by their glandestine grinding of their malt at uther mylnes than the tounes mylnes, and so prejudging the toune of the moulter and excyse therof, and therfor cravand the said magistratis and counsell to give their delyverance, warrand and ordour to the petitioners to exact ane hundreth pundis Scotis monye, as uther callings doe exact fra ilk strainger who enters frieman with the said societie in all tyme coming, and to mak ane act in their bookis for that effect, which will contribut much for the augmenting and keeping up the just excyse of all malt grund at the tounes mylnes and the guid and weill of the said societie, and their lordshipis petitioners therby sall be ingadged everie way to be active for the exact payment of the dew excyse, and sall ever pray for the prosperitie of the said burgh, as the said petitioune mair fullie proportis. Quhilk being red and therafter takin to the said proveist, baillies and counsell their consideratioune, after mature advyce and deliberatioune had be them theranent, and finding the samyne in it selfe most reasonable, for the reasones and caussis above wryttin, and utheris, the said proveist, baillies and counsell have given and grantit, and heirby gives and grantis to the visitour of maltmen of the said burgh, and remanent members of the said societie, and ther successouris in office, full power, warrand and ordour, in all tyme coming, to exact and receave from ilk strainger that enters burges of the said burgh, and desyres to enter frieman with the said societie, the sowme of ane hundreth pundis Scotis for the better supplie of the poor of the said calling, declaring that thir presentis ar nowayes to be extended against burges bairnes, or these that maries burgessis and friemens daughters, and lykwayes discharges any of the inhabitentis of Gorballis to tak in or brew any malt from any strainger, not indwellers and maltmen in Glasgow or fewers of Gorballis, except the same be presentit to the mercat of Glasgow and sightit be the visitour, and pay the ladles, under such paines and penalties it sall please the magistratis of this burgh to exact and inflict on them, and discharges the collectouris to suffer any malt out of the mylnes to pas belonging to any persone aforsaid without warrand fra the said visitour, declaring thir presentis to stand in force during the said magistratis and counsell their will and pleasour.

Grund at Newport.

In ansuer to the petitiounes given in be the pertners of the soaparie, and be William Andersoune, lait proveist, James Fairie and Robert Campbell, desyring they may be first preferred and have their first choyse of the grund at Newport for bigging of houssis there, they being the first offerers to build, conforme to the proclamatioune, the same is recomendit to these who ar appoyntit to repair thither for sighting of the grund to sie the samyne done accordingly.

Hie Kirk.

The deane of gild [and two others] ar appoyntit to sight the Inner Hie Kirk and to caus mak and sett in new pewes in such pairtes therof they think fitt.

Chek discharged.

The magistratis and counsell have concluded that their be no checkis keeped heirafter for goeing throw the toune to sight quhat malt was broune, becaus they find it no wayes advantagious to the toune.

Hammill appoyntit jylour.

The said magistratis and counsell considering that Mungow Mathie had quat given over his place as jylour and keeper of the tolbuith, in ansuer to the supplicatioune given in and presentit to them be Coline Hammill, merchand, burges of this burgh, they have nominated and admitted the said Coline to serve in the said office as jylour and keeper of the said tolbuith and haill prisone houssis therin, and hes acceptit Patrik Bryce, maltman, and John Watsoune, skipper, as cawtioneris for his fidelitie and his fulfilling and being lyable to the injunctiounes formerly sett doune and observed be his predicessouris in the said office, and appoyntis baillie Bell to sie his band subscrivit and to enter him to the said office.

9 April 1677.

Andersone, sessioune clark, his place declared vacant.

It being presentit to the said magistratis and counsell that William Andersoune, sessioune clark, had committed severall abuses in his imployment in the said office, they have therfor discharged him of the said imployment, and declaires his place vacant, and ordouris him to give in the haill bookis and registers in to the clarkis chamber.

Nisbit and Wallace to Hammiltoune.

Hugh Nisbit and Johne Wallace ar appoyntit to repair to Hammiltoune to meit with the commissioners of the shyre anent the repairing of hie wayes.

A 3d doctor to the Grammer School.

It is concluded that there be a thrid doctor admittit in the Grammer Schoole, with such restrictiounes and qualificatiounes as the magistratis sall appoynt and sett doune, and conteinowes the admissioune of any persone quhill that be done.

Procurators discharged the justice court.

The baillies having presentit the great abuses committed be procurators at the justice court, and the magistratis and counsell considering that ther is no maters ther but of fact, they discharge compeirance of any procurator at that court.

Jamesone to ring the dead bell.

Johne Jamesoune, merchand, is nominat and appoyntit to ring the dead bell, and to have the one halfe of quhat is gott in therfor for his paines, and the uther halfe equallie betwixt Hugh Bennies relict and Johne Clark.

17 April 1677.

Cameron, sessioune clark.

Mr. James Cameron was admitted and receavit sessioune clark during the counsellis will and pleasour, and to have the casualities therof as formerly receavit be William Anderson, and the proveist and baillies ar appoyntit to meit with the ministeris to give the said Mr. James injunctiones, and that he exceid not the former pryces.

5 May 1677.

Bank anent cellaris and utheris at Newport.

Ordaines ane proclamatioune to be sent throw the toune intimating to all persones who hes builded any daill houss or too fallis upon any of the tounes grund at Newport, that they tak doune the same betwixt and Witsonday nixt, to the effect these who hes fewed the grund may build theron, and these that possesses any of the tounes cellars there and houssis above the same that they remove therfra betwixt and the said terme, and pay in the rentis they are restand therfor to Johne Grahame, and delyver the keyes or then come and tak new takis of the cellaris and rowmes above that ar not set allreddie, and that under the paine of ane hundreth pundis Scotis besyd performance; as lykwayes if any persone that hes nocht fewed of the tounes ground alreddie and hes a mynd to doe the same that they repair to the toune clarkis chamber quher they will get their rights drawne up as utheris that hes fewed grund there.

Act in favouris of Leiper.

In answer to the supplicatioune presentit be Michael Leiper, cook, making mentioune that quher it pleased the magistratis formerly to grant him the friedoom of a burges for setting up his trade, cravand farder they wold grant him the libertie of a gild brother, quhilk was grantit be the said magistratis and counsell to him during their pleasour.

26 May 1677.

Loukis petitioune.

Anent the supplicatioune given in be Johne Louk, merchand, craving the libertie of a cast fra the Provan Loch to his mylne at Halhill, for bringing the water therto fra the said loch, quhilk desyre being votted, be pluralitie of votis the samyne was refuised.

Agriement with Thomesoune approvine.

It was reported that James Thomesoune is agried with for inlarging the buell (fn. 3) on the foir syd of the tolbuith toward the Saltmercat, in cutting the Kings armes in stone and puting them up therin, for twelfe pundis starling, quhilk was approvine.

5 June 1677.

Common good set.

[Mills, 8,100 merks; ladles, 3,050 merks; tron, 1,090 merks; mealmarket and pecks, 770 merks; bridge and custom thereof, 1,460 merks; "gras of St. Ninians kirkyaird set to Douhill, elder, for ane dollour, quhilk was given to the officeris to buy their denner with. Conteinowed the rouping of the excyse of brandie to ane uther occasioune."]

16 June 1677.

New guard hous.

Appoyntis the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to agrie with James Clark, measoune, for building a new guard hous in Trongait foragainst Allane Dougallis land.

Smiddie at Newport to be builded to Harie Watt.

It is concluded that there be a smiddie builded at Newport, and that Harie Wat be smith ther, and till the smiddie be builded grantis him libertie to dwell in that hous at the bak of the fleshmercat quher Robert Broome dwelt.

Wallace to be made burges and guild brother.

It is concluded that Hugh Wallace, merchand, be made burges and gild brother of this burgh, and that his fynes be remittit and forgiven to him, at requeist and desyre of Sir Thomas Wallace of Craigie, lord justice clark, and appoyntis the deane of gild to tak his oath, and the clark to give him his tikit conforme.

Anent the quartering of sojouris and localitie.

George Johnstoune and Robert Cors, merchandis, ar appoyntit to meit with James Ker from tyme to tyme and to sie the regulating the quarterings of the souldiers, and that no localitie be upliftit except quhat is necessarie, and that the samyne be disposed on to these sojouris who most neidis get localitie and no uther wayes.

King Charles the First portratour.

Appoyntis the proveist to use all dilligence to get the portratur of King Charles the First, that it may be hung in the counsell hous with the rest now ther.

Grass at the new vennellis.

Archibald Gray and Johne Drew ar appoyntit to find cawtioune that they sall forbeir the eating of the grass at the foot of the New Vennell, quhilk is appoyntit for washing and bleitching, and that all horssis or kyne that beis fund theron be poyndit till they pay xx s., and ordaines the deacon conveiner to sie to the exacting therof.

A pynter and a plaisterer to be made burges.

Recommendis to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to try the sufficiencie of George Wallace to be a pynter, and (blank) to be a plaisterer, and ordaines them to be made burgessis.

6 July 1677.

Fisching, herring.

It is concluded that some persone goe east to Edinburgh to assist the proveist to deall with the duk of Lauderdaill, who is on his way for Scotland, for getting some restriction put to the fisching company, and some libertie grantit to burgessis to salt herring, in caice the proveist think fitt, and appoyntis a letter to be wryttin to him to know his mynd therin.

20 July 1677.

Royall Company.

Johne Bell, lait proveist, is appoyntit to repair to Edinburgh anent the tounes affaires, and speciallie to try if ther be any restrictioune put to the priviledge of the Royall Company.

11 August 1677.

Oarchyaird in Gorballis.

James Fairie, deacon conveiner, declared he was content to give over and quat the tak he had from the toune of the oarchyaird in Gorballis, in respect Sir James Turner who possest the same had given over the samyne to him, quhilk offer was acceptit off, and ordaines the said yaird to be publictly rouped.

Report, proveist.

The proveist made report of his dilligence in Edinburgh anent the tounes affaires, and anent the conventioune of burrowes, and producit ane act of the thesaurie and exchecker in favouris of the toune, quherby all ships coming in to Clyd ar discharged to be livered or loadned but at Newport, except quhat is allowed to burghes and barronies by act of parliament; quhilk was red, and the deane of gild and deacon conveiner appoyntit to convein their severall houssis and intimat the samyne to them.

25 August 1677.

Act in favouris of Young anent the entrie of ships.

The proveist, baillies and counsell being conveined, and taking to their consideratioune the act of the magistratis and toune counsell of the said burgh daitit the xxvj of November last, quherby it is concluded and ordained that a book should be made to the effect that ilk ship that comes within the river of Clyd may be booked therintill, and the owners to pay for their entrie for ilk ship that is a hundreth tune and above a rex dollour, and ilk ship within a hundreth tune to pay xxx s. Scotis, and to pay for ilk hundreth French salt imported within the said river xiij s. iiij d., for the use of the said burgh; as also considering that the said present magistratis, be ane former act, had nominat, commissionat, and appoyntit Thomas Young to repair to Newport for keeping the tounes salt furlotis there, and to have the charge of the outgiving and intaking of the said furlotis, as also to tak ane entrie of ilk ship sall happin to come within the river as said is, and there being warrand given for allowing him somthing for his paines, the said magistratis and counsell hes given and grantit and heirby gives and grantis warrand and commissioune to the said Thomas Young to tak ane entrie of all ships that comes to the river of Clyd, and caus book them in the book appoyntit for that effect, and to exact as said is a rex dollour aff ilk ship belonging to Glasgow that is a hundreth tunes and upward, and aff ilk ship belonging therto that is under that burdine xxx s. Scotis, and to exact aff ilk water boll French salt belonging to burgessis of the said burgh four penneis, for his paines in keeping the salt furlotis and in giving out and intaking the same, and to exact the double of the said sowmes aff all straingers, Dumbartan paying only as burgessis of Glasgow, and ordaines the said Thomas to tak band at the outgiving of the furlotis that the same sall be delyvered bak.

Mortificatioune, Doctor Lightoune.

There was producit befor the said proveist, baillies and counsell, ane mortificatioune grantit be Bischop Lightoune, lait archbishop of Glasgow, quherby he destinatis and appoyntis the sowme of thrie hundreth pundis starling to be payit in to the magistratis and counsell of Glasgow, or ony uther quhom they sall appoynt in their names, for quhilk they are to pay the yearly annuelrent of ane hundreth and fyftie pundis starling of the said sowme, for menteining of ane bursary of philosophie in the colledge of Glasgow, to be presentit conforme to the said mortificatioune; and the annuelrent of ane uther hundreth and fyftie pundis starling for menteining of twa poor men in that hospitall called St. Nicollas Hospitall, or the Bischops Hospitall, as they also sall be presentit, conforme to the said mortificatioune; quhilk sowme the said magistratis and counsell was content to accept of and to pay the annualrent therof as said is, and appoyntis ane letter to be sent up to thank the said bischop for his gratuitie.

8 September 1677.

Copy of the letter sent to Bischop Lightone.

There was ane letter subscrivit be the magistratis and counsell, direct to bischop Lightoune, quherof the tenour fallowes:—My lord,—Wee receavit ane accompt from Mr. Andersoune of your favouris and munificence touardis the poor of this place, by the mortificatioune of thrie hundreth pundis starling, one halfe towardis a bursarie in the Universitie and the uther to twa poor men in St. Nicollas Hospitall, and we cannot but, with all gratitude and sense of obligatioune to your cair and zaill to our poor, returne yow most heartie [thankis] for this liberallitie, so in complyance with your pious and charitable intentiones we declare that we ar verie weill satisfeit to accept on us and our successours the debt of these sowmes to be payit in to us, and that we will not only mak dew and thankfull payment of the annualrents therof in maner as they ar by yow mortified and designed, but we will indeavour by all meanes in our power that the whoill uther circumstances and designe of your so pious and charitable a work be dewly observed and intearlie and punctwallie ordored, according to your awine method, without any innovatioune; and hoping your cair and affectioune for the poor sall not want its awne rewaird by Him who repayes quhat is given to them, we doe alwayes remayne, my lord, your lordshipis most humble servantis.

Hie kirkyaird dyk.

Recomendis to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to caus helpe and repair the Hie Kirk yaird dyk and sie that the same be keeped clos.

29 September 1677.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines the thesaurer to have ane warrand for ten pundis starling given to Mr. Niniane Patersoune to helpe to print a book he hes dedicat to the toune (fn. 4) . . . also for sex pundis starling payit to James Thomesoune in pairt payment of quhat he is to get for cutting the Kings armes, and for fyve pundis starling payit to John Hendrie in pairt payment of quhat he is to get for drawing the King Charles the First his portratour, . . . and for twelfe pundis Scotis given to one James Williamsoune for helping the bigging of a brig betwixt Hammiltoune and Lanerk.

2 October 1677.

Hors guard.

The hous on the landis at the bak of the fleshmercat is ordained to be repaired for keeping the hors guard.

Electioune, proveist and baillies.

[The archbishop nominated James Campbell to continue provost for another year, and from leets presented to him appointed John Johnstone and John Campbell, merchants, and James Colhoune, craftsman, to be bailies.]

5 October 1677.


[The magistrates of this and the two preceding years, with two persons added to supply vacancies, appointed thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be councillors for the ensuing year.]

Quarter maisteris.

Johne Ritchie, elder, and John Raltoune, maltman, ar nominated and appoynted jointly to quarter the souldiers that ar within the toune or that sall heirafter com, and to cast a cast throw the whoill toune, and discharges them to quarter wpon any persone but conforme to the act of the secreit counsell, and that they uplift no localitie in tyme coming; and ordaines them to get their sellarie for their paines as James Ker gott formerly.

10 October 1677.

Dean of gild, ect.

[Ninian Andersoune, dean of guild; William Watsoune, deacon convener; John Goveane, treasurer; Mathow M'Caulay, visitor of maltmen and mealmen; John Miller, water bailie; John M'Kewne, bailie of Gorbals; George Campbell, master of work; John Gilespie, visitor of gardeners; John Grahame, procuratorfiscal.]

13 October 1677.

Old statutis, breid, tallow, and candle.

It is ordained that the old actis be proclamed and the same put to executioune, under the paines therin conteined, and quhilkis ar heirby authorised and approvine by the magistratis; as also it is heirby statut and ordained that the twelfe penny wheit loaff, weill bakin of fyne flour, sall weigh fourtine unces, and be sold at that rate, and the rest of the quantities of breid weigh and be sold conforme; and that the stone of guid and sufficient ruch tallow be sold at fyftie shilling the stone, and the stone weight of guid and sufficient weill made candle be sold for fyftie eight shilling Scotis; and that under the paines conteined in the old actis, and quhat furder paines the magistratis sall pleas to fyne the contraveiners in.

20 October 1677.

Provand tennentis to pay their dewtie and rent.

It is concluded that these of the Provand tennentis who ar in the tolbuith, for their bygaine rent restand to the toune, be deteaned in prisone till they give payment or securitie therfor, and ordaine John Barnes, baillie, there, to doe the lyk with utheris there that ar awand any, utherwayes he to be answerable therfor himselfe.

Barrony tynd.

Appoyntis the proveist and Johne Bell to meit with the archbishop of Glasgow and settle with him for getting a new tak of the Barrony tynd.

Tailyeors friedoome cryed doune.

James Tailyeor, merchand, being conveined at the instance of the fiscall for useing of commerce and paking and peiling with unfriemen, contrair to his burges oathe, who compeirand grantit the same, for quhilk the said magistratis and counsell declared his friedome of this burgh null, and he ordained to give in his burges and gild brother tikit quhilk he did accordingly.

10 November 1677.


It is concluded that there be a contributioune collected throw the toune for helping of these who susteined los throw the lait fyre, and that some fitt persone be thought on to collect the same.

Proveist to Edinburgh.

The proveist is appoyntit to repair to Edinburgh to attend the tounes affaires; as also he is commissionat to mak offer of the landis of Provand to any persone who hes a mynd to buy the same, to be holden few of the toune, for helping to pay the tounes debts and helping the poor people who hes susteined los by the fyre.

These that wrought at the fyre.

Recomendis to the baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner to tak a list of what persones wrought at the fyre and to give them some allowance for their paines.

Letter of thankis to Bishop Lightoune.

The proveist producit a letter fra bischop Lightoune of his recept of theires sent to him formerly, and appoyntis the proveist in name of the counsell to send him a letter of thankis for his so civill and kynd returne to them.

Warrand, Johnstoune.

Ordaines baillie Johnstoune to have a warrand for ten pundis starling payit to (blank) Hendrie, quhilk compleitis him of quhat he can ask for drawing the lait Kings portratt.

List of the los at the fyre.

The baillies ar appoyntit to tak als pairticular a list as they can of the los susteined by the lait fyre.


Appoyntis the deacon conveiner and Archibald Flemyng to provyd some hous and a persone to wait on Cristine Lyll, who is furious, quhilk the toune will pay.

4 December 1677.

Act anent building.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their serious consideratioune the great impovrishment this burgh is reduced to throw the sad and lamentable wo occasioned by fyre on the secund of November last, that God in his justice heath suffered this burgh to fall under, and lykwayes the most pairt of the said burgh being eyewitnessis twyse to His just punishment, for our iniquities, by this rod which we pray Him to mak ws sensible off, that we may turne from the evill of our wayes to Himselfe, that so His wraith may be averted and we preserved from the lyk in tyme to come; and becaus such things ar mor incident to burghs and incorporatiounes, by reasone of their joyning housses to housses, and on being inflamed is reddie to inflame ane uther, especiallie being contiguously joyned and reared wp of timber and daill boardis, without so much as their windskew of stone, therfor they out of their dewtie to sie to the preservatioune of their burgh and citie, doe statut and ordaine that quhen it sall pleas God to put any of their nighbouris in ane capacitie and resolutioune to build de novo, or repair their ruinous houssis, not only for their probable securitie but als for decoring the said burgh, that each persone building de novo on the hie streit, or repairing, sall be obleidged and is heirby obleist to doe it by stone work, from heid to foot, bak and foir, without ony timber or daill except in the insett therof, quhilk is understood to be partitions, doors, windowes, presses and such lyk, and this to be done or engadged to befor they be suffered to enter to building; and seing that severall heritouris at present ar not in a capacitie to build, and manye utheris having under boothes and no intrest in the houssis covering them, they being at present ather not fitting to build or unwilling, or may be belonging to minoris, by which they have their chops uncovered, repairing to the magistratis for libertie of covering themselfes the best way they can for present till it sall please God to capacitat the owners to doe the samyne; which desyre the said magistratis and counsell thought bot just; therfor they thought fitt to licence the same to be done be the grund heritouris, they alwayes enacting themselfes to uncover the same againe quhen it sall pleas the super heritour to build, and not to come no further out with the upper structur nor the foir face of the under chops, and to build the samyne with stone, except the toune counsell licence them, quhich they will tak into their consideratioune how far they may without spoyling the broadnes of the streit, they alwayes repairing it with stone in the foir wark by arched pillaris, and how many as the toune counsell, by the advice of architectouris, sall think most convenient, and the magistratis with the deane of gild for the tyme ar to sie the persones presently covering themselfes enacted to uncover their houssis at the rebuilding, and to keep themselfes within the above wryttin limitis excepting as aforsaid, under the penaltie of fourtie pundis starling each under heritour, and if they be full heritouris to rebuild the samyne according to the act of counsell within the time appoynted by act of parliament.

Getting a supplie to these who had their landis brunt.

The foirnamed persones being conveined, there was a letter producit direct from the proveist from Edinburgh for taking advyce of the said magistratis and counsell, and of these persones who had los in the lait fyre, what way was fittest to be fallowed for getting some supplie to helpe them to rebuild their houssis, whilkis persones being also conveined it was referred to themselfes to choyse two or thrie persones of their awine number who hes susteined the los to repair to Edinburgh, on the tounes expenssis, for assisting and giveing the proveist their best advyce what way sall be fittest to be fallowed for getting some supplie to the end forsaid, and remittis to the proveist and these who sall be appoyntit to goe east to assist him to doe in that affair as they sall think most fitt and convenient; quhilk persones concerned in the burning, having instantly conveined among themselfes, did report that they had made choyse of John Andersone, younger of Dowhill, who for present is at Edinburgh, and of William Wallace, lait baillie, and John Gilhagie, merchand, whom they have appoyntit to repair to Edinburgh for giving the proveist their best advyce and concurrance to the effect forsaid, quhilk was approvin be the counsell.

Clark to Edinburgh.

Appoyntis the clark to goe east and to tak with him the haill wrytis of Provand.

Malt lost at the fyre.

Appoyntis the magistratis to tak tryell of what malt was lost at the fyre and to give doune the excyse therof.

Red of the brunt houssis.

Recommendis to proveist Bell, the baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner, to lay doune some fitt way for getting the red of the brunt houssis takin aff the streit.

29 December 1677.

Report contributioune anent the fyre.

The proveist made report of his dilligence in Edinburgh anent the tounes affaires, and that the secreit counsell had given ordour for collecting a voluntary contributioune for helping these that susteined los by the lait great fyre, and the magistratis and counsell considering that some fitt persone aught to be nominat as generall collectour to receave the same from those sall happin to collect the said contributioune throw the respective burghes and shyres, they, be pluralitie of votis, did mak choyse of Frederik Hammiltoune to be generall collectour therof, and in respect cawtioune is to be fund to the secreit counsell that the said collectour sall apply the monye that happines to be collected to the use above mentioned, the said magistratis and counsell heirby commissionat the proveist and baillies to obleis themselfes as cawtiouner for the said Frederik, of the quhilk cawtiounrie the counsell obleissis them and their successouris to relive the said magistratis.

Commissioners for raising the contributiounes.

To the effect some speidie cours may be takin for raising and collecting the said contributioune, the magistratis and counsell does nominat and appoynt the proveist, baillies, deane of gild, deacon conveiner [and nine others] to meit and convein among themselfes to advyce and lay doune the fittest way to fallow to rais the said contributioun, and that the contributioune within this burgh be wplifted presently.

Correction hous and yaird and Gorball yaird.

Appoyntis a proclamatioune to be sent throw the toune to intimat that who hes a mynd to tak the correctioune hous and yaird and Gorball yaird and hous therin, that they repair to the tolbuith on Thursday nixt quher the same is to be rouped.

Hill in waster commoune.

Recommendis to the dean of gild and deacon conveiner to sett the Waster Comoune hill to James M'Culloch, or ony utheris, as they can best agrie.

Doctour Birsbane as the tounes phisitian.

The proveist, baillies, and counsell of the said burgh, being conveined and taking to their consideratioune that there ar many poor people within this burgh who ar not able to bestow wpon themselfes expenssis for curing them of severall deseases, by procuring to them potiones of phisick and uther cures to be prescrived by phisitianes and utheris for that effect, and understanding the guid experience and qualificatioune of Mr. Mathow Birsban, doctour of phisick, they have nominated and appoynted and heirby nominatis and appoyntis the said Mr. Mathow Birsban to be the tounes phisitian, and to oversie the said poor within the said burgh, in order to the prescryving to them such potiones of phisick as they sall appoynt, or ony uther cures for their health and conforme to their constitutioune, as he sall be desyred be the magistratis, to such persones as they sall appoynt, for the quhilk the toune is to pay to him yearly the sowme of ane hundreth markis Scotis monye for his paines, and to begin the payment therof at Witsonday nixt.

Recept subscrivit to Andersoune.

Ther was a recept subscrivit be the magistratis and counsell in favouris of James Andersoune of the thrie hundreth pundis starling mortified be bischop Lightoun to the colledge of Glasgow, for menteining a bursar therin and twa poor men in the bischops hospitall, the samyne being by him payit in to the toune, and quhilk recept conteines ane obleisment to pay the annuelrent therof to the said persones conforme to the said mortificatioune.


  • 1. "Doyt," a small copper coin of the value of a penny Scots. "Aitchesoun, a billon coin, or rather copper washed with silver, struck in the reign of James VI., of the value of 8d. Scots. From the name of the then assay-master of the mint." (Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary.)
  • 2. Wodrow mentions that "Mr. Blackwall was committed to prison for house and field conventicles, and entertaining nonconformist ministers in his house . . . but one night, the door being open . . . he and William Stirling, a gentleman in prison with him, got out." (Church History, 1829 edition, ii., p. 359.)
  • 3. "Buell" seems to be a form of the Scottish word bowall, boal or bole, signifying an aperture in a wall.
  • 4. Ninian Paterson, A.M., was a native of Glasgow, at the university of which he took his degree in 1657. Some particulars regarding him will be found in Fasti Ecclesice Scoticance, under the heads of Dalserf, Smallholm, and Liberton, near Edinburgh, of which parishes he was successively minister. In the account of Liberton Parish, contained in the first volume of Archœologica Scotica, Mr. Whyte, then minister of Liberton, says that Paterson "distinguished himself greatly by his genius in Latin poetry. He wrote eight books of epigrams, and paraphrased no less than fifty of the Psalms of David. They are accounted elegant" (p. 382). The book referred to in the text forms part of a volume published at Edinburgh in 1678, titled "Epigrammatum Libri Octo. Cum aliquot Psalmorum Paraphrasi Poetica. Auctore Niniano Patersono, Glascuensi." A copy of this volume is in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. The Glasgow dedication is in the following terms:— LIBER QUINTUS. AD ALMAM MATREM GLASCUAM. Glascua, multum alias inter memorabilis urbes, Pulchra situ, cœlo fulgida, amœna solo. Cui sonat, et pascunt, ditat, fert munera, cantat, Campana, et pisces, annulus, arbor, avis. Si fluviusque, situsque, tuus coelumque, notetur, Nil super esse potest laudis Edina tibi. Da saltem patria alma gradum sperare secundum. Si cor Edina tibi Glascua ocellus erit. Qualiscunque meis surgat tibi gloria cunis, Vate Patersono Glascua clara suo. [Translation. BOOK FIFTH. TO DEAR MOTHER Glasgow. Glasgow, very memorable among towns, beautiful in situation, with a bright sky, pleasing in its soil. For which the bell rings, the fishes feed, the ring enriches, the tree bears fruit, the bird sings. If thy river, situation, and climate, be considered, nothing of praise can remain to thee, O Edinburgh. Grant at least, O bounteous country, to hope for the second place. If Edinburgh shall be to thee the heart, Glasgow will be the eye. Whatsoever glory may rise to thee from my nativity, Glasgow will be renowned by its bard, Paterson.]