LIV: Letter of Mary exempting certain members of the University from a subsidy from the clergy (1556)

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Charters and Documents Relating To the City of Glasgow 1175-1649 Part 2. Originally published by Scottish Burgh Records Society, Glasgow, 1894.

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LIV. Letter by Queen Mary and her mother, the Queen Regent, exempting the rector, dean of faculty, and regent in the pedagogy, from payment of the subsidy of £2000 voted by the clergy, and from payment of taxes in all time coming. Falkland, 15 June 1556.

We and our derrest moder Marie Quene Drowrear and regent of oure realme wndirstandyng that the Vniuersite of Glasgw and membris tharof hes bene fre and exemitt fra all payment of taxtis and contributionis to ony oure noble progenitouris of gude mynd sen the first erectione thairof; And beyng myndit rathar to augment nor hurtt thare privilegis, for the zele and favoure we beir thairto and commone well of our realme, dischargeis, exoneris and quietclamis, Maister Archibald Betone, chantoure of Aberdene, rectour for the time of the said Vniuersite, Maister John Layng, persone of Luss, dein of Faculte, and Maister Johne Houstoune, vicare of Glasgu, regent in the Pedagog thairof, for thare part of the taxt and contributione of tway thowsand pundis grantit to ws and oure derrest moder be the clergy of Scotland in the moneth of Maij the yeir of God jm vc fifty sax yeiris. And als of all taxtis contributionis and chargis to be putt vpon the rectouris, denis of faculte, and regentis of the said Vniuersite in ony tymes cuming; dischargeand heirfore all and sindrye oure collectouris, present and to cum, of all asking, cravyng, monyssyng and ledyng of process quhatsumever aganis the saidis personis for thare part of the said taxtt of thare beneficis foirsaidis. And siclike dischargeand the rectouris, denis of faculte, and regentis of the said Vniuersite for the tyme of all payment of ony taxttis chargis or contributionis to ws or oure successouris in all tymes to cum be the tenore heirof. Gevin vnder oure signett, and subscrivit be oure said derrest moder Marie Queen Drowrear and regent of oure realme, at Falkland the fyftene day of Junij the yeir of God jm vc fiftysax yeris, and of oure regnne the fourttein yeere.