Extracts from the records: 1680

Pages 276-289

Extracts From the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow Vol. 3, 1663-1690. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Edinburgh, 1905.

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26 February 1680.

Warrands, brunt hous, archbishop.

Ordaines John Braidie to pay to Robert M'Cuir fyve hundreth markis, allowed to him be the toune for his incurradgment to build his brunt hous in Trongait that was brunt by the lait fyre; as lykwayes to pay to the deane of gild the sowme of seavine hundreth and eightine pundis Scotis, deburst be him for his awine charges and expenssis, and of those that wer with him, in attending on the archbishops at Edinburgh and to St. Androwes quhen they war translaited. (fn. 1)

Robesoune's land, leane.

The proveist made report that the land in Saltmercat belonging to umquhill Edward Robesoune was bought for the use of the toune for building of ane leane, and that the pryce therof was four thousand twa hundreth markis, to be payit against Whitsunday nixt, conforme to the dispositioune grantit be Bedlay, John Robesoune, sone to the said Edward, and sundrie utheris wadsetters and the relict. (fn. 2)

Kirkis land.

It is concluded that the gavill in Saltmercat betwixt Douhillis and Kirkis land be builded on the tounes expenssis, for the better furthering of Douhill to build his hous there, these concerned in the said Kirkis land giving bond ather to build within twa yeares or then pay bak the monye that is agried on for building the gavill.

27 March 1680.

Pertiners of the soaperies band.

The thesaurer made report that he had receavit bond from the pertiners of the soaparie for the sextine hundreth and eightie pundis they wer restand to the toune, beiring annuellrent fra Candlemes last and payable at Lambes nixt, quhilk was approvine.

Discharge to Howie, Grein, rebellion.

The magistratis and counsell having considered the conditioune of John Howie, the taksman of the Grein the last year, and how the samyne was almost all eatin and destroyed the tyme of the lait rebellioune, and having sein his comptis of quhat he had receavit, being only twa hundreth pundis, except some litle moir that he had deburst for servantis fies, and that he had given band and cawtione for ane thousand markis quhilk was the pryce therof, quherby there will be £466 13s. 4d. yit restand, off the quhilk rest they heirby discharge him and all utheris quhom it effeires, wpon the consideratioune forsaid, and ordaines the clark to give him wp his band to be cancelled and destroyed, and quhilk twa hundreth pundis receavit as said is he payit in to John Robesoune, then thesaurer, for quhilk he compted.

Glen, water serjant.

James Glen is admitted to be one of the tounes water serjands in place of William Lang, who is not able to goe about the samyne, in respect of his infirmities and old age, and also to the haill casualities belonging therto.

1 May 1680.

Taksmen of the Craigs, discharge merchand hospitall.

It being presented that the tennentis in the Craigs, belonging to the merchand hospitall, had susteined great los the last year the tyme of the lait rebellion, by getting their cornes and stra destroyed and eatin, and that of necessitie the merchand hous most quat to the said tennentis or taksmen considerably of their rent, quherby they will not be in a conditioune to get their poor supplied; quhilk being takin to the said magistratis and counsell their consideratioune, they, in lew of the said los, discharges the said hospitall of four hundreth and fyftie pundis they rest to the toune, borrowit out of the excyse, and ordaines John Bradie to give wp the note to the deane of gild that is in his handis for the said sowme, to be destroyed, and thir presentis sall be a warrand to the said John Bradie to get the said sowme allowed to him at his compt making.

Warrand, tolbuith.

Ordaines John Johnstoune to have ane warrand for fourtie pundis twelf shilling Scots payit be him to the proveist, and quhilk he deburst for menteining of sundrie distressed persones in the tolbuith.

Licence to Rankine, a cutler.

Anent the petitioune given in be David Rankine in Hammiltoune, desyring libertie to sett wp and use his trade here as a cutler in making knyfes, whingers, razours and utheris belonging to that trade, being considered, they have given and grantit and heirby gives and grantis him libertie to set wp during their will and pleasour.

Craufurdis fyn remitted.

Compeired William Craufurd, who had bein formerly fyned for baiking of insufficient breid, and produced sufficient and weill baiken wheit breid, and promised to mak guid breid in tyme coming, quherwith the magistratis and counsell wer satisfeit, and therfor remittis to the baillies to give him bak his fyne except some litle thing takin out of it alreddie.


Anent the supplicatioune given in be the candlemakers, desyring libertie of a peice grund to build litle houssis on for melting their crakings in some uther place than at the gibbet brig, betwixt and the Cowcadens, quhilk being considered they refuised their desyre, and the counsell adheares to their former act, and recommendis to these in the former act to sie that they rynd no crakings in the Candlerig, and that they build their houssis as they ar appoyntit for that effect betwixt and Mertimes nixt, or then be discharged the libertie of making any candle therafter.

Call and prsentatioune Mr. Adame Gordoune.

The proveist, baillies and counsell of the said burgh being conveined, and taking to their consideratioune their calling and presenting of ane able and qualified persone for serving the cuir as ane of this burghs ordinary ministers, now vacant throw the transportatioune of Mr. William Stirling, lait minister there, from this place to Ancrum, they all with ane unanimous consent, being assured and weill informed of the qualificatioune, guid lyfe and conversatioune of Mr. Adame Gordoune, present minister of the new kirk of Munckland, hes called, nominat and presentit, and heirby callis nominatis and presentis the said Mr. Adam Gordoune to be ane of the ordinarie ministers of this burgh, in place of the said Mr. William Stirling, and to the ordinary stipend payable yearly to any of the ministers within the said burgh serving the cure there, quhilk is yearly ane thousand pundis monye of stipend and four scoir pundis of hous maill, the said ane thousand pundis to be payit fra Mertimes last and the said hous maill fra Witsonday nixt to come; and willis and desyres the most reverend father in God, Arthour by the mercie of God archbishop of Glasgow, to try and examine the litratour, qualificatioune, guid lyfe and conversatioune of the said Mr. Adame, and being fund qualifeit to admitt and receave him to be ane of the ordinary ministers of the said burgh of Glasgow, and to authorize him with his grace testimoniell of admission therto, and to give him collatioune and institution as use is, and to the stipend forsaid, and ordaines the clark to give to the said Mr. Adame ane extract of the said call and presentatioune, quhilk sall be als sufficient, being subscrivit be him, as subscrivit be the said magistratis and counsell themselfes.

7 June 1680.

Grund to build on in new vennell.

It being reported that Allane Marschell, Johne Maxwell, James Shaw, wrightis, and James Blair, merchand, had measored aff grund on the north syd of the new vennell or wynd above the croce, tending to the Candle Streit, for building of houssis there, quhilk was approvin be the counsell, and for their incurradgment ordaines ilk ane of them to gett twentie pundis Scotis, they building thrie stories hie, and sklaiting the same, and payand twa shilling Scotis of fewdewtie for ilk elne of foir front, and ordaines their rightis to be drawne up accordingly.

Warrands, Johnstoune.

Johne Johnstoune is appoyntit to pay to Alexander Agnew, out of the excyse, ane hundreth markis for helping to repair his hous he had brunt in Lochryen in winter last; and to pay to Mr. Patrick Bell fyve pundis starling to helpe to keep him at the colledge; and to pay to Daniell Purdoune, baxter, ten dollouris for his present necessitie; and to the proveist nyne pundis starling that was spent wpon the twentie nyne of Maij last.

Licence, Sanders.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in befor them be Robert Sanders, stationer, cravand libertie to build beneth his hinging stair of his tenement at the Grayfrier Wynd, and to come als far as the staps of the stair that enters therto ar towards the wynd, for the better accomodatioune and ease of his laigh cellar there, and to build wp the voyd with stone for that effect; after heiring therof, and consideratioune had theranent, sundrie of the magistratis and counsell having sightit the samyne formerly, quhilk they reportit this day, and finding that the same will not prove trublesome ather to nighbouris or to the wydnes of the streit there, there being a stair there alreddie, they having therwpon, and wpon sundrie uther consideratiounes, given and grantit and heirby gives and grantis libertie and licence to the said Robert to build with stone under his said foir hinging stair of his said hous, he coming no farder out therwith then the staps of the stair entring therto now ar.

Common good set.

[Mills, 9,600 merks; ladles, 3,600 merks; mealmarket and pecks, 850 merks; tron, 950 merks; bridge, 1,260 merks.]

2 July 1680.

Monye, Douhill, for building.

The magistratis and counsell remittis to the committee who is appoyntit to consider what is to be given to these who ar to build, for their incurradgment, to ordour what Dowhill should have for building his land in Saltmercat, and in the meane tyme ordaines the notes to be given wp for the sowmes his sones ar restand to the toune, extending to fyftine hundreth seavine pundis Scotis, and ordaines the thesaurer to have a warrand for the same in respect he is to be charged therwith, the notis being takin for quhat he borrowed fra James Colhoune out of the excys.


It being compleined on be the minnisters that sundrie persones keeps Scotis schooles who does not frequent the kirk, nor lives ordourly, and a great pairt of them cited having appeired, Robert Mayne, William M'Nab and Duncan Hunter, being fund of them that appeired that they had no ordour nor lived regularly, they wer discharged to keep schoolis and to remove aff the toune, and the remanent who keeps schooles wer appoyntit to get testificatis ather fra the archbishop or their ordinary minnisters of their deportment, or then to have no libertie for keeping of schooles.

Place for meiting or sessioune hous at the Laigh Kirk.

In answer to the desyre given in be the ministers of the toune, craving the magistratis and counsell to appoynt some fitt place for the ministers to reteir to befor sermon, in or about the Tron Church, and for being a convenient place lykwayes for keeping of sessiounes, they remitt the same to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to appoynt some place most convenient for that effect.

Bryce, heughs in Gorballis.

Anent the petition given in be Patrik Bryce concerning the coall pitis in Muir of Gorballis, remittis to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to meit with the said Patrick, and ordaines him in the mein tyme to set doun twa new pitis in quhat place of the Gorball landis sall be thought most convenient in Gorballis, that the toune be not disappoynted of coallis, and to commoune with him and give him quhat he craves for his incurradgment to kep the said heughs, that the toune may be furnished, and to report.

24 July 1680.

Warrand, Robesoun.

Ordaines John Robesoune to have ane warrand for the sowme of seavine hundreth seavintie nyne pundis Scotis, payit be him for French wyne and some uther small things, furnished be the toune to the archbishop of Glasgow and some uther persones this last year.


Appoyntis the proveist and baillie Johnstone to repair to Lanark on Twesday nixt to attend the meiting of the shyre for regulating of the new militia.

Act, taksmen of the meilmercat and laidles.

In answer to the supplicatioune given in to them be the taksmen of the meilmercat and laidles, for that in sundrie places, as in the Gorballis and uther pairtis, divers persones, both burgessis and utheris, hes sett up mercatis for selling of meill and uther victuall out of their garnallis they have made there, in great quantities of victuall bought be them, in sundrie pairtes of this kingdome, to sell over againe, quhilk victuall they doe not present to the publict mercat of this burgh as they aught, and therby not only prejudging the liberties of this burgh, but also greatly damnifieing the said taksmen for want of the ladle of ilk sek and payment for the use of their pekis and uther measouris, conforme to old use and wont, as the said petition beires; after reading therof and consideratioune had theranent, and manie of the said magistratis and counsell knowing the samyne to be of veritie, they heirby statut and ordaine that the said taksmen sall be payit be the said importers and sellers of the said victuall of their haill dewes for the said laidles and pekis, als weill of all victuall weighted as measoured, and inhibitis and discharges any such mercatis to be keeped heirafter within the Gorballis, or to mak any garnallis there or ony uther place quhatsomever, within the priviledges belonging to this burgh, ilk persone under the paine of ane hundreth pundis Scotis monye attour the los of their friedoome, and recommendis to the magistratis to sie this act put to all dew and finall executioune.

Warrandis, Johnstoune.

Ordaines Johne Johnstoune to have ane warrand for the sowme of seavine hundreth tua pundis for sek furnished be the toune to the archbishop, noblemen and utheris, this last year, and for ane hundreth and fyftie pundis deburst to the proveist for paying of ane chamber maill at Edinburgh; . . . as also for the sowme of £10 16s. Scotis allowed to the said John Johnstoune for his expenssis and hors hyre in ryding to Irwing and Air, and for twentie four pundis sextine shilling for his hors hyre and expenssis in goeing to St. Androwes, and for alevine pundis nyne shilling for his hors hyre and expenssis in convoying the archbishop to Edinburgh, and for threttie thrie pundis ane shilling for his expenssis and hors hyre in goeing to Lanerk and in attending the meiting of the shyre there.

Hutchesoune, warrands, thesaurer.

The magistratis and counsell having considered the conditioune of Jonet Hutchesoune, naturall daughter to umquhill George Hutchesoune, they have appoyntit her four pundis starling to be payit yearly to her during her lyfetime, shoe remayning here, and if shoe returne to Holland and remayne ther, from quhence shoe come, ordaines fyve pundis starling to be yearly payit to her during her said lyftyme; and in respect shoe hes engadged to return to Holland and remayne there, ordaines the thesaurer to pay to her fyve pundis starling to be payit to her for this year, and sua to be payit yearly therafter.

28 August 1680.

Grinock, lether.

The magistratis and counsell having considered the petition given in be James and Thomas Rankine in Greinock, concerning their lether seased on be the toune, it is concluded they gett bak the tounes halfe of the said lether, they paying in fyftie pundis starling to the toune, and remittis to themselfes to think wpon the fittest way to get ane ordour for getting bak the uther halfe belonging to the King. (fn. 3)

Act, Bryce, anent colhewghs.

The deane of gild made report that he and the deacon conveiner, as they wer appoyntit, had mett with Patrick Bryce concerning the sett doune of a new heugh in Gorballis, for furnishing the toune with coallis, and that they thought fitt and had condeschended, wpon his ingadging to wphold the said work a goeing work, that the toune should give him a new tak, and for his incurradgment he should get wp his bandis of sex hundreth marks he is owing to the toune and discharge him therof, as also of fourtie eight pundis restand of the cropt of the Grein in anno (blank) and of ten pundis starling restand of the gras therof, cropt 1679, and to give him wp his bandis grantit for the samyne, and for his farder incurradgment the toune should advance and pay to him fyve hundreth markis farder in hand, all whilkis was condeschended to and approvin of be the said magistratis and counsell and a tak ordained to be drawine wp accordingly; and appoyntis the deane of gild and deacon conveiner yet to speik to him and appoynt him, quhat coallis he leadis with his awine hors, to condeschend on the number of hutches ilk gang and that they be just measour.

18 September 1680.

To agrie with the bischop for tynd.

Appoyntis the proveist, and quhom he pleases to tak with him, to meit with the archbischop of Glasgow and try if they can settle and agrie with him for the tyndis of some landis within the parsonadge of Glasgow, now bought in be the toune, quherof the tynd was formerly drawine, and to report.

Place for docking of ships.

Appoyntis the deane of gild, deacon conveiner, with James Colhoune, to tak advyce of Sir George Maxwell of Newark for buying of timber for making of some convenient place at Newport Glasgow quher they sall think fitt, and to report, for docking of ships.

2 October 1680.

Few rightis, new vennell, [Bells Wynd]; Gorballyaird.

There was thrie few rightis subscrivit be the toune off severall peices of that new vennell or streit made of the landis above the croce, bought fra umquhill James Bell and the aires of umquhill Walter M'Allaster, quherof one to James Blair, merchand, of sextine elnes in lenth in front, ane uther to Allane Marschell, wright, of (blank) elnes, and the thrid to John Maxwell, wright, conteining these (blank), all in foir front, for building of stone houssis theron and to be sklaited, for quhilk ilk ane of them is to pay twa shilling of fewdewtie, for ilk elne in foir front, yearly. As also there was a tak of the Gorball yaird subscrivit to John Shirrelaw, as it was possest be Alexander Pollok.

Tak subscrivit to Bryce.

There was a tak subscrivit in favouris of Patrick Bryce of the colheughs in Gorballis, for the space of (blank), and for his incurradgment he is discharged of all he is restand to the toune, and allowed fyve hundreth markis be the toune to him for his incurradgment to hold wp the work, to be payit to him be the thesaurer.

Toune, bischop, parsone for Glasgow.

Appoyntis the proveist to give the archbischop thankis in taking the toune alongs with him in condeschending to get some fitt minister to be parsone of Glasgow, and to tell him to be pleased to present Mr. Ros in Pearth, and the toune will concurr with him in it, or ony uther he sall please to mak choyse of.

Act, Gabriell Fairies childerin.

Anent the supplicatioune given in befor them be James and Jonet Fairies, lawfull children to the deceast Gabriell Fairie, younger, maltman in Glasgow, mentioning that about a year syne the said Gabriell, the supplicantis father, they being verie young, having takine occasioune to live them and pas aff the countrie in a ship to the West Indians, in his passage was cast away, and having neglectit, befor his departour, to admitt himselfe burges and gild brother of this burgh, as only lawfull sone to umquhill Gabriell Fairie, elder, maltman, burges and gildbrother therof, guidschir to the said childerin, throw his said neglect they are now depryved of the benefeit of entring by their said father, and therfor cravand the said magistratis and counsell to grant to them the benefeit yet of entring, as if their said father had bein entred burges and gild brother, they paying (as they ar most willing to pay) the ordinarie dewes as burgessis bairnes payes, as the said supplicatioune beires; quhilk being callit and red, and the said magistratis and counsell taking the samyne to their consideratioune, and finding the samyne to have bein meerly neglected by their said father befor his removeall aff the cuntrie, and that the said poor childerin aught not to be furstrat of that benefeit, and that the desyre of the said supplicatioune is in itselfe reasonable, they have statut and ordained and heirby statutis and ordaines that the saidis James and Jonet Fairies sall have the benefeit of entring as burgessis and gild brother bairnes, throw right of their said guidschir, and recommends to the deane of gild and his brethern to receave and admitt the said James Fairie conforme, and the husband of the said Jonet, if shoe happin to marie, as burgessis and gildbrother, they paying the ordinarie dewes as uther burgessis and gildbrother bairnes payes for their fynes.

5 October 1680.

Election of Magistrates.

[The archbishop continued John Bell as provost, and from leets presented to him appointed Hugh Nisbet and John Johnstoune, merchants, and Duncan Campbell, craftsman, to be bailies for the ensuing year.]

8 October 1680.

New counsell.

[The magistrates of this and the two preceding years, with seven persons to supply vacancies, chose thirteen merchants and twelve craftsmen to be councillors for the ensuing year.]

13 October 1680.

Dean of gild, etc.

[Ninian Andersoune, dean of guild; James Fairie, deacon convener; William Spadie, treasurer; John Cumyng, visitor of maltmen; James Corbett, water bailie; Archibald Sheilles, bailie of Gorbals; George Campbell, master of work; John Gillespie, visitor of gardeners; John Grahame, procurator fiscal.]

Campbell to supplie the deane of gildis place.

The magistratis and counsell taking to their consideratioune that Niniane Andersoune, who is this day choysen deane of gild, is seiklie and not able to officiat for present, therfor they heirby nominat and appoynt Robert Campbell, last deane of gild, to exerce the said office as deane of gild during his unweilnes; and in caice the said Ninian Andersoune depairt this lyfe (as God forbid) they heirby appoynt and ordaine the said Robert Campbell to exerce the said office therafter as deane of gild, for the enshewing year, als amplie in all respectis as any deane of gild heirtofoir exerced the samyne.

23 October 1680.

Gilmouris hous to be bought in.

It is concluded that the hous, peice grund at the bak therof, and yaird adjacent therto, belonging to James Gilmour, called Og, be bought in for the use of the toune, that therby they may be payit of the bygaine grund annuallis, and that at the best advantage for the toune as the proveist sall agrie.

Breid, tallow, candle.

[The 12 d. loaf to weigh 12 oz. 7 drops; rough tallow to be sold for 50s. the stone; and well made candles for 58s. the stone.]

Act against the candlemakers.

The magistratis and counsell being conveined, and taking to their consideratioune the frequent supplicatiounes given in to them be the candlemakers, quherby they crave ane uther place to be allowed to them to melt their crackings in nor that quhilk is allowed to them at the gibbett brig be former actis of counsell, they heirby discharge them to trouble the counsell any moir with such petitiones concerning that affair, under the paine of ane hundreth pundis, toties quoties, they contravein.

Quartering of sojouris.

Appointis the proveist, baillies, deane of gild and deacon conveiner to meit and consider on the best and most commodious way of quartering the souldiers within the toune, and to ordour the same accordingly, and to report.

30 October 1680.

Tynd barne.

Recommendis to the deane of gild and deacon conveiner to sight quhat is necessarie to be repaired of the tynd barne in Gorballis and caus doe the samyne.

Raltoune quartermaister.

John Raltoune is electit and choysen to be the tounes quartermaister, for quartering the sojouris that ar or sall be in toune, and appointis the proveist and baillie Nisbit to speik to the Generall, and to recommend to him that the said John Raltoune be not abused be the officers or souldiers.

Brunt and ruinous landis to be rebuilded.

Ordaines the proveist to repair to Edinburgh anent the tounes affaires, and to advyse what cours is most fitting to be takin anent these landis in the foir street laitly brunt and utherwayes ruinous, and what cours sall be takin theranent for rebuilding therof against these who refussis to build the same.

Act, straingers names, streitis.

Recommendis to the baillies to tak strick cours with these inhabitentis that gives not wp a list of these straingers they quarter nightly, unto the guard; as also with these that dightis not the streitis, conforme to former proclamatiounes emittit for that effect.

4 December 1680.

Heritouris of brunt landis.

Appointis Robert Cors and John Goveane to sett doune a list of the haill heritouris of the brunt landis within the toune and on the foir streit, and ordaines them to be charged to rebuild the same conforme to the act of parliament.

21 December 1680.


Appoyntis the deane of gild and conveiner to caus helpe the old bukitis, and to mak ane hundreth and fyftie new ones, as also to caus mak some short ledders.

Warrands, Robesoune.

Ordaines John Robesoune to have ane warrand for the sowme of thrie hundreth sextie pundis nyn shilling Scotis, payed be him for the expenssis and hors hyres of these that went to the buriell of Kilburnie his ladie, and to the buriell of the ladie Blackhall. (fn. 4)

Water spout.

Appoyntis the deane [and two others] to sight the spout was made for quenching of fyre, and sie if it can be made yit use of in caice of neid.

Letter from the colledge.

There was a letter producit, direct be the principall of the colledge of Glasgow to the proveist, whilk was red, quherof the tenour fallowes: My lord,—All the maisteris of the colledge doe verie thankfullie acknouledge your lordshipis willing assistance to repres the disordouris of our colledge, particularly to stay the insolencie of these who wer laitly our schollers, but ar now no moir. What cours or method your lordship sall tak in it, whither by your selfe or by the joynt concurrance of your counsell, quhilk semeth to be the fairest way, sall be most acceptable to my lord, your verie humble servant, Sic subscribitur, A. E. Wright. Quhilk being takin to the said proveist, baillies and counsell their consideratioune, and finding the desyre therof most reasonable, they appoynt the proveist and baillies to be assistant and give their concurrance to the said maisteris of the colledge for suppressing any abuses sall happin be done be these schollers in the colledge, and to desyre the maisteris to give them wp a list of the said schollers, whither burgessis or straingers, and where the straingers ar buirded, that they may be bund to keep the peace or then to remove them aff the toune, and to tak such uther cours as is most fitting theranent.

29 December 1680.

Warrand, thesaurer.

Ordaines William Spadie, thesaurer, to have ane warrand for the sowme of threttie eight pundis xij s. Scotis, payit to John Cors, in name of Thomas Comlay, for sending of printed papers, besyd the ordinary gazetis and newes paperis, to the toune these twa yeares bypast.


  • 1. John Paterson, from Galloway to Edinburgh, and Alexander Burnet, from Glasgow to St. Andrews.
  • 2. The lane thus formd was at first named Gibson's Wynd, afterwards Princes Street, and its solum is now included in the widened
  • 3. Parnie Street. The titles specified in the Inventory of 1696 under the heading "Wrytes of the Weynd on the south syde of Walter Gibsones land" commence with an instrument of sasine in favor of Jonet Arthurelie as heir to Arthur Arthurelie, her brother, and of John Masoune, citizen, on her resignation, expede by David Gybson, notary, on 26 July 1541. The disposition mentioned in the text is dated 8 January 1680, and is granted by Mr. Archibald Robertoune of Bedlay and others to the magistrates and council of Glasgow in name of the community. The property is described as "that tenement of land lyand within the burgh of Glasgow, on the wast syd of the hie streit callit the Saltmercat, boundit betwixt the landis of ald belonging to umquhill Archibald Miller, and now to the successouris of umquhill Robert Alexander, on the south, the landis or yaird of umquhill Walter Bowie, now belonging to the aires of umquhill Robert Miller, on the wast, the landis somtyme perteining to umquhill George Pollok, therafter to umquhill William Norvall, therafter to umquhill John Dainziell, and now to Walter Gibsone, on the north, and the hie streit on the east pairtis." In the disposition it is stated that "the said tenement of land, heigh and laigh, bak and foir, with clos and all pertinentis therof, wer all brunt by the lait accidentall fyre, quhilk [did] happin within this burgh in November 1677 yeares," and that the property was conveyed to the magistrates and council "that the samyne (being for the present all ruinous and brunt) may be altogether dimolished, taken doune and red, and ane hie streit or leane made therof for frie passage from the Saltmercat to the Trongait, tending to the benefeit of the rest of the houssis theraboutis, for moir easie and quick service in caice of any sudden or accidentall fyre heirafter (as God avert)." (MS. Inv., I., bundle 27.)
  • 4. Under the submission referred to on 23 December, 1679 (antea, p. 275), a committee of royal burghs pronounced a decree arbitral on 19 May, 1680, whereby they declared the seizure of leather by Glasgow to be lawfully made, it being a commodity not allowed for burghs of barony to import, and having been found and seized within the burgh of Glasgow, "bot withall recommends the supplicantis, Thomas and James Rankenis, to the favour of the magistratis and councill of Glasgow for the saids goods for this tyme. And decerne and ordaine the inhabitantis of Greinock to desist fra importing of lether in all tyme comeing." It was also, of consent of both parties, ordained that in future Glasgow should insist for no contraventions against Greenock till first they acquainted Sir John Shaw of the names of those complained against, and what importation or exportation they are charged with; and that Sir John "shall cause them find caution, and shall be obleist to give the toune of Glasgow satisfaction therein . . . or otherwayes Sir John shall putt them out of the toune of Greinock and all libertie therof; and the town of Glasgow shall have full power and libertie to sease upon and arreist all the goodis sua imported or exported, and to recover the availlis therof fra the delinquentis whether they be arreisted or not; and in caice the goodis can be apprehendit within Greinock or any jurisdictione therof, that Sir John shall cause make the samen, or availlis therof, furth cummand to the town of Glasgow; and that all persones, inhabiteris of the toune of Greinock, importeris or exporteris, under culler of uther menis names, shall be in the same conditione in reference to the premisses as if they themselves exported or imported." (Inv. of City Writs, I., bundle 6, No. 2.)